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Idea Advanced That Rock
land Might Follow Up With
Considerable Proft
ted that the painter had been dis
charged unjustly, and had agreed to
reinstate him, but refused to give him
back pay for his lost time. It was thi.
lefusal that resulted in the local
Is-' strike, followed later by a strike over
tlie entire system.
Give Former Residents Chance to Sci
Growth of the City as Well
as Old Friends.
F. O. VanGaldor, editor of the Moi
trn Woodman, makes the suggestion
that Rock Island have a home cumin.;
vtek such as is observed by many
other cities, particularly in the e:r;:.
It is estimated that there are ".nun
former residents who would be liko'v
to attend such a gathering: and 'h-
benefits would be mutual.
It is customary to issue invitation
to all former resident s. arranging a
series of ente-tainntetiis at the oil
familiar places for their beindi!. lie
sides giving a chance for plcasan: re
unions it would give a;i opportunity
for those who have been awav from out,
Rock Island for years to note the ill
provemeiits that have been made :in 1
thus would advertise the city effec
tively. Plan for cnr.
The idea, if it meets witn favor,
should be taken up in time so h-t
those invited can take the old home
week into consideration in planning
their next summer's vacations.
Old Levee Sinks and Bar Forms Near
Landing Colonel Durham
Makes Investigation.
Colonel C. W. Durham of the loo il
office of the United States engince's
was at Andalusia yesterday, looking
over the situation there with a view to
making improvements in the harbo.-.
The old levee, which was built there
some L'u years ago has sunk and wash
ed away and a bar has formed
directly in front of the lan. ling. It i.-:
rnderstood that the levee will be re
built and the bar dredged out. Tin;
Andalusia landing is the only one on
the Illinois side between Rock Island
and Ne w Iioston. Its present con li
tion makes it difficult for the largo
river boats to make a landing there.
Next week (he engineers will begin
work at the mouth of Rock river, the
crew having completed the work at
Fulton, whre the harbor was dredged
E. A.
Dunn Reinstated at Silvis and
Paid for Lost Time.
E. A. Dunn, the Silvis painter over
whose discharge the carmen on t!e
entire Rock Island system went m
Etrike a week ago, yesterday re: urn. -1
to work at the shops, and the difficul.y
between the brotherhood and the com
pany is now entirely cnd;?d. 'I'll"
company has agreed to reinstate Mr.
Dunn with back pay at the rate of
a day for every day he lost from the
time of his discharge, .Tune 7. Th.
company iiad, before the strike, admit
land poMofnce for the week ending
July 27, 1907.
T. Andden, Iver Anderson, Miss Anne
Budin, Aug. Birkholz, Mrs. Esther
Browder, Roland Collins, Dr. W. K.
Fringer, Eugene Foster, W. II. Finley,
Mrs. Sarah (Jrosjean. F. D. dates. Vir
ginia Gilbert, Peter Hjclm, Miss Marie
Johnson, Mrs. E. P. Jones, Mildred
Johnson, Mrs. I,. Keen, M. F. Kef te,
V. S. Mack, Annie H. Montaaya. Miss
Nellie Murdock, Mrs. Roda MoMillen,
Ed. Neuby, I. Parks, I- A. Palmer,
W'm. K. Rodgers. Mrs. O. J. Roll, Miss
Mary Kemberton, Miss Nellie Ran
dolph, Ike Rothwell, John Roe. Miss
Inez E. Stile. Mrs. Clara Smith, G.
Stromberg, John C. Stoddard, George
Short. C. T. Snbuey. Jr.. Mrs. S. (J.
Smith, Geo. C. Tie, W. S. Tower. Geo.
Trine, ('has. Taloott, Mrs. Mabede
Walker, Roger Woodhull, Albert Wang.
Boys of 6th Are Becoming as
Prolicientas Veterans Un
der Camp Training
Four Remova's are to be Made by
Dealers on Second Avenue in
the Next Few Months.
W -W. I 1 m M ' X-lll JJ
Barnum & Bailey Coming with New
Sensational Incitements.
Barnum & Bailey's advertising car
No. 1 has come and gone, and the re
sults of its visit are very much in ovi-
l nee. Every wav one turns the eyes
ue tainy dazzled by the pictorial an
iiouneeiiK nts ol the coming or this la
nious show to Davenpoit. The date
has been definitely fixed lor Monday,
Aug. and circus day promises to be
ot more than usual interest. The com
ing of the Barnum A- Bailey show is
always the occasion for presenting the
newest ideas in the arenio line, and.
according to nil preliminary account ,
ibis is more than ordinarily true this
The public has learned to associate
the idea of magnitude and novelty wit ii
the Barnum A: Bailey show, but it is
evident that no previous conception of
its size and scope can do it. justice.
Owing to its magnitude, the Barnum &
Bailey circus, it is announced, will con
tinue to eliminate the parade.
Boger petitioned the police to destroy
the bundle and stop the search for iho
owner, adding that it had cost hi'u
the price of several rounds of refresh
ment for Ifis friends already, since the
publication of the story of the finding
of the package. It seems that Mr
Boger, who boards at the Hotel Dietz,
decided to throw away some worthless
articles, when he cleaned out his
trunk. He took the stuff to the riv?r
and threw it in, the janitor not helms
about to destroy the papers. He
threw stones at the package an 1
Field Meet Promises to be Three Cor- thought that it would sink, hut instead
nered Event Company A Chal
lenged to Ball Game.
it floated down the river, and wis
found by Mr. Brennan, who took it i i
the police station.
Camp Lincoln, Springfield, 111.. July
29. (Special correspondence to the
Argus.) Camp Lincoln has thrown its
spell over the soldiers of the Cth regi
ment and they are following the daily
lontine like old vets. The detachme.it
from the 4th infantry of United States
regulars is keeping the guardsmen
humping and great improvement is
being shown in their drilling. The M
fleers claim that the men are twice a;
Big Crowd Takes Excursion on J. S. to
Clinton Engagements of the
Pleasure Steamers.
The Molina Retail Merchants' asso
ciation conducted an excursion on the
John Jones, who has been conduct
ing a second ham! store between Six
teenth and Seventeenth streets on
Second avenue for a number of yea.:-,
has purchased the building now occu
pied by the Bowlby Music company,
and will leave his old quarters for th-
new about Sept. 1. Mr. Bowlby will
move into the building on the east side
of his present quarters. The building
is being remodeled by the owner.
An agreement has been reached be
tween T. J. LaVelle and the Rook Is
land Hardware company, wheieby the
two are to change locations. Mr. Li
Velle removing his clothing stock into
the present location of the Rook Island
Hardware company ami the hardware
company taking Mr. LaVelle's quar
ters. The hardware company at the
present location lias not sufficient
room for the amount of stock carried.
The partition between the building
now occupied by Mr. LaVelle and th"
furniture store formerly occupied ''
E. F. Helpenstell will also be taken in,
making one large store. The change
in location will be made the last of the
elllcien; in their drill as they were sUanu,r j. S- to Clinton today, and the
three days ago. It is the opinion of t.apaPUy of ilw boat was Iiretty weii
. .. at camp u..u a,,..,., note nays oi taxctl before it left the Acme Packet
tinning untier me insirucuon oi til'!
regulars is worth as many weeks ot
the kind of drill the men have been iu
the habit of getting.
I'Iiiii I'li-lil Meet.
Sergeant G-us Hall of Co. A. has
been put in charge of the field me -t
and is at present securing the entries
from the different companies. From
the line of the contestants and their
records, the meet will be a three cor
nered one, with Rock Island. Kewi
nee and Monmouth on the points. N.)
special time can be set aside for tin?
meet this year ami the probabilities
are that it will be run off between th
hours of 11 a. m. and 2 p. m. on two
separte davs. possibly Tuesday and
Wednesday. The meet is not causin
quite so much interest ims year as it
did last year, probably because the-e
ire to be no medals awarded. The
silver cup is the only prize.
There is a suit pending in a Sprin
F. II. Burgess of I -a Crosse is in the
P. A and R. J. Sloan are visiting in
Minneapolis this week
Mr on.l Mrc V IT ATnrclioll on 1
r . ... . , , - l .............. i. -i. ... ... ..... 1 O.I... i ..11 ,
RncVty IHWS. written or toli-iilumo'i I , , . . ...
to tti- s.M i. ty e.iiiur of The Arus, will party are inaKir.g a trip to umcago ty
t ulitilly reeeivil ninl published. Hut 'automobile,
in either ease t!i- identity el' Hie sender I
must lie m;tde known. t insure reiia- urs. .iartin Morns ot Clinton was a
liility. Written notices nni.st lear si
company landing. The boat left at V
o'clock and arrived in Clinton shortly
after noon, ami will leave Clinton on
ttie return trip about 5 o'clock, arriv
ing at Rock Island about S::10. Special
cars were run over the Fourth avenue
and Elm street lines this morning, car
rying the merchants and their families.
to the boat landing.
On the arrival in Davenport this ev
ening the J. S. will take the Davenport
street car men for a moonlight outing
down the river, returning about 11
o'clock. Tomorrow evening the Cen
tral Union telephone girls of this city
are scheduled to run a moonlight ex
cursion on the J. S. Judging from the
number of tickets already sold, they
will have a good crowd. The W. W.
will arrive from the north Saturday
morning ami will run an excursion to
Clinton, leaving here at I o'clock and
arriving in Clinton shortly after noon.
field court which is keeping the ride J wl" l ave "nion on me re-
range closed, but the officers in chan . t,lrn tr'P at 8 o'clock, arriving at Rock
of the match between picked team ; Maim at 1 1 :.:. Sunday t lie . . is
from the companies are determined to run an excursion for the M. B. A.
earrv out the affair if thev have to go Convention association, to Muscatine
nature and nddrc:
.guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A Pleasant Prospect
in View
Those people have who have a .
supply of our delicious bottled
drinks on hand on a hot day.
Our Standard (linger Ah'. Orange
Cider, Lemon Sour, Iron Brew,
Birch Beer, Coca-Cola, are sum
mer thirst-killers, that tickle the
palate at the same time.
Carse & Ohlweiler
Cor. Eleventh St. and Fifth Ave.
Old phone west 14, new phone
Anraunce Marriage. Announce- Albert Reich has returned to S'.
Iments have been received of the ma'-. Louis after visiting at the home Of his
liage of Miss Klizabeth W. Kind;, aunt: Mrs. K. Borell.
youngest daughter of the late Mr. an 1 George W. Gamble, circuit clerk .le-
Mrs. William ltinck of this citv to parted this morning for Greenville, Pa ,
Horace u . narr oi naoremenio. v .u for a visit of two weeks
which took place in that city July T.
While the nuptials were known to the
! relatives of the bride the announc-
hielit comes as a surprise to her many
friends in the city. She was born and
l eared in the city and is a graduate .if
St. Luke's hospital. Mr. Barry has ex
tensive mining interests in Californi i.
Alter Sept. 1 they will be at home a
the Lankershim hotel, Los Angeles,
Jacobron Charles. The marriage of
Miss Kffie .leanette Charles of Du Bois.
Pa. to Rev. Carl O. W. Jacobson of
j! this city took place July ID at th
home of the bride. After a wedding
trip to Buffalo. X. Y., Mr. and Mrs.
Jacobson will make their home in
Warren, Pa. where Mr. Jacobson b;
pastor of the Lutheran church. Mr.
Jacobson is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Jacobson of 4010 Seventh ave
nue, lie is a graduate ot Augustan.!
college and last spring completed the
1 1 course in theology at Atigustana and
jjwas ordained to the ministry.
Miss Augusta Lear and Francis
Beaulieu. both of Dubuque, are the
guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. K. Wrixon.
Dr. B. F. Hall left this afternoon f o
Dubuque, called there by the critical
illness of Mrs. Hall's mother, Mrs.
Mrs. Fred Moore and children of
Wiota. Iowa and Mrs. M. Moore are
guests of their aunt Mrs. F. Murphy
of i::iL' Seventh avenue.
Miss Nina Van Buren leaves tlvs
evening for St. Paul, Minn, to visit
with relatives after which she goes to
Duluth for the remainder of the sum-
i mer.
Mr. ami Mrs. Fowler Manning -i
Xew Orleans arrived in the city thi
morning on the steamer J. S. for a
brief visit at the home of Mrs. Man
nings parents, Captain and Mrs.
John Streckfus.
somewtierc else to do so. rnev are
still in hope however that this will b
HokuI.tw nnt n (initio.
The regulars have a crack ball team Is clock.
and they have challenged the Co. A
boys for a game. If Co. A can organ
ize a fairlv strong team the challenge
may be accepted.
( iunp ( haft.
The non-coms are attempting o
drive the men like a hunch of horse
Corporal Blake brings his squad to
halt by commanding, "whoa", and in
th morning Serge&ot StraussburgeT
ells them to "srit mi".
The company was entertained last cemPlry-
night by a wandering musician. II-
ept the boys laughing for sever il
hours with a number of bum joke.-
funny stories and rank songs. H
was worth the dollars(?) which rolled
into his hat when he finally passed it
Private Kennedy committed the
awful crime of going to sleep on hi
post. When the officer of the guarl
xplained to him the magnitude of hi
crime and that lie .would surely be shot
tor it, lie tearlullv as well as :.ticcess-
fully pleaded for his life. He is still
answering mess call, but his knees re
fuse to stop shaking.
Sergeant MacManus believes in do
ing to others as otheis do to him.
friend asked him for a dime.
and return. The boat will leave this
city at in: 1.", arriving in Muscatine at
12::!0. and leave Muscatine on the re
turn trip at 5 o'clock. arriving home at
Ni&geu-a. Falls
Lake Erie &
Western R. R
Lake Shore & Michigan
Southern R. R.
Leave Peoria 12:30, tJoon.
Thursdav. Aucr. 1, 1907
Rate $8.50 for Round Trip.
Tickets good going or returning on
C, B. & Q. Line Steamer Buffalo to
Cleveland, if desired.
Side Trips to Toronto, Thousand Is
lands. Etc.
Also Cheap Rates to
Sandusky and
Arrange your summer outing for the
First of August and come with us.
For paiuphlrt containing Rrnrrnl In
formation nn to rate, time, etc rail on
any flrkrt nitmt of the above route, or
District Passenger Agent,
323 Main St, Peoria, lit
Bruner-Richards. At the parsonage
of the First Methodist, church this af
ternoon at 2 o'clock Rev. R. B. Wil
liams officiated at the marriage of Wil
liam It. Bruner and Miss Eva May
iiehards, both of Cordova. They were
attended bv Miss Matilda Ilandell and
West by Zimmerman.
Files Bill for Divorce.
A bill for a divorce was filed today in
the circuit court by Mrs. Elizabeth
earson of this city against her bus
band. John A. Pearson. She charges
ninkenness and cruelty. They vc
married m this city Jan. 4, 1SS7, am
have five children. J. F. Murphy ren
resents the complainant.
Etta Kappa Phi Dance. Invitations
have been issued by the Etta Kappa
rhi sonority to a dancing party to b(
given at the Tower Monday, Aug. 5
Mrs. II. E. Casteel. Mrs. W. II. Tre-
maun, Mrs. J. B. Van Buren, and Mrs
C E. Smith will act as chaperones.
Will Give Basket Picnic. The first
annual basket picnic of the Ladies of
the Modern Maccabees, their families
ami friends, will be held at the Tower
H. E. Krell to Improve Recently Ac
quired Businesn Block.
Henry E. Krell has let the contract
for the improvement of his property at
1 S15 Second avenue to D. J. Kennedy
and work will be commenced thi
week on the remodeling of the front
of the building. A new and modern
store front is to be installed and other
improvements made." Mr. Krell re
cently purchased the property of H. II
CTeavclaritl for $18,500, the deal includ
ing the property occupied by the Ad
ams Express corftpany.
Coming to the Airdome.
Next Sunday night the Morgan com
pany opens a three weeks' engagement
at the Airdome, presenting "In Dixit.
and," in which Miss Eilleen Rosar
will be seen an the leading role. High
class vaudeville will be introduced be
tween acts, including the Rosar trio
DeArmond sisters.
Redecorating the Rock Island House,
. Painters began work on the rede:
oration of the exterior of the Ro.;
Island house. The interior will alsi
be thoroughly gone over and other im
provements made.
Meyers Funeral.
Funeral services over the remains of
Mrs. Walter L. Meyers were held at
2: Mu this afternoon from the Knox un
dertaking parlors. The servxices we-e
conducted by Rev. Marion Humphreysi
pastor of the Central Presbyteriaa
church. Burial took place at the Dixon
Wolfrum Funeral.
Funeral services over the remains of
John Wolfrum will be held at 2 o'cIock
tomorrow afternoon from the home -f
his mother in-law, Mrs. Adam Yohe,
Webb street South Rock Island. Bur
ial will take place at the Lutheran
Regular Dinners served daily 11:30 to 2
20 off this week on dinners, candies, etc.
153 CCD 4g) 1 rCQ) JcnJJ nrcQ)irie is
JUliV Villi
"A word to the wise
is sufficient."
rriHOUSANDS of people
are visiting this store
daily now in order to take
advantage of this unusual
20 Per Cent
on everything
all this week.
A sweeping offer to choose from
any of the extensive stocks in the
store at a saving of one-fifth. As
people realize the full importance
of this sale the attendance will
increase daily. It is advisable to
shop in the morning.
A few lines on which the manu
facturers restrict the retail prices
are excepted from this reduction.
Dies in Bavaria.
Word was received today of the
death of Sergeant John (lereise, former
ly of Rook Island arsenal, which occur
led last week at MuenberR. Bavaria.
Sergeant (lereise was stationed at the
arsenal for about twenty years, lie
retired last year and returned to his
an former home in Bavaria.
Hot and Cold, Rain and Sunshine in
the Past Week.
The Illinois weather bulletin fr the
week ending duly 2!t, follows:
The lirst half of the week was hot
and sultry, with maxima in the nine
ties. A cool wave overspread lh?
state about the middle of the weel:.
leachins the northern district on the
2."th, and the central and soul hern dis
tricts on the 26th. Minima in t!m
fifties were tecorded generally oa the
morning of the 2lh. 1 ne weekly ex
tremes for the entire state were U2
degrees ami 1'". degrees.
Scattered showers and thunder
storms occurred over the state on th'
first live dayr. A general rainstorm
overspread the south half on the 2St!i.
amounts in excess of an inch being re
corded at many places. The week'y
aiiiouiiis were unevenly distributed,
but averaL'etl considerably above ih-i
normal. Severe thundersrornis, ac
companied by destructive lightning
ami damaging wind squalls, oeeurrel
on the ecning of the 25th in Greet',
Morgan. Sangamon, and Montgomery
counties. Destructive storms also oc
curred at scattered points on other
days. The sunshine averaged about
7l per cent.
A Happy Man
Is Amos F. King, of Port Byron. N. Y.,
(S5 years of age); since a sore on his
leg, which had troubled him the great
er part of his life, Iras been entirely
healed by Bucklen's Arnica Salve; the
world's great healer of Sores, Burns,
Cuts. Wounds and Piles. Guaranteed
by W. T. Hartz, druggist, 301 Twen
tieth street Price 25c.
was given it under the impression
that it was a loan. It turned out that
was payment for a ticket whi.M
would admit a certain K. A. Mark ;o
the Eask Mark club." Mac got square
with the world, however, and a litt
Mrs. Jane Knestar Has Narrow Escape
at Moline Crossing.
Mrs. Jane Knestar, SO years of age,
to the good, by selling it in sueeessi ;i I and an old resident of Moline, while
to Sergeant Hoffman. Private Wad v crossing the tracks at Fifteenth street
worth and Sergeant Hall. The latter hast evening narrowly escaped being
is now trying to sell it. hit by a switch engine running at high
ri Knioln Militia. rate of speed. The engine came so
1 - - . . .
Springfield. 111., July 30. Judge I close to Mrs. Knestar that the wind
Creighton in the circuit, court here irom it threw her to the ground. She
heard arguments on the injunction pro- was picked up by passersby and car
eeedings instituted by Michael Mono- lied to the Windsor hotel, where she
van, who seeks to enjoin the Illinois has been making her home. She is
National Guard from firing onto his suffering from a severe nervous shock
property during rifle practice at Camp today . She was bruised considerably
Lincoln. A decision will be given to- in the fall
Plans are being made by the Spanish-American
war veterans of the (hli
regiment to hold a reunion at Camp
Lincoln this evening.
There are 45 of the Cth who went
with the regiment when it was mus
tered into service at Camp Tanner,
and acted under General Miles In both
Cuba and Porto Itlco.
DeWitfs Little Early HUsers. Small,
sure, safe pills. Sold &J1 dmggists
1 a Ts??.
I 9 V j --- .
Bath Room Beauty
The secret of making your
bath room beautiful is the in
stalling of high-grade, modern
plumbing fixtuies. If your
fixtures are old and unsanitary, a new
"$tai?darJ" Porcelain Enameled bath or
lavatory will work wonders in the appearance jfa
and sanitation of your bath room.
Decide now to change from the old to the
new way and let us quote you prices on these
fixtures. Iliey cost less than you imagine.
We estimate at any time and guarantee all
work to satisfy you. Repair jobs given prompt attention.
Alkiu Mvers & Company
The Charming Woman
Is not necessarily one of perfect form
and features. Many a plain woman
who could never serve as an artist's
model, possesses those rare qualities
that all the world admires: neatness,
clear eyes, clear smooth skin and that
sprightliness of step and action that
accompany good health. A physically
weak woman is never attractive, not
even to herself. Electric Bitters re
store weak women, give strong nerves,
bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin
beautiful complexion. Guaranteed at
W. T. Hartz, druggist, 301 Twentletl
street Price 50c.
Advertised List No. 30,
Following is the list of letters re- J Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve,
A cleansing, clean cooling, soothing,
healing household remedy is DeWitt's
maining uncalled for in the Rock Is-jby all druggists.
State Officers Here to Investigate Hu
mane Sooiety.
Charles Birden, commissioner of the
state board of charities,, was in th
city last evening ami today investigat
ing the application of the Itock Island
County Humane sooiety for articles of
incorporation. After conferring with
the officers of the society Mr. Birden
Intimated that the application would
undoubtedly be granted. He inspected
Bethany Home today and found condi
tions there to be excellent.
Owner Explains How Package of Pa
pers Came to be in River.
J. H. Boger called at the police sti
tion this morniug and explained the
mystery of the package of papers
found by Mike Brennan a few days!
I ago In the river. Incidentally Mr. I
he Rolling Settee
Better than Electric Fan in Hot Weather.
Remember that our machine is made of iron and steel; a steel track and an iron roller. Our Beats ara
built on steel frames and each slat is bolted to its place. We mention this because our swing is eo far aheaJ
of anything now put on the market that it must be seen to be appreciated and understood.

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