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Published Dally and Weekly at 1624
Second avenue. Rock Island, II L En
tered at the postofflce as second-class
TERMS Daily, 10 cents per week.
Weekly, $1 per year In advance.
All communications of argumentative
character, political or religious, must
have real name attached for publica
tion. Ko such articles will be printed
over fictitious signatures.
Correspondence solicited from every
township In Rock Island county.
Friday, Feb. 16, 1906.
la Fulton county the democrats and
republicans will hold a joint meeting
to make arrangement for the primary
elections. The idea is not a bad one.
Good nominations and a square
fight will enable the democrats to
elect their county tickets in not less
than half of the counties of the state.
Former Gov. Yates is claiming cred
it for the primary election bill. Gov.
Deneen is making the same claim.
Senator Cullom is too old a politician
to make an early claim of anything.
ed by the countries that have made
reciprocity treaties with' Germany. our
agricultural 'interests will experience a
loss so far as the German market is
concerned, and what is thus lost may
never be regained. It is possible that
this is not as well understood at Wash
ington as it should be.
Rev. Dr. George II. Simmons, the
Peoria suicide, was merely an em
bezzler, perjurer, adulterer, bank
wrecker, forger, torturer, wife robber,
and degenerate. In other words he
was a perfect gentleman. And yet for
a man with but one vice he was sure
ly going some.
Speaker Cannon was being urged
by Representative Hitt to deliver a
speech. Mr. Cannon begged to be ex
cused on the ground that he was not
familiar with the subject, which relat
ed to the foreign affairs of the gov
ernment. Mr. Hitt would not accept
this as an excuse and after consider
able urging Speaker Canon consented
to make a speech, saying he would
talk but twenty minutes. "I guess
can talk that long and conceaj my ig
norance." said Mr. Cannon.
State) Committee Meeting.
A meeting of the democratic state
committee has been called to convene
in the Sherman house at Chicago, Fri
day, Feb. 1C, at 11 o'clock a. m. An
invitation is extended to all democrats
who may be interested in the meeting.
to attend. One of the purposes is to
confer about the new primary election
law and its application to the ensuing
state convention and another object is
to fix the time and place and basis of
representation for the convention.
The meeting will be in many re
spects one of the most important held
in many years. It will afford democrats
a means to get together to talk over
the situation, to adjust differences and
to harmonize factional divisions, and
to outline plans and policies for the
Illinois is far from being a hopeless
iy republican state. The internecine
strife now going on in the republican
ranks is the fiercest that has ever
waged within party ranks. The two
factions, the federal and the state
wings, of the party are both strong
and unrelenting and will carry on the
battle one against the other to a finish.
Democrats, it is true, have some differ
ences, but whatever they are. all dem
ocrats seem to feel united in the deter
mination to make a vigorous fight
against the two machines, both of
which are fighting to control the repub
lican party, and neither of which ap
Iears to concern itself about the real
interests of the taxpayers and citizens
of the state.
Tax is Due. -
Taxes for the year 1905 are now duo
Parties having personal taxes and na
real estate will make immediate pay
ment. The law in regard to the collec
tion of personal taxes will be strictly
enforced. Payments made previous to
and annoyance to the pervjna' propa
ty tax payer. Please bring your last
year's receipt.
March 31 will save cost of collection
Township Collector.
Office with II. A. Weld, attorney-at-Iaw,
room 59, Mitchell & Lynde build
Four years ago William Rockefeller,
the Standard Oil magnate began an
action at law against an old army vet
eran named Lamore for trespass on
the magnificent Rockefeller estate at
Malone, X. Y. The jury returned a
verdict In favor of Mr. Rockefeller,
and awarded him IS cents damages
because the track of a little road of
which Lamore was promoter, touched
the Rockefeller preserves. The case
has taken a dozen turns, but it is
still In the courts. Rockefeller is try
ing to get his IS cents and Lamore is
trying to keep from paying it.
Macomb Journal: From all appear
ances at this date, Congressman James
McKinney is to have the field of re
publican congressional nomination to
himself at the coming convention in
this district. So far the Journal has
heard of no other candidate and there
is likely to be none. Under the pri
mary election law, a would-be candi
date for congress on the republican
ticket in this district has to file a peti
tion containing considerably over 1,000
names before he can. get on the pri
mary ballot: and as the procuring of
such list is no-fun job it practically
eliminates from the contest those who
might desire to make the race simply
to get before the public, but with no
thought of securing the prize. Hence
unless a man is bonafide of intention
he will not enter the race.
rCopyrisht.lD05.by McClure. Phillips & Co.
Things came about one spring day
that Farmer Johnson, living two miles
from the village of Lansing, traded a
numler of hogs and calves and a cow
for a voke of oxen. Farmer Johnson
had been a farmer for a good many
years, but bad never owned a yoke of
oxen. He was a good man ami a mem
ber of a church congregation in the
Tillage, and his wife was known far
and wide for her gentleness and Ienev
The robins were tuning up their lyres
and making ready to build their nests
and go in for the simple life when the
farmer yoked up his oxen and hitched
them to the plow and started in to
break the soil of a live acre lot which
was to bo planted, to potatoes. The
oxen turned a furrow twenty rods long
and then decided to rest. They were
coaxed and argued with, but they
were obdurate. Not an hour's work
was got out of them that whole day.
The May sun was sbinJng Just as
brightly and the May robins were
singing just as gayly when the farmer
and bis oxen started In on the se-ond
day. Peace on earth and gxl will to
men seemed to prevail nil along the
line, but a close observer would have
noticed that the farmer's jaw was set
and that the oxen had a defiant toss
of the head. Things developed early.
When two furrows had been plowed
across the land the oxen suddenly
started and ran away,, and plow and
runner were" drs creed falonir for ten
minutes before there was a halt.
When the oxen were brought out aft
er dinner the farmer was armed with
a stout club, and the liglrt of Bunker
1 1111 shone In his eyes. Perhaps the
bovines had premonition-of the coming
cyclone, for they Jogged along in a
sober and industrious way 'for half an
hour before breaking out; then it was
another runaway and a halt in a fence
corner. Thev had onlr stopped to
breathe when the farmer was on top
of them with his club. He also broke
forth into language. He clubbed and
he exclaimed; be pounded -and he ejac
ulated; he walloped and he cussed.
One of the travelers aloii the high-
wav that afternoon was the widow
Barnes. She belonged to the same
church as the Johnsons. She drove up
as the circus was in full swing, and.
Jumping out of lier buggy, she mounted
the roadside fence and shrieked-out:
'"Stop that! Stop that! Samuel John
son, have yon gone crazy?"
"None o vour business!" was shout
ed back.
"But I'll make it my business. Don't
you swear another swear in my;pres-
Tbe German Tariff.
It is the agricultural interests of the
"United States which will suffer most
from the new German tariff. The in
creased duties were for the most part
imposed with a view to the protection
of German agricultural products. They
were demanded by the agrarians. These
duties will consequently bear most
heavily upon some of the principal ar
ticles we export irom uermany. it is
pointed ont that the difference between
the general rates and the conventional
rates, the latter being for countries
which have effected some reciprocity
arrangements with the German govern
ment, is very great, in many cases as
much as 100 per cent. This is so as
to wheat, flour, corn, lard and some
other articles. At present fresh ap
ples are admitted free into Germany,
but after March 1 the duty on them
will be $2.3S per 100 kilogram, equal
to 220.4 pounds.
The New York Times remarks that
any one can see that here is a matter
not to be neglected. "The consequence
of neglecting it will be to make Ger
many increasingly independent of our
products. She will look to Argentine
for her foodstuffs, a little country of
5.000,000 people already having a for
eign trade of $131,000,000. which is rap
Idly increasing. She will look to her
European neighbors for a larger pro
portion of her supplies, and Europe,
enjoy!r te benefit of lower duties,
would have a decisive advantage over
us." This exactly states the situation.
If no arrangement Is effected between
this country and Germany, by which
American products can obtain the
"conventional" rates that will be enjoy-1 Hams' Pink Pills,
Thousands of Cures in Many Disor- "Bv thunder and lightning and jingo
ders Due to This Wonderful and Teter and raul!"
Prescription. - I "And don't you hit them oxen nnoth
For nearly a generation the people of er "lou
Pink Pills during whirh tini nmnf f "I command you to stop! In the name
.h,.co,i r.t i. .,,-, ...,. of the law I command you not to strike
been published and confirmed and not nntner lliv.
one person has been harmed in. the f armer Johnson stnick a dozen
iirhtt Ar.o i,v ,hoir Ba ry "tT well. I know what I shall do
,la.,mpnt i mrt -i,h h .Ki..i. Tue IH!ile n round here shall know
u in I what sort of a man you are before the
,,i,to sun goes down. '
itui v-unv ;i on lit ll 1(4.11 L. UJl all V I , - . . . ...
, . . . ... i . , The widow drove to the village and
win-, nuit.li .uilitl illllllC II r llli lit 1 . . . t a a. , . . , Ail
..... J to the minister s, and the story she told
cate constitution. , ... . . , , . , TT
. . ., . made the good man s hair stand up. He
Two cases in one family ,s a credit- xMn't help but feel that it was his
SS. 8h!?S " t1he1emcae- f. DJ- duty to go out and investigate, and the
,,....au.s x .UK rum u, mr.iers 01 tne wIdow ,ent him her Lorse aml huegy
uu a.u. iue lonowmg for the drive. He arrived at the John-
cases may easily be investigated by ROn farm to find the oxen resting under
the incredulous. ft t,.ee an(l the farnieP sitting on the
ror oer a jear. says anss cnar- fence wlth n 8traw in his mouth. The
lotte an Salisbury, of Castleton, X. oxen were wondering what further dev-
.. "I suftered from neuralgia and pal- ulrv they could be guilty of.
pitation of the heart. My skin wac i am sorry. Brother Johnson, very
pale and sallow and I was. troubled sorry" began the minister as he heav-
with dizziness, fainting spells and fits ed a long sigh.
of indigestion. I was very nervous and "Sister Barnes told you all about It,
would start at the slightest sound. At did she?"
times a great weakness would come "Everything."
over me and on one occasion my limbs "She said I pounded the oxen .with a
gave way under me and I fell lo the club?"
sidewalk. I did not lose consciousness "She did, and I can see proofs of it."
but was unable to move for several "She said I swore?"
minutes. "Like a pirate of old, and I can al-
"Of course I was treated by our lo- most smell the fumes of sulphur
cai physicians and also consulted a around here. Brother Johnson, until a
noted doctor at Albany, but nothing man can control his temier be cannot
they gave me seemed to benefit me. looked upon as a Christian."
One day I read in a newspaper about "Parson, did you ever drive oxen?"
Dr. Williams" Pink Pills for Pale Peo- BRkl to farmer after a bit.
pie and I immediately gave them a ant RAJ that I ever did, but
trial. Before I had finished the second nothing can convince me that It is
box I felt much better and my color npsary to resort to profanity and
had begun to return. I continued tak- nruta,itr to move a yoke of gentle
ing the pills and by the time I had ryea oxen a,OI,S-
taken eight boxes I was entirely cured. ome Blong and Klve u a trIaI-
"My sister. Sarah Van Salisburv, suf- Ains 8WU hwumwsu, out me
fered terribly from anaemia She was , , Tm auacneu to tne plow ana
pale and thin and we feared that she llCld?1 a,ronnd' Bn1 he nnced and
would jH come a victim of consumption. r "e P V "an',,es "na aTe
She tried Dr. Wiliams Pink Pills for A-, , . , 7u .Tl .
Pale ePople and in a .short time she 1?e,r momt tor the first five min
began to gain in strength and weight. T? V, "tle af PMU'? runninjr
She is now strong and well and we lV h , , TA, I T
both hcartilv recommend Br Williams' fto' hled. turned the yoke and
p;i. rm, ran over the plowman and dragged him
. ....v ...a mi a it- in in iich:ui. i r ,i xl .
Anv iwrn vL-h.. !u i.. .... ........ uicy coum DC
1 ..... . 1. IIUIIUl .!.- lt I liv hAaHAii
advisability of taking Dr. William' I -n,.e. V u .- .
rti. Din . i ...u . ...... s. I - 111 c J uave ucea act
...n. ....a a u-i wiiu win wrue me nr. I lrl .
Vi;i:omo M.i;;.. . 'J uereu
........ ...c ..iiuniug .uiiiiauj , oi iiccia- I h,n farmtki'
tlatl,,,, ,.,H 1 .V... ....... ""lc,l'-v ",ul," lUWUlli WIO
"",1,"d " "ttuci ui uui me puis nave I fnn
j j.j7 I
. .?-u ,u s.un.ar cases. Aii tetters are And z don.fc mnK I'm so muchto
- ""-a oim i icijf iflllT . Ilnm Tnr chnnHnff nf tk
hat has ever been written this com- Hia nthpr rlimhi r in ,
. s now on file m its office, ready and into th VMna.'.'hn
for instant reference. I t mnv hnro ,,0 i.,k Jok -
Dr. iluams Pink Pills are sold by Jr. but under the cirpnmrnw
all druggists or by mail at SO cents j The good man said "get up" to the
i-ci ut. ma ikjxcs ior i.ai. Horse and moved off
$5,000 REWARD The Dr. Williams Two hours later the widow Barnes
Medicine company has authorized the appeared at the rarsoneue to see If
cashier of the Union National bank of Farmer Johnson was to be churched
oc-uuetiaiiy, .n. 1 ., 10 pay me sum or ror profanity and cruelty, and the mln
$5,000 upon evidence of fraud on its Ister advanced and whispered in her
part In the publication of the. forego- ear:
ing testimonial, cr of any others used "Drop It! I'd have knnctfxi tfcof
in maning Known tne merits or Ur.WiI- corns on; the first half day"
I liams Pink Pills. ' u nn.n
THIS noteworthy showing cf dainty, filmy summer cottons em
braces a greater variety and more beautiful patterns than we
have ever shown heretofore. Wice shoppers are making selectons now,
realizing that many of the prettiest and exclusive effects sell out ear-
ly. And then, dressmakers can care for you best now. We were for
tunate in being able to secure from one of the leading manufacturers
a quantity of especially pretty fabrics at a price that we can in turn sell
them to you at a saving over the current prices. A few:
Fil de Suie A sheer, mercerized fabric, that will make up lovely in
shirt waist suits and dresses. Thi; variety of pretty patterns is almost
unlimited; one is a close-barred t ffeet, in two tones, sprinkled with
llowers; another is pin-checl s of ;recn, sprigged with flowers
in natural tints; per yard 22
Itellet de Soie Any woman would delight in a frock from these airy
stuffs. Combinations of lace stripes and mercerized figures; penny
s'ze dots on two-tone grounds; al: : floral effects; per
'anl 280
Soie (ilaeee One exquisite paiteru is a corded white ground on which
lace stripes alternate with mercerized ones, and the whole Is strewn
with little blue flowers; charmia; for party dresses; per
-vanI 280
Mercerized checked cotton taffeta; various sizes; black and white
checks; will retain lustre as ;r.ercerized before
Jassaniine batistes in beautiful floral effects,
at 100
Organdies of incomparable beauty, in floral effects,
New English Mohairs.
WE wish to attract the attention of particular dressers to this ex
... ceptionally line collection of bright, new English Mohairs. They
have a beautiful, lustrous finish that glistens like silk. Hairline and
broken checks; exquisite two-toned effects in green, navy, black, brown,
tan, black and white. Imagine the possibilities for street and traveling
dresses from such pretty weaves; 15 inches wide; the
-vard S1.00
English Mohairs, in plain black, navy and cream, prices range
upward from 500
Notice to Contractors.
Bids will be received for improving
lames McElroy property on Thirtieth!
street and Eighth-and-a-half avenue. !
Improvements consist of. grading of
lots, lowering houses, and new founda
tions. Specifications and plans on hie
at the office of Wallace Treiehler, Rock
Island. 111. Bids will close 10 a. in.,
March 3, 1HG.
Certified check of $500 to accompany
James McElroy, Engineer.
The Yellow Fever Germ.
has recently been discovered. It bears
a close resemblance to tne malaria
;erm. To' free the system from dis
ease germs, the most enective remeuy
is Dr. King's New Life Pills. Guaran
teed to cure all diseases due to ma
laria poison and constipation. 25c at
Hartz & Ullemeyer drug store.
1 . 170? 2- AVt
Flcck Island. III.
The basic principle underlying
our business is that of exciusive
ness. We devote our entire
time to the jewelry business. It
takes years and years to master
it. So when you want a watch
or jewelry or silverware, or need
repairing done, you turn natur
ally and rightfully to a store
whose scope is commensurate
with the best to satisfy your
We expatiate and elaborate
on ouf service as being the best.
It Is the best. It is not a ques
tion with us whether you trade
here today or tomorrow. Our
aim is to impress your mind and
make this store more " than
passing thought.
The Secret
of Our Success
As sellers of silver and silver
plated ware is that we purchase
only from manufacturers of es
tablished reputations, and we
satisfy ourselves with a profit
that anyone would consider fair
PLATED war;,
By far the most attractive line
on the market. Made in bright
and butler finish. Would be
pleased to have you call and see
these designs.
Opposite Harper House.
707 2V AVI
Rock Island III.
Front, 2H in. Back, 1H tn. I .
Fashionable ComfortaLlo i f
MaJtt ia Quarter sise f f
wQEO. F. IDC . CO;
i See Our
Window for
A Fine
Display of
Finest and most complete line
in the city.
Just received a fresh line of
Huyler's, Lowney's and Allegret
ti's chocolates and bon bons. Ev
ery box guaranteed.
The Master Specialist - Physician
There is nothing that can get in more pain and suffering in so short a
time as an attack of just common "piles." To stop these attacks and
remove permanently the cause of so much suffering is part of my mis
sion. I do this without cutting or hindrance to business. Call and see
me, and I will fully explain ho w this is done, as well as any 4her rec
Complaints are often the cause of recta diseases, especially if you are
constipated. When you have tried in vain all of those thousand and
one cures for dyspepsia, etc.. come to me and I will cure you sound and
well, if you will but follow my simple directions a reasonable length of
time. To those who will 'lo this there is no such thing as failure to
cure. This is my business and I know what I am talking about when
I say
SKIN and Blood Diseases cured by my methods when all other treat
ment has failed. I remove the cause and so the cure is permanent.
KIDNEY Complaints are deceptive and may soon reach a dangerous
stage without warning. Attend to it at once. Chemical and microscop
ical examination shows the exact condition and stage of your disease.
Call and be cured before it is too late.
WOMEN, you can be cured without the danger of operation. No mat
ter if others have failed, I can cure you, and do so in a short time by
my European method. Iet me explain to you just, how it can o done.
Hundreds of cured women can testify to my success in these diseases.
RHEUMATISM in all its forms, and neuralgia, or nerve troubles cured
by the latest and best methods know to science. We have cured many
that had been given up by others. Call and let us talk it. over.
BLEMISHES of the face, as Moles, Wafts, Superfluous Hair. Tumors,
etc., removed without scarring, never to return.
MEN, young or old, who have lost their usual youthful vigor, no mat
ter whether from excesses or other causes, call and I will show you
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methods. Give me the same chance and "I will cure you"' and treat
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tell you so at once. I use nature's own methods of bringing back tli
nerve force and powers. Remember, I cure Nervous Debility, Varico
ce'e, Stricture, Blood Poison, Gleet and Premature Discharges, etc.
Call and let us talk it over together free of charge, and I will 1ll you
just what I can do. A personal visit is preferred, but the fact that
you are out of town and can not. call need not deprive you of my serv
ices. If you can not call, write and receive full particulars, mode of
treatment, prices and terms. These will be mailed to you free of cost.
Ask for free symptom blank. Letters and office calls free and confiden
tial. No treatment sent until ordered.
When you come to town, call and sec Dr. Nichols.
Free Searching Scientific Examination
1719 Second Avenue. Rock Island. 111.
Over R. Crampton & Company.
Hours, 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Daily, Feb. 15 to April 7, via the Rock Island.
Use free reclining chair cars or pay a very moderate
sum for berth in Pullman Tourist Sleeping car.
Take your choice of two good routes,
Short Line or through Scenic Colorado.
Through cars both ways.
Our tourist folder will be of interest,
ed on request.
via El Paso
Gladly furnish-
Dealers in single and double
strength Blinds and Mouldings.
Veneered and Hardwood Floor
ing of all kinds.
Dealer in single and double
strength Window Glass, Polish
ed Plate, Beveled Plate and
Art Glass.
311 AND 329
F. H. Plummer,
C. P. A.
FLock Islfvnd.
Miles of Wain Paper
to go at low prices not because there Is anything wrong
with It. The patterns are good, the colors harmonious;
but we must clean our shelves for the new season's stock.
Our prices for hanging are as low as the lowest and good
workmanship will permit.

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