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SATURDAY. MAY 15, 1909.
Wedding Cakes arid Individual
Calces for announcements, showers,, etc.,
4?9i9fated suit. Fruit cakes, etc., ful
ly. approved by tests of the most, dis
t' prinating people ; of the three cities,
, promptly, supplfed from our own ovens.
Mill lengths Hope Londale and other
10c bleached muslins Monday morning
at 9:30, per yard, 7c -'"'
Finance Committee of .Supervise
ors Cirpulates tdt'eiiient ' i
Rega,rdjng ,!axis . ' ; :
- . -
Shows that Funds for County ' I'ur-
'(. .( :'( .Hi :.!! '
poses are But Slightly Greater
than They Were in 1$75.
Monday at 2:30, the celebrated Carey
R 9c fine brown muslin, per yard 6Mc.
&. Gl 0. Green Trading Stamps Fre oa Ever Casii PisrcSie.,
" The finance committee of the boari
of" Supervisors, which has in hand the
campaign' for the proposed special las
of Wcfentson the $100 for county pu'
poses for a ter.n of six years, has is
sued a circular in support of ttie pro
posed tax measure as a means of rais
ing revenue for the county. The cir
cular showg the valuation, state tax,
county and special county tax, town
tax, school tax, road and bridge tax,
and municipal tax levied In the county
since 1875, for the years 1873, 1880,
1885, 1890. 1890. 1900, 1905, and 190S.
The circular calls attention to the fact
that while other taxes, such as the
school tax, state tax and municipal
tax, have increased greatly siuce
1875,. the tax for county purposes is
now but $7,734.17 compared with
. $70,074.01 in 1875. In the same period
the tax for school purposes has in
creased from $8C.044.!0 to $319,3-15.7:
state taxes have increased from $30,-450.33-.
to $32,471.02, and municipal
taxes have increased from $72,074.27
to $191,210.29.
I-adlratea the Deficit.
The circular states that the cost rf
operating the county is about $100,00'j
a year, and the tax of 75 cents for
county purposes" brings a revenue of
about $78,000. There is a floating debt
of $135,noO. The supervisors, at the
time it was decided to place the special
tax proposition on the ballot, reached
an understanding that half of the tax,
if provided, should apply to the debt,
and half to meet current expenses. It
was estimated that this course would
pay the cost of operation and also pay
off the floating debt in the term of six
years of. the tax.
The figures given in the circular
were compiled from the records at
the court house.
o o
Geaerally fair tonight anal Sundays
ooler ton I lit. '
' J. SI. SHICRIEK, Local Forecaster.
Temperature at 7 a. nt., 62j at 3 p. m
TS. Maximum temperature In 24 hour,
79 minimum. 61 Precipitation In 24
boura, .55 inchea. Velocity of wind at
7 a. ni 10 nillea.
Stage. Chng. Precip.
St. Paul C.8 0.2 .52
Red Wing CD 0.1 .80
Reed's Landing .... C.7 0.1 1.1C
La Crosse ... 8.2 0.1 1.84
Prairie du Chien... 10.1 0.7 2.12
Dubuque 10.8 0.7 1.34
Le Claire .' 5.9 0.3 .53
Davenport ... , 8.8 ... .C2
May 15 In American History.
'J87-Oenernl Wlnfleld Scott's army
' ' captured Puebla". Mexico.
1882-Thrw of the Greely (l'roteua)
.party reached a jxlnt farther
. north" than any previously attained
by nrctU: explorers.
1008-Professor, tV.' A. Wyekoff. so
ciologist student and author, died
I . at Trlnceton. N. J.; born 18C5.
San nets 7:0(1. rises 4:38; moon rises
9:13 a. m.: moou's age 2(5 days: planet
Mercury visible low In west after sun-jet.'
Kerler & Co. weave rugs.
Buy a home ot Reidy Bros.
Read II. K. Waiker's want ads. '
TrI-City Towel Supply company.
For bus and express, Spencer & Trefz.
Sand and cement. Mueller Lumber
company. .
Godfrey's laundry gives green trad
Ing Btamps.
Come to the W. V. when you hear
the calliope May 18.
Music and dancing on steamer W
W by moonlight. May 18.
Let Krell & Johnston do your tin
and furnace work. 1316 Third avenue,
First moonlight excursion of the
season on the steamer W. W. May 18
II. T. Slemon wants your tin and
furnace work. ,15201528 Fourth ave
Do you know where to buy shoes
of quality? McCabe's shoes stand
on 'their merits.
Hot days reminds one they need ice,
Cfljl old phone 591, new C171. Hock
well Ice & Fuel company. .
Remember the date of the first
moonlight excursion of the season will
be on the steamer W. V., May 18.
Those exclusive wash fabrics" im
ported in single dress patterns sell
at half at McCabe's, beginning Mon
day. .
The new parasols in colors to match
the gown at McCabe's gives that air
of smartness and completeness to
women who care.
Trl-City Luther league moonlight ex
cursion on steamer V. W. and barie
Friday; May 21. .--Boat leaves Mollne
7 p. m., Davenport, 8, Rock Island 8:15.
:, SKQQ and $1 25 Foulard Silks, the prod-
; pet - of ;hvp famous makers (names we are not
; a ) f qwe 9 1 o rrj e n t i 0 n ) i at 58c yard.
jypn,day jt 2 :3 0 .p. m. this extraordinary purchase will be
f eady fpr your choosing. The lot consists of 'Short lengths,
2iAo 15 yards, bought from the agents at a .small part of.
the original cost of manufacture.
This means new silks, newest . colors and designs, at even less
than half price in many casesit will keep us busy until Monday
noon getting everything in readiness. Monday at 23Q they, will be
ready for the greatest Foulard Silk-Sale on our records. There are
all shades qf Rose, Reseda, Taupe, New Browns and Tans, Canard
and Copenhagen, Blues, Navies, Myrtle Green, Black and White,
White and Black, etc. Ready for selling Monday at 2:30 p.m. and
till every, yard is sold, 85c, $1 and up to $1.25 values, all at 58c yard.
' : j : : -
Commencing Monday we offer all our exclu
sive wash fabrics, imported in single patterns, one only of a kind and
color, at less than -half valu2. Jhey contain from 8 to 12 yards, ac
cording to width there are sheer Zephyrs with embroidered borders
on white grounds; Mousseline de Soies in handsome bordered ef
fects; Swiss Applique in Grecian and Roman borders; Linen Organ
dies, etc., etc. The finest wash fabrics produced by the Scotch,
French and Swiss weavers 30 to 48 inches wide, patterns 'sold up
to $9.00 each Monday and for the week till sold $1.98 and $3.98.
, Dutch Collars and Rabats Very new, very
correct and quite the rage. We are showing hundreds
of new Dutch collars and rabats in white and colors,
in solid and eyelet embroidery, in polka dots, flower
designs, neat figured effects, etc., etc, both soft and
starched finish. The rabots are worn either with the
collars or separately and come in either embroidered
edges or in imitation cluny and Armenian lace. " Choice
L'uo styles at. each 50c and 25c.
Prelty New Parasols, in color
to match the summer gown. The Parasol
gives the much desired air of smartness. The
new coaching shape with ten to sixteen ribs, is
popular this season .. Haiti or fancy tops,
hemstitched, checked or striped borders, fancy
tops with plain borders, an almost endless va
riety of harmonizing combinations. These
beautiful new Parasols $3 iiO, $3.00, $2.50
down to $1.50.
Children's and Misses' handsome Parasols,
15c, 25c, 50c. $1.00 and $1.25.
Garden and Lawn Implements. Malleable Iron
Garden Rakes with hardwood handle 10c
f.pad'rg I'orks. line polished steel with I) handle, 75c
in.-li : jlv black rubber lawn hose with brass couplings, 50 ft
lengihs,. o.ily $1.50.
Hand Grass Hooks, fine steel blade, ISc
Weeding Hose, made of good heavy steel, 17c.
! quart galvanized metal Sprinklers. 4Sc. t
Turf e'dcrs for trimming around walks., flower beds, etc., -15c.
Galvanied Iron
1'fO fancy Croquet
Sets, hardwood balls and
mallets. fancy enamel
painted' and varnished.
F.'ie'i set in a neat box,
$3.50 down to -iCc.
Cans with bale and cover, GOc. t, .
Extra qualiy all
metal sterl roller
skates. adjustable
sizes for toys and
girls, 50c'
Enamel painted Veloc
ipedes" with adjustable
lathr saddle, steel wheels
and rubber tires $3. 00,
$2.50, $2.00' and $1.39.
Women's Suits and Coats Every one
of these handsome coats.and suits tingles with the
spur of smartly reduced Drices. The sound of economy
echoes all along the line.
The tailored suits in plain and striped satin faced cloths,
worsteds and French serges, 3 and 1 button cutaway coats,
black and best colors, $18.50 to $25.00 garments at just $15.
High class tailored suits in cutaway or straight coats, plain
ly tailored or smartly trimmed in the latest effects leading
fashionable fabrics and colors up to $35.00 suits at only $19.75.
Then then: are some "remarkable suits that will sell on sight
only a few which we have marked for prompt selling at $10.00
and $5.
These coats:
Some of the choicest long coats,' fashionably tailored, just
right for travel, auto, or any occasion now just$10.
Shorter coats, varying lengths, all in this seasonjs best
styles and materials, every one with the spring and shape that
only the man tailor can produce, now priced at $9.75 and $5.
A little flurry in Exclusive Handbag Circles. La
dies' Handbags in some particularly attractive styles at prices
that will cause a stir in the section.
Rama bags, of soft finish leather in all colors, handsomely
embossed, the price is $3.C2, a hand back of $1.00, give you these
at $2.G2. -
Elegant hand bags in imported suede and other fine leathers,
the most, acceptable shapes. $1.50 and $5.00 the prices, from
$1.50 to $2.00 each handback and you pay us just $3.
Some alligator bags of splendid leathers, a never wear out
to these, all leather lined, covered frames, the prices "$G.50 to
$10 00, to get yours requires an investment of only $5-00-
Aside from these specials there is a fine display of hand
bags of all shapes, sizes and colors, in all the fashionable leath
ers from $1 to $10.50. MJI" Aisle, Center.
Some Dainty Dutch Neck Shirt Waists have just
arrived. They should have been here in March and because of
the delay we assess the maker one-fifth. 'twenty per cent, of the
value, which saving we hand to you. You'll fall in love with
these waists the moment you see them. - .' ;'
One style is square neck with insertion of square mesh lace
and tiny val. - .
Another style has an abundance of full French tucks, with
round collar of baby Irish.
There's 50c each saved on these waists at the pricc,$2.25.
The chance of such a return on the small investment will
cause these desirable waists to go quickly.
Dutch neck waists in great variety at 95c and up. ,
Dainty and Useful Gifts from our Jewelry A wealth of pretty things Dainty
little accessories, of which one seldom has too many: 1
Belt pins, Brooches, Buckles, and collar pins, rare
and tempting designs ranging in price from 50c to
$10 GO.-'
IJ'racelcts in a profusion of new designssolid gold
and gold filled $1,75 to $25.00.
Irletal purses,, kid lined $3.00 to $8.50.
Back co-nbs. attractive additions to the hair dressings
$1.50. to $3.00.
Richly Set Diamond Earrings, Link cuff buttons. Lockets
and rinsis at $3.00. $5.00, $7.50, $9.00, $12.00, $15.00
Rings, here we shine particularly.plain, signet and stone set rings great selections from
$1.00 to. $10,00 and pp: " - '
Scissors, best imported" steeh solid silver handles 50c to $3.00. '
Shirt and .Shirt waist ! studs -and Jink sets in filled gold 25c to 75c. !
Thimbles , solid silver and gold 25c to $1.50. . ..
Novelty waist ss 38c to $1.50.
Dress pins in set of two and three, enameled, plain
and stone set 25c. to $4.00 set.
Garters $2.00 to $5.00 a pair.' ; -
Bead Necklaces and Lavalieres $2.00 to' $35.00.
. Gold Filled Lockets, very "attractive in design $1.00
Opera Glasses best imnorted lenses, $4.00 to $15.00.
Waterman s Fountain pens; you get the best wnen y
get these at $2 50 to $6.00.
gold r-wi
3U A-J-'J. VJGtm
Quantity Weds Quality in
the Shoe Store '
A mere catalogue of the shoes we have for
spring wculd take columns on this page.
But notWpg we could say as to quality
would speak so loudly as the words of satis
faction we 'receive daily from old customers.
The newer and more extreme shoes and '
the staple shoes of all sorts are here.
The quality stamp on women's Regis and
Majestic shoes; the Arnold and King quality
shoes for, men. The Educator and Playmate
'brands for children. These brands stand for
quality, fit and high character. Customers
often remark about the long-wearng qualities
of these shoes, and how they keep their shape
till the last day.
Women's Regis and Majestic Shoes and
Oxfords, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00. $3.50. $4.00 and $5.
Arnoid and King Quality shoes and ox
fords for men. $5.00. $4.00 and $3.50.
Playmate and Educator shoes for child
ren, $2-25 down to $1.50.
To make you hurry for your shoes we'll
give dou?le stamps on all shoes . sold on Mon
day and Tuesday, double, double.
be have on exhibition Arnold, Constable
& Co.' s sample line of Fine Carpets in
highest grades of Roval Wiltons. Axminsters
and body Brussels, with Art Borders to match.
The patterns and colorings are exclusive
styles, each single piece is given some distinct
expression some charm of personality
which places us cow in position to execute
the requirements of the most exacting de
mands. Range of prices, $1.75 to $3.50 yd.
Carpet Sweepers. A Bissel
Carpet Sweeper should be in every home.
It not onlv makes sweeping
lighter and easier work, but saves the rugs
and carpets, confines all disagreeable dust.
vand germs within the pans, saves time and
will outlast 50 brooms. Can be had in ma-
hogany, antiaue oak. mission, golden oak. or
rose wood finished cases. Japanned or nickeled,
cyco or ball bearing and each one fitted with
TIanKow Chines beetle" brush, price;, $3.25,
$3.00, $2.50 and $2.38.
Dimities, made in Belfast. Ire.,
the product of the famous Thomas McBride
Mills. We secured a lot of these beautiful
printed wash dress goods at a decided ; price
reduction. The cloth is cord checked instead
of striped as before, giving it much abetter
wearing qualities. The colorings are simpl
perfect and most prtistic in design price ree
ularly nr we offer you this purchase, 1500
yards, 25c yard.
Pyrography Dept Wood -Burning
is ' interesting and instructive work. Free
lessons Thursday, and Saturday A. M.r to
11 o'cloc. .
New designs'in collar, cuff, glove, hand
kerchief, photograph boxes, towel, tie and book
racks, mirrors and picture frames, riut bowls
and pin trays, waist baskets and tabourettes,
pyro oufits." tinsel sets, moists-water colors in
tubes. ,stains and gloss, for finishing the wood
' Special 30c panels for 19c. all day, 19c.
f "
You Never Needed Furniture at a
Better Time
Golden Oak and Mission Buffets, China
Closets. Tahles and chairs to match
High class buffets polish finish, .45 to 54
nch tops with large bevel plate mirror,
$35.00 to .$18.50.
-China Closets with bent class sides and
door mirror tops and back $29.00 to $13.
Dining Tables round and square pedes
' tal or 5 leg 6 toilO feet lotig." 42 to 48 inch
tops $27.50 to $5.87.
Dining "Chairs box, saddle or leather seats,
golden oak and early English $3.75 to 90c.
Metal Beds white and colors full size
v posts orna mented joints usually ' sold at
$4.00 priced now at $2.95.
Massive Metal Beds with gold chills $15
values marked $11.45. v.
Large 2-inch Posts Brass Beds best con
structiAn polish finish a decided bargain
'Colonial and Continuous post Brass Beds
. special -values $35.00, $27.50, 4125.00 and,
$22.50. .
Orchestra -muic. Fare, , gents, 50
cents, ladies, 25 cents.
Moonlight excursion on steamer W.
W.. Tuesday, May is. Leaves Rock
Island 8:15 p. m. Fare, gentlemen, SO
cents, ladies, 25 cents. '
If you're interested In' women's
suits or coats you'll act promptly
when . you are told of the reduced
prices just going Into effect at Mc
. 8a!oOn Notice.
Mushroom, stew ; at Dressen'3 bar
toigut. 1700 Fourth avenue.
ICork Island High School Athlete
- Fall to Show Speed at Mon-
mouth Track Meet.
Monmouth, HI.; May 15 Rock is
land high school did not fare very wMl
in the field and track meet of the "Bij
Eight held here today. . In the first
seven events Rock Island athletes took
but five points, Larkin getting third
In ithe 220 yard dash, Steenburg third
in the 100 vardulash. and Drip's second
In the mile run. Mollne did w.ell in
the first events, Wyland cleaning, up
three firsts in the short dashes and
the shot put and his team mates get
ting a first 'in the high jump and a
second in the 440 run. . .
The higli school track team left this
mcniiug for Monmouth, where they
are competing In the "Big Eight", track
meet there this afternoon. The team
is " composed of Riche, -Liitt, Collins,
Ohlweiler, Steenburg, W. Drips, A.
Drips, vBrennan and Larkin. Mr. Sin
net 'accompanied the team. '- About 15
footers' also accompanied the team anl
will return this evenTng.- Mollne had
a contingent of ,25 besides the track
team. Rock Island's hopes for win
ning the meet are fairly good "
. . -:
John Franklin, Indianapolis Negro,
Is Arrested Here.
John Franklin, a colored man who
has been living in this city , ior tbJ
last six months, "Gas turned out to be
a bad man. He is wanted in Indian
apolis on the charge of highway rob
bed T.he Moline police received a
tip several days ago to the effect that
Franklin was wanted and they investi
gated and secured his photograph. As
soon as his identity was assured, a
plain clothes man wnt to his room
at -Nintla street aS Sixth avenue In
this city and arrested him.
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
he "felt confident of being cured, be
having t'sed this remedy in the wes.
He was . told that I kept it in stock
and lost no time in obtaining it, and'
was promptly cured," says M. J.
Leach, druggist, of Wolcott, Vt. For
sale by all druggists. . ', ,'
Bad Attack of Dysentery Cured. -
'"An honored -citizen of, this town
was suffering from a severe attack of
dysentery. He told a friend if he
could obtain a bottle of Chamberlain's
I Lewis' Single Binder (he famous
straight 5 cent cigar, . always best
' All the news all - the time THE

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