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4:30 O'CLOCK.
VOL,. L.TJI. NO. i)D
Springfield OKicer Does Not Know
Whether He Is Under
Recklessness of Motorman Causes
Wreck in Which Dozen
Are Hurt.
Brought Out of First
Aid of Oxygen
Takes Nourishment During Morning, but Oxy
gen is Necessary This Afternoon.
Washington. Feb. 13. Oxygen con
tinues to he administered sit intervals
of 10 minutes. Since morning three
ssiline inject ions have been given.
Mrs. Hannu an'l the rest of the im
mediate family have denied them
se!cs to callers since noon.
Washington, Feb. 13. At 2 o'clock
Ilanna's physician decided to resort
to more oxygen.
No Alarm at Noon.
Washington. Feb. l'.i. The follow
ing bulletin was issued by Ilanna's
physicians at noun: "Manna, is rest
ing quietly. Temperature. ICO;
jni!-e, 1!."; respiration. Til. lie con
tinues to take nourishment well.
There has been no change in his gen
eral condition since the morning bul
letin was issued.'
BeltrrThan 1 ruterilay.
Washington, Feb. i:i. At 11 word
comes from the sii-k room that Manna
is resting quietly, Physicist us are in
clined to regard his condition just
now as good if not better than at this
time esterday.
Fane1 Com fort Night.
Washington. Feb. l.'i, The follow
ing bulletin was issued at 'J:.'!!) today
by Senator Ilanna's phsicians: "The
senator had a comiTi rtsihlo niirht. His
temperature was higher, at I'l.'i. This
morning at '.' his pulse was l-t: res
pirsitiin. '.','2; teniperat ere. !0I. He i
I.iKing nourishment well."
Telegrams have hci n sc;it to fiov.
licrrick. of Ohio, an I relatiws of S( n
ntcr llainia an I personal friends this
morning announcing the senator's
-M-' itioti. The high fever continues
to ghe great apprehension.
Rallied I-ant Night.
Washington. Feb. 1?.. Senator TTan
nn Is passing through the climax of his
illness sind yesterday afternoon it -'wsis
feared he was dying, but last night he
rallied strongly and there is jjg.iin
Mime hope that he yet may win the
forlorn tight. The odds are much
against his recovery, but the sturdy
physique of the ir.au. aided by oxygen
and powerful stimulants. 1 roimlit him
through when he was sinking rapidly,
and pos.-ibly may su:ain. It is now a
question how long the climax of the
fever will hist, and how many and
tcvite will be any fuithcr acute at
tacks, for yesterday's speil was so se
vere that siuoihii probably would wit
lii vs the ct:d.
' Attack llcg'ii with a ( hill.
Yesterday's acute attak est mo In
t'ne form of a chill about - p. in., niul
not long afterward Senator llaena
passetl Into unconsciousness, not to re
turn again until alout ' p. m. His
puNe at this time ran up to i:;o. and
was so feeble that it was no; percepti
ble at the wrist. Three hours or we
later, however, he had shaken off tie
attack to hi great an extent that Pr.
Osier, the Ikiltimore physician in at
tendance, when he came from the si-, k
room at 0:"." o'clock, said there had
been a decided improvement, and that
the patient's pulse was much stronger
and had fallen nearly " points.
Miss Mary Phelps, the senator's
r.ioce, was near at hand when the doe
tor came from the sick room, an 1 when
she heard the announcement of the ral
ly, she asked: "Then you have hope.
"Hope:" the doctor replied. "Of
course there is hope. When a man ral
lies from a sinking spell such as the
Fenator had this afternoon. and showed
ku h strength afterward, there is the
best ground for hope."
Iloclor Say Tbrrr I Hupc.
The first information from the sick
room in the Arlington hotel showed
the fever to have attained the high
est point yet readied and the doctors
lookid for the senator's temperature
to le at its worst during the following
forty-eight hours, but it unexpectedly
lowered as the day wore on. and de
velopments seemed more favorable.
Testimony of Kngine Men in Pr re
Mrtiuetl Wreck In
vestigation. Grand K:.pids, Mich.. Feb. 13. Fire
man A. It. Moon, of the west-lound
Fere Marquette train which crashed
into a heavily loaded east-bound pa
senger train at East Paris, lec.
Sinking Spell With the
and Stimulants.
twenty-two passengers 'being killed,
testified sit the inquest with gre-.it pos
itivem ss tii.-it there was a white light
displayed at McCord's station when his
train rushed by the night of the wreck.
Agent I'ooih, at McCord's, testified
Wednesday tliat he received orders of
the dispatcher to stop the west-bound
train and give its .crew. new. orders,
sunl tbat lie set the light, and when
the trssin did not stop found that tLe
light had been extinguished.
Fireman Moon dec'a red that the light
he saw was not that in the window,
nor juiy light below the resil signal on
the orber board, but thsit it was the
signal light itself. The statement was
stralghtforwsird and was given with
out wavering. Fireman Moon testified
that sis so n si the wreck happened
he realized that there would be an in
vestigation, and he reviewed in his
mind all the incidents of the passing
of McCord's while ljing on tiie wreck
age. I'tijsineor Waterinsin's testimony
taken in the hospital confirms Moon's
testimony in all essentials.
Trade of United States Shown Many
Kficouragiiie Symp
toms. New York. Feb. l::. K. C. Hun &.
Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade says:
Wsir, lire and often were the adverse
factor of the week, yt t the count! y
Flood the shocks remarkably well. and
there are numerous encouraging symp
toms. To a large degree the outbreak
of hostilities in the Orient ;!rd the eel
lapse of the cotton boom had been
discounted, and the disststrous less of
the I'.altiir.oiv conilagration was offset
very hirgely by the stimulus it will
give to many industries, i.otably strre
tu.ai steel.
Actual business is still restricted in
the iron and steel industry, but there
Is more confidence' in the future, snd
the extensive starting of plants by the
leading pioducer suggests that foreign
markets will be entered more stggres
sivoly than ever before.
Failures this week in the T'nited
States are 2"'S. against 'M', last week.
'.VK1 the preceding week, and L'.'H the
corresponding week last year. Failures
in Canada number '2": against 10 last
week. US the preceding week, and 2'
last year.
oollitltatlt.n the Feature.
Cleveland. Feb. K". Jollification
over the sweeping Uepnbliean victory
in Ohio hist fall was the paramiuiut
feater - of the ninteonth annual con
vention of the Ohio Kepubiicaa League
viiii ii met here.
llrirt'i of ;oor;p YV. CurtU.
Fret port. 111.. Feb. l:.. Ceorgo W.
Curti.-s. of Stockton. 111., an ex-member
of the state legislature, and nho
an ex-member ef the state board of
charities, died here.
"Maiiter Illue'oearU- I rrintinir.
Pes Moines. Ia.. Feb. i::. E. S.
I'.lydenburgh. the modern lUuebeard,
stnl to the ienitenti..ry from Kldora
for killing his wife, ha? Uen mad."
a print r at his new home in the state
penitentiary at Anamosa.
In the omrrr.
"Mannr.a, why do landkulies object
to children?"
Mother I'm sure I don't know. Itut
go and see what baby is crying about
and tell Johnny to stop throwing things
at people in the street and make Oeorge
and Kate cease fighting ami tell Dick
if he deesn"t stop blowing that tin trum
pet I'll take it away from him. Tit
liits. .
Their Celebration.
nicks Ooing to celebrate your wood
en wedding, an? yon?
Wicks Yes.
Hicks Well. 1 guess I'll celebrate
my wouldn't wetlding. It was just five
years ago that that girl from Chicago
said she wouldn't marry me. Somer
vill? (Mass.) Journal.
Properly nias?nte.
Lushman I'm troubled with head
aches in the morning. It ma:'te on
account of my eyes. Perhaps 1 need
stronger glasses.
Ir. Shrude No; I think you merely
need weaker glasses and fewer at
nistit. Hi change.
Springfield, 111., Feb. 13. The San
gamon county grr.nd jury voted indict
ments against Chief of Polie-e James
Anderson and his two pretlecesors in
office. Henry Herring and Scott Cas
tles, but in making its tiusil report to
the circuit court failed to return prop
erly prepsired true bills, and it is ques
tionable whether the long and tedious
work of the grand jury is of :iny con
sequence. The grand jury spent nearly
a month longer than usual investigat
ing the charges that the police depart
ment collects 7.10 every three months
from all the fallen women of the city.
Ivust Saturday it leaked out that the
grand jury had indicted Chief Ander
son on a charge of extortion, and there
followed a seuational row in the
grand jury room between Anderson,
Mayor Devereaux and Henry Miller,
the clerk of the grand jury. The ques
tion sis to whether indictments were
actually returned will have to be de
termined by the court.
Littifcant" in Wisconsin Settle With
Payment ol $2a,000,O00
as Itasis.
Kaukauna. Wis., Feb. 13. The big
gest deal which has taken place here
for many years is that between the
litigating parties concerning the water
power, whereby John S. Vaunertwick.
president of th tJrcen May and Mis
sissippi Canal company, becomes the
owner of the undivided half interest
of Joseph Yilas. Sr.. in the Kaukauna
Water Power company, smd the whole
of the Padger Paper company's proper
ties, including the P.rokaw Pulp com
pany. en the water power canal.
The deal involves stock to the total
of MX .()(. The payments have
been made, entirely closing the trsuis
siction. This does away forever with
any further hindrance to the future of
Kaukanua. sis the whole of the iower
of the Fox river here will at once be
Frankfort. Ky.. Feb. In 1ho
house a bill has Ikh-ii introduced ap
propriating $1(i,;;( for the purchase of
the old Lincoln homestead, the birth
1 lace of Abraham Lincoln, and for
converting it into a public pnrk. An
other bill was mtrodm-ed ceding to the
federal government lands near West
Point for the establishment of the new
military post.
Ity I'lay w tih a Torprtto.
New Albany, lnd.. Feb. 1.!. Wal
ter Melton. years old. son ff Charles
Melton, of Crandall. while p!;iy!ng
with si -railway torpedo, est used an ex
plosion, which tore off his right hand
and otherwise injured him. His moth
er found the torpedo on the rsiilway
track, and not knowing its character,
carried it home.
KUitor 1laniictfMl by I'ytlitp.c.
Washington. Ind.. Feb. i::. Frank
1. Sefrit has closed his affairr as post
master in this city, turning over the
olhee to IMwanl C. Faith, the new
appointee and having to take up his
newsapper work on Perry Ilesith's
newspaper at Salt l.ako City. He w as
banqueted by the Pythians before his
Paltimorc. Md.. Feb. 13. Federal
troops will not be sent here by the
president sis requested by the legisla
ture, linv. Wartield. in forwarding
the resolution to the president, added
a note to the effect that there was no
longer any need for troops and should
thev be sent he w'iriild feel it his duty
to sisk their withdrawal. The presi
dent at the same time indicated that
the reasons set forth by the legisla
ture were not Mich sis to make com
pliance with the demand possible, as
no insurrect ion. or condition of do
mestic violence beyond the control of
the state was shown to exist. The
federal troops, therefore, will not be
sent here, and that feature of tl:- sit
uation is si closed incident.
r.illimore. Feb. 13. Thsit rvitlrr.er"
is to list- from its ashes more srb
star.tial. mere modern and far mere
symmetries-.! n reels no fuithcr prccf
t lis. n was made manifest by renewed
expression on the part of Mayer Me
Ii ne s ml the committee of public- safe
ty of lending citizens that no building
permits shall le issued until si pian of
re-aligning certain thorougnfares.
whose crookedness and narrowncrs
have long eonstitute-d a blemish as
well as embarrassment to municipal
row th.
There is grim determination visi
ble on all sitles that the public's com-r-ei-sation
for the fiery ordeal through
Judge Introduces New
Feature in Proceeding.
Sympathetic Strike and
Payment of Benefit
I'oston, Fob. 13. A temporary in
junction against the International
Pressmen's and Assistants union has
l.oen issued by Justice Poring in the
supreme judicial court of Massachu
setts. The defendants are restrained
from bringing alout a sympathetic
strike among pressmen In connection
with the prevailing -ontest of ithe job
compositors against members of the
I'nited Typothetae of America in this
city for a new wage schedule.
The court also ruled that the com
positors" unions must not pay strike
benefits to those who already have left
for other reasons than for their own
benefit, holding that such a step would
illegal. The order stopping the distribu
tion of strike lenerits Is said to be
without pree'edent in the state, if not
in the country.
Ib Junction Permanent.
Cincinnati. Feb. 13. Judge Uosea.
of the superior court, has made per
petual si temporary injunction grant
ed .against the Journeymen numbers
association and the building Trades
Council, forbidding them to interfere
by patrolling, intimidation or persua
sion with the employesof master plum
bers. This is a csise where a strike was
ordered by wsiy of discipline to compel
the payment of dues to a union. The
court holds that these bodies do not
have to be ineorporsited in order to be
subject to injunction, but that every
niemlKT of both organizations is en
joined in perpetuity and held lisible fcr
damage done by violation of the court's
order. - :
Teamatrs Gnilty.
New Haven. Conn.. 3- b. 13. A jury
h:is found nine union teamsters guilty
of conspiracy in trying to injure the
business of certain trucking linns dur
ing tiie teamsters' strike here last
spring. The defendants were indicted
on six counts and were tried jointly.
Three of the defendants Indonged to
the teamsters union and three to the
hack drivers union. A sentence of
three months in jail for each defendant
was imposed.
I;-ath for I'layiiig with Matoln-s.
Springfield. 111., Feb. 13 The -year-old
son of Mrs. Mary Tiernan
ignited his eh.thes while playing with
matches and received burns which
est used his desilh si few hours later.
F.lizabelh Fisle, si 4-yesir-old girl, who
was est ring for the younger child,
wrapped him in a blanket and ran tc
the home of a neighlmr for aid.
Women SnnVaRUtu in Session.
Washington. Feb. 13. Iteports of
ofticers and committees and addresses
of state presidents occupied most of
the session of the National American
Woman Suffrage association. .
w iiieli'it lias passed be the rising of a
metropolis which shssli be' distinguished
among t'nited States cities for both Its
material substance and its architectur
al art. The mayor and the committee
of safety sire resolved thsit shells of
buildings shall not le run up between
fireproof structures, a? in the past, and
thus serve sis a standing invitation tc
the names. On this point the control
ling force's here are apparently a unit,
thus siffordif g a rr.ia-n-TiV'.c. tharc the
future Haiti more is to be both a mod
ern and a model city.
The business situation appears
brighter than at smt time since the
gn-stf e-sitsistrophe. Tl e regular transac
tion of business in the chamber of
commerce, including displays of south
ern grain, hay. stnnv s:nd mill feed,
and the three usual esills. and the roost
ing of out-of-town markets, togetler
with the receipt of prain by elevators
and the payment of sill checks by banks
are events that establish cnfidenc
throughout the business community.
Secretary Shaw's splendid response
to the call for currency lias excited
the admiration of all financiers here.
I5y his prompt action all obstacles were
swept away and Assistant Sub-Treasurer
Dry den, in Paltimorc, is able to
furnish any amount of money, in any
denomination desired. One lank has
had $"y0.000 transferred by. wire from
New York, and large sums have been
Pr.ducjh, Ky.. Feb. 13. A street car
Clled with.passongets wa.; struck nea
th; Union station by an outgoing Nash
ville. Chattanoogsi md St. Louis pas
senger train and ten or twelve persons
Injured, one it is test red fatally. The1
worst iujured stre J. W. Ilelsley. dep
uty stale organizer of the Woeelmen
of the World, may not recover: Clar
ence Knowles. sujierintendent of water
power. Illinois Central, serious; Terrell
1. Fooks. Paducsih. head cut and breast
mashed. -
There were about thirty people in
the cstr. The motorman. it is silleged.
tried to beat the train to the crossing.
tiespne tee protests ana warning
shouts of the passengers. The train
ftrue'e the car in the center, and before
the engineer could bring it to si stand
still the engine had pushed the car
thirty feet along the track.
Second Wedding Interrupted by
Woman Who Announces
New Orlesins, Feb. 13. A wtll
dressetl young woman in tears dra
matically stopped the marriage of si
man here, supposevl" to be Lawrence
S. Sanborn, and said to be a member
of a wealthy family in F.oston, and
Miss Coida Oldson, of Sweden. The
couple, possessed of si marriage e-erti-licate
made out in these names, went
before Judge Downing to be msirried,
aecouipsmied by witnesses.
The ceremony wsis performed and
r.31 the signatures but that of the judge
had been attached to the record when
si handsome young woman wlu said
she was Sanborn's wife burst into the
ofhee. She tleclared that she had si
marriage certi tie-ate. and if given time
would prove to the court the force of
Lor objections. Judge Downing siihl
he would wait six hours, and the bride,
the alleged wife and the groom or
husband, went awav together.
St. ' Petersburg.' Feb.' 13. The dowa
ger empress has i-sued a rescript to
the Ued Cross of ltussia directing it to
make provision to alleviate the suf
ferings of the wounded in the war
with Japan. A branch of the Ped
Cross lias been eststblished in the new
hermitsige of the winter psilsice. The
offers ol" services have been so numer
ous thsit no more will be entertained sit
I.il. f le" t'ir .'! to St. I.oei.
Oirai.::. Fib. 13. The Fi'don Paci'V
rs'Hread has shipped the Lincoln c:ir
tt St. I.oTiis. where it will become part
of li!" L;::enl!i museum atlbe World's
lair. Tiie car is a historic one. it hav
ing served as the private car of Presi
dent Lincoln deiing the civil war. and
carried his remains to Springfield for
AiioHier Wife .M tirlercr (Sutlly.
I."s Moines. La.. Feb. 13. William
K. Slifer wsis found guilty of murder
in the tirst degree by the jury at
t'rundy Center, where he wsis being
tried. Slifer wsis accused of murder
ing ids wife. They were members
of a Dunkard community.
secured by several other banks, in
cluding savings institutions. Secre
tary Shaw's sinangemejit to trsmsfer
money by telegraph to P.altiniore from
all cities Laving sub-treasuries w iU
probsibly be made si peimsiueiit thing.
The- offer of si New York insurance
company to lend ?::. m.M !f in P.alti
niore for rebuilding purposes is a strik
ing illustrsition of the readiness of ont
side csipiial to invest in this city. This
money is offered sit -D,i per e-ent.. free
of commission. Another insurance
company luis offered tr lend the city
$"VIMI.ini- available sit once.
The task of clearing the piles of
bru-k. mortsir sind rubbish from the
streets in the tire soemrged district is
being pushed forward v.iih marvelous
energy. Puildieg Inspector Preston,
with a vast multitude of workmen. Is
on the de-solated streets sill elay clear
ing away the debris smd great progress
lias been made. Baltimore street has
already been desired from Liberty
street to Jones Falls. The debris is
being thrown on the side and the en
tire middle of the street Is clesir.
The work of emptying the ssife de
posit vaults in th" rained buihlings
has progressed rapidly. This Is licing
done with extraordinary' precautions.
An es-ort of cavalry accompanies the
wagons in whh-h the treasures are
hauled. Sharpshooters in plain clothe
ride ia the wagons smd eletectives fol
low closely on the sidewalks. All the
local coprts Lave resumed business.
Japanese and Russians
Efforts to Gain
One of Czar's Ships
Sunk China and
St. Petersburg. Feb. 13. The Asso
ciated Press is authorized to ilenv the
report that Japanes troops had land
eel at Port Arthur with the loss of two
Nothing is known here regarding
the movements of the Yhu.lvo.-tock
squsidron, but reports thsit it hsid sunk
Japanese transports off Wonsan and
destroyed Hakodate are' genersilly
discredited, it being pointed out it is
impossible for the squadron to have
been in two places almost simultane
ous! v.
China Proclaims Neutrality.
Tokio. Feb. 13. The Chinese govern
ment yesterday proclaimed the neu
trality f China during the war be
tween' Kussia and Japan.
Germany Aluo Neutral.
Perlin. Feb. i:i. tlcrmsinv. in the of-
ticisil organ, today issued a proclama
tion of nentralitv during (he war of
Kussia and Japan.
Yokohsimsi, Feb. lit. It is reported
four llussiaii warships sunk si Jsipnn
ese merchant steamer, the Akuura
Maru, off Pokkaide, Feb. 11.
Kantian Ship Strikes Mine.
St. Petersburg. Feb. 1?. A report
luu! been received from Yiceroy
A lex ioff saying that the Itussian tor
pedo transport Yenisei has been blown
up as the result of accidentally strik
ing a mine at Fort Arthur. The Yenisei
sank and Captain Stepanoff, three of
ficers and ninety-one men were lost.
JapaueMe Merchant Ship Sank.
Washington, Feb. 1.'.. The Japanese
legsition has received the following dis
patch under date of Tokio, Feb. 11:
'"Two small Japsinese merchant ships
Zeiisho-Mai u suul 'Nsikon Oursi-Msmi.
while on their way to Otnru (a port
on the western oosist of Yezo island)
freiiu Sakata a port eiu the northern
oosist eif the msiin island of Japan),
wire fired on I'eb. 1llh by four Kus
sia i! men-of-war off the oosist of Aoino
li prefecture smd the latter wsis sunk,
while the former had a narrow escape.
The Kussistn men-of-war sire still seen
oft the western Coast of Yezo islam.
They sire supposed to be the first-chiss
cruisers which hsive been shut up at
Yladi vostm-k sind tried some time ago
to join the main squadron at Port Ar
thur." KtlHsia t'alln Out tier Troop.
Sr. Petersburg. I'eb. i:i. An imperial
nksise. dated I'eb. 1(1. has been issued.
It commands that all the troops in the
militsiry establishments in the Siberian
military elistricts be plaieJ in readi
ness for war; that all the divisions In
the Far Kastern vioerreyalty be brought
to war strength, sind thsit the army smd
navy reserves in the Siberian and Ka
zan districts be called out for active
service. The authorities are enipow-
ored to requisition the necessary
lHnllin(; I'p On Itattlen.
New York. Feb. l.'I. As the result
of a study of the dispatches coming
from the Far Fast since Feb. S It i
the conclusion that there had been up
to yesterday morning but two nsival
engagements Ix'tween IJussbi and Ja
pan. Alt others are differing accounts
of the same gattles. The Port Arthur
fight began on the night of Feb. K. at
midnight, with the attack of the Jap
anese torpedo IkciIs on the Kussistn
warships in the roadstesid. and was
continued on the Ith day by the attack
of the Japanese fleet on the warships
mil fortifications. The other bsitto
was that at Chemi'ljto, when the
Yariag and Korietz, Kus-sian warships
were sunk.
To Swrretary JIay' Note Its Substance, and
the Ilepone.
St. Pet en-burg. Feb. JO. Russia is
evidently not prepared at this time to
give an answer to the I'nited State
as to Secretary Hay's note on the sug
jeet of the neutrality of China. Kus
sia, it can ge said, is certainly as
anxious as the United States that the
war cause no risings or disorders in
China. Russisi has already learned of
the jiositlon taken by several jowers
regarding Secretary Hay's note. Oer
niany and "reat Uritaln. it is undT
stood, lwitn express sympathy with its
purpose, but with an Important reser
vation concerning Manchuria. . Ger
Apparently Bending All
Vantage Points.
Strikes a Mine and is
Germany Neutral.
many's views in this respect were an
ticipated, but I "resit britain's failure
to give Secretary Hay unqualified sup
lort has caused surprise here.
Washington, Feb. 13. ""To Rus
sia and Japan the Washington gov
ernment suggests the propriety of lim
iting hostilities within as small an
area as possible, and of respecting the
neutrality stud administrative entity of
China, that China may be free from
disturbsinces s'.ud foreign inlerests
there from menace."
This, the Associated Press is enabled
to give sis the substance of the noto
addressed by Secretary Hay on Feb.
10 to the St. Petersburg and Tokio gov
ernments. On Feb. S Cermsiny, tSreat
ltritsiiu and France were invited to
siddress Russia sind Japan with the
same suggestion, and on Feb. 11 this
invitation was extended to Italy. Austria-Hungary,
the Netherhinds, I'on
nisirk. Spain and ltelgiuin.
('ermany wsis the first to respond,
with a prompt acceptance of the invi
tation, and the promise that she Im
mediately would siddress the two com
batants, (treat P.iltain was heard from
next, expressing .adherence to the
principle laid down in the note, but
withholding formal acceptance pend
ing an answer to an inquiry whether
the "administrative entity" of Chinst
involved Manchuria. Japan was heard
from quickly with the answer thsit she
would act readily em the suggestion
of the I'nited States if a similar prom
ise could be obtained from Russia.
Italy. Austro-Hiingary and the Neth
erlands expressiil sympathy with the
Idea, anel promised sin answer nfter
consultation with other powers. There
is reason to Itelieve that Spain and
Pelgium also will accept the invitation.
Kussia thus fsir h:is been silent and
the attitude of France is one of hesita
Suspension of" Business and Banquets
Mark Birthday of
Ijitl coin.
Chicjtgo. I'eb. 1.".. Lincoln's birth
d.ay wsis observed in Chicago by all
public oiliccs. courts, banks, tii board
of trade.aml I he siook cehsi nge. These
institutions were closed. At night sev
eral banquets and meetings were he'd
in honor of the groat eu-.aiicipsitor. Ap
propllale ceremonies wete held in sill
the schools. The dsiy v.;1 s ol .'-el' veil all
over the country.
MinneaiKdis. Feb. V,. Coventor
Albert It. Cummins, of Iowa, was the
principal speaker si I the annual Lin
coln day banquet given by the M!:i
nesipolis Flambeau club and the Hen
nepin County I'cpiihlicsi u association.
The governor advocated the "Iowa
Providence. K. I.. Feb. I.!. Khibor
ately planned programmes in the pub
lic schools and sin ollioial ststte observ
ance by the general assembly at tiie
state house" marked the mini versa rv of
Lincoln's birth In Rhoeie Island. The
day is known in the schools as (Hand
Army Flag day and (he pupils listened
to addresses by civil war veterans.
St. Paul. Feb. 13. The feature
of the celebration of Lincoln's birthday
here wsis a banquet. Kepresenlativt?
Davidson, of Wisconsin, was the prin
cipal speaker.
Lincoln. Neb.. Feb. 13. Abraham
Lincoln's birthday wsis celebrated by
n banquet tendered by the Youns
Men's Republican club, of Lincoln.
Chicago, Feb. l.'I. A mstss meeting
of the Cemian residents of this city
wsis held ut the Auditorium hotel to
formujate a protest against a pro
loosed measure which is to le submit
ted t- the cify council making It ep
tlonal with the citizen in e-ach word
whether it "hsill bo prohibition district
or 'not. The enforcement of the mid
night closing ordinance as applied to
clubs and societies was also denounced
as a violation of personal liberty.
Washington. Feb. I.. United State
Minister Powell reports by cable to th
state department from San Domingo,
under date of tth, that It was report
ed in the capital that a fierce battle
had been fought !n Sanchez and a
great many people bad been killed. ,

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