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Threatening weather, to
night, with probably rain or
snow; Friday, partly cloudy:
n-det ided7hange(in temper
ature. J. 1I.SHERIER,
Temperature at 7 a.m. 24;
at 2:30 p. m. JG.
Democrat who may hare overlooked the
Tact that this la the day of the primary elec
tion lo tbelr party hoald remember that
the polls are open lo the respective ward's
antll 7:30 o'clock tonight. Look op the
plaee of meetlaca la the official call and at
tend to thUdaty before the poll eloe. The
good name of the party In Kock Island and
the standing; of lta candidates before the
people demand the participation of every
respectable democrat to the extent at least
of casting; his ballot In the primaries as well
as In the rernlar election.
Zazaro. Union cigar.
Fresh fish at Sehroeder's.
For insurance, E. J. Burns.
Buy a home of Rcidy Bros.
Arjoy fur April sit Bijou.
April Smart Set is in. Bijou.
Tri-City Towel Supply company.
Kerler Bros., your carpet cleaners.
For bus, baggage, express. call Robb's.
Summer is the place for bargains.
Spencer & Trefz for 'bus or express.
For real estate and insurance. E. J.
Remember the closing out sale at
Ainsley's April number now on sale
at the Bijou.
Nice new wall paper only 2 cents a
roll at Lerch Greve's.
Fifty-three ,unnecessary movements
this page next Saturday.
"Governed by rule, not by excep
tions The Argus Saturday.
Only 2 cents a roll for wall paper at
Lerch Greve's, 2002 Fourth avenue.
For tin and furnace work, see II. T.
Siemon, 152G Fourth avenue, union 2S3.
When you hear a male chorus, that's
music. Friday night. Methodist church.
No trouble to get breakfast quick if
you have Mrs. Austin's Pancake Flour.
Nothing half so fine as Mrs. Austin's
Pancake Flour. Ask vour grocer for
r "The Russian Honeymoon" at the
Y. M. C. A. auditorium tonight at 8
Dr. P. F. Purdue, 1710 Second ave
nue. Old 'phone at ottice, both 'phones
Wennerberg Male Chorus &f Augustana College
1 i
r r-
sr. .
f C
Jf r
Appearing in Concert at First Methodist Church Tomorrow Evening.
at residence. Hours. J t 12 a. m., and
2 to 5 and 7 to S p. in.
Hear the boys sing as only college
boys can sing at the Methodist church
Friday night.
We sell ami deliver cheapest to the
best trunks. Trunk Factory, 22(1 P.ra.'y
street, Davenport.
Willanl Baker has come out as a
candidate for t lie republican nomina
tion for collector.
Not only "a matter of principle,"
but one of dollars, and sense, also.
This page Saturday.
Don't forget to have Mrs. Austin's
Pancakes for breakfast. Your gro
cer can supply you.
Don't forget St. Patrick's ball at
Industrial hall Thursday evening.
March 17. Bleuers orchestra.
The Bijou for all daily and weekly
papers, periodicals, novels or maga
zines, delivered to any part of the city.
Tickets for the glee club concert
Friday night in the Methodist church
are on sale at Noftsker's, 1811 Second
The ladies of the First Baptist
church will give a thimble party to
morrow afternocn at the residence of
Mrs. S. .1. Woolin, 22 First avenue.
Try steam-dried fertilizer for lawns.
garden?, truck gardens and farms. In
100-pound and ton lots. Iwin-City
(tendering companj-; 'phone west 1403.
The city council at its last meeting
ordered the clerk to turn over the de
linquent paving and sewer assess
ments to the county for collection be
fore March '.'.0. Those having pay
ments to make can save the interest
25c for
Men's and 1 Joys' Jer
sey Sweaters, worth
Toe and 50c
25c for
a lot of Mothers'
Friend Suit Waists,
worth c and LOc
29c for
Boy s Corduroy
Knee Pants, worth
29c for
Men's black and
striped Sateen
Shirts, worth 50c.
One each to a
M. rs& re
from Jan. 1 to March 30 by settling
with the city clerk.
The funeral of Mrs. A. F. Seiuer will
take plac at 2 o'clock tomorrow af
ternoon from the residence of her
daughter. Mrs. John Snyder, 141.1 Fifth
The Bock Island journeymen bar
bers will give a dance at Industrial
hall next Tuesday. March 22. Admis
sion, .10 cents. Music bv Bleuer's or
Fresh white fish, trout, smelts, hali
but, red snapper, flounders, buffalo,
catfish, fresh codfish, herring, fresh
mackerel, black bass and sunlish at
Hess Bros', tomorrow.
M-. Sir K. hav. placed on sale for to
morrow a lot of nice jersey sweaters,
corduroy knee pants, shirt waists and
working shirts at about half price
tomorrow at M. & K.'s.
Rev. F. A. lleisley will lecture on
church history at the 4 o'clock serv
ice at Trinity church tomorrow after
noon. His subject will be "The Last
Bishop and the First Pope at Borne.'
William A. Yocum. of this city,
uge;l 4'J years, was adjudged insane in
the county court vesterdav and or
dered committed to the Watertown
hospital. Yocum has been failing
mentally for a year.
Tomorrow men's and boys jersey
sweaters 50 and 7.1 cent values at 2.1
cents; corduroy knee pants at 2.1
cents; black and white striped sateen
shirts, ,10-cent values at 20 cents M.
The kindergarten committee of the
Union Mission will give a coffee to
morrow afternoon at .'! o'cloek at the
home of Mrs. M. C. Bice. 714 Nine
teenth street. All are cordiaHy in
vited. The .It srph Boseniield homestead at
102s Third avenue was sold today to
(Jus Bruehmann. The consideration
was ."jM.IOO. The property is occupied
at present as a clubhouse by the
Standard club.
t Frederick Strickland speaks on si
cialism at Turner hall this evening,
lie is well known as an orator and au
tfiority n political questions over the
country, lie was the principal speak
er at the Labor day celebration in
Moline last fall.
('. L. .Nichols, formerly superintend
ent of the I llinois div ision of the Kock
Island road, and more recently super
intendent of the Chicago. Cincinnati
it Louisville, has been promoted to
general superintendent of the line
with headiUa rters at Cincinnati.
A meeting of delegates representing
the hijih schoois of the three cities
was held yesterday afternoon for the
purpose of making arrangements for
spring athletic mct'1 between the
schools in iiestioii. A meet for the
three schoi Is alone seemed 1 1 1e fa
vored, but adjournment was taken
without action in the matter.
Illinois Pca I agents of the Bock Isl
and load held their monthly meeting
for the discussion of business matters
at the Harper house yesterday aftcr
ni'on. Addresses were given by War
ren CowU's. divisiiii passenger agent
with headquarters at Peoria, and C.
S. Sikes. of the accounting depart
ment of the general oflices of the com
pany at Chicago. The next meeting
is to occur at Morris April 2l.
Those, contemplating refurnishing
their homes in any way this sr"ng
would do well to- first call n the Dav
enport Furniture A Carpet company.
12::-!2.1 West Third strevt, Davenport,
before making their purchases. Never
before has this enterprising firm
shown such a wonderful array of fur
niture, carpets, stoves, rugs. etc. They
have determined to make this their
banner year and have accordingly
maiked their prices surprisingly low.
Their spring stock is now ready for
inspection, further particulars con
cerning which may be found in their
ad on page six. v
Washington. March 17. Bepresenta
ious have lieeii made to the Washing
ton authorities that the Copper river
Indians in Alaska generally are Mick
and dying from lack of nourishment.
Assistant Secretary Oliver, of the war
department, has telegiaphe-.l General
Funston. commanding the department
of th Columbia, to do anything he
can for the Indians iu the interest of
Wasl-.ingti ii. March 17. The senate
today passe.I a bill autlo.ri.-.ing the
committee on c mmcrce to investigate
the proposed improvements in the
Mississippi river lctween the states
of Iowa and Wisconsin.
Ben Siiniinton. who ofiiciated in the
box for the Bockford team a while
during the season of 1902, has decided
to quit the professional game. Sim
onton's home is in L'rbana, O. lie was
held in reserve by the Grand Bapids
team, but has given notice that he will
not report. He will however sign an
other contract within a few months
a life contract with a pretty Urbana
girl, from which there will Ik no es
cape. Pete Bowling 'who was to have
pitched for St. Louis this year, went
crazy at Houston, where the team is
taking its spring practice, and has
been sent to his home. His case is
much similar to that of Kddie I)o
heny, who was sent to a bug house
sanitarium last season. Overwork
and nervous collapse is given as Dow
ling's ailment.
George Davis, Comiskey's "$u,000
beauty," has reported for work and
is playing at third base with the White
Sox. It is said that he has all his old
time ginger and ability.
-Deacon" Charles Phillippe, the
veteran pitcher, says tha he would
not be in favor of making any changes
in either the foul fly or the bunt. "I
think some of the prettiest plays of
the game are made off those foul
dies." sail the "deacon." "It would
hardly be right to cut out plays that
add so much interest for the specta
tors, it seems to me. When the catch
er goes back for a foul ball and gets
it it brings out great shouts of ap
proval from the fans and especially
when the contest is" (dose. The same
way when the tirst baseman goes back
to the grandstand or the third base
man gets one f Ihosc flies after tl
long chase. They add to the features
of the game in more than one way. I
would not like to see those rules
Harry I). Cassady, Hie well-known
Bloomington player, now a member
of the senior class of the Illinois Wes
leyan literary department, has per
fected an idea for bleachers that can
be taken apart in sections and moved
to different positions. It is more than
probable that his plan will be followed
out in the construction of an amphi
theatre at Wilder field this spring.
Mr. Cassady intends to have lu's in
vention patented.
Mixed Vatei ami Lnwden Delegation
Supports Him at Aledo Con-vention.
"I'eachie" (iraham got into the sec
ond exhibition game he has played
with the Chicago .Nationals with Port
land on the coast yesterday, lie held
down a field position and made a hit
and a sacrifice.
The ruling that teams having a man
on base can now send up two coach
ers instead of the traditional one will
not work to the good of nervous
pitchers. The Chicago News quotes
a fan: "Imagine such a rule in the
palmy days of MctJravv. That old
bunch would have two coachers up on
the lines and then send two more lo
relieve them at critical points iu a
game. As a rule, all four would be
howling those coming and those go
ing. This would arouse the men on
the bench and they would stand up and
make other suggestions with the air of
a steam calliope in Chicago trying to
be heard in London. Then, in addi
tion, the man relieved would refuse
to go, and both he and his supposed
successor would be in the coaching
box howling blue murder. All that
would be needed for a climax would
b' for the pitcher to pitch a wild one
some ten feet over the catcher's head
or a shortstop to hit the fence with
his throw. This howling coaching is
a great thing, and the leagues are
right in sending up all the Arrie
Lathams they have in store to im
press the pitcher with the idea that
he doesn't own the place. I think
with the new change in the rule, bat
ting rallies will be increased fullv one
third." Manager Hayes has signed a bat
tery which he expects will make a
remarkable record in the Three-Bye
league before the season is far ad
vanced. It is composed f Henry
Wallace, pitcher, and .If hit St. Claire,
catcher. Both are Indiana boys and
have liecn in the game but a few
years, having played on independent
teams in the Ihtosier slate.
Larry Magil!. of Moline. was reiiom
inateJ as a candidate for represent:!
tive at the Thirty-third district sena
torial convention at Aledo today, l'r
M. L Keyuolds, of Aledo. who put C
A. aniuelson out of the running :u
Mercer county, was chosen the other
nominee. The convention was presid
e l over by W. A. Meesc. of Moline,
chairman of the senatorial committee.
Only nine f the delegates chosen
bv the Bock Island county Yates con
vent ion put in an appearance at Aledo,
2ti of the vacancies being tilled by
Lowden men with proxies. The six
remaining vacancies were given to
Yates supporters. The proxies for
the Lowden followers from the thea
tre convention were secured by'Magill
hi order 'to avert a fight that it was
understood was to be made against
hTm by the Lowden forces in thi
There was. a clash between tbe
Lowden and Yates delegates from
Bock Island county, but the conven
tion insisted on their settling tlien
differences outside the convention. An
agreement was arrived at by giving
the Yates men from this county two
memberships on the senatorial committee.
After the nominations had been
made the Y'ates delegates were amaz
ed to learn that they had been work
ing under Lowden credentials, and re
fused further to participate in the
convention. J he nominations of .Ma-
gill and Beynolds will probably be
protested by them.
Hancock, Mich.. March 17. Thomas
Richards, a blacksmith in the employ
of the Calumet and Ilecla Mining
company, has succeeded In performing
n feat which is said never to have been
accomplished liefore, to-wit: welding a
1 Inch steel cable. The cable is now
undergoing a test, being kept In con
tinuous motion over two sheaves and.
fo weighted as to provide a continu
ous strain. It has shown no indication
of giving way.
The cable was spliced in the ordi
nary way, but just what else was done
has not been made public. Up to the
present time when a hoisting rope has
become disabled it has had to be con
signed to the scrap heap and its place
taken by an entirely new rope, no
small Item of expense.
Washington, March 17. The Imper
ial Itussian minister of finance has of
fered a prize of r0,00() rubles (.2.1.7r0)
to the person or persons who will in
vent some way of making alcohol uu-drinkabl.
All the news all the time The
o o
a a
g Let Yoir
for you. Start a bank account
today; make up your mind to
add to it regularly and you will
be surprised how IT WILL
(J ROW. Deposits from $1 up re-
-ceived, with interest at 4 per
8 S
8 8
Notice of Publication Chancery.
State of IllinoiH. i
Kock Island County. ( ss
In the circuit court of Rock Island county.
To the January term A. I). ilKt In chan
cery. Francis Y Keator and Ur&haw P Hord vi.
Moline. cast Moline & Watertown Killwsy
companT. Mlr.i 8ippl Valley 'traction compa
ny. Charles H Dcrere, Joshua Hale Ltle i.
Tjloc. t W. ia-jk. Burton F. Peek. Ueorge
VV Wood E. W. Woodco'lr, American Trust
& StId'i bnk. and tbe unknown owners tnd
legal holers of any "t the 1 o boois oated
October 1. 103. 'acb for the sum ol ioto if u'd
bv tb i M'ss'.8sip i Valley Traction rompany
anl s'cu'ed by a mi rtgaee trust deed from
tald Mls-is-.lpti Valley Traction company to
American in st na savings Duoic.oaua Ucio-b-r
I. IU J. aQ flltd for record in tb record
er's office of Pock Island fount. Illinois, on
November 2a. 19U3. and corded in book H4 of
mo'tgarfes onpe General number Ml I,
IVvper affidavits laving been tiled In tbe
omen of tbe e'erk of d cm rt notice is here
bf given to tbe a d unknown owners and legal
bol )erj of any of tbe 1300 bonds datad October
1, if 3 ecb fo' tbe suta of 60u 00. iAueJ bv
11 M.i s'ppl Vai ev Traction con:p.rjr atid
secured bT marg4i?e trul erU from tald
Mi i-sij.pl V l?y -r.c Ion cricpt.y to nitr
ic n Trust & Sav nsr; bnv d .' d Oc-ber I.
l'JH ard fh-d for reco d In t) reaid' r's
odlce of Rock Is.acd county. Mi okenNo
vrmoer 2 W33. ard record' d In Hook W of
Mortgages on pge 5i. tbat tbe tove named
cmtlinaot hcrct fore tiled ibelrblil i f ecto
pia' t la id court ca be c-b .ncery t 'c i here
of, and lb it a summons thereupon Is.ued out
o' -md rou agtiast tbe above earned de
f ; cdants riturn e on tbe nr iiv of he
t -rfr of tte crcuH o-.ri of l-o. k l-land
comtj. to re bud at tbe court rouse In hi. Id
noci .lnd county, on tbe fir t n end a; of
J .nury. A D. a- is ty law rf quired, and
wbich silk ii sti 1 bending
OKOKJ . W. G MBLE, Clerk.
. T EWING and M Y kaIO.
CompUinania' solicitors.
We Are Now SKowing
8 Our complete line of 1904
WaJl Papers aid Room
I Mouldings
8 Select your papers now and have
8 your work done when convenient.
Papers are good, Iis VIO
Labor the best, , S,
Prices are right, tO yOU.
Wall Paper House.
Cor. Fourth Ave.
and Twentieth St.
U W. B. KILMER. Proprietor.
"Let the Painter do the work."
Don't Overlook Quality
3 L M
llemeniber, yotir crops depend on
what you sow (outside of weather
conditions that may prevail). It
has always been our aim to furnish
Market Gardeners
with only high class
and as we have supplied the lead
ing wholesale market pardoners in
this vicinity fornianyyears.it should
entitle us to the patronape of those
who have not yet experienced the
nlrnnl'i rrnu ,tf tl rtfl 1 ! II ir IVlttl llfi-
Send or call for oatalopue.
Louis Hanssen's Sons,
213, 215 WEST SECOND ST.
25 years of successful experience in curinp Chronic, Nervous and l'ri-A
vale Diseases of both sexes. Eleven jears permanently located in 4
Davenport, where he has cured thousands of cases of Chronic Dis-4
eases pronounced incurable by others, proves conclusively that DIE. y
WALSH is the lie's; t and Most Successful Specialist in the Tri-Cities. V
Fvaminatinn Fff.
Dr. Walsh Cures When Others Fadl.
Nervous Debility,
Sleeplessness, Stricture, Weakness of Men, Eailinp .Memory, Mental
Delusions. Catarrh. Dvsnepsia, Asthma. I'.ronehitis, flood Diseases,1
Scrofula, Piles, ami Kidney Diseases.
! Woman
"" sufferinp from Nervous Exhaustion, Headache, 15aeka he, Constipa-
tioii, Neuralpia, Palpitation of the Heart, or any other disease pecu-'
"I liar to the sex, should consult Dr. Walsh and pet the benefit of his
IT vast experience. (
Vibration taLnd Electricity.
X 20 years experience has made Dr. Walsh a master of these methods .
of curinp chronic diseases. He uses all forms of Electricity.Jncliidirig
Earadisin, ('alvinism, Cataphoresis, Sinusoidal, Static and Hiph Fre
J quency Currents.
Jl Varicocele
is a fretjitent cause of nervous and physical decline. Why treat months
4 with others when we can positively cure 3011 iu from one lo three
I treatments?
Only curable cases taken. If you cannot call, write. Hundreds
T cured by mail.
T HOURS: 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to .1 and 7 to 8 p. m.; Sunday, llrno-to 1:. 10 p.m.
Office, McCulIough
Bldff., 124 W. 3d St
Vice President. Cashier.
deiitral Trust s Savings lank
Capital Stock 100,000. Four Per Cent Interest Paid on Depoalta.
H. II. Cleaveland, II. D. Mack,
Mary E. Robinson, John Sehafer,
E. D. Sweeney, M. S. I lea fry,
II. W. Tremann, II. II. Simmon.
C. J. Larkin,
J. J. La Velle,
II. I. Casteel.
L. D. Mudye,
Estates and property of all kinds are managed by this depart
went, which is kept entirely separate from the banking business of
the company. We act as executor of and trustee under Wills, Ad
ministrator, Guardian and Conservator ol Estates.
Receiver and assignee of insolvent estates. General financial
ljreut for non-residents, women, invalids and others.
Moccasin Jim."
flnfi IO- a copy. Harry L. Hamilton's Latest Two-Step at
Unij IOU Kramer & CVs. 1MH Second aetnie, or send di
rect to Harry L. Hamilton, Music dealer, 'Jl0 2nd Ave. 'Phone C 120.

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