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the injuries might prove fatal, but land a fierce explosion followed. The
after the wounds were sewed up and mang clothing took fire and in terror
Auto Strikes Boy. John Eckstrand,
12 years old, a messenger boy in the
service of the Western Union Tele
graph company, was run down and
paiufully injured by an auto uu West
Fourth street Monday night. The lad
was delivering a message on his bieyT
tie. when in front of 915 West Fourth
street he wa3 struck by the auto and
thrown to the pavement. The owner
''of the-auto sped on without stopping
to look after the Welfare of his victim.
Dr. Braunlich was summoned and
found the lad to 1m? suffering from a
slight concussion of the brain. He
was also badly cut and bruised.
Nearly Another Murder. There
came very near being another fatality
in colored circles yesterday morning
in the block on Fifth street between
,Brady and Main streets. Mattie Har
ris, the belle of the row, was the
cause of .the. disturbance and it is
stated previous to her show of ani
mosity two rival suitors had a fight
over her. Then the quarrel sifted
down between Mattie and one of her
suitors named Sam-Wade, a Rock Is
land dining car waiter. Picking up a
brick bat, Mattie whirle'd it at Wade.
The missile struck him in the fore
head over the right eye and inflicted
a deep gash in the flesh, in falling
the victim struck the sidewalk on the
back of his head, and another deep
gash was inflicted there. Dr. Sala
was summoned and attended to the
man's injifries. At first it was feared
dressed, Wade rallied and was report
ed out of danger. After the assault,
the woman escaped to Rock Island in
a hack, where she was arrested by
Police Captain Packy Phelan and Of
ficer Kinney. The charge of assault
with attempt to inflict great bodily
injury has been lodged against her.
Tax Values In. Ci'y Assessor Ig
natz Hild and Deputy Assessor John
Gundaker have completed the compila
tion of the taxable values of property,
both real and personal, in the city of
Davenport for the present year of 1908
these show an increase of $12,415
in taxable value and an increase of
tl,S24,830 in actual value, over the
previous .year of 1907. This years
taxable values are given as follows:
Real estate, $13,473,195; merchandise,
$2,577,035; other personal property,
$C,34G,545; total personal property, $8,
924,108; total taxable value all prop
erty, $22,397,375. ;
Auto Repairer Burned. Ed Loving
was fearfully burned Monday evening
at the garage of the Maxwell-Meteor
Auto conrbany on Third street, a few
doors west of Main street. Mr. Loving
was at work underneath an auto at
the time. He had an electric light
globe with a long cord attached, with
which he was working. Getting the
cord entangled in his feet, he struck
a short circuit and the . globe was
broken. The sparks occasioned there
by ignited some two gallons of gaso
line which Mr. Loving had drained
fromthe machine he was repairing
he rushed about the garage. Finally
he was covered with blankets by Pro
prietors William Ehlers and Percy
Duerr and the flames extinguished.
Mr! Loving's arms, legs and the back
of his neck were severely burned. 'He
wa3 removed to Sf. Luke's hospital,
where his wounds were dressed, after
which he was taken to his home on
West Third street. It will be three
or four weeks before he will be' able
to be about again. The escape from
meeting with a fatality was certainly
a vry close one on the part of Mr.
Loving. ' -
Coroner Holds Bennett Woman.
"We, the jury, find that the deceased,
Mary, Mason, came to her death by
being struck upon the head by a sharp
instrument in the hands of one. Lulu
Bennett, producing a fracture of the
skull and injury to the brain, on July
12. 1908. in the city of Davenport,
Scott county, Iowa. Signed, O. F.
Matteson, J. W. Rosenbaum, Bert
Hayes." The above was the finding of
the coroner's jury which investigated
the cause of death of Mrs. Mary Ma
son, the white woman, who died Sun
day night at St. Luke's hospital from
the effects of a murderous attack
iiii.de upon her by Lulu Bennett some
time past midnight Saturday.
matter how large or how
fmall your business, it is
bound to force some valuable
employee to do work that can be done
better quicker cheaper by the
Whether banker, broker, manufac
turer, wholesaler, retailer, the useful
ness of the Universal Adding Machine
in your business will more than pay
its cost right from the start.
The Universal has a carriage that
permits the printing of regular or ir
legular columns any distance apart on
the same sheet; has individual cor
rection keys, prints totals and sub
totals in red, is easy to operate, is
fully guaranteed.
We solicit the opportunity of
l-monstratinR to you on your
work. In your ofli(;e at our ex-p.'ii.si-,
tli; proof of our claim.
L)rop us a. po3ta.l today.
Forest H. Montgomery, District Sales
Agent, Suite 1834-130, Commercial Na
tional Bank Building, Chicago, 111.
Universal Adding Machine company,
St. Ixrnis. Branch offices in all prin
cipal cities.
New York Central Lines
Every Thursday
Until Sept. 24, inclusive.
From Chicago $29.35
From Peoria $29.35
Good for return 30 days
Correspondingly Low Fares to
Canada, Adirondack Moun
tains and St. Lawrence River
" ;; " . ' ' ' ' ' " '
WARREN J. LYNCH, Passenger Traffic Manager, CHICAGO.
At Work on School. Yesterday Con
tractor Robert Ed started his men to
lay the brick walls for the ti'ume of
the manual training, sewing and do
mestic science departments of the Mo
line public schools. Mr. Ed says that
he will complete the work hi schedule
time, and Safe & Anderson will put
on the finishing touches, and from the
way they are going -at it, there seems
to be little doubt that the building will
be ready for occupancy Sept. 1.
Bad Fire Treatened. A gasoline
stove exploded in the meat department
of Charles R. Dixon on Fifth avenue
just east of Fifteenth street yesterday,
and for a while It looked as though it
would be a disastrous blaze. The fine
department, however, arrived prompt
ly and extinguished the blaze before
any serious damage had been done.
Mr. Dixon had lighted a burner on the
gasoline stove to heat some water, and
it is thought that a spark dropped into
a can of paint which was standing
close by, causing the explosion.
Stop Work on Road. .Mayor John
son of East Moline decided a. tie vote
at a special meeting of the council
Monday evening. It had been moved
that the work on the bluff road be
stopped, and when a vote was taken I
Aldermen P. G. Stange. Charles Dral-
ley and Charles Daniels voted aye and
Aldermen Woodruff, Wiley and Salz-
mann voted no. The mayor voted aye.
At a recent meeting the council decid
ed 'to improve the bluff road running
from Thirteenth to Nineteenth street,
ordering that it be cut to grade. This
would cost approximately $2,200, two-
thirds of the money in i.ie street and
alky fund. Residents in the First and
Second wards complained that they
were not getting a fair shake, as the
Digger part ot the money this vear
would be spent in the Third ward im
proving that road.
Ill on Ship. When the Illinois naval
training ship' Dorothea reached Mil
waukee late Monday afternoon, Wil
liam Lovelitt of Moline, who is with
the Moline division of naval reserves,
was taken to the emergency hospital.
He was taken seriously ill while on
board the boat, and his condition be
came such that it was necessary to
bring him to the hospital.
Obituary Record. Mrs. Hedda Forss
died Monday afternoon at the home.
:!43 Tenth street, in her 72nd year.
Mrs. Forss was born in Sweden, and
was there married to Mr. Forss. They
journeyed to America in 18C9, coining
ud will Visit for an indefinite time at "directly to this locality, where they
homes of Thomas Watson and naa ever Mnc ima- - s
leaves tier husband and three children:
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs
W lltiam Peppers, who passed away at
their home in Muscatine Friday morn
iug,- was buried in the Illinois City
cemetery Friday afternoon.
Miss Blanche Drugg returned to
Muscatine Saturday after spending the
past two weeks with relatives in this
Mrs. William Danner and little son
are spending a few days at the home
of the former's sister, Mrs. William
Peppers of Muscatine, who is in a very
serious condition. At last reports lit
tle hopes were entertained for her re
covery. '
The carpenters who commenced
work on Ed Feldman's house early
last spring are now completing it.
Mrs. Frank Wright of Rock Island
j?pent a few days this week at the
home of her father, J. II. Foster.
Miss Belle Reynolds has relumed
to her home in Rock Island after
visiting for a short time at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
The Pine Bluff Methodist ladies wiU
serve their luncheon at the home of
Mrs. August Anderson July. 15.
Mrs. Robert Bryara and daughters,
the Misses Mildred. Nelen aud Rober
ta, arrived Sunday from St. Louis, Mo
fleorge Fryerniuth.
Mrs T Wntsnn nnil M M Mc.
ripvitl of Red Onk Imvn. "visited Thnrs-' Anna
.Ifiv nt thP himiP of Mrs fieorap. T.Wsis,Crs in ,his ntry and
1 0 rf V b ill 1 1 E&sJ:ug? y H irWol
fix .i ti R-a fs i ea Ri ri i Pcsairn mam cf nra ei &-ru -1 i t m
MNwS Dome of the Largest Ter.t Ever Made. CJjM
lffiwsJKir' Taking the Very Essencs of all the Earth's Sensations Xw1
fAT9 B,end,n9 3,1 Concrete and Perfect Into the Greatest Clrcus&5iV& vl
W$WJjfe$ JP-' ' Human Eyes Ever Beheld. '
rjT U Kew York Sa,d 11 wa BlBS and Best Ever Seen In Madison Square Carton
p-Oj . Prague
jAMenac!100f THAT VSffi ""L fSbTlIU
7ft rum.,. 4 i rbpp iti ; v. 6. v D, I A Tiny Nurstna I
I 4 ST- 1 V'A m other inteparate -h- I
I B MCi int V, cars wmie iiymg i Smaller than E
6 flniu Tun.Hnrnarf 1 lFV. a i n and somersault- Q Kew Foundland I
I Rhinoceros In B a H8FI .(V.. InglntheAIr I Bop, 1
3 Captivity. 4kV; . 1 Frisky and Cuta f
m&&r DfrfiGS The Circases GwM. mMml
Imitation- ?r n AmnWtW Al 5S WSf
Wf$lk . Europe Depleted To Make MM
I ?tfAW This .Year's Show Tremendously More Glorious Than Ever" MSy 3
a Jfy. Amons be Imported Artiata cf World-Wide Renown Are: . jtf B
U A I ic Italy's FftKPCtrian Th? Petrnf'c T.reat S
H m X$&rt&! Arrnh.otc The rrertli.ilo Onccion Animo! rir.ic
I Austria's 10 Kctzettes, France's Creat FasSios WSL
vKiW Marvelous Acrobats And Amazing Mcustiers s&'y -tf- I
I! JSST- 13 A T a Ts,-- 2 Perforaanci: DUy M 2 6 8 P. M. K' H U A V I
Cliarles Chelstrom of Orion, ami
and Lawrence at home. Two
a brother
rj jj a. t,- 2 Perfopmancts Da.ily M 2 & 8 P. M.
ST JSl. X. I. L3 SC-0 Doors Open tt 1 6 7 P. M.
Reserved seats' and admission tickets on 6He on shev djy at the Harper House Pharmacy at exactly the same
prices charged on the show grounds. , -V. ' ' ,
Miss Adelle Brogan, who is visiting
at the home of her grand fatuer J. H.
Foster, is carrying her right arm in a
sling as a result of a severe sprain re
ceived Tuesday evening by acciden
tally falling on the walk.
Mr. and Mrs. Orren Rehbedeaux and
three children of Muscatine are visit
ing for an indefinite time at the home
of Mrs. Rebbedeaux's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. O. Shirkey.
in Sweden also survive.
Eminent Physicians and Scientific Men
Agree That It Should be Treated
as Such.
, Drunkenness is a progressive dis
ease; the moderate drinker is not sat
isfied with two or three drinks a day:
the craving for more end more be
comes irresistible as the disease ad
vances; the result is chronic alcohol
ism. '
The treatment used successfully by
thousands right in their own homes Is
Orrine. It is a scientific cure for
(drunkenness and has given such uni-
A new hardwood floor is being put
in the Adelphia school house. Dan
Eipper is doing the work.
Mrs. John Liphardt and Mrs. Fred versal satisfaction that it is sold under
j Phillips pt Rock Island were callers at your money will be refunded. This guar
; the home of Charles Ashdown and.fam- a positive guarantee to effect a cure or
ily last Thursday. , antee is given in good faith and is
Mr. and Mrs. William Ashdown went, carried out to the letter. Orrine is
to Geneseo last Saturday to visit with not a new remadv: it has been sold
Irelatives. ibv the leadins drucsists in everv citv
Mrs. Charles Sample and Mrs. Rich- for years. It has lifted tens of thous
aid Ashdown were in Watertown last ands from the depths to worthy man
Wednesday, jhbod and has the hearty endorsement
Mrs. Louis Genung is still quite ill. J of grateful men and women in every
John Grkin had his abrn reshingled state in the Union.
last week. , Orrine No. 1 is the secret remedv:
v Miss Rosencrans of Newark, N. J., is Orrin No. 2 is for those willing to
here on an extended visit with her sis- take the treatment. Either form
; ter, Mrs. Arthur Genung. j costs ?1.00. The guarantee is the
j The ice cream sociable at the Bethel same in either case. Write to the
; church last Thursday night was a sue- Orrine company, Washington, D. C,
cess financially.. The amount of $33.25 for free treatise on drunkenness, mail
' was cleared. ed in plain sealed envelope. Orrine
j The pupils of Miss Matilda Liphardt will be mailed sealed on receipt of
gave a recital at the home of Mrs. Silas price. Sold by leading druggists and
. Simpson last Wednesday. The follow- in this city by the Harper House
'ing program was. given; Piano duett, pharmacy.
"Rough Riders," Matilda Liphardt and
Zella Feaster: vocal solo, "Everybody's!
Happy When the Sun Shines," Anna'
do it rcjj'uku-l.v; so itm-altfe. Till.- fat
id fo well known that if a vow whf.i
arising from lying down Uoes not
stretch herself it 5 a sign shf? Is I!!.
The reason for this is piis the
stretch moves every muscle of the
body, and if there i;; an injury any
where it hurts.
Coffee In Jstr.cica.
You tee all those bushes with red
bcrriea strung among their branches';
That is coffee, ami the taller trees
anion?: which it is growing are pimen
tos, from which the world gets its all
spice. It looks like jungle?, Uoos it not?
Yet many thousands of dollars wcu'.d
not buy that one hill slope. Among the
lovely flowers humming birds sparkle
as they fly and hover; butterflies as
large as the birds dispute the honey
with them. As you turn round the cor
ner you surprise parties cf tiny ground
doves, and every now v.u again the
larger pea doves flit across the road.
Up from the valley below the sound
of voices and laughter. Ston your car
riage and look down. Those are the I
works on a coffee estate, and,those flat
terraces partitioned off Into squares j
are the.'"barlecues" upon whicls the ber
ries are dried. You can see that some of
the squares are a different color to the
rest. The dark ones are those that are j
covered with coffee; the others are !
those which have not yet been Oiled.-Exchange.
There are certain mineral medicines which will remove the external
symptoms of Contagious Blood Poison, and shut the disease up in the
system for awhile, but when the treatment is left off the disease will surely
return. Then the loathsome sj-mptoms of ulcerated mouth and throat,
copper-colored spots, falling hair, sores and ulcers, etc., are usually worse
because the disease has made rapid progress on the internal members, and
weakened the constitution and general health of the sufferer. S. S. S. is
the only remedy that can be used with perfect safety inj the treatment of
Contagious Blood Poison, and with the. assurance that a lasting cure will
result. This medicine, made entirely of. roots and herbs of recognized
curative and tonic value, antidotes and destroys the powerful virus of the
disease, and by purifying the blood of every particle of the poison and
enriching and strengthening the circulation, removes every sj-pmptorn of
the trouble. S. S. S. does not hide or cover up the disease in any way, hut
drives it entirely out from the blood, leaving not the slightest trace for
future outbreaks. Home treatment book with valuable information and
any medical advice desired sent free to all who write.
Summer Resorts
North and
Feaster; vocal solo, "Grandmother
Brown," Grace Camp; piano solo. "At
Daybreak," Lola Donahoo; vocal trio
(selected). Mildred Camp,; Mrs. Dona
hoo and Matilda Liphardt; piano solo,
"Nodding Daisies," Grace Camp; piano
duett (selected). Matilda Liphardt and
Edith Scott; -piano solo, "Lily of the
Vairey," Mildred Camp; piano duett.
La Princess," Virgil -Eipper and M.
Resting Their Muscles.
When a niau Is tired he stretches
his arms and legs and yawns. Birds
and animals, so far as possible, fol
low, bis) example. Birds spread their
feathers and also yawn, or gape.
Fowls often do this. Fish yawn. The.v
open ttielr mouths slowly until they
are round, the bones of the head seem
to loosen and the gills open. j
Dogs are inveterate yawners and
stretchers, but seldom sneeze unless
Liphardt; piano solo, "Melody Waltz," the' have a cold- t,ats are a.lwa5"s
Robbie Pearsall; piano duett, "Glenn stretching their bodies, legs and claws.
Waltz," Merrill Trowbrodge and Miss as every one kno8 wljo I,as a cat
Linhardt: VOCal KOlo. "I Want in Pawn for a pet.- -
j. Horses streteh violently when aud
r.uun sacou; vocal solo, . i r . : . . :
"Sing Me to Sleep," Bertha McConncll; ler inau.gJnS 1Q a ii, out nor as a
piano duett (selected), Miss Liphardt ru'e ou " urs' as ftag9 ilo:t A,8taf
and Hazel Cain; vocal duett. "Whose etching sticks out his head,
Little Girl Are You?" Virgil Eipper and ftf'l f(rf an
Edna Simpson; vocal solo. "My Imo- Sit bac afd H as thougb try:
Pnth?!-: ?; mP,nrS .retch when
pies on the Hill. Haze! McConnell. tbey rlse UJ) oftep ly,1 6.u
i m
We aw so certain that bus-
iness conditions are going- to
improve, that ve will make
you a loan now and arrange
for you to begin paying it
back two or three months
from now, in small payments.
Would that help you any?
Perhaps our plan is just
what you are looking for.
Come in and talk with us;
use either phone, or write us
a letter, and we will call on
Private loans made on fur
niture, pianos, teams, etc.;
?1.2ft is the weekly payment
on a $50 loan for 50 weeks.
Our plans will cure your
ijoney troubles. May we hear,
from you? - ' '
Tri-City Loan Co.
, Reliable. .Private.
Old phone 2425-N.; new 242.
219 Vt Brady street, Davenport,
Iowa. Open Wednesday and
Saturday nights.- . .
Spend your vacation this summer in ihe resort region of
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, ihe Great Lake?. Sr. I-iw-renee
River, Adirondack, or Atlantic Sea Coast.,
Daily through (rain service of superior excellence yia
Rock Island Lines
to St. Paul and Chicago, affording convenient connections
for all points.
Extremely low fares In. effct daily all summer.
Full information and illustrated book
let, "Northern and Eastern Summer
Resorts," on request.-
F. Boyd, Div. Pass Agt. Davenport.
F. H. Plummer, C. P. Agt. Rock Island.
A Confidential Talk
With me may save your teeth; and',
remember ' , . ...
Bf.. Martin,
' . DENTIST. ,
1715 f3econd, ave London Illdg.

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