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P. J. LEE.
There's a line of wall paper
here that richly deserves that
title. They will "dress up" the
dingiest room and make it a
thin? of beauty.
Simplicity i- one of the great
est charms and low price their
greatest attraction.
We now offer new and beauti
ful wall papers at low prices.
Also a full line of paints, oils,
glass, brushes, moldings, etc.
1429-1431 Second Atrau,
Opposite Court Uoaiw.
Beer is Good forYou
The malt is a food; the hops
a tonic. The alcohol only 3 per cent is
an aid to digestion; a healthful stimulant.
Schlitz Beer is brewed with the extreme of
cleanliness cooled in filtered air and
every bottle is sterilized.
It is one of the best things in the world for you.
It does not ferment on the stomach, because it
is aged aged for months in refrigerating
rooms before it is marketed.
It gives you beer without biliousness. Ask
l your doctor what he thinks about drinking
H Schlitz beer. Ask for
Phone 1014 an J 530.
the Brewery Bottling. "hS'S1
SThe Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous
J Wholesale Dealers in PUKE WINES AND LIQUORS
p 1615-1918 Third Avenue, Sock IilanJ, IIL
Chicago Dental Company
If you are in need of dental work,
call on us before going visewhere, as
ive can save you money. We use
nothing1 but the best of material, and
our work is guaranteed to be first
class in every respect. If you are in
need of a set of teeth, call and see our
thin el stic plate. We guarantee it to
fit in all caes and when ell others
have failed. We never ask you more
than our prices below:
Cement fillings $ .25
Hone filling 23
Platinum fillinj 50
Silver fillings 50
Odd fillings, $1 and up 1.00
Cold crowns, St to $5 4.00
Set of teeth, $5 and up 5.00
f 15 set of teeth for 10.00
Permanent location:
Office 1607 Second Ave.
It's a Pleasure
To Smoke
a good cigar. If you hac nt
tried our cigars you have vet to
learn what really good cigars
Poor Cigars
arc never permitted to form a
part of our stock. If you want
something nice in cigars, tobac
co, pipes and smoker's articles,
ive us a call.
S. LI. Arndt & Co.,
Bengston Block, 1704 Second A.
Charles E. Hodgson,
Fire Insurance
Established 1874.
American Ins. Co
Continental ..
Agricultural .'
Traders Ins. Co
.Newark, N. J.
....New York
. ... New York
. . .Chicago, 111.
Union Ins. Co Philadelphia, Pa
Rockford Ins. Co Roekford, 111.
Security Ins. Co New Haven, Conn.
Ins. Co. State of Illinois. .Rockford, 111.
Office, room 3, Buf ord block. Rates
M low as consistent with reaurity.
The old fire and time-tried companies
represented. Rates as low as
any reliable company
tan a CTor J.
Up Agin" a Good Thing
a man is when he commences to
patronize the American Steam
Laundry. Thc lest laundry I ever
struck" is what those who indulge
in a little slang would say. But
entre nous if you want your linen
as faultless as when you first bought
it, in color and finish, we will guar
antee to do it to your satisfaction
every time. Careful handling and
artistic work are among oar np-to-date
American Steam
Twelfth 8trxt aotl Firth A retina.
'rbQM 1S3S.
Dont Be Fooledi
Is put up in white packages, manufactured
exclusively by the tfadison Medicine
Co.. Madison. H'is. ixll at 35 cents a
package. Ail others are rank imitations
and substitutes, don't risk your hea.'b bv
taking them. TriEGEMJINB mattes skk
peooW Well, k'eevs you Well. All Honest
Ucalers sell the GenuiM.
C. G. Daly, the well known grocer
at the c rner of Thirteenth and Brady
ttreets is seeking reJief in bankruptcy
and ha;. had the first papers in the case
forwarded to the United States feder
al court at Keukuk. Mr. Daly gives his
liabilities at over $:).)00 and his assets
consist of his stock of groceries, the
value of which is not known at pres
ent. The papers will be returned to
Re feree J. M. Helmick in this city who
will then set the date for the first
meeting- of the creditors. All the stock
in the Nhare bankruptcy case have
been sold but will net a very small
dividend for the creditors.
There was filed with the recorder
of the county Tuesday a deed which
bore the date of October. It was
given by Ruth A. Peterson and hus
band to t". W. Pierce and convey pro
perty for the consideration of $2,."0().
The deed had an experience in the
Kansas flood -of last year. It was lost
in the Kaw river a-n 1 was later re
covered from the branches of a tree
in which it stuck. The document is
wrinkled from having been wet and
badly mud stained, but the writing- is
still legible.
Tuesday afternoon at the home of
its parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mor
ris. 1720 Summit avenue, occurred
the death of their -l-months-old daugh
ter. Nel.'ie M.
John M. Schmidt, formerly a citien
of Davenport, and father of Mrs. Kmil
Berg, of 'jo, Harrison street, and
brother-in-law of Mrs. Fredericka
King, of f;os West Sixth street, died at
his home in St. Louis Monday evening.
Deceased was :5 years old and lived in
this city just before the war. when he
removed to St. Louis, where for 3 cars
he operated one of the large bakeries
in the city.
Mrs. Margaret V. Wessels. mother
of Mrs. .1. C. Morse, of this. city, 'died
at her home in Clinton Sunday. The
deceased was a daughter of .John Ve
dar Van Kpps. of Dutch descent and a
member of one of the pioneer fami
lies of eastern Iowa. Seen children
survive her. as also her aged mother
now a nonogenarian.
As Mrs. 1'nderwood, of Princeton,
was pasing Second and Rock Island
streets at ::::!( o'clock yesterday after
noon a young man named Ted Beverly
snatched her wrist bag containing
$1.50 in money, a Winona ticket and a
pair of gold spectacles, and attempt
ed to make wav with it.
caught, however, and held while the
patrol wagon was called to take him
to the station. lie will be tried for
larceny from the person.
Otto I'ckhaiiit. assistant cashier at
the Farmers and Merchants Savings
bank, and connected with that insti
tution ever since its organization 11
years ago. has tendered his resigna
tion, and has accepted the position of
cashier at the Security Savings bank,
located in the Kuymaim building at
the southwest corner of Second and
Harrison streets, of which Clans .1.
Kuvmunu is president. Mr. Kckhardt
will assume the cashiership at the Se
curity bank about the middle of this
mouth. As yet his successor .-it the
Farmers and Merchants bank has not
been appointed.
The bondsmen of S. F. Smith as
guardian for Miss Blum-he Thistle
have been added to the list of Dav-
enporters who are particularly inter
ested in the affairs of S. F. Smith. In
vestigation has show that they connof
lose more than a few hundred dollars.
A. .1. Preston and I. S. llatlord are on
the bond. Harry Jones, of Minneapo
lis, nephew of Mt. Smith, has been in
the citv for a few da vs. lookinir into
the condition of the estates of Dr
Samuel Francis Smith. Sr., and his
wife. Mr. Smith was executor of both
estates. The People's Fnion Mission
has no large loss in sight, and the Kd-
wards Congregational church will not
be out only the remaining $1."0 of Mr.
Smith's subscription to the building
fund, it is understood. The Ladies'
Industrial Uelicf society has found its
sureties -intact, ami some otlier re
sults of the investigation that is going
011 are satisfactory to the creditors of
Mr. Smith, while others are quite tin
An alarm of fire vesterdav summon
ed the department to the Mueller saw
mill at (link's point in the western
part of the cit. A blaze was discov
ered in the shavings house adjoining
the lwi!er room. The building is a
brick structure with an iron roof.
which made it fireproof, and no dam
age was done aside from the slight
loss occasioned by the burning of the
shavings which were being Used for
fuel in the furnaces.
Chicago papers tell of the remains
of one .Ti'hn Martin, a lG-y ear-old
youth supposed to be from this city.
lying unclaimed in a morgue at that
place. He was asphyxiated Tuesday
night in a bootblack's room.
The case of Mrs. Lily Arenschild
against the Kock Isl.-.nd Railway com
pany, being a suit for Sl.i.tVwi dam
ages, came to an end in the district
court yesterday, when the jury re
turned a verdict for th plaintiff in
the suin of $'.Uoo.
A rains t Catarrh II yomvl Prevents Colds
and Cares Grip and Catarrh. Money
Bark If It Falls.
"An ounce of prevention is worth a
jxund of cure." A few breaths of
Hyonici through the neat pocket in
haler that comes with everv outfit
will check a cold or the grip at the
start and prevent serious and lasting
illness. .
In all catarrhal troubles and dis
eases of the air passages, Uyomei has
a positive action not possesseu u anj
other meilicine or treatment. 11 is
pleasant and convenient to use.
T. II. Thomas srives his personal
guarantee with every Uyomei outfit
he sells to refund the money lr it does
not cure.
In re guardianship of Johanna and
George Thielke, minors. Guardian's
report filed and approved. Ileeeipt and
release of w ard, Johanna Thielke, now
of age, filed and approved, and guard
ian discharged as to her.
Itate of Harry G. Hruoks. Ap
praisement bill anJ widow's award
fill cl and approved. Widow's relin
quishment and selection tiled and ap
proved and order turning over prop
erty selected to widow.
In re guardianship of minor heirs
of Nellie Peterson. Guardian's inven
tory filed and approved.
Kstate of Fdvvard Stoehr. In the
matter of the sale of real estate to
paydebts. Proof of personal service
on all defendants except defendant
Roscoe Stoehr. who it appears was
served by publication. Adult defend
ants called and defaulted. Robert R.
Revnolds appointed guardian at litem
for minor defendants. Answer of
guardian ml litem filed.
Kstate of Ityron Gordon. John Rinck
appointed special administrator to a
pear and defend for the estate in the
matter of the claim of Frank E. Rol
bins. administrator herein. Claim
heard and allowed ill class 7 at
. Ilil.s'.l.
Are you going to Kansas City or
the southwest? If so, take the South
west Limited on the C, M. St. P. at
H):.';) p. m., or the early morning train
at 5:;i0. You will be assured of a
pleasant and safe journey.
The C, M. Ss St. P. passenger trains
for Chicago and Kansas City should
prove favorites with the guests of the
hotels, as the passenger depot is so
conveniently located only a block or
two and vou find the finest trains run
ning through Kock Island.
Stop and Think
If you want to go to Chicago jou
can take one of the C, M. & St. P.
fine trains and make an easy and rap
id journey. Trains for Chicago leave
Kock Island as follows: At 4:13 a. m..
arriving at Chicago at 8:55 a. m.; at
4:5s p. in., arriving at Chicago at 0:55
p. m., and at 11:50 p. m., arriving at
Chicago at 7:33 a .m.
Peoria IU.t to Washlneton. D. C. and R
tarn April 23. 10O4.
Directed hy C. P.. Vandervort, prin
cipal of Greeley school, Peoria; $40,
the regular railroad fare, covers every
necessary expense for the week, in
eluding meals, sleeping car berth.
board in Washington, guides, side
trips, etc. Send for circular giving
detailed information. Allen M. Nye,
T. P. A., Big Four Koute. Teoria, 111.
C. M. & St. P. Hallway Company.
One-way settlers rates, $u;.4., May
:. 10 and 17. to points 011 C, M. & St.
P. railway, in South Dakota and in
North Dakota. T. A. Miller, G. P. A.
Wbooplne Conth.
"In the spring of my children
had whooping cough." says Mrs. 1). W.
Capps. of Capps, Ala. "I used Cham
berlaiu's Cough Remedy with the most
satisfactory results. I think this is
the best remedy I have ever seen for
whooping cough." This remedy keeps
the cough loose, lessens the severity
and frequency of the coughing spells
and counteracts any tendency toward
pneumonia. For sale by all druggists.
A I.mson In Health.
Healthy kidneys filter the impuri
ties from the blood, and unless they
do this good health is imjxissible. Fo
ley's Kidney Cure makes sound kid
neys and vvill positively cure all forms
of kidney and bladder disease. It
strengthens the whole system. Sold
by all druggists.
M&y beerS
j ' UottUd 'Goodness
Milwaukee's Banner Brew
It isn't talk that coasts, it's
quality Quality that stands
pat, at all times, for honest
criticism. The unprecedented
popularity of Blatz Wiener is
due to its pronounced indi
viduality that indescribable,
honest flavor that always
means "Blatz" that delight
ful Blatz Wiener "smack"
that iocs straight to the
spot. Drink it for beer
character For health's sake
drink it. Ask for it down
town. Send a case borne.
(nOm-intox.) TONIC
Wholesale Dealer. 217 Eighteenth St
Hello 1125.
To sweeten,.
To refresh,
To cleanse the
and Gently ;
i. V
IT ; ,'
There is only
one Genuine
Syrup of Figs;
to get its bene
ficial effects
Dispels colds and
headaches when
bilious or con
stipated; For men, women
and children;
Acts best, on
the kidneys
and liver,
stomach and
Loviisville, Ky.
Always buy the genuine Manufactured by the
5aurv FranciscoACal.
T"t, ...'. QMm T7y ?e far ?j?iTe hv all first-claSS
druggists. The full name of the company California
Fig Syrup Co. is always printed on the front
01 every pacKage. rnce riny -.ciiis iiww
Andrew Carneffie has made the Mo-lim-
publio library a j;ift of "The
Uijihts of War and Peaee," by lingo
('rot ins, a book wliirh the philanthro
pist is contributing to the libraries
which he has favored with donations
for building.
A baseball team will be organized
among the members of the Y. M. ( A.
for Saturday afternoon games and
healthful exercise for the members.
The team will be under the control
of a committee whose word will be fin
al in all matters of government and
dis ipliuc, as well as the selection of a
team. Some line material is in pros
pect, and the sport promises to be
('. H. Pcrrin, recently interested in
the Moline Pump company and form
erly purchasing agent for the Moline
Plow company, has formed a partner
ship with banner L. Wilson, the wcll
kunHii traveling salesman for the Na
tional Biscuit company, for the pur
pose of conducting the wholesale busi
ness, covering the three cities and the
surrounding country f.-:r a radius of
100 miles. The new firm will be known
as the Moline Produce company, and
will !o business at 1T-M Third avenue,
the formal opening to be held Wednes
day. May 11. They will handle fruit?
vegetable, green goods, buttcriiu
egg.-, butler and cheese.
Plow City Building. Savings and
Loan association directors has decided
to continue in the li Id and bid for lo
cal business. The directors were call
ed together to discuss the oullook
and the plans for the future, with a
view either of closing up alTairs vol
untarily or continuing in a modest
way while the public recovered from
the shock f the Warr crash of last
fall. The sentiment was general that
there was nothing to gain by dissolv
ing the corporation and nothing to
lose by continuing in a piiet way, and
for this reason it vas decided to pro
ceed along the conservative policy
that has been maintained since the
Warr failure. The association lias
some $.'.on in loans, for which "o
shares have been issued. The large
list of directors comprises to a con
siderable extent the stockholders of
the association, ami they are united in
favor of continuing. It is felt that
with the reaction will come a revival
of building and loan business and a
public appreciation of the careful
methods of this association.
Members of the Ketail Merchants'
association are in earnest in their ef
fort to get lower freight rates and
they are banding themselves in with
the movement which looks to a reform
in freight tariffs ami tin- election of
the board of railroad and warehouse
commissioners instead f their ap
pointment by the governor.
Tuesday evening the tegular meet
ing of the Jinan! of directors of the
Moline Business Men's association was
held. Among the important matters
decided upon was a b:ni(juet to be h-!d
at the Manufacturers' hot 1 May
They decided to invite the next state
meeting of the Illinois Dental associa
tion to meet in this rity. The direc
tors indorsed the project amending
our fctatutorv provisions in regard to
Wfim liii
"pa,-,,.. . n . 1. i
I. "It'll I'i lMl: :
i 1
1 ;
' II.
When the new baby comes
start a bank account for him.
Add to it from time to time
until he can help make it grow
by his own saving. By the time
he grows up he will have
enough to take him through col
lege or start him in business.
Our plan makes it so easy t
save. Interest at 4 per cenl.
paid on all deposits.
Do It Now.
c L Mm ' i
as to person are so much a
matter of good bathing equip
ment that I wish to emphasize
our facilities for outGttlng bath
rooms with the best and motit
sanitary apparatus. In bucIi
cases it is to your highest inter
est to consult us, Kce sampled
here and get our estimates free
of charge.
STENGEL. Ee Plumber
Incorporated Under the State Xiaw. 4 Ter Cent
Interest Paid on Deporcits.
Money Loaned on Personal Collateral or Beal Estate Kecurltj.
J. M. Buford, President.
John Crubaugh, Vice President.
P. Greenawalt, Cashier.
Began the business July 2, 1890,
and occupying S. E. corner ol
Mitchell & Lynde's new building.
It. IJ. Cable,
John Crubaugh,
II. P. Hull,
E. V. nurst,
John Volk.
Solictors Jackson and Hurst.
P. Creenawalt,;
I'hil ilitchelU
J j. Simon,
J. M. Bui ord,
the apjMiintment or railroad and ware
house conimisioners. believing that
they should lie elected hereafter, and
;il captured the invitation to attend
the meet iii.' at the Illinois theatre in
I 'tick Island Thursdav evening rega ril
ing t hat i-sue.
Samuel Ilurrows died at his home.
;:::.: Twenty-ninth street Tuesilay at
.'!:10 p. in. His death was due to drop
sy and complications. was born
in Kngland and was tv.t ears old. Jle
has been a resident of I'lin: i.- for
vears. lie was a int-mbcr of the M. I".
church and of the Ma-uiis. and that
order will have charge of the services
at the grave. lie leaves a son, Sam, the
molder, and a daughter, Mrs. Thoma-
A. fJ. Kbi has been promoted to an
imHi t an t position with Deere A Co.,
with whom he has been for a number
of years. The company has added a
tratlic department which will consoli
date the trnflic work of the Moline
plant, and the various branch offices
at St. lyouis, Omaha, Portland, Han
Francisco, and a dozen other cities,
and has placed Mr. Kbi at the head of
the new department.

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