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4:30 O'CLOCK.
I L.iI NO 100
McCutcheon, Suicided President
Peabody Insurance Company of
Baltimore in Receiv
er's Hands.
of Holstein Bank, $1000,
000 Behind.
Small Landing Force Near Port Arthur Cut Off
and 400 Put to Death.
Sink More of Czar's Ships Russians Fire on
Own Torpedo Boats by Mistake.
Washington, Feb. 15. Information
lias reached here that nearly 20.000
Japanese troops were landed at Che
mulpo yesterday, the first division of
a large number which will be thrown
into Korea as rapidly as possible in
the effort to thoroughly occupy tin
strategic points in the Hermit king
dom while the Ilussian fleet is bottled
up in I'ort Arthur.
Was Not Itombarried.
Tf kio, Fi b. 13. ( Delayed) The Rus
siati Yladivostock squadron is still in
sight cruising- in the sea of .Japan. The
report that Matsuima o.i the Inland
sea has Leen bombarded by the Ilus
sian squadron is untrue.
Kink Own Boats.
Chefoo. Feb. 15. A reliable authori
ty says three Russian torjedo boats
were sunk by guns from the forts.
They were mi.-taken for Japanese ves
sels. KaHnltiUft Guarded at Seoul.
Seoul, IVb. lo. ( Delayed.) The
Kussian consul at Chemulpo is now
guarded by Japanese troops. Today
all the Russians in the city have been
ordered into one large house, where
they will be detaitied awaiting action
of the authorities as to their dis
posal. The Russian minister at Seoul
has been requested by the Japanese
minister, through a neutral legation,
to w ithdraw, anil lias consented to do
so. He will probably leave Seoul to
morrow. .Ihps Ixe 410 Men.
London. Feb. 1". The Daily mail
Fort Arthur correspondent under date
of Feb. 12. says: "Of'ieial advice
state that the Japanese landed COO sol
diers near Talicn Wan with dis
astrous results, 4 Hi being sabred
by Cossacks. The remainder escaped
to their ships. It is further stated
that the Japanese landed at Dove bay.
whore thirty of them were killed and
the remainder retreated.
Defeat at I'igeoo liny.
London. Feb. 1.". Tie Daily Mail'
New C'hwaug correspondent, tinder
date of Feb. 11. cables: "Accordiug to
otlk-hil Fort Arthur telegrams the Jap
anese landed a forte yesterday at
Pigeon bay, west of Port Arthur. They
were then attacked by troops ami by
the. bat U lies, and were defeated with
heavy loss."
Chefoo. I-Vb. lf. A steamer arriv
ing here from Fort Arthur reports that
heavy tiring was heard in the straits
of l'e-Chi-IJ ut midnight.
New of Landing Confirmed.
Ft. Petersburg. Feb. l."i. 2:1.". a. m.
A communication from Yheroy
Alexieff. just received, confirms the ic
port of the lauding of HUM Japanese
troops at Chemulpo. The viceroy add
that reports have lc n received of at
tempts to cut the telegrapli wires along
the Chinese Kastern railway, and also
to destroy one of the abutments of the
Sungari bridge. These attempts, he
adds, were immediately detected and
decisive measures taken to guard the
Was Not Captured ly the .laps.
Loudon. Fet. 1.1. A dispatch to the
Central News from St. Petersburg says
the steamer Vorutiej. b locgiug to the
Russian volunteer fleet, which had
ailed from Vladivostok, and which
was lielievcd to lune been captured
by the Japanese, has arrived safely at
Report That I Not ('outlined.
A rcirt originating with a Japanese
firm having correspondents in Tokio
was circulated in London to the ef
fect that three Kussian crui.-4-rs.. pre
sumably the Yladirstock squadron,
had been torpedod in the Sr.iits of
Tsugaro. The Japanese legatiou has
heard nothing confirmatory of this re
lKrt. though it has come to it from
several sources. The legation officials
received the roiort with considerable
reservo. it leing cousidci-cd 'too good
to be true."
Chefoo Reports the Repulse.
Chefoo, Feb. 15. It Is reported ttat
l'J.OOO Japanese troops were landed at
Dove bay last Wednesday mo.rniijg.
and that they were met by the Rus
sians, who engaged them in a hand-to-hand
tight. The reports say the Jap
anese were ti liven back. It is also le
ported that Japanese troops have Leeu
landed forty miles further west.
Coal Ships Captured.
Nagasaki. Feb. 1.1. Six Norwegian
steamers chartered by a Russian naval
contractor have betn captured. The
vessels are the Lena, Acj.lv, Sentis,
Seirstadt. Argoand Ilermis. They car
lied coal cargoes. The Hermis has
arrived here under convoy of a cruiser.
It is rumored that 1,800 Japanese sol
diers have leen killed, presumably by
the sinking of a transport.
New Orleans, Feb. 1.1. Lawrences.
Sanborn, the young man who figured
in a sensational marriage ceremony
nhere, appeared iu Judge Downings
court accompanied by the first Mrs.
Sangorn, who was a Miss Chase. San
born admitted that a ceremony had
been performed in an Episcopal church
in Rrooklyn for himself and Miss
Chase. He said he was not prepared
to say that lie had been married, lie
had been told that as lie and Miss
Chase were 1m. th under age the mar
riage was not legal.
He was a Harvard student at the
time. When he returned to Reston he
said he announced that he had been
married to Miss Chase, and that Bos
ton papers printed stories of the wed
ding. Sanborn said he was a Pro-
testaut and Miss Chase a Roman Cath
olic, and that since their marriage Miss
Chase had been trying to have him
secure the sum ion of the church to
the ceremony, bu he had failed to do
so. .iiitlge iiowning tola mm that Ins
marriage of Miss Olson had been com
pleted and that Miss Oblsen had the
sr. l.ou. Feb. 1.1. William J.
Lcnsp. president cf the L nip Flow
ing company, committed suit it.'e at his
residence by shooting himself in the
right temple with a revolver. Hi- died
hour after tiring the fatal shot.
Growing e'opi r-sior. over the death o
his favorite son. Fred Letup, three
years ago. and the loss of Frederick
I'abst. of Milwaukee, a life-long friend.
Is believed to have been the cause
for his rash act.
la mp, who war. (V. years old. and a
native of t Senna ny, had lived in St.
Louis for forty-eight years. He stood
high in business and social ciroh s. His
estate will schedule well up in the
The funeral will be held this after
noon at the family residence, with pri
vate interment.
nays C ity. Kan. ."Feb. 15. As a re
sult of the war in the Orient the dis
trict court here is lesieged with njv
plica in -s for citizenship. There are hun
dreds of Russians in this county, who
now seek naturalization papers to
avoid taking chances of being com
pelled to return to their native land to
bo drafted into the army.
Can Catch No Food in Lake Michigan Ile
cause It Is Frozen
Chicago. Feb. 1.1. With Iake Mich
igan practically frozen over seagulls
by the tens of thousands are starving
to death lwcause they cannot find open
water in which to catch their food. At
the few little open jtatches around the
ha rlrs lotu dneks and gulls are gath
ering in great numbers but they are
so weakened by lack of food that
many of them are helpless.
The Chicago river is full of gulls
as far as Rush street bridge, and some
gulls, hungier than the rest, have got
as far as Lake street. Hundred of
ducks are frozen to death on the ice
fioes off the liaibor. Even the live
ducks are not worth shooting, as they
are too ioor to eat.
Illinois Corn Display at St. Louis.
Decatur. IlL, Feb. 1.1. The Illinois
State Farmers Institute has made ar
rangements fir the gathering and ex
hibition nt the state institute here,
Feb. 24 and 2-1. of the Illinois corn
exhibit for the World's fair. The HU
nis fair commission has offered $500
It preuduUM for the corn display.
(ialion, Ohio, National Iiank Unable
to Meet All De
mands. Dps Moines, lx.. Feb. 1.1. Apprais
ers apix.inted by the court to examine
the condition of the McCutcheon bank
at Holstein after the suicide of Its
president. E. II. McCutcheon, member
of the Republican state central com
mittee, caused a sensation by filing a
reiort indicating that a shortage of
nearly ?100.0OO exists. The liabilities
are ?2TJ(.KK and the assets are $100.
(XX). a considerable portion of which is
not good.
The Modern Woodmen of America
had . 100.000 on deposit, but this was
secured by bond. E. II. McCutcheon's
personal account was overdrawn $2.1.
000. Oscar Rerger, an employ, who
was $2..".0O short, attempted to get
away, was arrested, and then settled
the case out of court..
Ohio llank Closed-
(ialion. Ohio. Feb. 13. The (ialion
National bank e!id not reopen for bus
iness this morning by order of the di
rectorate. The officials admit they
are unable to pay their obligations or
realize on their collateral.
Application for a Pension Leads to
Apprehension of Iowa
Muscatine, Iowa, Feb. 13. Thirty
six years ago Charles Cackley killed
Reuben Fenstenmaker at Farming
ton. Iowa. Yesterday lie was placed
in the county jail at Keosauqua and
soon will be tried on an indictment
more than a quarter of a century
old on the charge of murder. Cack
ley s capture was due to the pension
office. He applied for a pension while
a resident of I ronton. Mo., under -the
name of John Reek. Reek's name w is
already on the pen.-ion r lis. and this
fact led to ("acklej's arrest on the
charge of endeavoring to defraud the
government. He confessed that his
true name is Cackley. His record
was looked up and it v;ss found that
he en!itcd at I'armiiiglon. Corre
spondence with th" authorities nt that
place elicited the fact that Cackley
had killed ISeiihcn Fcnstc tiiuaker. a
constable, while the latter was en
deaoring to arrest Cackley on the
charge of theft.
Effect War in the Orient is Likely
to Have on Industry
Relding, Mich.. Feb. 1.1. The, Russo-
Japanese war h;:s a peculiar sig-
niticanee for t'lis town, in which th;
principal industry is silk manufactur
ing. The siik factories empiov hun
dreds of men and women, and i long
continuance of the war would mean
that they would have to shut down
for the lack of raw material.
Over one-half of the silk used in the
mills conies from Japan and the re
mainder comes from China. At present
enough stock is on hand and under
shipment to run the mills for several
months yet. but not later than long
enough to fill the spring orders, the
fall sales being extra large.
Pes Moinor. In.. Feb. l.. For trie
first time in the history of this "state
a charming woman lias appenrcti be
fore the pardon committee of the leg
islature and i -rotcsted against the par
don of her former husband. Many have
bc-Tiiod for clemency between sobs and
tears, but to stand erect with wide,
dry eyes and declare that the liberty
of a prisoner rot only meant peril
to herself and child, but to society at
lame, remained for Mrs. ILittie Haley,
the former wife of Frank Raiasbar r.
one of tne notorious Rainsbarm r I rotb-
ers. who are asking tljeir freedom.
As she stood before thes: men thfre
was no passion or 1 ittcrness in her
voice when she recounted the terrible
details surrounding the iiiurd'.-r of her
father. Knoch Johnson, with their
bliuhtiii consequences to her own
happiness. She was 1 years old when
she became the wife of Frank Rain
barger and two years later was nms
inc a 5-nionths-old child, when her
husltaud was convicted of murdering
her. fat.Uer and. she was cast adrift on
Colorado Congressman
Voluntarily Re
signs Seat.
Senate to Vote on Pana
ma Canal Treaty
Feb. 23.
Washington. Feb. 15. Representa
tive Shaforlh. from the Denver dis
trict, voluntarily relinquished his
seat in the house at the convening of
that body today. A contest for his
seat was made by Robert V. Rony
inge, and an examination of the bal
lots, he said, revealed fraud in 29 pre
cincts. If he was a judge on the bench he
would have to find for himself, and
he invited the elections committee to
present a resolution seating Rony
inge. The house unanimously agreed
to a resolution declaring Ronyinge en
titled to the seat.
At. 12:41 the house adjourned.
Vote on Treaty Feb. 23.
Washington. Feb. 1.1. The senate in
executive session today agreed to a
vote on the ratification of the Panama
canal treaty Feb. 23 ;
Queen Lit Turned Down.
The bill to pay .? 130,000 to ex-Queen
Lilioukalani failed to pass the senate
todav on a tie vote.
Reiiin. Fob. 1.1. The Frankfurter
Zeitung's Salonica correspondent tele
graphs that a . Itulgarian band num
bering loo his been attacked at
Dohumbala by Turkish frontier
guards, who were reinforced by two
companies of infantry. The battle, the
correspondent reports, lasted a long
lime, and the Rulgaiinns fled at niglit,
leaving twelve dead on the liold. The
Turkish loss -was one man killed aud
two wounded.
Chicago. ' Fob. 1.1. Rev. Hr. Clinton
Locke, pastor omorituk of t'race Epis
copal church ami fot nearly half a
i-opal church ami fot nearly half a
leniury regarded as u' of the great
est of Chicago divine died unexpect-
edly at Riloxi. Miss. where lie had
gone to seek restoration of health. His
body has been brought here. He was
forty years rector of t'raoe church,
and was born at New York city, July
24, 1S2U-.
Tokio. Feb. l."i.-H)n the occasion Fri
day of the 2..1Mth anniversary of the
accession of the Emperor Jimmu. foun
der of the dynasty, a luinquet was
given by the present emperor at the
inqierial palace and ids uiajetty ad
dressed his guests.
F.utle. Mont., Feb. 1.1. As the judge
v.as delievering his instructions to the
jury in the cast of Alfred Reckmaii,
accused of murder, the accused drew
a razor and cut his throat. He fell to
tlie floor fatally wounded.
tiio world without a. penny.-- Mior'iy
after she found refsre beneath the
roof of E. F. Hale.t. of Steamboat
Rock, who married l.e.ard with wh mi
she lived until eipht Yc:rs ao. when
the drink habit resulted in again
thiowing her iijton her own responsi
bilities. Since that time she has worked at
canvassing to supimrt herself and
daughter by her first .husband and her
!-year-o!d son by her second. "I would
rather see my chlldi f n .dead before
me," she said, "than to know that the
man who murdered my father was tit
lilierty. where he might do them in
jury. I did not know the reputation
of the Rainsliarger brothers when 1
married Frank, it wa. several months
lo fore I fo'in l t;it they were thieves
and robbers.
-The first I kr.ew was when my hus
band brought belie a ."-tolc-n saddle.
I implored him t. reform. After I
heard of my father's death I accused
my husband and his brother of the
deed anil they wer very anpry. Rut I
remained at their home, until I heard
LOSSES 8700,000, ASSETS $300,000
Fifteen Militia Companies Relieved.
From Duty in Fire
Raltimo-.-e, Feb. 15. Richard F.
Post was appointed receiver today
for the Peabody Fire Insurance com
pany, of Raltimore. The company
lost $700,000 by reason of the tire. It
had assets only of $T00.000.
Troops Go Home.
The authorities have decided the 15
companies of troops now policing the
iire district are no longer needed and
the militia has left for home. All
savings banks opened for business In
day and deposits were made at all of
Summary Action to Prevent Threat
ened Trouble "With
Rloomington. Ind.. Feb. 15. Judge
J. 15. Wilson issued a bench warrant
for Peter Starng and a gang of about
lifty J reek laborers who are employed
at the Stanford tuxnel camp of the
Indianapolis Southern railway, near
this city, on a c harge of riot aud at
tack uiion Constable Norman, who at
tempted to arrest one of the laborer
Sheriff Thrasher was handed the war
rant with the injunction to take with
him a sutlicient armed force to enable
him to make the arrests. It is known
that a number of arms and ammuni
tion has been purchased by the ('reeks
who have threatened violence to any
officer who interferes.
The trouble has grown out of an al
leged delicit in wages. Instead of go
ing on a strike the laborers have done
considerable damage to the property
of the railroad company. Coventor
I Mu-hin has telephoned to Judge Wil
son, commending him for his action,
and advising that he mifrht call upon
the state for arms, if ne-essary, hut
ill any event not to hesitate to sup
pi ess the uprising.
Discovers Hog Cholera Can be Cured
by Inoculation Pro
cess. foiumhia. Mo., -"eh. i.-,. After ex
pel -brent jug f,,r three yea is Ir. R. E.
Graham, recent bacteriologist of Mis
souri university, hns announced that
hog cholera can be cured by inocula
tion, the same as "Texas fever" among
till tie.
One hundred hoars were recently i-n-oeulatcd
with a serum and then e.
KsetI to the disease, and noil" was
intected. Several hogs that had choh ra
were cured by inoculation.
Minr lo Open fllreli I.
Shaij okin. Pa.. Fob. 1.". Xi.;;-;. h.ir.
been issued from ;iio oflico of the .I.o
hirii Valley Foal company that all the
colli lies in this district widen have
been idle since Oct. 1 will resume op
eration March 1. Two thousand men
nd boys will be given employment.
Kilflnr Morrow to ICei!i.
Civwelmid. ., Feb. 1.". The clove
land Reader announces that James R.
Morrow, its editor-in-chief, will resign
on March 1. Morrow has b'Cii with
that paper for many years and has
Ieon editor-in-chief for the past ten
them plotting against n;e. tnat was
nineteen years a;:o. Frank has writ
ten to his daughter begging her to send
him a im'ssage. but sh has never lit Id
any communication with him."
une daughter is row married to C
T. I.ynk. the ceremony having leen
performed last I'ecomlwr. She and
her husband accompanied her mother
to lies Moines to protest against the
pardon. Mrs. I.ynk is known as one
of the most beantifnl women in Har
din county. She was graduated two
years ago from the public schools and
flight school up to the time of her
mania go.
President Tliank-l for Appointments.
AVashington. Feb. 1.". A committee
of the Fiiioii Veterans Legion, con
sisting of i!oi.1 Thomas .1. Shan
non. Colonel Wall or I. Hiuies and
Chaplain Souden. of th nous- of rep
resentatives, presented to the president
resolutions adopted by the national
organization of the F. V. I. thsnking
him for his appointment of tJer.eral
John . Rlack and "CVuporal" Tanrer
to imiortant federal offices.
Pulse of the Dying
Ceased to
Ufe During That Period Has Been Sustained
Only by Artificial Processes.
" Washington, Feb. l.". '::!5. The phy
sician's bulletin reads: "llanna is
sinking slowly. IJospii at ion. ."(; pulse,
scarcely perceptible; temperature,
not taken."
Washington. Feb. 1.1. 1-':4S. Man
ila's pulse is entirely imperceptible.
The end is near. All members of the
familyare at the bedside.
Temporary Kully.
Washingtt n. Feb. l., 11 a. m. 11.
M. llanna says the senator shows
wonderful recuperative power, and at
this moment is better than he was
two hours ago-. No hope is entertain
ed by members of the family that the
rally is more than temporary.
Washington. Feb. 15. Senator llan
na has been unconscious since 3 a. in.,
and practically so for -tS hours.
Unable to Take Nourishment.
Washington, Feb. 15, 9:40 a. in.
Senator Manna is rapidly sinking, and
life exists through the administration1
of stimulant.'. Dr. Uixoy says it is
only a question of a brief time before
death. Since o'clock the senator
gradually lost ground, and was una
ble to take nourishment by mouth.
Yesterday Crucial.
Washington. Fob. 1". Yesterday
w;-;1; regarded throughout as the crucial
tiny in Senator Ilanna's heroic battle
for life. It began with assurances of
quite an optimistic character. The
first news of the day from the sick
room was announced shortly after 7
a. m. The senator, the doctcrs said,
bad passed a perfectly quiet night.
I lis temperature at 7 a. m. was ltKt.S.
pulse recorded Rio and was strong and
regular, and his respiration was de
clared to be satisfactory, although no
figure was given.
Sudden Change for the Worse.
At intervals of two hours during
the night the senator liad been aroused
and given nourishment, after which
be immediately w ould resume his sleep.
The doctors supplemented this an
nouncement with the statement that
the condition of the senator at that
time surpassed all their expectations.
Tliis statement hardly had been is
sued when an unexpected change for
the worse took place. Dr. Osier had
gone to Ilanna's room and Dr. Car
ter and Secretary Kline: Dover had
stepped down to the dining room for
breakfast. Dr. Rixey had rot arrived,
and the senator was alone with his
nurses. Suddenly he became noticea
bly weaker. His rapid breathing ex
cited alarm, and tit her evident signs of
distress caused a hurried summons for
both physicians.
Oxygen Again Lived Kelief.
On their almost instant arrival his
pulse was beating at tife alarming
rate of Vi and Ids respiration was
above -1(1. The oxygen apparatus was
put into use immediately, ami relief
secured. At ):' a. in. an official bul
letin was issued covering this period,
fcimply stating the facts given above.
The physicians declined to make fur
ther comment on the outlook, but It
was noticeable that their optimism of
the early morning had been entirely
dissipated by the 8 o'clock sinking
Another Sinking Spell That Itriugs the
Senator Near Ieath.
At 10-3O a. m. Dr. Osier declared
the patient to be entirely recovered
from the depression of the earlier
morning hours. At this time the doc
tor left for Raltimore. with the under
standing that he would return at 4?,0
p. m. At noon an official bulletin was
i.ssued, showing a slight improvement.
a drop of nearly two degrees in the
senator's temperature being looked en
as a most encouraging sign. A lapse
of nearly two hours then intervened
without news except of the most in
definite character when suddenly at 2
p. m. Representative Dick", of Ohio,
and Dover came from the senator's
ipartments with the announcement
that the senator had suffered another
severe sinking spell, and had failed ut
terly to respond to all stimulants ad
ministered to revive him.
Medill Mof'ormiek. the senator's son-
in-law. was dispatched in haste for
more ttoworful stimulants. These came,
but the next rejxirt a few minutes
l iter paid. that the doctors declared the
end to be only a question of ierhaps
minute. but at the most of hours.
Tliiti within a space of three minutes
Statesman Has Virtually
Show Action.
the jitiT-nt rallied, his consciousness
returned, and by the exertion of hi
powerful will power he seemed to pull
himself together in what the doctors
and those at the bedside regarded as
a most miraculous manner.
Oxygen I'setl Continuously Kally As
found the Attending I'liysiflans.
Rut the fight was by no means won.
Although the afternoon relapse . had
been rallied from it had left a badly
weakened frame for future battles.
The restoratives were continued and
the senator dozed agaiu into a stupor.
Asked as to the future emtlook Dr.
Carter replied: "We can only work
and hope."
The tlrst bulletin of the evening nil
issued at 6"p. iu., and was as follows:
"Senator Ha una was not so well thin
afternoon, but he has ml lied. lli pulse
is now l.iei; respiration, 40: tempera
ture, 10'.(i." A statement was made
Kccompa nying the p. ui. bulletin that
the rally was tine to injections of
brandy and water under the skin. The
physicians used oxygen continuously
throughout the afternoon. The rally
from a third sinking spell wag rj Un
usual that the physicians themselves
were astounded. They said they be
lieved it due largely to the patient's
wonderful efforts to aid in their heroio
It was stated that the recurrence of
the sinking spells docs not imply that
these will continue, and that simply
because of the previous depression
there Is no reason to look for another
drain of like character on bis vitality.
At (lie same lime the doctors hardly
knew just what to expect. Neither
could It be said, it was added, w hftt
the climax of the fever would bo
reached. The 8 o'clock bulletin showed
iio improvement iiv the senator's condi
tion. Some milk and whisky were ad
ministered at (i:.'Jo p. in., and shortly
thereafter the patient was given an
other bath, but It caused no reduction
in the temperature.
For an hour alter the bath Senator
I la ii n dozed and was resting comfort
ably. More nourishment was given at
h p. m. Throughout the evening the
doctors gave oxygen for a couple of
minutes at intervals of half an hour.
It was apparent at 8:.".o that an un
usual gloom pervaded the hotel. All
hope had been abandoned, and any
improvement iu the senator's condition
Which developed in the course of the
day was regarded as only temporary.
Dover, on coming from the sick cham
ber, said that there was no chance for
life, although the physicians were not
preparing for immediate dissolution.
The temperature was taken again al
0:JU o'clock, and registered M4.4. Find
ing that it had not diminished as the
result of the last bath another bath
at 1U o'clock was given. The milk,
and whisky nourishment was aban
doned temporarily and a small quan
tity of champagne administered. At 11
o'clock another official bulletin wasi
issued, stating that there was no ma
terial change in the senator's condition.
At this time llanna. although exceed
ingly feeble, was conscious.
I'airi.ra. F :.. .-,; --Th,." draft of the
constitution of the republic of Pana
ma has been approved by the consti
tutional convention. The article which
authorizes the I "idled States to restore
order in the republic of Panama,
should order be disturbed, hns been re
taired in the constitution.
John K. ?.lilau Te!! Ohio DrinocraUJ
Ho yVHiiU No Ofilee of
Any Kiii'l.
Clnlcnnati. Feb. 15. In response to
inquiries from Democrats of this city
whether he would take part locally or
at the next Democratic convention or
be a candidate for a district delegate
or a delegate at large John R. Me
Rean, Democratic candidate for gov
ernor five years ago. has written
to John K. Rruce. of Cincinnati, a
letter, in which he says:
"My work shall be In the ranks as
a private? asking for nothing and as
pir'ng to nothing. I shall not be a
candidate, directly or Indirectly, eith
er for delegate at large or ellstriet del
egate to -the Democratic national con
vention. I am not h candidate nij'self
and I have no candidate-. I shall go to
St. Iouis 8s a me'inbeT of the Demo
cratic national committee, which will
have to do with the preparations for
an organization of the nation."

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