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.,- '
Augustana College' Debating
eagne Accepts Challenge
Prom Gale sburg.
IWfll Take Placn Some Time Next
Spring Arrangements for the
, Event With Bethany,
, The new formed debating league'at
tangxustaaa college yesterday afternoon
(decided to accept the challenge re
icelved. from Lombard college recently
for a debate between the two Instjtu-
. ttions this year. The decision of the
',f "Idebating league followed the recom-
Jpnendation of the executive commit-
tee which had acted favorably on the
Challenge from Lombard college. This
rwlll.be -the first forensic contest ever
,?held between ie two colleges and
ought to arouse considerable interest.
It is probable that since Lombard
issued the challenge, the question will
ibe submitted by that institution. The
To men who lack courage, whose
nerves are unstrung, whose ideas are
confused, sleep, restless, confidence
gone, spirits low and easily depressed;
who are backward, hesitating; .who
won't venture because they are afraid
- of failure; who want somebody to de
cide for them; who are weak, puny,
irestlesa. Dr. Bartz offers help, and the
ihelp he gives you you cannot get from
, drugs or medicines.
The wonderful power of his Electri
cal Treatment in overcoming all these
'signs of nervous and physical break
down has been proved to tfce world.
: Today there's scarcely a city, town or
- village within the radius of 50 miles of
Rock Island where he can't show cures
that he has made. He wants to treat
men who want to become real men;
who want new life, new force, new
(' figor!
Never mind the past. Worrying
; about the mistakes that you have made
"will do no good. If you don't like to
think about the past, he can help you
forget it and help you to steer clear of j
the pitfalls in the future. St .,
If yon are sick and weak and your
doctor isn't helping you much, you
ought to try Dr. Bartz's method of ap
plying Electricity. It's a grand remedy
when applied right! All such troubles
as indigestion, constip'ation, torpid liv
er, tired feeling, weak kidneys, rheum
atism, neuralgia, lame hack, lumbago,
sciatica, sleeplessness, nervousness.
and headaches are completely cured
with Electricity applied according to
his scientific method. It overcomes all
debate will take place some time next
spring. - . . - -
Plana fa iDebate with Bethany.
Arrangements for the Bethany de
bate are now under way. The subject
for debate has been submitted to Beth
any and Augustana is now waiting to
ascertain which side Bethany chooses.
The debating league yesterday decided
to hold the preliminary contest for the
selection of the Bethany debaters Jan.
20, and the final debate about April
15. The debating 'societies belonging
to the league were Instructed to se
lect their candidates for both the Beth
any and Lombard preliminary debates
(Continued from Page Two.)
says you can't handle the job. He's
gone to change his clothes, and he'll
be back In a minute fo boss the job
That was enough. The drunken
foreman's rage was as fierce as one of
his own furnaces now.
"He has, has he?' he roared above
the noise of the furnaces and the
iclanglng steel. "If he comes In here
I'll throw him la the furnace!"
"I don't blame you," supplemented
'Plnckney. And Smith, seeing now the
general manager was behind him In
whatever he might attempt, was ready
for desperate work.
"Herer he shouted. "Take my slg
nal whistle. m I'll go over by the door
and wait for that guy. When he
shows op you signal the men to take
out the gun."
"When he comes In!" exclaimed
Plnckney, amazed. "How can -you
stop his seeing you?"
The foreman laughed brutally, then.
stooping over, picked up from -the
floor a short piece of iron, already
blood stained at one end.
"O'Leary," he said briefly, and.
turning with the bar In his hand,
lurched across, drunkenly confident,
toward the path which Sommers must
cross on his way in the office to tbe
trap furnaces that contained the Som
mers gun. now ready to be hoisted
and transferred to the tempering bath;
Marsh had already hurried away.
Possible murder was more than he
had counted on when he allowed
rinckney to- bully him into becoming
his fellow conspirator.
Plnckney stood ready with the whis
tle In his hand, while the men at their
places waited, ready to hoist when
the signal should be given.
The trap was laid. All was" In readi
ness when Pinckney saw a raggedly
dressed girl with a shawl o,ver ber
head hurrying down -the furnace room
from the door through which the men
were accustomed to enter.
"Here!" he shouted. "What are you
doing here? Who are you? Get out!"
Instead of answering the girl ran
on until she had come facing hlra.
Then she stopped short and threw
back the shawl from. her hfad.-
Plnckney started back in amaze
ment, for instead of Lucy Smith, as
he expected, he looked into the blazing
i eyes of Prances Durant. '
It's Not the House But It's
What's Inside it That Hakes
the Home
This Store with its Splendidly
Assorted Stock i3 the fiec
ca for Homemakers
Get Ready For the Home Coming, This Advertisement Shows Ways of Economizing
. Your Home Needs Some
TfHEX SELECTING a Bug here you,
are -not only assnrinsr yonrseLf of de
pendable wearing quality but yon also
nave tbe pleasure and joy of choosing
from a multitude of designs and pat
terns, most of them exclusive.. It's
this extensive assortment that has
made our Carpet department what it Is
today the largest iu Iowa. Note these
B . .;. VS,
Size 9x12 ft, beautiful
designs and shadings in
our genuine Body Brus
sels lines.
There is no rag made
that will outwear a
genuine Body Brussels.
They are made from
the very best selected
worsted ykrns and In
the weaving these
yarns are carried right
through the body to the
back of the rug. Thus
thoy are called Body
Brussels, distinguish
ing them from the Tap
estry Brussels, which
are faced goods. It will pay you to put
your money in such a quality as this
for at our-prlce these rugs ff ) I QO
are wonderful values piIUO
29.50 Bnys Genuine Bagdad Wilton
Rugs, 9x12 size. Choice all over and
medallion patterns Underpriced here
for this November Sale t)Q Cfl
at only ; . 47tJV
Smith Axminster Bugs, 9x12 foot size,
choice floral and Oriental patterns.
One of the best known rugs in Ameri
ca and soils everywhere at ?"a. On
sale here
at qply
Saxofly Axminster Bugs, size 9x12 feet,
floral and Oriental patterns in exquis
ite colorings. tlQ QQ
for Ma07
25 Wilton Bugs size 9sl2 feet, new
and . exquisite all-over medallion and
Oriental patterns. Standard $25 val-
Brussels Bags, a very popular and
serviceable rug. Size 9x12 feet,
pretty and very desirable floral and
Oriental pat- 'Q PC
terns JUJ
Ingrain Beversible Bugs,
pretty patterns, 9x12
w ' IPoiroItoiro
Most of the time will be spent indoors during the next six months. You
will need plenty of easy chairs, a good stove, library and parlor tables, etc.
There is not a home no matter how finely furnished that could not be
made more beautiful and more comfortable by the addition of some new
pieces of Furniture. Coming here during this Great November Sale you
have the advantage of larger selection and lower prices than elsewhere in
the state of Iowa. The largest stock in the state to select from. Values
and prices go hand in hand here.. It pays to trade at the Big Store. (Our
motto) More for your money than it will Buy Elsewhere Nuf Sed.
$25.00 Mahogany Library Table. .$18.76
$21.50 Quarter Sawed Library
Table ..- .' $14.37
$17.60 Quarter Sawed Library
Table $13.88
$27.50 Quartered Sawed Large
Maasive Table .....$21.98
$16.50 Early English Large Mas
sive Table ...$13.10
$13.50 Miseion Large Massive
Table $10.87
Library Tables .from $4.87 and up
$25.50 Mahogany Parlor Suit. . .$17.98
$30.00 Mahogany Pftrlor Suit. . .$21.68
$35.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit. . .$23.87
$40.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit. .. $31.67
$45.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit. ...$35.90
$55.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit. . . $43.85
$75.00 Mahogany Parlor Suit. . .$59.70
$25.00 Mahogany Dresser, only. $16.89
$30.00 Mahogany Drepser, only.$l9.S9
$22.50 Birds Eye Maple Dresser. . $16.75
$14.00 Oak Dresser, at only $11.19
$11.50 Oak Chiffonier, to match. $ 8.37
$17.50 Quartered Oak Dresser. .$13.S9
- $17-50 Quartered Oak Princess
Dresser .....$13.89
$ 7.50 Verni3 Martin bed, full
size $ 6.39
$10.50 Verni3 Martin bed, full
size $ 7.69
$11.50 Vernls Martin bed, full
size $ S.87
$12.50 Vernis Martin bed, full
size $107
$14.50 Vernis Martin bed, full
size $12.67
$15.00 Vernis Martin bed, full
size $13.89
$20.00 Vernis Martin bed, full
size $16.89
Buff eta "L ; i 1
at 49c
& up to
China Closets 213.48 Id.
Extension Tables, genuine golden oak
finish, heavy podestal and platform
base, very massive, ex
tends to C feet, at
Solid oak table, highly polished, big
value at fl.S7
A beautiful American golden oak
for $13.83
Our Leader In a handsomely quarter
sawed oak,, nighly polished, claw feet,
6 foot extension . 8H.ft.t
8 foot extension . . ....... . .$13.85
And many others to select from as
low as SLld and up to $75.00.
Domestic Bugs,
Carpets, Bedroom
Furniture, Libra
ry Furniture
Holbrook s
Parior Fnrniture,
Pining Boom Fur
niture, Stoves,
Ranges, Bouse
SPECIAL $23;75 Brass Beds $18.87
Positively the most sensational Brass
Bed bargain ever offered in America.
A f-rnch post bed with 5-ply lacquer,
massive husks. T-ball connections,
worth $22.75.
...... JI3.87
This Bed for
at .,
Yi K.i'il'l
Bresn Beflu, S-fneh continuous posts,
massive husks, high-grade, 5-ply
lacquer worth $30. Specially 90 ()0
priced for only iCOtJO
Cotton Felt
Mat treason
Only $6.89
New method
felt mattre&scs
full 45 pound
weight, two parts, covered with extra
heavy ticking, sold regularly
for $8.50, sale price
(To ba Continued.)
;r lgns of weakness of break-down in
jr men and women.
Free Treatment Notice.
. Owing to the large number of pa
tients who have called upon Dr. Bartz
an dwere utterly unable to see him on
account of the great jam. he has. by
7. Bpecial request, decided to continue
giving all treatments entirely free of
, charge until cured to all invalids call
ing upon him during the rest of this
month of November. After Nov. 30
full and regular fees will be chargedj
Now Feels Fine.
Mr. A. Asplund, residing at 807
Twenty-ninth street, Rock Island,
says: "For about 10 or 12Nars
I felt out of sorts due to a btel
complaint, it made me feel diz
zy at times. Complicated with
thi3 unpleasant condition, I felt
generally run down. I had tried
several treatments previous to
consulting Dr. Bartz but I never
obtained any real satisfaction but
since I commenced his treatment
about two weeks ago I can truth
fully say I am feeling fine, that
tired wornout feeling which came
over me so frequently has prac
tically all left me."
Rheumatism Cured.
Mrs. Gust Anderson, residing at
324 Fifth avenue, Moline. says:
."I suffered intense rheumatic
pains in my left hand for some
time, the pain at times was so
bad I could hardly use it. Real
izing I would have to do some
thing different from what I had
been using I concluded to go and
take treatment from Dr. Bartz in
Rock Island. I am certainlv
pleased to think I did so, for in
less than a week's course every
particle of pain disappeared. I
. wish to furthermore state that
Dr. Bartz's treatments are cer
tainly fine."
Dt Nicholas B. Bartz is permanently
located In the People's National Jbauk
building at Rock Island. The location
of which is at the corner of Second
avenue and Eighteenth street, right in
the heart of the town. Take the ele
vator to the rear of the bank on
Eighteenth street to the fourth floor
and you can't miss the office. .Tho
hours axe from 9 to 5 dally, Wednesday
and. Saturday until 8:30, Sunday 10
to 12 daily. Dr. Bantz Is perfectly
reliable. .If he cannot cure your case
he will tell you so.
I Chicago, Nov. 20. Following are the
I quotations on the market today:
j Wheat.
; December, 108, 10S. 107, 10S.
! May, 105. 105, 105, 105.
July, 96, 9C, 96, 9C?i.
I Corn.
December, 594, 59. 59, 54.
May. 61V, 61, 61. 61.
July. 60, 60, 00, 60.
December, 39, 39, 38, 39.
May. 41. 41, 41, 41.
July, 39, 39, 39, 39.
January, 20.70, 20.90, 20.70, 20.80.
May, 19.90, 19.95, 19.82, 19.90.
November, closed 13.25.
January. 11.90. 12.00, 11.90, 11.92.
May, 11.37, 11.47, 11.37, 11.42.
, Ribs.
January. 10.60. 10.67. 10.60, 10.02.
May, 10.35, 10.45. 10.J5, 10.42.
Receipts today Wheat 28, corn 122,
oats 118, hogs 9,000, cattle 400, sheep
Estimated receipts Monday Hogs
Hog market opened steady. Hogs
left over 3,400. Lisht 7.60 8.C5, mix
ed and butchers 7.708.25, good heavy
7.708.25, rough heavy 7.707.90.
Cattle market opened steady.
Sheep market opened steady.
Hogs at Omaha 3,500, cattle 3,000.
Hogs at Kansas City 4,000, cattle 3,
000. - Hog market closed steady. Bulk sales
7.958.15. Light 7.608.05, mixed and
butchers 7.708.20, good heavy 7.705
8.25, rough heavy 7.707.90, pigs' 6.25
7.70, Yorkers 7.85 7.95.
Cattle market closed steady.
Sheep market closed steady.
Supply Will Xot Meet Demand and
Locat Dfdlcrs Are Helpless
Some from Missouri.
Liverpool closing cables Wheat
to lower, corn unchanged.
Northwestern receipts Minneapolis,
today 411, last week 359, last year
348; Duluth, today 153, last week 248,
last year 339.
" New York Stocks.
New York, Nov. 20. Following are
the quotations on the stock market to-
Gas 114
Union Pacific 202
U. S. Steel preferred....... 125
U. S. Steel common 89
Reading 166
Rock Island preferred 79
Rock Island common 39
Northwestern .".183
Southern Pacific 129
New York Central.. 132
Missouri Pacific. 71
Great Northern 142
Northern Pacific 144
L. & N. 153
Smelters .. . . '. . . . .102
C. F. 1 51
The proverbial Thanksgiving day
turkey will be conspicuous by its ab
sence in many homes throughout this
city this year, not becauso of any lack
of demand for Mr. Turkey, but rather
because the supply will not be ade
quate to fulfill the demand.
A turkey famine stares the dealers
in the face arid none of them expect
to be able to secure more than half
of the birds which they ought to hav
to take care of their customers. Deal
ers are not soliciting orders for tur
keys because of the scarcity.
It seems that the big bird which has
become, inseparably linked with
Thanksgiving day is going out of ex
istence, as each year there are fewer
of them and the prices on them are
higher. This year the bird will coat
from two and a half to five cents per
pound more than it did last year, and
at the same time there are only aboat
half as many turkeys as were availa
ble last year. Local pou'trymen are
quite unable to supply the local de
mand and most of the gobblers who
will be the center of attraction on
many a Thanksgiving table will be the
product of poultrymen from Missouri.
Arrangements have been made for
bringing several carloads of Missouri
turkeys here and they will be nearly
all that are available for local con
sumers. They will cost in the neigh
borhood of 25 cents per pound.
On account of the high price of tur
keys many consumers will eat chick
ens and ducks Instead, and there
seems to be a goodly supply of these.
Chickens are especially good this year
and many people consider them more
toothsome than the turkey.
Parsnips 50a
Carrots 60c.
Feed and Fuel.
Grain Old corn, 72c; new corn, 50c
to 52 c,
Forage' Timothy hay, $12; baled
hay, $10 to $11; straw, $6.
Coai Lump, per bushel, 14c; slack,
Wood $4.50 per load.
Canadian Pacific 177
Pennsylvania :.133
Erie 33
Lead 889
C. & O. 88
I?, Ta 4 S
B. & O. 116
Atchison 119
The United States Government Glve3
Railway Mail Clerks $800 a Year to
Start, and Increases to $1,200.
Uncle Sam will hold an examination
for Postal Clerks and Letter Carriers
in Rock Island in November; for other
positions on different dates. It is esti
mated that 50,000 appointments will
be made this year. The Government
wants people over 18 years to take the
examination; will pay them well and
give them an annual vacation with full
pay. The Bureau of Instructions.
Rochester, N. Y., with its thorousa
knowledge of all the requirements can
nt anyone in a few weeks to pass. A
Government Position means employ
ment for life. Prepare now for the ex
amination. Any reader of The Argus
can get full information by writing the
Bureau of Instructions, 74 Hamlin
Building, Rochester, N. Y.
V. R. Iienkert, Chairman United
Christian Party Gives State
ment of His Views.
nation, all to the glory of God and for
the benefit of humanity regardless of
sex, nationality, creed or party.
National Chairman United Christian
The old, old story, told times with
out number, and repeated over and
over again for the last 36 years, but
it is always a welcome story to those
in search of health. There is nothing
in the world that cures coughs and
colds as quickly as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Sold by all druggists.
Sugar 125
St. Paul 155
Copper .. 93
Republic Steel preferred ........ 10C
Republic Steel' common 47
Today's Quotations on Provisions, Live
Stock, Feed and Fuel.
Rock Island, Nov. 20. Following are
the wholesale prices on the local
market today:
Provisions and Produce.
Live Poultry Hens, per pound, 8c
to 9c; spring chickens, per pound, 11c
to 11c. -
Butter Dairy, 25o; creamery, 31C
to 32c.
. Eggs 25c to 27c.
Lard 14 c. r
Potatoes 50c.
Onions 75c. ,
Beets 50c,
8 ft
I "Winter
Will Soon Be
We carry a full stock in
Cony, Mink, Sable, Astra
chan and Seal.
Fur Sa!e Now On
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days.
Pazo Ointment is guaranteed to
cure any case of itching, blind bleed"
ing or protruding piles in 6 to 1
days, or money refunded. 50 cents.
Davenport, Iowa, Nov. 20, 1909. To
the Press and People of America:
After more than 50,000 coal miners
have sacrificed their life to satisfy the
greed and criminal negligence of cor
porations, and the awful catastrophe
at Cherry, 111., with 300 men impris
oned three-quarters of a mile back
under ground with no way of escape
to be burned alive or suffocated, I
want to ask the " American people
through the press cf our country:
Is it not high time for America to j
own and operate our God-given coa!
mines and give the miners and people !
the benefit of the profit and giving
the miners a chance to escape death j
under ground without having to crawl j
three-quarters of a mile through fire I
and smoke on account of but one way !
of escape? When the profit from I
coal would have made more than throe i
openings and underground doors io
prevent the spread of fire, smoke ot j
gas? What right have wo as a nation
to let any corporation own our God-1
given coal mines and control prices I
and dig such long death traps without
any way of escape? Are we as a na
tion not jruilty of crime and murder?
Yes, we are guilty of legal murder
in more than one way, and as long as
our nation continues to sentence men
or women to death and execute them
we may expect mob violence. And as
long as mob violence goes unpunished
by imprisonment for. life mob violence
will increase. "Thou shah; not kill"
was intended for the Jury, Judg'i,
sheriff, corporation and mob as well
as for the assassin and common peo
ple. And I would like to hear from
all patriots who will cooperate In a
united demand that all our rulers, law
makers and Judges shall adopt and
use the decalogue and the golden rule
as a standard measure for all our laws
and government. Let's hear from all
who can endorse the Lord's standard
or who will take part in a state or
national convention for this purpose.
This Is tho standard referred to by
Isaiah 59:19 in which God condemns
bloody handed national crime and cor
poration greed and covetousness. And
unless we adopt God's standard soon
our national fall Is near. His standard
will end war' and settle the laTlff ques
tion through ground and income tax.
Shafr we huy and own our God-given
coal mines and control the corpora
tions by His standard before they con
trol our lawmakers and own our gov
ernment? , Not socialism . or prohibi
tion unmeasured by the Lord's stand
ard or rule, but laws and government
measured by the decalogue and King
Jesus rule. This will answer our
prayer, "Thy kingdom come thy will
be done in "earth," coal mines in
cluded. . To this end I ask the press
to kindly publish this letter and ask
for the cooperation of all Christians
and patriots in lifting up the Lord's
standard speedily in every state and
"At Your Service"
When Money is Needed Quickly
SB il IB
t 4
'i nl - ilti i tftf
taw csm
&ie you one of Vie thousands of women wEo
suffer from female ailments ? If bo, don't be discour
aged, go to your druggist and get a bottle of Wine of
Cardui. On the wrapper are full directions for use.
During the last half century, Cardui has been
established in thousands of homes, aa a safe remedy
for pain which only women endure. It is reliable,
contains no harmful ingredients and can bo depend
ed on in almost any cage
n n n
IJ i
It Will Help Yon
Sirs. rji"arle3 -Bragg, of Sweetaer, InL, tried Car3rJ. SHo
rrite8: "Tongue cannot tell how much Cardtti haa dono for me.
Before I began taking Cardui I oonld not do a day's work.' I
would work awhile and lie down. I ahall always give praise to joux
meaicir.a. u.ry Varaui. . . . .

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