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T . 2sJ ETM. asi is LA AX II vi5U ti''
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f; ?
Store Open Until 9 p. m. Wednesday,
ay Eve,
Closed all Day Thursday, Except Grill Room.
iN the 25th of Mnrch, iust eisrht months agro, our New Store was opened to the oublic. It was a modest bep-inninp-. and its
- - - a. a. o tr
charm vand originality is so well known in widely diverse quarters of the United States that many visitors call on us daily
and are surprised that a city of this size could support such a large institution. It is being supported not by Rock Island people
alone, but by D ivenport, Moline, Clinton, Muscatine and Iowa and Illinois cities for miles around.
Offerings in China and Cut Glass Sections, j
You are" cordially invited to inspect this large and j
spiencuu snowing 01 nne umna, Cut uiass ana .Dinner
Ware, and the prices which we name will not fail to in
Awrest. Remember that cur stocks are all new, no old
lyocLs, patterns and designs are the latest.
Urtunr Leughl'.n semi cTrn.i dinner seta of 100 pieces, each piece
finish g.I in a rich gold Tonfmont on tho new Hudson shape. These
are rur r-r-ilar 516.00 sets but for this
ctferfn or.! $12.93
Ifoinsr Liughlin eemi chir.n dir.ner sets, 100 pieces in each set,
decorsMona ar.l gold trnfment of the Ilaviland desisns. These
nets Ztso high praOe in vvy respect and are regular
925 values, tut fcr our Thanksgiving sale, only $16.50
Wo aro nlio-aring a largo assortment of Ilaviland china in the
IlayHaud A Co., also Thoo. Ilaviland patterns, which you can pur
ehasa in rnj nm!er of pieces and match when broken. Ask to
One of the special attractive parts of store is the Grill Room which has a tone of art and
refinement that commands the best trade in the tri-cities. Thanksgiving we will give a
special 50c Table d'Hote Luncheon from 12 to 3 p. m. and open until 9 p. m. a la Carte.
Music by Young's orchestra. Entrance to Grill Room on the east side of the Best building1.
Take elevator to fifth floor. Reservations for Thanksgiving Day suggested.
A Pleased Custo-
Think of It a Turkey Dinner for 50c. Good Music. High Class Service.
mer and Our Thanks.
The store must share in the festivities of our first Thanksgiving so have inaugurated
this three days' sale, which will interest the homes that will have their own special Thanks
giving dinners. Note the special prices. And note, too, that visitors and purchasers are
equally welcome.
A splaulil treat .?..-.-: !'b you in this section.
c-a cvbiy ;iand.
Cut Ifts celery traye, rich designs at
Cat tin rr.-sar emits in deep heavy cuttings
SaJad 1 o-,f Ii, 3 i-rt. a:?c-, high quality cuttings, regular
yrn-e ?3.7, no
S'tr cut Tyfctsr tumblers', S cimce size per set of G
Star cti.t aisib-c glzanas on te:n, special, each .......
A laso oascriaifjijt cf aodiuta and high grade patterns at
pr-.:.a that vlll qulcldy loose them. Salad dishes, celery traj-3,
mgnr nd cream ?ots, olive d'shea, fruit plate, ico creaai plcts.
brv&a and butter plates, chup p kites and a large list which epaco
-.rtll not permit us to mention.
Grand offerings
Your cboic cf one assortment
plates, at -r
Your choice or one
cf bread and butter
each cf chop plates at M cn
Your cho!co cf one each of celery trays at -J QQ
Carvliis sets la real stag handles from $1.98 up to $5.00 per pp.
CwYing sets in sterling silver mountings at $6.50 i:p
Ycur choice of 50,0 gold fish at 10c each.
Thanksgiving Foot Ball Novelties
Ladles' jmuir. The facsimile cf a football, with satine lined and
padded with atraps, high school pennant and cniuiem, genuine pis
skin, eale rriec 1.98. Our regular price 2.75.
Linen Dept.
72 inch bleached Dama6k Table Lin
ens, assorted patterns, easily worrh
SI per yard, Thar.lisivlns
sale price, yard 75c
Napkins to match, per dozen, $3.00.
72-inch bleached Satin Damask Table
Llaenn. in !er.itifi'l depigns,
extra heavy weight, yard. ... $1.25
Napkins to match, dozen. &.30.
Exquisite designs in pattern sets, cloth
and napkins to match, sizes 8-4, 10-4
and 12-4, ranging in price
from, per set $6 to $20
Round all linen centerpieces with
embroidered edges and drawn work.
30x30 inch, each . . . QSC
36x36 inch, each $1.25
Bleached all linen Pattern
Cloth, sizo 10-4. each $2.00
Bleached all linen Pattern
Cloth, size 12-4, each $2.50
70 inch mercerized damask, looks
and wears like linen,
yard 50c
Napkins to match,
per dozen $1.75
36 inch hemstitched damask
lunch cloths, each $1.25
18x54 hemstitched damr.sk
dresser scarfs, each 98c
20 inch damask toweling, assorted
yard 39c
Books for the Holidays
The Avengers, by Ileadon Hill, reg
ular value $1.19, 38c.
Mysterious Mr. Sabin, by B. Phil
ips, Oppenheimer, regular value
$1.19, S8c.
The Lightning Conductor, by C.
N. and A. M. Williamson, regular
value $1.18. 48c
The Sherrods, by George Barr Mo
Cutcheon, regular value at $1.18,
The Arkansaw Bear, by Albert
Bigelow Paine, regular value at
$1.C0, $J.OO.
The Greatest Trust in the World,
by Russell, regular value, 98c,
The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne, by
William J. Locke, regular value
$1.18, 48c.
The Liberators, by Isaac N. Stev
ens, regular value $1.19, S8c.
Alice of Old Vincennes, by Maur
ice Thompson, regular value
$1.18. 48c.
The Deluge, by David Graham
Philips, regular value $1.18, 48c.
Don Miguel Tehumada, by Sue
Greenleaf, regular value $1.18,
The Dumpling, by Coulson Kerna
han. regular value $1.19, 38c.
The Closed Book, by William Le
Queux, regular value $1.19, 38c.
The Shutters of Silence, by G. B.
Brugln, regular value $1.19, 38c.
The Tarpaulin Muster, by John
Maeefleld, regular value $1.19, 88c
The Light, by Mrs. Harold E. Goist
v tar value $1.19, 88c
Feminine finance, by Francis
Crouch, regular value $1.19, 88c.
Half a Rogue, by Harold Mac
Grath, regular value $1.18, 48c
Lawler's Wealth, by Russell, regu
lar value $1.19, 88c.
The One Who Saw, by Headon
Hill, regular value $1.19. 88c
My Mamie Rose, by Owen Kildare,
regular value $1.18. 48c.
The Garden oJjAUah, by Robert
Hickens, regular value $1.18, 48c
The Mystery of the Four Fingers,
by Fred M. White, regular value
$1.18, 48c
Araby, by Baroness Von Hutten,
regular value $1.19, 88c.
The First Secretary, by Demetra
and Kenneth Brown, regular value
at $1.19. 38c
Barbara Rebell. by Mrs. Belloe
Lowndes, regular value $1.19. S8c
. Scars on the Southern Seas, by
George Bronson Howard, regular
value $1.19, 88c.
To Have and to Hold, by Mary
Johnston, regular value $1.18, 48c.
The Castaway, by Halite Ermlnle
Rives, regular value $1.18, 48c.
45c oval Reed enameled pudding pan for
Thanksgiving pudding . . . : 35c
15c steel gray enameled pie pan fT
Thanksgiving pie " 8c
$1.40 17 quart heavy Reed bread raiser .$1.15
$1.25 large size sheet iron meat roaster .
$3.98 Standard Oil heater, do smoke, no
odor, nickel trimmed $2.75
25c medium size sheet metal coal bucket . . 18c
$2.25 Thanksgiving turkey roasters now. . $1.98
Silverware, the Kind that R-ssists Wear
A few special values, taken from our jewelry section,
which should appeal to the, thrifty housewife, and especi
ally at this season of the year.
A large stock of "1847 Rogers" knives, fcrk3, spoons,
and fancy pieces always on hand. We carry all the fan
cy patterns as well as the plain ones, and can match your
tableware for you in any of the different patterns.
If you have the Charter Oak, Vintage, PriscillaT or any
patterns you wish matched, bring them to us, and the
chances are we have it in stock. Our line is very com
plete. We offer for this week, as a special Thanksgiving price, a largo size
Berry Spoon, Rogers ware, beautiful pattern, in lined
case $1.23
Gravy Ladle, Roge rs, in fancy lined case Q"Jq
Cream Ladle, Rogers, in fancy lined case 59 C
Long Pickle Fork, Rogers, In fancy lined case C7C
We have a very large 6tock of fine silver pieces, eppecially suit
able for the Thanksgiving table, such as Baking Dishes, Casseroles,
Fern Dishes, Bread and Roll Trays, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings,
Cream and Sugar Sets, Spoon Trays. Vases, Coasters, Etc.
Our line of Sterling Silverware Is new, and here you will find
many snappy designs net shown elsewhere. We are making a spe
cial price on our Sterling Silver Teaspoons, heavy patterns, many
new this week, at $4.25, $4.50. $5, $5.50. $5.75, and up.
Beautiful Almond Sets, one-half O 7CL qnr3 f C1C
dozen in fancy lined case ' J cLIiUL t.cJU1
Silver Plated Cloth Brushes
Best quality silver plated Clcth Brush. 1'2 inches long, fine quality
bristles, set In celluloid strip, and brush can be worked with no dan
ger of bristles coming out. Beautiful floral design, soft
French gray finish, regular $2.25, thl3 day only -K7
Others $2.00, $1.85, and 81.25. p"AcJ
Cakes baked fresh daily. Orders taken for Thanksgiving Caken,
Pies, and Pastry, Fruit. Nut. Angel, Chocolate, Sunshine, Guid, Sil
ver, and Layer Cakes; made Just the way you want them; roufoiu-.L!'
Special orders for Ice Cream, Sherbets, delivered on Thanks
giving day.
Thanksgiving Cut Flowers.
Leave yonr orders rarly for cut flowers fcr Thanksgiving.
Fresh daily. Chrysanthemums, American liecuty Roses, Cam a"
tlons. Ferns. Lowest prices, highest quality.
" i : : i " 1 i . " 7 """"" " " ' "T1-, . -
Effect of Merger of Consolidated and
- National Ca3nslty Companies.
vjF Chicago, Nov. 20. Confirmed ro
V )ort3 that tho Consolidated Casualty
company here has swallowed tho Na
tional Casualty Insurance company -f
Louisville presage other mergers with
tho same company whose directors
represent, it is said, $50,000,000 of per
sonal western and southern -wealth.
The dominance of eastern Insurance
companies In the southern and west
ern fields is waning as result of lusty
growth by the new companies which
have set out to retain in the- heart of
America the flood of insurance reve
nues, some $400,000,000 a year," which
has been going to tho east and to
It transpires that the merger of the
National Casualty with the Consoli
dated was effected by purchase, stock
holders of the former having voted to
accept etock of the Consolidated,
share for share in exchange. It i
said to have followed weeks of Inves
tigation 'and negotiations. President
Robert B. Armstrong of the Consoli
dated company having recently accept
ed the proposition which was submit
ter. President Armstrong formerly
was assistant secretary of tha Unitsd
States treasury.
Lame back comes on suddenly anJ
is extremely pa'i-ful. It Is caused by
rheumatism cf the muscles. Quick re
lief is afforded by appljlng Chamber
lain's Liniment, Sold by all drua-eUta.

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