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Which Goes Into Effect Next SaturdayPoints to Keep in
View, With Suggestions to Democrats as to the
Danger In Apathy The Candidates.
Its first operation occurs Saturday of this week, the hours being from 7
a. m. to 5 p. m.
The voting places are as in an ordinary election in the various ward pre
cincts throughout the city and county.
The judges and clerks will be the same as those who serve in an ordin
ary election.
All parties vote in the same precincts between the same hours, the po
litical denominations being designated as follows:
socialistic, RED.
There are two ballots to be voted, the candidate ballot and the delegate
The candidate ballot must be marked in the square preceding the name
of the choice of the voter. This ballot will be supplied by the judges and
clerks as in an ordinary election.
The delegate ballot will also be found in the voting places, but it may be
secured anywhere and taken with the voter, but it must correspond in color
with the ha I lot voted in the booth. The delegate ballot is not to be marked.
It is simply voted.
This being the first instance of the operation of the new primary law,
many complications are likely to arise and confusion result. Much of this will
operate against the democrats if they are not careful, and all that can be
done to counteract such an effect is for all democrats to make it a point to
vote and to vote intelligently.
Democrats should be guarded about getting into the hot fight that is rag
ing with the republican party for the United States senatorship the state
senatorship, and the shrievalty.
Unfortunately, democrats in different parts of the city who reserve the
right to help their friends regardless of politics in preliminary contests, have,
without realizing the provisions of the law, signed the petitions of candi
dates for republican nominations, while many have likewise gone so far as to
consent to become delegates on republican tickets, thus depriving themselves of
the right of franchise in their own party in any respect, so far as this pri
mary election is concerned.
This will have the tendency to reduce the democratic vote materially,
and in this is the danger of majority democrats not asserting themselves'unless
every untrammeled member of the party makes it a point to go to the polls
Saturday and vote his preference, bothas to candidates and for delegations.
But apart from the features of the primary law, a number of phases af
fecting the democratic party have developed throughout the county. One re
sults frcm the report systematically circulated for a purpose that the demo
crats have no interest in the primary and no right to participate. Under the
law, however, there is but one primary day for both parties and the demo
crat who fails to avail himself of it, forfeits his right to elect candidates in
his own party. Another impression that it has been sought to have prevail
is that there is but one aspirant for the. nomination for minority representa
tive in the candidacy of James G. Britton. But there is another candidate
who is seeking the endorsement for minority representative, in the person cf
John Looney, whose name appears on the candidate ballot and who will have
delegates in the field for all the conventions.
There are two candidates for democratic 'county nominations, in Corne
lius Donovan and Peter Schleuter, Jr., for sheriff.
There have been some peculiar combinations developed in the primary
election affecting both parties, as the list cf delegates will show. There are
rumors of all kinds of double crossing and trading, but one fortunate thing
of the new law is that any attempt to swap or combine between political par
ties will be discovered the moment the one who attempts to practice it en
ters the polling place, where he must indicate hie politics. So that while the
opportunity is afforded for vest pocket voting on the delegate ticket, there
can be no chance of it so far as the candidate ballot is concerned, and the
the weather:
Partly cloudy tonight, with probably
kowrnt Friday fnlr and continued
The noithnritlrrn atornt which ha
moved eaatward to the Red river val
ley ha been attended by ahowcra and
thaaderatornia from the Mlnnourl val
ley to I"n and Mlnneaota and at acnt
tered atnflnna In the Canadian north
Treat. It hna alao raunrd a noticeable
riae In temperature In the upper Mla
alaalppl valley. Thla dlnturhaace la be
ing aueeeeded in the northern Rocky
mountain atatea and tbe Drltlah terri
tory to the northward by rapidly rim
ing; barometera and very cool tempera
ture. The northern low preaanre will
probably cauae ahowera In thla vicinity
tonight, though fair weather la indica
ted for Friday. It- will continue warm.
J. M. SliKRIER. Local Korecaater.
Temperature at 7 n. mn 73; at 3:30
p. m. 01. Minimum temperature In 21
hour a. TO. Velocity of wind at 8 a. m.,
S miles.
Inflammatory Rheumatism Cured in
Three Days.
Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind.,
says: "My wife had Inflammatory
rheumatism in every muscle and joint;
her suffering was terrible and her body
and face were swollen almost beyond
recognition; had been in bed for six
weeks and had eight physicians, but
received no benefit until she tried the
Mytic Cure for rheumatism. It gave
immediate relief an dshe was able to
walk about in three days. I am sure it
saved her life." Sold by Otto Grotjan.
1501 Second avenue. Rock Island:
Gustav Schlegel & Son, 220 West Sec
ond street, Davenport.
Delicate woman will never become
strong, happy, hearty, free from pain,
until you build up your system-with
the nerve-refreshing, blood-making ton
ic. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
Tea or tablets, 35 cents. T. H. Thomas'
man who attempts any foxy politics can be caught In the act just as can the
one who undertakes a crooked move in any form. .
In the matter of the legislative candidacy, The Argus has heretofore
spoken of the advantages offered in the candidacy of J. G. Britton who,
apart from his popularity in his own county, is perhaps more likely to prove
stronger in the adjoining county of Mercer than any one who could be select
ed at this particular time. With a solid delegation from Rock Island county
back of him, he would be in a position to bring back the nomination, but if
there are two candidates sent from this county, the greater will be the ad
vantage that Mercer and Henderson will have. Rock Island county is enti
tled to 11 delegates in the senatorial convention. Mercer and Henderson
combined have the same number.. The Argus had hoped, in the interest of
party welfare as well as party harmony In this county, that sentiment would
unite on one man, as has been the custom in the past, where the county con
vention determined the county's choice; But under the primary law the del
egates are elected direct from the party to all the conventions, and there is
no going behind that.
In Mercer and Henderson the democrats are locally united cn EiL. Werts, the
Henderson county man. Mr. Britton may, nevertheless have a delegate or
two out of Mercer county, which, if he had the backing of the democrats of
his own county, would insure him the nomination. If delegates representing
two candidates go from Rock Island county, it simply means that the nomina
tion for minority representative so far as this county is concerned, will once
more go glimmering.
In the adjoining counties there is no disturbing element, and the party
there is united so far as the candidate is concerned, although, as said, Mr. Brit
ton is apt to make inroads from outside.
It is up to democrats, therefore, not to throw away their opportunities by
giving their influence and sacrificing their own party by participation in the
factions of an opposing party or, above all, by neglecting to participate in
the primary to the extent of voting, to permit the party to lose caste.
Fail to Establish Claim Against Weston
And Pearson in County Court.
The jury in the county court in the
caoe of Ed H. Dressing for the use ot'
W. H. Whynes against C. E. Weston
and J. P. Pearson, last evening found
for the defendants. The case was
brought for $418. it heing claimed that
after closing a purchase of billiard and
pool tables, the defendants refused to
accept the property. H. H. Weld and
Attorney Cooper of Davenport appear
ed for the plaintiffs, the defense being
represented by W. A. Meese and C. E.
Dietz of Moline.
St. Paul Arrives on Way North, and
Dubuque is Up.
The steamer St. Paul of the Diamond
Jo line arrived in port this afternoon at
2 o'clclock with a large passenger list
and a heavy cargo. A large number of.
the passengers took the excursion on
the Tri City railway over the three cit
ies and over the I. & I. to Clinton
where the boat was taken for the re
mainder of the journey. The steamer
Dubuque arrived here this afternoon at.
4 o'clock from St. Louis.
The steamer Columbia of the White
Collar line brought an excursion of
Odd Fellows from Keithsburg to the
tri cities arriving here at noon today.
The boat returns this evening at G
Methodists in Wrayville.
The Methodists began their district
Epworth league convention at Wray
ville today and will continue the ses
sions until the 9th. Rev. W. C. Schultze
of this city and a delegation of 25 from
the German Methodist church are at
tending. Beal & Schmitt.
Fine tailoring. Illinois theater building.
All $5 and $6 Outing Suits at $3.95; choice of any $10 Outing Suit at $5; choice
of $15 Outing Suits, excepting blue serges, at $10; choice of $18 and $20 Outing Suits,
and they are beauties, at $13.50; choice of our 50c Neckwear at 25c; $1.95 for men's
$2 50 and $2.95 Pants; $2.95 for men's $3 Pants; $3.95 for men's 5 Pants; half
price for a lot of Juvenile Suit Novelties, small sizes only; every man's Suit at a
reduced price; all Negligee Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Shoes, etc., reduced in price.
The rroeease of Nature lijr Which It
la I'mdnrril.
Rain Is, as we nil know, the moisture
of the atmosphere condensed into
drops large enough to fall with per
ceptible velocity to the earth. The va
riation in the sizes of the drops I de
pendent upon the difference in the
height from which they have fallen
and to tHo amount of atmospheric dis
turbance present at the time. If they
fall from great heights the drops suf
fer gradual division into smaller and
smaller parts until they are at last
converted Into mists. In calm weather,
with the clouds near the earth's sur
face, the drops are apt to be large
and heavy. The formation of rain is
in general a continuation or an en
largement of the processes by which
clouds and fogs are formed. The dep
osition of moisture depends upon the
cooling of the atmosphere, but concern
ing the precise process by which the
cooling is effected various opinions are
entertained even among those who
have made meteorology a life study.
In considering the matter we have de
duced our reckonings from what is
considered the best authority on the
subject. From this it appears that the
temperature of a glvca mass of warm
air In lowered In the ordinary course
of atmospheric phenomena by one or
the other of the processes mentioned
in the following: By radiation to the
cold sky, by radiation to the neighbor
ing masses" of clouds or the cold
ground, by mixture with cool air or by
the absorption of heat in the expan
sion of ascending columns of air.
Whatever the process may be, one
thing 13 sure the cooling must take
place before the moisture will collect
into drops of sufficient size to cause
them to fall from the mass of vapor
in which the constituent parts have
been floating.
The Millionaire.
He Do you think you could live on
love alone? She I'd like to try It
awhile. I've never had anything but
money and flattery. Detroit Free
Captain Lancaster Says Eclipse
Will Not Go to Du
Plan to Open New Packet Service to
Prairie du Chien Brought Report
of Steamer's Transfer.
The report emanating from Dubuque,
that the steamer Eclipse, running in
the packet trade between Rock Island
and Clinton, was to be taken to Du
buque and operated between that city
and Prairie Du Chien, Wis., is emphat
ically denied by Captain Lancaster,
owner of the Eclipse, and at the head
of the Eclipse packet company. "No
sir, the Eclipse is here to stay," said
the captain. The business of the pack
et line between Rock Island and Clin
ton, though reduced by the interurban
in point of the passenger traffic, is
still quite heavy, and is more than suf
ficient to warrant the operation of the
steamer. It is certain that even should
the Eclipse be transferred to a line
farther north, it would be succeeded
here by another packet.
Dubuque I'eople Want It.
The people of Dubuque are anxious
to secure boat communication with
Prairie du Chien, the idea being to se
cure a service of three trips a week.
The Eclipse is a boat of just the type
required for the proposed new packet
service. It is reported that for a time
negotiations were carried on with a
view to taking the Eclipse north, but
this idea seems to have been aband
oned. It Is probable that some other
packet will be secured for the line. The
distance of the proposed route is con
siderably greater than that between
P.ock Island and Clinton.
Boats down were the Sidney, Mac,
Ruth, Wannetta, Lizzie Gardner and
Eclipse. The Columbia was up from
the south.
The stage of water was 5.10 all day.
A falling tendency in the Mississippi
will continue from below Dubuque to
Flood Rain
stage, light. Chge. fall.
St. Paul 14 5.9 0.1 T
Red Wing 14 3.9 0.1 0
Reeds Landing .. 12 3J 0.0 0
LaCrosse 12 4.S 0.2 0
Prairie du Chien . IS 5.5 0.2 0
Dubuque IS 5.5 0.2 0
LeClaire 10 4.1 0.2 T
Rock Island 15 5.1 0.2 T
Des Moines Rapids S 3.0 0.0
Keokuk 15 5.1 0.1 .02
St. Louis "0 10.S 0.2 0
Memphis 33 14.G 0.3 0
New Orleans 16
J. M. SHERIER. Local Forecaster.
Susie Bouchard.
Susie Bouchard died at. the home of
Mr. and Mrs. William Parks, 1902 Elev
enth avenue at 11:30 this morning af
ter an illness of several weeks with
tvrhni1 fpvpr Sh wns born Dec. 11.
1893. at Sears. She is survived by two)
sisters. Golda L. of this city, Marie of.
Reynolds, and a brother, James, at the i
Bethany home in this city. The fu-'
neral services, which will be private,
will be held from the home tomorrow
afternoon at 5 o'clock. Burial takes
place at Chippiannock cemetery.
Insure with Beecher Bros.
For loans see Beecher Bros.
Buy a home of Reldy Bros.
Tri-City Towel Supply company.
"The Garden of Loven" at Totten's.
For bus or express. Spencer & Trefz.
For bus, baggage, express, call Robb'a.
Bargains in real estate. Beecher Bros.
"Just You" a popular song. Buy il
at Totten's.
If you want to sell real estate, list it
with. Beecher Bros.
Coldren Land company, 53 McManus
building, Davenport.
Coldren Land comjrany run a Vpecial
car to Canada Tuesday. Low rates.
II. T. Siemon wants your tin and fur
nace work. 1526-1528 Fourth avenue.
"Just You" and "the Garden of Love"
the latest song hits at Totten's Music
Totten has a new edition of the lat
est song hits" Just You and "The Gard
en of Love."
Simser wants your picture framing.
Latest framing machinery. 1318-1320
Third avenue.
Private car to Canada Tuesday. Col
dren Land company, 53 McManus build
ing, Davenport.
Travel over the Pock Island bridge
yesterday included 2.403 on foot, 1,562
teams and 361 street cars.
Patronize the W. V. R. U. dinner to
morrow at the court house from 11 a
m. to 2 p. m. Price only 15 cents.
Expert manicuring, shampooing and
thorough treatment of the hair and
scalp given by Mrs. Sol Levi, 726 Sev
enteenth street. Old phone west 59.
Bible students will hear something
of unusual Interest, to them Monday ev
ening, Aug. C, at K. P. hall, Tremann
building. Third avenue and Seventeenth
street. Undenominational. Free.
The Ladies' A. C. society of the Aiken
street chapel will give a lawn sociable
at the home of Mrs. F. J. Tonn on
Aiken street. South Rock Island, Fri
day evening, Aug. C. Ice cream and
cake, 10 cents. Everybody welcome.
Every day a special bargain. Every
day something different. Watch this
paper. Read our locals. See our win
dows. No two days the same. For to
morrow we will sell ladies' f 2 and $2.50
oxfords for only $1.25. Lage Waters'
shoe company.
Word Faahlnua.
The history of the word asparairus
shows how, even in the days of diction
aries, word fashions change. In tbe
eightnth cctitury, even In elegant us
age, tbe delicacy was regularly culled
"sparrow grass." A dictionary of 1701
says that "sparrow grass" is now so
general that "asparagus" has an nir of
stiffness and pedantry. "Sperage" had
been the usual English form in the
sixteenth century, but hi the seven
teenth herbalists lTought back the orig
inal Greek and Latin spelling "aspara
gus." Tepys varies between "sparrow
grass," "sparagus" and "sparague." No
doubt tbe eighteenth century relapse
was tbe last, and the "a" is back for
good now.
Mother Now, Tommy, you know
what happens to little boys who are
nawehty. Tommy Yea, I know. Their
papas give 'em a licking, and tlien their
mammas pet 'em and' kins 'em and
give 'em nice things to eat. New York
Rock Island and Frisco Systems'
Gross Earnings Increase
Dividends of Holding Company 1.36 Per
Cent Better than Required 5 Per
Cent cn Frisco Common.
The statements of the earnings of
the Rock Island company of New Jer
sey, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pa
cific system, and the Frisco system,
show considerable increase over hut
year. The earnings of the Rock Island
company for the fiscal year ending
July 30. 19nc, were equal to 5.36 per
cent of the preferred issue, the full 1
per cent required dividend, and a sur
plus of 1.3G per cent. The Frisco h.vs.
tcm earned something better than 5
per cent on its common stock, alc r
all charges. The policy of the compan
ies has been for the last year or niuio
to pay no dividend not absolutely re
quired, and to expend the net lucon,.;
in carrying out the extensive plans
for the improvement of the properties.
Net Show llljf 1 orrfHKf.
The gross business of the Chicago,
Rock Island and Pacific system for the
fiscal year show an increase of over
$7.0011,000, and average gain of 16 per
cent, and beyond the average pern in
ago of gain. The net made even a
better exhibit, with an increase of ::7
per ce nt, or $3,155,589. The Fil -
lines did not do so well relatively, t In
gain in gross for the year being 9.3 p-r
cent, or $3,593,602. The gain in n I
earnings was $1.418,7N4. or 11.3 r
cent. The gain made by lxii h system:;,
controlled by the Rock Island company
was over $10,(iiio,000 in gross, and over
$1,500,000 In the net earnings.
Aledo Man Leaves Large Sum for the
Establishment of a School.
Aledo. 111., Aug. 2. The attorn y:i
having charge of the settlement of i!i-
William Drury estate, have given not
ice to the cities of Mercer county that
in that will was a sum of $II2,ooo m t
apart for Lie erection of a college to
be erected and maintained in a city !u
Mercer county. The school Ik to be
built in the city which donates the
largest sum towards its support. The
day for bids from the different citi s
of this county to he handed in has bet u
set for October 1, 19"6, at 1 o'clock at
the courthouse in Aledo. The bids sli.i 11
be. in writing and enclosed in a healed n-
veljpe., ,, ,.
Professor Tyler, of Amherst college,
said recently: "A man can live com
fortably without brains; no man ever
existed without a digestive system. The
dyspeptic has neither faith, hope or
charity." Day by day people realize,
the importance of caring for their di
gestion; realize the need of the use of
a little corrective after overeating. A
corrective like Kodol For Dyspeps'a.
It digests what you eat. Sold by all
In this state It Is not necessary to
serve a five days' notice for eviction
of a cold. 1'se the original laxativo
cough Fyrnp. Kennedy's Laxative
Honey and Tar. No opiates. Sold by
all druggists. .

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