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A6e op six ANfc oJE3? Tfe 6 F EIGHTY Afce
CviiS VAiR'.T Cf-.RFULUf OM TH MOfcTH 3 rbe" op
f.?AM- t we coyest is LiMireb to cities
twesj KoBotccM pmC ofcessA-THe boakd of
"JutGe viiLL Be seLGCieb trom a choice 5!e
cp vcfiQKew om Black wall's b'laaiL.
MsiPRtze --C.tLCLolD 3o H.P.
ppuze- COAL scuttu?-ALMOST
5-3 PRizt- two XAFt&s op
lodge: DiiiECTonr.
TRIO LODGE. NO. 57, A. F. & A. M
jffv Meets for special work Thurs-
dav. Tier. S. :lt 7:3.) n. m. for
work. The craft are invited.
J. W. Houier, V. M ; William B. Pct-
tit. secretary.
Brotherhood of American Yeomen.
STEAD no. 2291. Meets
, second and fourth Friday
;vfnings at 1. O. O. F.
L. SHAW, Foreman.
1'. S. Wileher. CiirFp.
' INSURANCE on dwellings and nouse
held furnicure a specialty. Chamber-
U fc Anderson.
-PLEASANT F. COX Real estate and
insurance. Loans a specialty. Best
fire companies represented, Yourpat-
ronago solicited. Fnones west 23. and
; new 5172. Otf.ce at court house.
BENNETT S Insurance Agency Fire,
life, accident, health and plate glass;
real estate and loan; second Moor.
Safety' building. O slice phone west
936. Residence phone 736-K. Open
Wednesday and Saturday nights.
WE WILL BOND YOU Executors', ad
ministrators", KUS.rdi.in-s'. trustees' or
any kind of judicial bonds: lodges and
society oflicers. city, state or L". S.
government officials; contractors, po
sitions of trust; in fact, any kind of !
bond you want (except bail bonds), i
Terms reasonable. Hayes & c'leave-
land, res. dent managers. Fidelity &
Deposit Company of Maryland.
A SNAP $95 buys cigar and confec-
tionery store: some atock and all r
fixtures; living rooms in connection; ;
steam heat; rent only $15. Daley & I
Co., SS State Bank building-. '
; !
Bargains in City Prop-!
erty and rarm
Lands ;
; Four room house on 45th street; bar- j
; gain at $500; to close out quick- '
i ly, only , $775 1
Ten room house, nine blocks-Irom
' business center; bargain at.
; Five room cottage, cheap at..
f Twenty room all modern house, and
eisgant grounas. just me piace
for a home ,
I . . I
I Kieven room modern nouse, just I
I right for roomers 6-000
1 fleveat room new house, one acre of ! prayer of said biil.
j land .all kinds of fruit, cheap at S3.- ; GEORGE W. GAMBLK Clerk.
J 800; to move same at once will j Rock Island, 111-, Dec. 4. 1909.
; sell for 93400 j Marion E. Sweeney, complainant
Why rent when you can have your j solicitor .
1 choice of f2 good house, of from four 7
j to eight rooms each? Good lots, rang-1 Notice of Publication.
lng in price from 8SOO to &L700, with i state of Illinois, Rock Island Count
i only $300 to $500 down; balance month- j tv ss.
ily to suit purchaser. Your choice of - Tn ,Ue Circuit Court. To the Janu-
300 fine lots from 22o up to St, COO. It
will pay yon to inveKtigate.
I Choice ISO acre farm, located eight '
miles from city of 30.000 Deopie. onlv 31
miies irom j-iavenport; nne set or ouiifi- '
lngs; will take $5,000 worth of city
property on this; price, only S7S per
Fine 40 acre farm, two miles from
Clinton; only SlOO per acre.
4SO acre Scott county farm, only 17
miles from Davenport; will take $8,000
! trade on this; price, per acre, only go.
Fine 160 acre farm, 21 miles from
Davenport, only f 73 per acre.
If you have city property or farms for
; sale, list same with us.
: Money loaned at loweat possible rates.
We write fire insurance.
,' Give us a call. Ve get results.
Blankenburg & Blankenburg,
SO Safety Balldlag.
Office Phone, West 241. R
ew B8S8.
Ton can secure a loan from ns re
turnable in small weekly payments of
$1 or $3. which amount yon will not
find difficult to pay or burdensome
in say way.
is the basis upon which we want ronr
patronage. Call and obtain a loan
tarongh us and we will prove to you
that we always do lost as we adver
tise. Yon will receive prompt atten
tion and courteous treatment.
New 1'hone 570S.
Old Phone West 1008, New
1805 V?! Second Avenue
liock Island.
f.Rtt4 Hose'. . ,
Notice of Publication.
Stnte of Illinois, Rock Island Count
ty S3:
In the Circuit Court. To the Janu
ary Term, liilo. In Chancery. Bill to
Wuiet Title.
Anna Gulck, Julia M. Schletfeldt and
Minni" S. Schlotfeidt. complainants, vs.
the unknown heirs or devisees of Levi
Wells, deceased; the unknown heirs or
devisees of Huntington Wells, deceas
ed; the unknown heirs Or devisees of
Joel Wells. Jr., deceased; the unknown
heirs or devisees of Jonah H. Case, de
ceased; the unknown heirs or devisees
of John l,nngmack. deceased; Margaret
S. Molt. Alice McCoy. L,IIy Drury, l-;s-!
telle Jacques. Joseph C Hartzell. Kva
j Hayes. Ser.a .Wallace. Clyde Ware. Don
!Rapp. Florence Milier. Arthur flapp.
i Georgie Hartzell. David Sears. George
W. Scars. William Sears. Susan East
man. Volma I "nderhlll. Mar. Eastman,
Robert Eastman, Henry Sholl. Mary
Sholl. Edward W. Spencer. Julia S. Rob
inson. Edward Kpencrr. Robinson Rpenr
per. Charles Spencer. Clara Spencer; the
unknown heirs or devisees of Wesley
Hartzell. deceased; the unknown heirs
or devisees of C. Ainsworth. deceased.
s:nd th" unknown heirs or devisees of
Mary Bass, deceased, defendants.
Affidavit ttiat the names of the heirs
or devisees of above named Levi Weiis.
Huntington Wells. Joel Weirs, Jr.. Jo
nah 11. Case, John Langmack. Wesley
Hartzell. C. Ainsworth and Mary Bass
are unknown. :.nd that tho above named
defendants. Estelle Jacques. Joseph C.
Hartzell, Eva Hayes. Sena Wallace. Don
K.ip'.i. Georgie Hartzell. Julia S. Robin
son. Edward W. Spencer. Edward Spen
cer. Charles Spencer. Robinson Spencer.
Clara Spencer. Susan Eastman. Volma
I'nderhiM. May Eastman. Robert East
man. Mary Sholl and William Sears, are
non-resider.ts of the
ite of irUnots. hav-
iutz been filed in the clerk's office of the
circuit court of said county, notice is
therefore hereby given to the unknown
heirs or devisees of said deceased per
sons, and to the said residents who, on
...... 4nm.!-,- .- ,w i T K fnnnrt ttmt t h
complainants filed their bill of complaint
in said court, on ti;e chancery side
thereof, on the 4th of Deperaber.
19oS, and that there3pon a summons
isued out of said court, wherein said
ayt s now pending, returnable on the
first Monday in the month of January
next, as Is ly law required.
Now. unless you. the said non-resident
defendants above named. Eateile
Jacques, Joseph C. Hartzell. Eva Hayes.
Sena Wallace. Don Rapp. Georgia Hart
zell, Julia S. Robinson, Edward W.
Spencer. Edward Spencer. Charles Spen
cer. Robinson Spencer, Clara Spencer.
Susan Eastman, Volma I'nderhifl, May
Eastman. Robert Eastman. Mary Sholl
and William Sears, shall personally be
and appear before said circuit court, on
the rrtt rlnv of the next term thereof.
to bs holden at Rock Island, In and for
the said county, on the nrst Aionaay in
January-next, and pieaa. answer or De
mur to the said complainants' bill of
innnAiriimolalnt. the same and the matters
KIM, lILlil'.B Llltrtin ..mi , - . ... .
will be taken as confessed, and a decree
entered against you according to the
ar Tertn, i9io. In Chancery. BiU to
oiiiet Title
Harriet Payne, complainant, vs. John
r.lman: tue unknown ncirs or oevt
ses or Jonn t-.oieman, ucceuseu, L'av iu
Sullivan; the unknown heirs or devisees
of David Sullivan, deceased; W. V
S.-hiraith. and the unknown heirs or
devisees of W. V. Schiralth, deceased,
Affidavit that the names of the heirs
or devisees of above named John Cole
man, David Sullivan and W. V. Schiralth
are unknown, and that tne said defend
ants. John Coleman. David Sullivan and
W. V. Schiraith, on due Inquiry, can not
be found, having been filed in the clerk's
office of the cirrult court ot sain county,
notice is therefore hereby given to the
said unknown- heirs ana devisees of
said deceased perBOns, and to said de
fendants who, on due lrf.utry, can not
be found, that the complainant filed her
bill of complaint in said court, on the
chancery side thereof, on the 4th day of
December. 1909, and that thereupon a
summons issued out of said court,
wherein said suit Is now pending, re
turnable on the fli-st Monday n the
month of January next, as is by law
required. J?
Now, unless you, the said de
fendants above named, John Colo
man, the unknown heirs or devi
sees of John Coleman, deceased.
David Sullivan, the unknown heirs or
devisees of David Sullivan, deceased, W.
V. Schiraith, and the unknown heirs or
devisees of W. V. Schiralth. deceased,
shall personally be and appear before
said circuit court, on the first day of
the next term thereof, to be holden at
Rock Islard. in and for the said coun
ty, on the first Monday In January next,
and plead, answer or demur to the said
complainants bill of complaint, the
same and the matters and things there
in charged and stated will be taken as
confessed, and a decree entered against
you according to the prayer of said bill.
Rook Island, HI-, Dec 4, 1903.
Marlon E. Sweeney, complainant's
Miller, graduate masseuse; electrio
vibrator treatments, vapor baths,
scientific body and facial massage,
therapeutic lights, spinaj. treatment.
Swedish movements, etc. Hours from
10 a. m. to 9 p. m. Henley building,
suite 12. corner Fourth and Brady
streets. Davenport. Iowa.
grain and provisions.
port. Stocks, grains, provisions, cot
ton. Private wire to New York and
Chicago. Office, 109 Main street. Tel
ephone 407.
FOB RENT Modern furnished rooms
at 1300 Third avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping at 807 Third street.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
.housekeeping at 3S1Z Fifth avenue.
FOR RENT Modern rooms for light
housekeeping at 687 Seventeenth
FOR RENT Modern furnished room,
with use of phone, at 1127 Second
FOR RENT A modern furnished room,
opposite public library, at 412 Nine
teenth street.
FOR RENT Furnished room, with all
modern conveniences; 586 Twenty
second street.
FOR RENT Unfurnished room for light
housekeeping; rent reasonable; at
1305 Second avenue.
FOR RENT Modern furnished rooms,
with use of phone; gentleman prefer
red. Inquire 1404 Fifth-and-a-half
FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms
for light housekeeping, second floor,
water, sewer, gas. Apply at 428 Elev
enth street.
FOR RENT A modern furnished room
suitable for one or two gentlemen.
Apply at 1116 Second avenue. Old
phone 688-X.
FOR RENT A nicely furnished room In
private home; modern conveniences;
live blocks from business section. Ad
dress "L C-." care Argus.
FOR RENT A modern furnished room;
board if desired; one block and a half
from Long View car. Apply 1128
Fourteenth-and-a-half street.
FOR RENT- A modern furnished room
suitable for gentlemen or man and
wife, with board if desired; location
very central; 1800 Fifth avenue.
FOR RENT Newly and nloely furnish
ed rooms for light housekeeping;
also sleeping rooms: location very
central, on car linn; 1327 Second ave
FOR KENT An eight-room house, en
tirely" jnodern. Apply at 1231 Fifth
FOR RENT A seven-room house at
1115 Third avenue. Call old phono
FOR RENT A flve-room cottage, with
water, sewer and gas, at 14os Four
teenth street. -Apply at 1411 Twelfth
FOR RENT A seven-room modern
house, choice location, at 848 Twenty
second street. Inquire 845 Twenty
becond street.
FOR RENT A large 10-room modern
house, centrally located, very desira
ble location. Inquire Hubbard &
Tonn. Best building.
FOR RENT Seven-room house, all
modern. Inquire at Beardsley &
Bailey Company, 217 Eighteenth
FOR RENT Eight-room house, modern
conveniences. 921 Twentieth street.
Apply 11. 11. Cleavtland, 210-212
Eighteenth street, city.
FOR KENT A new six-room house,
with furnace, gas, electric light, and
city water. Inquire corner Twelfth
avenue and Thirtieth street.
FOR RENT A five-room cottage at 694
Dearborn street. South Rock Island,
opposite Exposition grounds. Inquire
J. G. Scheuermann, 1700 Sixth street,
FOR RENT One house at Sears; one
house in Cottage Grove; two houses
in South Rock Island. Inquire A. G.
Cramer 1813 Second avenue- Old
phone west 199.
FOR RENT Eight-room house; hard
wood tloors and all conveniences; cor
ner Twenty-second street and Elev
enth avenue. It". K. Rhoads, 1033
Twenty-first street.
FOR RENT A seven-room strictly mod
ern house, corner Forty-second street
a-nd Seventh avenue. Rock Island, 111.
Inquire J . S. Bolton, 913 Sixteenth
stre.et, Moline. Old phone east 6B2-X-
FOR RENT A modern seven-room flat
on the corner of Eleventh street and
Third avenue; rent reasonable. In
quire at drug store.
FOR RENT Five-room Bat. all modern
except heat; walking distance of bus
iness center; all rooms newly papered;
come quick, don't delay or it will be
gone; rents $15. Daley & Co.
FOR RENT Invalid chair, by the day
or month. Call at 1513 Third avenue.
Phone 1097.
LOST A white bulldog, with two brown
spots on iiead. Return to 2721 Eighth
avenue und receive reward. ,
FOUND -A black fur neckpiece on Elev
enth street between Filth and Sixth
avenues. Finder may have same by
calling at Argus office and paying for
this ad.
LOST Between Twelfth street and Sec
ond avenue, or Fifteenth street and
Third avenue, a small gold "Ameri
can" watch in black leather case. Re
turn to Argus office for reward.
LOST A black leather handbag con
taining gold watch set with brilliants
and gold chain set with pearls; also
two paper bills- Very liberal reward
for return to. Nellie Cardell, 420 Fif
teenth street.
LOANS ON REAL E3TATS security at
lowest rates, .uuaoipn & Reynolds,
lawyers. Beet block, corner Seven
teenth street and Second avenua.
MONET TO LOAN on real estate secur
ity at lowest rates. Marion E. Swee
ney, attorney, rooms 33 and 85. Mitch
ell & Lynde building. Rock Island.
LOANS ON FURNITURE, pianos, horses,
wagons, etc-; quickly, privately, at
the lowest rates. Mutual Loan Com
pany untnc). room 411. People's Na
tional bank building; new phone 5109.
Phone old west 122,
money on household goods, horses,
wagon) etc., without removal and
In a quiet way. Call on us for quick
loans. Fidelity Loan Company, room
403 Best building.
MONET LOANED to salaried people and
others, without security; easy pay
ments; no publicity. Call and get our
terms and methods of doing business.
Office hours, 8 a- m. to 6 p. m. Tel
ephone north 2411. Victor Finance
Company, room 26, McManus build
ing. Second and MaiQ streets, Daven
WANTED Grinders; Rock Island Man
ufacturing Company.
WANTED Laborers; $2 per day ; steady
work. Apply 2410 Third avenue.
WANTED .A good strong boy to work
In shop. Eagle Bakery, 1109 Third
WANTED Machine hands for lathe
work. Rock- Island Manufacturing
WANTED Laborers at Sears water
power works. Apply at office, ilrst
bridge. Sears, I1L
WANTED Carpenters; Leonard Con
struction Company; Velie Motor Ve
hicle Company, Moline, 111.
WANTED Bricklayers; Leonard Con
struction Company; Velie Motor Ve
hicle Company. Moline, 111.
WANTED Moldersr must be good on
loose work. Apply Rock Island Metal
Foundry, 506 Forty-first street.
WANTED Thirty laborers, at govern
ment boatyard, IVa miles below Milan.
Inquire U. S. Engineer's office, Milan,
WANTED Machinists, sheet metal
workers end wood workers; good
wages, new factory, good air, fine
light, pleasant surroundings, no labor
trouble. . The Bartholomew Company,
makers of Glide automobiles, Peoria.
WANTED Men to learn barber trade;
top wages paid graduates; will equip
and place you in your own shop or In
good position in few weeks; some
money earned while learning; Inves
tigate. Moler Barber College. Chi
cago, 111.
WANTED Able bodied men between
ages 21 and 35 for U. S. Marine Corps.
Must be native born or have first pa
per. Excellent opportunity to see
the world. Oood pay. Clothing, ra
tions, quarters, medical attendance
free. Apply room 84, Postofflce build
ing. WANTED Toung men to learn auto
mobile business by mail ana prepare
for positions as chauffeurs and repair
men; we make you expert in 10 weeks;
assist you to secure position; pay big,
work pleasant, demand for men great,
reasonable; write for particulars and
sample lesson. Empire Automobile
Institute, Rochester, N. Y.
WANTED Girls for inspectors; apply
Mr. Ammerman at MoCabe's.
WANTED A girl to take care of chil
dren and assist with housework. Ad
dress "D.," care Argus.
WANTED Experienced girl for gen
eral housework in small family. Ad
dreqs 1L M. U.. care The Argus.
WANTED A good cook for night work;
must be good pastry ceok; also a
dishwasher for night w . Apply
J. .W. Johnson, manager C, R. 1. &
P. eating house.
WANTED -Experienced fireman wants
position as watchman or fireman
good references. Old phone north
WANTED To rent, a piano in good con
dition; state price. Address Box 458,
WANTED Men to try our 6-cent shave
and 10-cent hair cut at 1716 Third
WANTED To buy. four saddle horses
Illinois Oil Company, Illinois Theater
WANTED Chimneys to build, repair
and clean. McDowell Bros. Old phone
nortn 316.
WANTED To buy. a second hand
graphophone In good condition. Ad
dress "Graphophone." care Argua.
WANTED To give away free, good
dirt for filling purposes. Apply to
H. E. itrea, iio beventeentn street.
WANTED To buy in Milan, sears or
South Rock Island, a four or live-room
'house, with large lot. Address 'B. J.,"
care Argua-
WANTED All kinds of repair work;
special man on guns, revolvers and
locks. . J. iiesonr s Machine
Shop. 108-112 East Seventeenth street.
WANTED Furnished room by respect
able young business girl; wishes priv
ilege of using tier own on stove in
room; price, 1.50 per week. Address
"M. A. R.," care Argus.
WANTED Furniture; I buy household
goods of every description; highest
uricea paid tor anything and every
thing. 11. Kniff, 1721 Third avenue.
Moline, III. Old puone ol east.
WANTED By young married couple,
two or threo nicely furnished rooms
for liKht housekicping wllhing walk
lng distance of Rock Island I'iovv
company- Address "R.," care Argus.
RELIABLE STORAGE On first floor;
also manufacturer or awnings, tents,
wugoti covers, etc. Tents for rent. B.
RoesslerSc Co., 209 Fifteenth street,
opposite th-q court house. Rock Island.
good service call on the Independent
Express Company, 308 Twenty first
ttreet. Old phone 9S1. Packing and
storage and all kinds of express haul
ing. Also buying and selling second
hand goods.
ABSTRACTS of Title prepared or con
tinued to date covering any real es
tate in the county. Prompt and ac
curate service.t reasonable rates
Rock Island Tliie & Abstract Com
panV; J- J- Ingram, president; W. J.
Sweeney, secretary; 200-203, second
floor, People's National bank build
torney a -at-la w. Office In Rock Island
National bank building.
HOPE THOMPSON Attorney-at-law.
General law business; probate, com
mercial and corporation law; 304-805
Safety building.
Money to loan on good real estate
security. Rooms 802 and 308, Safety
building. Rock Island. 111.
McENIRY & McENIRT Attorneys-at-
law. Loan money on good security;
make collections. References. Mitch
ell & Lynde, bankers. Olfice, Mitchell
& Lynde building.
and counselors at law. Money to loan
on real estate. Abstracts of title pre
pared. Rooms 200-203, People's Na
tional bank building.
Manufacturer" ot Sash, Dooret
Blinds gad Stairs. Interior Finish ot
all kind.
i 811 AND 823
FOR SALE A modern double dwelling
. seven rooms each side; a bargain if
tajten soon . Keidy Bros.
FOR SALE At a bargain, a 10-room
House, with good cellar. Inquire W.
Jennings, iuib fourth avenue.
FOR SALE On monthly payments, i
five-room cottage, almost new. In
quire J. O. Scheuermann, 1700 Sixth
ton SALE Excellent five-room cot
tage in A No. 1 condition, situated
three blocks northeast of ball park.
inquire at 1Z03 Second avenue.
FOR SALE A double house on Four
teenth street, with four rooms on each
side; It rents for $11 per month, and
tco price is 82,000. a. Iv. Walker,
FOR SALE Some nice level lots In
South Rock Island, on Watch Tower
car line. 80x165. Old phone 652-X.
x. r . KtiuaeoDauga.
FOR SALE A nice lot In residence dis
trict; owner will sell for $300 less
than cost. W. E. Bailey. Old phone
west aoz. or new 6199.
FOR SALE Fine residence lot in Edge
wood park; one-half of its value If
sold by Dee. 10. Inquire C. 3. Mo-
Daniel, west 950. or 7'oH-K. old phone.
UK bALE At a bargain, a corner
lot. Thirty-eighth street and Fif
teenth avenue. 60x105 feet, east front
Address "P. M., care Argus, or call
oia prone west Vbi-jc
FOR SALE: A bargain, if taken at once.
a one and a hall story house of si
rooms and reception hall; also shop
lbxu. inquire on premises. 1611
Fourteenth-and-a-half street.
FOR SALE Lots in Robinson's a.ddl
tlon in South Heights, from 8800 to
$375; terns, $25 down, balance in five
years; a home on easy terms. Old
puoue 759-K. E. W. Robinson.
FOR SALE Owners and agents; I oan
sell your properties, if right; send
particulars quickly; have customers
watting; satisfaction to all guaran
teed. . VV. C Jennings, 1016 Fourth
FOR KALE Large eight-room brick
house, in one of the finest locations in
the city; steam heat; lot 60x140; good
reasons for selling. Will make a good
price to anyone interested. Harry JbL
FOR SALE Cheap, nice level lots, 48x
125. corner Twenty-seventh street and
.cigtiteenth avenue, lacing Long View
street car track. Also for bal or
trade, one acre lot, with new seven
room house. Terms to please pur
chaser. Inquire of K. Thonn, 610
Twenty-eighth street.
FOR SALE At a bargain, good farm;
win uko stock or goods in trade, w
E. Bailey.
FOR SALE A six-acre truck farm,
with new house; $2,100 cash will buy
It. W. E. Bailey, over Crampton's.
FOR SALE Farms; W. C. Wilson. Mo
line, 111., R. F. D., has 'em; all sizes,
all prices. Tell me what you want.
FOR SALE Eight lots in East Moline,
at a bargain; small payment down,
balance on the installment plan. For
particulars call at 306 Safety build
ing. FOR SALE Iowa farm of 160 acres,
three miles from two different towns;
good roads to both towns; fair house,
nne barn, running water on farm, ex
cellent soil; price. $76 an acre. li. K.
Walker, agent.
FOR SALE Invest in lands; little cash
required; Minnesota and North Da.
kota land i3 Increasingly rapidly in
value; It is a paying Investment;
prices $12.50 to $2 per acre. M. F.
Murphy, Grand Forks N. D.
FOR SALG-rOna acre of land, four
room house, large chicken houBe, acre
fenced in with chicken wire; barn,
well, cistern, fruit trees of all kinds;
1819 Twenty-seventh street. Tele
phone 853, three rings.
FOR SALE A two-room cottage, new
and in good condition, concrete block
cellar, young fruit trees, lot 42x123.
On feet from Long View car line;
price $7S.". purt cash, balance $10 per
month Inquire 17l!9 Twenty-ninth
si reet.
FOR SALE 80-acre farm 4 H miles
from Cresco. Iowa; black soil, clay
subsoil; good house and barn; rail
road across corner of farm; it is In
fine state of cultivation and can be
bought on easy terms; price, JbJ per
acre. 11. K. Walker, agent.
FOR SALE Land, in the gulf coast
country of south Texas, "the New Cal
ifornia," where the roses bloom at
Christmas time and crops ate grown
every month In the year; excursions
every first and third Tuesday of each
month. Write for our booklet. A. O.
Husbands. Milan, 111.
FOR SALE Farms; SO acres 2 V4 miles
from Rice Lake, Wis., a town of 4,000
inhabitants; tiO acres under high slate
of cultivation, balance pasture and
timber, all fenced, good buildings, and
No. 1 well; best of soil; price, $4,500.
Also. 80 acres 8 miles from Rice Lake,
Wis.; 30 acres cleared tiiuber and past
ure; good house, fair log outbuildings;
3i',000 feet of No. 1 lumber will buiid
a barn 30x60 feet; fine team of mares
2 and 8 years old; will sell for $2.60u
If taken this month. 160 acres of
Iowa land, 3 miles from two towns;
best of soil and lays line, good im
provements of all kinds; a bargain at
$69 per acre; easy terms. I have luo
of the best farms In Iowa, listed from
$55 to $80 per acre, right in the corn
belt; all have best Improvements, and
land lays level. See L. A. Polland,
u0 Safety buiding.
FOR SALE Cheap, household furni
ture, at 603 Thirtieth street.
FOR SALE Cheap. A good upright
piano, at 1507 Eighth avenue.
FOR SALE Upright parlor wood stove.
cheap if sold soon. Old ptione norm
FOR SALE A team of carriage horsos.
Apply Oscar Smith, ivv iwentietn
FOR SALE Very cheap If sold at once.
a cutter In - good condition, at bin
Eighteenth street.
FUR SALE A sectional bookcase, and
a Singer sewing macntne. almost new;
will sell cheap; at 1517 Seventh ave
nue. FOR SALE At half price, a large $a0
Art Garland hard coai stove, only
used one winter. Apply at 2(i30 Sev
enth avenue.
FOR SALE A large hard coal stove,
almost new; also a Buck range, and
dresser. Inquire at 2528 Fiftn-and-a-half
FOR SALE At a bargain, two Kokon
hydraulic barber chairs, and walnut
combination case wlta minors 4x32.
lmiuire 1623 Third avenue. Rock Is
land. FOR SALE One Fairbanks three-horse
power vertical gasoline engine, com
plete with battery, tanks, ttc.; prac
tically new. National Neck xokc
HENRY GAETHJE Proprietor Chip-
piannock nursery, cut nowers and
designs of all kinds. City store, 1607
Second avenue. Telephone 11 10.
conducted lor gins oy tne sisters of
the Visitation. Rudimentary and high
er branches and all polite accomplish
ments taught. Twentieth street and
Fifteenth avenue. Rock Island.
Publication Notice.
State of Illinois. Rock Island Coun
ty ss:
In the County Court of said county.
To the January Term, A. t). 1910.
To All Persons Concerned:
Public notice Is hereby given that the
undersigned conservatrix of the estate
cf T. F. LaVelle. insane, hd.3 filed in the
office of ttie clerk of the county court
of Rock Island county and state of Illi
nois, a petition for an order for the sale
of the following described real estate
belonging to said estate, to-wlt:
An undivided t wo-seventeentlis (2-17)
interest in and to a certain tract of land
located in the county of Rock Island und
state of Illinois, and described as follows:
Commencing at an iron rod four 4J
feet In length, driven in the ground fo
a monument, which monument is situatt
at a point In a straight line from an
other point (herein described as point
number two (2). to another point here
In described as point number three (3),
said point number two being situate in
the south line of Eleventh tilth)) ave
nue in said city of Rock Island, distant
measured along said last named Jlne
three hundred and ninety-one (391) feet
east from the Intersection of said last
named line with the east line of Ninth
(9th) street in said city; and said point
number three (3) being situate In the
north line of Eighteenth (18th) avenue
in said city, distant measured along
said last named line four hundred and
twenty-nine and two-tenths (4J9.2)
feet east from the intersection of said
last named lino with the east line of
said Ninth (9th) street: said monument
being distant measured along said above
mentioned ctraiurht line ten hundred and
twer.ty-six (1,026) feet north from said
north line of said Eighteenth (lXth)
avenue and twelve hundred and sixty
(1.60) feet south from said south line
of said Eleventh (11th) avenue; thence
rrom said monument running south
wardly along said straight line twenty
(20) 'Vet. thence running eastwardiy
and pitallel with si lid south line of said
fcilevejlh (11th) avenue thirty (30 feet
for a starting point or place of begin
ning: lhence from said tnrtinar roint or
place of beginning, running southward
ly and parallel with said straight line
ten hundred and six and twentv-flve
hundredths (1,006.25) feet to said north
line of said Eighteenth 18th) avenue:
thence running westvvardly along eaid
north line of said Eighteenth (18th) av
enue four hundred und fifty-nine and
two-tenths (459.2) feet, more or less to
the east line of Ninth (9th) street;
thence running northwardly along said
east line of said Ninth (9th) street ten
hundred and three and seven-tenths
(1.003.7) feet; thence running i.ist-
wardly and paralll with said south
line of said Eleventh (lltli) avenue four
hundred and fifty-three and seventy-five
hundredths (453.75) feet, more or less,
to said starting point or place of be
ginning; said premises being situate In
tne northwest quarter ( ',i ) f" section
two (2, township seventeeni(17) north
range two (2), west ol the lourtn
principal meridian.
An equity in lots tnrce (S ana iur
(4). in block twelve (12), In the old
town of Stephenson, now the city of
Rock Island, situated in the county of
Rock Island and state of Illinois.
Lot six (6) in CO. Dack's subdivision
of lots seven (7) and eight (8). In Hen
ry S. Case's subdivision' of assessor's
lot number seven (7), in the southeast
quarter of section two (2). in township
seventeen (17) north, range two (2).
west of the fourth principal meridian,
situated In the county of Rock Island
and state of Illinois.
Lots eleven (11) and twelve (12), In
block thirty (30), In the New Coweta
addition to the town of Coweta, In the
county of Wagoner and State of Okla
homa. An undivided three-ninths (3-9) In
terest in and to the following describ
ed real estate, situated in the county of
Itasca and state of Minnesota:
Southeast quarter, of. northwest quar
ter of section two (2), northeast quar
ter of northeast quarter of section
three (3), northwest quarter of north
east quarter of section three (3), north
east quarter of northwest quarter of
section three (3). northeast quarter of
northwest quarter of section four (4).
northwest quarter of northwest quarter
of section four (4), southwest quarter
of northwest quarter of section tour
(4). southeast Quarter of northwest
quarter of section four (4), lot five of
section four (4 , northeast quarter of
northeast quarter of section five (!),
southwest quarter of northeast quarter
of section live (5), southwest qunrterof
southwest quarter of suction twenty
(20). northwest quarter or southeast
quarter of section twenty (20), north
west quarter of southwest quarter of
section twenty-one (21). southwest
quarter of southwest quarter of section
wenty-one (21); all in township lilty-
eight (58). range twenty-four (24).
Northeast quarter of southwest quar-
er of section nine (9). southeast quar
er of southwest quarter of section nine
(9). northwest quarter of southeast
quarter of section nine (9), southwest
quarter of southeast quarter of section
nine (9), southwest quarter of south
west quarter of section ten (10), north
east quarter of southeast quarter of
ection thirteen (13), nortnwest qunr
er of southeast quarter of section thir
teen (IS), northwt.it quarter of norm-
east quarter of seotion twenty-seven
1 27 i. southwest quarter of nurtl.east
quarter of section twenty-seven (-7).
northeast quarter of northwest quarter
of section twenty-seven (27), northwest
quarter of northwest quarter ot section
twenty-seven (27). southwest quar'er of
northwest quarter eif section twenty
seven (27), southeast quarter of north
west quarter of section twenty-seven
(27). northeast quarter of southwest
quarter of section twenty-seven 17),
southeast quartir of southwest quarter
of section twenty-seven (27). northwest
quarter of southwest quarter of s-ction
twenty-eight (28), southwest qunrtT of
southwest quarter of section twenty-
eight (28). northeast quarter of south
w st quarter or section
twenty-nine ;
(291. northea.-it quarter oi .iuim tt i
quarter of section twenty-nine (29). complcu.t in eeiid court. .n tl.e ciian
Fouthwcst qunrtcr of northeast quarter J rerv tiile timrcof, on the 2ii i : .y ef:
of section thirty-one (31), southeast !
quarter of r.orttieuti quarter or section
thirty-one (31). soutneast quurter
of southeast quarter or section
thirty-one (SI), southwest quarter
of "northeast quarter of section
thirtv-two (32). northeast quarter of
northwest quarter of section thirty-two
(32). southeast quarter of northwest
nuarter of section thirty-two i:f2.
southwest quarter of southwest quarter
of sect lent thirty-two 1321. northwest;
quarter of southeast quarter of s"!ion ;
thirty-two (32), outhw-?t eiuartr en
southeast quarte r of section t ii In y -1 v.-o
(32). southeast quarter of southeast;
quarter of section thirty-two 32. ,
southwest quarter of iiorthwtst quarter i
of section thirty-three (3.O. northwest j
quarter of northwest qii.irler of fee-,
tion thirtv-four (84), southwest quarter i
of northwest quarter of section thirty
four (34) : ail In township fifty-nine
(59), ranite twenty-four e24; mid that
said petition will lie henrd on the tirm
dny of the January term. A. I. 1 3 1 '. or
so soen thereafter as counsel mav tie
heard, at which time and plii'-e you can
appear and object to said pi-tltlon if
you see fit so to lo.
Dated this 21'lh day of November, A.
Conservatrix of the Estate of T. F. La- j
Velie. Insane.
Mnrnliv Larson, attorneys for said .
conservatrix. ,
J;r;- - ... .
ous hairs on face and arms permit- i
nently removed with one to six ,
needles; four to six hours' work In c' -.n.ty. noin .- j: tin-re;. ,r - hcre'iy i.-.veu
one with six: treatments given at ! to ti.e i-aid n.ci-i -iur i.i !. f .vi lat-t that
home unless otherwise desired. Ad- ! tr.e ". pia! i i t itle.1 his bill of orn
dress Miss A. M. Klttrteiire. li19 Per- plaint in mu.I cuiii I. on do . .iu. i i y
ry street, Davenport. Old phone 3125. K!,i.! t'i. U"l. on ti e 4ln d.y cf Ii'T.-
, . - -- -- - .. - I l,i r. 1 ). und that ti i : r :" a sutn-
Lincoln Court
Location and Prices that
1719 1-2 Second Ave.
.Notle-e of Publlcullon.
State of Illinois'. Rock Island Toun
ty ss:
In the Circuit Court. Janurv Term.
Ji. 1j. lji'j. In C'fcfuicfcry. ,
Minnie Pennington vs. William H.'
Pennington. . . I
Affidavit of non-residence of the abova
named defendant. William H- Penning
ton,' having been filed inUJie clerk's of-'
fice of the circuit court of said courtty.'
notice is therefore Lereby given to the
'said non-resident defendant that .the
complainant, nbid her bill of complaint
In said court, on the chancery side
theroof, on ttie lth day of November.
liH'9. und thereupon a summons Issued
out of said court, wherein said suit Is
now pending, returnable on the first
Monday in the month ol January next,
as Is by law required.
Now. unless you, the said non-rol-'
dent d-re;idant above named, shall per
sonally be and appear before said cir
cuit court, on the first-day of the next
term thereof, to be holden at Rock Is
land in and for the aid county, on the
tirst Monday in January next, und plead,
answer or demur to ttio said complain
ant's bill of complaint, tne same and
the matters and thlnKS therein charged
and stated will be taken as confessKd,
and a decree entered against you ac
cording to the prayer of said bill.
Rock Island, 111.. Nov. 19, 19u9.
John K. S-.ejtt, complainant's solicitor.''
Notice of Guardian's Sale of Ral Estate.
'"State of Illinois, liock Island County
By virtue of a decretal order of tho.
county court of said county entered at
the November term of said court. A.
1j. 1909, on the application of Mary L.
Carter, guard un of Charles Crawford
Carter and Richard W. Carter, minor
heirs of Charles C. Carter, deceased, to.
sell the interest of tald wards In and
to the following described real estutiy
belonging to suiil minors, moro partic
ularly described as lots three 3)-and
four (4) in block twelve (12) In th
old or urljrinal town, now city of Rock.
Island. Illinois, subject to the dower In
terest of their mother, Mary W. Carter,
therein, and according to the provisions
contained in a certain letter of trust Is
sued by CiiarJes C. Carter uiid other
to the Central Trust and Savings Bank
of Rock Inland, Illinois, situated in tho
county of Rock lalar.d and State or IU1-,
noia, I shall on the 6th day of Decem
ber. A D 1909, at the eaet door of the
court house In said city of Rock I."lsnd,
county of Rock Island and state of Iill-i
nois at the hour of In o'clock In the
forenoe.n of fcaid day, sell all the interest
of said minors in und to said real es-i
tate at public vendue) to the highest and
best bidder upon the folhw(iig terms
and conditions: The purchaser to payi
cash upon the completion and approvar
ef said tale and the delivery of tha
deed of said guardian for said prem
ises. Provided, however, no bJd will
be received for a sum lesa than four,
hundred dollars ($4o.00).
Guardian of Charles Crawford Carter
and Richard W Carter.
Jackson. Hurst & Stafford. Attorneys'
Petition to Probate W11L
State of Illinois, Rock Inland Cun,
ty as: j
County Court. Rock Island Countyy'
November Term, 1909. i
In the matter of the probate of thtt
lat will and testament of Faanlt Dw
FearlEteln, deceased. In probate j
To All Persons Whom This May Con-4
cern Greeting: t
Notice Is hereby given that on. thai
17tu day of November. A. D. 190a, a pe
tition was filed In the county court fit
Rock Island count', Illinois, asking thaC
the last will and testament of ramiii
D. Pearlstein, deceased, be admitted ten
probate. The same petition further
stattrs that the following named per
sons arO the helrs-at-law and lejratesi
Bessie L. Kautz. or Katz, No. 729 Thlr-;
teentb street. Rock l.-lncl. I1L; Chirlea
l'earlstein. Company 11, 2-nd I. S. in
fantry. Fort St. Michael, Alaska; tr
phans' Home. Jerusalem. Palestine;
Jewish Okl Ladies' Home, Chicago. 111.;
Jewish Churcn, No. 60 Sangamon stre et.
Chicago, 111.; Herman Kautz, or KatK,
No. 729 Thirteenth street, liock Island.
III.; Sadie Kautz, er Kuiz. No. 729 Thir
teen! n street. Rock Island. 111.; ld.
Kautz, or Katz, No. 7i: Thirteenlli
street, Rock Island, 111.; Tlby Kuuia, or
Katz, No. 729 Thirteenth street, liock
Island, 111-; Noah Effron of Cedar Rap-.'
ids. Iowa; V. Max Ruben of Davenport
Iowa, executors named in raid will.
You are further notified that trie hear
ing of tho proof of said will haj ht-..l
st t by said cot7t for the 11th day of
December, A. IX 1809. at the hour of
o'clock In the fore-noon, at the court
house in the city of Rock Island, in
raid county, when and where you tan
appear, if you see fit, and show cause,
if any you have, why said will snouij
not bo admitted to probate.
Co unty 'lik-
Dated at Rock Island, 111., Nov. 17,
Marlon E. Sweeney, attorney fcr pe
titioner. Notice of Publication.
State of Illinois, liock Inland Coun
ty s:
In the Circuit Court ef frail county.
To the January term, A. D. lii). l:i
Chancery Sitting.
Emma L. Hosier v. Juhn A. Sfl.eil.
Kate Lohr. Lovin: Willi" and Lev'.
KlemT: AlMdaVlt f no q - re.-: .;. nco .,
the above; named del .nil i n l. K.i. lhr
and Lovina Willie, impleaded wltn wolui
A. ScheM and I.e wis K.elit, 1 1 : i : ; j-t been
Med in the cl, rk s oihee of the . Ircuit
court of s.iiil county, notice is tnerelom
hcrehv irli en to t':- aiiid Kale I.onr anu
Lovliia Wliiie, nen-resii. lit deieiciants.
thr.t I tie complainant nlcd h-- bM of
November. A. I. 1 :):. and I
r upon
a summons !i"huei out or ri:ii ourt,
wherein raid suit Is now rei.dir,;. re
turnable on toe rirtt .Mm. I.iy in th
month cf January text, us m by law
requti id .
Now. in. !-)- th' mid Kale t.ol.r nr. I
I.ov.u.i !!!:, ion-r viil.til d : ndar :t
iiliiivc nnmed. si.all personal. y Im- hi.1
appear beioie said circuit court on t:'
Cist day cf tti" n-xt fiin ti, oj'. t ,
1..- l.ocl. n in it' k 1-lai. I en the fltBt
Monday In January roxi. -u.fi pea!,
uiiswif or ill Mliir to tii; said o rn ' i.: 1 ri
ant bill ol' ( !;: til.i i nl . t.'.e :.i:u' !.!
the m.itterH and t liiutts t!.re.a -.. i j -
and sl.ili d Wol l e t:ik n as ':.! -i-'i
.a:;); nt t
Said bl!
o:i the fiii.l ivctc l.el.r and
Y.'llil". und u iln-rti! n teie.l
you U'. coi .ii r.y to the pr.ijcr tf
( 1 !" IIIOE W. CAMCI.i:, Clerk.
Rock I-:.Mil. 111., Nov. 29. 19'9. -M-Knity
c Miliiury, complain Hit's
so! Ii-; 1 m s .
Notice of Publication.
of Illinois, lljck Iblar.d
t.lte of lli.noi
j In the Circuit
Court. To the Janu-
1 n i.i in-' i y.
'.! j. la I n 1. 1, !" A :ne! ' .
iry 1 ; t in. 1 J ! i.
John Tiiilnr. i
.-h'tlcr. iiomii."' ..u.i. nr.i .i .
'. F.
lie -
Crouch and WW.iai.i 1-. Sa' ciiv;
A'.ii.iavit f l.'Hi-ri Mdi-.i
nan.e.i A n.i i i.i ' f:i.. 1. ;. T
ir.'.'pi'' a d 'iv.jV,'.' the- 'a'l.'Vv'.
y. crou-!. hal ing he-ii
t of tl.e 1' ' nve
," n.i i : r.
1 ' . 1 V ' I'M
CelC. l.lllt. J.
li i I i : the
clerk e!li. e of tin- circit court of s.iii
I m .iis ii-suii) "lit cf s ii'i court, v .i-rein
i said rutt is i.ow p'-ii'i li-. p-i iirnal i" on
the first .Monday in the month of Jan
! uary next, ni is by law requn i.
j Nil" , ui!".-s .' ou. ti.e. said non-i evident
! rlefe-i.d nils a', ove naiae.l. Am-'iia e-later.
'I'liomus Shiter. Anna and Wilioini
E. Sweeney, shall p ronaliy lie and ap
pear be. lore said e ir. nit court, e.rt the
l.rst day of th" next l.-rtn Co reof, to
ho'Cen at Rock lblai"!. .n ai'.d lor laid
county." on the first Mot day in January
ti-xt, ond p'ejid, ansu. r cr deinr to the
said eioriirda '.riant h bill i e-oinp'a in t , tho
s.imn and the matters ard thliiK there
in chared tJ'uted will be taken us
confessed, nnd a d-cn e entered toifiin-i
vou acC'inl'nt " '" rm'r f nn i b
(UJOIiliii; W. GA.MULE. CUrk
Rock Island. HI-, ee. 4
, 1909.
M.i rlon
j solicitor.

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