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Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1893-1920, February 13, 1904, LAST EDITION 4:30 O'CLOCK, Image 6

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Farmers Find Themselves Well
Prepared to Begin New
Hauling Practical Done Stock
Has Come Through in
Good Shape.
Although the winter has been a se
vere one, it has been entirely satis
factory to the farmers, and when
spring opens the winter work will all
he done so that there will in? nothing
to inferefere with the preparation for
putting- ill the earlv crops.
The roa'ls have been exceptionally
jfood all winter, which is a condition
that is greatly appreciated by those
who are compelled to travel through
the rural districts during ci.M weath
er. There has been but little sleighing,
lut the roads have been hard and
smooth which to manv is more desir
able than sdeighing.
Those who have had grain or other
produce to bring 1o market have had
no trouble in hauling heavy loads at
any time, and consequently when the
time for s-uiaiiier wcrk comes last
year's crop will have been marketed
and the farmers can give their undi
vided attentii n to their seeding for
the inning year. There are many far-
mei. however, who feed all the crop
to slock so they are not troubled with
hauling their grain and hay to mar
ket. Prices have not been nearly so high
for grain as has been the case for the
last two tears, but corn has not been
sold. on the market for less than 40
cents a bushel nor hay f r less than $s
or $!) a ton. which is much better than
2.1-cent corn and !;-hny, which was the
case a few jrars ago. At that tim
the entire load would hardly bring
enough to pay the man wages for
hauling it to market.
Stork Wlatrel Well.
Stock of all kinds lias passed
through the winter in gocd shap anrl
the number of poor cattle is not so'
noticeable as is the case some winters
at this time. Last season was a good
one for hay an. I forage of all kjnds
and farmers were all well mi plied
with rough feed. They have been able
to keep the mangers well filled, and
when out in the Held during the day.
the absence of sm w the greater part
of the time has permit led the cattle
to p:ck up a great deal of feed.
The extremely cold weather during
the last three weeks has been hard on
filing clover. Had there been a gnid
coating i f snow on the groun 1 there!
would have been no danger, but as the
young plants had no protection what
ever many of the fanners think
that" the young crcp which- start
ed so nicelv last fall will be entirely
It is thought that the fruit crop has
escaped so far without injury, and un
less a heavv frost comes after the
trees hae budded, there will undoubt
ed'y be a heavy fruit crop this year.
Annie Oakley, for years the crack
female lifle shot with the HufFalo Hill
Wild West show, is preparing to make
some "00 newspapers pay up for the
story that appeared about a year ago
when il was alleged that she had been
arrested by the Chicago . police fin a
petty larceny charge.
Mrs. Butler, for that is her real
name, has opened her campaign by
suing the Louisville Evening- l'ost fur
$16,200 ror liln-1 and as the paper is
but one of -0 that she has on her
black list, there is a great deal of
work ahead for both .Mrs. Butler and
her legal advisers, and if she decides
to sue each one of the 200 for tile same
sum. she will a.-k for something like
$:5,240.OOO, a sum that will be quite
sufficient to partially c mpensate her
for the unpleasantness which follow
ed close i:p;;n the heels of the publicity
given her name.
It was during the month of August.
Iti0:i. that this story came out. It.
seems that a lady who had nothing
better to do. got mixed up in a bunch
of trouble in Chicago ami was pinch
ed for taking something that did not
belong to her.
When booked at headquarters and
also when placed fin trial, she gave the
name of Annie Oakley, -not wanting
her friends to know of her trouble.
The reporters got busy and told how
the great Annie Oakley had fallen,
the item being printed with glaring
headlines and a picture of Annie Oak
ley. The article was widely copied
and now the trouble has commenced.
In her petitic n Mrs. Butler states
that, at the time of the alleged arrest
was chronicled, she was living with
her husband at Nut ley. X. .1.. and en
joying high public esteem.
In the suit against the I'ost she
asks $15,000 for the injury done to her
good name. $1,000 for attorney's fees
and $200 for traveling and incidental
Kheumittlain Curort In a
Mystic Cure for rheumatism and
neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3
days. Its action upon ihe svstem is
remarkable and mysterious. It re
moves at once the cause and the dis
ease immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits. 75c and
$J. Sold by Otto Grotjan, 1501 Sec
ond avenue, Bock Island; Gustave
Sehlegel & Son 220 West Second
street. Davenport.
Beiseba.ll Chat.
The. Bloomington Fantagraph has
something to say in regard to base
ball finances that can be applied to
every city in fhe circuit for the gen
eral impression of the public, and it
hardly need be said it is an errone
ous one. is that the stockholders are
makingbigmoney on their investment.
The fact is they have occasion for a
handshake all around if they break
even on a season. The men behind the
team in Kock Island, and doubtless it
is the case all over the circuit, put
their money into it for love of the
sport principally, and to keep their
city in the profession. They never
expect to have their stock earn a
cent. The Bantagraph says: "The
amount in the treasury at present is
$750, and it has been figured out that
it will require $1,500 to put the team
In the field in the right 'condition.
There seems to be a prevailing feel
ing that the directors of the baseball
team get good money out of it. while
5n fact they get literally nothing. It
would be no more than right that they
thould each get something to pay
them for their labors and time in the
interests of baseball, but the best
they get this year is an assessment
of $50 each to which there are no
strings attached, and when paid over
is gone from them forever. Some peo
ple are of the opinion that when play
ers are allowed to go to another team
the local management should be paid
something for their release, but it is
a hard thing to get money in this way.
An effort will be made, however, to
get something for Mullaney, but
whether or not this can be accom
plished remains to be seen."
W 1W HO- I-- W .. 4f ! H . K qfcr T(fc, Hfjl 4 'fT Vfc ! -C-
VU ken vs. Milde. Bill. Cause refer
red to master to take evidence and re
port same with his ci-nclusions of law
and fact.
I'asfig vs. I'assig. Divorce. Peti
tion by defendant in original bill for
additional alimony. Complainant in
original bill ruled to answer the peti
tion by Monday next at 2 p. m.
Keller In One Minute.
One Minute Cough Cure gives relief
in one minute, because it kills the
microbe which tickles the mucous
membrane, causing the cough, and at
the same time clears the phlegm,
draws out the inflammation and heals
and soothes the affected parts. One
Minute Cough Cure strengthens the
lungs, wards off pneumonia and is a
harmless and never failing cure in all
curable cases of coughs, colds and
croup. One Minute Cough Cure is
pleasant to take, harmless and good
like for young and old. Sold by all
druggists. )
t the
rTPHTTTrTii:'M --1 - - - i - r "-VI
s Eodloor (Gtirciui
Cor. 16th SV
and 5th JLtJe
1 h &
(General Adnmlsslon 25' (Cents I
Reserved Seeds on Sede a.t Harper Mouse Pharmacy.
At the Harper -John H. Griffith,
.lames Maekin, Milwaukee; W. .1. Try
on, Chicago: S. G. Warfiekl, W. K.
Gary, l. M. Dei ker. New York; Fred
T. Webster, St. bonis; W. Willmer,
Chicago; .1. T. Walker, Kansas City;
T. M. "M os ley. Clintf:n; G. Willis, -Gales-burg;
B. Bonson. Dubuque; B. F.
Peek, F. Herbs, K. .losephson, Moline;
W. J. Schrader. C. II. Mobbs, II. K.
Allen. Chicago; C. A. Barnard. Beards
town; 15. X. Meminway. Galesburg: C.
A. Wasson. Kansas City; l. D. Tom
son, Cedar Bapids; M. 1). Batchedcn.
Peoria; H. S. Home. Chicago; K. P..
Holly, Xew York; H. Govver. Chi
cago; H. Ganglcy. Grand Bapids: T.
W. Dunbar, Milwaukee; T. C. Colinan,
Newport: F. K. llerreon. St. Louis;
K. H. Paull. Portland; W. A. Fchman,
Peoria: C. .1. Swanson, Minneapolis;
G. Hutchinson, D. Kenfeld. Chicago;
M. K. Yenger, Oklahoma City; K. C.
Graves, H. Waterman, .(ieneseo; F. H.
Hand. Chicago; Mrs. W. Fiedlar, Pe
oria; Joe Celania, M. J. Goain, Ottum
wa; H. A. Smith. Chicago; H. Dun
burger. Jillrt: F. Beeeher, Chicago;
T. M. Baum. Morrison.
At the Bock Island (Kuropean)
J. H. Hhunk. (ins Palmer. J. X. Cohen,
Chicago: S.- F. Kllis. F. F. Bush. T. B.
Pitney. Peoria; .7. G. Thompson, Ot
tumwa; Y. K. Snider, city; L. P. Cur
ren. Kewanee; H. T. Johnson. Gales
burg; C. II. Kider. Ft. Wayne; Charl-s
S. French, l'reeport: J. C. McLaugh
lin. Hvansville; William Marshall and
wife. Cedar Bapids; M. B. Stabbus. St.
Louis; John A. Owens. Monmouth;
Chailes B. Kovvell. Salem;, J. C. Ap
pleby, Chicago; ( harles A. Mason,
Charles T. Wieiianil. Miss Bessie Phil
lips, Ada Henry. C. Meecher and wife.
Mason $- Mason f omjiany ; M. Flah
arty, Bea rost ow n : Robert Rexdalc.
city: John Styles, Chicago: II. Joseph.
St. Louis: (". A. Vas!i. Kansas City;
II. C. Jack, Chicago: 11. A. iVhsmau,
Peoria; L. Hegberg. Kockfopl; F. F.
Ford, Chicago.
At Hotel Harms, ( Furopean) Mary
istefTensf.n, Rohinson Sisters. Miss
Stillman, Mi:s Levitt. Miss Webb. Miss
Cramey, Miss Crawford, Charles H.
Bates." Robert Mack. Fdna Woodruff.
Blanche Webster. Mabel zene. Miss
McKen.ie, Miss RutteM. Miss Joy. H.
P. Mason, C. F. Weigand. James limn
bcrger. D. C. Powell. S. J. Duncan.
Mason & Mason company; G. K. Mc
Donald. Chicago; J. W. Ashworth Pe
oria; J. P. Quirk. St. Paul; H. B.
Oiiggs. Chicago; (I. M. Xorton. India
napolis; A. I'. Swain, Bloomington;
M. J. Goodwin, S. S. Gluistcr. Chicago;
G.'C. (Jrcgory. Mnrsha'.ltow n, la.; Leo
Kugle. Cantf'm. O.; B. F. Swain. Madi
son; A. P. Warner. (I. L. Dixon. Chica
go; B. B. Tilson. Peoria; M.ti. Wasson.
St. Louis; George Bnrrymore, Xew
York: ;. D. Gould. L. S. Patterson;
Boston; M.J.Thomas Louisville: B. A.
Bacon. B. A. Gordon. Chicr.gc; Thomas
A. Bawdem Milan: M. .1. Deacon, Bos
ton; A. A. Colley, Madison; L. A. Staw
bee. Chicago; M. I). Bales. St. Louis;
C, M. D.xer, Peoria: C. A. Peters. Auro
ras Xat C. (ior;lon. New York; B. A.
Hatttnhnner. Clevelam!: D. G. Allen,
St. Louis; (J. L. Adamson. M. 1'. Foley,
Another Cure of Klieumatlmn Cured lr
ChamlierlHiii'H I'aln BmIiii.
The ellicacj- of Chamberlain's Pain
Balm in the relief of rheumatism is
being demonstrated daily. Parker
Triplet t, of Grigsby. Va., says that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm gave him
permanent relief from rheumatism in
the back when everything else failed,
and he would not be without it. For
sale by all druggists.
Mothers can safely give Foley's
Honey and Tar to their children for
coughs and colds, for it, contains no
opiates or other poisons. Sold by all
in i ti
FEBRUARY 16, 17, 18 and 19
During which time a general
Demonstration and Cooking
Exhibit of the jz? & 0
Oi 1,
t-,jjf"i!.Jf.,.-V'. ,
i m M it'll
JP W ;Jmmh
IfFi iinWT'"''"1' rbd,!iaf ' taC':;3 1
l.il.oilI 'MOl . .1 i' 1 Itv'
"'! v, 1 '."1
-2 'irj
' i'f
1 1. JJ , .rui:' J tS t" i -it iii or
r . s ,. i 1
Will be in progress and in charge of a Special representative from the Quick Meal Stove Co., of St. Louis, Mo.
UQT RTSCI I ITS A IMFi COPPPP Wil1 be servcd t0 aI1 the Iadies visiting our Stove Department during this demonstration. And all of those who arc inter
A U A vvfA ested may have the superior qualities of this famous rane fully explained to them. VERY SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS
in the way of prices and terms will be offered to all prospective purchasers of Steel Ranges during this demonstration. So it will pay you to anticipate your wants and avail yourself of this opportunity.
jSAli those interested in Combination Gas and Coal Ranges should not fail to see the Quick Meal Grand Combination gas and cod range also on exhibit during this time, which is considered
to be absolutely the finest of its Kind ever built. Soliciting a call from you we remain, yours truly,
324 to 328 Brady St.

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