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Vigorous Health ta the Greet Source of
tne Power to Inspire mnd Kncourae
All Women Should Seelc It.
One of the most noted, mccewf ul and
richest men of this century, in a recent
article. Las said, ' Whatever I am and
whatever success I have attained in
this world I owe all to my wife. From
the day I first knew her she has been
an inspiration, and the greatest help
mate of my life."
f J&fitf. Bessie Jfinsley J
To be such a successful wife, to re
tain the love and admiration of her
husband, to inspire him to make the
most of himself, should be a woman's
constant study.
If a woman finds that her energies
are flagging, that she pet easily tired,
dark shadows appear nneier her eyes,
she has haclcae-hc, headaches, bearing
down pains, nervousness, whites, irreg
ularities or the blues, she should start
at once to build up her system by a
tonic with specific powers, such as
1 .yd in E. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound. Following we publish by request a
letter from a young wife :
Dwr Mrs. I'inkiiam:
Kver wince my child was horn I have suf
fered, as I hop few women ever have, wirh in
flammation, female weakne, leearinir-down
(mills, lrkii hw and wretch"! hada bs. It
aftWted my stomach so I could not njoy my
HieaW, and half my time wan int in !-d.
" LyeliiK. iinktiHii k WietailH Compotmel
madu mea well wtmin, aiwl I f-H so grateful
that I am glad to write and tell you of my
marvelous recovery. It hrotu ht me he-alth.
new Ufa and vitalitf." Mrs. liessie Ain&ley,
till South 10th Street. Tacorun, Wa-h.
What Lydia K. I'inkham's Vegetable
Compound did for Mrs. Ainsley it will
do for every sick and ailing woman.
If you have symptoms you don't un
derstand write to Mrs. I'inkhain, at
Lynn, Maw. Her advice is free aid
aiwajf helpful.
Don't Put Off
Wearing Glasses
When yon find your eyes trou
ble you. We lit the eyes In a
scientific maimer und make no
charge for examination. We
cure headaches, blurred isiou,
sore eyes and all ailments due
to defective vision. Bring in
tne children.
Opposite Harper House.
Look Ahead
And Provide Now for
the Necessities of the
Don't neglect your teeth. Do
lay never betters the conditions.
I- will put your mouth in fir.st
class condition at u reasonable
price. makiiiK both you and your
purse happy. Note prices for
the next SO flays:
Set of Teeth uy from. . SS.00 8
Rridge Work, per tooth. S3. 00
Gold Crowns. '11 karat. $
u trum SS.OO g
Porcelain Crowns S 1.00 O
Gold Fillings, up from.. 1.00
Silver Filling, up from. 05Q
Cement Fillings
Examination free. Extraction
free 'where teeth are ordered.
Ask for free sample of tooth
powder. All work guaranteed.
Dr. Herman Paulsen.
Hurst block. Twentieth street.
Telephone west 27. Hours 8 tJ
12; 1 to 0; Sunday, a to 12.
No Unpleasant Effects.
If you ever took DeWitt's Little
Early Risers for biliousness or consti
pation you know what pill pleasure Is.
These famous little pills cleanse the
liver and rid the system of all bile
without producing unpleasant effects.
Sold by all druggists. .
Wylie Becomes Bankrupt. Papers
are being prepared for transmission to
the Frilled Slates bankruptcy court for
J. S. WjHe, who asks to go into volun
tary bankruptcy. The bankruptcy nat
t'.is arise out of Mr. Wylie'.- connection
with C. J. Devlin and the Marquette
Third Vein Coal company. It is believ
ed that Mr. Wj lie's liabilities will
areo-mt to $:J1,C'9 and t'.ie assets
arc estimated at $l't".o'"t Hut a small
proportion of the debts are personal
ones of the bankrupt and inojt of them
arise out of his biisinis-s connections.
It will be rtii.tn.bi.rLd that Mr. Wylie
was connected with C. J. Duvlia of To
leia. Kaiis.. in vario-t bit -::neS3 deals.
Of la:e Mr. Dvlin. because of illness
and not bein? able to afend to his
business, failed and. in his failure. Mr.
Wylie became deeply involved. Both
Kentiemen were greatly interested in
the Marquette Third Vein Coal com
pany. Mr. Devlin owning half the
tock. The notes which Mr. Wylie en
dorsed aggregate a considerable
amount awl. while he cannot place all
of them. Mr. Wylie feels that they ag
gregate so high that he cannot help
nimself and inu?t seek relief in bank
ruptcy. The Marquette Third Vein
Coal company is capitalized at $"oi.-
it'tt. It is believed that the property,
if properly v.crkeil. is worth a great
1 al more-. It is now in the hands of
the receiver and it is believed it will
realize enough to clear away all out
standing eL-bts and have some over.
Jevne Won at Billiards. The inform
al opening of the Jevne billiard aca
demy occurred Saturday evening and
was a pronounced success. There was
i la rue a: tendance present and much
interest was manifested in the several
exhibitions. In the three-cushioned bil
liard match Mr. Jevne defeated Mr.
Cation 25 to 17. IJoth gentlemen after
ward gave a fancy shot exhibition. Mr.
Jevne also gave an exhibition with
finger balls w hich showed him to be a
master in this particular line. From
now on the new academy will he open
Creditors Close Park. Two attach
mcnta were issued in Justice Hall's
court against the Mississippi Park com
pany which controls the pleasure
grounds and inn some distance above
LeC.aire on the line of the 1. & I. One
attachment was in favor of Al Reub
sam in the sum of and the other
in favor of V. S. Holbrook in the sum
of ?!t.t;.. On. Saturday afternoon Con
stable Ilumsey levied upon the park
and pavilion and placed ltyron Hall on
guarel duty. It i understood that oth
er local merchants will also take out
attachment papers against the com
pany. Changes Name. Annndnieiits to th-
articles of incorporation of the Daven
port Gas Mac hine company were, tiled
with the e-ounty recoreler Saturday.
The amendments will completely
change the line of work in which the
company is engaged. The first amend
ment Is in the name', and provides that
here-after the company shall not be
known as "The Davenport Gas Machine
company." but as the 'Hydraulic Cen
crete Construction company."
Obituary Record. Saturday ecc-tir-red
(he ileath of Henry Peters, aged ',','J
years. Deceased was born in Germany
and came to this eemntry in 1SS0. He
was employee! in the glucose plant for
the past 17 years. The cause of death
was earn er of the stomach. He Is sur-vive-d
by his wife. Mary, and seven
children. Hulda. Edna. Emma, Freda.
Henry. .John and Hattte.
Friday e vening at the- home ef the
patents. Mr. and Mrs. Theedore Nath.
oceurre-el the death ef their infant
daughter, Dorothy Nath aged 1 month
and -S days.
Mrs. and Mrs. A. llehm. of 123 West
Fifth stree t, are mentrning the eleath of
their infant son. Elmer H. llehm. who
died Saturday morning.
Land Bargains
M niton, rt acre, fn the semi-arid West,
until recently conMered worthies., are now
beintf .ucceksfuUy cultivated through
Scientific Agricultural Mtthods
the diversification of crop, and the trow
ing: of mw grains and zraf, Intro
duced by the V. S. iH-partmrnt of Agri
culture and Mate Agricultural College
experiment stations. We orter such lands at
low pr-es and on easy terms to investors
or s-ttler. Write tor facts, figures and
maps. Mention this paper.
Dept. P, Omaha, Neb.
1 ' " '
Goes to Holland. Rev. Father
Charles Frencken. assistant at St.
Mary's church, who has been a patiwnf
feir the last six months in Mercy he.-;
pital in Davenport, has departeel for
Grand Rapids, Mich., to visit his broth
er. Rev. Harry Frencken. pastor of St.
Joseph's church. Freem there he will
ge io Hertege nbesch, Hollantl. to spend
the winter with his parents and re-cu-perate
his health. Ho will return to
America in the spring. Father Frenck-e-n's
brother. Rev. Herman Frencken.
is assistant pastor at Sacred Heart
cathedral in Davenport.
eif Chicago, and he has been succeeded '
by Rev. William Swensson. formerly
pastor of the Fifth Avenue ehurch. Chi
cago, lue appewBtments win ue raa
at the closing session of the confe-rence
Thirty More Eagles. There are 30
more Kagles in Moline. A class ef
that number was taken into Meiine
aerie. Ne. 1112, Fraternal Order of
liigles. Saturday afternexm. the intia
tery exercises being held at Central
l'ark hall.
Acts as a Bar to Profitable Employ
ment. You caur.ot afford to grow old.
In these days of sirenuems compe
tition It is necessary to maintain, as
long as possible emcs youthful appear
It is impossible to do this without re
taining a luxurious greiwth of hair.
The presence of dandruff indicates
the presence of a burrowing germ
which lives and thrives on the roots
of the hair until it causes total baldness.
Newbro's Htrpicide is the only
known destreyer of the pest, and It is
as effective as it is delightful to use.
Herpicido makes an elegant hair
dressing as well as dandruff cure.
Accept no substitute there is none.
Sold by leading druggists. Send tea
cents in stamps for sample to Herpi
cide company, Detroit. Mich. T. H.
Thomas, special agent.
Officers Chosen. Attorney J. 11.
Hatiberg. of this city, acte-d r.s ex
oHicio ptesiii. nt Saturday at t!:o ses
sion of th- Illinois Luther league- i:i
the absence f the president. Reports
were heard .Hid officers for the ensuing
year were eiecte-d. The officers are:
President, M. C. Olson. Chicago; re
cording and corresponding secretary.
Miss Alvina Suit ; treasurer. Albert
I.undgren. (ialesburg; statistical sec
retary. Miss May Molander.St. Charles:
literature secretary, Ueyd M. Siccke-1.
Chicago; executive committee. Rev. C.
K. Soiberg, Chicago. Rev. I,. L. Stark,
Chicago, and Miss Minnie; Stohr, Fl-
Christenscn - Rundquist. Amid the
stately appointments of a church cere
mony Miss Selmu Rundquist. of this
city, became- the bride of Dr. J. A.
Christc nson. ef Manistique, Mich.,
Thursday at Ophiem, in Henry county.
The wedding was celebrated at high
noem, ami the officiating clergyman
was Rev. Car! Christensen ef (Jene-va.
brother of ihe groom and president of
the Illinois Luther league.
Flower Show Success. The first an
nual flower show in Moline was a
grand success and Saturday afternoon
eiver 1.20" people visited the Industrial
Home hall to see the exhibit, which
was superior to anything of its nature
ever attempted in Moline.
Obituary Record. Sarah, wife ef
James Mu'.holland. ef Kighieenth-and-a-half
avenue, died quite suddenly
at her Imrr.e Friday afternoon. Sarah
Murphy was born in Norwich. Conn.,
Dec. 2S, 18.".;. She came west with her
parents when emly a small 4iihl. and
since then Moline had been her home,
for the greater portion ed the time, j
She became the wife of Mr. Mnlhol-
iana June i. s.ie leaves ni
childre n.
Charles L. (Jrimes. superintendent
of Williams. White & Co.s plant in
Moline for 2" years, died very sudden
ly at his home in Detroit, Mieih.. where!
he had but recently moved from Dav
enport. Mr. Crimes was born in Mans
fielel, Ohio. In 1SS0 he came to Moline
and was employed by Williams. Whito
& Co. as superintende nt. He was con
nected with this firm in that capacity
until Ho0. when he severed his connec
tion and went into the iron and bridge '
business at Wichita. Kans., in com-1
pany with James Warren and J. An
thony. Heider's Son Hurt. Harold, the 11-
ear-old son eif Sheriff W. S. Hol
der, dislocated tia shoulder while
playing In the Washington school yard
in this city Saturday.
Rev. Miller Comes. Rev. J. p. Miller
has been appointed pastor of the Swed
ish Methodist churcn of this city for
another year. Rev. A. N. Sorlin, who
has been presiding elder of this dis
trict, goes to the Union Avenue church
Rock Island county court. Judge E.
E. Parraenter presiding.
Probate. Kstate of Henry R. Al
brecht. In re sale of re-al estate- to pay
debts. Lionel tiled ami erdcr of sale.
F.-tate eif Xe-ls Anderson. Proof eif
ileath filed. Will presented feer probate.
Petition for prebate of will tiled. Hear
ing on said petitiein for probate set for
Oct. lo, l'.tor.. at 'J o'clejck a. m.
Instate of Carl Otto Andren. Inven
tory of Ciiarles A. Larson as adminis
trator tiieel and approved.
Kstate eif Peter Stelck. Proejf of no
tice eif petition for probate of will made.
Deposition eif Gemrge Oldefest, erne of
the subscribing witnesses to will, tak
en in open court in. proof of execution
thereof, lile-d ami appreived. Ordereel
that the matter of the proof and pro
bate eif saiel will now stand along penel
ing the coming in of further testimony
Instate of F. C. A. Ifc-nkmann. Prexif
of mailing judge's notice to all persems
known to be interested in the appraise
ment eif property eif said estate and
the assessment of the state inheritance
or succession tax t hereon filed.
instate eif Charles Wood. Wieiow's
relinquishment ami selection filed and
approveel and oreler turning over prop
erty selecteel to widow.
Kstate of Ie Roy E. Phillips. Final
reiHjrf if aelministrator fileei. It ap
Iiears t he-re is no furthe r notice neces
sary. Final report approved. Said
administrator elischarged and estate
Hstate of Mary Jane Hyde. Proof of
ek-ath filed. It appears that the origi
nal will herein has been lost anel can
not be found ofter due search and In-
eiuiry. Copy of said will presented for
probate. Petitiein for probate eif said i
will frleel. Waiver of nejtice1 as requir-;
ed by law by all heirs and legatees and 1
elevisees and prayer by tlie.-m thateouit '
admit will to probate at once, filed.
Estate eif Sarah Annie Kirkpatrick
Report of mailing appraiser's nertice to ;
all parties interested in property to be j
assessed for the purpose of fixing the
state inheritance tax, filed. Appraiser's j
report of value of estate for the pu.-J
pej.se of assess'ng state inheritance tax. '
showing value to be :;.2od. filed. j
Estate of John P. Lineigren. Report i
of sale of real estate to pay debts filed i
and approved and order for execution j
ejf deed to purchase. . j
Estate of John Aster. Appraisement j
bill and widow's award filed and ap
Estate of Theimas Mackin. Petition
for the removal of exexutors appointed
herein and for appointment of administrator.
"The Embezzler" Tonight, This
evening the Van Dyke & Eaton ceim
pany eipens a week's engagement with
"The Embezzler." As the title sug
gests, this story te lls the tale of an un
scrupulous person whose' nefarious
business schemes lead to a defalcation,
and in the course eif events suspiciem
falls upon an iumx-eut man. Tiie, clev
erness of the carefully laiel plot leaves
the spectator for a time in doubt as to
the possibility eif a happy elenoue r.ient ;
but t"o dramatist, by a logical ane con
sistent metheid ha? unwoven the tangle
and lauded The Embezzler in the mesh
es at last. The innocence eif the ac
cused niat is finally established, the
course of true leive niad smooth and
virtue, receives its reward.
"The Female Detectives." There was
a gooel auelience at the- Crand ope ia
house Saturday eve ning te witne ss the
pe i feirmance- of "The Female' Di-tect-
ive." There were over 20 people' in
the cast and the show is a creditable'
one eif its class. -'
Again at Rock Island. French's
New Sensation, the river the-ati-r. is at
the Reiek Island levee, and tonight t In
vauelevillo company will give its en
tertainment in the- floating tha r au
ditorium. The company pie"--ent'd a
performance- at Roe-k Iland a few
weeks ago. ami maeie' a di e-id" d hit.
John Davis, a Reick Islaml youti-- man,
is a inentber eif the e-einipauy. :el hi:t
dancing' stunt on rolle r skate-s is one
ed" the'- main fe atures eif the' ImM.
The Lyman Twins. The Lyman
Twins in "The Rustlers" plaved i-'fer-a
fair sit"'! hei4:;o at the Illinois last
e ve iling. "The twins lemk e-x:eeM! alike
:-.tul nil- wc-11 able te take- a part' in one
eif the mix-up cemie-elie-s. Atrs. Evans,
whi) was in the -company in i-'onlj. the
atre at the' time of the- assassination of
Pri'side-nt Line-oln appears s an old
mate! anel is very spry tor euie- of her
Incredible Brutality.
I: would have been incredible bru
tality, if Charles F. Lemburger, of
Syracuse, N. Y., had not done the best
he could for his suffering son. "My
boy," he says, "cut a fearful gash over
tis eye, so I applied Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, which quickly healed it and
saved his eye." flood for burns and
ulcers too. Only I5c at Hartz & Ulte
meyer's drug store.
HOW JOHN s. sous
Should any person ever express a eloubt
as to the merits of Dr. Kicbard-i Dysj-e-psia
Tablets please send the eloubting jktsoii tt
me. I can show liim or her how I was once
practically a total wreck ; hew I went
through every phase of tlyspcpsi:e and how
the disease undermined my cejnstittitiejii anel
made me lose flesh until I was the shallow
of my former self. ,
WI13-, many of my friend lielieved I had
consumption, anl I myself began to fear it
and to make plans for removal te a warmer
and drier climate and for the abandonment
of my business.
When, on the recommendation of a
friend, I got some bottles of Dr. Ricliar.ls
Dyspepsia Tablets, I received more benefit
by far than I ever ex
pected. I wa CURED
and cureel so radically
that fer the last eight
months I have not had
even a slight symptom
of nervousness or indi
gestion. I have gained nearly
twenty pounels in weight.
I am a perfectly healthv
man, and Dr. Richards
Dyspepsia Tablets elid it.
I will back up every word
of this letter at any time.
Yours faithfullv,
37 Fulton Street,
Brooklyn, N.Y.
V.lfl 1
Are you one of those who hear the
clock strike all night?
Each hour seems like three.
Sleeplessness is nerve-excitement.
Sedatives may seem to help for the time
being, but the reaction leaves the
nerves more irritated than ever.
Well nourished nerves are calm and
steady. Theironly sourceof nourishment
is the food we eat.
Food to be of value must be digested
and assimilated otherwise we starve.
Breakfast, dinner and supper contain all
the nerve food required.
Dr. Richards
Dyspepsia Tablets
Cure sleeplessness not because they
contain anything to produce sleep, but
because they remove the cause of the
nerve irritation.
Sleeplessness is a symptom of indiges
tion sometimes the only symptom.
The point is to build up our digestion
so that our food becomes red blood,
muscle, fat and nerve tissue.
Dr. sXichards Dyspepsia Tab
lets aid digestion, clear out all ob
structions and tone up the stomach
until it is able to do its work with
out help.
Jt you suffer from Indigestion or
from any of its effects, such us Heart
'Palpitation, Nervousness, LiVer
Trouble, Headaches. Write for
a free sample of Dr. Richards Dys
pepsia Tablets.
At all drug stores 50 cents (say Dr.
Richards twice to the druggist), or send
money direct to u3 and we will 'sup
ply you.
Write to-day for free sample.
63 and 65 Worth St., Nw York City.

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