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Member of New Faces in Fzculty
tor 1 e m That Has Just
Maurttzson Takes Scandinavian
Chair After Two Years'
Study in Sweden.
If a last year's graduate should visit
'Augustana college today he would be
Knatly surprised at the many new
fa;es In the college faculty. In fact
great changes have taken place in this
august body, but on account of the
kc thing activity at the institution
aV.ng all lines the extent of the Rain
and loss is remarked only on after
thought. Prof. Mauritzson. who dur
Ing his two-year stay in Sweden at
various universities, studied to perfect
himself in the Swedish language, is
now filling the chair in Scandinavian
languages. The chair was filled rnnji
ab'y during his absence by . Wahl
berg, who i:- now specializing in
French at Yale, where he expects te
take his degree
Prof. Kiln Hrtnrt.
Miss Mertz. of Rok Island, who dur
Ing the laft twi years taught tht
mighty language of the old Romans,
has vacated in favor of Prof. Kling.
who is now back from Yale where he
has iiit the finis'.rng touches to his
mastery of Latin.
Prof. L M. Anderson, the successor
if Dr. A. O. Brrsell. has already won
over the students through his pleasing
personality and the very interesting
manner with which he imparts his
kiiowlf lge of the beautiful musical
language of ancient Hellas. The gn
ral verdict is that "lie can't be beat,"
and it is generally appreciated that
the colli de l:as male a notable aecpii-t-'it'nn.
The acceptance of a call to a pas
torate in Burlington by Prof. Soder
grcn left the chair of Christianity va
ant, and a call was issued to the Rev.
J C. Dahlbcrg who now fills the chair
in a most satisfactory manner.
IVrtoriiw on All Wlml lnt rtimrntn.
Prof. ( )ehlschlagel of the conserva
tory department is another prominent
addition. He has studied with the
world famous violinist, Joachim, and
demonstrates by his playing that he
has appropriated some of the traits of
this great master. He is a performer
.on nearly a'l wind instruments and
lias been chosen leader of the college
band which under his watchful eye
and able direction is making rapid
strides toward success. The members
Sunday, Oct. 16.
The great success, written by Ixtttie
Blair Parker, author of "'Way
Down Ka.st,"
A play that will live forever. Massive
production, complete in detail.
The most original unhackneyed and
diverting play of southern life ever
Prices: 25c, 50c, 75c, box $1.00
Seat sale Rt theatre Friday a. m. at 0.
Wednesday, Oct. 18.
Onr Micht.
f M . Slll'llCHT'M
Famous International Musical Success,
A Chinese Honeymoon
lOO People.
The :Vw York (aalno Company.
With Great fast. Original Comedy.
Lively Music. Sumptuous Splen
dor of Scenery and Cos
tumes, Augmented Or
chestra and the
hiik hom:ymoo ( iioni s
Famed for Pretty Girls.
I'rloen 2.V- to 1.TU. Itox mrmtm f 1 '.f.
Seat sale opens at 9 a. m. Monday
iiiorning at theatre.
Thursday. Oct. 19.
Hamlin. Mitchell nnI Fields Present
The Mfw Kara! Cotwedj.
I.aacalaic Play hy tilraa MnrPnnonfli
Founded on the famous scries of "Bird
Center Cartoons." y John T. McCutch
eon. Staged ly Julian Mitchell and in
terpreted by a company of superior
conielians and a score of radiant lwau
lies. especially hosen to typify that
highest standard of feminine loveliness.
Dvi'l MIm the Pleale at -Bird Ceater."
Prleen W. '': TSe. l. f Box
urn t 91 -TK
Scat sale at theatre Tuesday at S a. m.
f the band say that he is "unap
roaehable" as a band leader.
Miss Daugherty of Rock Island is
istructress in piano and is rapidly be
oming popular. She has studied for
everal of the great masters and shows
emarkable command and technique
1 her interpretations of classical mu
le. Suceeior te Bod form.
Prof. J. V. Bergquist from Minnea
olis has been called to succeed Prof,
v. D. Bodfors, who is now In Rock
ord where he is starting a conserva
tory. Prof. Bergquist has only lately
ome back from Germany, where he
as studied for a number of years.
1th great success. He visited Augus
ana some time ago and played the
ipe organ at one of the morning exer
ises in the chapel. He has been high
er recommended and will probably
ake up active duties at the institution
t New Year's.
Prof. Kempe succeeds Prof. Penrose
n the business department and has al
eady demonstrated his abilities as an
nsf ruetor.
Dr. C. A. Blonigren from rhiladel
hia. famous as a Hebrew scholar, is
ow actively engaged in the seminary,
welling the seminary faculty to four,
he others being Drs. Lindberg, For
ander and Youngert.
ClnrRe of Mr. l"lilrn' Cinque.
Mart'n Olander has charge of Prof,
"ddens classes until the return of
he. lai.f.r at New Year s. Dr. Udden
, at present in Texas where he is on
he st -j to geological survey. Prof,
'dden's fame as a geologist is spread
ver the entire country, and his abili
ies have at various times been util
zed by the geological surveys of sev
eral states.
The seminary has no less than 11
ew names of the rolls. Of these the
'oliowing were members of last year's
enior class: O. (5. Berg. S. Berg
lahl. K. . W. Dahl. George A. Fah-
!und. K. K. Johnson, w. T. Lorimcr.
H. Nelson and E. Smith. From
'.ustavus Adolphus college. Carl Kraft
las entered, and from Bethany col
lege A. Johnson and M. SoVander.
Itulletln For the Week.
Sunday, Oct. K. Mission class, 4
. m.; sermon, 7:30 p. m.
Monday. Oct. 17. Committee on ab
sences. 5 p. m.; Wennerberg chorus,
" p. m.
Tuesday, Oct. IS. College" faculty.
! p. m.: Gladstone Debating club. 4 p.
ii.: Webster Debating club, 4 p. ni.
Wednesday, Oct. 19. Conversafory
'acuity, 1:."50 p. m.; prayer meeting.
T p. m.
Thursday, Oct. 21. Wennerberg
chorus. f p. ni.
Friday. Oct. 21. Iduna society, 5 p.
ti.; Adelphic society. 7:"0 p. m.:
P'irenokosmian society. 7 p. m.
Saturdav. Oct. 22. Student's prayer
reeling. 7 p. m.
Circuit Court Orders.
I -AW.
Oct. 1?.. 171. Gaffey. administrator,
vs. Chicago. Rock Island Pacific
Railway comrany. Case. Leave to de
fendant to file general and special de
murrer to declaration.
Ort. 1 4. G t. Draek & Kerns vs. Man
lfacturers Hotel association. Assump
sit. Dismissed by plaintiff. Judgment
against plaintiff for costs and exeeu
lit. Sidney Cooley vs. Rock Island
Sash & Door works. Case. Mot-'on hy
defendant for new trial.
I. Allen. Myers & Co. vs. Francis M.
Sinnet. Appeal by defendant. Costs
paid and case dismissed.
l..S. Lucian K. Gaylord. administra
tor. vs. George B. Swift & Co. Case
Leave given to plaintiff to file amend
ed dndaration. Defendant ruled to
plead by 22nd inst.
115, Arthur Van Novel vs. Chicago.
Rock Island & Pacific Railway com
pany. Case. Defendant ruled to plead
hy Monday next.
10,". Kmily Peck vs. Modern Wood
men of America. Assumpsit. Suit dis
missed for want of declaration in time.
Judgment against plaintiff for costs
and execution.
Oct. 13. 4S. Moline Plow company
vs. Deere & Co. Bill. Complainant
declines to amend bill, abides by the
same, and thereupon bill is dismissed
for want of equity. Judgment against
complainant for costs and execution.
95. Otto vs. Sehmid. Bill. Order di
reeting master to proceed with exam
ination and limiting time to each par
155. Kerns, receiver, vs. Westberg
Foreclosure. Motion by complainant
for receiver allowed and Omer Cow
den appointed as such upon his giving
and tiling bond in sum of $250 condi
tioned for performances of duties as
reqnired by court.
157. Kerns, receiver, vs. Anderson.
Foreclosure. Same order as in 155.
159. Kiyns. receiver, vs. Nelson.
Foreclosure. Same order as in 155.
1C. Kerns, receiver, vs. Dunn, et al
Foreclosure. Ivfendants Ed Dunn.
Emeline Dunn ami Barbara Hcisler
"ailed and defaulted. Cause referred
to master.
21 4. Walker vs. Feaster. et al. Parti
tion. Answer of defendant. Martha
Sutphin. filed. Other adult defend
ants called and defaulted.
215. Doherty vs. Doherty. Divorce.
Defendant called and defaulted.
231. Stevenson vs. Stevenson. Di
vorce. Defendant ruled to answer by
the 17th instant.
131. Okerberg. et al.. vs. Almgren. et
1. Partition. Master's report of re
ceipt of balance of sale and of making j
of commissioners filed and approved.
Master's rvport of findings as to solici-
vx.. .v.t-. ........ ... .. . . . ......
distributive shares filed and approved.)
Order directing payments as herein
above approved. Report of Receiver
3hallberg filed and approved and he
s ordered to pay out funds in his
Oct. 14. 111, Henry B. Carpenter,
onservator of William Flemming. vs.
Tames Flemming and William Wilmer-
on. Partition. Cause referred to
naster to take and report proof as to
fees on account of complainant's coun
sel and as to back and current taxes.
214. George W. Wilker. et al., vs. Nan
y J. Feaster. et al. Partition. J. F.
Vlurphy appointed guardian ad litem
or infant defendants. Answer tiled by
.aid guardian and replication thereto
iDii, cause referred to master.
The following trial list of civil cases
for next week has been arranged:
Oct. 13. 35. People vs. Arthur John
son, liurgiary. judgment, mat. ue-
'endant be confined in the peniten-
iary at Joliet until discharged in
pursuance of law and pay costs of
2. People vs. Claude Coates. Petty
arceny. becond offense. Judgment
hat defendant be confined in peniten
iary at Jol:et until discharged in pur
uance of law and pay costs of prose
In County Court.
Oct. 13. Estate of John Tindall. I
he matter of approval of final repori
and settlement of executors herein
Jy agreement of E. D. Sweeney, at i
orney for executors, and C. B. Mar
hail, attorney for certain heirs, tht
hearing of said final report and settle
nent is continued to Oct. 23, 1904. at
a. ni. Ordered that objections bf
lied by that tim.
Estate of Ferdinand Davis, Sr. T
II. Chesley, judge presiding. In the
natter of petition hy widow to ap
point appraisers to fix amount of wid
'iw s award. Hearing therein navinp
been had on Oct. 5. 1901, at 2 p. in
and said petition having been consid
ered by the court it is ordered that tin
objections to the same are overrule!
and the prayer of petitioner is granted
Objectors except.
In re conservatorship of James Con
nelly, insane. Petition for appoint
nient of a conservator filed. Hearing
-et Tor Oct. 27, 19". at 9 o'clock a. m
Summons issued returnable at tha
!ime Estate of Richard Sample. Supple
nentary inventory filed and approved
nnual report filed and approved.
Oct. 14. Estate of Hazel Norris
"laim of E. R. Ames allowed in class f
it $17.25. Claim of C. P. Luthead al
owed in class 1 at $';5.
Estate of J. B. Wells. Claim of Dr
Bernhardi allowed in class 5 at $5
71aim of E. E. Ump allowed in class
U $1.9).
Estate of R. J. R. Baker. .Tohr
chaefer. Edward Cool and Carl Flick
nger apiointcd appmlsers in the eo
partnership of which deceased was i
Estate of Ferdinand Davis. Sr. Ap
eal prayed from order entered here
n Oct. 13. 1901. by objectors and al
owed to the circuit court of this eoun
"y upon objectors filing bond in th
sum of $20i in 30 days to be approve!
') the court.
Estate of Henry Seiiwcnnocker. Re
:ort of sale of real esrat" to pay debt
lied and approved. Order for execu
'rixto collect purchase money and ex
x'litc deed.
Real Estate Transfers.
Oct. 1.?. Laura E. Wilson to Mrs
Mary A. Allen, n 40 feet lot IS, block 2
linnet's add.. Riek Island. $1,050.
S. J. Wood in to C. F. Krueger. lots
1. 2. 3. 4. 5 and block 2. Woodin't
Third add.. Rock Island. $1,400.
Selina W. Jones to F. G. Pruessing
'ot 1. block 2. Ellen S. Webber's add.
Moline. $2,500.
J. Nielson to Henry Fluegel, lot V
block 2. Rodman's stibdiv., Hale's add..
Rock Island. $1,ooo.
Charles Willhite to Sadie Walker
lot 5. block 1, William Dickson's add..
Milan. $250.
Oct. 14. E. W. Hurst to Carl Waid
ner. lot 13, block 3. College Heights
add.. Rock Island. $250.
John A. Westborg to Olof Neilson.
w ;n f(rt lot 4, block 2, Smith's add.,
Moline. $1,725.
A. D. Poston to John A. Olson,
lot :. block 1, West Moline add..
Moline, $950.
Officers Elected by First Methodist
Church Society Last Evening.
Tho Epworth league of the First
Methodist church held its annual meet
ing last evening, electing the following
President Miss Harriet L. Hender
First vice president Miss Anna
Second vice president Miss Clara
R ticker.
Third vice president Mrs. E. H
Fourth vice president Miss Eva T
Treasurer William Lavender.
Secretary Miss Grace Noftsker.
I. ST White female oIlie. brown spot
ted and wearing tajr marked I'nion
'I'll.. Chiraifo. Rrturn to 104 Thir
tfonih strft an1 b? rewarded.
FOR RUNT Furnished rooms, with all
mulTn rnpvf ni'-nrcs. in nw hoiis
Inquire at Thirty-ninth strft.
Fort REXT Furnishe.l roorns with
stam hat and all modern improve-nr-nt.
in xhr- M.mcker buiMinjf. In-
:iiir- W. Mauok-r .rooms 1 and 'Z.
LOST IWwwn Twontv-tliird rtTe
:ir..l !!f r.rston's M k. K"M-rim tis
irla..-ff with r-hiin attached. Findr
turn t Arri u ri o and rc-iv
rw; rd.
1 '1 1 T . T . T - V " - - . . 1 .
II,, nt 'l 1 alt m...lrn
1 1 f i V 1 1 I
f"; hN" Si st cls tab board Hi
r asuriabir friefs. New 'phor.tr
122'. Second avtnue.
Several Hundred Presbyterian
Delegates to be Here Com
ing Week.
Annual Sessions of Women's Foreign
and Home Mission Societies
at the Same Time.
Plans are complete for the annual
meeting of the Illinois synod of the
Presbyterian church in Uock Island
he coming week. The meeting, which
.vill be attended by 200 ministers and a
arge representation of the women in-
erested in the several auxiliary so
ielies. will open Tuesday evening at
roadway Presbyterian church. Sev
nth avenue and Twenty-third street,
:nd continue to and including Thurs
day evening.
Simultaneous with the meeting or
be synod will be held the annual sess
ions of the Woman's Synodical So
iety for Foreign Mist-ions and the Wo
lan's Synodical Society for Home
fissions. The itogram in full fol
j.vs: Tiif(lny EYeoliiK.
7:30 Sermon by the moderator. Rev.
dgar L. Williams.
S::J0 Synod constituted viib prayer,
toll call. Election of moderator and
-miorary elerks. Adoption of pro
ram. Report of committee id jirrange
iu nt:-.
Wc4nriMlfi Horn In jr.
S : 0 Devotional fellowship.
S:10 Completion of roll. Heading
linutes. Introduction of corrospond
tg members. Announcement of tami
ng committees. Records ani papt-rs
resented and d:st ributed. Report of
tated clerk and treasurer.
9 : 1 " Christian education Rev. W
'. P. Bryan. IX I.. chairman. Pastor
f the Church of the Covenant, of Chi-
ago. 111. 1, "Oiir Educational Agenc-
?s." MeCormiek Theological seminary
.ake Forest college. Blackburn ro",
ge. Illinois college. Genesto Collegi
te institute. lTn!on academy; 2, "Our
Vork for Candidates for the Christian
linistry," Rev. W. S. P. Bryan, Rev.
'ornelius M. SteiTens. of German
'heologieal seminary. Dubuque. Ia.;
.. '"Our Duty to Youth in State Insti-
-itions," Rev. Edward W. Clippenger,
astor Presbyterian church, Cham
aign; 1. "Our Plans for the Colleges
nd Academies Within Our Border,"
lev. V.. S. Marquis, chairman synod
al educational committee: Rev. E.
'. Ray, secretary of college board.
12:00 Luncheon at the church.
Wrtlnrwlny Afternoon.
1:3 Preparation by prayer. Re
iort of committee on bills and over
2:00 Conference on foreign mis
ions. Rev. W. S. Marquis, chairman. 1.
'raise and prayer; 2. synod's response
Christ's command in lOOS-'O-l; wo
ten's societies. Mrs. S. O. Lough
idge; young people's societies. Miss
'nnny Cleland; congregations. Rev
'-eorgo C. Livingston, Virginia, 111.; 3
The Forward Movement." "The Mo
ive Power." Rev. Charles M. Spin
Talca. Chile; "The Ne'd and
Mf.ii." David MeConattghy. secretary
jrward movement: "Discussion and
::.:o The spiritual life of the
hureh. Rev. Frank M. Carson. D. D.
hairman, Iake View church. Chicago
Facts and Figures from the Field."
The Evangelistic Campaign." Rev
loward Agnew Johnston, I). I)., New
4:15 The communion of the Lord's
5:00 Recess.
7:30 Address. Christ s Cause m
ndia." W. A. Wanless. M. D.. mis
ionary from India. Address. "In this
ign Conquer." David McConanghy
ecretary of "Forward Movement" in
oard of Foreign Missions.
S:30 Address. "Hie Provision and
3repetuation of a Gospel Ministry,'
tev. B. E. S. Ely. Jr., D. D... Roekford
Thursday Morning.
Home missions. Rev. Thomas D. Lo
:an. D. D.. chairman. First church
Springfield. 111.
S:C0 Pray ye the lord of the har
S:110 Report of committees, fin
inee. assembly minutes.
9:30 "Building Ud the Weak
Places." In Illinois. Rev. Thomas D
'xigan. "The Cost." Rev. Edwin L
ord. Aurora. "By the Women." Rev
George F. McAfee, secretary Home
Mission board. "Among the Freed -nen."
Miss Mary E. Holmes. Rock
ford. :"The Outlook." Rev. Edgar L.
Williams, Peoria. Discussion.
11:30 Report of special committee
m powers of licentiates, Ephraim Ban
ning. Miscellaneous discussion.
12:00 Recess. Guests entertained in
fhe homes.
Tharadny Aftrraooa.
1:30 "Watch unto prayer, and above
all things have fervent charrty among
1:45 Miscellaneous business. Next
place of meeting.
2:00 General church work. Rev.
Henry K. Denlinger. D. D., Chairman.
Bloomington. 111., Second Presbyterian
church.. 1. Allied agencies; 2, brief re
ports; 3. topic for discussion: "Mutu
al Benefits and General Church Life."
3:30 The youth of the church. Ret.
W. Francis Irwin, D. D., Springfield.
III., Second church. 1. report of chair-
man; 2, address, Rev. W. J. Mc Caugh-
an, D. D., Third Presbyterian church,'
Players Who Led in Fielding and Bat
ing in Season of 1904.
The fielding and batting averages of
players who have taken part In eight or
more games in the Western league
in the season of 1904 have been com
piled by President M. H. Sexton. In
individual batting Leslie, of Sioux City,
leads with a percentage of 375. but
he participated in only 31 games. Con
galton, of Colorado Springs, who was
in 12S games, is next with 327. Gra
ham, the former Rock Island player,
has an average of 27G for 12S games.
White, of Denver, leads the first base
men with 9S9 for 55 games. Conery.
of Des Moines, is next with 9S7 for
143 games. Hallman. of Denver, heads
the second basemen, with 904 for 139
games. Schiebeck, of St. Joe, heads
the third basemen. His average is
936 for 124 games. Of the shortstops.
Radcliff, of Colorado Springs, has the
best average, 940, for 70 games. Of
the fielders, Fiske, Des Moines, 11
games, and bcneineck, of St. Joe, 10
games, have a percentage of l.Oyrt.
Blake. Colorado Springs. 110 games.
has 9S3. Of the catchers. Hermau.
Colorado Springs, nine games, has a
percentage of l.ooo. Gonding. Omaha.
115 games, has 97. Brown. Omaha.
leads the pitchers, with a winning per
cent of .714 in 28 games. His fielding
average is S57.
Mr. Sexton, speaking of his purpose
to bring before the meeting of the Na
tional board of arbitration at New
York the reported attempt of the Rock-
ford association to disrupt the Three
Eye league because of its dismissal.
said this morning that one of the chief
functions of the national association
was to protect the leagues scattered"
over the country of which it was com
posed. "The people of Roekford who
take a common sense view of the ac
tion of the Three-Eye league cannot
help but admit that the move was
forced by reason of the poor patron-
nge of the games played in that city.'
Mr. Sexton said. "There was no oth
er Grievance asrainst Roekford. Six
of the cities voted for the change. It
had to be made. The national asso
ciation will sustain our action. I am
satisfied, and if the fans of Roekford
know what is best for them, fhey will
take their medicine in sportsmanlike
Annual Meeting Called.
A call has been issued for the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the
Rock Island club next Tuesday even
'ng. Reports for the year will be road
the new park plans and next year's
campaign will be discussed and officers
to serve next season elected.
Chicago; 3. five minute address from
: 4 : 30 Miscellaneous business.
5:00 Recess.
ThurNtlny l;venl?i.
7 :30 Address on home missions
Rev. Howard Agnew Johnston, pastos
Ma Iison avenue Presbyterian church
representative of the board of Home
X ::;( "The Battle with the Sal-ion."
W. II. Anderson, superintendent 1.1:
nois Anti Saloon league.
WumnnN rrelnn MIhnIoii.
Wednesday morning 9:30, devotional
service, led by Miss Carrie B. Sharp
Chicago. Minutes of last meeting. Mrs
D. Melntyre. Mattoon. Roll call. Ap
point ment of committees. Report of
corresponding secretary, Mrs. S. O
Loug'.iridgo, Peoria. Report of secre
iary of contingent fund. Miss M. Pad
dock. Pana. Report of secretary ot
literature. Mrs. .1. G. Rankin, Quiney.
Report of secretary of young people's
woik. Miss Fannie Cleland, Rock Isl
and. Report of executive conference.
Music. Experienre hour, led by Mrs.
B. H. Brainard, Lincoln. Study classes.
Presbyterian loyalty. Nion-tide prayer.
Wednesday afternoon 2: 00, opening
service, Miss Julia II. Johnston, pre
siding, Peoria. Election of officers.
Music. Young people's hour, led by
Miss J. Thompson. Bloomington. Rep
resentation of board of northwest.
Miss Grace Curtis, Glenn. Japan. Mis
sionary hour, addresses by David Me
Conaughy, secretary board of Foreign
Missions; Mrs. Charles M. Spining.
TaUa, Chile. Closing prayer.
Unnmn'fi Home Mlftnlonx.
Thursday morning:
8:15 Devotions. led by Mrs. J. M.
Slaymakcr, Albany. Minutes. Mrs.
George B. Safford. assistant secre
tary. Presbyterial roll call.
9:30 Greetings from Women's
Home Missionary board.
9:40 Report of corresponding sec
retary, read by Mrs. SafTord, Chicago.
10:00 Workers' conference, Mrs. N.
S. Berger. presiding.
10;45 Report on literature, Mrs. A.
H. Dean, assistant secretary, Chicago.
11:00 Freedmrn's repot t. Miss
Mary E. Holmes. Roekford. Contingent
fund report, Mrs. SafTord.
11:30 Our substitutes, by Presby
terial deb-gates. Rejorts of executive
committee conference. Appointment
of committees; bir'ns; recess.
Woman Frrin Ml union.
Thursday afternoon:
1:45 Prayer service, led by Mrs. W.
R. .King. Monmouth. Annual election
of officers. Report of young people's
secretary. Miss Iuise Frackelton.
2:30 Silver anniversary of Wo
man's Home Missionary board. Miss
Julia H. Johnston. Peoria.
2:45 "Two Million American Polan
ders", Mrs. C. A. Antoszewski. Chi
cago. 3:20 "As Seen by the Superintend
ent." Rev. George F. McAfee. Collee
3:50 "Black but Comely," exercise
xister Mrot&n
Suts and Overcoats
JFor Children
XUc ln)itc art Inspection.
We Sk.re J3he only firm in
Rock Island selling genvi
ine Buster Brown clothing
Will be the Place to get your
Furs, Scarfs. Clusters,
Victorines, Pelerener,
Fiat arvd Fancy SKapes.
All kinds of Fur Jackets and
Capes. Fur R-emodelinrj.
Look For the Bear.
prepared' by Miss Holmes for Sunday
4 :.".' It' port of resolutions com
mittee. Closing service, Mrs. Kdwin
C. Kly, lead- r, Peoria.
National Batting Averages.
Only seven National league batters
wound up the season with records of
.:!0l per cent or better. Of these. Hans
Wagner, who lead the league last year,
is the star, with a percentage of ."41.
Old Jake Hcckley is second, and Mike
Donlin third.
The averages, as compared with for
mer years even former years under
the foul strike rule are very feeble,
weak all along the line.
Pittsburg bads in team batting and
New York in extra bases rnd steals.
Wagner is the chief individual slugger
and the siar base runner.
Taylor of New York and Briggs lead
the pitchers in the field. Warner tops
the catchers. Pietz the first basemen
and Raynier the second saekers. Me
Cormiek leads at third and Corcoran
at short, while three outfielders man
aged to escape dropping any flies.
Three teams finished the- season tied
for first rank in fielding honors.
Peoria Association Organizes.
The new Peoria club, immediately
after securing Roekford's place, form
ed its organization by election of offi
cers as follows:
President John Finb-y.
Vice President William Meidroth.
Secretary Al Leisy.
Treasurer Art hur Lehman.
Manager Hugh Nicol.
Cleveland the Winner.
Pittsburg. Pa.. Oct. 15. By winning
yesterday's game Cleveland took the
post season series from Pittsburg. The
score; r h
Httsburg 1 2 "
Cleveland 1 11 2
Batteries Flaherty, Roberfallie and
Phelps; H'-ss and Remis.
Ftltz Defeats Tipman.
Baltimore. Md.. Oct. 1." Tommy
Felfz was given the decision ov-r Joe
Tipman !at. night, after 1" rounds of
hard fighting before the Hureka Ath
letic club. Tipman was ten pounds
heavier than Feltz and had agreed to
forfeit his share of the purse money
if he failed to knock Feltz out. but he
was completely outfought by the light
er man.
Wrestling at St. Louis.
St. Ixi;:s, Mo., Oct. 15. The prelim
inary and art of the semi final bouts
Yes, We
PIea.se you if
'tis T5fe
you ta.ro looking for.
GreaLt line of the I
fall styles of
of the Olympic, amateur wrestling
championships were contested yester
day in the Stadium on the world's fair
grounds. The results of the semi fin
als follow.
1.1." pound class 'I. 10. Clapper, Cen
tral Y. M. C. A.. Chicago, defeated his
clubniate, ,. C. Balicock; Theodore
Mcl.ear, National Turnverein, Newarl;.
N. J., defeated I). Wort man. fJerman
Amcriran Athletic H:ib. Brooklyn.
H5 pound class R. Tesiny. St.
(leorge Athletic club. New York, de
feateti Dr. William J. Hennessy, Wor
cester, Mass.; Otto V. Itoolm. Central
Y. M. C. A.. Buffalo, defeated Albeit
Zierkel, National Turnverein, Newark,
N. J.
18G pound class Charles Kricksen,
Norwegian Turnverein. Brooklyn, de
feated Dr. William J. Hennessy, Wor
cester, Mass.; William Bechman, na
tional champion. New West Side Ath
letic club. New York City, defeated
Otto F. Roelrn. Central Y. M. C. A.,
Big Football Games Today.
Iowa at Chicago.
BeJoit at North wepferi.
Michigan at. Ohio State university.
Wisconsin and Notre Dame at Mil
waukee. Ames at. Minnesota.
Indiana at Illinois.
Creighton and Nebraska at Omaha.
Wabash at Purdue.
Harvard at West Point.
Syracuse at Yale.
Princeton at Annapolis.
Brown at Pr n;;y Ivania.
Buel ne at Cornell.
Alhrr;;fit at Carlisle.
Anib' rst at Columbia.
Dartmouth at Williams.
Football Team of Northwestern Mili
tary Academy Here Today.
The football ternnr, (,f Augustana col
lege and the Northwestern Military
Academy of Fulton are contesting on
Augustana campus this afternoon. T'oh
Augustana team has slightly the ad
vantage of weight, but it:; adversaries
have gained a good reputation on the
gr:d!ron thn year. The Fulton boy:t
arrived this morning, and spent, the
arly part of the day visiting tho
roints of interest about the city. They
artracf-fi considerable attention in
their uniforms of gray.
Diamond Jo Line Steamers.
SI 0 round trip to St. Ixuis, including
meals and berth. iJoat leaves every
Saturday at ":ir. p. m. For further
information, call at or telephone o Rice-,
115 Seventeenth street.

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