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'the Abrahamson home, could summon'
J a rescue party of freshies.
Make IIIm Kwape.
The struggle did not abate, how
ever, and In an unguarded moment
Backman succeeded In wrenching him
self free from his captors and sprinted,
for the Abrahamson home, pursued by
the sophs. He succeeded in eluding
them and reached the house just as
the freshmen rescue party was start
ing out.
I Chagrined by their failure, the sophs
Effort to Capture Executive Fails, 1 lingered in the neighborhood, trying to
capture some other freshie. They
Frustrate the Attempt of the
College Sophs to Break Up
a Class Party.
and One of Disturbers Gets Hit
With an Egg
Class spirit between the sophomores
and freshmen of August ana college
was suddenly revived last night in a
most startling manner, when Un
learned that E. A. Kallstrom, one of
the freshies, had not yet reached the
scene of the party and redoubled
their vigilance to capture him. Kall
strom, however, was shrewd and
lingered around the place until an ip
DOltunitv tn-esenteil itself tr clii ;n
llu s'pite of the precautions of the
sophs tried to upset the plans of the.
sophs, he finally slipped through the
i lines within three fk-ef of mimp nf tli.i
freshies for holding a class party. The . euar.ls an., 1il,d the inorrv
fathering of freshies.
Hkk Are Thrown.
To complete the humiliation of the
sophs, a mischievous freshie hurled a
, fresh egg at one of the unsuspecting
, (soph guards, generously spattering
paity was held at the home of Miss
Agnes Abrahamson, a class member,
living at 4501 Seventh avenue, and the
entire freshman class together with
friends, numbering 2r in all, formed
the merry party.
ine sopns goi worn o, nv... .,lim wh the oontents Thpy ijng(,1Vll
plans early in the evening and an in- amuIU, tne neignboruoou however in
formal meeting of the sophs was hur- , I)(llIisount moja V, thp
rhdiy called to decide on a plan of-coo,ei, tht.,p antT anJ drove thpm
action. After arguing pro and con.away The freshies, however, remain-
tne wise sopns uec nu cl mat. idkiug me u, , ,
ing enjoying the well earned victory
over their rivals
events of the whole school year in!o
consideration, thev had not succeeded'
in sufficiently subduing or humiliating
the spirit of the under classmen. Ac
cordingly it was decided that the
freshies must suffer cue final bitter
humiliation at the close of the school
So decided the wise sophs, but the
freshies haven't been going to school
a whole year for nothing, and thev,
tc.o, have learned something. The
freshies noted the suspicious move
ments of the sophs in the neighbor
hood of the Abrahamson re.-idence an 1
immediately adopted precautions 'o
escape th traps laid by their rivals.
Wanifil the PresMeut.
C. E. Backman. the freshman presi
dent, was the special prue coveted
by the "wise ones'" and the avenue
by which he was expected to approach
was closely guarded. Backman did not
start for the scene of the party until
9 o'clock in company with Miss Pearl
Saville. They were discovered by the
sophs when within two blocks of tha
Abrahamson residence, and signals
and cat-calls quickly summoned a hand
of four sturdy sophs to the neighbor
hood. They were four of the strong
est members of the class.
"Cood evening. Mr. Backman." said
one. "we're sorry to detain you."
Without leplying a word, Backman
made a headlong foot ball rush into the
soph line in an attempt to get through.
He stumbled and fell, however, and
immediately the four sophs were upon
him. In the struggle which ensued,
the sovhs attempted to get Backman
on i hi ir shoulders ar.d cany hiin off.
The latter, however, seized a young
five and he'd on for dar life until
Miss Saville, who had hurried on o
I (Society news, written or telephone.!
to the society editor of The Argus, will
be Kbelly received and published. Hut
In either case the identity of the sender
musi ie iiiaiie Known, to insure relia
bility. Written notices must bear sig
nature und uddress.J
j Will Give Japanese Tea. The Ladies!
Aid society of the Central Presbyter
ian church will conduct a Japanese
tea on the lawn at the home of Mrs.
II. S. Cable Thursday afternoon June 3.
The lawn will be decorated in Japanese
lanterns and umbrellas. Fancy ar
ticles, cakes and candies will be plac
ed on sale and at ('. o'clock supper will
be served on the lawn.
I Married in the South. Word has
been received in the city of the mar
nage of Mir.s Marion Jones, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. Jones, for
merly of this city, now of Austin, Tex.
and Dr. Louis Faulkner. The wedding
took place at Austin May 11.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
Or. Dctchon's Relief for Rheuma
tism and Neuralgia radically curea in
one to three days. Its action upon the
system is remarkable and mysterious.
It removes at once the cause and the
disease immediately disappears. The
first dose greatly benefits. 75 cents
and $1. Sold by Otto Orotjan, 1501
foeeond avenue, Uoek Island; Oist
fhlegel & Son, 220 West Second'
street, Davenport.
W. H. McBrayer's
Bottled in Bond.
The Uncrowned King of Kentucky
For G2 Yoars.
The grains ur.ed in the dis
tillation of W. II. McBray
er's Cedar Brook are espec
ially selected with great
care by experts who have
made distilling a life study.
Mashed in small old-fashioned
tubs, the same as in
1847. After its distillation
it Is transferred to our U. S.
Bonded Warehouse on tin
premises and stored in spec
ially made white oakei
charred barrels where we al
low it to remain for 8 yeart
to become thoroughly ma
tured, thereby attaining th
highest point in purity. This
is of vital importance anu
increases the cost of produc
tion of W. M. McBrayer's
Cedar Brook, bottled in
fVjW.H.mBBiW 7
The distillery, located in
Anderson county, the heart
of the Blue Grass region
where famous limestone
springs abound, makes this
whisky the peer of all oth
ers. After W. II. McBrayer's
Cedar Brook Whisky hay
been in bond 8 years, under
the supervision of govern
ment ollicers, it is reduced to
100 proof by using pure
limestone water. It is then
bottMl in bond, a little
"Green Stamp, placed over
the neck of the bottle be
ing t . C. Government guar
antee of its integrity there
by insuring to purchasers a
whisky which is justly re
garded as the "Flower of
V. II. McBrayer's Cedar Brook Distillery, liawrcnceliiirg, Ky.
Phone 401 West.
Does not differ any from selling: calico, or engines. Money
can tie sold Just as fairly as any other commodity. "And we
ure doing it."
We make a business of loaning money on pianos, teams,
or furniture, and we tell you "right off the handle" what the
entire cost is going: to be, and then render you a written
statement of it, when the loan is made.
and every eustomer the
City Loan Cofilpany to give you
squarest Kind or a deal.
72 cents Is the weekly payment on a $30 loan for fill
Jl.TiC Is the weekly payment on a $" loan for SO weeks.
We make loans anywhere within 40 miles of Davenport,
and a letter will brl ig our confidential agent to explain our
plans. Write or telephone.
Old phone North 2423; new phone 242. 2 1 !)i Brady St.,
Davenport, Iowa. Open nights Wednesday and Saturday.
IMaraoffaefl: Lflrer9g s si Lice
of Rugs, Carpets, Mattings, Linoleums and All Kinds
of Fine Floor Coverings Continues Another Week
1 1 1 f
In this Manufactuer's Sale
you will find many beautiful
patterns of Carpets and
Mattings at prices you can't
afford to miss.
Ifeaiy Tapestry Carpets, recmlar
price 00c, now 72
Extra Wilton Velvet Carpets, regular
price $1.10, now 89
Heavy Wilton Velvet Carpets, rearular
price $1.85, now S1.08
Bisrelow Axminster Carpets, regular
price $2.00, now $1.68
I.xtra Axminster Carpets, regular
price $1.35, now SLOG
Very HeaTy Axminster Carpets, regu
lar price $1.25, now 98
Regular Ax minster Carpets, retrnlar
price $1.10 now 89
Fibre and Chinese Mattings,
Chinese Mattings, l"Hc value,
Chinese Mattings, 2Uc Talne,
Chinese Mattinir, 25c Talne,
Chinese Matting, 30c Talne,
Chinese Matting, 87c Talne,
Fibre Matting, 40c Talne
Fibre Mattings, 55c value
D Handsome patterns of
Axminster Rugs, 9x12,
placed on sale at
During this sale we will sell you the very best all wool 2-ply In
grain Carpet made, 59c. Ingrain all wool carpet S5c. Half wool
ingrain carpets at 39c. Good Ingrain carpets at 25c
This is no ordinary carpet and rug sale. No other dealer in the Tri-Cities could sell you
the finest Bagdad Wilton Rugs, the finest Body Brussels, Velvets, Axminster and Tap
estry Rugs, and all kinds of Carpets, Mattings and Linoleums at manufacturer s prices.
The manufacturers have sent us another lot o 9x12
Bagdad Wilton Rugs. They go on sale this week at
Another large
shipment of inlaid
and printed Lino
leums in this sale
Very best American 'o. 1 Inla!d Lin
oleum SI. 10
Very Host American No. 2 Inlaid Lin
oleum 9S
IJest Print Linoleum, regular 75c, 12
lYct iide 590
Cnod Print Linoleum, regular 70c. 2
yards wide 550
No. 2 Print Linoleum, regular
50c 390
Good Oilcloth, 2 yards wido . .2710
Are the best made. Simple in
construction; safe and reliable:
always ready. These stoves will
be placed on sale Monday morn
in ir and continued until sold at
(reatly Itcduccd Prices. If you
buy one ol these stoics you get
the best made, two
burners, just
like cut
ines vou gei
Three burners just like
cut SO.
Try one of these, you will not be disappointed
45 lb. Genuine
Felt Mattress
This mattress is a "Genuine Felt Mattress. Pont be deceived In lny
ing a felt mattress. There are numerous mattresses advertised as
felts, but are no better than an excelsior mattress. We guarantee ev
ery felt mattress we sell to be a genuine layer felt mattress, made
from only biirh grade materials by flic latest im-
nroved methods. Try this 45-Ib felt mattress; 2-ic.
1 piece 9G-38
This nice Refrigerator Is made of
hardwood, large ice chamber, holds .V)
lbs. ice, guaranteed to be 11 cood ice
keeper as long as thcy-
last, just like
pearly 100 beautiful patterns of the best Body Brussel Rugs made,
9x12, will be sold this week at the same low price of
Liquid Veneer is the best furni
ture polish made today. It cleans
as well as polishes jour furni
ture, and makes it look like
new. Just what vou want for
pianos, automobiles, and all
Muds of furniture. $1.00, oOc and
23c per bottle.
S-lll East Second Street Davenport, Iowa
Out of town Cusicuicrs: No mat
ter where yon lite, we will pack
and deliver your goods free of.
charge, and guarantee safe delivery.
May, 127 V.
July, 112,
" i ,
Chicago. May !.". Fallowing are .tin
quotations on the market today:
12. 127. 127. '
n:;. 112, ii:j.
i '!"'',, ior;:s, tor.'i, litr(
''V2. ',
July, ;sys, f'S-'H, s 14, r.s.
September, CCU. 07, CG, CC,S..
May. r,9 f.t!).' 5S. 5S.
July, 51, r.iy,, 51, 51's.
September, i::. ?,'. 4:i'A, 4?.yH.
May, 1S.:;7, 1S.40, 1S.S7. 1S.4U.
July, 18.15, IS. 17. 1S.10. 1S.47.
September, 18.5(1. 1S.50, 1S.15, 1S.50.
May, 10.72. 10.72. in.70. 10.70.
July. 10.75. 10.75, 10.70, 10.70.
September, 10.S5. 10.S7, 10.S2. 10.S2.
May. 10.12. 10.12. 10.10, 10.10.
July, 10.17, 10.17. 10.10, 10.10.
September, 10.15. 10.20, 10.17, 10.17.
Receipts t(day Wheat 5, corn i)7
ats 15!i. Ikisl- f.'ino, cattle lou, tihei
Estimated receipts Monday Ilo.'i?
I log market opeped 5o higher. llo..
left over 2.!". 1-U'lit lOtlT.-lT.
nixed and butchers $7.05f: '-7.52. Kod
'icavy $7.10'?i7.55, roii;;h heavy $7.1'i'(?
Cattle market opened steady.
S!ieej) market o;eneil weak.
Hogs at Oaiaha -?.t;oOt eat lie 100.
'logs at Kansas City ::.0'i(i, cattle
Hog market elo.;c .1 more active and
Do You Feel Like This?
linos your lioa1 aelie or s!mly fr-fl
ln :ivy oiiil uneiunfiirtahlt''.' I oi-s your
liiek nclif? (kk your siil: aln-?
you fc-l raK'il mil? The tonie 1:ix;i-
livclirrli known ::i lime's K:imilv
il (lieiiic will i It ar your heail. remov
tin- Jiaiu in snle or l:iek anrl ivslor
your length. Nothing 1hh Is so K"od
for the slumai-h itmi bowels. At ilrug-
e'sis ana aeaiers, -a cents.
teady. Light $fi.905i 7-"5, mixed and
utchers $7.05ff7.52, good heavy $7.10
17.55, rough heavy $7.10ff?7.20.
Cattle market closed steady.'
Sheep market closed weak.
Northwestern receipts Minneapolis,
oday 100, last week 101, last year 17.
'luliith. today 11, last week 14, last
ear :J2.
Export clearances Wheat and flour
!57,iii)i), oin none, oais 1,500.
IJverpool elo.iing cablese-Wheat
to, lower, corn unchanged.
Bank Statement.
Reserve increase $0;0;i!,475; less I'.
S. increase $7.t"';,075; loans decrease
55.Sr,5.i.0; specie increase $n,ttVj,io0:
legals increase $1,229,100; deposits In
crease $1,030,900; circulation decre,
New York Stocxa.
New York, May 15. Following are
Ihe quotations on the stock market
Cas 115
Union Pacific 1S8
U. S. Steel preferred 118
U. S. Steel common .
Rock Island preferred
Rock Island common
Southern Pacific
New Yoik Central
Missouri Pacific
Great Northern ,
Noi l hern Pacific
U & N
Canadian Pacific
Illinois Central
. r.c
.. 74-74
.. 40"i
Lead ....
C. & O.
13, Tv . T.
n. & o
St. Paul
Copper ,
Republic Steel common
Southern Ry
.. T.4
.. S7
.. 7sy,
.. 79
.- r7V
1 o
.. 8:;i
.. 2C
Today's Quotations on Provisions, Live
Stock, Feed and Fuel. '
Rock Island, May 15. Following are
the wholesale prices on the local
market today:
Provisions and Produce.
Eggs Fresh, 20c.
Live Poultry liens, per pound,
12 lc.
Putter Dairy, 24c,
Lrd lie.
Pot atoes 90e.
Feed and Fuel.
Grain Corn, S5c; oats, C8c; wheat,
Forage Timothy hay, $12 to $14;
prairie. $10; clover, $3 to $10; Btraw
Coal Lump, per bushel, 14c; lUck.
River Riplets.
The Harriet and North Star came
down with logs and returned north.
The stage of water wa3 8.80.
All the news all the time The Argus.

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