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THE aBGUS, WED2TESDAT, PEBftffAIttr 3, 1904.
if you
btiy your
Low prices,
Quick sales
23 lbs. granulated Sugar $1.00
1-11. can.s Salmon 2."o
4 lbs. Dales l!.c
.1 His. Anchovies 2-j-
Sur??uYi T rtri.r r r- 111.,
Dry Peaches. .V lb., 0 Mis... 2."c
fi lb. Prunes i."ie
Host Haner Kraut, gal...... l."c
T.ulk Olives, quart 'Mc
?, cans Early June Peas n.'.c
.1 lbs. Ilaisins :rrr
3 pkgs. Pancake Flour 25c
1 cans Ifaked Deans 25c
2 pkgs. Malta Vita 2.V;
Malt Too Flakes, !0e pkg..
n for 2.1c
Egg-O-Spc, pkg.. J for.. a.?
Malt Nuts. ." pkg., 0 for... 2.e
rnns Tomatoes 2."e
Canada Sap Maple Syrup,
quart c.'in ::c
ft ." cans Mustard Sardiivs. 2."c
' pkgs. Mother's Oats .e
I dozen Herring 20c
.'I big bottle Catsup i;."c
H bar Santa Clans Soap 2.1c
10c cake Sa polio, 2 for Ijc
tlot.d Flour, per sack l.lu
IJon and XXXX to flee, 2
pkgs. for 2.1c
N.P.F. Nelson
Cash Grocery. 5
2032 Fourth avenue; both "phones
Holds Our
Everybody Knows
J5he Number.
See Our Prices
Below on
Home Ma.de
C candles
Feanut candy, per lb., 10c.
Cocoa nut candy, per lb., 10c.
Yankee peanut candy, per lb.,10c.
Chewing cream candy, all flavors,
per lbn 10c.
Chocolate drops, per lb.. 15c.
We have installed for the benefit
of our customers a new hot water
apparatus for hot drinkj of all
kinds and at all hours at a reason
able price of 5c per cup.
Boston Candy
Pacific Baseball League
Agreed to Become a
Good Indian.
Of National Board of Arbitration
to Paw on the
The Pacific Coast league has prac
tically come into organized baseball.
but it does not come into the National
Association of Minor Leagues on the
same footing as tne, other members.
The Pacific league, which embraces
six clubs on the coast, will enter into
harmony with the eastern organiza
tions provided it is agreed that its re
serve list be respected.
In return it will recognize the re
serve H.-tH of the Aationai and Amer
ican leagues and tr.e general rules of
the minor league association. This
question Ned Hanlen will bring up for
discussion before the National Asso
ciation of Minor Leagues, which he
represented at the meeting in San
Francisco, r n his return east. There
is no doubt but that the conditions
will be accepted.
This was the result of the meeting
between Han .lohnson, .Tames A. Hart
and Ne:l Ilanlon on the side of eastern
organized baseball, and Messrs. Hert,
Harris aril Morley, if the Pacific
Coast league. When the meeting ad
journed it was felt by all the eastern
members of the conference that the
Pacific Coast league had practically'
joiner! the National Association of
Minor Leagues.
Mr.tlne In Called.
M. H. Sexton, of this city, chairman
of the national board of arbitration.
lias issued a call, for a special meeting
of the board, to be held at the Hol
lender hotel. Cleveland, Feb. 23. This
meeting will consider the terms of
the peace agreement entered into yes
terday at San Francisco between the
representatives of organized baseball
and representatives of the Pacific
Coast (outlaw) league. Several other
matters of vital importance 1o minor
leagues will also he disposed of at this
meeting. The members of the hoard
are: M. II. Sexton. Nock Islam!,
chairman; T. H. Miirnane, Iloston.
Mass.; James II. O'Uouike. Diidge
port. Conn.; Judro W. M. Kavenaugh.
Little Hook. Ark.; W. H. Lucas, la
coma. Wash.; .1. H. I'airell, Auburn,
X. V., secretary of the board.
t I'
Ue Stage.
Feb. 3 Sam T. Jack's Burlesquers.
Feb. 4. "Just Struck Town." .
Fob. 3. "York State Folks.'
The monotony of musical comedy
was broken by a Shakespearean offer
ing at the Illinois last evening. Hut
it does not appear that the patrons of
the theatre are losing any sleep over
the death of serious productions, for
even such a far-famed actor as
Charles 15. I Ian ford was unable to at
tract an audience of respectable pro
portions. "Hit-hard III." was present
ed and in a manner' that was highly
creditable an I deserving of a full
house. Aside from the acting, which
was faultless throughout, the tcenic
in est it lire and costuming were on a
scale of lavishness seldom witnessed
in a Shakespearean road production.
Comment on Mr. Hanford's interpre
tation of Kichard, one of the most
villainous of the many characters
pictured by the bard of Avon, would
be superfluous. 1'or there are few fol
lowers of Ihe drama in the city who
have not seen him in one of the trage
dy roles he has been enacting for the
past 2.1 years, having appeared in sup
port of Booth, Karrett and others
whose memories shine in the theatri
cal firmament. He is every inch the
artist, and nowhere is this displaced
to better advantage than in the vary
ing moods called for in the character
of Kichard. There was a large com
pany in his supjxirt. headed by Mfss
Marie Drofnah. a most capable
act ress.
I.ooal theatre patrons are t have
another 1 pportunity to see that pret
tiest of all rural plays. "York State
Folks." This charming story of typi
cal 'American village life made a
really remarkable impression upon its
last visit, both because of the uncon
ventional realism of the story and
character drawing, and the very un
usual attention given to perfection of
detail in the mounting of the scenes.
"York State Folks" takes rank as the
foremost -f American plays in. these
respects. The story of the play ap
peals irresistibly to all classes because
of the truthfulness of human nature
which it depicts. Its comedy and ;ts
imthos are absolutely true to life, and
it is the sense or reality which im
presses all who see it. Many of the
scenes are actually impressive in their
simple naturalness, and the artist who
designed them accomplished what
none of. his predeo-essors have ever
before succeeded in doing to such a
dogiee. Those who saw the production
here have talked so much about It.
and those who did not have expressed
such a desire to see it, that Manager
Oomaan has secured "York State
Folks" for next Fridav evening. The
seats for this engagement will be
tacea on sale this morning, and it is I
expected that the advance sale wi.'r.bel
ifte attraction at the Illinois this
evening will be Sam T. Jack's own bur
lesque company an3 there is no ques
tion but that there will Toe an ava
lanche of fun and jollity from the
fact that this company Is fully equip
ped with, a class of talent that should
make the performance go fast and
furious. In the company there will be
found 20 bewitching damsels that can
sing, dance and pote. The comedy ele
ment is said' to be more than clever
and ample opportunities- are civen to
how the eccentric drollery. The bur
lesques, and there are two of them
one called "A Nijrht at the Circus" and
the other "The Keyal Princess, are
new and original, and entirely out of
the regular rut. The olio is exception
ally strong and novel, furnished bj
well-known members of the vaudeville.
profexfion. During the action of the
burlesque, there will be introduced
the famous Ianee-du-Froliqne. bv
eight French dancers, and it is n
serteil that they are bound to cre
ate a furore.
.Tule Walters new play. "Just
Struck Town." with an excellent cast
will be produced here tomorrow ev
ening. The p!a- has the wonderful
flood scene in the second act. without
a o'oubt one of the most sensational
s:n:i exciting scenes now being pro
duced. The streef fair, thT fight in the
mansion, the breaking of the old dam
are a few of the many other scenes- to
be seen. New scenery and specialties-
are also carried. Popular prices. .
A I llaymnn, Klavv 5c l.rlanger. rep
resenting the big theatrical syndicate,
and Stair & Havlin. who control 100
popular priced playhouses in the vari
ous cities, have combined interests.
The syndicate agrees that all its pop
ular priced theatres shall be booked
by Stair & Havlin. and the latter agree
not to give the use o. their theatres
to high priced stars or companies.
'1 he contract stipulates that Stair &
Ifavlin's Majestic theatre, in New
York, and either the (llobe theatre or
'the Majestic theatre, in Iloston, are to
retain high prices, and that the syndi-
.A A . . SI
eaic win c penile wit 11 iair v nav-
liu in booking these two houses. The
object of the agreement is to form at
lice a local managers' association in
e::oh cily of the country to regulate
the local situation. In such cities as
lluffalo, Cleveland. St. Louis, St. Paul,
Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Denver, San
Francisco, Ilrooklyn. Washington, Dal
timore, and interior points they con
trol practically nil theatres excepting
burlesque anil vaudeville houses, and
in most cases these theatres arelo
included in the managers association
which is to be formed. The . parties
to this new "combine" state that such
theatres as the Tremont, in Iloston.
or the (irand opera house, in Chicago,
and theatres in New York which are
not included in the syndicate, will ip
in any way lie excluded lrom doing
business with either one tif the par
ties. The agreement covers a period
of seven years.
John Wagner. Henry KirschofT,
James Murray, D. C. Nichols, William
P.ellmond, J. J.O'llrien and TV. E. Phil
lips were released today from the
county jail, where they have been
serving a month's sentence for vagran
cy. Judge tiraves denying the writ of
habeas corpus asked in their behalf
by their attorney? J. F. Witter. The
court announced his opinion yester
day afternoon. The sentence of the
prisoners expired this morning.
The, seven men were arrested in 1 he
I'.aker lodging house on Third avenue,
near Twenty-fourth street, by the po
lice early one morning, all sleeping in
one room. The police had been tal
bing the fellows since their arrival
from Chioagn 11 few days previous.
They were suspected of being crooks
and of having a hen on. but as the
police did not have any direct evi
dence against them, the best they
could do was to charge vagrancy.
The habeas corpus proceeding was
commenced r.rt the ground that ihe
mittimus was insufficient, the defend
ants not having signed a jury waiver,
as required by law. Judge ('raves
held that they had been sentenced by
a competent court of criminal juris
diction and that they should reliihln
at the jail until the expiration of the
terms they were sent down for.
Hranch No. 8.'!. Knights t:f Father
Matthew, of this city, and the St.
Aioysius society of St. Joseph's
church. Davenport, are to meet in de
bate Tuesday evening. Feb. 1. in Dav
etit ort. The, debate is on the solution
of which was the purpose of The
Hague conference, and the cordial
wish of the czar, who is now almost
n the ragged edge of hostilities with
Japan over the Korean peninsular
commerce. The subject of the 'debate
will be: "Pesolved. That arbitration
can be made a substitute for war."
Hair Viqor
Only 35? Your gray hair makes
you look 20 years older. No
need of this old age. Restore the
color. Keep young. ttVz
Mary A. Freek Expires
Home of Her Son in
Capt. J. C. Salter, Veteran of River,
- Pinei A way at
Le Claire.
Mrs. Mary A. Freek. mother of Dr
Y. II. Freek, died yesterday at Cor
dova. She was one cf the pioneers of
Whiteside county, having located at
Albany in 1834. She and her husband.
Nicholas Freek, celebrated their gold
en weudinsr anniversary in 1V.I7. fu
neral services were held today at the
residence of Dr. Freek. Interment
was at Albany.
Cap. J. G. Salter.
(apt. J. (J. Suiter, a former well-
known rapids pilot, died at the home
of his nephew, Capt. J. Suiter, in Le
Claire, at 7 'o'clock yesterday morn
ing. Deceased was born in Sangamon
county, Illinois, Nov. 11, lS2.1.an 1 came
to this neighborhood in lS.'ifl. He spent
the greater part of his life in the raft
ing business on the rapids. He was
married three times and his last wife
died some years ago. His brother
dieil a couple oif weeks ago. He is
survived by a son. frank huiter, and a
daughter. Mrs. Dart Stone, oif Le
Claire. Two brothers living in De-
Witt also survive him. The funeral
will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock from the Raptist church - at
Le Claire. Interment will be made in
the Le Claire cemetery.
Jhm H. WUrind
Jonas H. -Wist rand, formerly treas
urer of Augustana college and Au-
gustana s:nod, havintr filled the for
mer position for 20 years, died at 6
o'clock this morniny at his home in
Moline. He was 70 years of age and
settled in Moline in 1875. He is sur
vived by his wife and five children. I
Burial of John Coutlon. j
The funeral services over the re
mains of John Condon were conduct
ed by Kev. bather J. h. Lockney at 1
Sacred Heart church at 'J o'clock thi-j
morning. The pallbearrTs were John.
Illake, Patrick Malone. John Hrennan.
David Fitzgerald. Pea roe Keane and
P. H. Kellcy. Interment was at Cal
vary cemetery.
The second performance of Shipp's
circus at the rink on Si.te?nth street
last evening attracted another large
and well pleased crowd, the cold
weathtT seemingly nof TWTving any ef
fect on the attendance.
Mr. Shipp i the "ringmaster." He
has worn his "swallow tail" coat.
cracked his long whip, answered the
quips of the clowns and directed the
movement of the exhibitions in the
three-rings at one time for so long a
period that he couldn't be bribed to
stay put. Of course the indoor circus
opens with a bantl concert, by IJleu-
er s band, and of course there is a
grand entree," followed by the equine
ballet, a conceit now popular with all
the great shows and which was origi
nated by Mr. Shipp. The same white
horses are ridden into a regulation
sized ring, built in the center of the
rink of dirt, laid on planks and cinders
and covered with clean sawdust. The
ring must be of exact Iyta ndard size,
else both horses and riders are thrown
out of pitch. And the beauty of it is
that the audience doesn't have to
look across a block of ground to see
the ring; there is no "hippodrome
track" between the ring and the seats.
The great room is brilliantly lighted
and if the performer's costumes were
not all spotlessly clean the slightest
soiled place would, be seen. Hut ev
erything iss clean, new- and just as
good as Barnuni. Forepaugh or the
Ringiings would have. Anil there isn't
a vord or action on the part of any
performer that even a Sunday school
sunerinteiHient could take exception I
to. That's why Shipp's indoor cir
cus always draws wherever it goes;
that's why the press of the cities vis
ited always feel obliged to say the
kindest possible things of Ed Shipp
and the people who comprise his com
panies. Tastes differ so widely that no one
person could possibly decide what is
the Le.-t feature of the big show. One
spectator does not like to watch the
trapeze and aerial work it. makes him
shudder to think of thr-langer; an
other does not like the contortionist
work it reminds him of a snake, and
so 011 through the list. F.nt there are
features enough to please all and some
that cannot fail to delight cveryboiy
in the indoor circus. Miss Lowande.
queen of equestriennes. doe a regula
tion ring act. except that she wears a
long skirt instead of the abbreviated
eo.-tume of the majority of circus ri
ders. Mile. Annette, one of the bright
est stars on the flying rings that the
circus vvcrld affords, is just as pretty
as when she was first seen, and much
more clever. The Da Co ma family need
no introduction. Their lofty tumbling
act is stronger than ever and their
quadruple return act, mid-air somer-s.-ultg
acros the entire arena, is en
tirely new and starting. John Koon
ey. undoubtedly the world's greatest
bareback rider, is out for new honor
this year, and he is preparing to in
troduce a feat new to the circus
world, a backward somersault from
the back of one horse to that of anoth
er following at ful! gallop behind.
This act is alone worth the price of
adraisfiiin and will place Mr. Rooney j
in a class by himself. The double!
yaultinsr exhibition of John and Carrie
iKooney is also clever in the extreme.
Signer Ponsol and his wrestling Kus
sian bear ccme in for a good share of
the applause. The big bear has beei
taught to do a number of interesting
tricks, but the wrestling act is a won
der, appreciated only by tho who
can realize that with one tierce hug
the big brown brute could end the
life of the strongest- man. Hurt Mayo,
his educated stallion and trick mules
give the real circus flavor to the even
uitr's entertainment. A new and stel
lar feature of the program is Paseatel
the man with 1U0 forms, who does an
artistic posturing act seated on thtr
six inch cap of a 10-foct pedestal and
closes with a remarkable exhibition on
the trapeze. Miss Mattie Carroll does.
a clever slack wire act. dancing the
cakewalk. jumping over high objects.
through hoops and riding a bicycle.
Pete Hell and a number of somersault
artists introduce some sensational
spring-board acts, turning over horses.
Steve Miaco. Phil King and (ieorge
Zammeit, the clowns, mix up their
work in an effort to to please both
yonng and old, and Frank Smith, the
psirie-down man. holds the audience
breathless with his startling exhibi
tion, standing upon his head on the
bar of a swinging tape.e.
The drive wheel of a gasoline engine
at w hich he was working in his black
smith shop at Coal Valley yesterday
ifternoon breaking off struck Hugh
Martin a terrific blow in the abdomen.
inflicting a gash that exposed the in
testines, and gave fears that he was
mortally wounded. However, towards
night he improved, and the announce
ment was made today that he would
recover. Mr. Martin is 2S years of
age, married, and a brother of Mrs.
George Dennett, of this city.
Ta.ste and
Mirks the
Has been
A3 the
Examination invited Itoth phones
1822 Third Avenue.
Steaming Coae
Pot that contains
Chase & 5nborn'
High Grade Coffee
U certainly nectar.
It has that clear, ember
.color and rich aroma
that makes it the King
of coffees. A delight
to drink, morning.
noon or night.
Both 'Phones.
IrvformBLtion Direak.u
Directories of North and Snath Da
kota. Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin. Pe
rfa and Chicago. Records are kept
f people moTinjr, arriving; or leaving
Davenport. Credit report and cor
rect addresses famished on applica
tion. Branch of the Bergman Collec
tion Agency. 207-209 Brady street.
Zilsfett- HIOH GRADE
m b m m
t 1 mJ
Ullemeyer &
20 per cent
vercoads aid Winter Suits
20 per ct.
Do You Need Any Money?
We don't expect to loan you money to put in the bank;
you cannot afford to do that; but if you desire to use
some ready cash quickly and without publicity, we can
furnish it on very short notice.
Just let us know how much 'you want, and we
send our confidential agent to see you. We take a
on your furniture, piano, horses, wagons or other
i-onal property, but do 11 -it remove them from your
session. The loan can bo repaid in monthly payments,
which include both principal and interest, with the priv
ilege of paying all before due and saving the cost on the
unexpired term. Amount? from $10 upwards. The whole
transaction can be arranged at your own home. Write,
all or telephone us. Doth 'phones.
Mitchell & Lynde blook, Room 38. Office, hours
m. am- Saturday evenings Telephone west 1514.
If You Need a
We have a new and very
carefully selectc line of
clocks of every descrip
tion. We have everything
from a chej:p clock with a
very loud aiarni to wake
up the servant girl, up to
elegant and aristocratic
clocks that keep time ac
curately, but makes no
noise at all. Come in and
look them over, whether
you want to buy or not.
Opposite Harper House
J. RAMSER, Opposite Harper House.
Davis Bloek. Old 'Phone 1148. New
- - -m MM "
Jtflrcade Gigar Store
See Ihe smoke chamber f. A). All nicotine and duxt top there. The
bowl can be lifted out and the p'pe cleaned while lighted. Stem can
not cloy. Smoke all you like with this pipe; it won't upset your
nerves or burn your tongue. Made of French briar. You get only
pur, refreshing unoke without nicotine or dust when using this pipe.
We will be pleased to bhow thi.-m to you.
" W' I
To Get It.
8 a. m. to 6 p.
New telephone
Clock Come to Us.
efficiency as to plumbing, steam lit
ting and like work with low charges
in view of excellence of pipe, fittings
and other materials, and our skill in
adopting them to your domestic or
business purposes, (ilad to estimate
on your work any time, even if you
don't favor us with your next order.
112 West Seventeenth 6v
p" " " " - v "' : " W-P1-'-'-W" V ' 1 """,
... mlmm Im
-n - --r . -(ipif i.-tr.w tWbST '
' "."Sam.-. : T If-'
Harper House Block.
, Rock Island Agent for
Paine's Perfect Pipe

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