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The Store That Pays Railroad Fare
Jre You a
Stockholder ?
Are You a
Co-Operative Store Company.
Rock Island, 111.
THE everlasting, truthful advertisements, dependable quality and courteous lady and gentlemen salespeople, with a positive guarantee with" every dollar's worth bought by the purchaser, is a
Business Building Syslem that this store has enjoyed for the last 17 years. Starting in a small room 20x60, or 1,200 square feet of floorsspace, we are now in the new store which is conceded
to be the handsomest in the State of Illinois, and which covers, as selling space, 68,000 square feet. Wednesday we start our May Sale, offering a great many wonderful bargains in the vari
ous lines that will crowd the store. In addition to these special inducements, we will rebate to customers coming in and trading a reasonable, amount, we will refund to them their railroad fare.
It's only common sense to say to you that if we can get a new customer from a new territory wno has never been into our store, to visit our store, become acquainted with our way of doing busi
ness, the satisfaction of getting your money's worth with every transaction is cheap advertising to ourjiotion. Give us a trial as once acustomer, always a customer.
Tlae Blanmoiradl
s Supreme
In Young & McCombs' Rags
It is a pleasure to buy a Rug or Carpet where you
know the goods are right, and where you are going to
be properly treated. That's the kind of a reputation
our Rug and Carpet Department has.
If ever in all our history we sold a bit of goods
that wasn't good quality through and through, we
shouldn't have the confidence we have today in say
ing to you : From all our experience we are justified
in promising you absolute satisfaction with every
thing you buy here. A trial in our Rug and Carpet
Department will be to your profit and advantage.
Brussel Rug In Oriental and, conventional patterns; red, Q- rj 4Q
green and tan colors; size 9x12, $12.58; size 11.8x12 Vl I fx
Japanese cotton warp Matting In beautiful patterns.
86 Inches wide, per ya.r0
2-yard wide Linoleum in wood, tan, green and blue.
Best printed quality, per yard
Lace Curtains, Nottingham weave. Many patterns marked J- AQk
as high 12.26, marked down to, per pair pJ-rx
Diamonds for Graduation Gifts Are the Gifts Most
If Ton TiftVft rti V IhonarTit of hiivln m. AinmatyA. Mm tri ttm linn
that has attained supremacy in Rock Island. It pays to buy safely
Our display of Diamonds tnolndes the choicest stones from Off
world s nest Known cutters, ask to see our Clue waits gems, unmount
ed stones, mounted stories.
Rings, Brooches, Ear Rings, Eta, at a Great Saving
A Pleasure to Show Goods
Solid Sterling Silver Spoons
Bon-Bon Spoons, gold bowls ......................... ....i......J
Olive Forks, sold tines . . ...... ........
Olive Spoons, gold bowls Q 8
Sardine Forks, gold bowls ... . 08
Cream Spoons, gold bowls . ........ . . - - OS
Rock Island Souvenir Spoons, gold bowls ...........,..9g ' .
To Kw Csmnma m-a14 Kv-ssrlsi ' AD
Baby Spoons, gold bowls
Solid Sterling Silver Novelties
Sterling Silver Picture Frames. 39c np to S550
Sterling Silver Manicure Articles, 25c, 39c, 60c, 76c and ...--81.00
Sterling Silver Coin Purses -51.45
Sterling Silver Vanity Boxes ....W...S1 4
Sterling Silver Buffers, 75c and ....w... - - i r . ... Si .S.'S '
Sterling Silver Scissors, 76c to -i.- --t...-..j S3,
Sterling Silver Hat Brushes ....... 81.25
Sterling Silver Clothes Brushes $3.30
Wash Goods
Tlasae Ginghams, cliecks and . plaids.
large assortment of pretty O
patterns. Per yard iJKs
Sneer Organdies, floral designs; bine,
yellow and pink colorings, O
per yar"d, 29c, 35c and AcOC
Importod French and Scotch Ging
ham. 82 Inches wide, check, QJ-
stripes and plaids, yard t)C
Dainty Dlrotties, Lawns and printed
Batiste, wide range of patterns; dots,
stripes and floral effects,
per yard, 15c and -LZ)2C
Roman Marquisette, combinations of
blue and white, lavender and white
and black and white,
per yard r . . . .
Handkerchief Department
Men's all linen hemstitched initial
Handkerchiefs. -f Q
25c values, each J-7C
Men's croes ar and all linen hem
stitched Handkerchiefs. Q
12V4c values, each OC
Ladles' all linen hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs. lEc and 25c -
values, each -LUC
A line of Ladles' Linen and Swiss em
broidered Handkerchiefs,
worth up to 50c, each DC
Ladies' cross bar initial and all linen
hemjt'tched Hand- O"'
kerchiefs, 6 for ; OC
Children's colored border and r'ain
white hemstitched Hand- sy
kerchiefs. 4c values', each
Ladies' Hose
Ladies' Hose, extra value, wiih double
heels and toes, elastic top; also t.ray
Kockford Stockings, the kind that
wear j well for gardening or any
kind of roughhard work, - rv
for only, per pair AUC
Ladies' light weight gauze Stockings,
Tee rr.erceized silk finish, guaranteed
stainless, with extra spliced heel and
toes. In all colors, -
for, pair JLOC
Ladies' true shape Stockings in silk
lisle. Any eclor you wish; also black
and white.
Children's Hose
Children's black ribbed Hose, double
woven heels and toes, easy to put on,
hird to wear out, strong and clean.
full length, for only,
rr p'r
Children's rood, strong school Ftock
ir.irs. The best thing for boys. Extra
elastic; will stand most any kind of
rouh ard tumble wear, "I
for rsir IOC
A cotr.rete lire of children's fine lisle
ITose in v'.v.Y, blue, white and b'lck.
An cxrrllent 2.r.c stocking, fO
your choice, 8 pairs for OUC
. 10c
Vc Pay Railroad Fare
,fek What Bo You Look For in a Suit
Some women just look for style when
they buy a suit, others want quality as
well as style. They know the style won't
stay unless the quality is there, too.
You can have both when you buy
IF ) i
!J 'I!
The Wooltex Fashion Bureau is
maintained in Paris, so that you may
be dressed in correct style when you
wear Wooltex.
Pure wool and pure silk fabrics are
used in the manufacture of Wooltex gar
ments, so that you may have quality in
our clothes.
Added to this is the excellent work
manship which gives shape, permanence
and distinction to your clothes.
You will see a fine assortment of beau
tiful garments in our Suit Department,
which we are closing at greatly reduced
$30 to $50 suits reduced to $9.98 and
Never a better opportunity to buy a
Suitthan this week.
A Great May Sale of Waists
Offering a rare assortment of 500 tail
ored and lingerie styles at CJO QQ
reductions. Values to ?7.60 at ipOUO
"0rt fancy Lawn Waists with fancy em
broidered front and high neck and long.
also sleere. Regular jl.Za ana
tl.50 values, for this sale
Everything points to a most interest
ing sale, commencing Wednesday, May
10th. The assortment is particularly
broad, the tyles the newest, materials
and the workmanship the highest qual
ity, and prices are lowered to a level
that assures you 'a saving of a third to
a half.
Sporting Goods Section
Fine Fishing Tackle at attrac
tive Prices
The Wm. Shakespeare, Jr, Reels In good
Quality, nickel plated, fully '7P
guaranteed, only, each I tit
A fall lice of these famous reels tor cast
ing, also bait naWcg. from QQ
$1.00 each up to rxUQ .
The Win. Shakes pears Casting Rods In
three pieces, split bambo. nickel reel
seat with ring top guides J- ff
at. each J)xUU
The Wm. Shakespeare, Jr., Cane Rods in
three pieces with nickel QCi "
plated Joints. Special ...OuC
Ths Wm. Shakespeare Steel Casting Bait
Rods, high quality. In 8H and (J) t?f
9 feet, each ; P.OU
Good quality lines for easting. - f
also bait fishing, up from, each.. J.UC
Landtag Nets, nigh qnaWry, aq
each complete, at PX0
Aluminum Backet with zinc cover, per
forated Inside pail, very at
tractive, each, 75c and
Best quality Hooks, assorted
sizes, per dozen v..
May Sale o! Exclusive - Underniuslins
The May Sale of High Class Muslin Underwear the opportune
time to purchase for the sweet girl graduate.
A sale affording rrnnrkable values in exclusive undermuslins at a saving conserva
tively stated at a third ani even more in many instances a sale offering practically nn
limited selection from th simple, nractical kinds for every-day wear, to the sheer sumpt
uous French hand erobro dered pieces. And whatever price you pay every garment
you purchase represents an extra value in muslin under clothes, Extra Quality, Extra
Finish, daintiest embroidt-rles, laces and ribbons, perfect fit and comfort.
Features of special interest are the trimmings so popular this season. The new
kimono sleeve, the new raglan sleeve, greater opportunities of French-American under
muslinj end excellent trousseaux and every garment is up to Young A McCombs stand
ard materials thn best obtainable, expert designing, tasteful trimming and exacting
needlework the kind of underclothes every woman likes to make for herself had she the
same skill. Whether you want one garment or a season supply this sale affords pror
r;ounced opportunities, savings and assured satisfaction. Here are representative values.
of woman ever devised,
is the greatest Invention for the comfort
It Is a Closed Drawer. It Is an Open Drawer.
It Is a Short Skirt.
It buttons in front and fits like a glovo around the hips
falling in a ripple about the form and conforms In perfect har
mony to the prevailing style of dress.
A lady will never wear any drawer other than "MARCEL
LA" after one trial.
Without Corset Cover, 49c, 75c, 98c and upwards
With Corset Cover, 99c, $1.50, $1.98 and upwards
Night downs -
$1.50 and $1.95 Values, 98c
Pretty gowns of nainsook or cambric, high
neck and slip-over styles. Hundreds of gar
ments of this sale comprise dozens of desir
able styles, all of high quality, both In ma
terials, designs and finish. QQ
Special at OC
$1.25 Values, 79c
This onenng or retucoat aarpatmsa any
value that we have ever offered. Mads of
good cambric, deep flounce, cluster ef tucks
and embroidered edge or with heavy rTQ
lace or embroidered edge . .. .... 4 UC
50c Drawers, 39o
Full size Drawers of good cambric with deep
flounce, trimmed with embroidery edge or
hemstitched tucks. Open or closed
styles. Regular 50c value
Night Gowns
Values np to $5.00 at $2.98. Hers we have a
variety of gowns in all different styles, high
neck, square and 'round neck, and empire
styles, mads of fine nainsook, beautifully
trimmed In lacs and embroidery with
touches of ribbon to make them C0 QQ
more attractive, all to go at ..... tpdUQ
, PetticoaM
- $1.60-and $1.75 V. , Mo.
Most beautiful Skirts with knee flonacss,
with Swiss embroidery. Also lace and em
broidery Insertions and edge flounces, $1.50
and 11.7a values. . Specially prtoed
for this sale -... . .. ......
Marcella Drawers
An unparalleled showing of the Mareolla
Drawers, comprising attractive styles In
good materials, designed with special car
Insuring fit and comfort. $1.25,
$1.60, 85c, 65c and
Princess Slips
$2.75 Princess Slips, made
from fine white lawn top,
are lace trimmed with
washable ribbon. Bottom
six dainty tacks with scaT
loped embroidery. -81.93
$4.W Princess Slips, made
of fins Nainsook, trimmed
with smbroldered beading
and embroidered edge with
deep flounce, edged with
best fluality Swiss C rrr
embroidery .... ilO
Corset Covers
$1.25 Covers for 79c
Embroidery or lace trim
med, made of Nainsook,
50c values
A new line of satin and silk Foulards,
the popular hair-ltnea, chalk-lfnes.
shadow checks and dots, la the latest
spring shades, worth up- to ff
$1.00. for this sale only OiC
All silk Foulards In ths popular
weaves Copenhagen, grey, and black
and white, etc. 75c quality. nn
for this sale , ....OuC
All silk suiting Taffetas. In Shepherd
checks, pencil stripes, etc, and plain
Taffetas for drops, foundation pur
poses and trimmings. QQ
76c quality for ...w.v.OuC
44-inch Silk Warp EoMans .and Silk
Downs, In champagne, grey, tan and.
all the popular shades, TCT
worth np to $l!5a. for t... DC
86-tnch fine Mercerized Vofte, 50c qual
ity, one-half off. Copenhagen, grey,
brown, coral, pink, St. Blue, 0T
etc. Per yard r OC
36-tnch all silk pure dye black Taffeta.
$1.25 quality, . 7Q
sale price ...;..v.-.-i-.WM- SuC
Black Imitation Heatherbkxm Skirts),
neat tucked flounces. QQ ,
Special .price oC
Just received a full line of Cotton
MessaHnea, In all the popular shades
and black, and Heatherbloon Skirts
with deep embroidery flounces. Val
ues from $1.75 QQ fff
to ... ... .w. j... . OO.UU
Dressing Sacques
Percale Dressing Sacques with . fitted
peptum or wun neits, in dark, and;
light colors. Regular Q7w
60c values . O C
We have a nice assortment of irj
monos la Lawns, Cotton Coalites.
Crepes and Silks. Made In em r Ire
style and the regular kimono style.
Prices ranging from CI K f(
98c, $2.9. $6.00 u to !9UU
Ladies' Knit Underwear
At Exceptional Saving.
Ladles' ecru Vests, low neck, with a
wing sleeve, suitable for OQ
stout figures ....... mC
Fine ribbed bleached Vests, low neck,
no sleeves, OPT
all sizes .i.-.v..v.i-vvkiOi
Ladies' TJnlea Emits, deep torchon
trimming, narrow strap shoulders,
all sizes, very PQ-
fine Utt
Boys' Union Suits, either porous knit
or ribbed, in all styles and prices to
Ladles' extra nice Union Salts, um
brella style or tight rff
knee, up from 4 til
We Pay Railroad Fare
evening was one of the most pleas
ing entertainments of the year. This
was the third program rendered
here this year by the orchestra, un
der the direction of Professor Han-
William anil Vashti Orchestra Oir-r.-s
Out l'leaing Program.
-Wcdo. Ill, .Mar S. (Special)
. ! c concert given by tte William j nes Olsson, musical director of the
'-t-c V&hti college orehes'ra Friday conservatory, and closes their pub-
He work for this season. Their pro
gram was a more varied one than
any previously given and introduced
several musical' specialties, as the
descriptive piece representing a
scene in a clock store, where the
clocks were heard to strike and ths
alarms were set off. Vocal duets by
the Misses Roberts and a violin solo
by Miss Morgan were special feat
ures of the program.
Fire in Creighton College.
Omaha, May 8. Creighton college
was damaged $ GO, 000 by fire early to
day. The only person injured was a
fireman hurt by a falling ceiling4.
3Iembers. of Police Department to
Have Outfits Memorial Day.
Uniforms of metropolitan style
were ordered today for the police
and fire departments, and if there
are no hitches in the program, the'
Singer company of Chicago, from
when they .were ordered, will de
liver the suits so that the officers
and firemen may wear them Deco-
ration day. The suits for the police
ogjeers are blue serge and single
breasted. Helmets of bins felt will
be worn. For the chief and- night
captain suits with velvet collars and
stars will be used. For the firemen
double breaBted coats of blue were
ordered. Caps will be worn.
ii i. '

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