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. . . , . ; : i" i
l ' ' "'531 1
EldrUse Gaskell of fort Wayne,
bL, and Miss Nellie Seckman of Mo
cnjtne were married Thursday at the par
f naS of the United Presbyterian
, urch In Moline. Kev. W. M. Story
. terformerl Yia ommnnv and Mr. and
v Mrs. Harry v. -Dace attended the
i iuai COUplO. After mo i-cicuiuiiy uio
bridal party was driven to the home
f the bride's mother. Mrs. Lee Anna
Beckman, 530 Twenty-fifth street,
whore a wedding supper was served
f'Ji to reIatIves and intimato friends ot
the bride and bridegroom. Mr. Gas-
fcfl m - i s - . . CUvlc rail r . a i .1
shops. The young people departed
for a few days' visit in Chicago and
in their return will be at home to
their friends at 530 Twenty-first street,
Brotherhood Ilf Class.
A Brotherhood Bible class will be
organized at the Central Presbyter
ian church-tomorrow. Twenty-three
members have been secured now and
at least 10 more are expected to Join
tomorrow. This is claimed to be one
of the results of rul&ptlns the inter
national graded lesson system in Sun-;
flay school v.ork. There will be-j
special musical programs by Profes-1
BOr Bowlby and Miss Florence B. j
Knight at both morning and evening j
- tervices. I
First Meeting. i
The Social c! i! of tho Island City
Boating association will hold its firt
-.nceting cf tho ycrr Monday evenln.-r.
it which time th? club will be reor
rried and Unmarried, Praise the -Buckeye
Remedy, Wmmmmm Pe-ru-na
Internal Catarrh.
Miss Nora Kelley, R. R. 1, Box 121,
London, Ohio, says :
I write to thank you for the wonder
"""Vy ful good your Peruna has done for nie.
! ' I was a sufferer from kidney and
Other Internal trouble for twenty-two
. years. Two years ago I began to tako
Peruna-and I only took about three bot
tles and to-day I can say I am a well
Could Not Cat Without Suffering.
Mrs. H. A. Weavsr, Somerset, Ohio,
writes: .
, "I can safely and truly say that Pe ru
na has been a blessing to me.
' "I had catarrh so badly that I had lost
the sense of smell and taste.
MI had stomach trouble bo b.id that I
ooald not est anything without suffer
ing afterwards.
' My friends advi.ied me to try Peru
na. I bought one bottle and was greatly
benefited by it, and so I bought ono-haU
dozen bottles, and will say that I am
completely cured of stomach troubla
and catarrh.
MI cannot say enough for Peruna."
Pe-ru-na Brought Appetite.
Mrs. Selina Tanner, Athena, O., writes
that Peruna relieved her of 6tomach
trouble and brought her a good appetite.
Pe-ru-na An Honest Family Medicine.
Specials at
Some interesting prices
at the busy grocery 61 1
Seventeenth Street:
Jersey cream flour. In
towel sacks -$1.49
Fresh eggs, per dcz 25c
Fresh country butter,
per pound 3fJc'
Canned tomatoes andcorn.
full pack, 3 cans for 25c
Parcako Hour, all klnda.
3 paskagos lor. 25c
ganized and steps taken, to revive the
interest shown in it last year. A good
ly share of the members of the asso
ciation were members of the club last
year and some very pleasant and prof
itable evenings were spent In social
sessions at the clubhouse. The organ
ization aims to keep boating interests
alive over winter.
Indies of G. A.IJ. In Surprise.
The ladies' of the Gettysburg cir
cle of G. A.. R. of Moline and of Col
onel Brackett circle of Rock Island,
and their friends, about 4 0 in num
ber, surprised Mrs. Ruth Cooley, 1918
Fifth avenue, last evening in honor
of her birthday. Guessing games
were the diversion of the evening,
prizes going to Mrs. Jergeson of Mo
line and Mrs. T3augnman of-Rock Is
land. Refreshments were served.
The Ministerial Alliance.
The regular meeting of the Minis
terial alliance will take place next
Monday morning at 10:30, at the Y.
M. C .A. chapel. Dr. W. S. Marquis
will conduct the devotional exer
cises and give a study of the Inter
national Sunday school lesson for
Nov. 28. Secretary Smedley will,
read a paper on the subject, "The Y.
M. C. A. in cooperation with the
I Cloudas-Hcadling. ,
At the parsonage of the Thirst Pres
byterian church, Davenport. Thursday
r ft '-moon, Rev. L. M. Coffman offici
ated c t the marriage of Clarence V.
ClouiIa3 and Miss. Emma Headline,
ictoria. M. Pickel.
Now Has Best of Health.
Mrs. "Victoria M. Pickel, 130 E. Mound
St., Columbus, Ohio, writes:
'I havo been using Peruna for catarrh,
having had a very aggravated case, so
b:vd that it clogged the na?al organs.
Vhen I did get the nasal organs opened,
the mucus would drop into my throat
and make me very sick.
"A friend advised me to take Peruna,
Lnd after using four bottles I was cured.
"I have no trouble now, and am happy
to Biy that I am enjoying the best of
health and attending to rfiy lodge du
ties, being a KiemlVea of the R?tecca'
Lodge of Odd Fellow.
'I would recommepd Peruna to those
suffering with the same obnoxious
Catarrh for Several Years.
Mrs. Alice Bogle, 8CK Clinton St.,
Circleville, Ohio, writes :
I want to inform you what Peruna
has done for me.
"I have been afflicted with catarrh for
several years. I have tried different
medicines and none seemed to do me
any good until I used Feruna. I have
taken six bottles and can praise it very
highly for the good It has done me.
"I al6o find It of great benefit to my
Corn Flakes, E. C. Kellog's.
or Post Toaatles, 3 for. 25c
Black walnuts, per peck. -25c
Large red apples, per pk. -25c
Clinton eoda crackers and oys
ter crackers, two
pounds for 15c
Ginger snaps, two
pounds for 15c
Sc boxes matches,
three for J0c
Just received a fresh line of
dried fruita.
both of Rock Island. Doth, young peo
ple are well known in the trt-cltlea,
the groom being a linotype operato
employed In the office of the Daven
port Times. The couple will reside
in Davenport.
Cards have come announcing the
marriage of Burt May, formely on th3
Moline Mail, and brother of Charles
May, at one time part owner of that
paper. He was married Nov. 17 at
Albert Xea, Minn., his" bride being
Adelaide Nesbett. The couple will live
at Albert Lea. They will be at home
at 414 Fourth 6treet, that city, after
Jan. 1.
To Hear Evangelist
At the meetings of the Epworth
league and Sunday school of Spencer
Memorial church tomorrow. Miss Eva
Ludgate will give an address and Miss
Russell will sing. Miss- Russell will
also render several numbers at the
unlor league meeting. Evangelical
meetings are being conducted every
Evening at the church except Satur
On Excursion to Hampton.
A party of young people from Rock
Island went to Hampton last night to
attend a box sociable and play given
at the Cook schoolhouse, the director
being Miss Charlotte Flckenscher,
teacher of the school. The sum of
$26 was cleared which will be used
to buy books for the library in the
Young Folks' Rally.
There will be special exercises at
the Memorial Christian church to
morrow, which Is the boys' and girls
rally day for home missions. Spec
ial musical numbers will be rendered
at both the morning and evening ser
vices. Thimble Bee,
The Thimble Bee club met yester
day afternoon with Miss Mamie
Ewert on Fourth street. Sewing was
the diversion. Luncheon was Berved
by the hostess. The next meeting
.vill be with Miss Rosa Dau.
New Books at the Library
The following new books have been
received at the public library and are
ready for circulation:
Our Naval War with France C.W,
The Silver Horde R. E. Beach.
The Greater Power Harold Bind-
Key of the Unknown R. N. Carey.
Cyrus Hall McCormick II. N. Caa-
Danger Mark R. W. Chambers.
Friendly Life H. F. Cope.
Stradella F. M. Crawford.
Men of the Mountain S. R. Crock
Sir Guy and Lady Rannard H. N.
Patience of John Morland Mrs. M.
C. Dillon.
Education for Efficiency C. W.
Characters and Events of Roman
History Gugllelmo Ferrero.
Redemption of Kenneth Gait W. N.
End of the Road S. P. Hyatt
Actions and Reactions Rudyard
Storage Battery Engineering La
mar Lyndon.
Truxton King G. B. MacCutcheon.
A Gentle Knight of Old Brandenburg
Charle3 Makor.
Mystery of Miss Mott Mrs. C. A.
Around the World with the Battle
ships R. J. Miller.
Fireless Cook Book M. J. Mitchell.
Voltaire Johff Morlcy.
Freehand Perspective and Sketch
ing D. M. Norton.
English for Foreigners S. R.
John Marvel, Assistant T. N. Page.
Northern Lights Sir Gilbert Parker.
Old Rose and Silver Myrtle Reed.
History of Contemporary Civiliza
tion Charles Seignobos.
Forty Minutes Late F. II. Smith.
The Veil E. S. Stevens.
Aunt Amity's Silver Wedding Mrs.
R. M. Stuart.
Anne Page Netta Syrett.
Happy Hawkins R. A. Wflsson.
A Certain Rich Man W. A. White.
Susanna and Sue K. D. WIggin.
The Melting Pot Israel ZangwilL
On the Old Kearsarge C. T. Brady.
Boy PioneerB D. C Beard.
Boy's Catlin George Catlin.
When a cold becomes settled In tn
system. It will take several days' treat
ment to cure it, and the best remedy
to use Is Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. It will cure quicker than any
other, and also leaves the system In a
natural and healthy condition. Sold
by all druggists.
Pain inchest.
Distress in
1 1-
H. N. Ordway Must Face For-
flrerv Charge in District
Court at Davenport.
Denied- Writ of Habeas Corpus for
Release from Jail IowaOfflcera
. Have First Call on Him.
Judge Chetlain, in Chicago, yester
day afternoon denied a writ of habeas
corpus for the release from the Cook
county Jail of H. N. Ordway, alias
Harry O. West, who Is wanted In the
tri-ctties. and In various other sections
of the country for alleged bank swii
dies. The officials of tne, Iowa Na
tional bank, in Davenport, one of the
victims, have been hot on the trail of
Ordway and his allies, and have a
requisition from Governor Deneen la
the hands of Davenport officers in Chi
cago ready to apply In bringing hlaa
to the city on the other aide of the
river where he will be prosecuted to
the limit of the law.
Ordway apparently has strong finan
cial backing, as a determined fight by
several criminal lawyers has thus far
been made in his benalf. Forgery Is
the charge that he has to answer to In
Davenport. It will be several days
probably before Ordway will be
brought to Davenport, as he Is to be
detained in Chicago as a witness at
the hearing of J. B. Hardbeck, one of
his associates, who is charged there
with swindling.
Get S30,000 ta One Year.
It Is alleged that in the. past year
Ordway and his gang have secured up
wards of f.50,000 from various banks
on forged paper. Ordway, the detec
tives claim, was the directing head
of the crowd, and that he lived in a
laviBhly furnished establishment In
Chicago," from which he gave (his in
structions to his co-workers. It Is
charged that OiMway Tn person passed
the. forged check In Davenport, where
he obtained $400. He tried his game
In Rock Island, but failed. However,
he was more successful In Moline, one
In to the tune of several hundred
Social Session on Monday Evening in
the Future.
The local lodge of Elks held Its reg
ular meeting last evening and a num
ber of candidates were admitted. The
social session was the last of the Fri
day evening sessions, as in the future
the social meetings of tho lodge will
be held on Monday evenings. This
change was voted on several weeks
NO. 2155.
Rock Island National Bank
Iii the State of Illinois, at the close of
business Nov. IS, 1809.
Loans and discounts I 435,338 37
Overdraft, secured and un
secured 2S2 18
V. S. Bonds to secure circu
lation 100,000 00
n. s. Bonds to secure U. S
bonds 80 000 00
Premiums on U. S bonds 4 IWO 00
B nd8, securities, etc 16,708 59
Bank ing-bouae, furniture and
fixtures 8.667 00
Due from National Banks
(not Reserve Agents) 4.660 fi)
Due from State and Pri
vate Banks and Bankets.
Trust Companies, and
Savings Banks 16,782 16
Due from approved reserve
agents 81S.473 t
Checks and other cash items 6,28 3 47
Notes of other National
Banks 10.000 00
Fractional paper currency.
nickels and cents Z30 81
Lawlul money reserve In bank, viz:
Specie 23,675 0
Legal-tender notes 82.710 00 66.8S5 05
Redemption fund witn u.u.
Treasurer (5 per cent of
5.000 00
Total 1,021,335 97
Capital stock paid In
JOO.000 00
100,000 00
S3.510 74
100,000 00
Surplus fund.
ivided crofits. less ex
penses and taxes paid . .
National bank notes out
Due to State and Private
Banks and Bankers 164 46
Due to Trust Companies
and savings Banks.... 60,789 08
Individual deposits sub
ject to eoeck 673.965 09
Drmand certificates of
deposit 16.65 01
Certified checks 1.ES0 00
United States drpoilts.. 26.4S4 81
D posits of U. S. Dls-
burfing officers S7.879 78
698.825 S3
8 1.021.335 97
I. H. B. Simmon, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that tbe above
statement Is true to the best of my kowlcdge
and belief. H. B. SIMMON. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th
day of November, 1908.
Li. m. oahteel Notary Pubuo
Correct Attest: sial.1
M 8 HKAGY. VDlrectors.
-i n n n ft . n
11 ?Z?r -V
(fimv; jy- of the LitHc Tablets!
rfa ' 7 ; AND THE PaIM K fiMP ife
' Jii
Wlmry Things Electrical. n8
Hundreds of odd and beautiful desigm3 in useful Electrical cooking devices await
your inspection at the Commonwealth Edison Company's Show Room, Electric
Shop. Electricity for Cooking affords such a clean, quick and convenient method
that its popularity is increasing daily, and the cooking utensil is a most welcomo
gift in any home where electricity is used.
A Few of Electric Cooking Utensils Shown
Coffee Percolators Chafing Dishes Coffee Urns Cereal Cookers
Food Warmers Samovars Ovens Bread Toasters
Frying: Pans Tea Pots Broilera WaCIe Irons
and many others
When next shopping in Chicago you will find a visit intensely interesting?
ago and is for the benefit of business
men and business house employes who
prefer Monday evening to Friday even
ing for the social gatherings.
Fred Erhart, Superintendent at the
Daily Union Plant, Suffers a
Painful Accident.
Fred Ehrhart, 917 Eleventh street.
superintendent of the Daily Union
press room, was painfully injured last
night at 5:30 while engaged in running
out the regular edition of the paper.
Last night he wa3 inspecting the press
and was poised on one foot. He lost
his balance and was thrown in toward
the whirling mechanism. His arm was
caught between the - stripped ink rol
lers and the upper arm received a
compound fracture. The only injury
received below the elbow was a torn
finger nail. The attending physicians
hope to save the arm.
Mr. Ehrhart has not fully recovered
from an injury which he received a
few weeks ago while the Union was
being run out on The Argus press. At
that time hot metal was spilled on hi3
Men Who Ht-M Up Union Pacific and
Stole Mail Ilegin Terms.
Leavenworth. Kan., Nov. 20. Wil
liam Matthews, Prank Grigwaye, John
Shelton, D. W. Moore and Frederick
Torgenson were placed in the federal
prison here .last night to begin ' lite
sentences for holding up a Union Pa
cific train near Omaha last May. The
men, who wore recently convicted iu
Omaha, stole seven sacks cf regis
tered mail.
fr - l - JV, u
S.-J 111
Old Phone West 133.
New Phone 5133.
1 PiEriS :
Christmas Gifts
Electric Shop
Michigan and Jackson Boulevardt
Win. I). McJunkin Advertising Agency. Chicro
depends upon the heater how
constructed whether it gets all
the fuel-energy or only some of it.
If the heater is a
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)
the raising of the temperature is
Turn the wick as high or low as
it will go there's no danger, no
smoke, no smell just an emphatic
raising of temperature. The
Automatic Smokeless Device
is a permanmt check upon carelessness, making the heater
safe in the hands of a child. Burns nine hours with one
filling, heats all parts of a room quickly.
Oil indicator tells amount of oil in the all-brass font. Damper top.
Cool handle. Aluminum window frame. Cleaned in a minute. Finished
In Nickel or Japan. Various styles and finishes.
Every Dealer Everywhere. If Not at Yours, Write lor Descriptive Circular
to the Nearest Agency ol tbe
pmmipmymB I mini 1 1 i.l Wl J i jTWHW - T I m i liyw . '! .' mi ' ! p
UTrazer (Coal (Co
1922 Third
fe; If you
nadac if
3 '
They Relieve Pain
Quickly. leaving no
bad After-effect
25 Doses
25 Cents
I 'VA etPf "

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