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Proceedings of the city council of
the ity of Rock Island, 111., regular
meeting, Nov. 14, 1910. .
The council met in regular session
Monday, Nov. 14, 1910, and was called
to order at 8 o'clock p. m. by the
Present: Mayor, clerk and all al
dermen except Alderman I'tke.
The minutes of the regular meet
ing held Oct. 17, 1910, and adjourned
special meeting of Oct. 18, 1910, were
read and approved as read.
Th3 clerk read the. weekly pay roll
for the week ending Nov. 12, 1910, and
J. P. Johnson 10.50
Fred Goeltleman 8.40
Jake Anthony 6-20
Fritz Scholl 10.50
John Ehlers " C.30
F. Neiquist 4.20
Fred Gest 50
Hugh McGee 12.C0
Joe Jenkins 12-60
Joe Strothle
Harry Kurtz
Dan Emerick
Emil Frank
D. W. Kelly
John Nelson ....
on motion of Alderman LaVanway, Charles Grams
, 3.00
. . 12.00
properly seconded, an ordinance pro-I Dennis Collins 10.o'
vidiug for the payment of said pay James Davis 12.C0
roll was immediately considered, and j Xels Peterson
on his further motion, properly sec-j Hugo Grams
onded, said ordinance was, on roll j George Frey
call, unanimously adopted. The re- j Ben Walters
capitjlation of said pay roll is as fol- j Hugo Bresnahan
lows: ! Arthur Barker
Health account 25.20 ! Henry Johnson ..
Seventh street improvement . .
Contingent account
Bridge account
Waterworks expense .
Reservoir construction account
Reservoir expense account . . .
Sewer account
Sixth ward sewer
Park account
4S.00 ' Clyde Ctishman
87.95 ; Dave Brillhart
9.30 ' Frank Hart man
25.20 E. B. McKown .
91.35 j
9.00 !
05.50 i
50.10 !
Weekly pay roll
Nov. 12, 1910:
Fred Bowers
Fred Stanley
Harry Utke
William O'Brien . . .
Thomas Manuel
John Gintey
Frank Russ
Th clerk presented abill of the
1 People's Power company for light and
iiioivcr at reservoir in amount ot
j$l4t7. On motion of Alderman La-
5 529.4 o VaiVAV.y, properly seconded, the same
for week ending ! was referred to finance and water-
i works committees and superintendent
$ 14 70 of waterworks.
. .. 12.tJ0 Ou motion of Alderman Uorst, prop-
Aldcrman moved a substitute that the
same be referred to the finance and
waterworks committee, and the sub
stitute motion, properly seconded,
was carried.
On motion of Alderman LaVanway,
properly seconder1, the report of the
special committee, to which was re
ferred the matter of City Attorney
Wittcr's bill of $750 for revising and
editing city's ordinances, was adopted,
the recommendations therein made
that the bill he allowed be concurred
in, the vote on roll call being unan
imous. On motion of Alderman IaVanway,
properly seconded, the bill of the
Pittsburg Filter company of $9.75 for
brick furnished People's Construction
company and used in reconstruction of
oue of the city's sewers, was referred
to the finance and waterworks com
mittee. .
On motion of Alderman McXcaly.
properly seconded, the bill of Rock
10.50 ! isian-! title ana Abstract company, ui i
9 0u!amo iat of $1S0, being cost of prepar- j
ling property list for west section or i
Seventh ward sewer system, was re- j
f erred to the finance committee, city '
attorney and aldermen of ward, to re- j
port at next meeting.
Ou motion ci Alderman P.orst. prop- j
erly seconded, the bill of Harry M. ,
McCaskrin and J. J. Ingram as com-
missioners for Seventh ward sewer j
system west of Thirty-eighth street, j
in th; amount of $500. was referred to
the .inance committee, city engineer, j
city attorney and aldermen of ward, j
with direction to report back. i
The clerk presented a conimunica- I
lion from John I.ooney, asking for the
instillation of sewer on Sixteenth j
avenue, extending east on said ave- :
i .Jo
iin b,i ii i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.f.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.f.i.ixrxin..i..i.i.i.i.f.i.i..ri
lots S 9.95
winter coats
$13.50 SI 8.50
12.00 jerly seconded, the, matter of making jnue tc alley between Twentieth and
12.00 ;
An Appeal to Wives.
12. GO jref-jiii for unused Rock river bridge
12.60 j toll tickets was referred to the city
12.C01 clerk and bridge committee.
On motion of Alderman LaVanway.
! properly seconded, the clerk was au
thorised to iefund to ' M. B. Stuff &
j Co., of Muscatine, Iowa, $5.00, ped
dler's license.
! The clerk presented special pay roll
! for Police Officers Gable and Cary,
Twenty-first street, and on motion or
Alderman Cochran, properly seconded, ,
the matter was referred to the sewer
conrnrMee with power to act.
The clerk read a waiver from the
People's Construction company of D:iv- ;
enpc t, Iowa, relating to sewers in cer- j
tain streets and avenues in the Sixth j
ward south of Ninth avenue, giving i
permission to property owners as- ;
Cure the Drinking Husband by Using
Orrine Can Be Given Secretly;
No more terrible affliction can voire : , . ., , : sessed for said imorovement to inaKO
'to any home than the c ravin f..r;eacn m lue amount oi iiu "'i j mi. ,
tronsr drink of husband and fath.-r. ! moton properlv seconded, the rcspee- house connections ihciemth. the m
We appeal to wives mothers and sisters : . ' r allnwpd and order- ing Of Such connections to in HO Wise,
to save the husband and father or theltUe amounts were auowea aau oruci e a
brother with Onine, a scientific curejed paid, the vote on roll call being he considered by the contractor as an i
Tor the liquor habit. Can be tflven se-i . . acceptance of said sewer by the city, j
OrHne is soi.i under an absolute R.nr- i Tne clerk T)resented an estimate or i n motlon of A1,ierman McNealy, prop
antee that it will cure the drink habit 1 ne clerK Iresel"ea dn f erlv if conded, the same was accepted;
or money win be refunded Save the the amount due the Pittsburg P liter ,doptedf and directed placed ou!
happiness and prosperity ot the home comptnv, tO-wit- $G,114.05, bearing O. ' 1
with Orrine. tl per box. Write for free ' ' . . ,.,.:,(, 1 file.
booklet. -How to Cure Prunkenncs.- j oi ciy e.iSuM -On motion of Alderman Holzham-
Orrine Company, 71 Orrine building. Engineer Holt, and Alderman Coch-
Washington. P. C. Orrine is sold in this
city by the llarncr House Pharmacy. j
ran moved the allowanceof the bill.
r ' iiriiiiiiiir ir : - ifi'm -mi "
W fc2
On motion of
!mer, iroperly seconded, a petition from j
j property owners to lay watermain ;
: from Seventh to Ninth street on Th'.r-
Iteent.i avenue, was referred to the;
board of local improvements.
On motion of Alderman McNealy,
'properly seconded, a message read by
! the mayor regarding certain public
y improvements was referred to the
street and alley and bridge commit-
f. tees and the mayor, to take up the
pil ' recovnmendations made in said mes-
saje ana ascertain now mucii iii
biisiness interests of the city wjll pay
to warrant the improvement of Ninth
i street road.
On motion of Alderman McNealy,
' propriy seconded, a message read by
jthe mayor relative to the constitution
jof a water works board was received,
land ihe recommendation made there-!
' in concurred in, and a special commit- j
tee was appointed consisting of water- j
wor;s committee, city attorney and!
r-1 M- ontrlnpor to nrpcpnt to the emm- !
j " f -
jCil for consideration an ordinance In
pursuance of the recommendation
made in said message.
On motion of Alderman Holzham-
mer, properly seconded, the resolution
I Is II 1 l-Sli tiff 1 1 111 '
Our buyer was in Chicago yesterday and was
fortunate enough to secure an overstock of coats
from a prominent maker at a large saving in price.
The garments arrived by express this morning,
and by hard work today we have been able to get
them marked and ready for sale tomojow.
Coming just at the time when winter coats are
reeded, we believe this to be one of the best oppor
tunities to buy at a saving that our Coat and JSuit
Department has ever offered. ,
Every effort will be made to wait on customers
promptly. Do not overlook the advantages of an
earlv choice.
Women's and misses' fine winter Coats semi-fitting, tight-fitting and C
1 J1 TVI 1 1 . 1 3 1 T- t I J - TT
iuobc muucib. i lubiis, carat; uis, scrgej, oruauciuiiis, .ercys anu iwccus,
Lined throughout with guaranteed satin. $25, $30 and $32.50 coats for
18.50 i
Women's and misses' coats broadcloths,
kerseys, tweeds and fancy cloths tan,
brown and black. Worth $16.50. 18.50,
and a dozen or more worth $20, for
Women's and misses' Coats of kerseys,
broadcloths and fancy miterials tan,
brown and black. Lined with satin.
Worth $23, 22.59 and some $25, for
Right here in Rock Island. Of course, you will
say to yourself another advertisement. Give
us a chance to prove what we say by calling
all the loan companies up for their rates.
Then call up the new Cut Rate Loan company
for their rates and see if you haven't found
gold here in Rock Island. We certainly are
doing a beautiful business. Remember, you
don't even have to come to our office if you
prefer not. Call West 177 or write 180iy2
Second avenue, Rock Island, III.
We will accept as security, furniture, pi
anos, diamonds, live stock, storage receipts,
paid up insurance policies, and mortgages on
houses and lots, notes, in fact any kind of a
loan will be considered. All in weekly or
monthly payments to suit. No more high rates.
New company, new plans. This is why we
are so busv. People are every day paying off
other loan companies with our money. Lots
of people are getting loans from us that never
had a loan before.-
For Cuf-Rafe Loans
cian, rnd on his motion. xroperly sec
onded, the resolution was adopted.
Alderman Frick, for the committee
to which was referred estimates for
was adoDted that the Peoples Power ; furnishing cable, etc. for fire alarm
company be notified to put its po'cs ! system reported recommending that
back to curb lines on Fifth avenue jthe contract be awarded the Standard
tion that the C. B. & Q. and the C. It
I. & P railway companies within livi-
TAKE MONTT'S BODY H0ME!tra:n to Kr,mn and attended th
!hod,- as it was placed on board the
days from notice thereof, reply as to , ;,.,.,,- Accords .Military Honors to 1 warship. Emperor William was rci
prote,r.'ng viaduct on lower side there-; , f i.,.,, .,,. f tu.iu resn'ed hv General Von Krsi 1.
Be: tin, Dec. 2. The body of Pedro
from Fourth to Eighth streets within
Ave days.
On motion of Alderman Holzbatn
mer, ptoperly seconded, the clerk i
directed to notify the Tri-City Rail
way company of change in grade along
Underground Cable company of Chi
cago, and recommended the adoption
of the report, -and his motion, proper
ly seconded, was on roll call unani
mously carried.
of . at crossing known as Brook's
Crossing with anrons. and on his mo
tion, properly seconded, the resolution Mon--. late president of Chila, who
was adopted. died August 16, was, removed to Bre-
On motion of Alderman Borst, prop-; men today and placed on board tne
erly teconded, the clerk is directed to j Chilean cruiser Blanco Encalda to be
notify the C. M. & St. P. railway com-,taUeii home. The transfer today was
pany to plank its crossing on Forty-
Alderman Frick presented a resoUi-, seco'id street
j made with military honors. A guard
I of nonor accompanied the special
Flags on government buildings iiere
were? piaced at half mast.
YVaffisc particulars.
Motnrton Senior You kept the car ont
rather late last evening, son. What
delayed yon? Motorton Junior Had :t
blowout, dead. Motortqn Senior O'm!
"'" nr rriMdhnnse? Puck.
Eleventh avenue, and to make a copy; tion that the portion of main sewer
I On motion, properly seconded, the1
of said ordinance to said company at
Alderman Simzer presented a reso
lution that the city place three orca
mental lights on north and east side
of city hall, work to be done under sup
rvibion of street and alley, power
and l:ght committees and city electrl-
ion Sixth avenue near Thirtieth street i council adjourned.
be constructed under the watermains,
cost of same to be charged to the Sev
enth Ward sewer fund, and moved the
Housework is hard
work without
Gold Dust
City Clerk.
I, hereby certify that the above and
GOLD DUST cuts house
work in half. It does all the
hard part of the work with
out your assistance.
GOLD DUST cleans
everything cleanable in the
home clothes, dishes, pots,
pans, floors, doors, wood
work, -refrigerators, bath
rooms, sinks, pipes, etc. It
will do better work it-will
do more kinds of work than
soap, or any other cleaner.
If you arc trying to run
your home without GOLD
DUST, you are not doing
your work in the shortest,
easiest and most economical
sold in Go izc
and Urge park
count: ; of Kock island. Illinois tor its I
regular meeting held November 14,
1910. - E. R. MALrfOXEY,
Official Reporter.
aujT.iiiea ana sworn to neiore men
this 21st day of November. A. I).. 1H1".
M. T. Rl'DClRKX,
City Clerk.
Th large
package offers
greater economy.
'Lmt thm COLD D US T TWINS Jo roar work'
adoption of the resolution. . Alderman ! foregoing is a true ana complete rec
Huff offered a substitute that the mat-i0"d -M the proceedings of the city
ter be referred to the sewer commit
tee, tity engineer, water works com
mittee," and aldermen of ward, said
committee to meet next Saturday aft
ernoon at 2 o'clock, and the substitute
motion, properly seconded, was car
ried. ,
Alderman Frick presented a resolu
tion that the Board of Local Impiove
ments be instructed to proceed with
the (pustruetion of a six-inch water
main from Sixteenth to Seventeenth
streets, and on his motion properly
seconded, the resolution was adopted.
Ou motion of Alderman Thompson,
Lproperly seconded the police commit
tee as authorized to furnish six
lamp.? to be used as danger signals.
On motion ot Aldermah Cochran,
propyl ly seconded, the street commis
sioner was directe,d to put crossing at
Tweaty-fourth street and Ninth ave
nue in passable condition at once.
Aide man McNealy presented partial
report for committee, appointed to sub
mit ie.?ommeudation as to distribution
of city ordinance books, recommending
that copies thereof be furnished attor
neys of the city,' county and city offi
cials, and justices of the peace, and
moved the adoption of the report,
whica motion properly seconded, was
Alderman McNealy, for committee to
whicn was referred the estimate for
city's coal supply, reported recom
mend'rg the awarding of contract to
Collieries Sales company of Rock Is
land, the contract to be entered into
to be approved by the mayor, city at
torney, waterworks and finance com
mittees. On his ruction, properly sec
onded, the contract was so.awardil,
the vote on roll call being unanimous.
On motion of Alderman Borst, prop-!
erly seconded, the bridge committee
and !ty engineer were authorized to
make necessary repairs on Rk river
bridge, 'beins the first bridge beyond
the. -oirgate. - .
."Alderman Leaf presented a resoiu-
m tm mini
: once imm
Eh -3
M. T. RFDCREX. lirt II I
- fc 1 1 Vri!
Liiy Lien;. fl vovu 422
All the news all the time The Argus. ! .a
; v .yl
R - . c ' i;
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Thomas Mrnji Company,
I'llemcyer's lm View Pharmacy'
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you la not hsr Hadiurho. 'ar or
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tones up the system. kp your
teTper Bwrot- Just, a ontial ou
your VK-atton trip at your salt
case. Get a rackatt) today.
All Drncsr's'ts
CiU!S Dr-j ft tint, c-,, m
OiKjft. B.'!rj!:
Esteblished in 1854
Guns, ISifles and Revolvers y
Hunting Coats & Gun Covers
-218-1 7th

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