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Combined Rece
Meet s CsLrnived
Cheap Excursion Rates on All Railroads
Management of the Davenport Mile Track Trotting Association.
a tonic. The alcohol only 34 per cent is
an aid to digestion; a healthful stimulant.
Schlitz Beer is brewed with the extreme of
cleanliness cooled in filtered air and
every bottle is sterilized.
It is one of the best things in the world for you.
It does not ferment on the stomach, because it
is aged aged for months in refrigerating
rooms before it is marketed.
It gives you beer without biliousness. Ask
i your doctor what he thinks about drinking
I Schlitz beer. Ask for
the Brewery Bottling.
Jhe Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous
The only real 5-cent cigar to be had at the
only Real Cigar Store.
YOU KNOW THE BOY S Bosco and Clint
9 Newspapers. Magazines cvnd Periodicals 9
Chicago Dental Company
Painless Extracting
and removal of nerves done by us, and
the best and most careful treatment
given to all cases.
We have a patent thin elastic plate
With natural gums that fit in all eases
and when others fail. We use no cheap
material in our office for our work is
ell guaranteed to be equal to the high
est priced dentists and to be first class
in every respect. Notice our prices be
low, they are always the same:
Cement Filling .25
Gold Platinum Filling 50
Silver Filling 50
Gold Fillings. $1 and up 1.00
Gold Crowns 22k. $4 and $5 4.00
Thin Elastic Plates 10.00
Beat Red Rubber Platea 10.00
Others 5.00
Over Speidel'a Drug Store.
Big Bargains in
Second Hand Pianos
nust be sold at once. One upright
piano n good condition
standard make, at .
One large size square
piano at
Oae Steinway Square
piano at
ft Van new pianos at factory prices
m to ivu
than sen be sold by dealers.
First Class Piano Tuning $2
Factory representative. NewpnoneSM
Rock Island, - - III.
Beer is Good forYou
The malt is a food; the hops
Phone MM an.l r.h30.
Curse & Ohl weiler Co. .
6MU Eleventh St.
Rock Island, 111.
Charles E. Hodgson,
Fire Insurance
Established 1874.
American Ins. Co Newark, N. J.
Continental Ins. Co New York
Agricultural Ins. Co New Yor';
Traders' Ins. Co Chicago, 111.
Williamsburg Ins. Co New York
New Hampshire Ins. Co...N. Hampshire
North German Ins. Co New York
American Ins. Co. ...Philadelphia, Pa.
Security Ins. Co. ..New Haven, Conn.
Ins. Co. State of Illinois. .Rockford, 111.
Office, room 3, Buford block. Rates
as low aa consistent with security.
The old fire and time-tried companies
represented. Rates as low aa
any reliable company
can afford.
"Up Agin" a Good Thing
a man when he commences to
patronize the American Steam
Laundry. "The best laundry I ever
struck is what those who indulge
in a little slang would say. But
entre nous If you want your linen
as faultless as when yon first
bought it, in color and finish, we
will guarantee to do it to your sat
isfaction every time. Careful hand
ling and artistic work are among
our up-to-date methods.
Twelfth Street ud Ftfta A'
A balancing of the ledger of the Mo
line 19M Chautauqua will show deficit
of about $4'"'. the difference between
the expense and receipts of the in
stitution. While the assembly was a
decided success except in a financial
way. it fell short of expectations there
and the $40 deficit will have to be
made up by the stockholders. There
arc I'M) of these in the association,
each holding one share which makes
them responsible for the siua of $:.''.
Each share will he assessed in propor
tion to the exact deficit, which will
make about $1.75 or $2.00 lor each
share of stock.
Marguerite, infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel Lundeen. 1S2". Seven
teenth avenue, died Wednesday after
noon at r o'clock.
Ask D. S. Hicks what time it is now
adays and he will be tickled to death
to tell you. The reason is that he had
a hue gold watch presented to him
Wednesday evening at a meeting of
the Operative Plasters' International
union at the meeting in Industrial hall
Mr. Hicks has recently resigned the
office of recording and Baanrial secre
tary, whic h he lias held tor three years
without COmpensatiOBI and in appreci
ation of his faithful service his fellow
members in the union gave nun a
handsome gold watch properly in
scribed. Frank Meyers has been elec
ted secretary to succeed him.
An examination was held of appti
cants us non-commissioned officers in
Oosntai V. Privates Willis and
Swisher passed with a perfect grade
and were appointed sergeants, and
Privates Cox and Sutherlen were given
corporal stripes for very creditable
grades. Indirect information from
Col. Kittilsen is to the effect that Lau
rin and Wright passed very easily in
their examination at Dixon last Friday,
their commissions are not expected un
til they have reached Springfield. Regi
mental Quartermaster Scargeant Mc
intosh and Regimental Color Ser
geant Kimmerling also expect their
commissions while in camp.
Floyd Searcy is 14 years old. and
his parents reside at Woodhull. Floyd
formerly lived here with his parents,
and came to Moline again last Thurs
day. He gave every promise of
becoming a criminal, but his career
was checked yesterday morning soon
after he tapped the till at Ganz's
Merchants' restaurant on Fourth ave
nue, opposite the depot. He secured
$7 in cash and immediately took to
the wooks. After an exciting chase to
East Moline he was caught by Officer
Carlmark and held to the grand jury.
Several hundred men and boys are
idle in the city and some are vainly
hunting for employment until the fac
tories resume operations, while farm
ers are in an equally vain scarcli for
men to assist in taking care of the
crops and the stock. It is not neces
sary to go many miles away from the
city before the) can find employment.
William Hoyt has reached St.
Louis, on his trip from Deere & Co.'s
factory to the St. Louis exposition
pulling one of the company's cultiva
tors with his wife and baby boy as
passengers. Mr. Hoyt and his fam
ily will remain at the fair a fortnight
at the exiense of Deere & Co. He will
remain about the company's exhibit
and will he of more or loss of interest
to fair visitors as the one who accom
plished such an unusual journey.
The talent has all been engaged for
this year's Star Course 1'nion which
will begin some time in November at
the First Congregational church. The
program for this season is as ood. if
not better, than ever before, and, as
the appended program will show, on
ly the best has been provided by those
Odozone, the New
Deodorant for
Armpits and Feet
Non-poisonous, antiseptic and
germicide. purinVs and cleans
the skin and curs chafing any
where. OUuzune is the best
known remedy for prickly heat,
mosquito bites, hives, bee stings,
and flea bites, giving quick re
lief if thoroughly rubbed in
Odozone for sw.iity tender feet
las no equal. Odozone rubbed in
the armpits once a d.iy entirely
removes the sweaty odor.
NJX-E $g2I
NX-E Co. Chicago
Front ix VR- Back H4 in. I
(Quarter sizes n you wisn. I
Ti GEO. P. IDE A CO., Makers.
in ciiarge. The exact dates ot tue
program hav not been decided upon
as yet. but tne numbers and tue or
der in which they will be given are as
follows: The Government Official
World's Fair iand: the Hustou com
pany of entertainers: Prof. De Mott.
lecturer: Frederick E. Hopkins, lec
turer; Gilbert A. Eldredge. imiersoii-
ator. Mr. Hopkins lectured here in
the Star Course last year and proved
to be a popular favorite.
J. W. Smith has arrived from Wash
ngton. Iowa, to take charge of the
local exchanu.- of the Union Electric
company, a change having been or
dered by the company that more at
tention may be given to the Moline
ervice. Mr. Smith conies highly rec
ommended and has had experience ex
tending over a period of seven year-,
and is counted on to relieve Manager
Bratt of much work in his manage
ment of the exchanges of the three
cities. Mr. Smith's coming is the Brsl
step toward a more aggressive policy
on the part of the independent com
pany. As soon as President Hamilton
arrives plans for the extension of the
system to Eat Moline will be taken
up, new cables will be laid, and tht
service win re carried to tnose cen
ters where there is prospect of a
growing business. The company ha
upward of 900 subscribers in Moline
and the number is growing constant
Plans for a new office building for
the Moline Elevator company are be
ing drawn by Whit son & Drury. Mo
line's young architects. Specifications
will soon be ready, and then hids for
construction will then he asked.
The building is to he a two-story struc
ture of attractive appearance. It Will
front on Seventeenth street, facing the
west, and will occupy the southeast
alley corner on the ground adjoining
the plant site and recently purchased
by the elevator people with a view t
A Tribute to the Pike at
the St.
Louis Exposition.
While the various concessionaries
at previous expositions have endeav
ored to reproduce the midway attrac
tion, the wonderful mysteries of the
oriental, eastern countries, it has re
mained for that typical ethnological
artist, (laston Akoun. to bring before
the visitors at the St. Louis purchase
exposition an aggregation of the mag
nificent splendors of oriental life in
the east which for brilliancy, magni
tude and active natural portrayal by
means of real life exhibits has, un
doubtedly, eclipsed anything in this
line ever before attempted.
Mr. Akoun. who is a Parisian by
birth, has the advantage of former
experiences at no less than 1" previous
expositions, where his marvelous suc
cess were continually repeated, and as
a successful caterer to tin amusement,
loving public his fame spread far and
The general plan embraces a most
interesting representat ion of Asiatic
countries, including faithful reproduc
tions of the most historic and educa
tional buildings of India, the Mahal
temple of Agra, the Rain Sipri of Al
miadabad. street reproductions from
historical Delhi. Calcutta with its pic
turesque bungalows, and decorated
buildings, grill workers, with their
actual material, such as mosaic and
Be ramie panels, carved in inlaid wood.
Bazars teeming with commercial ac
tivity, with native vendors in the
picturesque costume of their native
country, form a part of the attractions.
Ceylon, with its attractive tea hotises
and kiosks, inside of which the visitors
witness the process of drying and roll
ing tea. which is served by native
Singalese in purely oriental fashion:
Bumiah. the land of white elephants,
its idolatrous inhabitants and the Gol
den Temple of Rangoon: Burmese mu
sicians playing upon their peculiar na
tive Instruments and Burmese dancing
girls doing their fantastical and reli
gious lances. A point of interest, is
Persia, the mysterious country of
Asia, with its rug markets, architectur
al buildings, caravans, sedan chairs,
dromedaries, etc. In the bazars are
seen types of Persian traders showing
the art of weaving rugs. There are
brass chiselers. candy makers, foriune
tellers and fakirs displaying and sell
ing their wares, consisting of silks,
draperies, laces, ornaments, embroi
deries, jewelry and other articles seen
in course of manufacture by natives.
In connection with this special
amusement ftature is a beautiful and
conspicuous building erected in the
original oriental style of architecture,
known as the oriental theatre, where
performers from the oriental coun
tries appear in numerous and amus
ing features. N'autch, jar, castanette
and all charac; eristic national dances
are given in the oriental style of
their respective countries. Grand par
ades.representing the rajah and the
gorgeous Durbar festival, take place
hourly. On a gorgeously caparisoned
elephant, driven by Hindoos, holding
heavy silver spears and attended by
native musicians beating tom-toms
and playing upon flutes and other na
tive instruments, the rajah is seated
in a golden embroidered hoodah. Ele
phants carrying kiosks loaded with
passengers are followed by a multitude
of singing and shouting natives, riding
in every description of conveyance
typical of their native countries. The
entire production cost over (206,600.
For the past two years Mr. Akoun
has had abroad special representatives
in search of new attractions, and at
considerable risk and expense, ob
tained the consent of the various
tribal kings and rulers to allow their
subjects to leave their native coun
try. In the entire reproduction there
are upwards of 750 people, including
zneu, women and children.
A lad named Bosen, residing in
the neighborhood of Eleventh and l.e
Claire streets, had a narrow escape
fro mserious accident Wednesday, lie
riding a bicycle and attempted to
cross the Third street railway tracks-
bet ween Party and Rock Island streets
immediately in front of a car. Motor-
man James Jacobs saw that the tad
couldn't make it and applied the
brakes stopping the car. but not before
the fender had struck the bicycle and
knocked it and the rider off the track
onto the pavement. The lad luckily
escaped without injury.
lid. J. Carroll, the prominent and
popular young attorney, who is also
secretary of the Davenport Abstract
company, sprung a clever surprise
Wednesday evening upon his many
friends by being quietly married at
the home of his brother, A. E. Carroll,
17"i. Parnate street. The bride to the
happy event was Mi.-s l.ydia Keller,
one of the charming young ladies of
Wheatland. The ceremony was per
formed at b o'clock by Rev. Father
Hogan in the presence of relatives
only. A bountiful supper followed
after which the happy young couple
received the congratulations of their
many friends and repaired to their fu
ture homo on Winthrop avenue, where
they will start immediately to house
keeping. They will take a wedding
trip later.
The recently organized local auto
mobile club enjoyed its run last Sun
day so thoroughly that the members
have projected a second one for the
coming Sunday. Arrangements are
not yet completed but it is thought
that the objective point will be Crys
tal lake in he vicinity of DeWitt. A
committee is looking over the road to
day to find the advantages and objec
tions pertaining to a trip in that di
rection. Maud Jones, the negress, arrested
by the night captain on the cbarce
of leading an immoral life, and who
asked to have a chance to dispute the
charge, was placed on trial before
Magistrate Finger yesterday. A resi
dent on Rock Island street between
Fourth and Fifth streets, gave dam
aging testimony against the woman,
who said she was married and a
boarder at the old Sargeaut home on
Blast Fifth street near Iowa. She was
according fined and costs, failing
to pay, she was sent to jail for ten
At a meeting of the Nort invest Dav
enport Turners the erection of a new
brick gymnasium to cost $7,'uo was
talked over. The new building Is to
be situated in the rear of the hall.
Nothing definite was done in the mat
ter however. The next meeting of the
society win be held Monday evening.
Til' stage of the Northwest Turner
hall has been torn out and it is most
likely that the contract for finishing
the interior of the hall will bo let at
the meeting next Monday.
The notice of the dissolution of the
Schaffer Manufacturing company
which was capitalized at 116,890, has
been filed with the county recorder.
The concern did business in the man
ufacture of garmenis in this city and
later became the Davenport Garment
Manufacturing company of which F.
G. Clausen was the president and
Herman G. Pape. the secretary. The
Davenport Garment Manufacturing
company later sold out to the Ilanna
Manufacturing company, and has de
cided to quit business. It therefore
flies notice that, by the vote of its
stockholders and directors, as pro
vided in the articies, it will cease to
do business under the statutes.
Coroner Lambach decided that no
inquest was necessary over the body
of John Munson, the young laborer
in the I. & I. camp near Princeton,
who was found dead in his bed the
other day. The voting man had been
a sufferer from tuberculosis, and it
was evident that it was that malady
which suddenly summoned him. Mun
son had no relatives or intimate
friends in this vicinity and his body
was therefore shipped to a sister re
siding at Omaha. Neb., for interment.
DeKalb and Sycamore, Enemies 50
Years, About to Bury Hatchet.
As the splendid new DeKalb county
court house nears completion at Syca
more, all the talk of attempt to again
take up the fight for the removal of
the county seat is vanishing, and the
chances are that the old sore will be
allowed to heal over, and become but
a scar on the history of the county.
The building is nicely completed as
far as the outside work is concerned
and by January 1 the interior will
have been finished and delivered to
the officials who are to occupy it. The
structure cost in round numbers, $1P -'
and it will be as handsome a
building as one would wish to see.
Not long ago the DeKalb band made
a trolley trip to Sycamore and ser
enaded the residents of the town,
stopping in front of the court house
to play several pieces. A large num
ber of the bard wire city people at
' ended the celebration at Sycamore,
July 4. and taken altogether, the hand
writing on the wall looks as if the
hatchet was to be buried for the first
time in 50 years.
The rarest combination of good
things ever put together is HolUater'a
Rocky Mountain Tea. It cures pim
ples, indigestion, constipation, rheuma
tism, sick headache. C5c. tea or tab
lets. T. H. Thomas pharmacy.
All the newt all the time The Argus.
is bad air this insidious foe to health is found. Toisonous vapors and gases
from sewers, and the musty air of damp cellars are laden with tie germs of
this miserable disease, which are breathed into the lungs and taken up by
the blood and transmitted to Amofy Mig8 January 28 1603.
every part of the body. 1 hen Duria(. 100O I was running a farm on tUo Mis
you begin to feel out of sorts aissippi Hirer and became so impregnated with
without ever suspectiiv the Malaria that for a year afterwards I was a phy si
cause No enerv or tc- cllwrect- I took a number cf medicines recom
cause. o etlU. or appc monded n8 blood purifiers, chill cures and Mala-
me, uuu neanaencs, siecjn riaeradicators, but nothing did me any good un-
ui, na praoicators, out notnmg aia mo ny Kooa un-
completely til I began to use S. S. S., which I did about a year
he diolite-.t ff- The result was that after taking throe bct
t I? V ties of the lance size I was ss well and strong us I
and" tired and
fagged-out from the
exertion, are some of the tie- Wl.
plotable effects of this enfeeb- pect to take S. 8. 8. every year as a preventive,
malady. As the disease and would advise everybody else to follow my - x
j a vi i i ample. s- OOWijEiX.
progresses and the blood be-
comes more deeply poisoned, boils and abscesses and dark or yellow spots
appear upon the skin. When the poison is left to ferment and the micro hes
and germs to multiply in the blood. I.iver and Kidney troubles and other sc
- , . rious complications often arise. As Malaria begins
if you want medical advice or any special information. This will e st you
Davis Block. Old 'Phone 114S.
O COCOCCX500000000000000C002
9 imr. jfz-
We DoiVt Need tKe Money, Maybe Yovi Do? g
Money loaned on all articles of
a few exceptional bargains in diamonds.
320 20th St.. 'Phone West 816, 4 rings.
is entirely complete unless you
have seen our display of fruits,
vegetables, poultry, etc., and
placed your order here . We
have everything on the market,
and it is fresh, too. Ixiok this
Tomatoes, Cucumbers.
Soup Hunches, Parsley.
Head Lettuce,
Ieaf Lettuce, Wax Hearts.
Green Beans, Squash,
Carrots, Beets,
Green Onions,
Celery. Rhubarb,
New Peas,
Navel Oranges.
Grape Fruit,
Pineapples, Watennelana,
Musk me Ions, Gooseberries,
Currants, Apricots,
Red Raspberries,
Blackberries, Dewberries,
Dressed Chickens, Spring
Chickens, Dresaed-to-ordeT
Dressed Squabs.
Dressed Turkeys.
BotK 'Phones.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little
thins that ever was made is Dr. King's
New Hife Pills. These pills change
weakness into strength, listlessness
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're wonderful in build
ing up the health. Only 25 cents pn
box. Sold by Harts lnyi s
Malaria is not confined exclusively to the swamps
and marshy regions of the countrv. but wherever there
anA i,avo never had a chill since. I ex
and develops in the blood, the treatment tube effect
ive must begin there too. S. S. S. destroys tho genus
and poisons and purifies the polluted blood. S. S. S.
S a ,t r .ntt-t-d mirelv vegetable remedy . Write us
to intrust the health and coin
fort of yourself and family to
the hands of any man simply
because his bid on your plumb
ing or heating work is a few
dollars lower than others.
A few physician's visits will
soon equalize the cost and you
still have the irvperfect work.
Our bid on your work means
the bect possible ideas in sani
tary plumbing or heating car
ried out with the best possible
materials and workmanship.
New 01 IS. 1 12 West Seventeenth St. O
All Run Down.
There is nothing betterSrbea you
are In that condil ion than a good
cordial. Hut it must be good. We
pride ourselves on our excellent
stock of Fine Wines and Liouors of
all kinds, and if you will only come
to us when the doctor pi es, riben,
you will be sure of getting the
Best. Our prices are more reason
able than you will find elsewhere.
Market Sqvuvre.
value. A trial is all we ask. We have
Siegel's Loan Office
Tri-City Transfer
Fuel Co.
Hauling and moving of all
kinds, large or small at reason
able rates. Dally wagons to
Moline and Davenport. We also
handle the best grades of hard
and soft coal. A portion of
your patronage is respectfully
solicited. Satisfaction guaran
teed. New 'phone 5464, old Bf6.
Office, 215 Twentieth Street,
Rock Island, III.
Transportation Co.
Steamers "Illinois," "Kansas"
and the new steel steamship
Four Weekly Sailings
to all northern Michigan resorts.
Daily to Pentwater, Ludington
and Manistee.
Rock Island to Charlevoix,
Petoskey, Bay View and Har
bor Springs and return,
Mackinac Island and return,
For folders and tickets, see
C. P. A.. C. WL I. S P. R. ft.
Rock Island, III.

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