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Whiskey and. Seer Habit
( i
Physicians pronounce dronkenncss a disease of the twrvotis system, creating a morbid
crariaff for a stimulant. Continued indulgence in wbtkej, beer or wine eats away the
stomach lining- and stupefies the digestive organs, tiros destroying' the digestion and
raining the health. No "will power" can heal the inQamed stomach membranes.
"ORRINE" permanently removes tie craving for liquor by acticg directly on this
affected nerres, restoring1 tbe stomach and digestive organs to normal conditions, improving;
the appetite and restoring the health. . Can be given secretly if desired.
Cure Effected or Money Refunded.
Aik your drnffgist whom you kntno vthzX. hs thinks of ORRIXE;'he will indorse
or statements as truthful in every respect. If ORRINE fails to cure we will refund
yon every penny paid for it as cheerfully as we took it.
No Sanitarium Treatment or Publicityl
No Absence from homo or loss of time!
Mothers, wives and sisters, you cannot cure those who are afflicted with this most
terrible of all diseases by your fervent prayers, or eyes red with tears, nor by your
hope that they may stop drinking. It can be done only with ORRINE. You have
the remedy will vou use it ? If you desire to cure without the knowledge of the patient,
buy ORRINE No. 1: if the patient desires to be cured of his own free will, buy
ORRINE No. 2. Full directions found in each package. Price $ I per box.
We will gladly furnish a treatment free of cost to any physician 5-rf-r
VAST" to demonstrate that Orrine Is a positive specific for drunkenness. -LlA
All Correspondence Confidential.
For free book Treatise on Drunkenness anrf how to Care it write V
H. 0. ROLFS, Harper House Pharmacy
Mrs. Lcvura S. Webb,
Vice-President of Vomen's Democratic Clubs of Northern Ohio.
TU.fc.KE. AUK oiass x
sickly women be-
j tween the ages of
45 and 55, bat there are
very few invalids over 55
and 60 years of age. The
change of lifo coming to
a woman near her forty
fourth year, cither makes
her an invalid or jrives
her a new lease on life. Those who
meet this chango in ill health sel
dom live ten years afterward, while
a woman who lays aside the active
duties of womanhood in health sel
dom fails to live on in happiness,
years after eh'e has passed 60. This
is truly a critical time.
Mrs-. Laura S. Webb, of Toledo,
Ohio, recognizes the change of lifo
as a dangerous period and she also
has faith in Wine of Cardui. She
writes :
"As I had always been troubled more
or less at the menstrual period, I dreaded
Ifrt. Laura S. Wtbb.
the change of life which was
fast approaching. Vhile vis
iting with a friend I noticed
that she was taking your
Vine of Cardui, and she was
so enthusiastic about it &at I
decided to try a bottle. I ex
perienced some relief the first
month, so I kept on taking it
for three months and now I
menstruate with no pain and
I shall take it off and on now
until I have passed the climax. I do not
dread it now, as I am sure that your
Vine of Cardui will be of great benefit
at this time."
Wine of Cardui is the remedy to
re-inforce a woman against the shock
that comes with the change of life.
It re-establishes healthy functions
after years of suffering. In doing
this it has saved thousands of suf
ferers just in time. Do not wait
until suffering is upon you. Thor
ough preparations should bo made
in advance. Begin the Wine of
Cardui treatment today.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wine of Carrini.
It is a joy to work when you are
full of life, energy, ambition and
strength to endure. Dr. Taber's
I'upsix Compound renovates the
system and puts the digestive or
gans in perfect condition. With
an appetite and a strong, healthy
stomach, man can overcome al
most any obstacle. Carlylc says:
"Man is a digestive machine sur
rounded by clothes."
helps this digestive machine to
properly assimilate all food, there
by nourishing the blood as nature
If you feel sick and lifeless
this u tLc remedy to take.
It will do you good. It will
put new energy, new strength,
new ambition into you. Try it
TABLETS, 10c, 25c, SOc at drug stores. Liquid Form, 50c. and $1.
FffFF To l"" ' merits, we will md a sample
package by mall. Free, to sny address.
DR. TAPER MFG. CO., Pesria, ills.
Iricorporatod TJndr the State Taw. 4 Per Cem
Interest Paid on Deposits.
Xfnnr T innn1 nn T rsnno1 CrtMn i err 1 r T?Anl i n i a Saii ritr.
2 J- M. Puford, President. R. R. Cable,
2 John Crubaugh, Vice President. John Crubaugh,
2 I- Greenawalt, Cashier. II. P. Hull,
3 Reg-an the business July 2, 1S90, 1 E. W. Hnrst,
Zand occupying- S. E. corner of John Yolk.
2titchell & Lynde's new building. Solictors Jackson and Hnrst.
P. Greenawalt.2
Thil Mitchell. 5
L. Simon,
J. M. Buford,
BE SLOW to believe the man
Who tells you that surgery is the only way by which a bad case of
piles ran be permanently cured:' he may be honest in his opinion, but
be may us lie mistaken. In this enlightened acre, it is a SHAME
FOR ANY CASK OF PILES TORE CUT. It is wholly unnecessary
for the patient to go into a hospital, take chloroform ami lie in a
ward for weeks, under the inrl uence cf opiates. These crude methods
will soon bo relegated to the rear, by a newer and more humane treat
ment, which cures without endansrerirg life, is !es expensive, and it is
only in exceptional cases that it interferes with the daily pursuits of
the paticrit while under treatment.
PILES like other diseases of the rectum are usually neglected,
because the patient regards this trouble as not being important or
havinsr no bearing- on the general health. This is a very great mis
take, as nothing- w ill uii'lertnine the physical health of the patient so
quii-kly ns a bad case of piles, affecting-, a it does, first, the nervous
svstem. then the bowels, and in turn the digestive organs. Piles, fis
tula and all diseases of the rectum are treated on a jMititive guaran
tee, the patient takes no chance. Do not waste any more time try
ing" salves ami .ointments. . .
The method of treatment removes the tumors absolutely; it never
fails, but it is' no salve preparation. It cannot be sent, for it must be
in the hands of a skilled physician; therefore, patients must come to
the office to receive treatment.
No matter what you may bare Wen told or what your preconceiv
ed opinion may be. thi thing will boar the most thorough probing, and
is worth your while; if not interested yourself, for humanity's take
gave this address and give it to some suffering friend.
For particulars, address,
P.ox 133. Ti me a OCice. Davenport. Iowa.
How m Senator' Vote Was Sold
' Without 2Ii Knonlrdfff.
A former distinguished senator, and a
man who died poor although he spent
his entire life -in public affaire, once
told a very interesting story of how
his vote was sold without Lis knowl
edge. Possibly other senatorial votes
hare been sold in a like manner.
In n Pullman car one day tbe sen
ator renewed the acquaintance of a
prominent railroad man he bad met In
Washington and who, he knew, was in
terested In a land grant bill which had
become a law and had received the
senator's support.
-"Well, your bill got through ail
right." remarked tbe senator, "though
you were so very uneasy about It."
"We had a right to be uneasy," re
sponded the railroad man. "In these
times of antlrailroad sentiment many
public men fear to vote for a railroad
"Well, I voted for It because it was
a Just measure, and no amount of prej
udice would have scared me," remark
ed the senator.
"Oh, yes, we knew we had your
vote," the railroad mau remarked, with
a peculiar look.
"How did you know it?" asked the
senator sharply.
"Because we paid $5,000 for it," an
swered the railroad man firmly.
The senator gasped, got hfs breath,
demanded an explanation and the par
ticulars of the affair then came out.
It developed that when this bill was
pending the railroad man received in
formation that there was danger of Its
being defeated and came to Washing
ton to see about it. Soon after his ar
rival he met a man whom he knew
slightly as a legislative promoter, and
a number of senators said to be doubt
ful were named; but, added the pro
moter, their votes could be bad for a
consideration.' The price of this par
ticular senator was fixed at $5,000.
"Now, he Is, a little peculiar about
these things," said the promoter, "and
you bad better let me see him first.
Then later in the day you can call on
him and see if he promises his vote."
It seems that this promoter did call
on the senator and mentioned the rail
road bill and said that there was a
man In the city who would be glad to
know that the senator would support
the bill and might call later and bear
him sny so
"Oh. yes." said the senator, "it Is a
good bill, and I'll vote for It, but I have
no time to bother with this man."
Nevertheless, in the afternoon the
railroad man and his friend were
ushered into the senator's committee
room, and the promoter said:
"Senator, this Is the gentleman I
spoke to you about this morning in
terested in that land grant bill. He will
be glad to know it Is all right."
"Yes, It's all right," said the senator.
"The bill ought to pass. and. as I said
this morning, I am going to support
The Incident apparently closed until
renewed afterward upon the train.
"Upon the strength of that inter-1
view," said the railroad man, "we paid
that promoter $o,ooo for your vote."
"Well, it's needless for me to say I
never knew anything about It. But.
tell me, why did you go about any
thing of that kind? Why didn't you
come to me first, without negotiation,
and find out bow I stood and what I
would do?"
"Well, we were so scared we didn't
take any chances on anything." was
the reply.
Telling the story afterward, the sen
ator sald:,"I bad often looked at some
of my colleagues whose reputations
had been Impugned and asked myself,
'Are they knaves or fools?' but after
this Incident, when I felt like criticis
ing a fellow member for being a knave
and taking money for his vote, or
placed in a position where he was sus
pected of It, and therefore a fool, I
would check myself, as some one might
be asking. 'To which class do you be
long? Washington Tost.
Paul da CTiailla'n First Encounter
With sv Monster Oortlla.
In his "Explorations and Adventures
In Equatorial Africa" Paul du Chaillu
tells of Lis first encounter with a go
"We saw an immense one coming
straight toward us 'out of tbe woods,'
be wrote. "As be came be gave vent
to terrible howls of rage, as much as
to say, 'I am tired of being pursued
and will face you.'
"It was- a lone male, the kind which
is always the most ferocious. This fel
low made the woods resound with bis
roar, which is an awful sound, resem
bling the muttering of distant thunder,
He was about twenty yards oil when
we first saw him. I was about to take
aim and bring him down where be
stood when my most trusted man, Ma-
laonen, stopped me, saying in a whis
per, 'Not time yet."
"We stood in silence, gun in band.
The gorilla looked at us for a minute
or so, then beat bis breast with his
gigantic arms and what arms be had!-
then gave another howl of defiance and
advanced upon us. How hor."ibIe he
looked !
" 'Not yet,' whispered Malaonen.
"Again the gorilla made an advance
upon us. Now he was not twelve yards
off. His face was distorted with rage.
His huge teeth were ground against
each other so that we could hear the
sound. The skin of the forearm was
drawn forward and backward rapidly,
making his hair move up and down
and givlug a fiendish expression to his
hideous face. Again he roared, a sound
which shook the woods like thunder.
It seemed as if I could feel the earth
trembling under my feet. The beast.
looking us in the eye and beating his
breast, advanced again.
'Don't fire too soon, said Malaonen.
If you don't kill him he will kill you.'
"This time he came within eight
yards of us before he stopped. I was
breathing fast with excitement as I
watched the- huge1 creature. Malaonen
only said, 'Steady! as the gorilla came
up. When he stopped Malaonen said:
"Ami before the beast could utter the
roar for which be was opening his
mouth three musket balls were in his
body. He fell dead, almost without a
Laugh when a friend tells a joke. It
is one of the taxes you must pay.
reople who visit the cemetery a good
deal gossip alout the monuments.
About the only thing a man will al
low his wife to have a monopoly of is
It is natural for a man who was once
In the harness to imagine he is still a
fire horse.
A mau may not be able to manage
his own affairs, but he will give you
advice about yours.
Those riding in carriages are not as
happy and comfortable as those on
foot think thoy are.
These things that are cooked in a
chafing dish late at night taste terribly
like crape ou the door. Atchison Globe.
Roatn For Waterproof.
Rosin is used to form waterproof
paper for use in butchers shops, fish
markets and also for building pur
poses, and, strange to say, this Im
provement reduces the cost of the pa
per. All methods of applying rosin in
solution after the paper is finished add
heavily to its cost and also render it
very brittle, but If the rosin is dis
solved In potash and mixed with tbe
pulp in the beating engine and this
alkali afterward treated with alum it
becomes neutralized and washed away,
leaving the finely " diffused rosin
throughout the whole mass.
It Is also used for protecting the
coarser manufactured products, such
as agricultural implements, against
rust by mixing It in a solution with
benzine. This is applied as varnish,
and the benzine rapidly dries away,
leaving a coat which protects the ma
terial until it goes to the severe service
of actual use. Engineering.
The Walmsairo Geyser.
The great Walmangu geyser in the
north island of New Zealand Is sur
rounded by hills from COO to 500 feet
high, all covered with volcanic debris
from the terrible Tararewa eruption in
JSSS, when tbe mountain of that name
exploded, causing destruction and
havoc for miles, including the loss of
two native villages with their Inhabit
ants close, upon 100 lives. This val
ley Is throughout In a constant state of
geyser action. Everywhere tbe ground
is covered with "blowholes" and pools.
the hot, sulphurous water with steam
bubbling up at numerous points. Erup
tions take place without any special
prelude. The imprisoned forces of na
ture, with seemingly oc j gigantic, con
centrated effort, shoot up an immense
and terrible mass of water, redhot lava
and stones to tbe height of from 400 to
ljO0 feet, spreading in all directions,
covering frequently the hills around.
Joint Affliction.
When the Halliday twins were ba
bies their mother always referred to
them collectively. This was natural
enough, for they shared everything,
from their baby carriage to chicken
As they grew a little older, however,
there were slight difference between
Elnora and Eudora, but Mrs. Halliday
took no account of them. When they
had reached the age of seven, she still
referred to them in a way which struck
casual listeners as amusing.
"Where are Elnora and Eudora?"
asked a cousin, who had come to spend
the afternoon.
"The twins have gone with their fa
ther to have one of their teeth out,"
said Mrs. Halliday calmly. Youth's
Xo Questions Asked.
Old Brother Cooley is a colored phi
losopher, but be is superstitious in toe
extreme. He tells this story:
"I once wuz in a house that wuz
haunted, but I didn't know it. Dai
wuz a bright fire burnin In de room I
wuz In, w'en all er a sudden de do
opened, cn a man with his throat cut
shuck bis bead at me! Now, I knowed
right well it wuz a.ba'nt. en de only
thing ter do wuz ter ax him, 'In de
name er de Lawd, what does you
want? "
"And did you ask bim?"
"No, sub! Bless God, I wuz too
feared dat he'd tell me!" Atlanta Constitution.
The Dnbe of Argyll, Who Has Writ
ten an Opera Libretto.
The Duke of Argyll, who has writ
ten the libretto of an opera entitled
Connal and the Breast of Light." Is
one of the most highly pieced nobles
of the British realm.
Americans will more readily recog
nize the di-.to by bis title of Marquis
t -
4 x
:- "VSf
V. -
i 1
of Lcttc. vhkh bo boro by courtesy
of bis late father and under which he
was married in 1871 to the Princess
Louise, King Edward's sister and the
fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. It
was as Lome also that the duke, who
succeeded to his ducal title in 1000,
served as governor general of Canada.
The dr.ke has considerable capacity
as man of letters and has gritten his
tory, stories and verses. His first book
was "The United States After the'
War." The new opera is In three nets,!
and the story Is laid at Tara. In Ire
land, some centuries before the British
Invasion. Tbe music Is by Ilamlsh
Maccunn, and It Is to be produced next
Rendtnjr the Line ut the Wrtaf.
The rascette, or magic bracelet, is.
according to authorities on palmistry.
to be found at the base of the hand
and forms the line or lines which
mark the junction of hand and wrist,
One such line, if unbroken, deep and
strongly marked, is supposed to fore
tell a happy life and to indicate calm
ness of disposition. If the line is
chained that is, crossed and recrossed
by numerous small lines the indica
tion Is of a life of 'labor. Two such
lines indicate happiness and long life,
while three form the magic bracelet.
adding great riches to the other bless
ings. The addition of the third line to
the other two Is rare.
, : WIif the Apple la Healthful.
The acids of the apple are of signal
use for men of sedentary habits w hose
lives are sluggish in action, those acids
serving to eliminate from the body
noxious matters which, if retained.
would make the brain heavy and dull
or bring about jaundice or skin erup
tions and other allied troubles. Some
such experience must have led to our
custom of taking apple sauce with
roast pork, rich goose and like dishes.
Roaalnt'a Reminder.
King Louis of Portugal years ago
promised to send llossini a pipe of
port of a vintage of which specimens
have only been preserved in the royal
cellars. Tbe wine did not arrive, but
the maestro was not a man to allow a
promise to be forgotten. Accordingly
he took up bis pen and indited to his
Portuguese majesty the following re
minder: "You promised mc some port
wine, sire, and it has not' arrived.
Your majesty has certainly not forgot
ten your promise, for sovereigns never
forget, but allow me to remind you that
I am old and that at my age there is
no time to be lost."
Mortified to Death.
"Of course, doctor, German measles
are never serious."
"I never met but one fatal case."
"Fatal r
"Yes. It was a Frenchman, and
when he discovered it was German
measles he had mortification set in."
Philadelphia Press.
Stuck on Himself.
Kate Charley and Bessie are very
fond of each other. Bertha Rather
say they are both very fond of Charley.
It is a case of two souls wit but a sin
gle thought, you know. Boston Tran
script. Waterways.
Bacon I hear your uncle Is to lecture
on "Onr Great Waterways." What
does he know alout waterways? Eg
bertWhy. he was in Wall street for
six years! Yonkers Statesman.
A Man of Genlaa.
A man of genius, you say?"
"Yes; he failed in art and actually
admitted it. then went Into busine&a
and succeeded." Detroit Free Press. -
A Smiling Face
signifies robust health and good
digestion. You can always
carry a smiling face in spite of
Care and worry if you keep
your liver right and your
digestion good by using
Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c. and 25c
Men aid Women Vninlmona About li
Mar.y women weep and wall and rcfus
to be comforted because their once m.i
niflcent tresses have become thin cn
faded. Many men Incline to profar.ir
because the flies . bite through tht thir
thatch on their craniams. It will be gcoc
r.ews to the miserable of bcth sexes, t
'.earn that Newbro'? Ilt-rpIMe has bpr
placed upon the market. This Is the r.e-x
valp Kermlclde and antlyptlc that act'
ty destroying the germ or microbe th.-.t
s the underlying cause of all hair do
truct:cn. Herpicide Is a new prepara
tion, rr.ade after a new fernv:!a on an
entirely new principle. Anyone who hai
ried It will testify as to Its worth. Try
t yourself and be eonvfn'-ed. Sold by
?d!nir drugrtsts. Snd T. In starrp
Tor nample to The Ilerplclde Co., De
troit. Mich.
For bale by T. H. Thomaa. '
f ury, v t .,; r :M v
t .... . . . ..... .. ... . . . .. .. .
i The beverage that not only builds I
1 up the body, but gives strength f
f and energy for. the day's work.
its as
1 Pemaner.'li Cured fct
I PrJBt Car. n (j .n i i uc U
Duct, Dvttlltr . UnmUll'i ri n
$31.00 to California
Today and every day : n t il April ::n the Kmk Island
System will sell "colonist" tickets to California at rate of
$:U from llock island.
Tickets arc good for stop-over sit rertain points cn
ro:to and will he accepted for passage in tourist sleeping
cars, which the Kock Island runs daily ia Kl Paso (south
ern route) and Colorado Sprint's (scenic route).
Corresponding reducti ins to Montana, "ashing ton and
Oregon points.
Herths, tickets and California literature at this ollice.
3. F. JJOYD. D. P. A., Dayenport, low.
Cheajp Routes
West and Northwest
Kver.v day in March and April the liurlington will sell tickets
at very low rates to the west and northwest. These tickets may
le had at nny IJurlingtoii .stilt ion to practically any point west
of the INtrkies. Here are a few samples:
?r.'(i from Kock island t ) Salt Lake City, Ogden, Untie, Helena,
Anaconda, ami other I'tah and Montana points.
$:;i from Uoek Island to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San
Diego. Portland, Taeoma, Seattle, an I other Pacific coast points.
.".'.T.'i from Kock Island to Cody, Cornel t, Frannie and (iar
Li ml. Yo.. in the Pig Horn basin.
This is your opportunity. Do not let it pass' by if you have
any idea of changing your location or bettering your condition.
The Pin lington offers a greater selection of route's and better
service to the west and northwest than any other line.
For detailed information, call on or address
M . J . YOUNG,
Agent C IS. & Q. IVy,
' p J
ii iVV-
It looks
Good to me!
There's Money
Down There
I am going on one of the
Santa Fe excursions -and get
some of it. The cream will
be ready to skim soon.
The Santa Fe Southwest
is the best farming country in the world and
reached by the best railway.
( Ask for new illustrated pamphlets about the Santa Fe
Cen. P. Aft, A. T. 3. F. Ry.

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