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THURSDAY. JULY 29, 1909.
Several Are Victims of Intense
Heat, but No Deaths Result
" up to Afternoon.
r i
Storm That lowers Temperature at
Chicago May Help Conditions
1 1 fit- Factory Closes.
Several prostrations from the heal
were the remit of the high tempera
ture today. Relief is in sight, how
ever, according to telegraphic advic.-5
which tell of the sudden drop of the
mercury, in Chicago this" afternoon. A
storm caused the temperature to go
from !)1 to 7S in a hurry.-"It is not.
uulikely that the tri-cities will feel the
effects of this storm.
Ovrreame in flay Pit.
silos at (J18 Ninth street, was over
come by the heat thy afternoon while
at work at the Black Hawk Clay Man
ufacturing company's pit in Sears.
The man had just returned to work
alter eating his dinner. whn suddenly
he toppled over. A hurried examina
tion showed that lie had been ove1'
come by the heat and the ambulance j
was telephoned for at once. He w3
removed to hit" home and a physician
called for. It is expected tiat he will
Because of the intense heat yester
day and today the Standard Oil Clotn
company's factory has been shut down.
The temperature in the factory is re
repcrted to have been 114 yesterday.
Fall From Whrrl.
David H. Peterson, residing at 13H
Forty-fourth street, and employed at
the Moline furniture works, was over
come between 7 and S o'clock this
morning while riding a bicycle on
Fifth avenu; near Twenty-first street.
Moline. He suddenly fell from the
wheel, and it was two hours before
a physician could revive him. Aside
from a few bruises, he was not much
the worse for his experience.
In CTIHenl ComliClon.
Camille VanWaas. 10L'1 Eighteenth
and a half avenue, Moline. is in a crit
ical condition as the result of prostra
tion this morning. He was peddling
fiFh in the east end on Seventeenth
avenue when suddenly he fell back
into his wagon. He vas not revived
for nearly two hours, and the physi
cial thinks his case is serious.
The ball players felt the heat
keenly. Pitcher Billy N'eal was over
come while warming up this after
noon and was taken to the club
hcuse where a physician attended
him. He rallied and was reported in
no danger.
Sy lee llan Moved.
t . 1 . rr 1 .. 4 1 . . . 111."
.Manager nunc i.iviui ui m- im
nois theater and the Airdome who
was hurrying along Second avenue in
scandalously scant, attire this after
noon dropped in at The Argus office
to report that the ice in the Miss
issippi river had moved. As it was
Of our
At your
$30 Values to order. $25
$25' Values to order. $20
$20 Values to order. $15
Each and every garment
strictly tailor made.
More Help!
& McGo
$50,000 Money-Raising Sale Now Going On
Wait on
i ... . . ,
III I I I I II ; I ; TT H 'j," 1 '! j J 1 11 J!'T 'J ' j 11 II "mm I I I m m ii I I i 1 1 B I I ill i 1 1 1 ii in ill mi nun , li ill ill mil n I ....... im .... i n i
' 1 " I I . I . II I" I II I I . ... .... I , . :.(..
near press time the statement has
not been verified but will be looked
up later.
The hourly temperature readings
as taken at the local weather ob
servatory since 7 a. m. are:
7 a. m 78
S a. m SI
9 a. m S3
10 a. m S7
11 a. m 88
12 a. m it I
1 p. in 93
2 p. m 94
:', p. m 9f.
rrolmlilj- thundvrMtorinn tinil imrtly
rlonily tuniitht; Friday, fair and t-nolrr.
J. M. .HIIKItlEK. I.oinl ForrrnMrr.
Trinprrntnrr tit 7 a. m., 7.S; ill 3 p. ni.,
!,". naxlinmu In 21 bourn, ): 11101111111111.
77. I'rrrlpllatlnn lu lit hourit, .)!) Iim-Iiph.
Yrlority f lnl nt 7 a. 111 .. CI Milieu per
Stage Change Pre
. 5.1
St. Paul
Red Wing 3.2
Reed's Landing ... 3.4
La Crosse 3.7
Prairie du Chien. . . 3 5
Dubuque 3.7
Clinton 3.7
Lc Claire 1.8
Davennort 3.3 0.1
Nearly stationary stages will prevail
in the Mississippi river from below
Dubuque to Muscatine.
J. M. SHERIER, Local Observer.
July 2S In American Hrstory.
1704 Thomas Corwlh. American
statesman, born in Bourbon coun
ty. Ky.; died 1SC.5.
1802 TIm; Confederate cruiser Alaba ma
slipped out of the river Mersey un
der pretext of making n trial trip
and set out on her remarkable ca
reer as a commerce destroyer.
1894 John A. McDougal. famous artist
and friend of I'oe. Willis and lr
Ting, died; born ISO".
Peterson, editor of the Iowa Reform,
of Davenport, and is a simple aud
catchy melod.
Hanson & Duncan of Moline Make
Complaint Before Hoard of Re
view Against lrintcries.
The hoard of review was occupied
today with the complaint of the Ran
son & Duncan printing firm of Moline
against three other printing houses in
that city Def-aulniers & Co., T. t.
Stanley, and the Model Printing com
pany. The hoard heard the arguments,
but took no action. The complainants
charge that their competitors have
been assessed too low, in comparison
with the assessment on the Ranson &
Duncan shop.
Fine Fresh Water Specimen Secured
by IC-Claire Buyer.
What is claimed to he the biggest
and most valuable pearl ever found on
the Mis.-issiopi aud posc-ibly the best
ever taken from a fresh water clam is
Many Make Trial Run to Obtain
Handicap Rating for Con
tests This Evening.
Trophies Are Posted for Winners in
Fvcnt Hides to be (liven to
Patrons -of Ihe Cliilk,
ii ii i
' I in the possession of W. L. Gardner
Sun sets 7:14, rises 4:50; moon sets
2:11 a. m.
Kerler & Co. weave rugs.
Buy a home of Rcidy Bros.
Read H. K. Walker's want ads.
TH-City Towel Supply company.
For bus and express, Spencer & Trefz
Sand and cement. Mueller Lumber
(fodfrey's laundry gives green trad
ing stamps.
Call' LaVanway, telephone 247, foi
carpet, rug cleaning and rug making.
Let Krell & Johnson do your tin
and furnace work. 1316 Third avemie.
II. T. Siemon wants your tin and
furnace work, 152G-1528 Fourth ave
Trading stamps of our own to cash
or credit customers, -ilorblit's depart
ment store. '
Fancy Elberta peaches by the bushel
for canning at Rachman's grocery, 700
Twelfth street.
Don't forget the moonlight excursion
Tuesday. Aug. 3, given by the young
people of the Swedish Lutheran church
on the steamer W. W,
As you know the sun kills germs. If
you want your laundry clean and in
u.iry shape, send it to us. Wre
nH, ch an,i sun dry our work
Old phone, 652-L.- Home l.anHr .
Two piano compositions have Just
come from the pross. the work of
Ernest Otto of Davenport. "Black
---" - r -"-Leri8iic rag
imik- ii.iiiii- .urn ihiu iiiiierul. The
otnor is a march and , two step
-Iowa Reform," dedicated to Adolph
LeClaire buer, who exhibited it in
Davenport yesterday. The gem weighs
50 grains, is of a clear ilesh C!lor and
nearly a net feet sphere. It cost th;
buyer $:;.noo and is expected to net a
nice profit. The pearl was found re
cently by a clammer named "I'lilucky
lim,"' in the neighborhood of loiing.
where he has been dredging for sev
eral seasons. 'Tnluckv Jim'' got, his
name for two reasons he has a family
of n wife and nine or 10 children, and
he had never found any pearl of con
scnuence before this one.
Steamer Columbia to Muscatine ev
ery Saturday at 4 p. m.
The Island City boating club will
pull off its handicap race this eve
ning at the harbor, and practically
all the boats in the harbor will take
part, in the contest. A large number
of the boats ran over the course last
evening in order to get their official
rating for the course and there are
several more entries which will go
over the course early this evening
and join in .with the other contest
ants. The scheme is to allow each
boat, no more thau a. live per cent in
crease in speed over t he speed shown
in the trial runs and as the boats will
be f-ent out from the harbor with
handicaps which would bring them
in all together, it ought to prove an
interesting race. The judges are to
be John W. Larson. George Andrews
and II. W. Roff. The time keepers
will be W. II .(lest. Jr., and W. T.
II iH I'.nlrrnl.
The boats which have already run
over the course in preparation for
the race are the lona, Ray. W. J..
Thetis, Helen M., Myrtle, Leo, Limit,
N'awadaha, Alice, Richard U., Hlii.ck
Hawk and Chap. The Island City,
Holly, Mallard, Lucille. Pointer and
Mermaid, are expected to run over
the course before the race and get
handicaps which will allow" t hem to
enter into the contest. The first
prize for the affair is to be a gold
outing watch donated by L. S. Mc
Cabe & Co., and the second prize will
be a box of cigars which S. M. Arndt
gave. The third prize will be a pen
nant. After the race, the boats will spend
the remainder of the evening in tak
ing out parties for short rides on the
river. Those who patronize the re
freshment stand which the ladies will
conduct at the club house will be
given the rides free of charge.
Man Arrested by Police Has Money
so Well Hidden tlmt Ofliccrs
Fail to Discover Hills.
One Workman Is Fatally Injur
ed and Another Seriously
Hurt in Accident.
Anton I'earson Dies Soon After He
iiiK Crushed Under Flat form
Loaded With Heavy Stones.
All Cars Lines Tour Crowds In
to the New Store the First
Day of the Big Sale.
News of Money-Raising Sale
Spreads Like Wildfire Over
the Tri-Cities.
Young & McCombs Money-Raising
sale started with a jam! On all
street cars, from Moline and Daven
port, cn the Red line and Itluo line,
the Elm street and- Rridge lines, on
all lines, crowds came and poured
into the new store, anxious to be the
first to get to the money-raising sale.
From the minute the doors opened
throngs of thrifty buyers crowded
the aisles on every floor in the big
new store buying liberally of the
host's bargains in store for them,
happy when they got here and hap
pier when they went away for all
carried packages that will tell the
siory of the great savings, in the
homos of hundreds in and around
the tri-cities. Every day the crowds
will net Lifter for (he news of (hi
money-raising sale will spread like
realize the drastic reductions we are
making in order to make sure of our
success to raise jr.O.onO.OO in 15
days. Consider this! Everything in
the big new store now going at dras
tic reductions of one-fourth and one-
Everything in the new store, ev
cry article, a. big brand new stock of
dry goods, dress goods, silks, house
hold ami fancy linens, cotton wash
goods, men's furnishings, carpets
rugs, draperies, wall paper, house
furnishings, china, jewelry and wo
men's ready-to-wear garments, all go
at great sacrifices of one-fourth to
one-half. Every article bears the
original price mark and the sale
price. Come to the big 1 5-day mon
ey-raising sale and wear a smile of
satisfaction that will last a life time
Grape - Nuts
No cooking required, and ev
ery crumb yields strength, and
"There's a UcaRon."
Police Magistrate C. J. Smith and
several policemen nearly fainted yes
terday afternoon as the result of a
very close call which they had. The
affair was somewhat in the nature of
a catastrophe except that it didn't
happen, thanks to the thoroughness
and foresight of the judge. Officer
Dennis Rennctt had arrested a young I
fellow who hailed from down the river
somewhere. After being searched, ha
had been locked up to await the action
of the magistrate. Now Officer Bennett ,
has always prided himself on the thor
ough manner in which he searches a
risoner and when he told the judj;e
that the fellow did not have a cent
and that it woidd do no gond o fine
him, the judge decided at once tha!
the proper thing to do was to order
the prisoner out of town. He was ac
cordingly brought before the niagls
trate who gave him the usual run f
questions concerning his name, address
and reason for being in this city. He
replied to the latter question by stat
ing that he had come here to buy him
self some clothes. The judge cast a
look of disapproval on hnu nnd asked
how he expected to nuy clothes with
out, having any money, and he was
somewhat staggered when the fellow
icplicd that he was not entirely broke.
The judge's determination to send the
man out of the city was shattered by
this remark despite Officer Bennett's
statement that the prisoner was broke.
Deciding to take no chances, the judge
fined the prisoner $1 and costs and m
terest in the proceding ran high as the
officers who were present waited to see
whether Bennett's search had been "n
vain or whether the fellow was put
ling up a bluff. Several of them nearly
had convulsions in laughing at Bennett
and the judge when the fellow dug
Into his clothes and from a hidden
pocket which the officer had over
looked in his search, produced a roll
of bills and handed the judge a five
spot from which to take the fine and
the costs of the case. When the in
cident was over and the fellow gone.
Magistrate Smith warned Bennett in a
solemn manner to be more careful in
the future, that no "live ones" were
allowed to escapo the penalty of their
Another funny thing occurred a few
minutes afterwards. A young fellow
who had been ordered to get out of
kown in a hutry, asked the judge if he
might be allowed to wash himself up
at the station and the judge replied
that he had no objections personally.
The young fellow then asked If h?
could borrow a clothes brush aud the
judge broke in and said; "Say, young
fellow, do you think we are running
a first class hotel here? Never mind
about brushing up, just dust out of
here at once." '
Anton Pearson, whose home was at
1311 Fifth avenue, Moline, was killed,
and Albert Anderson was seriously in
jured in an elevator accident at the
Moline city hospital, where they were
employed in the construction of a new
addition to the building. The men
were on the elevator, at the third floor,
and the load included two big slabs
of stone. The machine was operated
by horse power. Suddenly some part
of the mechanism gave way, and the
elevator crashed to the ground with
its two passengers.
KIIih Are C'runhfHl.
Pearson fell in such a way that the'
ribs on the right side were separated,
and his neck was injured. The acci
dent occurred at 2:30, and the Injured
man died at 3:10. He was quickly
taken into the hospital and given sur
gical attention, but his injuries were
such that recovery was impossible.
Anderson, the other victim f the
accident, is in a very serious condi
tion, but his injuries are not likely to
result fatally, it is belieed.
For State Employment.
Notice has been received by County
Clerk II. B. Hubbard of state civil
service examinations to be held at
different, places soon. The examina
tion will be held at Watertown Sept.
8. The examinations are for engin
eers, firemen, graduate nurses, stenog
raphers, attendants, domestics, labor
ers, cooks and assistant cooks, laun
dry men. and others. Applications1 must
be made to the Illinois Civil Service
commission at Springfield before
Sept. 1.
Rail Accident at Viola.
Two farmers residing near Viola
were struc!; ' by a Burlington train
Tuesday evening between Viola and
Hopewell, the team of muloft . which
they were driving . being killed and
both men severely injured.
Corner Second
and llarrisoD
T V '
Laaies an
d Misses
Charming styles made up
of blue and black mohair
prettily trimmed with
braid. Neck is square
shaped like illustration:
Sizes for girls are 8 to 16
and for ladies 36 to 46.
Very economically priced
. $1,75 to
au who came today now

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