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Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1893-1920, May 23, 1911, Image 11

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How beautiful la nature in the early dayg of 6pring,
When buds are all a-budding and the bluebirds sweetly sing!
And if you wouid enjoy it in tbr flcest way by far
Just sample all ita beauties from your neighbor's touring car.
Find another neighbor.
fiwdrte ilown, no under rhln. '
Irculor'a Notice.
Estate of Cynthia II. Belcher,
i ne unoerpignca raving been ap- ;
jioinUd executor of the Inst will imi '
iestan-ie.ni or yntrna li. iP.dc her. lut ..t
th county of Jtok Isl.-md. t-tat... . f !:;;-
ols, f HS'ii. l.eiftiy ; ivij not he tr..,
he wiil appear lx inr- u.e pruoate court
jC Hook U..in! county, n t U;e pr :!;,:
court room, in the city of K.k island,
at the July terra, on the first Mji.l.y It
July next, at which time a:i i. .-iso is
lifivlnsr claims npainst said estate hi
riotihed and ret; '.rested to attend (.r ire
purpose of having the .-ar i- .-nl n,.Jt. d
Ail persons indebted to su.-i t.-ln!" are
requested to Riakn Imrr.edi.i t.j p.iyiii.-iit
to me undersigned.
Dated this 16th (lav rf Ma v. A. D.
3S11. ELiWAKb II. crvEn,
Ex ec u to r.
Master's nlf.
State of Illinois, Ib.i k l;..:n-I Com:-
in u. n t -ir.-tiit ( url. In Ch.tru-ery.
Partition, General .No. C1H4.
Lydia A. Van P.lper. c r-i pi . i 'ran., vs.
Janus Tut lie. et ;i 1 . d i rui'a n . ;.
Notie is h rel.y j.-ivin tl.at tv virt-;-of
a d-n of sa.a -.iuit. :,t. -.-1 , th
above ei.t lied cause, i, i;,.. .!.. v !'
May. A. 1. 1J11, 1 shall, on '1 u u r- !u y.
the 8th diiy of J'irre, A. 1). ! '. 11 . lit i: .
hoar of H:ir. oTlo-k in trie .!..
the east door of tirr .ni :,niM: !;1 i; .
city of Rock Island, in .-aid -. .".rn'y ..!
lloek iMiand. to -mp;v v.'H .said
tree. s -11 at paliii'- auction, to t:. bi-ii-est
bidder f(ir i i.-a in l.t!id, ;: (..tain
parrel of land in tin- ro miy i li'-' a
Innd and stnte U;:noi-. k:r.Ari
described ut fallows, to-wit:
The northwest quarter i . of t ...
northeast quarter '.). of r.,!,uri f.i-ir
(4 1, townslan sixteen J 'i . i ) r r : ( : , mr:cr
two (2 r. t of t!it- fo'.rrth (Ml:) prin
cipal meridian :xoept t'.i t l v : t
t" acrtn t '. i . . , providd ll bid -V
lads upon r:a.d j.art . i at said sal ' b--eijual
ic. h.1 la-t tvvo-t:.;rd "1 thi- valu
ation put v.po.1 sai-.i; . n f-!:own b
t tie rej.-rt of tot i'uniiiuJ..ij!.t r i: i -tofor
apn.i:itd by the court to nu ke
Partition tin-reof.
Inted a; 't'.r- k Islavd. I!!., t; is 17th
day oi Ai..y. . .. 1). i : i :.
.1 .--" I -M !.. U...-
in i.'Ms y , ii i-iand I'o-i"-
t v. 1 :
i-r. t's si
1 V i i 7
ir,: :;t.rr- '
J t-i a vpcr;
I ( t
i.. i..- ;id
..t. r-d :t'
m, a -...ii ! g'i
I i.
U I r I. J
t 1 ilj
. i U c
Q.l h.i.i,
Lr.thiv- i
ti v. ' i
h. 1.1 i o
it . . o a
.1 ! S ' t
- I'll
J lah-o.
r 1 1.-
'jilli V-
v."l! i'LUl
-.! t
I .et
r v.
Tr.Tlv St re t.
W. iriesda
p'-rth i'i::..
:l.d c-rtiail .)
i i
e Veil -
1 1
But hew could we help it?
tJ: 3 ,
.The Cut Rate Loan com
v. a s not born when v e got
it born when v.e got h-
n. Now how nice we
ng since we divorced f;.t '
our loa
get alon
ourselves from tncce nign fe, J !
rates that we have paid so r
t i :
long on cur household gods,
pianos, live stock, diamonds,
and salaries.
t'f '
Ki f
30 ifd8i.
Ii h Islaiul. Hi.
J!ione West IT 7.
Office hours, from Wednes
day ard Saturday evenings
until 9 o'clock, and all nocn
Salaries a Specialty
Pres. J. W. Jones
L- ;
5 ,
.A f
F1 XT?
m '
i r "' v -
rnlilicatio Notice.
Petition to i'robate W'UL
State of Illinois. Rock Island Coun-
I'robate Court. Rock Island County;
Aprii Term. 1S1X.
Jti t e matter of the probate of the
!a;l v. i.l and l.tara(nt of John Nelson,
ii'.-i f it.-t ii. in I'robate.
To Ail Persons 'Whom This May Con-err-.
Or-etir.g: ,
;.'..tiie is hereby given that on the
:;t!i .lay of April. A. 1). l'Jll, a petition
wus I. itil in liie probate court of Rock
r i i (i nity, 1 i ! i nois. a: .king that the
wi:, jinn iesia:i;fi.t or j..iin nelson.
.-d. I- acMitled to primate. The i
si-a.- petition :'uri('-r states that
hp 1
f 'ii 'Wir g nair.' d persons are all tho !
h- :i -s-at-i'v arid legaf.tt-s: Magnus I'e-
t--rsoii. ni J the unknown heiis-at-law of
f j :d d'. ! i asel.
You are further notified that the hear- I
'.r.u: of !he proof of s,t;.l will has been j
: t by .-. id t o n for the 24th day of i
, M y. A it. l.-:i. at the hour tf y o clock
i 1: t:.-.' i.irt aooa, at liie court house in Rock
II.-. ;i.o, i:i .-aid cor;r. ty. when and where
'you can a; p-ar. it you see M. and show
a i--. jf al y y.i's ha .. , wnv said will
i.-i.o-ilJ not ! a i-r-itt-d to probate.
John ;:. ki.u-mixg,
Ci'-ik. 1'ivbate Court.
I at.-d April 2S, 1011.
Jackso.i. Hurst i; StafTord. attorneys.
L.rt-utir' Notice.
o: ri'jr.k E. iiubbs, deceased.
;.;;.ea o :n-.r4 b en ap-;
.ir:x of i;a last v. ill and1
t o. : i .1 ex.
i --Ta;:;' a i ,
i'naik E. iiubbs. iaie of
the t. out.'.y if j. k Isla.-iu. state of Illl-i.-is.
i . ased. hereby :vcs notice that
i.o w .-.pp. -r bet ore !i.t piooate ouit
"f J: .m k is. od oouuiy, i;t the prooate
:i ! I - rrr, ia tho ..-.ty i f Rock Island,
a- t ho .!.:: li ra:, on th" hist .Monday in
- ib.xt. al uhiih time a.i persons !
I ; v.-'.-r e luitna a l, a -;St SA.ld ef;cte are
i i.".-J it tr;..'- ted to lu-3i l-'T the
t .i'"po.. of ha g tee tiicis .aj".iseu,
Ali . i s i.s i:,.-bied to suld estate are
loj . ,t i t n. ike i.-nmedii.'.e payment
to th- 'i:a--. i . ii.;!jid.
i'avea mii -tta day of April. .V D.
ili 11. L.YDJA ti JioL'.ltd.
F.xec litrix.
J -. 1; i:. iiurr.t r Sta.Tord. attorneys.
i-ieeutiir' Notice.
I i.t.ii'y Ret; i .arrei.
h ! S'. II.'! j .IV .!
been ap-
1 t uiii and
i. hit - o' the
'. . ' t
i " . I t
api a-
. J.'ia le.
-'.:!. i.. s ot Illinois.
rita i.oih- tnat she
e tl-.e probate cu,.rt of
ly, tt In pi t 'riate eourt
or ::-'ck h.u.i. at tne
. o
I. '"n:. on t
at a M h
. .iU.'.-!- t
::. : utt ! t.
i- liitl -i: . !,.h-.y in July
r.f ail jei-. ,,s r...vn:tf
' .- ' -la.e mi ti-lined j
ai-.iri l lor Lie purpose
l:a .lujii.-'a'd. All T- I
J i s la
e are reu jesl-
payu.int to the
iv of April, A. D.
i:.' cuti lx.
a t loriteys.
lt i on.
; a luit rat r'a .illi t,
"i John i . -. M:Iov. d'; eased.
a :
l ii.ed .i.-tvi
oeen an- .
., I-.) a-i :. ! . i at r lx ot lio- 'estate of
'. -M I'W. hit. ill the eoatilv of i
" k ij"l.ir..l. .- "..ite ..i lu,ii,i,, iic i-mi ii.
r-iiv i.i-s r. '.:' '!,at she will iip-
ii 1 I" hit - the pi bare eo.,tt of Roe k
:oli eoaat . ' l!,e T'.lijl' i-IIUIt 1'ootll,
Ho- . ity of R.. 1-. 1 iatid. at tlie July
.i. on the m.-t .'.loi.da.. in July next,
w.i.i-h lino ali persons having claiuis
tins! s.t o v.- in ; art r.oiitivd and re--.-'i
U t ath 'iu i .ir toe purpose of
i..i the sai .e adjuated. All persons
ot. ,1 to il stat a:e reoaested lo
k.' ,111 mt jiale pa.fin-nt to tiio under-
r.' d.
?.d s. ..::.! Hiy of May. A. D. 1911.
.MINNIE i 1.' , Administratrix.
Ailitiluitriiti:s iU?,
: "f J'diti Zuln-r. dei t.sed.
ui.'i-rs:iiied liavlny; ix-cn ap- j
auu iiii.-trator of tne iltate of.
j u Zub'i, lale of the county of Rock
1-iaieV. state cf Illinois, deceased, here
i . t.ivt-3 notice that he will appear be
t-re the probate
e court of Roek Island FiR RENT By June 1, new six-room ' WANTED Position a-s collector by ex
proi.atc court room, in house on Thlrtietn street, nearly ail I periern-ed man with good references;
oiirty. at the
the e;;y of it-., k inland, at the Jun
i m. on the tir.-t Monday in June next.,
. , ......... li.., 1 ! . . - fc. i .r ! 1
ir;i:si miu I'sw.e are iioimeu ana re- !
ii..-.-:.-o to a.u-n.i xor mi purpose of j
...ivii ii r.e Mir.iir huj.isuu. Ail pir&ons
jei r. d to sard estate .r requested lo
-rathe imiiK iiale pay rue. -it to li.e undei-
.- i (tlii d
Dated ;:nd day of April. A. D. 191L
A1 minis trator.
j no spienaia work or cnamoenain s
Srcmaih and Liver Tablets is daily
or.iiug to light. No such grand re'in-
edy fcr ,iver
and towel troubles waa '
,ver known before. Thousands
for curing constipation,
headache, bilioubness, jaundice &
bless !
cict- !
nd in-
ie-btion. Sold by all druggists
For Tri-"i!jr l'oiilc
'f Vu Are Employed
409 Ijijh- liiij., Ia nport., X. 2574
Railroad Wen, Factory Employes and
all otters who art in need of a little
resndy uioiiey to g?ve us a call. (VK
rum note, that's alL We a'o loan
on chattels.
Roiu G-McKiticie iilk. Ihone K
t-tU tiiwl Jir. aro Xr.,1.,.-.
loUi bitvi, -tux are., Moline. i
FOR RENT A laree modern furnished
room at 2018 Fifth avenue.
FOR REfT Furnished rooms. In nice
location; 215 Fifteenth street.
FOR RENT Furnished roomi for light
Housekeeping- at 307 Third street.
FOR RENT A furnished room in mod
ern home at S02 Seventeenth street.
FOR RENT On June 1. by Beardsley &
Bailey, a modern eight-room house.
FOR RENT Four rooms, upstairs; wa
ter and g-as; 527 Ninth street. Inquire
at same number.
FOR RENT Nioely furnished front
room, with all conveniences; 732 Sev
enteenth street.
FOR RENT Two modern furnished
rooms for light housekeeping at 819
Twenty-first street.
FOR RENT Furnished light house
keeping rooms; bath and use of phone;
at 2212 Fifth avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
house-keeping, modern conveniences,
at li!3:i Third avenue.
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms,
suitable for light housekeeping, at
416 Eighteenth street.
FOR RENT Two modem furnished
rooms for lig-ht housekeeping, use of
phone, at 2733 Sixth avenue.
FOR RENT Two modern furnished
rooms for light housekeeping at 1133
Fourteenth-and-a-half street.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room In
modern home; no other roomers; 1121
Sixteenth street. Phone 1203-T.
FOR RENT Three furnished rooms for
light housekeeping, with sewer, wa
ter, and gas, at 7i5 Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms,
partly modern, suitable for light
housekeeping, at 2712 Fifth avenue.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room,
with modern conveniences, for one
gentleman, at 902 Fourteenth street.
FOR KENT Rooms for light house
keeping, also sleeping rooms, ail mod
ern conveniences; 1620 Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms and
rooms for light housekeeping; mod
ern. Phone west i4&; 13u3 Second ave
nue. FOR RENT Modern furnished front
room in new home, half block from
Long View card, at 11-a Seventeenth
FOR RENT A large furnished front
loom, with modern conveniences, at
412 Nineteenth street, opposite puhllo
i library.
,. T, c .
r i'.i.-"w J t -ovz oijli.ii avenutrr. ii
nictly furnished room with all mod
cm conveniences. Old phone west
1 J2-K.
FOR RENT Suite of three f urn!h 1
light housekeeping rooms, partly mod
ern; parties without children; l"-'a
S'-vf Btet'Mli sticet.
FOR RENT A suite of three rooms
furnished tor light houselietping; also
furnished sleepli.g rooms ; all modern,
at 1-0 1 Third avenue.
FOR RENT One nicely furnished room,
with board, suitable for married cou
ple or young lados; Tuil T .vei.ty-sec-ond
st net. i'hone west lio-lv.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for lirlit
houseiiei ping, j ii two or thrre-iooia
suit'-:-", on ground floor, close in: rates
reasonable; -j-C Twenty-first street.
FOIi RENT Five room modern
Irio'iire at The ksi-'- :u-iio.
room (Iat;.!.-ivcr
and water; at 1H02 Fourth n venue. 'In-H-tire
at 1013 Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Four unfurnished, rooms;
ten a. ei'ttric lrght. tvat r, ami sewer;
i.i.'.i i i' i couple preferred, ln.juire 503
Fifth street.
1 Uit RENT An eight-room house; J.lJ
per month. -iitianc Gj2 Eighteenth
FOR 1; K.NT - I'lve-roorn bourse at 4 14
lheviota strtei. Jutiuiiu 4iS Elev
eiiia street.
Fii: it K.NT A six-room
lit 1-1JJ f vi nl.i avenue.
e i mil avi-liU' .
laoib rn house
Inquire 14al
- -
tin: Jil.M i i'iisa i; t rive-ioo.n cottage
Ml 2..1'i i '-ollii iinrll'Jtr. lt.ultc at
l-'ourtli aenue.
I ull lil.M A :::ohrii esght-room
iiouse at ilS houitli .tveiiue; lent $Ju.
Irni oie at 1231 1-Hth avenue.
I FOR RENT House of 11 rooms, mod
I ern improvements; Jlu2 jevtrite-jntn
! street. Rock laUirai. kl. li. Guyir.
I FOR RENT Houe at 2J40 tixih uve
i i, ., al. in.Miein, 8.x roan..-, and l ain.
I lmjuii c E. Tboi.n, iy Teiiiy-..tstti
FtR lli-.Ni'
at tils Thirty
loderu. i'hoiie
110., or Weal
sixth s- i eet : p. il i ly
K. ' ' - la.'ialti y, ea
1 (i"4 - Y.
F.iR ItENT Modern eight-room house
at 'J.i Twentieth tlreet. Inquire of
ii. 11. ' ii aveh.iid, or at biS Xweu
tu ::i street.
1 1 'ii KENT --N i '
I ly furnish". I rooms for
pin,? ,011 lust floor ;aijo
1 ilool , al 615 Twenty-
t w .
rt. eel.
I FOIi RENT riouth side of double house,
i m i oo .11, all modern, al tis Forty-
seeoiu mi eet. Iiniuire at 273i Fiflh-
i a lid - a.-!.. if av eruie.
Foii liaNT fteveii-roorn house on
i-'e-urtt mii-a nd-a-half street ; gas, wa-
ter. sewer, and barn.
Fourteenth street.
inuuire at lo 1
Inquire i J.) I oui teeniii-and
a -
ireet. Old phone west eia-N
FOR Ht.M 1 wo summer cottages,
est location on Campbell is.ar:d. lu.
cixt. d near the other cottages that are
now rented. Caii for E. R. R. rgairom.
t'liicpbeli's island, or add teas at
Wiitti town. 111.
trAFETY razor blades, ali makes, snarp
ened; sinitir- eh go Ja cents, douole
ccijf 3j cents per dozen. Automatic
Sharpening t'ompany, 11PJ West Tnird
t in tt. Davenport, Iowa. Mali orders
o.k ite d.
FOR RENT In Kobloson buUdln. well
lighted o3iee; mul convenience, la
c.udn.g elevator nervtce, roomy VkuiU,
etc; uue caolce suite wiu lrfc pri
vate vault. Apply room luj. F. K.
FOR RENT A blacksmith shop at 318
Seventeenth street- Apply in rear.
FOR RENT A auite of two offlc rooms
with fleam lieat, over Uatn'a confoc
tiouery; cheap real. Atp.y to ar.
Krtli or ilr. iiatu. city.
1'OR RENT Two very desirable store
roou.a, two rjomi eavcln. locavtod at
SCi beveatfi avenue, city; very good
location tor luucn room, ice cream
parlor, and conlectlonery. tailor acop,
ml.lUiery, barber shop, or grocery. In
Quira 6ii Tmrty-nlmn street. Rock
c.Mti oALltUc. Protfrietor ijfcip-
piaciiack nurrxry. Cut tiowers ax.d
crioa ill &u jauiua. .jr iurn
ayeUIMh iclvtuou III.
WANTED Man to cook and help
around camp. Address "Cook" care
WANTED A boy to work on fruit
farm. Inquire of E. W. Robinson.
Richmond street. Phone 1166-K.
WANTED Three young men to run on
passirer trains to Kansas City. Ap
ply 31 IS Fifth avenue, basement.
WANTED Neat young man. light out
side work, good talker, yet not afraid
to walk, references, salary. Post
office box, 365. city.
WANTED At once, two stenographers:
young man of ability, good Balary;
young ladv to start at moderate sal
ary, with opportunity. Call Trl-City
Business College.
WANTED An experienced wrapping
paper and bag salesman. liTlng In
Davenport. Rock Island or Mollne;
salary and expenses. S. !. Schwars
& Co., 1225 Wabash aVenue, Chicago,
W A NT ED Lathe hands, wood pattern
makers, and an experienced mechani
cal draftsman. Apply Labor Bureau.
Tri-CUy Manufacturers' Association.
Moline theatre building, Moline. No
fees charged.
WANTED Students, teachers, anyone,
can make to $10 dally at our
healthful outdoor work, advertising
and distributing samples; experience
unnecessary: Investigate today. D.
Macy. sales manager. 1427 Carroll
avenue, Chicago.
WANTED Agents; experience unneces
sary; article has only to be shown, so
pimple and needed so much; sells
itself; write for exclusive territory;
going fast. "W. H. Allen. 900 Adams
Express building, Chicago.
WANTED Men to learn barber trade
and accept positiona now waiting;
great scarcity of barbers: few weeks
qualifies; as special Inducement, com
plete outfit of tools given: wages Sat
urdays; wcite today. Moler Barber
College, CincasO. 111.
WANTED Farm hands, factory men.
laborers for contract work, cement
gangs; tile yard, street paving, track
work, etc: positions guaranteed with
in three hours at this olfice or car
fare returned; Americans only. Farm
ers' Employment Agency, 134 East
Main street. Galesburg, Hi.
WANTED Men. age IS to 35; good
sight; lo prepare for firemen, n:o(it
Jlu'i monthly, and brakoineii $S0. on
nearby railroaiis; no strike; positions
guaranteed competent men; S.400 sent
to positions; state age: send stamp.
Address George II. Baker, railroad
expert, care Argus.
WANTED Agents, money-mad; strange
Invention, startles nation; Zimmer
ranii, farmer, gets $13, Z45 in 110
days; Korstad, J'J, $212 in two weeks,
seliing our modern bath equipment
with not and cold running water fa
cilities for $6.a'; abolishes piumbing.
waterworks; Hart sold 16 in three
hours: frca samples, credit. Allen
Manuiactm ing Company, 33iiS-Allen
building, Toledo, Ohio.
WANTED Advertising novelty sales
man to sell attractive baseball sched
ule ear.is; (very popular in Oiii-ago
and other wesu-rn citie.-ij; at once now
that Three-Eye league dales are an
nounced; splendid side line; you can
make Jjr, to f.'io a week: ample com
mission; exclusive territory next sea
t n lor those who mak'- good now.
Aibir ss bales Manager. Novelty Dept.,
Salisbury Manufacturing Company,
;::;;: Dearborn street. Chicago, 111.
WANTED iirl to do general iiouse
wol k at fclb Niiieteei.th slreet-
WANTED Iirl to do s.-conrl work; ap
ply at once at 2-' 'J Seuuth a en'ie.
WANTED Girl t do general house
work. Apply at bt6 Nineteenth street.
WANTED Girl to do housework. Ap
ply upstairs, Turr.tr hall, ItJck island.
n u e.
A cook; good wages; no
Apply at 2--j9 Seventh ave-
WANTKD An experienced girl to do
genera! housework at G1J Twenty
third street.
WANTED A white woman to wasli and
'iron; steady place at 101U Tweuty-
WANTED Five girls in suyur wafer
iii pai lineul. Apply 1 auepeudont bak
i ii com iiaiiy, 1'aVenpori:
WANTED--A mat,
si a. id; exnerie-iae
"Cig.it- sitund," en
iriglit girl at cigar
pr. ii i.td. Addresa
e Aifc,us.
WANTED Girl to do general house
work; good wag..;. Apply at Zioi
Twelltl. street. I'hone weft i-b.
VA.'i hh Girls IS years or over to
learn operating; A 1 rclereuce re
quired. Ai'ply lo manager oi Central
t rami Teb puoiie coinp. ny.
Vi'A.NTKli A ompetent git I to do gen
eral house. work; no house cleaning.
Apply moMiinriS or evenings to Mrs.
C. 1.. Thoinpson, i)Jo Nintleiriilii all eel,
W' i h , n
lelii; Mi
V girl to do general house
Srnail houre. very colivou
1 laniil;.. lor particulars
: dress SOtf Lest building.
Itoe k island.
WANTED Competent girl to do gen
eral housework; good wages; nuwasli-
ing; one wno will be willing to go to
a country home lor summer; lut
Thirteenth strut. old phone West
7a -!..
WANTEfi Situation by stenog rapher
sa::s: ai t ion g uara at eed. old phone
west bJi, two ring-.
WANTED S.tuattoti by a young man
stenographer; can keep books; exper
ienced hie clerk. Address "Si.," care
Ai g us.
sober and a bustier.
Address "collec-
lor' litre Argus.
WANTED General nousework, by a
lady of refinement; in a small family
plain cook; state wagis arid require
niei.ts. Address "F.." cfcre Argus.
jost aid rotrsD.
I I 4 isr .ro. 1 1 l.afl. contaf nine- On.ir
gold piece and about seven dollars in
silver. Finder return to Argus or.'lce
and receive re war a.
LOST Brown Gordon setter pup, four
montns old; tan feet, white breast and
tip of tail white. Reward ior return
to 113 Thirteenth street.
LOST Thursday evening, Slay H, a
child's red sweater, on Eighteenth
avenue or s'ixteerith street. Return to
2J12 E-ghw-t-nth avenue for reward.
LOST Or mielaid. policy No. 217,876,
istued by the Fenn Mutual Life in
surance company, on the life of John
id. Teiltta. Tne finder will p!eas re
turn it to trie undersigned. Applica
tion has been made fcr the Issuing- of
a duplicate. Joon M. Teiieen, care
Cae s-chool of Applied Science. Cleve
land, ouio.
iiryo 1 itAC?T"uut v re vai ePor "cCo
LLuuod to date covering any real ea
tat In the county. Fron.pt avnd ac
curate, aarric at ' aiouaiii rataa1
Rocst Island Title . Abstract Cons
pany; i. i. IoKram. pred,dcnt, W. J
Bveencr, Merit ty; itwu-sut. second
floor. Peoples National banic bu.id-
WE have the complete list of every va
cant house or rtom ia toe tri-clties.
It won't cost you cue etr-i to see thLi
list, ournraeriieid a. 111-115 East Boc
iiud. s-rkct, Lo.vtL.port.
FOR SALE $1,150 buys new cottage on
good residence street, one block from
Long View park and three blocks from
street car: cottage has cement block
foundation, cellar, city water, toilet,
gas ,and hard pine finish: there is
1900 Insurance on cottage, and lot is
worth $500. but poor health forces
owner to leave city. V. N. Mercer, 403
Safety building.
FOR SALE Ktsrht-room nouse, corner
'.Twentieth street and Tenth ave
nue: easy terms. Inquire at resi
dence. FOR SALE Lota in west end: hlsth.
level: J3oo t,p: one with tiro-room
house. 500: street car: easy paymenta.
H. A Weld.
FOR SALS At a oariraln. a store with
flat above, located at 173 Fifth ave
nue. Inquire X. Thonn, 610 TwnlT
eierhtH etreet. city.
FOR SALE A 10-room house, in nice
location, with all modern conveni
ences; on car line. Inquire at 901
Kihth-and-a-hal avenue.
FOR SALE Large modern house on
Main street. Iavenport: good lot. fine
location: rents for 150 a month: 911ta
West Seventh street, Davenport.
FOR SALE Two nice level lots In Long
Viw Heights addition; very cheap If
taken at once; owner leaving city. Q.
STeer, 1035 Twenty-third street.
FOR SALE New five-room modern
house. Just completed, located in East
.Moline ana owned by private party.
Address J. A. Kaiser. East Moline. 111
FOR SALE Lots in South Height, two
blocks from car line, between Twenty-fourth
and Twenty-fifth streets
easy terms. Charles LTlemeyer, drug
gist. FOR BALE One of ethe best paying
drug stores in city: price $3,500; no
discount; reason for selling, have in
terests In manufacturing business.
Address "C," Argus.
FOR SALE J1.000 corner lot In resl-
d-nce district; liberal discount for
cash this month; paved street, cement
walk, sewer, water, and gas; trees on
lot. Address "A. N.," care Argus.
FOR SALE Two lots on Twenty-eighth
street between Seventeenth and Eigh
teenth avenues, near Long View car
line; east front; a bargain for cash
buyer. Charles Ullemeyer, druggist.
FOR SALE Houses; I have customers
for several small houses, and if your
price is right c"n get you a quick
trade; I list nothing but bargains, but
sell thorn. V. .'. Mercer, 4u3 Safety
FOR SALE One of the finest residences
on Fifteenth street; house built two
years ago of best material and work
manship; all modern; tine location;
facing Long View park. Inquire
Charles LTlemeyer, drugyl3t.
FOR SALE At 1608 Fifteenth street,
east tront facing Lone- View park,
seven-room modern cottage, with butn
and furnace; $3,000; one-half earth,
easy terms for.balancn; rents for J2j
per month. F. K. Rhoada, 100 Rob
inson building.
FOR SALE Lots on Sixth and Seventh
streets, between Fourteenth and Eigh
teer.tn avenues; 'jenient walks; easy
walking distance of west end t'actor-1-.
s; terms, small payment down, bal
ance 011 your own terms. Inquire of
J. li. sieheuerman. ljuo Sixth btieet.
1'lione 1296.
FOR SALE JLt 1046 Seventeenth street,
corner Eleventh avenue, o-foot east
frontage, elfeUt-room nouse, modern in
all respects, v.ith good barn suitable
lor iiarat; owner moved from city
uud anxious to sell; a snap if laKen at
oiicc, (part cash;. F. ti- ituoaua, 1U0
Robinson buiiuing.
FOR SaAi-iii Cticup, a lew choice lots;
pat-td EUcela. walks, sewer, water,
ts. trees 111 tract, tine surroundings,
beaulifu homes, street car right to
your doer, three blocks from Long
View i.aric. For particulars call on
Ci. lllmcr Blakeslcy, 12at Uleahurst
court. Phono west 1157-L. Twelftn
Street, T well th avenue addition.
FOR t.Alaii Iilodc.-n 11 : ue -room boium
011 Lout; View cur line and wuhla 0110
bleck 01' isevenleentli mixirt entrance
to LJo View park; hua good well on
premises; east front, ana uho of the
1, est all-around locations in the city.
1 or particulars us lo price, etc., in
quire oi it.e owner, li. U. Uaker, lioti
bevellttclllh StrefcU
I-Oil SA'E bAr.tlS.
utji'. BALr; iZ acre sivck farm, lo
iiui-i ovemeuia; lour miles from Mil an;
price tiuu irt acre, itcldy Bros.
tva SALird viood true a f aiij Ui buuia
Ruck islanu, ve.-y ievuoiiu.bi i.rico;
Kooa iiouse ana outbuildings. r or
particulars call on rtiuy Lit os.. room
4. Aillcheli A Lynde tiulia!.
FoR tiALirJ btveiaj Improved farms In
VVorili coal. ly, iowa. iiieso 1 arms are
level, Oiaca. soli; none, uiv a Uiau lour
miles from railroad. Frlce ranging
Irom SiO 10 )yu per acre. Tucte urniii
are all bargains. W imam Jenninoss,
Hoc a iaiaiiu house.
WANTELi About 100 stoves for storage
price $1.00 a season. Old phone V est
bJ4 K.
WANTKL General cleaning by the day
by coiupeteiit vvomaii. oiu paouu wel
WANTED To buy, a second hand dav
enport, hi lale price, and address liox
ija, city.
WANTED Woik by steady all round
yard and house man; nandy. Old
l.iione west 7ui-lv.
WANTED Washing and irouiiis;; lace
curtains laundereu; satisfaction guarf
anteed. Old pnona west itt2-X.
WANTED To launder, ladies' fancy
waists, white dresses, and ail kinds
ot iancy MaEiiing; prices reaeoiiatiie.
Old pliune wvol iji-1.
WA-NTED Developing, printing; lowest
prices lor best AorK, e&lai gutneuts
tree; we win leacn you 1.0 w. Photo
leclric tinop, 32s Iwenlletu street.
WANTED Work by the day by man
liousecieaner, wane, competent worker
rtliieiicea iuriusued if desired. Drop
a pusiai to iv3 acveuiu sireeb city.
U ANTED To buy, furniture and stoves
01 ail kinds; wnl pay higuest tuaraet
prices for sccuriu nand goods. rt.naf
eecoud iiaad tlurc, ltf.fi ihird avenue,
WANTED To launder, lace curt&Jna.
work promptly caned fur and ueiiv
ered. Airs. Lu.lia i ltterLr.bioti, 144
fuurleeiiiu urciu Old paoue west
WANTED Washings to do at U.s Col
ored Home iajiiury, tuuneeatn
street; excellent i..ud work done; or
ders will receive oar prompt atten
tion. Did pnuue west iua-jv. Lastea.
Si Edaaida.
WANTED Lace curtains to clean at anr
lime. Ir.ankelo and taunts to wasnOur
liig hot weataer ouiy. bend postal
card to Mrs. Mager, 2407 cih ave
nue, and )our work wi.l receive
prompt and careful attention. t
WANTED First class room and board
fr coupi! wltnuut children; must be
In walking cistnce of t(,eii'.er. square;
private laiuiiy preferred; if you have
tne accommodations I wiil pay for
hem. Address "ii. C. O.," care Light
house Ir-specior'a office, city.
MLXTli'Ltl KLL(-rKOI,Viif.
ULLTli-Lt. Ki.riCIfcOLf Ota Buprfiu-
o us uauiB on iac axiu arms perma
nently removed witn one to six
need.es; four lo six hours' work in
one with six; treatment givm at
corns unless otherwise desired. Ad
cress Aiiss A. M. Klttridge, Flat L
Argyie Flats, isrady street. Davsn
poru Old phock Slit.
FOR SALE All kinds of household
goods at 701 H Fourth avenue.
FOR SALE A gas range, nearly new:
will sell cheap. Call 601 Third ave
nue. FOR SALE Phaeton. In good condition;
also a harness.. Inquire at 1103 Fourth
FOR SALE Roll top desk, with chair;
also safe. Inquire at 1910 Twelfth
FOR SALE Auto, five days, nt your
own price, for light delivery, at
Wilcher's garage.
WANTED A gasoline motor, two to
three horse power. Inquire at 213
Thirteenth street.
FOR SALE Stronp. well bred Flymouth
Rock chicks, age from one day up.
I'hone west S7S-X.
FOR SALE Sideboard. $25. new; what
will you give for It? Inquire at li.'Jl
Twenty-fifth street.
FOR SALE Cheap, if taken soon, a
food automobile, nearly new. Ad
ress "Auto," care Argus.
FOR SALE A sanitary couch, gas stove
bed room set. kitchen tables, and a
few chickens, at 1456 Fifteenth street,
after f p. m.
FOR SALE A good, gentle pony, weight
about 700 pounds; aNo buirgy and
harness, in good condition; Jj3 cash.
I'hone 7 77 - Iv.
FOR BALE The beautiful gold coin
strain Buff Orpingtons; eggs and day
cie chicks: catalogue free. J. R." Jo
seph. Sears, 111.
FOR SALE A good driving Tiorse five
years old; also bugiry. harness and
bicycle. J. C. Scheuermann, lti2S
Fourteenth street.
F. S. OLPSMOBrLE touring car; 40
horse power: excellent condition. Can
be seen at Teggy-Trevor Auto Com
pany. Rok Island.
FOR SALE One second handhot water
heater, 600 square feet capacity: guar
anteed in good condition; price S4'":
must ba sold quick. Allon, Slyera
& Co.
FOR SALE Houseboat, row on shore
ore-half mile east of Watch Tower;
all hard pine Interior finish; will make
fine summer residence. Old phone
west 1115.
FOR SVI.E Marine gHSolir.e engine,
2-cyIinder, 6 to h-horse n.er: alao
speed hull Vertex; cheap if t.ikcn at
once. W. H. lingers, 612 Twenty-third
street, Moline.
FOR SALE Large handsome sorrel
driving horse, city broke, perfectly
gentle; also Chalmers-Detroit auto
mobile, fully equipped, line condition.
Inquire of Dr. Craig.
FOR SALE $12.50 buys a $125 parlor
mantel. Just as good as new, if taken
within tiie next li days. Inquire Cut
Rale Loan company. 3u9 Best build
ing, ririnii: west 1 1 7.
FOR SALE Four-cyl.iider. five-passenger
lourii.g car a. id twj iwo-cj l.ud.rr
ruiialiouis. suit ibie for business ve-
PVJ.iclis, all in good condition. V. ii.
I Yiolles, 'iil'Z Third avenue.
FOR SALE A rujc 9x12; buffet, dresser,
center table, nx dining chairs. !r;r
rockers; lt I. mat: reus ami springs;
Ironing board ana ci.rla-.'i M 1 eu-hei 3.
at 601 Twenty -s ond sir- . t.
fLirVbAT '. tOiv ileal esUtte uaa
laiiuraijce. Loans a specialty. Le-it
tiro coiiipuuies represented, lour pat
ronage solicited. Vhouert wl 'J.J, a ad
tew 6172. on.ee at court house.
liiuiNii'i'i. irj luiui klito aveucy Ire,
life, acciueul, iieu.iti and plato g.-s,
reil estate and loans. bccouU ilor,
Katety build. li;. Oihue phone west
tJ6. Residence phone TLb-lv.. Upta
Wednesday anu fnatuiucy iignts.
W is Vv I ' ' - liUiND lOi, -'vJte..u".ors , aa-
Uiinistrators , & uc.ru la.iu , tr-riees or
auy kind 01 judicial oot.es; lu-'stsMci
society otttcer; city, statu Oi" U. b.
Koveriimeiii oil! ilais, coatiactors, 00-
siiious of trust, lu iaxt, any kind of
loud you wan! (except i-a;l tor.ddj.
Terms reasonable. iiyes oi: Citave-lat-d.
resiucat munaers, b idelity dt
Deposit Company ut lUarylaiiu.
ilo.NEY to loan 011 t;ood r-al e..tate se
curity. Ad dre .-.a Hi iitieeiitu sLroet,
Rock Island. 111.
LUA.Ns Ui-i KbAL KSIATH security al
lowest ralea. Luaoi; h ir. iteynoius.
lawyers. Aiei.t uiock, coriier ocveu
ttetila street ana bccuiid avenue.
LUA.'ib on luriiltiio., .laua, hoiaus,
wasJoUB. etc., quicai. i.rivaieiy, at l.o.
iwcdl rater. Huutaai Lo.i.i Coiuptttiy
iuniuc). room 411, feutilct .NaUoudl
bank bullaing. imW ptiwua tilu; old
Vneue vet Hi.
Wiri iki.-Vii.u: A trrirA-IALTH of ioaulni4
money 011 huuoeuoia goods, uorss,
wagons. niii.uiit ictiiovui anu
lu a uuiet uy. Caii on Ud fur qulcik
loans. Fidelity Loau vuuiauy, iuuui
4uj Vest buiiulii;.
. i-l uitMht s.
JACikbU.N. liUivdi" t. OlAi x.Oxti At
toruey s-ai-ia w. oiti.e lu l-.ocji island
National bauK bulianira".
toli.Aii.LJ it jivitil r i ,1 Lawyers.
Mubtjr to iuu.li ou auud real estate
security. Itoouis l and uJ, baietj
baiiaing. 1-0 I, iriuiuo, ii.
WiLLiA-d aL WAi-u.li.it Attorney,
general law business; corporation,
piuoale and real cjUU law; all
pie s buuA buiiaing. i'l.ouo west an.
WADKttR. LNliRAii IL bWi'JiUVia Al
tollieys uui cujincion at iaw doney
to luau (rn real estate. lUuiin Zus
kj, people s Nullo.,.1 oansi iu.iuiu
tci Ut it k idcLi.il4i Alloriiys-at.
law. Loan money on good soc u( Uy ,
make collections. Retort noes. Mi tea -sal
at I.ynde, Unkcia UiUua, Miltticii
at iynau oulluug.
Uisii:is cmaicks.
FOIt BALE Btapl grocery slock, with
natures; reasonable terms. AUar.sn
" cirocer," care Argus.
FOR HAtE A complete pool hall oul.'il,
cons. sting of Hum taLoes, saow cases,
one wan case, cash register, benches,
etc.; cheap il taaen ut once. lxiu,uru
room Ui cafety butiding.
1 ':
FOR SArEi Fostai and penny picture ! u
aai.eiy; must seii on account oi poor : j;
neaitu; a snap tor some onei coeur ! !;
for cash. U11 north iioti-i; itj;, ,
trady street, uAvt..ort, lust, ; 1
FOR SALE A well established and
paying business in it oca isianu, w.iu
a complete stoca of ary goods, notions,
scaool Sappl.es. arid toys; a baiga..i
II parciiuvii at once. Auuress ' J. o., '
care AiaH.
RAtoAOt t'jit M-fc.N AND WOJtii.
Mra. iru. W. i4i.;r. grau uale uaueasaa
ciccirw VitrHor trealuienis. vayjr
tMLtos. sclct.iu.c '"boa ana faciol mas
sage, therapeutic lights, spinal Ireai
sncnl. owtu.su myv .menta. etc riours
from lo a. m. to i p. rn. lieniey o.ui.
Ing. suite 12, corner icjrta aaU iiiauy
suvels. Davenport. lows.
kCiiiiia.i oiUiU.ui. ua itxst uouj
also ciiuu.fcctLrtr of awnu.s, tctits,
aagron covers, tl-. Ter.is for rent. 4..
Koessier Si Co.. 203 i Uleeath etreei,
bpoosile tne court tonus, ni.ct lsianu
Slade in Oac Day.
Paid bsrxk ia small, convenient Instal,
mentit; our low rat- hurt our irorrnni.
tors, but will t-ei.fc.it you. Victor t iuai.ee
eompai.y. 'ii M :iianua bulld.i.tf, feecond
and aLain streets, Da.tnpoii. Norla
TRIO LOIX5E, NO. 67. A. F. & A. L
A Sleets In stated communication
tho first Thursday of each
month at 7:30 p. m. Special for
worlc Thursday. May 25. at 7:30 p. m.
The craft are invited. By order
Brvtherfcoo mt ABrtm TMmrs.
STEAD ft IXtL Mssts
second and fourth Friday .
evenings at BMlina ball
LET Fross do your 'paper hanging; la 1
cents a roil, 1,000 samples 10 select
from: wail paper at from 4 cents per
roll and up, 2521 Edxth avenue.
IF YOU WANT to buy. seU. trade, or 1
rent anything, engage help or secure
a situation, the Mail and Journal Is .
the oV caper la Aiollns that van do .
; for Aiali and JOurual wants
are popular, and Mail and Journal ,
wants bring results. One-half cent i
per word is the pries to ail alike. 1
cash in advance; two-cedt stamps win ,
do. Evening and Saturday Mall and
Journal. Moline. 111.
JACOB W. HERCCLES Architect and
Superintendent. Architectural Kngm
eef ; reinforced concrete and steel con
struction; otllce buildings, publlo
buildings', factories, resldeuce work.
Offices. 400-401 People's National
bank building. Old phone west aS4.
svsiMa' ' tfsstrB
a well located lot cn JJth street;
paving and sidewalks paid for:
a snap at SX575.00
A six-room house :a outn Rock
Island, ia good shape, nearly
new lO
IV havs two lots on street
ar.d 20th avenue; east front;
one i.i corner lot; at 472Ck(X
A two-story hous on 23th street;
two years old; has furnace and
electric lights 9239
List your prprty witn us.
We write Insurance; surety bond.
405 Best building. I'.uck Island. 111.
IHIciIblbaiirjfl G ITonaa.
3" Tirsdta
10 room doirblo house, centrally lo
cated, $1,,0 0.
6 room house, nearly modern, good
locntlon, $1,050.
8 room house, worth $2,600, to move
quickly, $2,'ic.
6 room house, ?1,600.
14 room double house. In first class
location, Z4,ln'.
47 acre truck farm, all level, greatly
reduced price, $125 per acre.
75 acre farm, no improvements, $100
per acre.
4S) acre farm, fair iinprnvements, all
level, black ricu l-arn, t. j per acre.
600 acres, all level, black rich loam.
Call for prices. '
This is only a few of tne many bar
gaiiis ulin-li we have on th.t h.,t. Lots
1:1 any pail of liie cly; prices 200 and
lilankeubur & lilankcnburi
Vv'e loan muiivy, write lire Insurance,
and rent lio.si-s. Cilice pl.ona west 241.
itesldwllcu pliol.e West Uai.
Flitbl iNSLIt-.JCiO.
(The Best Is the Cheapest.)
'jSTOlLil L.oLTtA-NCifi.
Estaolislied 1874.
Otllce. 172 Thud uvuiuo, Rates rea-
eocable. '
Contractor and Uuiidtr.
l-ilik iniiiuoinl buc.i t,
ll.uk. i-lariij, iil.
l'lioiio West 1100-Ik.
rJJfa Vd& CDaa
Manufacturers of bash. Doors. Blinds
and bialra. interior tin. ah of all kinds.
Hardwood Veneer Flooring, and deal
ers in Uiass. il ana 4.4 Llgiileeuih
Ti m M M 1 1 sss
You have louir coti:dereU
day a uccessaiy tlrcaU,
Now you caa cousiuur ii a
p.ca-.uifc), lor tho uvm way la
lo let us hear tio hurdeu. ineu
v, anti day ia u wtiy a ittiiar
ur if.itiil il. 1 ho A'.ti..il ill. 111. .a
ictcUtrr, ViieJi our a(oa
caiis, ttiU day 14 over as far
mt you am coiitrneU. Wiiuu
tho clothes ate relumed they
w nl bo HvOlicul cicau kud
ueiiehUully Iit.iu. 'ihtf coioia
will Le bright, iau outiohs vviil
t oil, tLeio Mill Le lio rips or
Lear a. wiitu you coiiblder the
cxensu of washltijj, tho Id lea
ou pay to hei, the coat oi
iw., .us d'icouiioit and aia
.ti.r.a, you will sa our way la
tiuJy economic;!. Lroo us a
.o-iai or ptiout us ho.

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