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Labor Enters Protest. The Daven
port Trades and Labor assembly has
adopted and presented to Mayor Scott
a resolution protesting against permit
ting foreign laborers who are being
dumped into the city in large numbers
to continue to live 15 or 20 in a room
and otherwise show disregard for rules
of sanitation. Such practices, it is
recited, are detrimental to , public
health. The board of health is asked
to look after the remedying of the con
ditions referred to.
Propose Auto Endurance Run.
Members of the Auto club of Daven
port have in mind an endurance test
run, so soon as the weather gets cool
er. It is not expected to have a road
' 7, k V. , , New Car Storage ShedExcavation
a specified time. Members of the e ub , has been commenced for the linmense
also are starting a mi d ag.tat.on Lar 8torage shed which th? TrKMt
among themselves and with all auto- Rail company will erect this fall
ists they talk with for a mutual cour-L, nf tho nront M, wc
tesy. that they say would be helpful to River BtreeL The uas b
nil niitAiota ThniH 2sl I. . 1 ... 1 r
of the latest military movements and .are visiting at the home of Mr. and
tactics. (.Mrs. Charles nurgoyne.
o J Ben Stropes, who has been shelling
Man is Injured. The large derrick on Rock river, found a pearl last
recently purchased and in use by the 1 w?ek whih he sold for $150. His j
D..!!. n x. t;"'euus are Siaa or nis gooa
x: ,r 7m.,: rv:'T'::: War-en and chanes
... iwi "- ;" -Iare visiting in Port Byron
udjf dLiciiiwu anu iuc tailing uuiutris
struck an employe, , James Koepke,
knocking him to the ground. The am
bulance was called and Koepke was
taken to the office of Dr. Kruel, where
an examination was made and his in
juries attended. He was hurt about
the Head and two of his ribs were torn
loose from their fastenings. He is ex
pected to recover. The derrick was
not loaded at the time, and how it
came to break- is not known, as it was
supposed it would safely lift several
tons. The wood work of the derrick
was badly broken.
Velie Car in Race.
Tuesday for Denver, Col., their fu
ture home.
The Misses Anna and Zella Feast
er are visiting relatives in Nebraska.
Miss Sadie Wise of Barstow is vis
iting relatives in town.
' Mesdames Charles Donahoo and
James Mill spent a few days last
week in the cities with relatives and
friends. - ' .
I Ross Wreath returned Saturday to
T .. 1 :
bile mthllRilu ar taLin nrlHi-i . . .
McRobcrts ,,, , ,,: Z'.T ..:., James David or Mcliue is visiting
u i.v ii anu iiviuiij.
down their machines when passing
each other, thereby reducing the
amount of dust that' is raised the
worst feature with which the summer
autoist has to contend.
Militia in Camp Next Week. Offi
cers and members of Company B are
experiencing just now a touch of the
hustle and bustle preparatory to going
to war, as they will attend the annual
state encampment at Iowa City next
week. They will leave Davenport for
Iowa City Monday and will go in camp
at Camp "Kirkwood," named in honor
of Iowa's war governor. The local
boys ale busy getting ready for the
occasion and are anticipating a pleas
ant time and expecting to learn much
Martin Alleby left for the Dakota
wheat fields Wednesday.
Mrs. Guruey Farrow and nephew re
turned home Saturday from St. luis.
after a two weeks' visit with her sis
ter, Mrs. George Illingsworth, who ac
companied her home for a' two weeks'
Dr. Martin and wife aud daughter
Mabel left Tuesday for a two weeks'
visit in North Dakota.
Mrs. Barney Flaherty and sister-in-law.
Mrs. McManu of Salt Lake City,
Utah, went to Farmington, 111., Wed
nesday, returning Friday evening.
Mrs. 'William Bell and daughter
Grace and Mrs. Gus Johnson were in
the tri-cities Tuesday shopping.
Mrs. Henry Rhode and daughter Ag
nes went to Coal Valley and Rock Isl
and Tuesday for a visit.
Mrs. McMunn has gone for a visit
in the east.
storing its extra cars in the open there,
and has decided to put up a building
that will house 40 to 50 of them, and
make things look decidedly hand
somer along East River street than
they have on the open-air policy of
the past. The building will be larger
in size than the one already in use for
several years, and wiil be full of
tracks, which in turn will be full ofj At the A irdome.-Another large
cars. Handling the street railway .. ,: . , , , . .
business in the tri-cities means the i e gre 'sauel Pitt Lewis anj
carrying of a larger equipment every ,!cr l,msuy at "e airdome last nigh',
year, and the company with the newwhere "Tho lnJiii' w presented
this week on the speedway just com
pleted at Indianapolis. A Velie car
the one recently finis-hod along racing
lines is entered in two of the events.
The car was shipped to Indianapolis
t-aily in the week, arriving sufelTues
day. It will start in the five mile rae
and the 50 mile event, going over tlu;
longer route probably tortay. Stick
r.ey, who drove the Velie entry in the
hill test3 at Algonquin, is to be at the
j Joshua Dillon has been quite sick
I at his home in Rock Island with
pneumonia, but is better aud able to
sit up.
Tho Misses Julia aud Grace Kcnip
terv.are visiting this week in Chi
cago. Mr. and Mrs. William Duglass and
children spent Sunday near Hills
dale. .
Ray. Quick of Denver, is here for
wneei on the racing machine.. He isa short visit with his parents. Mr.
a fearless and a good driver, aud some ! and Mrs. Thomas Quick.
record breaking time i
the company
a expected by
building will be in shape to house
better than ever."
Would Xot Attend Social Functions
Because of Her Hair.
There- are many women in this
world, handsome in features, perfect
in form, graceful of movement and
brilliant of mind, who keep in the
background just because they have
thin, colorless and lusterless hair.
in Paris tney understand things
about the hair that we do not know
in this country. It was a Parisian.
Dr. Sabourand, who discovered that
thin hair and dandruff are caused by
a microbe.
It is Parisian Sage that proves Dr.
Sabourand's theory to be correct, for
it is rigidly guaranteed by the Har
per House pharmacy to kill the dan
druff germ and cure dandruff, fall
ing hair and itching scalp in two
weeks or money back.
Parisian Sage is a delightfully
pleasant hair dressing and invigor
ator; it is not sticky or greasy. It
should be used freely' in summer as
it keeps the scalp clean and cool and
free from odors.
The price for Parisian Sage is
oaly 50 cents for a large, generous
bottle and is for sale by leading
druggists everywhere. Sold in Rock
Island on the money-back plan by
the Harper House pharmaey. The
girl with the auburn hair is on every
package. Made in America by Gi
roux Manufacturing company, Buffalo.
Ralph McMichael of California is here
for a few weeks' visit with his par
ents. IeKoy Miller of Reynolds visited
Saturday and Sunday with his sister,
Mrs. J. Criswell.
Mr. and Mrs. McEntire and daugh-
and both play and players were well
leceived. Tonight the company pro
duces "The Sultan's Daughter," a
laughable farce comedy. A change uf
specialties win bo introduced between
the acts.
"The Seautf Spot" Appeals to Chi
cago. Mirth, melody and pretty girls
are the three elements in "The Beauty
Spot," which opened at the Garrick
theater last night, that appeal most
fnrn!Kl 5..
ter Lima of Reynolds and Miss Emilv " ,,i Pairo"s-
McEntire of Peoria visited the latter , ,e t.hee sentials of a musical
part of last week with Mr. and Mrs. p,5,y- ' f the wit" the work Jeffer
L. R. Criswell. ?? DeAngelis. the star, and his cap-
Dorothy McEntire of Erie is visiting company have at once endei e i
with her grandmother. Mrs. Busheart, ' rIf y. .' l the ,,eal ts of
who has again taken up her residence I Ch'Ch'8, tni,8,caI, ue,d- ,ove"
; Miian rh, is one of the few musical cm:
Mis lkh.lw.n- Ko,.l.m. nf liav.w.r W"f8 f the 8CasOU tl,at Mes .!
.pent Sunday with Miss Nina Gilmore. ' tiomtn'T ""V1 U,
Mrs. J Johnston and son James d ' S
Y To Have Motorcycle Race. Tuesday
afternoon Gus Scheppers or Streed ft
Scbeppers, who conduct a bicycle shop
at 1521 Library street, signed an agree
ment with G. R. Myers of Davenpo t
to race on motorcycles a distance of 0
miles, a side bet being placed of $30
each'. The race will take place at tlm
Davenport track Sunday afternoon,
Aug. 22. The machines to be usod
must be a stock two-cycle Indian and
a stock two-cycle Reading-Standard
machines, the former to be ridden '
the Moline man. No change of ma
chines on account of a breakdown" will
be allowed but repairs may be mad -3
though no time will be allowed tor
ttieni. It is understood that x Pete
Petersen of Davenport will race wi'.h
a Clinton man in au automobile con
test of Hvevmiles for a J200 side bei.
view Kroposea car Route. City offi-
cials, rcpreseniatives of the Tri-Ci'y
Railway company, and property own
ers of the east end bluff territory met
at the city hall at 2:.i yesterday af
ternoon and from there started on a
trip through the territory in which th
much discussed street car service 's
desired. The trip waS'made in two
automobiles, furnished by Mr. Porter.
J. F. Porter, general manager of the
Tri-City Railway company, has ox
pressed his willingness to accede -o
any reasonable demand made, and the
effort yesterday afternoon was to de
termine a route- that will meet the de
mand or residents on east end bluff
territory, and at the same time afford
a line which eventually will be seir-susfaining.
parted Sunday for Minneapolis.
-...v.eo aim mil. uvAiigeus, in ins
Miss MarrarPt Pamn.rhon ,.r.,D.i . . 1 o-uiovar. is at Ills
'-icu namiiort an A ..l.l.
t TA m 'i.. sriuuill
ihmuc iium iicuvtr i uesaay evening.
Miss Maude Medill returned home
from Niagara Fails Tuesday, after a
10 days' visit.
Dr. Cullen left Wednesday afternoon
for Freeport to officiate at a funeral.
has this nonular
comedian been given a role that suited
him better.
ueorge aiacKaiiane, in the role of n
and his
Cwrt. (
mniw I I
Strictly V
f ci-itiil
tor Drukeonet , Opium,
ICllCnW'Hw Drug Uiiof,
Jf the ToUcc Habit
ana neuras:nem
Tlie lawn sociable at the home of;
Mrs. R. G. Thompson for the benefit
of the Baptist Sunday school, wnich
was to be the 28. will be held Satur
day evening the 21st.
Miss Alpha Cole is to teach the
Foster school for the fall term.
Mrs. Kimball, who has been visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gill
Not Klaw &. Erlanger House. Ruin-ir
had it that Klaw & Erlanger had se
cured the Elite theater on Third ave
nue. However. H. A. Sodini an
nounces that after a little quiet engi
neering he secured the house in which
budding artist, is manly and clever "? to..,,,ay. first c,ass dramatic
cultivated voice at once "V "lereoy eliminating the
s season. The last coun of Mr. Sod-
as the stafPiv .u" IT, ;-";" '.
wire of the general, and Isabell D'Ar- "incai 08 s 'heje has been
ntond are all that could be asked for '01m"ct1itl,'n for the cotro'
in their respective parts Iacu tlus ' playhouse. Mr. Sodini has
Kruger and Alf Deailt toth furalS frn,BeJUI Messrs' &
many laughs in their eccen, ie role, h1" l k hP bCSt dramalic lt-
and Minerva Coverdale captlSS ', Ct "S .,,he E'Ue a"d Mn,MS
with her pleasing work ai's , theatergoers will skh have an oppor-
The music of "The Beaut v S.r.f i, tU",tj' to 80e ,,le bost s,,ows whicl1
flntrancinslv inner..! .n.i n;. ... l'l'r id big cities.
, Koven, the composer, deserves his full
ciiarms ins listeners. Frank Doane as ..
a comedy negro is KPreaminK. , UUSbea6"' 111
while Viola niiiifo ,1V -. "."I.: 1111 nas raed-iio little comment
m u Dial I v t
Hobart for the oast week. ,f..ri '" 'uI'"er. deserves his full
ll M I'll lit 9 t I m
t, i i u jraise ior nis w
Muscatine Sunday jflts 11)ost
, J
to her home
Miss Emma
Charles Wade of New Boston and
Ray Parmenter of Oilman, Iowa, vis
ited a few days last week with Mr.
and Mrs. Seth leeinan. -
Mrs. Spinney and daughter, Helen,
of St. Louis and Mrs. Mary Robert
son and son, Sam. of Rock Island,
Vi uie praise ror his work. It nlLLdUALt
fits most admirablv the excellent boo'- "ifctWUntL
of Joseph W. Herbert. Anion- the' C L' ,arkee and l'al'y are
numbers that seemed to please" the VIct,nis of t,,e "Dutt,n '"easles."
first night audience most were- "Tho' ? S' EUP,l,m Kempster was an
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Smith's Studio
Opposite Harper House.
Entrance by Kamser's. B0CK lSLAXJ)
Erie visitor Monday.
Mrs. John Butzer returned to Ur-
Bouievarde Glide." "Creole Davs
Prince of Rnrnwi
Sc.il." "Choose Her iu the Morn Inn : " Tl,CKdily a,ner a few weeks'
"Bovs Will Be Bovs" "T.o ru l . I V,slt at ller home ' "i'lsdale.
8.aph." "PreltrruncSeS" "n0e' , T,,ef(,adk's ' ednes
Loveu Her Tender" and "In a Ham- tore
The iihit of "Ti,.. n ... I A,rs- I"evi ,lon" ai,(1 children are
o:uve inarripn m ih ...
. ller efffirtu tn r J;
I j , IUUi exniouion a
painting of herself called "The Maid
at the Bath.". This she succeeds in
.doin- after a score of screamirg sit
uations, and an evening of mirth
"The Beauty Spot" should play at
wic uarncK to big business for
weeks to co.me.
Ray Palmer relumed Monday io
his work in the bank.
Earl Wilkins, wife and son, loft
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
contain Mercury
I Hoi k Islnnil li1 vln.nlil I .
iiidllj . r ,
. w int.- ,i'irt'ai 11 ui nuiiicj'
There will be no preaching ser
vices at Hillsdale or Zuma Sunday.
The pastor, Rev. E. Morton, and wire
will attend camp meeting at Milan. '
Tom Cross and wife came Wednes
day morning from Minnesota, bring
ing the body of their little son. Karl,
for burial at this place. The funeral
services were held Wednesday after
noon at the church and burial in the
Mt. Maria cemetery.
Mrs. Charles Conrad is quite sick.
Mrs. Lyda Smith aud children of
Rock Island and relatives of Mrs.
Amos Sheppard surprised the latter
Monday,' it being her birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gecrge Oliver return
ed last week from their trip through
the west.
Chicago, Aug. 19. Following are the
quotations on the market today;
September. 102'!. 102, 100, 100.
December, 98'. 9S. 90.
May, 101, 101, 99fe, 99
Corn. September, 6GC, C5, G3.
December, oGi, 57, 5G, 5G.
May, 585S.V4, 57. 57 ,.
September. 39 t .39, 38, 3S .
December, 37, 39. 37"4. 38.
May, 41V&, 414. M, 40'4.
September. 21.95. 22.25, 21.75, 22.25.
January, 17.55, 17.G0, 17.40, 17.45.
September. 11.S7, 12.00, 11.85, 11.95.
October, 11.35, 11.97, 11.80, 11.90.
January, 10.30, 10.30, 10.22, 10.22.
September, 11.55, 11.77. 11.55, 11.75.
October, 11.27, 11.50, 11.27, 11.15.
January, 9.27, 9.30, 9.20, 9.20.
Receipts today Wheat 99, com 221,
oats 2G0, hogs 11,000. cattle 5.000, sheep
13.000. N
Estimated receipts Friday Hogs 12,
000. Hog market opened 5 cents higher.
Hogs left over.i,700. Light 7.358.15,
mixed and butchers 7.3508.20, good
heavy 7.158.15. rough heavy 7.15
7.42. v .
Cattle market opened shade lower.
Sheep market opened weak.
Hogs at Omaha S.000, cattle 4.500.
Hogs at Kansas City 0,000, cattle 7,
0(H). Hog market closed strong to 10 cents
higher. Bulk sales 7.G58.10. Light
7.70(&S.2O, niixed and butchers 7.50
S.22, good heavy 7.20S.25, rough
heavy 7.20 7.4 5.
Cattle market closed weak.
Sheep market closed weak.
Northwestern receipts Minneapolis,
today 71. last week 25, last year 110;
Duluth, today 1, last week 21, last
year 39.
Export clearances Wheat and Hour
48S.0OO. com 18,000, oats 1,000.
Liverpool opening cables Wheat
higher, com unchanged.
Liverpool closing Wheat ' higher
to V lower, corn Vs to V higher.
New York StocK.
New York, Aug. Following are
the quotations on the stock market
Gas iti;7i
I'nion Pacific 2G'.
U. S. Steel preferred 125'4
V. S. Steel common ............ 75
Iltadiiig 1571
Rock Island preferred ,
so unmistakable that they leave uo
as mercury will surely destroy the Br0UUll for doubt. Sick kidneys ex
pense of, smell and completely deranga trete a thick, cloudy, offensive urine,
.the whole system when entering it fu 11 of sediment, irregular of passage
j through the mucous surfaces. Such or attended by a sensation of scald
j articles should never be used except h,S- The back aches constantly,
,on prescriptions from reputable phy- nealaches and dizzy spells may oc
sicians. as the damage they will do is cur aud t,ie victim is often weighed
ten Told to the good you fan possibly ,,own and by a feeling of 4anguor
derive from them. Hall's Catarrh and fat'Sue. Neglect these warnings
Cure, manufactured by K. J. Cheney and there is danger of dropsy.
& Co., Toledo, Ohio, contains no mpr. Bright's disease, or diabetes. Any
cury and is taken internally, acting one of these symptons is warning
Hlror'fltr .inn. I. ...
uj,,,,, lut. UH)OU afKJ mC0s
surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get
the genuine. It is" taken Internally and
made iu Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney
& Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by druggists Price 75 cents
per bottle. ,
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Dysentery Is a dangerous disease ,ng of backache and kidney complaint
but can be curwl. Chamberlain's used this reniedy and was given
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem- Prmpt relief. While I never have
edy has been successfully used in't-aken- lean's Kidney Pills, I know
nine epidemics of dysentery. . It has them to be an excellent kidney medi
never -been known to fall. It is c'ne and one worthy of endorsement."
equally valuable for children and For 8ale by a11 dealers. Price 50
adults, and when reduced with cents.- F.oster Milburn company, Buf
water and sweetened, it is pleasant alo N- Y- sole agents for the United
iase. soia oy all druggists. oiates.
aiim.- ' ' Remember the
AU the news all the time The Argus, and take no other
The symptons of kidney trouble are Rwk 'd ""V "
Northwestern 195
Southern Pacific 133
New York Central 139 1
Missouri Pacific 73
Great Northern 157
Northern Pacific 15Wi
l & N- v 15G
Smelters )i
c v. I .'.'.'41
Cnnadian Pacific 183
Illinois Central 157
1t,,,". .110
U"Ad 91
c- & O ' 80
B. R- T 79.
B. & 0 117
Atchison 118'i
Locomotive .... rl
Sugar i3i
St. Paul .... 5G
Copper 8 ii
Republic Steel preferred .B)5
.Republic Steel common 37
C .1. T .
oouiuei n iiy 31
enough to begin treating the kidneys
at once. Delay often proves fatal.
You can use no better remedy than
Doan's Kidney Pills. Here's Rock
Island proof:
Miss A. Webb, 718 Fourth avenue.
Rock Island. 111., says: "When I saw
Doan's Kidney PiUs advertised some
time ago, I procured a box at the
Harper House pharmacy. A member
of the family who had been complain
name- -Doan's-
Today's Quotations on Provisions, Live
Stock, Feed and Fuel.
Rock Island, Aug. 19. Following are
the wholesale prices on the local
market today: .
Provisions and Produce,
Live Poultry Hens, per pound,
Money in Cherries
, The following extract rrom a news item in the Manistee Times
Manistee, Mich., shows the profits to be made from good fruit land' '
"The best cherry season in the history of this district is drawing
to a dose and by next week the picking and shipping practically
will be concluded." .
This season has been different from last in several respects In -1
the first place the growers have had better accommodations than
ever before. .Next season will be even better, the Pore Marquette
is considering putting on a special fruit train, while the Northern
Michigan company (a boat line to Chicago) will reduce the tine
considerably and the G. & R. I. railway is also casting envious"
glances at the heavy fruit business. :f
' ' ' - - : y.
Not only has the service been better and the freight rates less " i
but an entirely new market has been opened. Heretofore the ''
cherries have gone only to Chicago, but being introduced in De-
trott, a big demand arose and several car loads were sent there. '
Immediately the Chicago price shot up 20c a crate. .
A Grand Rapids firm, also had something like $5,000 to add to M
the growers returns. This concern came to buy 10,000 cases-.'
Finding quality and color all that could be desired it began paying i
a premium, forcing others to do the same. . t
Several growers have received returns of $000. 00 ;tn acre f roui '
their orchards and a man with live acres of cherries is independent. f
Apples will come on in about two weeks and the prospects arc
excellent, running from 75 per cent on some varieties up to 100
per cent on others with a general average of about yo per cent. In
dications as to price are also good.
A large number of people from Rock Island and vicinity have
visited and purchased land in this district this season. The major- '
ity are buying for future homes and the remainder believe it the
best investment they ever made.
The unimproved land can be bought for $8 to $15 per acre
and some of it is within three miles of Manistee, a city of 20.000.
We give terms as low as $10 down and $5 per month on each
4 0 acre tract and iu case of death before land is paid for we deed
it to your heirs without farther payments, so you even make
money by (Jying.
We will run a special excursion from Rock Island, Friday, Aug.
20, and will make a rate of $12 for the round trip. This is sev
eral dollars less than the regular rate aud you should take advan
tage of it if you can possibly do so.
For maps and full details call or write to
V. N. M E R C E R,
170U J Th iril Avenue, Kock Island, III. I'miie, Old, West .
GLOKGK V. SW1GAKT, Chicago, Owner.
10c; spring 'chickens, per pouud, 15c;
$3.50 to $4.50 per dozen
Butter Dairy, 21 to 22c; creamery,
27c. .
Lard 13c. 1
Potatoes Tmc.
Onions 50 to GOc.
Feed and Fuel.
Grain Corn. 70c to 72c; oats. 37c.
Forage Timothy hay, $10; straw,
Coal Lump, per Dushel. 14c; slack,
n MfnPiipnM nniAiiiAARi ni
The'Elegant Lake Steamships
Offer unriTn led ervir hetuwn Chicago and Mrtrkl
nao Inland and other fimioui Summer Reort of
Northern Michimn. oonms-tinc with nil line for Lake
nuierior And r,Hstern Fomtb. lhe UiOHt attract
ive find dirty! route to
en water Inland W-ow-tnn-lnc
i.tinmcion iortiporf Konrinjr lironK
MianlMtte Traverwflty tlnrltor Sprius
I'raukfort 4 hr-looli s. Iciiiuf
Cilen llnvrn fVlookry Mackinac Inland Wo. Manlf on Bay X w Oteboyiran
inwe eixnnt nteam-hin nre nmons the nncut Hitd oett equipped on the Ureat uAea. a
larpe and ateadv at to s-nmre eoiufortnlle natwace to thoae averse to lake trina.
1 hoy offerthe trader every modem convenience that adda to the delights of an
out in? on the water. For hook of toitra. addrnpa:
ti ft. F. CHURCH, G. P. A. Office ari Docks, E. Ead Mick. St. mr Rush St Bridie. CUcace
T 1 it-sC
I o. v. u. wlxam'
Hard TimesMade Easy by Drs.VValsh
Pay What You Can. Pay When You Can.
Every Chronic Sufferer is Given a Chance
To treat with Drs. Walsh. Although hundreds
have been out of work during the last 14 months,
not one patient of ours ever had to stop treating
because ttey were out of money through. lack of
We have had 18 years of success hens. Over
50 doctors, who were probably yery good doctor,
came here as specialists during that time and
failed as specialists. We feel justly rroud of
our record. Most people think blood poison
cannot be cured; still in our 15 years here we
have not failed in a single case. We not only
cured them, but we gave them a pleasunt cure.
Wo did not let them become disfigured, with
while the tth hair falling out in patches. One oi
Bores orvint nine seasons In Hot Springs, and
have neTeretment there Is very heroic, utill they
us has sper equalled our record. Although we
have treated thousands of nervous sufferers,
Borne both mentally and physically weak, brought
on by dissipation and habits that wtre hard to break, still we did not
have to send one In a thousand to a sanitarium or asylum. Our suc
cess In treating Catarrh, Skin D seases. Stomach, Liver, Kidney and
Bladder Diseases, has been of the same high order. In our surgical
work we have never lost e case. Our special home treatment for wo
men has been praised by ail who have tried it.
MEN TrJr our painless, no risk cure for Varicocele, Hydrocele and
Enlarged Glands.
REMEMBER you only pr what you 04,1 and when you 11
.you cannot call, write as a hlst:ry of your case today.
124 West Third Street, Davenport, Iowa.
Hours 10 a. m. to 12 m., 2 p. m. to 4:30 p. m., 7 p. m. to 8:15
m.; Sundays and holidays, 10: SO a. m. to 12 noon. No office hours
Tuesday eyen'ngs.
Present. Chicago
Medical Institute.
fstabllhed In Dav
enport 15 years. 12
years longer In
business in Daven
port than all oth
er specialists.
- -A- . .-
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