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Places Figure in Excess of Tan
' "'jibWPrbpertyTat Total of '
HIGHEST PUT -AT $300,000
Two Companies Will Be Required to
Pay YnVThat Amount -"Big In
' ' crease Yor the Rock Island.
The county board of review added
J1,822,7C7 to the Mil valuation of'as
sessable property in tfle county this
afternoon when the board ordered 'as
sessments levied aggregating that
amount against the capital stock of
corporations in excess of tanible prop
erty. The board piaced assessments
against 70 corporations, of which 30
have their main offices in Rock Island.
The highest individual amount,, was
$2(Mi.iH)0. and this was fixed as the full
value for the Rock Island Brewing
company and Deere & Co! The
amounts range down to 90.
In Hoek Inland.
The figures fixed by -the board are
for the full valuation, and taxes must
be paid on one-third, of this amount.
Thus something over $Ci:O,0oO is added
to the assessed valuation of the coun
ty. Rock Island corporations will car
ry a bis part of this amount. The fig
ures in this city are as follows:
Driflil Printing company. $iri. v
Argillo works. $2.0iil.
Banner Coal & Coal Oil company,
Crescent Macaroni & Cracker com
pany. $24,000.!.
Griswold Manufacturing company.
$1,200. . - - -
Kas'crling Lumber company. $fl.0rt.
Geo.-?e White Buggy company, $.).
000. .1. V. Potter company. fl.Soo.
Kramer Priming & Publishing com
pany. $240.
Kuliuer Engine & Machine com pan v.
National Neck Yoke company, $3.
L. E. West Gum company. $1.80il.
LcwU Roofing company. $4.S0i).
Rang Baking company. $300.
Roc k Island Brew in? company.
Rock bland Cotton Mattress com
pany. $::(!).
Rock Island Lumber & Manufactur
ing company. $ls.tHn.
Rock Island Plow company, $:i0.ti0il.
Rock Island Roofing company, $7.
500 . . .'
Rock" Island Sash &. Door Works.
Ro:k Island Stove company. $42.mhi
Rock Island Wood Works, $12.fin0.
Tiio Manufacturing' company, $3.miti.
Twin Citv Rendering comoany. $1,
Union Priiui.ig company, $l.r.0u.
Volunteer Coal company. ?,m.
Warned; AL- Ralston. $l.."i00.
Walsh Brake Shoe & Foundry com
pany. fO.otm.
Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann, $4S.ooo.
In Moline there are many that have
large assessments. Among the larger
assessments are the following:
Deere & Co.. $::mi,(mi0.
Barnard & Leas. $21,000.
D. M. Sechler Carriage companv
H. W. Cooper Saddlery company.
Deere & Mansur company. $150,000
Dimock, Gould & Co.. $30,000.
Moline Plow company, $180,000.
Moline Wagon company. $120,000.
Velie Carriage com pan. $45,000.
Williams, White & Co.. $45,000.
Mutual Wheel company. $30,000.
Two large corporations are. assessed
in South Moline township, the Union
Malleable Iron company, full valua
tion $3(5,000, and the Root & Vander-
voorC Engineering company. $30,000.
Inerrimr Hallway.
The board this afternoon also in
creased the personal property assess
ment of the Rock Island from $78,000
to $165,000 in Hampton township, anil
in this city the road's personal prop
erty assessment was doubled. It was
originally $000 in this city.
The board of review has, with to
day's action, practically completed its
work, but no adjournment was taken
ioaay, - aim n. may De several more
days before the board finally adjourns
for the year.
The board has adopted a resolution
reque-rting the publication without
charga of the full proceedings of the
board by the newspapers of the count v,
. Society news, written or telephone!
to ihe soeitfty editor of The Arifitx. wil
Kln"y receiver sinil ubllliei. Hut
in either case me loeiuuy o the senile.
must be m.'ifte Known, lo insure r-lia
liilily. Written notices must be:ir sijt
nature anil aJdres.J
Gives Farewell Party. Mrs. T. C.
Crahami entertained a party of V
ladies yesterday afternoon at her homr
S27 Second avenue, in honor of he
Pister, Mrs. J. T;,Meinert of St. Louis
who has been a guest at her home am
also at the home of her mother, Mr
Henry Lantfert, 2C29 Fifth avenue, fo
the past few weeks. Games were ei
Joyed and late in the afternoon r
freshments were served. Mrs. Mel
ert was the recipient of a beautif:
i gas lamp as a memento of. the occ
, m
X . " t" ,
Bc;niMican Candidate for Juilxe of
the Supreme Coiirt.5;
sion. She leaves this evening ior her
home. t
Celebrate Anniversary. Mr. and
Mrs. -Wihiam B. Pettit. 314 Ninth
rtreet, yesterday observed the 31st an
niversary of their marriage and inci
dentally the 05th birthday anniversary
of Mr. Pettit. The observance was in
the nature of a quiet celebration yt
the home with only the near relatives
present. Mr. and Mrs. Pettit were the
recipients of many beautiful present's,
hief among which was neatly 200 pos
tal cards, which came in the form of
postcard shower.
Social Club Meets. At the meeting
of the Social club, which was held
Thursday evening at the club roomi.
520 Twelfth street, the officers for the
ensuing year were elected as follows:
President, C. Krell; vice president, M
Strupn; secretary and treasurer, H.
Hoffman. The club is contemplating
organizing a lootball team for the
Will Attend Sociable. The ladies of
the Women's Relief corps of this city
have accepted the invitation extended
them by the members of Ausiist Wentz
post, LI. A. R., of Davenport, to lie
present at the sociable to be given ny
he veterans in Memorial hall, Daven
port, Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 14.
Peters-Kelsey. At the parsonage of
Rev. H. W. Reed of the First Baptist
church this morning was celebrated
he wedding of Miss Mary J. Peters of
Morrison, 111., and Warren It: Kelsey
of Lyndon, 111. They will make their
home cn a farm owned by the groom.
Per Miss Huthmaker. Mrs. John 71.
Volk. at her home last evening was
ostfss lo a dinner party, given in
honor of Mis.s Huthmaker. who is to
e an October brid?.
Aitloiiuiliile and Motorcycle ("nine To
gether nu the Hill.
An automobile and a motorcycle
came together in a collision at Sev
enth avenue and Thirtieth street at 3
o'clock this afternoon and both ma
chines were considerably damaged and
he rider of the motorcycle was thrown
to the pavement and seriously bruised.
The three men in the automobile stop
ped and picked the injured man up
and helped him collect his belongings.
His injuries consisted of severe bruises
and several cuts about the head.
Special Session of County Committee
A special meeting of the coun.'y
lemocratic committee has been called
or this evening by County Chairman
C. .1. Smith. The meeting is schel-
iled for 8 o'clock at Turner hall. The
arrangements for the district judicial
campaign will be one of the important
tents to be considered.
Local Ofliee Opened to Push Sale of
Lots in Magnolia Park, a Beau
tiful Subdivision of City.
Texas enterprise is asserting itself
here very actively Just now. The
Vtagnolia Park Land company ' of
Houston, has opened offices in the
Safety building and will push the
ale or hats in Magnolia park, a sub
iivision of Houston.. W. G. Birch
leld, a representative of the company
tates that his company is specialix
ng a high class of city property,
vhich has the splendid advantage of
ronting the, government ship chan
;el. The property lays directly be
ween the ship channel and the city
roper and to reach the ship Chan
el it will be necessary , to pass
Ii rou uli Magnolia park. All this
art of tin city is rapidly building up
ith homes, business houses,' rail?
oad docks, wharves,' etc., and the
ity cf Houston is spending $250,000
i the building of wharves and
nd switching tracks. Houston has
commission form of government,
hich.has proven very satisfactory
the people since its inauguration
id the city has made great strides
every direction. The many kindt
' grajns rained in this section of th
ate are ntiractrng feetller3 from ev
ywhere,' building us a prosperom
, .uutry around a prosperous town. -
set!! m mm
Need of I ranch Court Indicated
by.Ni mber of Cases'tor !'
; ; nmni Term.' t::. j
T1 u 4
Of the Suits Started, 80 .Ire on Chun.
w cciy jji'i 40 Bciiis "Bills to S
. .swiire I)Vvor cs! : .' .
It is well that there will be a branch
court of tl'3 Rock Island' circuit court
establishei' thls'Jlfdr the. number of
new'easep in' the docket for the Sep
tember te i. which opens Sept. 20, ex
ceeds all cords; In all there are 127
new cases n the books, and of these
80 Breach icery suits and 47 are law
suits. OJ the chancery cases there
are 40 div ce suits, and a number of
bills lor s - arate maintenance and one
bill'to ant: 1 a marriage. , The number
of Jiew ea. s for the jexn)1s more than.
nan or tn- numoer ordinarily disposed
of In a wl le yee Jn the circuit court,
though th judges have kept court in
session tl- greater part of 'the time.
The nr court will be established
soon- aft the epening of the term,
and whei it is set in operation there
will be vo judges sitting here the
greater j irt f -the time.' It is now
planned to establish the branch court
in the supervisors' room at the court
house. The supervisors will act on
the matter at the meeting next week.
IIIIU,for Divorce.
Chauncy Church, in a bill for divorce
filed in ilie circuit court, charges his
wife, Haitie, with adultery, and names
At Wl. f m. -1
oa- it "rremarnea l,rM
l!)0i. Harry McCaskVm represents
the complainant.
. . . I
Mrs.- l.ydia M. JlousVi has filed a
bill fo.- a divorce from ' Geortre R.
Housel i the grounds of desertion.
Awards of Premiums for Those
" Who Made Exhibits Are
v "Given Out.
Woodlai k Is Winner of Pacing: l-'vent
' and Sandy Mavk Takes I'ree
for All Trap.
.loslin. 111.. Sent. 11 (Snechil
The :!5tli annual fair of the Rock Is-
land County .Agricultural association..11"? ,,1Pre next trutay. a roo.i pr:
at Joslin was brought to a close ves-
terday evenins. after a falrlv success-
ful run of four days. During the time
nt ih. tiutit if netimnti ). r.mi
tor.l mid nrimUHlnn t tho nmmiHs
and besi.lea ther were nhnt.t Sim
P' in "'tendance Tuesday, but they
i . . .,-,. . '
i,,c n,t,i .v.
iui fcjv u irimaiitT lilt- lllftt -
bein? there Th fnir na w
h-.jdj., ,j .
' , ... . ,
program could be given, and it was
. . . . . , , .
rt . ,
1 0
j The exhibit at the fair this year was
J one of the best ever seen.- Although
i the farmers hi the upper end of the
'county do not .raise very much live
stock, there was a good exhibit in this
I line. Several sheep, cattle, swine and
horses were shown, but the best ex
hibit was made In horses. The vege
i table and fruit exhibit comprised al
I most everything under this head that
is raised in this part of the country.
I Besides "the exhibition of farm pro
ducts, several merchants had their
merchandise on display. There were
twp hay balers on exhibit which are
run by a gasoline engine . These at
tracted considerable attention. The
Bowlby piinio house of this city had a
Kimball -piano on display, and it was
awarded ;iserond place in the piano con
tet. The Moline piano, which was
exhibited ; by a Sterling firm, was
awarded first place; in preference to
the-Klmballr, ' :
' '' 'Award for Kxhlblta.
Among the result b in the contests
which wer ready for publication yes
terday, were the following:
Mare or gelding, four years old, W.
H. (Jroh; prize, $4.
Two year old mare or gelding. G. E.
Ashdown; prize, $3. k
One 'year dfd mare or "gelding, E.
Lingren; prize, $3.
Three year old brood mare showing
two colls. E. Lingren;1 prize. $.ri.
One year old colt, II. Grant; prize $3.
Span of horses for all work. P. Pear
sail; prize. $5.
,Four year old( stallion, II. F. Myers;
prize, $(. ' ; -
f Double team In harness, A. Ander
son; prize, $5.
Four year old pony stallion, II. Mil
lerr prize, $4.
CThree year old pony stallion, H. Mil
ler; prize. $3.
; In the. swine and sheep exhibit, E.
3 s Raser took all of the prizes,
Sample' winter wheat, M. D. Haubey.
Sample winter wheat, M. D. Hau
bey.. ' V.
. Sample rye, C. Dunbar.
' Sample of corn on stalk, C. Wath-
M. D. Haubey took first place In nil
of tdttftfollowing contests: White oats.
yellow and white field com. earty'coru.
sweet corn, pop corn, buckwheat,, tim
othy seed, clover seed, and the greatest-
and;-best variety, o(' grain and
seeds.-.'; .
Gooseberry preserves.Xettie Wreath.
Strawberry preserves, Nettie Wreath.
' Currant preserves. Mrs. W. E. Cox.
Cherry, peach and' raspberry pre
serves. Nettie Wreath.
In canned goods, Mrs. E. Matthews
took first, place.
Currant Jelly, Mrs. Alonzo Dunbar.
Cherry jelly. Mrs. W. E. Cox.
Plum jelly; Mrs. J. E. Wake.
Grape jelly. Nettie Wreath.
Mrs. Murphy took first for the best
glove case.
" Mrs. J. w. , Pennell for the best
dresser set and skirt.
Mrs. George Newton for the best
handkerchief, child's dress and pillow
ease. ' - ". , .. ..- , ,
Mrs. If. C. Sellmer for the best
hearth rug. - -
Mrs. Phillips for the best machine
made skirt, night dress, corset cover,
kitchen apron,' fancy apron, button
holes, and darning.
Head.'Mrs. 'J.1 B., Simmons.
Figure painting, landscape, marine
view, flowers, and still life, Mrs. R. M.
Whiteside.- . .
Loaf of wheat bread,' Mrs. R. C.
Loaf of bread made from unbolted
flour, Mrs. .1. E. Wainwright.
Loaf of rye bread. Mrs. C. Matthews.
Dozen light rolls, Mrs. H. Brandt.
ItrHiillH of Karen.
The program for yesterday afternoon
consisted oft wo races. They were a
free for all trot and a 2:30 pace. Both
were won easily in three straight heats.
Woodlaik. the pacer owned bv Tom
McCalU of Poh Byron.- after, taking
leo.vn j .,.. -n .
iiiui r in ioiiisu miMi, mini
the pace, yesterday by sieady. running.
In the free for all trot, Sandy Mack.
owned by Ed Ward, won the race, it
defeated Harry E.. the winner of the
races the day before, and Judge Rus
sell. :
The results were as follows:
2:::o PACE.
Wood lark I McCain....- 1 1 1
Dickey C. (Crocker) 2 2 ?
Lady Ron da Robbing and Lain.:! :. 2
Time 2:34. 2:3(5. '2: 40.. Purse. $20-1
Sandy Mack ( Ed Word ) . . . ;.-. . . . 1 11
Judge Russell (Adams) 2 2 2
Harry E. (Eddy).- :: 3-;
Maude Wayne ( Finnicum) 4 4 0
Time 2:2914. 2:2(5. 2:2.. Purse $2:",.)
Merchants Plan an Outing and Bull
' (laiucs for ef l-'riday.
he merchants of : Sherrard havi
completed arrangements for their pic
ram lias hen planned and a very
ood t.tcndance is expected. Severa
a'refisf-'. wl" he made during the day
on agricultural -and dairy iop.es. a
b"d !ias I'" engaged to furnish
niuic throughout the day. The im
Por,a,,t alhIe,ic tv0,lt8 of ,he ,,av wi
be two ball games, one in the morninu
between ihe farnmrs west from the
,. . ,
district of the town and those east o
Shprrivrl Thf inme in Ihs nflcrnnm
will be between Orion and Sherrard
Besides these games there will be :
program of races. The amiisemen
coram ii tee has made arrangements for
. AthAM antLiini n m tni tn f h a vtvtm1 a
Miss Dina Ramser returned tod si
from Df nver and Manitou.
P. A. Hart left this morning for an
extended visit at Yellowstone Park.
J. M. Wendell left today for a visit
of several weeks in New Y6rk city.
Wiliam Mycr? left today for. a visit
of a month in Colorado, Oregon and
Washington. v , ,
Joseph Smith will leave tomorrow
morning for Notre Dame. Ind., where
he will enter the academy.
Misa Flora Conover returned yester
day from an extended trip to several
points in Washington and Oregon.
' Mr. r.nd Mrs. Williahi T Johnson
have returned after a pleasure trip .;
Portland.' Seattle, Salt Lake City and
Miss Gertrude Prachtenberg of Bos
ton, who has been a guest of Miss
Hattie Sosna. 90fi Fourteenth-and-a-half
3treet, has returned home. "
William Barth left, this noon for Chi
cago, where he will visit for a week
ijefore taking up his studies as a
junior at Northwestern university.
S. B. Snow left last evening for Da-
troit where he has taken a position in
he engineering department of a largi
nauufacturlng house.- He has been
employed in the designing room si
Kock Island arsenal.
V A oarty composed of Mr. and Mr3.
P. D. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
Noreno arrived in Rock Island this
nornins; in an automobile from Altena,
II. They will spend Sunday at th-?
'lome of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison u.
Moline-Bettendorf Ferry Company.
A. delightful trip is through the gov
rnment lock on the new Moline ferry.
Ihe fare is but 5 cents. - From any
wint In Rock Island to any point fn
Davenport 4he total cost Is but 3
-ents.-- ,
New Location.
The Dawson Millinery company is
tow ready for the trade at 1811 Sec-
nd avenue.
Saloon Notice..
Chicken lunch tonight at Al Gregg's.!
tS21 Second avenue. . - j
Gene Weathers Is Victim
Mysterious Attack Near
Ozark Saloon.
Said to Have Reen Assaulted hy Mow
Than One Man Missing Coat
and Man Are Captured.
Gene Weathers, a colored man whose
home Is in Davenport, was; given a
dreadful beating last, night in a fracas
which occurred in front of the Ozark
saloon on ''Eighteenth street. Just who
his assailants were has not been' given
out as yet. but it is understood thai
there were mure than one and that
they attacked the negro without any-
apparent cause and used a knife on
him." His right ear was almost -sev
ered from his head, and is held - in
place . by a number "of :sti'ches
which a physician put . " there. ; The
lght occurred about midnight last
night and there were very few witness
es. An interesting story Is expected .
io develop '"when the men who are
charged with being die aggressors are
W hh To l'er:i(ent. ' - ,j
Jesse Houser was arrested last niglii
by Detective James Brinir on ''the
charge (if being a vagabond and a bejr
ar. He was not confining Himself to
what might be called legitimate beg
ging, but instead was accosting people
and almost taking their money away-
froni them. He was sent to the ctmnty'
jail this morning for a stay of 40 days, f
S ' Asi! no Overrun!. -
'Roy Snyder, a young fellow residing,.
in Heniy county near Geneso, is un
der arrest in this city on the charge n"
stealing an overcoat at the Joslin fair".
from Glen Thompson. Thompson loi't
his ovrcoat in his lis wh'.le he too!;
in the sisiits at the fair an l when he
returned to the ii the coal was miss
ing. siarch showed who had taken
it ami it was recovered.;,-' The case was
set to come up before Jus; ice P. If
ye!ls this afternoon.
j. -' , -. i
Job tioes to Tri-t'ity Const rnct imi
'iiiniiny if llaveniMii-t, Its
P.iil i;eln' the Iiwest.
The bo.iid tif local improvements
this morning let (ho eontntet -Tor Hi'
construction of the brick paviitg-'o.t
Lincoln couit in H. R. Kreli's' aud W.
K. Railey's additions to the Tri-City
Construction compauy'-of Davetipxn-t.
There were two htd.v the' Pavhii?
Construction company f Chicago en
tering the comjieilt ion. The bids w'.r.
as follows: Tri-City Constntrtioii com
pany, curb 7o cents; -brick pavin;
$1.70; grading ail cents. Paving 5i
Construction company; curb 72 cents:
paving $1.75; grading cents. :
Rheumatism Cured In a Day.
Dr. " Detchon's Relief for Rheuma
tism and Neuralgia radically cures Id
one to three days. Its action upon tht
system is remarkable and mysterious
It removes at once the cause and tht
disease Immediately disappears. : Thf
first dose greatly benefits. 75 centi
and $1. Sold by Otto Grotjan. 1501
Second avenue, Rock Island; Gust
Shlegel & Son, 220 West Second
street. Davenport.
, The Road to Success
has many 'obstructions, but none so
desperate as ' poor health. Ruecesr
today deniands health. but Electri
Bitters is ' the greatest health build
er the world has ever known. It com
pels perfect action of stomach, liver,
kidneys., bowels, purifies and' en
riches the blood, and tones and in.
vigorates the whole system. Vig
orous body and keen brain follow
their use. You can't afford to slight
Electric Bitters if weak, run-down oi
sickly. Only 50c. Guaranteed bj
all druggists.
" rr. , T-. " - : " . " ...... . -
II - ruui n Mwn al
II v Frniip ' !
II VKV i)w k-yk i?fifi
Me Corset Event of the Seasoii
If 4 ' --i-."--.! '
1 ',1 fim ' -''-Wm We
- .- question with her. If in the past,
.-'you have had any doubts as to the corset which would do the most --U.r
your, figure, a fitting with one of the Gossard models will put
"I'tLetu at rest. - . :
. If-you have never worn a Gossard you have yet to learn what the
perfect corset union of beauty and hygiene means to the wearer. . .
There is a model for YOU. Exactly right for YOU. .Re fitted to it
and you will Le delighted with the results. Gossard corsets glw?"
the supple figure and the long,' lithe lines demanded by the season's
fashions. They support instead of depressing the abdominal organs r
-that is why physicians recommend them. They impart the classics,
" sculptured back. Anyone who knows the Gossard corset can tell
. ihe Gossard wearer by the back at a, glance. : ,
The front-lacing Is convenient and sensible. You can stand before .
" your mirror and adjust your corset while you are putting' it on.
i This season's Gossard models are the product of the "New Heboid
. of Corset Design," which means that every seam, sore and bone is
adjusted with that precision whicJris necessary in adjusting the bal-
aiice w heel of a fine watch.
- Gossard corsets are made of the finest materials.. Every detail is as
V .nearly perfect as human ingenunity will permit. The materials are
V selected with great care for their textile strength and the Gossard..
. Vorset will outwear two or v three ordinary corsets. . -. ;
J-11. '.Gossard corsets are boned "Electrobone" : earbon. the basis of
,;: vU'K the highest, quality high-.-- Trade Mark , . which isnon-break-able,
clock-spring Pteel, perfectly '.flat and- resilient; guaranteed
rur-tproof. and the best boning material used in corsets at any price.
Although Mrs. S." R. Andrus will be here all next week,
we advise you to come Monday if you possibly can. '
; Corset Department Second Floor
lias a litter
line , and a
Jlirger Murk
t h a n ever
com pr .isi ug
the " latest
.i -. . i
rZ." . Al'l'the New Fur 1 lata and Turbans can be Found at '..-
Bennett's Pur Store, 1617 Second Avenue, Rock Island.
i :
tllirifds'ReiMrts"Siwv-Falling IV of
, OW.oKT S ons.
''Springfield. 111., Sept. 1 1. Reports
of state mine inspectors, made public
yesterday, show that the production
of coal in Illinois for the year ended
June 30. iHOO, was 4S.C2.SSr tons,
a decrease from the preceding year
of fi4G.oS7; 'tons, - There were 213
fatal casualties during the year, coin
pared with 1 S3 the previous year.
-Field Secretary in City.
. The field 'secretary of the Illinois
hil.lr.-'n's Home and Aid society,
lev. G. C. Knobel, I a here 'on his rcg
;lar annual visit, stopping at 732 Sev
enteenth street, wheie he will be glad
0 meet sttch as are willing to receive
1 hompK-ss child, and to -consider cases
if destitution which need the society's
v v; ' ." ,? . - f" - '-.
Next week 'will be given over entirely
to our-fall corset opening. -As a line-,
, which is notable for the scope and .'
class of the corsets shown, there are;
none that we can' recommend in the,
unqualified terms that we do ': 3 t t
an expert corsetiere, trained in the
Gossard "New School" of corset de
sign, .will be in attendance" to show
the superior . features - of --'Gossard
superior, features
front-laced . corsets.
extend a 4ordial invitation to ev-
corset styles for fall, to meet Mrs. S.
R. Andrus and discuss the corset
She Furrier
t A
help. J. W. Welch of Henry Dart's v;
Sons company is president of. the ,:
Rock Island advisory board, and E.. 3.
McKown of 1101 Second avenue is1
treasurer. : ,. . -
Mr. Knobel will speak briefly at the
Broadway Presbyterian,- Trinity Epis
copal and. First M. E. churches Sat-
bath morning and at the United and s
Central Presbyterian clnjrches In the,
evening. '' ' . ' ' " -
A Hurry-Up Medicine.
An jC-ffective remedy to be used wheu
something must be done right away, la
Perry Davis' Painkiller for sprains-:-'
and bruises, for strained muscles and
for the aches and pains resulting f roni .
blows and falls. Burns and 'cuts aro
instantly relieved by it and helped to.
healing. There' is but one painkiller.
Perry Davis'. Buy the new 33-eent
size. .
size. " J, t-i

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