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Walla, Wash., and Presley Greena
walt of this city were not present to
receive their Jewels so they will be
forwarded to them. Following the
presentation the third degree was
conferred upon a candidate by the past
masters, who acted as the officers of
the lodge for the occasion. The par
ty then repaired to the banquet hall.
Following the banquet a number of
toasts were proposed and responded
to, each of the guests of honor mak
ing a short talk and several others
being called upon. Grand Master C.
G. Taylor acted as toastmaster.
Speaker of Illinois House of
Bepresentatives to Address
Patriotic Gathering.
Kxercioe In Otmerv anor of Anniyer
aarlea of Washington and Lin
coln a Cowt House.
1 t!S (
M,M''M",'MM'-- M-J-...x-ii i .... ....... . . N , ' JL J
City Chat
Sow. hlessed be nothing! We don't
Charles AdTcins of Bement, speaker
of the rUinoia house of representa
tire, will be the orator on the occa
sion of the joint celebration of the an
UlTersaries of Washington and Lin
coln by John Baford post No. 243.
Grand Army of the Republic, in this
city next Wednesday evening.
Acceptance of the invitation, ex
tended a few weeks ago, baa been re
ceived by the committee on arrange
ments for th observance. Mr. Ad
klns' address will be of a patriotic
nature. He has not yet announced bis
The exercises will be held in the
circuit court room at the court house.
Members of the Woman's Relief corps,
the Spanish-American War Veterans
end the woman's auxiliary of that or
ganization and the civil war veterans
and their wives of Moline and Daven
port will be Invited to attend.
Trio IxMigt Makes Present tit ion
Honors to 1 1 Men Formerly
at Head.
Trio lodge, A. F. & A. M., held a
banquet last evening at the Masonic
temple and as a feature of the even
ing all the fast masters of the lode
were presented with past master's
jewels. In the pa?t the lodge had
not been accustomed to piving these
Jewels, but a reent meeting of the
committee on finances it was decided
to buy jewels for each of the 11 past
masters. Eight of the eleven were
at the meeting last evening as the
puests of honor. Grand Master C. G.
Taylor presented the jewels to the
following past masters: G. F. Kra
mer. I). J. Sears. M. S. fleapy. E. B.
Kreis. A. W. Gillespie. S. R. Davis.
T. V. Houtier and M. T. Stevens. Past
Masters James R. Johnstone of Fair
Caks, Cal.; Arthur F. Casper. Walla
Special Prices
& Company
No. 2k size cans Gold Banner
brand Extra Standard Califor
nia Lemon Cling Peaches, beau
tiful golden fruit; cans are full;
extra heavy syrup. This is one
great big snap. Try a dozen
cons: per dozen 12.10;
a can 19C
Fineit eastern granulated su
gar. 21 pounds for 98c
When accompanied by a gro
cery order of $2.00 or more.
(Flour excepted).
Fresh Eggs at
per dozen
Sleepy Eye flour, fancy patent.
Pr sack $1.45
Five pound lots, per
eack $1.40
Blue Ribbon Seeded Raisins.
one pound package 9c
Country Gentleman corn, Yan
kee Baby brand, regular 12
quality, a can lf)c
Per dozen cans $1.15
Herkimer County cream cheese
very finest quality of October
made cheeee, regular price 25c,
Saturday's price, pound .. 22c
I ;,. JlJTi'm
& Company
Where Quality Counts
have to dust it;
It never wears out; the dampness can:
rust it;
It needs neither floor-space nor room
on a shelf; I
Naught else in the house takes such
care of itself. I
It will not get broken ; we don't have j
to mend it;
Children can't scratch it, and servants
can't bend it; I
The poorest of all need not be with
out it;
There's never a rule that one must
know about it.
Its price never rises it's always in
Yon. tnay hate Jt, or love it, without ,
rhyme or reason. ' j
Useless, you say? Ah, there yon mis- j
take! j
For a.11 minor Ills 'tis the best drug to j
It's the right repartee to an illnatured j
The healthiest drink, except water
So, blessed he nothing! When weary
and Bad,
It oft seems that nothing can make the
heart plad.
Tudor Jenks in Good Housekeeping.
Leaf lard at Gilmore's.
Kerler & Co. make rnfi
Buy a homo of Reidy Bros.
Tri-city Towel Supply company.
For express, call Spencer & Trefz.
Call Oscar Swanson, Union express.
Sugar 20 pounds for $1.00 at Silver
Plenty of fresh dressed chickens at
Schroeder Bros.'
All kinds of pork cuts at Schroeder
Bros.' meat market.
All kinds of fresh vegetables at Sil
verman's grocery store.
Mound City paints may cost a little
more, but! Ill & Ebleb.
Ready in a Jiffy, delicious brown
cakes, Mrs. Austins buckwheat flour.
Let William Johnson do your tin aua
furnace work. 1316 Third av-nue.
Don't forget to take advantage of
Coin Bros.' candy sale tomorrow.
Good country butter at Silverman's
grocery store. Old phone West-1661.
Ready in a jiffy, delicious brown
cakes, Mrs. Austins buckwheat flour.
Ready in a jiffy, delicious brown
cakes, Mrs. Austins buckwheat flour.
1 ' u T CiAntn wanta tinttp ftr. anil
; furnace work. 1526-1528 Fourth ave
j Rockefeller may have the rocks, but
Coin Bros.' confectionery have the kind
of candy you want.
Drugs and prescription work is our
j specialty. Charles Ullemeyer, drug
jgist, 534 Sixteenth street.
Those dates at Coin Bros.', Twentl
j eth Btreet, dipped with high grade
chocolate, cannot be beat.
Stop that cough with Charles Ulle
i meyer's White Pine Compound, 2 5
j cents. 53 4 Sixteenth street.
J 800 palre ladies rubbers, sizes some
' what broken, tomorrow to close out
quick, 49 cents per pair at McCabe's.
Cure that cold with Knoz's Cold
(Tablets. For sale at Charles Ulle
meyer's drug store, 534 Sixteenth
In His Name circle of the Kind's
Daughters will give a card party at 1
the New Harper next Monday after
noon from 2:30 to 6 o'clock.
; Scott County Grange Goe on Record
i on Canadian Agreement.
I At Davenport yesterday, the Scott
county grange declared against reci
' proeity and requested the Iowa sena
tors to oppose the Canadian agree
' ment.
' Grenada Wai Bought Cheap.
The Island of Grenada, in the Brit
i teh West Indie, was bought by the
' French from the Caribs by a solemn
i treaty la the middle of the seventeenth
i centnry. and the price paid was two
: bottles of ram. Esau's mess of pot
, tage was a good stroke of business by
comparison. The Carib soon regret
! ted having sold their birthright and
! vainly tried to get the island back by
j force. It Is now one of England's most
rrosperoris colonies in the West Indies.
A Headache Remedy compound
ed on strictly dentine' princi
ples. Contains no opiates. Re
lieves pam almost instantly, then
works on the stomach and bow
els, correcting indigestion, con
stipation or other irregularities.
Caparine affords excellent relief
for colds and grip; tones up
the nervous system after a
hard day's work.
Dnca h We mi ZSc
DeXal Orsx Ckcakal C., Lti.
DdUfc. nil lit
Hearing of Johnnon County Savings
Bank Against Adoiph Greve
Estate Is Continued.
The trial of the Johnson County
Savings bank suit against the estate
ot Adolph Greve, which has been on
in the circuit court for the greater
part of the week, was continued today
until tomorrow morning in order to al
low the attorneys in the case to go to
Iowa City for a number of depositions.
j This morning the defendant's attor-
j ,les i- ivenworiny ana AiDert hu-
!ber- eerved notice on tne Plaintiffs to
certain books and records.
The latter claimed they were unable
to bring the books here from Iowa
City, where they are now, and time
accordingly was given for getting the
needed testimony in the form of depo
sitions. Obituary Record
The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Ben-
Ider was held yesterday afternoon at
2 oclock from the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. J. B. Udders, 1130 Seven
teenth street. Services were conduct
ed by Rev. T .E. Newland, pastor of
the First Methodist church. The pall
bearers were J. G. Miller, G. W. Hu
ber, W. T. Channon, C- H. Wilson, E.
A. Siemon and J. B. Lidders. Inter
ment was in Chippiannock cemetery.
Has a Superintendent Now.
A. H. Yoder of Canton, Ohio, has j !
been appointed superintendent of the i
Argillo works at Carbon Cliff. This is
a new office necessitated by increased
volume of business, Mr. Yoder will
relieve Fred Titterington. the manager,
of some of his many duties, take the :
place of the foreman and take charge i
of the Industrial end of the plant !
If troubled with Indigestion, con- j '
stipation, no appetite or feel bilious,!
give Chamberlain's Stomach and Llv- i i
er Tablets a trial and you will be j 1
pleased with the result. These tab- i
lets invigorate the stomach and liver !
and strengthen the digestion. Sold i
by all druggists.
Do you know that croup can be ' I
prevented? Give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy as soon as the child '
becomes hoarse or even after the ;
croupy cough appears and it will pre-'!
vent the attack. It is also a cer-;
tain cure for croup and has never
heen known to fail. Sold hr all i
Mosenf eider & Sons NEVER do anything by halves and unless we can finish a thing we never start it, and we certainly
have "started something." In order to avoid carrying over any suits or overcoats, we have taken our finest Hart, Shaff
ner & Marx our finest Society brand and our best Yorkshire garments have cut the price to away below actual whole
sale cost of materials and manufacture, and if you want the bargain of a decade, act quick.
Your choice of any H.f S. & M. overcoat Society brand over
coat, Yorkshire overcoat finest models, finest grades
coats that sold regularly tip to $28.00 if you act quick
you may have your unrestricted choice for away less than
wholesale cost of make and materials at
Thirty-five of our finest Hart, Schaffner & Marx suits Soci
ety brand suits Yorkshire suits models that represent the
acme of style and tailoring suits that sold here up to $28.00
the chance to buy a swell suit for next season at less than
half actual value at
Your choice of any of our $15 suits, which includes the cele
brated Clothcraft clothes,
while they ?ast
f-... . jr.. i -I .-.,. i ., - - ...1. . ,. n . ., - .- v . Ttafiiyff f.- n , .-ln) ir 1 - n.h ; - - ( . - p 1 1 . j) 1 1 i . . ,I,H I , j,
2 S j
r-: i - iii-- r t-: '- ' --r- -- i - .. . ...
Four Hundred Attend Function on
the Opening Xight.
Silvis Eagles opened their fair last
night at Cooney's hail with an attend
ance of 400, which is considered good,
considering the weather. The hall is
nicely decorated and there are
crockery, grocery, fancy work and
other booths. No intoxicants are
sold. There are three young ladies
entered in the popularity contest, for
which valuable prizes are offered.
Special car service to and from Mo
line has been arranged for tonight.
The fair closes Saturday evening.
A few minutes delay in treating
some cases of croup, even the length
of time it takes to go for a doctor,
often proves dangerous. The safest
way is to keep Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in the house and at the first
indication of croup give the child a
dose. Pleasant to take and always
cures. Sold by all druggists.
Snndance flour, guaranteed,
per sack $1.39
Fresh dairy butter,
per pound 24c
Gold Dust, regular 25c pack
age, new style, priced . . 19c
Rumford baking powder,
per pound can 21c
Swift baking powder,
per pound can 10c
20 Mule Team borax,
pound package ..... 12ZC
Pancake flour, three
packages for 25c
Lulu cleaner, per can . . . 6c
Celluloid starch,
per package 6c
Rural New York potatoes,
per bushel 65c
Our whole stock at reduced
- '
Strictly Cash Grocers
930 Third Ave.
Representative Renews Attack
on Peary With New Line
of Epithets.
Declares Explorer Faker and
the "Hero of San Juan Hill"
the Same Class.
Washington, Feb. 17. Representa
tive Macon of Arkansas, speaking in
general debate on the naval appropria
tion bill in the house last night, made
a sensational attack upon Captain
Robert E. Peary, denouncing him as a
"faker" and declaring he "should be
driven from the naval service."
The bitter words used by the mem-
j her from Arkansas called out a quick
: reply from Peary's friends. Represen
tative J. Hampton Moore of Pennsyl
! vania. after vainly attempting to inter
( rupt Mr. Macon, finally got the floor in
i his own right.
He characterized Mr. Macon's speech
i as "unjust, outrageous, and offensive."
He said there was always some one to
; be found to suspect every performance
; of men of genius and courage.
He referred to Captain Hobnon's ex
ploit of the Merrimac and to Ifewey's
victory at Manila bay.
i "Heroes like these," said Mr. Moore,
' "have not the time to stop and dfal
with every dog that barks at thuir
; heels."
j .nni oniGisAi. rnRF..
I Mr. Macon, who evoked a rnar of
f, j laughter in the house several days asi
by announcing that in using the lan
guage, "willful and deliberate liar,
dirty little pilferer of words, and con
temptible little ass." he had gone about.
g'as far
8 i Method
as his "fellowship with the
odibt church oerrnitKd." added
some original phrases to the history of
debates In the house last nlf,'hL
ir. .4 . i .1 t i. i ...
, "a fake pure and simple." He said
! I ts contempt for "fake heroes" as su
j preme, and he intimated that he pu:
j"the hero of San Juan hill" in that
: c'ass.
! Asa.inati."n of fUxkforfl Woman by
i IWml Mill MyMery.
Roekford, III.. Feb. 17. Fixe1
Italians who were held in connection
The Ideal Face Powder
Makes face, hands, arms and neck as white ns milk ami
does not show or rub off. Pimples, Blackheads, Frei k-1
les. Moth or Liver Spots cured in a few days. Iiav
handled this preparation for years and recommend it'
Thomas Drug Co., W.T. llartz. Price 50c.
was killed by a bomb exploded at
her bedroom window, were released1
last night, after they had been ques -
tioned several hours. The authorl -
ties are no nearer a solution of the
Everybody Praises
My Biscuits"
Says the housewife who uses
They are always light, tender and snowy white.
They never cause indigestion when eaten hot.
Rumford makes all food light, more nourishing
and more wholesome. You ought to use it.
The best of the high-grade baking powders. It
Makes Baking Easy
Brooks' millinery have moved from their old place of
business, 513 Seventeenth street, to their new lo
caion, corner Fifth avenue and Seventeenth street,
where they will be fully equipped to meet the de
mands of the public for the coming spring season.
. mystery than in the declining. Jolin
Vitoli, brother-in-li w of the rnnnb i-
'd woman, arrived
! terday to Join in
i assaHsins.
from Chicago
the. hunt for tin
druggists. I
3Q5Qisination of Mrs. Joseph Vitoli, who

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