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ftNeEROUs Ulcers
, After the age of 45 or 50, when the vital powers are naturally weaker,
It is noticed that a hurt of any kind heals slowly and often a very insignifi
cant scratch or bruise . ,. - , nn mT law. but eita me no
becomes a bad ulcer or pain r inconvenience, and I sboldL hare fowl.
S,r, At this time of Em about it bad it not Wn to in&? nd itch; U
, would bleed a little, wen -
wartv rrowths. Thi mntinuad for tome tim then, the Cancer
1 .;,ric Vio Hop-an to eat and. tDread, until 11 w
?"u,"'luu F u t T half dollar, when I heard of.8. B. B. and aeterminea
xiave Lxrcu mc uuuj to rive it a lair trial, ana ". i ""f-' r . .. .:
almost from birth begin fSff
to inflame and fester, ?ed entfrely. Thi. wa. two year. ao ; there are
and before very long ku-R- AWISS!SLfaith
are large eating ulcers. .
Whenever a sore or ulcer is slow in healing then you may be sure
something is radically wrong with your blood. Some old .taint or poison
that has been slumbering there for years, is beginning to assert itsell.
and breaks out and becomes a bad ulcer and perhaps the beginning ol
Cancer These old sores are rooted in the blood, and while washes, soaps,
salves, etc.. keep the surface clean, they are not healing ; A blood
medicine to punty ana sirenginen lucpuuiw
and a tonic to build up the general system is what
is needed! and S. S. S. is just such a remedy. No
poison is so powerful and no germ so deadly
that this rreat vegetable blood remedy cannot reach
it. and ulcers of every kind quickly yield to its wonderful curative prop
erties If you have an old sore or ulcer, write us all about it, and medi
cs advice or any information you may desire will be given by our physi
cians without charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO; ATLANTA, CAm
efficiency as to plumbing, steam fit
ting1 and like work with low charges
in iew of excellence of pipe, fitting's
and other material-, and our skill in
adopting them to your domestic or
business purposes. Clad to estimate
in your work any time, even If you
don't favor us with voiir next order.
Darit Block. Old 'Phone 1148. New 6148. 112 West Seventeenth St
' President.
Vice President.
Central Trust Savings Bank
Capital Stock. 100.000. Fonr Per Cent Interest raid on Dwpoalta
Trust Department
Estates and property of all kinds are managed by this depart
ment, which is kept entirely separate from the banking business of
the company. We act as executor f and trustee under Wills, Ad
ministrator, Guardian and Conservator of Estates.
Receiver and assignee of insolvent estates. General financial
ngent for non-residents, women, invalids, and others.
It's Quality That Counts
In coal it's quality that makes
heat, it's quality that retains,
it is quality that makes pos.-ible
consumption of H0 per cent of
the combustible part of it. leav
ing a light, clean ash; lastly, it's
quality that 'lessens your fuel
bill you're not payinsr for dirt,
refu.-e or unburnables. The coal
we handle, both hard and soft,
deserves all the ood things we
and our patrons say for it. A
ton will talk as loudly as a car
load. E. G. FRAZEP
Telephone 11. "H.
3Icn nnil Women 1'naaluioun About It.
Many women vecp and wail and refuse
to be comforted because their once mag
nificent tresses huve become thin anJ
faded. Many men Incline to profanity
berause the flies bite through the ti-.!n
thatch on their craniums. It will be pood
news to the miserable of bcth sexes, to
learn that Xewbro's Ilerpieide has boen
placed upon the market. This is the r.ew
sea! Kermicide and antiseptic that act"?
by rtoptroyinir the germ or microbe that
Is the underlying cause of all hair de
struction. Herpicide is a new prepara
tion, made after a new formula on an
entirety new principle. Anyone who has
tried it will testify as to Its worth. Try
tt yourself" and be convinced. Sold by
leading; drupjrlsts. Send lOe. in stamps
fur par-ipte to The Herpicide Co.. De
troit. Mich.
For sale by T. II. Thomas.
Chicago Dental Company
Charles E. Hodgson,
Fire Insurance
v Agency.
Established 1874.
(. American Ins. Co Newark, X. J.
' Continental New York
Agricultural New York
Traders ln. Co Chicago, 111.
Union Ins. Co Philadelphia, Pa.
Hockford Ins. Co Rockford, 111.
Security Ins. Co. ...New Haven, Conn.
Ins. Co. State of Illinois. Kockford, 111.
Office, room 3, Buford block. Kates
s low as consistent with security.
The old fire and
time - tried com
panies represented.
Kates as low as
any reliable com
pany can afford.
Nick Coin, the -Greek confectioner
in the building' on Fourth and Brady
street, has recorded a bill of sale
wherein he conveys his stock to
Charles Prinz of Prinz : Lannore, for
the consideration of $2,400.
The death of Patrick Woods occur
red Saturday morning at the county
infirmarv. Deceased was the son of
John Woods, and was 19 years of age.
He had been sick with consumption
for three months.
Undertakers Hartwijj & Nissen
have received in telliircuce from Wil
ton Junction advising them of the
death there of an old jjeutlemnn
named Ohlenburir. whose bpdv will be
brought here for interment at the city
cenieierv. ueceaseu is survived hv a
wile an, is :aiu to ie a former resi
At o'clock Friday night, of paraly
sis. at tier Home near Wolcett, occur
red the death of Mrs. Anna Sophia
Blecke, aged :;4 vcars. Ueceased was
born and reared in this countv. and is
survived iv her husband. John Llecke.
and two children. Henrv and Anna, be
sides her parents. Anna hopnie ami
Henry C. Schomecker, residing out
northwest of the citv on the Allen
Grove road.
In Northwest Davenport, Saturday
occ-urreil the death of .Mr.-. Anna I'aus-
tian. an ayed ladv, whose demise was
the result of old age. Her husband and
three grown children survive. The
funeral will be held Tuesday after
noon at 2 o'clock with interment at
Fairinouiit cemeterv.
i . mowed. August Menen and
dolph Priester, of the Davenport &
s 1 1 11 1 r n funinfi n i It M i I'wl 11 rnujl
trom .Muscatine, where thev were
minted a :i.Vear franchise in the citv
f Muscatine by the city council of
that place. Present at the meeting as
representatives of the Davenport &
Suburban company in addition to the
above named gentlemen were Hon.
lohn W. Green and J. H. Wilkinson,
both of Chicago. The franchise is in
the nature of a jooint one in which
mill the Citizen.- Railway & Light
of Muscatine and the Dav-
MiDiiiiiaii company i mis
nte res ted.
William L. .Mueller, of the Mueller
Lumber company, stated that their
ivv mills. at Cook's Point would be-
ein savvinir leas lor another season
luring the tirt week in March. The
in pany i now luily engaged jn
innk;nr preparations for resuming
work. Thev have three week's supply
f logs on hand at the mill and thus
will be able to start sawing before
the ice breaks up. Thev also have
several rafts stored in the sloughs up
the river and will have plenty of logs
with which to continue operations
when once thev make a start.
nport &
ifv are i
Five thug? held up the Colonial club
at San Francisco and get away with
over $1,000 la cash and jewelry.
Senator Carmack. of Tennessee, de
clared in the senate that President
Roosevelt Lad taken a course iu the
Panama affair that would have cost
the king of England his head.
Emperor William showed United
Stxtes Ambassador Tower special at
tentions five times last week.
Professor Charles Emerson Beecher,
Ph. D., professor of paleoutology and
curator of Peabody museum at Yale,
Is dead.
Fire at Merideu. Conn., caused the
complete destruction of the town hall
and injuries to six firemen. Loss,
The directors of the art section of
the Russian exhibit for the St. Louis
exposition have abandoned prcpaia
tions. Ten thousand Chinese regulars have
been ordered to leave Pao-Ting-Fu for
service on the Chi-Li-Manchuriaa bor
der. Gross receipts of the fifty largest
postofllees for January were $3.ro.-.
08C, an increase of o.41 per cent, over
January, 11)03.
Iu a tire which started over the jew
elry establishment of Bloomfield Bros,
at Montreal, two men and n woman,
all unidentified, were burned to death.
A daughter has been born to Prin
cess Sophia, wife of Crown Prince
Constantine of Greece.
Charles Martin, of Fayettesville.Va.;
a student of Marshal college, was shot
by two highwaymen at Iluutong, Va
and may die.
Fire at Topeka. Kan.,destroyed prop
erty in the business district valued at
$403,000; insured.
A premature blast in the Ilomestake
mine at Lead. S. !.. resulted in the
instant death of Samuel I.acka aud
William Anderson.
It. T. Green, of Cobden county. 111.,
died on his arrival in the railway sta
tion in New Orleans, where he had
gone for his health.
More than $4,000,000 worth of ma
chines are reported to have been sold
sold at the automobile show at Chi
cago. Armed mini guard Pope Pius in his
walks in the Vatican, and the gardens
also are watched by soldiers.
Fears are entertained that the lives
of the Methodist . Episcopal mission
aries in Korea are in danger.
Offer You My Services Free. I Offer You Free Ofttce Treatment. 1 Offer
- You a Free Cure. I Want to Pr.ve to You and to All that 1 Do
and Can Cure Chronic and Lingering Diseasees of the
Nervous System, of lh Dl o l. -f the Liver,
of the Stomach, of the Kidneys.
1 again extend you an offer to cure yi u i f your diseases free. AH 1
ask of you is to come to my permanent offices and see for yourself what 1
do and what I can tin. This is very plain, and you should know. I say t;
you, bring no money, just come to me if you are afflicted. Myself and as
sociates are in a position to do just w hat v e advertise and to prove to the
general public exactly what we can d-.
Bring me no money.
' I extend the offer A
(i March 1st. J
All who come now get JJ
cured free. J
When you come to the Kock ls!;in.l 1:
t lie second floor, and well appointed ami
new and novel means of
nervous exhaustion, pile
pains in shoulder blades.
pains, darting pains, sleeplessiu
tvvitehings of eve-liils. nn i face
use. you will iind my offices on
well furnished, with many good.
curing rheumatism, dyspepsia, gout, neuralgia.
kidney troubles, pains in back, pains in side,
pains up and down shoulder, running, shooting
s. melancholia, and twitchings, nervous
n l hands a nd feet.
Come to Me
for Free Cure
You bring me no money ; just come to
nie. and come any lime from now un
til March 1. I say. you start now.
vour treatment goes on free. Why
don't you come? You ean lose no money, anil you can regain your health,
your lost vitality. Tell your sick friends. It is good for them to know. I
am permanently located at the Uo-U Island house, lloek Island. 111. It is
right on the principal street and on the car lines. Take the car, get off at
the door, and get your treatment free.
nurs 9 to 12 a. in.; 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m. Sundays: 9 to 11.
Notes From Nefa.rby.
1 red JMruiie, alleged murderer o
Miss Alice Henninger. of Havana. Ill
has entered a plea of not guilt v. It
is understood his attorney will ad
vance the theory or insanity.
Chambcrlin, .Kindt Co.
be negotiating with the
Sterling ' with a view of erecting i
S30.0(M) opera house there on the firs
night seat sale plan.
are said to
people of
For You.
If you are in nw"d of dental work
call on us before going elsewhere as
c can save you money. We use
nothing but the best of material and
our work is guaranteed to be first
class in every respect. If you are in
need of a set of teeth call and see our
thin elastic plate. We guarantee it to
fit in all cases and when all others
have farted. We never ask you more
than our prices below:
Cement fillings
Bone tilling
Platlnnm filling:
Silver fillines
Gold fillings, $1 and op . .
Gold crowns, 4 to 5 . .
Set of teeth, $5 and up. . . .
tl5 set of teeth for ,
Permanent location
Office 1607 Second Ave.
OTer fpeidel's Drug Store.
Dowt Be Fooledi
Is rt up in m h!te packages, manufactured
exclusively by tho Madisen Medicini
-.. Madison. IKfj. &elU t 35 cants a
package. All others are rank imitation
aad substitutes. drnTt risk yoajr beafh by
taklnj them . TMEOEMJlNe manes sick
peorU Well. Keeps you Well. Ail Honest
Dealer celt tha Genuine.
. HOLUSTER DRUQ CO. Madison. Wis.
Charles Clausen and Miss Katie
M. Goettsch, both of Davenport were
niarneti !v Justice IJocluewijr hattir-i
iiv. ISoth 011ng people are well
Known in Davenport anM their many
friends will hasten to extend con
C. G. Ilipwcll has received a tele-
ram fri m Ft. Dodge informing him
that the jury at that place has re
turned a verdict in his favor in the
urn of $2.2S0 in his suit against the
ity of Ft. Dodge and the library
board of that place. Mr. Hipwell was
lre,ent the larger part of "last week in
ittendanee at the trial, but left- for
this citv before the verdict was ren
dered. .Mr. jnpweii held tne contract
or the slate rooting and metal work
from the .Northern Uuilding coni-
iinv which went to the wall. Failing
o secure nis monev iroin tne uetena-
mt company, he entered suit against
the citv and the library board, with
t lie above result.
The dejection of Andy Dowers, out
f jail only for a few days on the ex
piration of a sentence for assault and
ttlery perpct rated against his wife
who threatened to bring a ciitniiial
prosecution against him for the in
dictable otTene alleged to have been
committed vxith one Mav, alias Nellie
Swan, led him to take sufficient poi
son to render him unconscious, and
necessitate the services of county phy
sician. Dr. C. L. P.arewald. and hi
stomach pump. Andv is denominated
by the police, a a gentleman of pre
carious, and yet luxurious livelihood.
He is said bv the police to be a leech
on the east side, and is well known
to the patrolmen. The police officer?
The bowling tournament at (lent1
seo ended Saturday with a victory for
the iieneseo team, which made a score
of 2.fi.'5S, going ahead of the Central
f this city, which up to that time had
led. Uiddell and Sevier, of Gencseo
also defeated Ksterdahl and Williams
of Moline. who had the best score for
1 two-man team, by 10 pins.
At Muscatine there is much excite
ment over the reported appearance of
i sea lion in the .Mississippi river. It
is declared by a number of reliable
witnesses that the animal appeared a
number of times through an opening
in the ice.
Lombard college girls defeated An
gustana college girls in a game of
basketball at Galesburg Friday even
ing, 13 to Tt.
muck is being subscribed by prom
inent business men and citizens of
Geneseo for the installation of a new
printing plant. It is the intention to
publish an up-to-date daily paper
which will be independent in politic
with perhaps a democratic leaning.
C. W. Nellis has retired as niasH
mechanic of the Illinois division of the
Rock Island and David Speakiuan has
been appointed to succeed him. Mr.
Speaknian was formerly in charge
the roundhouse in this citv. and when
elected for master mechanic wa
serving as general foreman at Chi
thought the man was tirunK. insieau , r . , ,
of that common offense, he had filled Ilt tO get fat and fat people
himself with dope, or poison. The ser
vice of a stomach pump saved his life.
I he ir.am boulevards in the tamp
McClellan plat will be Ml feet wide
from either property line, the niac--
iidam drive will be '.0 feet from curb
to curb, with lS-foot grass plots
or boulevard space to the cement
idewalk lines in the center of which
trees will be planted, The cement
walks will be 6 feet wide, and 1 foot
011 the inside will be leit iree to tne
property lines. There are 35 blocks
in tne piat.
A telegram states that Dr. John
Mercer, passed away Saturday in
Philadelphia. Dr. Mercer was located
at the Military hospital on Arsenal
island during the war and was here
tor several years, lie is well remem
bered by the older residents of the
want to get thin human
nature. If you are fat don't
take Scott's Emulsion. It
will make you gain flesh. If
you are mm Jbcotts Emul
sion is just what vou need.
It is one of the greatest
flesh producers known. Not
temporary gains but healthy.
solid flesh that will fill out
the body where it is needed.
There's nothing better than
Scott's Emulsion for weak
ness and wasting.
Wa'tl send yon "ample free udoii renuest.
SCOTT & EOWNE, 403 Street, New York.
Lev. M. .Crumbaker was called to
Fairbury Saturday to attend the fun
eral of his nephew, William Criiiubak-
er, who was killed by a train in Indi
ana Thursday. The details iu connec
tion with the tragic cleat 11 are very
meagre, the message to Mr. Crumbak
er briefly staled that the young man
nan been killed ana that the remains
would be taken to his old home at
Fairbury for burial. Mr. Crumbaker
was a farmer and it is supposed he
attempted to cross the railroad with
his team and was run down on a
crossing. He leaves a widow and two
small children to mourn his death, be
sides his parents and numerous other
Swan Cassell was arrested on the
barge of assaulting his wife, who
charged that her husband had struck
her. At his trial it was j. roved by the
testimony of Mrs. Cassell and others
that lie had used abusive language,
but the charge of assault was not
su.-tained. Cassell was given his lib
erty after having been ordered not to
molest his family. Mrs. Cassell said
that she was afraid to live with her
husband, but it is thought that on
account of their four children the
trouble will be amicably settled.
Levers of amateur theatricals have,
treat in store in the near future
when a comic 'opera and extravaganza
will be presented by the Ladies' Aid
society of the Unitarian church. The
production will be given by L"0 peo
ple under the direction of Prof. F. L.
Clendenen and his wife and will be
put on at the Wagner opera house.
The date has not been fixed, but it
will be during the early part of next
mouth. The production is entitled
The New World" and has been a
great hit wherever it has been seen.
It was put on at Ottiiinvva last sum
mer under the direction of 1'rof. t len
denen and received the most flatter
ing notice. The opera treats of the
landing of Columbus, and is full of
itchv songs and dances. A pleasant
feature of the performance in Moline
will lie the Florodora sextet, which
has been a hit since first introduced
bvthe Florodora company. The best
imateur talent in Moline has been se
cured to take part in the oMra. which
will be one of the theatrical treats of
the season.
Yesterday afternoon at the First
Congregational church at j o'clock
Madame Psilka, the companion of
Miss-. Stone in captivity among tin
liiilgarian brigands, spoke. ne is
jccompauied by baby Kleiiechela,
who was born among the Iialkau
mountains during the mothers ca-
ti ity. and is now a bright-eyed baby
of 2 years. Mine. Tsilka came under
the auspice, of the aid society of the
church. She f-poke upon the progress
of the mission work in that field and
told most graphically of the hard
ships und dangers of carrying for
ward the work of the church abroad.
Lemotes the microIes which impov
erish the blood and circulation, fctops
all trouble that interferes with nu
trition. That's what Hollister's Locky
Mountain Tea will do. 35 cents. Tea
or tablet form. r. If. Thomas, pharmacist.
To the Sick and Weak.
Free Treatment
Until Cured.
The object of this reat ofTep is to prove to the
sick and ailing citizens of this vicinity that we
have the rrrand est, simplest and most successful
method of restonnfr, vitality and curing disease
that is known to the scientific world.
We want the true merits of our successful
treatment known to everybody and we don't
know of any better way of introducing it than by
offering our services free of charge to all who
Call Before Feb. 20.
Should your case be incurable, we will frankly
tell you so and advise you against spending your
money for useless treatment.
Many of you who have been taking medicines
and so-called treatments fpr months will be abso
lutely cured in a few treatments. Very chronic
cases will require somewhat .jonger time, but it
makes no difference, you iiwill, be treated free of
charge if you - u .
Call Before Feb. 20.
Are you nervous, dyspeptic, weak in stomach,
constipated? Do you have that tired feeling which
we find so prevalent here, which does not pass off
until about 4 p. m.Y Do you have spots floating be
fore the eyes, palpitation of the heart; shortess of
breath, headaches, neuralgia, shooting pains in the
chest, back, hips or ankles? Have you varicocele,
" stricture, blood poisoning or nervous debility.
Have you weak lungs or bronchial tubes? Are you
o in pain from rheumatism, lame back, sciatica, lurn-
oago, locomotor ataxia or weak kidneys? If so there
is a quick reiier ana a permanent cure in store ror
you at our expense.
Call or Address
and Associate
O Rooms 40, 50 and 51, Mitchell & Lytide Building, Rock Island, lllinoU.
8 Hours: 9 to 12, 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 9 to 11 a. m.
"It is not what you earn, but what you save
that makes wealth."
Deposits in sums of One Dollar or more are
received, on which 4 per cent interest is al
lowed at the savings department of
lopfo 3tfiwtf T3wft

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