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Bhe Packers'
Strike is
ai End-..
So are the grocery
"troubles" of the
housewife who does
her trading at
SKidds' SSfcery.
G6e Store WitK a. Reputation
Behind It.
s cosososososoaosososaeoe
Be Sire to
our Big Clearing
Sale for 15 Days '
Jvily 18
We will sell every
thing in our big
store a t prices
never before
heard of.
John Nitz. Former Resident of This
City, I spires Lait Kveniu t
Hi Home in Andalusia.
Mrs. Emelia Kain. of Bowling Town
ship, Passes Away Thi6 Morning
at St. Anthony's, Hospital.
John Nitz. of Andalusia, dk-d last
evening at 7 o'clock at his home of
dropsy, aged 66 years, 1 month and 10
days. Deceased was born in Germany
and came to Kock Island 21 years ago.
and was employed by the Moline Wag
on company. Leaving Rock Island 1"
years ago, he and his family went to
Andalusia, where be had resided ever
Mr. Nitz was married in Germany to
his surviving wife, whose maiden name
was Miss Anna Bom nn. in 187S. In
addition te his wife, deceased is sur
vived by four children, three sons and
one daughter: Benjamin, John and
August, who reside at the home, and
Mrs. Hannah Bloom, of Andalusia.
The funeral will be held tomorrow
morning at 11 o'clock from St. Jos
eph's church, this city. Rev. Father
Mackin conducting the services. Bur
ial will be made in Calvary cemetery.
Dntt ml Mr. Baa el la Kuiu.
The death of Mrs. Emelia Kain. for
the past 25 years a resident of Howling
township, and a former resident of
this city. wcurred at St. Anthony's
hospital in this city ths morning at ?,
o'clock. Her death was caused by kid
ney trouble. Deceased was born in
Cincinnati. Ohio. June 2, and
came to Rock Island with her parents
when she was a child. In Davenport
Nov. 1. 174. she was married to Aug
Utti Kain. who preceded her to the
grave three yean ago. Her maiden
name was Miss Bmella Goldfrederick.
There were 11 children born to this
union, nine of whom survive, as fol
lows: Miss Mattie A.. Walter H-,
Louis P., William EL, Herman .1.. BSda
EL, Otto C, Carl A., and Rudolph H..
all of whom resided with their mother.
Funeral services will be held over the
remains at the home at 1ft o'clock Sun
day morning by Rev. M. Humphreys,
of Milan, pastor of the Presbyterian
church. Burial will be made in the
Lutheran cemetery in Bowling town
ship, where Rev. C. A. Mennicke. of
Rock Island, pastor of the German
Lutheran church, will hold services.
Supervisor Robert Pears, of Moline, to
be Employed at County Building.
Robert Pears, of Moline. a member
of the board of supervisors, has been
appointed assistant in the office of
County Clerk H. B. Hubbard, anil will
enter upon his duties Aug. 1. Mr.
Pears has resigned his position as
foreman at the Rock Island road
freight house in Moline. The recent
changing of the rules goerning the
conduct of the affairs of the county of
flees by the board of supervisors has
necessitated the engaging of addition
al help ill the office of Mr. Hubbard,
ami the place was accordingly tender
ed Mr. Pears, anil was accepted by
Reception and Social at the Y. M. C. A.
Friday Afternoon, Aug. 6.
A public reception and social will be
given Friday evening, Aug. r. at the
Y. M. C. A. building by the Associa
tion Helpers. The proceeds will be
used to pay for the recent work ot
papering the reading room, and the
ball. Secretary Keyser's room was
papered free of charge by the Adams
Wall Paper company. The ladies who
devised the plan of having the building
beautiful on the interior are deserv
ing of much praise for their earnest
work and successful efforts. Ice cream
will be served and the entire building
will be open for those who attend
in order that all may enjoy them
selves. The papering of the hall and
the two rooms was completed the lat
ter part of last week and it adds
greatly to the appearance of the in
terior. The paper is of a high quality.
The secretary's room and the hall are
papered in a pretty shade of green,
while the reading room is embellished
in a handsome red paper. The
chapel and parlor were papered last
year, making the interior practically
newly papered.
Henry Fluegel is Arrested on Com
plaint of Dary Travis.
Henry Fluegel was brought before
Justice II. M. Schriver yesterday on a
charge of malicious mischief preferred
by Dary Travis, colored. The case has
been, continued until Monday. Travis
claims that Fluegel entered the house
at the corner of Seventh street and
Seventh avenue by breaking down the
door, anil taking charge of the prem
ises, on which Fluegel holds a mort
gage. A bill for foreclosure of the
mortgage is on file in the circuit
court. Travis says the bill calls for
a foreclosure this fall instead of the
present time. The property is now
unoccupied, but in the past Travis
collected the rent on the property and
claims that he, as agent for the place,
has a right to rent the house until the
time the foreclosure is effective.
Warr Case Will Likely Go to the Jury
at Cambridge Some Time
The closing arguments to the jury
are in progress at the trial at Cam
bridge of J. W. Warr. B. F. Peek, for
the prosecution, opened yesterday af
ternoon. He devoted himself to an ex
planation of the methods pursued by
the defendant in accomplishing the
theft of the large sums from the asso
ciation. C. J. Searle and N. F. Ander
son, for the defense, presented their
arguments today. H. A. Weld, state's
attorney from here, will have the closing.
Latest Theory in the East Moline
Bank Robbery Skiff Stolen
Near Watertown.
The theory now is that the nun who
blew the safe in the Fast Moline bank
early yesterday morning escaped in a
rowboat. crossing the river to Daven
port probably. A party of campers
along the river shore below Water
town reMrts a rowboat stolen during
Wednesday night. The officers are
Arm in the belief that the men had a
rig and that they drove east. They
were seen by a New Shops employe
who was returning after a visit to
Rock Island on the train leaving for
the east at midnight, and which was
late in passing through Fast Moline.
They likely feared they could be too
easily traced in a buggy and deserted
their outfit in the vicinity of Water
town and stole the first boat they came
to in exploring the shore. All sur
rounding towns have been communica
ted with and the officers notified, but
no clue has been gained. The robbers,
in the opinion of Sheriff Heider, were
experts of the first class. A small
safe in the building belonging to the
East Moline Improvement company
East Moline Improvement company was
opened without rhe aid of explosives
by the men. Either they knew the
combination or worked at it until they
solved ii. There was no money in the
safe, however. There were some pa
pers, but these wire not disturbed.
Thi- robbers were after motley only.
The steamer St. Paul her yesterday
will be the last boat of the Diamond
Jo line that will be in this harbor for
six days, the Qulncy, which was the
next due here, being laid up at St.
Louis when- a new cylinder is being
installed. The next boat on the Dia
mond Jo line to enter here is the Du
buque, which will arrive here from St.
Paul next Wednesday.
The stage of water was 5:10 all day.
Tile Ktith and Winona were down
and the R. D. Kendall. E. Rut ledge.
Isaac Staples, Ceorgic S.. Until. ZalllS
Davis. ('. W. Cowles and Winona were
nort h.
A falling tendency in the Missis
sippi will continue between Dubuque
and Muscatine.
D'ng'r H'ght Ch'ge
Line 8 a.m. 24 hrs.
I. a Crosse
I.e Claire
Pes Moines Rapids
Feet. -Feet. Feet
. M ::.7 o.l
.11 1.6 0.0
. 12 ::.: o.o
. 12 1.4 .2
. IS t.ft 0.2
. 18 a.S 0.2
1.) ?.H 0.1
. IS 5.1 0.1
. . . 2.S 0.0
. ir 6.6 :0.7
. 21 17.0 :0.C
Fourth Avenue and Seventeenth
Children's and women's slippers
worth 70c. $1 and $1.26 at 5oc.
Women's slippers and oxfords worth
$' .". and $ :. $1.75.
Women's slippers and oxford.;
worth $1.50 an. I $2. $1.25.
Men's oxfords worth $ ami $:J.50,
Men's oxfords worth $2 and $2.5i,
"It's a little farther, but it pays."
Ed (iter, of Bushnell, ia visiting in
the city.
Miss Mary Lee has returned from
St. Louis.
Miss Harriotts Hampton is in Des
Moines on a visit, after which she de
parts for St. Louis io attend the ex
position. Misses Abbie Day and Margaret Guy,
of Rock Island, and Miss Alice Pad
dock, of Moline. departed last night
for Colorado on a pleasure trip.
Keith Collins has returned for a con
pie of days from Champaign, where he
is superintending the construction oi
the slate university building for whic h
Collins Brothers have the contract.
Pleasant F. Cox has returned from
the Rosebud district in South Dakota,
where he registered for a chance in
the big lottery at Yankton. He says
there are hW03 crowds there but the)
are orderlv.
Wilbert M, Bowman, Held for Em
bezzlement. Believed to Have
Been t'ncontrollable.
Comes to Hamlet.
Presbyterians of Kewane have rot
ad to grant the request made by the
pastor. Rev. .1. M. Tidball. to ask the
presbytery to sever the relationship
existing between pastor and people in
order that he might accept a call to
Hamlet in Mercer count v.
Known to Have Parties of Young
Women as Dinner Guests, With
Him the Only Gentleman.
The Japs may fight the Russians,
On land or on the sea;
But the girls of this here country.
Fight for Rocky Mountain Tea.
T. H. Thomas, pharmacist
Wilbert M. Bowman, a prisoner at
the county jail charged with the em
bezzlement from the Rock Island Lum
ber company, by which he was em
ployed four years as cashier ami book
keeper, is believed by those who have
been investigating his case to be a
monomaniac. His actions of the past
two years show a mania for extrava
gance so far beyond the limits of his
income that he could never hope to
retrieve. He did not have many
friends. I. idle is known of his family
connections. Me was not a drinking
man. but he had the best of every
thing the world affords. He was what
might be termed a ladies' man in a
sense. He dill not court any partic ular
one. preferring to be with a crowd of
them. He has been known to enter
tain parties of a doy.eii at dinner, with
him the only gentleman present. This
was one of his lio!l;. Another was
in attending sociables and parties got
ten up in the interest of a lodne of
or church. Bowman would be on hand
and would lead the other folks a merry
chase in making the affair a success.
He would stand off by himself and in
vest in every article offered for sale.
It seemed as though he would be
possessed of an insane! desire; to rid
himself of whatever money he had
with him. and he managed invariably
to send himself home broke.
I. out; I iiilrr a Strata.
An Argus reporter saw Bowman at
the county jail this morning. Though
a young man hid raven black hair is
streaked with gray on the sides. He
impresses as one who has long been
under a mental strain. He is coldly
reserved. Askod how he made way
with the sum that he is charged with
stealing. Bowman looked out the win
low. thought a moment, then said:
"I do not know as there is any
thing 1 care to say on that point
For ten days before my arrest I knew
that there was an expert going over
my books. Had I been afraid of any
criminal wrongdoing on my part cer
tainly I had ample time to get away.
Really I do not know whether I stole
any money or not."
Ludolph & Reynolds have been re
tained as attorneys by Bowman. He
has turned over his horse and buggy,
an out nt t nut cost prooaoiy $.s"".
to Mr. Lndolph. The lumbe r company
got a writ of attachment for the rig
yesterday, with other of the personal
effects of Bowman, but it was found
that the horse and boggy were the
property of Mr. Ludolph.
Mjratery to : l-'rlonil.
"Bowman is a mystery to me." said
one knowing Bowman since he has
been in the city. "Thus far I have
been unable to understand him. It is
my firm belief that the man is not or
has not been for some time himself
mentally. He has had a mania that
he could not control for the spending
ef money, so I have learned, and he
should have the benefit of the doubt,
if there be any. on this occasion."
Bowman is in jail in default of bail
of $10,000. It is not known whether
he has any relatives. He says his
home is in the east Pennsylvania, in
what city, he does not state.
Billiard Tournament to be Continued
This Evening.
Davenport and Rock Island will bo
matched in the three-cushion tourna
ment at the Cc'ntral billiard hall on
Second avenue this evening. Fifty
points will be played. Weston and Rose
representing Rock Island, and Gorman
and Tiedeman Davenport.
Sunday evening the Central bowling
team play at Muscatine. The team
will be- composed of Hiteman, captain;
Dan. Flack. Campanl, Carlson. The
bowlers will leave in the morning. In
the afternoon a number of rooters
will go down on the; steamer leaving
here at 4 o'clock in the afte rnoon, and
will return on the midnight train. The
Muscatine- team will play a return en
gagement at the Central alleys next
Monday evening.
J. Hayes Robinson. Instrumentalist
and Singer, at Club Tomor
row Evening.
.1. Hayes Robinson, the- famous man
dedinist. will be the conce rt attraction
at the Roe-k Island Club tomorrow ev
ening, when the third in the series of
lawn entertainme-nts for the- members
and their ladies and friends is to
take place. Robinson plays several
different instruments and contributes
vocal numbers, having a baritone- voice
of splendid quality. In the event of
rain the concert will be held in the
Men's Collar Specials.
Saturday from S a. m. to 9:30 p. nr.
100 dozen men's correct summer shapes
in linen collars, usually oid at 15c, or
two for LTc. will be sold in half doze:n
lots only for -Cc six fine collars for
4",c. Here's your chance to stix.-k up
at McCabe's. Sec; our Second avenue
1 EtHJeryone Should See
Ovir Beautiful Line
of New
Carpets and Rugs
The new fall patterns are the finest
we have ever shown. Drop in and
look through the line you're always
If you haven't a good refrigerator,
you are wasting lots of ice; buy a
Leonard Cleanable
it will pay for itself in a season. We
guarantee its quality.
See Us Abovit Summer Comforts in
PorcK Furniture. Hammocks, Cots,
Furniture & Carpet
123-125 West TKird Street, Davenport. la.
Clearing Sale 9
Boys' Knee Pant Suits, age 7 to 16,
single breasted, 3-piece style: also
double breasted 2-piece suits, age 3
to 8. Boys' Russian Blouse and Sail
or suits
25 Per Cent Discount.
Regular 50c, 75c and $1 Waists for
Your Choice 25 Cents.
Men's Outing Suits of all grades,
One-quarter Off Price.
1804 Second Avenue. Rock Island.
GAe Summer
Brandenburg Millinery Store
Corner 20th St. and 4tn Ave.
Finest Grade of
with prices to suit all.
Largest assortment in
the three cities. All
work guaranteed.
220 17th Street Market Square
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