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Whiskey and Beer Habit
1 1
Ptxyalciaa.s pronounce drunkenness a disease of the nervous system, creating a morbid
CraTinp for a stimn'.ant. Contianed indulgence in whiskey, beer or wine eats away the
stomach lining- and stupefies the digestive organs, thus destroying the digestion and
raining the health. Mo "will power" can heal the inflamed stomach membranes.
"ORRINE " permanently removes the craving for liqnor by acting directly on the
affected nerves, restoring the stomach and digestive organs to normal conditions, improving
the appetite and restoring the health. Can be given secretly it desired.
Cure Effected or Money Refunded.
Ask your druggist -ahem you. knowwhzX he thinks of ORRIVE; 'he will indorse
oar statements as truthful in every respect. If ORRINE fails to care we will refund
you every penny paid for it as cheerfully as we took it.
No Sanitarium Treatment or Publicity!
No Absence from home or loss of time!
Mothers, wives and sisters, you cannot cure those who are afflicted with this most
terrible of all diseases by your fervent prayers, or eyes red with tears, nor by your
hope that they may stop drinking. It can be done only with ORRINE. You ha.e
the remedy will you use it ? If you desire to cure without the knowledge of the patient,
buy ORRINE No. 1; if the patient desires to be cured of his own free will, buy
ORRINE No. 2. Full directions found in each package. Price f I per box.
va We will gladly furnish a treatment free of cost to any physician 5jPr
lw3C" to demonstrate that Orrine is a positive specific for drunkenness.
All Correspondence Confidential.
For free book Treatise on Drunkenness and bow to Cure it write tc
H. 0. ROLFS, Harper House Pharmacy
With a small payment down, the following1 properties will be sold
on monthly installments no greater than a fair rental.
No. 701 Third street, 4
rooms $1,000
No. 100G Fifth avenue, 5
rooms 000
Nos. 1000 and 1002 Third
avenue, 2 flats, 2 stores
and small house 0,000
No. 230 Thirteenth street,
9 rooms 3,000
No. 2935 Thirteenth ave
nue, 5 rooms 1.100
No. 3132 .Ninth avenue, 4
rooms 800
No. 1309 Thirty-sixth street,
5 rooms - 1,100
Also several houses in Moline
in Hock Island and Moline.
E. H. GUVER, Mitchell 6.
Telephone Old west
Chicago Dental Company
If yon are in need of dental work,
call on us before going elsewhere, as
ws can save you money. We use
nothing but the best of material, and
our work is guaranteed to be first
lass In every respect. If ycu are :n
Deed of a set of teeth, call and see our
thin el stic plate. We guarantee it to
fit in all eases and when all others
have failed. We never ask jou more
than our prices below:
Cement fillings $ .25
Bone filling 25
Platinum filling 50
Silver fillings 50
Gold fillings, $1 and up 1.00
Cold crowns, $4 to $5 4.00
Bet of teeth, $5 and up 5.00
II set of teeth for 10.00
Permanent location:
Office 1607 Second Ave.
It's a Pleasure
To Smoke
a good cigar. If you have not
tried our cigars you have jet to
learn whst really good cigars
Poor Cigars
are never permitted to form a
part of our stock. If you want
something nice in cigars, tobac
co, pipes and smoker's articles,
five us a call.
S. H. Arndt & Co.,
Bengston Block, 1706 Second At.
No. 1137 Thirty-eighth
street, 4 rooms 1,300
No. 111 Thirty-eighth
street. 12 rooms 4,500
No. 1125 Thirty-seventh
street. 7 rooms 1,300
No. 1332 Fort y-second
street, 5 rooms 1,150
No. 4425 Eighteenth ave
nue, 7 rooms 2,000
No. 82.1 Forty-second
street, 0 rooms 1,800
No. 002 Fortieth street, 6
rooms 2,300
No. 4425 Seventh avenue, 9
rooms 3,200
and most desirable residence lots
Lynde Bldg.. Rock Island
13S9, new 0055.
Charles E. Hodgson,
Firo Insurance
Established 1874.
American Ins. Co Newark, N. J.
Continental New York
Agricultural New York
Traders' Ins. Co Chicago, 111.
Union Ins. Co Philadelphia, Pa.
Rockford Ins. Co Rockford, 111.
Security Ins. Co New Haven, Conn.
Ins. Co. State of Illinois. .Rockford, 111.
Office, room 3, Buf ord block. Rates
a low as consistent with reeurity.
The old fire and time-tried companies
represented. Rates as low aa
any reliable company
an afford.
Up Agin" a Good Thing
a man is when he commence to
patronize the American Steam
Laundry. "The best laundry I ever
struck" is what those who indulge
in a little slang would say. But
entre nous if you want your linen
as faultless as when you first bought
it, in color and finish, we will guar
antee to do it to your satisfaction
every time. Careful handling and
artistic work are among oar up-to-date
American Steam
Twelfth StrMt Md Firth Arena.
'Phone 1238.
I fnt up In white package, manufactured
excluiixely by the Madison Medicine
Co.. Madisen. Wis. Sella at 35 cent, e
package. All other err rank imitation
and substitutes, don't risk your hearth by
taking them . THEOCNUING make, etch
people Well. Keen you WeB. AH Meneet
Dealers sell the Genuine.
Ira H. St. Onge and Mrs. Agnes
Seott, two well-known Daveuporters,
perpetrated a pleasant surprise on
their friends yesterday by beisg mar
ried at St. Anthony's church, by Rev.
D. .1. Flannery. and leaving later on a
wedding trip to Chit-ago. It was a
pretty 6 oVloek wedding, with Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Brennan ast the attend
ant, and it will be learned of by many
friends of the couple with much pleas
ure. Mr. t. Onge is connected with
the St. Onge store, and his wife is a
Davenport lady, formerly Miss Agnes
liynes and later Mrs. Clarence Scott.
S. A. Weaver, who has been held to
the grand jury for alleged threats and
extortion of money frcm L. K. Walk
er, the Princeton merchant, has filed
an action to recover the sum of $13,
000 from the Princeton capitalist for
the alleged alienation of his wife's af
fections. He .alleges as the grounds
for his action that in March. 194)4.
Walker had become intimate with his
wife. At that time he and his fam
ily of three children, the oldest being
10 years of age, resided on Walker's
property, which is known as the
"Beamer" farm, and it was there that
the alienation complained of occurred.
J. A. Hanley appears for the plain
tiff. q
The investigation into the accounts
of S. F. Smith is snaking progress and
is keeping G. A. Mast working over
time, as he is putting in several hours
a day as well on his task of inspect
ing the book.- of the city officers. The
task of straightening Mr. Smith's ac
counts will be a long and complicated
one. Mortgages have been playing
hide and seek between the boxes of
the different estates for so long, that
tracing their devious path from the
date they were first entered in one of
the estates until they were finally
found in some other, or until they
disappeared on the way. is quite a
job! Mr. Smith, it has been found,
was an expert bookkeeper. He kept
a beautiful set of books, and he was
able to make them balance perfectly,
and those who have looked over his
transactions feel a growing admira
tion for the wonderful technique with
which he was able to carry along the
sadly complicated estates and conceal
a shortage until it had grown to $110,-
A compromise has been effected in
the case f Mrs. Emma Cornwall, wid
ow and administrator of the estate of
Lawrence Barry Cornwall, vs. the
Davenport Gaa & Electric company,
whereby the widow agrees to accept
the sum of $.".000 from the defendant
company In full for her claim.
Sunday evening at Mercy hospital,
after a long illness from typhoid fe
ver, occurred the death of Charles
Zarnt. dr.. aged :.'T years, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Zarnt. of 7-7 West
Eleventh street.
Andalusia, May 25. Miss Anna Bur
kett, of Rock Island, came down Fri
day for a short visit.
.Mrs. J. 11. Brookman is very ill with
A. E. Simmons is attending court
in Bock Island this week as a petit
Mrs. Cora Bateninn. of Kansas, ar
rived Monday evening to visit her
mother. Mrs. .1. Davis.
The public school will close Friday
with a picnic in the school yard.
Miss Blanche Bnrgoyne entertained
a party of young people from Rey
nolds Sunday.
William Strohmeier who has leen on
a jearl buying trip for several week's
is home for a short time.
Barry Waite and wife were passen
gers Sunday morning for Davenport
to attend the funeral of a relative.
Alec Ballard and wife. who have been
isitinir relatives for some time have
gone to Burlington, la.
Mrs. Coznd. of Reynolds, who re
sided here a number of years ago.
spent several days of last week with
Mrs. Holmes,
Among the speakers here at Mem
orial day services will be Uev. Ket
tlecamp. of Taylor Ridge, and James
(i. Britton.
R. (I. Thonripsiin. who is at St.
Francisville digging clams, came home
Saturday and returned Wednesday.
He Was accompanied by Mrs. Thomp
son and daughter Chattie.
John Kane has purchased the black
smith shop and residence from the
heirs of the late Helini Mosher. He has
has also bought the property recently
purchased by R. L. (birnon.
According to the summary issued by
the department of agriculture for the
week ending May 2. the temperature
in Illinois was low during the first half
of the week, and vegetation, conse
quently, made but little growth. To
ward the end of the week it became
warmer, with much needed sunshine.
Light frot in many localities of the
northern ilistrict occurred on several
dasea, but little or no damage resulted.
Precipitation was deficient in the
northern portion, and the soil is be
ginning to show the lack of moisture.
In the southern ortion most of the
week was showery, and farming op
erations were delayed by wet condi
tion of the soil.
In the northern district the greater
portion of the corn crop has been
planted, hut in the central and south
ern, not much progress was made
with this week, owing to wet weather.
Considerable corn on low lands will be
replanted; rendered necessary by poor
seed and cold, wet condition of the
The condition of oats is good in the
northern district, and fair in the
central and southern; they are report
ed to be thin in the last named dis
tricts. Wheat continues to improve,
and it is beginning to heau in the
southern district- Rye is making good
growth. Meadows and pastures made
rapid growth the latter part of the
week, under the influence of warm
Opinions as to the condition of fruit
are conflicting; it is believed, however,
that the outlook for apples is good,
for cherries, pears and plums, fair,
qnd for peaches, very poor. It is re
ported that there will be some peach
es in a few- localities of the suthern
portion. Strawberries are abundant
and ripening rapidly. Gardens are
growing slowly, as are potatoes; con
siderable replanting has been done.
$1.50 to Peoria and return May 30.
Spend Decoration day in Peoria;
$1.50 round trip.
$2.50 round trip excursion to Mil
waukee May 28.
Excursion to Milwaukee May 28
$2.50 round trip.
Take your lunch basket and go to
Peoria May 30; $1.50 round trip.
If you don't go, somebody else will,
on the excursion to Milwaukee May 28.
Special train leaves Twentieth street
depot at 7:40 a. in. for Peoria May 30;
$1.50 round trip.
Reserve berth for the Milwaukee ex
cursion now at the commercial office
of the C, M. & St. P. railway, Daven
port. Are you going to Kansas City or
the southwest? If so, take the South
west Limited on the C, M. & St. P. at
10:30 p. m., or the early morning train
at 5:30. You will be assured of a
pleasant and safe journey.
Cheap rates to St. Louis. Mo., on ac
count of the exposition via the Illinois
Central. Tickets on sale daily. Best
service. Quick time. Write or call on
us for full information. 'City ticket
office 329 Main street, Peoria, 111. G.
A. Smith, general agent. 'Phone M.,
Peoria 111., to Wathlncton. ! C and Re
turn April 33. 1904.
Directed by C. R. Vandervort, prin
cipal of Greeley school, Peoria; $40,
the regular railroad fare, covers every
necessary expense for the week, in
cluding meals, sleeping car berth,
board in Washington, guides, side
trips, etc. Send for circular giving
detailed information. Allen M. Nye,
T. P. A., Big Four Route, Peoria, 111.
Stop and Think
If you want to go to Chicago you
can take one of the C, M. & St. P.
fine trains and make an easy and rap
id journey. Trains for Chicago leave
Kock Island as follows: At 4:15 a. m.,
arriving at Chicago at 8:55 a. m.; at
4:58 p. m., arriving at Chicago at 9:55
p. m., and at 11:50 p. m., arriving at
Chicago at 7:55 a ,m.
A $.",000 Bullish sheep dog has come
Into possession of Byron L. Smith, of
Frank B. Trigprs. 11 years old. of
Liberty ville, 111., was drowned in the
Des Plaines river.
Kenial I'asha, the Turkish sultan's
son-in-law, and other high officials
have been arrested and sent Into exile.
The First National banK. of Cape
May. N. J., Iihs been closed by order
of the comptroller of the currency.
President Lynch has boon re-elected
by the Intel national typographical
union by n majority of 7.0OQ. and Sec
retary Branmwood by l"',000.
The Virginia state building at the
World's fair, n replica of Montlcello,
the homo of Thomas Jefferson, has
been opened to the public.
While fishinc at Chicago ("har'es
Bellsnor dragged the lody of an in
fant male laby from the water.
Extensive tests with various types
of torpedoes will be begun by the navy
next month at Newport and Sag Har
bor. All prudes of refined sugar hare
been advanced at New York 5 cents
per 100 pounds.
Children that grow too fast
and those that seem hardly
to grow at all, both need
Scott's Emulsion.
It gives that rich vital
nourishment which is the
secret of all healthy growth.
It rounds out the long limbs,
and helps children to grow
without using up all their
strength in growing.
Mothers ought to know
more about the wonderful
help which Scott's Emulsion
would give their children.
Well tend r ample free open reqaest
SCOTT A BOWNE, 409 Pearl Street, New York-
It will be remembered that when
Mrs. Callie H. Howe, one of the na
tional W. C. T. U. speakers was here
and delivered the lecture on"The Cost
of Intemperance and Who Pays It,"
the Moline W. C. T. I", offered a prize
of $5 to the high school student who
would make the best reproduction of
the same in essay form. Judges were
appointed whTThad no connection with
the high school or the W. C. T. U. or
ganization. They were Mrs. li. H.
Huntoon, le. W. Y Willard and Dr.
Martha Anderson. The decision was
made In favor of essay No. 5, because
the poiins made in it counted more
than those made in No. 6. When the
names belonging to the numbers
were furnished by Prof. Smith, the
judges became aware that Miss Al
thea Ileal had been awarded the first
prize and that Miss Bather Nelson
had been given the second prize.
Rev. W. C. Spencer, of the First
Baptist church, will this year deliver
the sermon to the Grand Army men.
Memorial Sunday. Following the usu
al custom the services will be held at
'.' p. 111 . and the members of Graham
'x. the 17. V. L, the Sons of Vet
erans and the women's auxiliaries to
these orders will attend in bodies.
Bernard Kosenstein, brother of Lou
is RoStenstein, is dead at Wheeling. V.
Va. He was the only member of the
Swedish Olive lodge of this city who
was not of the Swedish nationality.
He joined the three link's organiza
tion at WheeKng, W. Va.. and on mov
ing to this city became a member of
the Swedish Olive bulge in which he
has been a member for the past 17
years, and while living here was one
of the most prominent Otld Fellows
in the city. Be moved away from this
city some eight years ago.
Three mope weeks will sec the com
pletion of 11. A. Barnard's new boat,
tinw in course of construction at
the foot of Twentieth street. The
wood workers have about finished
their part, and as soon as a few cast
ings arrive, the finishing touches will
be put on. Mr. Bnrnard, John Corn
wall and Jerome Magill expect to
make to make a visit to St. bonis and
the world's fair soon after the trial
trip. The wheel has been put in place
and connected, and the tiller ropes
are intact, and there remain to place
the last links between the engine and
pic polling apparatus several gear
wheels. A small gasoline engine has
also been installed to furnish power
for the dynamo so the ship can be
lighted when the 60-horse power en
gine is not in operation.
Moline skat players contemplate en
tering the national skat tournament
at St. Louis this summer, where nearly
2,000 players from all over the coun
try will gather to Compete for rich
prizes. Adorph Oppenheimer, one of
the best players of the thinking card
game in this city, left last evening
for the "exposition city" for , a few
days of sightseeing, and he will in
terest himself in the matter while
Who will be the 200th member in the
Moline encampment No. 153 is the
question which is the uppermost in
the minds of the members of that
lodge. At a meeting held this week
it was decided that the members of
the lodge make a united effort to se
cure 200 memtx rs for the lodge.
Since July 1. 1903, the local organiza
tion has been the largest in the state
and the members do not propose to
lose the name now. July 1 of last
year the membership roll was 187
members and an attempt will be made
to have 20O members bv next July L
Krland Larson, residing at 2f09,
Fifth avenue, died yesterday after an
illness of several months duration with
cancer of the stomach. He was born
in Sweden, May 20. 1S46, and came to
America in 1S84, settling in this city,
which he has made his home ever
since. He has lieen employed by Dim
ock vr (iouhl for 12 years and for 20
years has worked for Deere - ( . He
leaves a wife and six children who
are Charles. Axel. Arthur. Victoria,
Anna and Reuben. He also leaves two
brothers in this .city and one living in
Sweden. The funeral will be held
from the home Thursday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. C. A. Ilemborg
Albert Carlson died yestertiay of
consumption, at 547 Nineteenth ave
nue. He was born in Sweden.and at
the time of his death was 38 years of
age. During his life he has followed
the trade of a niolder. He was a mem
ber of the I. O. O. F. at St. Charles,
111., and was eared for by the Swedish
Olive lodge, of Moline. This lodge
will have charge of the funeral ser
vices which will be held Thursday
Loan Association Notice.
The Hock Island Mutual Building'.
Loan & Savings association, the eldest
savings institution in this section of
the state, is now issuing its 88th series
of stock. Regular monthly investments
will earn, if left to maturity, 8 per
cent, and if withdrawn before ma
turity a larger pen cent than can be
obtained in any other channel for
. . . , , 1 r ib.
savines. All iunus are loaneu i'r iiik ,
building of Kock Island houses, thus
giving employment to our own citi
zens and thereby stimulating home
trade in every channel. Mechanics in
the building trades, merchants, and all
citizens interested in the progress of
our city will reap a double advantage
through investments in this stock.
E. H. GUYER, Secretary.
Mitchell & Lynde Building.
soon set right by
is absolutely imperative if you are to get any comfort from life or
nourishment from food. A torpid liver can be a very dangerous
condition and should not be neglected. Few medicines act as
thoroughly, promptly and safely as Beecham's Tills. They are
vigorous but mild, and cause no inconvenience or nausea.
There is no remedy quite as good as Beecham's Pill, not only to
loosen the bowels but in the after effects. There is no binding up
afterwards, as these Tills aid Nature in a natural way. Persons
chronically constipated can become regular and be rid of the con
sequent discomforts formerly theirs by use of BEECHAM'S TILLS.
Sold Everywhere in Boxes, IOC, and 38c.
frcade Cigar Store
See the smoke chamber (A A). All nicotine and dust stop there. The
bowl can be lifted out and the pipe cleaned while lighted. Stem can
not clog. Smoke all you like with this pipe; it won't upset your
nerves or burn your tongue. Made of French briar. You get only
pure, refreshing smoke without nicotine or dust when using this pipe.
We will be pleased to show the m to you.
P. J. LEE.
$1,000 in cash prizes
to the person sending us before June 15, 1904.
The word Egg-O-See
Spelled in the greatest number of ways
Try how many different ways you can spell Egg-O-See and it will bo easy for you
to get one of the 745 cash prizes running from $1.00 to $100. Divided as follows:
To the one sending; the greatest variety of spelling:
To the second sending- the greatest variety of spellings . .
To the third sending tha greatest variety of spellings
To the fourth sending toe greatest variety
To the fifth sending the greatest variety of spellings 10.00
To the 740 sendlnir the next greatest variety of spellings $1.00 740.00
Total $1000.00
The prices will be sent out Immediately alter the close ol the contest.
The competition is open to all. The only conditions being
that for each five different ways of spelling Egg-O-See you must
send in one of the little printed folders, same as used in the
school children's drawing contest, found on the inside of each
package of Egg-O-See. For instance if you Have 15 different
spellings it would be necessary to send three folders. Be sure
and write your name and ad
dress plainly. The spelling
must be such as could prop
erly be pronounced Egg-O-See.
The school children
to whom we have paid
thousands of prizes for draw
ings can all enter into thiscon
test with equal chance of
gaining a prize. Save the
little folders in the Egg-O-See
packages and make out as many
ways of spelling as you can, and
then ask vour parents and friends
to add to the list. Here are a few
Egg-Oh-Cee, Egg-O-Sy. Eg-O-Cie.
We offer these prizes to more thoroughly familiarize
the people with the merits of Egg-O-See, the best of
all flaked wheat foods. It is now generally conceded
that flaked wheat is the most healthful and convenient
of all foods, and Egg-O-See is displacing 90 per cent of
all other kinds, because of its superior quality and
cheaper price.
Ask Your Orocer for the Green Package.
If your grocer does not keep It, send us hie name and IO cents
and we will send you a package, prepaid.
Address all communications to Egg-O-See, yuiacy, I1L
Harper House Block.
Rock Island Agent for
's Perfect Pipe
There's a line of wall paper
here that richly deserves that
title. They will "dress up" the
dingiest room and make it a
thing of beauty.
Simplicity is one of the great
est charms and low price their
greatest attraction.
W e now offer new and beauti
ful wall papers at low prices.
Also a full line of paints, oils,
glass, brushes, moldings, etc.
1429-1431 Meond A venae.
Opposite Court House.
01 spellings
ways of spelling Egg-O-See
as to persona are so mueh a
matter of good bathing equip
ment that I wish to emphasize
our facilities for outfitting bath
rooms with the best and most
sanitary apparatus. In such
cases it is to your higho-t inter
est to consult us, see samples
here and get our estimates free
of charge.
STENGEL. 6rPlumber

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