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"Bottled GoodneyT
"In Faith 'tis m Xonett quality."
Quality Ulk hould be Ucked by "the
food." Blatz Brewery w founded in the
early forties. Blatz aaality is almoft
traditional. Erery bottle i full ol quality
argument. The "Blatz" characteriatka
are all rounded up in the "Wiener.
Ak for it down Iowa. Send a case home.
Wholesale Dealer. 217 Eighteenth St.
Hello 1125.
Columbia Moulded Cylinder Records
were the first moulded records on the
market by about a year.
They always have been Gold-mould
ed. A gold mould is the only economi
cal and efficient mould known to the
Moulded records are superior to the
old engraved records because they
may" be made of harder material
Hard records last longer and have a
better quality. of tone.
A gold-moulded record made of soft
material would be no better in quality
than an engraved record in soft ma
terial. The best moulded records are not
only Gold-moulded. They are super
hardened. Gold-moulded records are less ex
pensive than engraved records. The
process is simpler.
Formerly, blank cylinders were
moulded, then shaved, then engraved
from an original. The originals soon
wore out under the reproducing
Now, a gold-lined mould is made
from the original, and the product of
that mould is a smoothly finished cyl
inder, with the sound record already
on it. The life of the original is in
creased 10 times, a hundred times, a
a thousand times.
A record is not more expensive be
cause it is gold-moulded.
It is less expensive.
Columbia Moulded Cylinder Record?
are new records, made by a new pro
cess. They are not only gold-moulded.
They are super-hardened.
Irrespective of price, they are su
perior in quality to any other gold-
moulded record on the market, and
they sell for only 2.1 cents.
We have just received a large ship
ment of these improved records, mak
ing our stock a very complete one
Call at our warerooms and investi
gate. We are, and have always been.
sole agents for Columbia goods in
Rock Island. We handle a complete
line of both disc and cylinder ma
chines. Trices, $5 to $C5.
Get the big hit.
at Kramer &
Co.'s, 150S Sec
ond avenue, or
Harry L. Ham
ilton's, music
dealer, 910 Sec
ond avenue.
with its lovely seaside resorts,
orange gTores, beautiful gar
dens and quaint old mission
towns is risited every
year by thousands of
tourists who travel
over the Union
Pacific, b e s a n s e
it is the best
and quick
est route,
its great
train, The
Overland Lim
ited," reaching
San Francisco from
Omaha sixteen hours
ahead of all competitors.
It is the only line running
Four Personally Conducted Ex
cursions to California every week
For full information call on
or address
193 South Clark St
Chisago, HL
County Meeting of W. C. T.
Thursday and Friday of
Next Week
TbnrtdtT Evening Session II err
Mr. Howe and Mia Saw
yer to Lead.
Arrangements have been completed
for the Rock Island countv W. C. T.
U. institute to be held at the First
Congregational church, Moline, with
one session at the First Baptist church
in this city Ihursdav and rndav of
next week. The ladies have been for
tunate in s-ecuring the services of such
well-known workers as- Mrs. Callie
Howe and Miss Kathrvu Sawver to
lead. The institute will be open to the
public, and ladies in particular will
be welcome whether members of the
V. C. T. I'. or not.
The institute opens Thursday after
noon. Program features for that af
ternoon will include a pajcr on "How-
to Free Our Country of the Liquor
Traffic, by Dr. Maria Edwards;
'State ami National Plans." by Callie
Howe; "Our Roys and Girls," Mrs,
Montgomery; "How Does Your Union
'Report Tow aril National Snores
by Mrs. Mattie Taylor; "Our Mission
at the Worlds Fair," Miss Kathryn
Evening- In Book Ifcland.
Thursday evening, in the First Baj-
tist church in Rock Island. Mrs. Callie
Howe will deliver an address.
Friday forenoon Mrs. O. W. Looker
is to have a paper on "How to Gain a
No-License Victory;" Dr. S. J S. Ed
wards one on "Colli u Nails for Boys
Mrs. Dexter E. Clapn. "How to Make
Our Meetings Interesting:" Mrs. H.
I). I hompson. "What a Local Y Can
Do;" Mrs. W. D. Muinmn, "An Ameri
can Girl in .Tapan."
! rkiay afternoon the praise meeting
will be led by Mrs. Sarah Atkinson.
Mrs. Rose Donahoo will discuss "New
Recruits and How to Equip Them;'
Mrs. Ella G. Rtishnetl-Hamlin. "How
to Win;" Mrs. Rose Simonson. "Amer
ican Women vs. the Liquor Traffic:"
Mrs. I' I.. P.rnwii " r.. VV llri ft ttir'"
'11... f ', 1 f I, ... i.ir.
in- mill II iiimi I ill IV I oil I ICS Will
be discussed, local pastors leading;
wiiue .Mrs. lame imwe will lead in
discussing "The Committee of Fifty
and the Public Schools" and Mrs.
Mary E. Metgar will lead on "Law
and Its Enforcement."
I- riday evening there will be a brief
son g service, a devotional led by Mrs.
A. Is. Lancashire, ami an address bv
Mrs. Howe. Mrs. Howe will also de-
lier an address Sunday evening.
April 10, in the First Congregational
Out of the sultan's domains, al
ways famous for its mat artists, has
come a wrestler who, in the opinion
of many experts, bids fair to become
the greatest the world ha. ever seen.
Ahmed Madralli is his name.
i nine most or tne inrKs who nave
visited this country, he is not a giant.
Though of large proportions and re
markably strong. Madralli is not un
usual either in hi.c or strength.
Ihe Turk's first appearance outside
of his own country was in England a
snort tune ago. ins tame had pre
ceded him and, he was matched with
Tom Cannon, the famous English
wrestler. The bout took place in Lon
The match w:;s at mixed styles, best
two in. three falls prevailing. Cannon
was allowed to name the style in
which each bout, should le contested.
Madralli won the first two falls, the
first in eleven minutes and nineteen
seconds, and the second in one minute
and thirty eight seconds. When the
match was over Cj:mion said:
"In my 25 years experience in Eu
rope, America end Australia, I have
T.ever met the equal of Madralli on the
Wheat It la Free of Daadrnff, It Grows
Hair preparations and dandruff cures,
as a rule, are sticky or Irritating affairs
that do no earthly good. Hair, when not
diseased, grows naturally, luxuriantly.
Dandruff Is the cause of nine-tenths of
all hair trouble, and dandruff Is caused
by a germ. The only way to cure dand
ruff Is to kll the serin; and. so far. th-i
only hair preparation that will positively
destroy the germ Is Newbro's Herplclde
absolutely harmless, free from grease.
rediment, dye matter or dangerous drugs.
It allays Itching Instantly; makes hair
glosry and soft as silk. "Destroy the
cause, you remove the effect." Sold by
leading druggists. Send 10c in stamps for
sample to The Herplcldo Co.. Detroit.
For sale by T. H. Thomas.
1 vjJ PsnMMittly Cars fcy
it nam mvk
GOtTYCLSATms. fMPMl y mmU. irMOM mmM
Cur, wm r wiwt tm a
.spiirp7,Bpaaaaa, w vitva-
For Drunkenness and
Drag Using.
Please write us.
"J t Correspondence
17 J
rlZ It
mat. He bids fair to prove the pre
mier grappler of the world."
Besides possessing remarkable
strength. Madralli is quick and clever.
He is ready for an opponent's every
move, and sooner or later lures his
opponent into a position which gives
him a chance to obtain a deadly hold.
Madralli wrestles with his head as well
as with his legs "nd arms.
Madralli will be the third Turkish
wrestler to tour the world. Yousouf
was the pioneer lernuie iutk.
He met and defeated all the noted
wrestlers of this country m rather
handy fashion, Tom Jenkins, of Cleve
land, being the only American to put
up a fast bout.
Yousouf was a giant, being more
than six feet high and weighing in
the neighborhood of 2M pounds.
He was succeeded by a much larger
and a much better Turkish wrestler
in the person of Nouroulah.
He weighed more than 3j0 pounds
and stood 6 feet and 7 inches in his
stocking feet.
In St. Louis he threw Chrrley Witt
iner twice in less than five minutes
Later he went to New York and de
feated America's best wrestler, Tom
Jenkins, twice in nine minutes.
If Madralli is as good as either You
souf or Nouroulah, the American
wrestlers are due to another dumping
in the mat.
1 he following data, covering a pe
riod of 32 years, has been compiled
from the weather bureau records at
Davenport. They are issued to show
the conditions that have prevailed.
during the month in question, for the
above period of years, but must not
be construed as a forecast for the
weather conditions.
The month of April during the above
period hns had a mean temperature
of r0 degrees. The warmest was that
of 1SD6 with an average of 57 and the
coldest that of 1S7 with an averaj
of 41. the highest temperature ever
recorded during the month was 87 on
the 30th. 1895, and on the 29th, 1901
The lowest temperature was 14
in 1SS6. The average date of the
last killing frost in the spring has
been April 22. The latest killing frost
occurring during any year was May
The average precipitation for the
month has been 2.73 inches. The aver
age number of davs with .01 inches or
more has been 10. The greatest
monthly precipitation was 5.41 inches
in is)2 and the least was inches in
1895. The greatest amount of precipi
tation during uny 24 hours of the
month was 3.04 inches on the 11th and
12th. 1S76. Four and five-tenths inches
of snow- fell on the 7th and 8th, 1890.
On an average there have been eight
clear davs. 12 partly cloudy and 10
Estate of dames M. Montgomery.
Final report of administratrix filed
and approved. Waiver of notice bv
heirs and distributees. It appears
there is nothing now in hands of ad
ministratrix for distribution. Admin
istratrix discharged and estate clos
Estate of Peter O'Farrell. Proof of
notice of petition for probate of will
filed. Deposition of subscribing wit
nesses to will taken in open court and
will admitted to probate. Petition by
Mary O'Farrell for letters testamen
tary filed. Oath taken. Individual
bond of Mary O'Farrell in sum of $9,-
000 filed and approved and letters te:
tamentary issued to her.
Estate of Charles Bobke. Petition
by Amelia Bobke. widow of deceased.
for letters of administration filed. Pe
tition granted upon filing herein bond
in the sum of $1,000 with good and
sufficient surety. Oath taken.
Estate of William Cook. Report of
James M. Cook, executor and trust.ee.
filed and approved. Proof of heirship
Estate of Hans D. Einfeldt. Claim
of B. F. Knox allowed in class 1 at
124; claim of A. .1. ICeiss allowed in
class 7 at $1; ciaim of X. F. Peterson
Sr Co. allowed in class 7 at $14.20;
claim of X. F. Peterson & Co. allowed
in class 7 at $6.35.
Andrew Pearson borrowed $50 from
Mabel Marshall. He gave her his note
for the amount. This was several
months ago. The note has disappear
ed. She declares he stole it. He says
he paid the loan and destroyed the
note after it had been returned to
him. Someone is stretching the
truth. Yesterday Pearson, whose
home is in Moline. was arrested on a
warrant sworn out by the - Marshall
woman charging him with larceny.
He was brought before Magistrate (J.
A. Johnson and the hearing continued
till tomorrow- afternoon. Pearson
furnished $5H bend to secure his ap
pearance. Do Too Want Strength?
li you want to Increase your
strength you must add to and not
take from the physical. In other words
the food that you eat must be digest
ed, assimilated and appropriated by
the nerves. Mood and tissues before
being expelled from the intestines. Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure adds to the physi
cal. It gives strength to and builds up
strength in the human system. It is
pleasant to the taste and palatable.
and the only combination of digest
ants that will digest the food and en
able the system to appropriate all of i
its health and strength-giving quali
ties. Sold by all druggists.
William Dau, 38 Years of Age.
Suicides Under Train in
Left Touching Note Telling Hopeless
ness of Fight Against
Ihe passion for drink claimed an
other life last evening, when William
Dau, of 1414 West Fourth street, Dav
enport, threw hiimeii m iront oi a
swiftly moving train on Fifth street
near Perrj in that city. His body
was cut in two above the waist line
and his head was crushed in. He was
38 years of aire and leaves a wife to
mourn his death.
The deed was supposed by witnesses
to have been an accident caused by
xne man nipping me Train to steal ai
ride. It was not until he was search
ed in the rooms of the Boies under
taking parlors that it was established
that he had done the deed or his own
will. A letter found in an inner pock
et of his coat explains the motive in i
the following terms:
"Tell my dear little wife that while
I am sleeping in the ground 1 will love
her, and tell her to have her button
put on my coat when 1 am placed in
my coffin, and tell her to put that
ring she gave me on my finger, and
tell her that I will love her forever;
so clear Lena. .... uootl-bve .... tiootl-
bye. I will rest forever peacefully."
' As Welt Sleep Voder Gronnd.
On the reverse of the note it says:
"Please give this to my wife. I can
not stop drinking, so I might as well
sleep in the ground."
The car under which Dau was crush
ed was switch ngine o. 7 of the Rock
Island. Engineer Stevens and Switch
man Larkins, which was passing on
the elevated with a string of pickups.
Xotice is hereby given, that on Tues
day-, the fifth day of April, A. D. 1904,
in the city of Rock Island, Illinois, an
election will be held for the following
officers, to-wit:
One alderman in the First ward for
two years.
One'alderman in the Second ward for
two years.
One alderman in the Third ward for
two years.
One alderman in the Fourth ward
for two jcars.
One alderman in the Fifth ward for
two years.
One alderman in the Sixth ward for
two years.
One alderman in the Seventh ward
for two j-ears.
One assessor for one year.
One collector for one j'ear.
One supervisor for two years.
Three assistant supervisors for two
Which election will be open at 7
o'clock in the morning and continue
open until 5 o'clock in the afternoon
of that day. Places of registration
and roting will be as follows:
First ward First precinct. Xo. 403
Fourth avenue.
First ward Second precinct, Xo. 506
Fourth avenue.
Second ward First precinct, Xo.
1014 Third avenue.
Second w ard Second precinct, barn,
Xo. 919 Sixth avenue.
Third ward First precinct, county
jail. Third avenue and Fourteenth
Third ward Second precinct, Xo.
1422 Seventh avenue.
Third ward Third precinct, Xo. 1115
Fifteenth street.
Fourth ward First precinct, Frick's
livery, 1914 Third avenue.
Fourth ward Second precinct, M.
Levy's carriage house, Xineteenth
street, between Sixth and Seventh ave
Fifth ward First precinct, hose
house on Twenty-second street.
Fifth ward Second precinct.
Schmld's grocery, Xo. 823 Twentieth
Sixth ward First precinct, hose
house, Twenty-sixth street, near Sev
enth avenue.
Sixth ward Second precinct, A. .7.
Riess' barn, Xo. 700 Twenty-seventh
Seventh ward First precinct, Xo.
3110 Fifth avenue.
Seventh ward Second precinct, Pe
terson's carpenter shop, Xo. 510 Forty-fifth
Seventh ward Third precinct. Al
bert Olsen's barn, Forty-fourth street,
between Seventh and Eighth avenues.
City and Town Clerk.
Rock Island, 111., March 15, 1904.
Breathe Hyomei Three or FourTimesI
Daily and Be Cured of Catarrh.
Results in this treatment have given
T. H. Thomas so much confidence in
Hyomei that he will give a month's
trial with the positive understanding
that if at tin end or that time a cure
is not effected or enough relief gained
to warrant a continued use of the
treatment for a while longer, the
money will be refunded.
Hyomei is the only treatment for
catarrh that has ever been sold un
der a "no cure, no pay plan, and the
only one where a month's trial treat
ment is free unless it cures.
The better class of drujrpists, everywhere, are men of scientific nttainments and high integrity,
who devote their lives to the welfare of their fellow men in supplying the best of remedies and
purest medicinal agents of known value, in accordance with phvsicians' prescriptions and
scientific formula. Druggists of the better class manufacture many excellent remedies, but
always under original or officinal names and they never sell false brands, or imitation medicines.
They are the men to deal with when in need of anything in their line, which usually includes
all standard remedies and corresponding adjuncts'of a first-class pharmacy and the finest and"
best of toilet articles and preparations and many useful accessories and remedial appliances.
The earning of a fair living, with the satisfaction which arises from a knowledge of the benefits
conferred upon their patrons and assistance to the medical profession, is usually their greatest
reward for.long years of study and many hours of daily toil. They all know that Syrup of
Figs is an excellent laxative remedy and that it gives universal satisfaction, and therefore they
are selling many millions of bottles annually to the well informed purchasers of the choicest
remedies, and they always take pleasure in handing out the genuine article bearing the full
namo of the Company California Fig Syrup Co. printed on the front of every package.
They know that in cases of colds and headaches attended by biliousness and constipation and
of weakness or torpidity of the liver and bowels, arising from irregular habit?, indigestion, or
over-eating, that there is no other remedy so pleasant, prompt and' beneficial in its effects as
Syrup of Figs, and the' are glad to sell it because it gives universal satisfaction.
Owing to the excellence of Syrup of Figs, the universal satisfaction which it gives and the
immense demand for it, imitations have been made', tried and condemned, but there are
individual druggists to be found, here ami there, who do not maintain the dignity and principles
of the profession and whose greed gets the better of their judgment, and who do not hesitate
to recommend and try to sell the imitation's in order to make a larger profit. Such preparations
sometimes have the name " Syrup of Figs" or "Fig Syrup" and of some piratical concern,
or fictitious fig syrup company, printed on the packagebut they never have the full name of
the Company California Fig Syrup Co. -printed on the front of the package. The imitations
should be rejected because they are injurious to the system. In order to sell the imitations
they find it necessary to resort to misrepresentation or deception, and whenever a dealer pasBes
off on a customer a preparation under the name of "Syrup of Figs" or ''Fig Syrup," which
does not bear the full name of the California Fig Syrup Co. printed on the front of the package,
he is attempting to deceive and mislead the patron who has been so unfortunate as to enter his
establishment, whether it be large or small, for if the dealer resorts to misrepresentation and
and deception in one case he will do so with other medicinal agents, and in the filling of
physicians' prescriptions, and should be avoided by every one who values health and happiness.
Knowing that the great majority of druggists are reliable, we supply the immense demand
for our excellent remedy entirely through the druggists, of whom it may be purchased every
where, in original packages only, at the regular price of fifty cents per bottle, but as exceptions
exist it is necessary to inform the public of the facts, in order that all may decline or return
any imitation which may be sold to them. If it does not bear the full name of the Company
California Fig Syrup Co. printed on the front of every package, do not hesitate to return the
article and to demand the return, of your money, and in future go to one of the better class of
druggists wao will sell you
The finance committee- of the Chl-
cajio boa ri 1 of education has voteit to
sot aside .f."(0.0 for the lropod
commercial hijili school.
Con--umpt iuii can be t-i'red in its ear
ly stages by vaccination, according to
Dr. Ediuirdo Mara!ino. one of Italy's
most famous physicians.
John tJastcr. a former nieinlior of
the Kenosha. Wis., council, eonfesstd
he 'ml accosted a bribe and was fined
fciCM and costs.
Comniissif.ner of Pensions Ware ha
returned to Washington from the south
in much improved health.
The Colombian gunliont Bogota, now
nt Cal!ao..will 1k offered for sale.
Mrs. Chaentey Morlnn, known as
the fattest woman in the world, Is
dead at Xe-w York of diabetes. She
weiphedi 41M imjuikLs.
One of the mines in Possiet buy.
near v Iadivostok, lias been exploded
by a whale, whose mutilated remains
have beiii washed ashore.
Princess Cautacuzeue, daughter of
General l'Ted. (irant, has given birth
to a girl. The first one was- a boy.
The navy department will send a
toriK'do boat destroyer and the gun
boat Xusbville to St. Bouis during the
Orumpnckcr of Indiana declared in
thf house that S,(KK) persons have
been mobbed and put to death in the
last twenty-live ytwrs in the United!
Despondent lecause her fiance, Ern
est Lindckugel, had dropped deadi, Ada
Rush, aged 17. living near Bruniug,
Xtb., committed suicide.
A convention is to be held at St.
Louis, July 0, to nominate a negro can
didate for president of the United
The department of manufacturers of
the World's fair has arranscd for an
exhibit to be known as "The Ameri
can Costume Exhibit."
Andrew Carnegie has given $.10,000
for a new library for Berea college la
Worklnc Orertlme
Eight hour laws are' ignored by
those tireless, little workers Br.
King's Xcw Life Pills. Millions are
always at work. nirht and day, cur
ing indigestion, billiousness. crmstipo-
tion. sick headache and all stomach,
liver and bowel troubles. Easy, pleas
ant, safe. sure. Only 25c. at Hartz &.
Ullemej-er's drug store.
biffh-rrado niano can et low net prices
on Koahffs from tnn. I can also no joa
the bnfit of a choice from a Tery largo
lock of these instrument. Address
(RAMI CASVE2. P. 0. Bet 1U. Rack kUsd. 10.
"Turns Vack Time In It Fli&hU"
itrr vouthfal oolorto I 1 1 1 II !
hair. Thicken Iti
(,i.;.i.'iw- "
erowth aod mak
n kKE una xe-l
Tonnr. Semi At
.-4-1 k-itU b'llP.P.1
toril HO HATCO.. ZLfi L.fT-tt .. Newjrlt. J.
For sale by T. II. Thomas, druggist.
what you wish and the best of everything
j&rcade Cigar Store
See the smoke chamber (A A). All nicotine and dust stop there. The
bowl can be lifted out and the pipe cleaned while lighted. Stem can
not dog. Smoke all you like with this pipe; it won't upset your
nerves or burn your tongue. Made of French briar. You got only
pure, refreshing smoke without nicotine or dust when using this pipe.
We will be pleased to show them to you.
One side of our Rug; the other is just like it.
222.. 4th Ave, Rock Island. Old
For Sale
A modern house of nine rooms and reception hull, butler's
panfrj-, kitchen pantry, bath, two toilet rooms, lavatory,
china closet, linen closet?, three fireplaces, furnace heat, laun
dry, hot and cold wafer, large cistern in connection with laun
dry, cement walks, lot 00x220 feet with driveway, fruit trees
and shrubs. For particulars address,
P. O. Box 267, Rock Island. 111.
in his line at reasonable prices.
Harper House Block.
Rock Island Agent for
Paine's Perfect Pipe
Do It Now!
Telephone us to
call for your Car
pets ami have
them cleaned, re
laid, and t hose old
Carpets worn by
beating (the old
way) made into
Thone i5K W; Xcw 'Phone, .VMM.
Should be installed in every residence.
They are not as expensive as they ap
pear, and when once installed, with
proper sanitary plumbing, will soon
repay the outlay in health and a saving
of doctor's biils. .N'uw that spring
is at hand, do not delay, but come
and see. mc c.r drop me a line and 1
will gladly call and give you an esti
mate on whatever plumbing you have
to do, absolutely free of charge.
Tel. union 902, or call U11 Third
avenue. Selling agents for the great
"Block" gas light.
STENGEL, eePIumber

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