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Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1893-1920, November 21, 1911, Image 8

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The Rock Island Savings Bank and Its New Home
WrdaMdi r Slwk holder' day,
bofTr-t Innrbnm at doom.
Thursday Reception tm other
bank, officials and bank eaaalorea
of the ttm citim and of Group
one of the Bankers' Association
of the State of Illinois.
Friday Customers4 day.
Saturday Open for business to
t be ajeneral pu bile.
grandeur of the entire Interior. From
the white tiled floor to the ceiling is a
height of 25 feet, the decorative work
on the walls being executed in lead
and oil, with a final coating of trans
parent glaze colors, hand stippled
with cloth to a soft old ivory finish,
the recessed panels being decorated
merit of glaze colors, the styling of
both the panels and the space between
the windows being of the same order
of design, although with slight modifi
cations In detail.
T"he background color of the classic
cornice and ceiling,, mouldings which
enrich the room is treated in oil and
From a modest institution with a ! slaze colors modified by hand ctrip
capital stork of $100,000 when it took ! I'Hng with cloth to a delicate ivory hue,
quarters in the Mitchell & Lvude bank- ' ""i laid over with pure gold leaf. The
ins building, now the State bank of J Greek panels in the cornice, as well
Roek iKbinrt. in the summer of 1890. ! as the main panels in the ceiling are
to a financial establishment of the
first order with capital surplus and
'undivided profits of $400,000. the first
. savings bank to embark in Rock Island
. enters its own home tomorrow with a
record of which it may well be proud.
This is the Rock Island Savings
Lank, which will begin this week to
occupy its beautiful new home, built
exclusively for Its accommodation at
kept in the Hat mat finish, only slight
ly modified.
The lower wall spaces are In a
somewhat darker shade toning with
?he rich mahogany of the woodwork
and the antique bronze of the fixtures.
From the ceiling hang two immense
bronze chandeliers of artistic design,
jetted with frosted electric bulbs.
Richly polished marble counters run
Third avenue and Eighteenth street
A series of events has been planned ; nirg the en-ire length cf either side
by the officers to celebrate in fitting: of the room support bronze and
manner the occasion, the stockholders : solid bra's grill work separating the
having the honors or the day tomor-j various departments but affording am
row, the ofijeens and employes of other ; pie tellers' windows so that depositors
banks the day following, while Friday j or customers may be accommodated
the customers will be entertained, and ! without b-ing crowded or inconveni
Saturdav the institution will throw ! enced. The desks of the officers and
open its doors to the general public
and settle down to business.
Theuew bank, which has dimensions of
employes back of the counters are of
solid mahogany and steel and are of
the latest design.
To the right of the main entrance.
entrance, is a public reception or wait
ing room, beautifully furnished, while
44 feet on Eighteenth street by 77 feel on j and between it and the Third avenue
Third avenue and is 45 feet In height,
is classic in it architecture, graceful
in outline, yet withal substantial in
its general design and appearance. In
a word it impreasttB the observer at
onc that it is a bank, built for a bank.
Countructed of stone, brick and eteel.
with massive bronze finishings, it Is
as a building relieved by high Corin
thian columns of beautifully cat Bed
ford rtone. Two fall stories in one. It
stands, neat yet impressive, solid and
'at the same time artistic.
That It is a bank, is as said before.
T- 3 j If ft m !: , .
-MlJ jt h v'. 111 f Li
t Island. The local boys will be worked
I up into fine condition in preparation
for this game, and while they realize
ihat they have a hard contest before
them, they will go determined to give
the Iowa players a lively fight for vic
tory. The young men's bible class held its
annual meeting last night, with a good
attendance. The class is at present
making a careful study of the tempta
tion of Jesus, and next week will take
.p the important topic, how to deal
with personal temptations. Tin class
meets every Monday evening, and is
for all young men.
ill- tempered beast. Reports receiv
ed by officials of several western
roads show that there has been a
substantial falling off in "dog busi
ness" since the canine' rate went into
Tonight at S o'clock Dr. W. E. Tay
lor of Moline will give his lecture on
' Bettor Methods in Farming" at the
local Y. M. C. A. The lecture is open
to the public free of charge.
Waiters and other who have
Harry A. Iaviilson Cyens Oftices in
Ilcst Building for the Illi
nois Life.
The Illinois Life Insurance company,
with headiiujrters in ChicHgo, has
opened branch offices in this city In
the Host building, and Manager Harry
A. Iiavldson will have charge of the
northwestern Illinois territory. 1. e.,
all the river counties to the state lino
of Wisconsin. The company which Mr.
Davidson represents is the largest in
the state, and there is onlv one older.
been targets for the anti-tipping cru-, Th? m.w manaet,r ls weU Known m
vseparated by a fence of brass and
bronze. The vault is of the most
adjoining the tellers' spaces .on the j modern fire and burglar proof con
right is a prettily appointed romn for j struction.
the convenience of women .being equip
ped with desks, telephone and a sep
arate tellers' window.
The accommodations for the presi
dent, cashier and other officers of the
The vault was designed by Strauss,
the expert vault engineer of Chicago.
Every piece of steel, before being put
in, was tested with a radial drill, un
der a pressure of 16,000 pounds, and
so strong is the steel that it will with-
bank. as well as the directors, are to i stand a complete bend without hreak
the left of the Eighteenth street en- ins. Each door weighs eight tons,
trance. These, too, are handsomely
and neatly furnished. The floors of
while the complete weight of the vault
giving patrons fire and burglar protec
tion for valuable papers and articles.
Private booths furnished with desks,
etc., are at the disposal of the patrons
of this department.
The bank, taking it in its entirety,
was planned after a careful study of
the best benking houses in the United
States, and n effort has been made
to embody the good points cf all. Its
interior arrangement is planned with
a viw to affording every convenience
sade that is gathering momentum
throughout the country have found
i co-sufferers in baggagemen employ
ed on western railroads, who are be
moaning a curtailment in their in
come as a result of a rule requiring
payment for the transportation of
dogs. Under a system in vogue for
some years members of the canine
family were carried free and bag
caicmon nlnavs kent a sharn look-
out for tips from those who wished v'11 !h" appointment of city manager
to have their pet animals given spe- c,It of ,ho ,l,rk 's"'1 offlces. and will
cial care. These fees have vanished i lhl 'et ' ",0 wo, k ln ,K,,h K,,, k Is,-'
since the rail carriers have exacted !aml Ir- Sanson has a lare
r0 1 circie hi menus in mis c uy w no arc
this city, having beer, engaged in his
present line of work in Kock Island
since K'nO, in the capacity of manager
of the Metropolitan Ufe Insurance
company (.f New York. He is general
ly conceded to be one of the toj-not ti
ers in his particular field.
A. K. Sw.nison, who has been with
the government for a number of years
past, has resigned his position to bc-
and lining is 75,000 pounds. Its com- j for customers- of the bank, making it
5- -""Is
--t ? ;v rv-'- ."' jMf" i
.it :.; , . &&..&( t ft.-i
" ' 'f t -' ' .; ' !
m . . 1
i r r
4 - .
i '
Ilr - -
k jw. is
i v. i -
dent of the bank, A. J. Lindstrom suc
ceeding him as cashier.
The present officers are:
rrrsident H. S. Cable.
Vice Presidents H. P. Hull, P.
Cashier A. J. Lindstrom.
Directors H. S. Cable, E. W. Hurst,
H. P. Hull, P. Greenawalt, V. H. Dart,
Franz Hcpp, Phil Mitchell, John Volk,
M. O'Connor.
Attorneys Jackson. Hurst & Staf
ford. The roster cf employes includes:
W. G. Johnston, commercial teller:
Frank G. Weiss, savings teller; Frank
Mcehan, bookkeeper; Frank Johnson,
draft clerk; A. Helen Johnson, stenographer.
The buili'mg committee was com
posed cf II. S. Cabie, P. Greenawalt j
and Frauz Happ.
Since the fall of 1P10 the .bank has I
been occupying neatly appointed tent- j
pcrary quarters in the Mosenfelder j
builair.g, 1721 Second avenue.
pay for this class of service.
make matters worse from the viow
piont of the baggage handlers, west
ern roads are planning to rescind the
rule requiring dogs carried in bag
gage cars to be muzzled. This con
templated change is the result of i torporation and private Insurance, and
numerous complaints from owners of would operate under the compulsory
gratified at his promotion.
Hy way of explanation as regards
the general plan to be pursued by him,
Mr. Davidson stated last night that his
company would make n specialty of
; "; 1
At Y. M. C. A.
Leo Stevens, ha- resigned his posi
tion an asribtant Eccretary cf the Y. M.
C. A. to aEucta hiuideif v.ith the Black
Kcwl; Moicr Co., cf this city, in the
capacity ol Urallsman.
H. K. Mor.:e, who is wcil known in i
this city, succeeds Mr. Stevens.
H. P. i: y.L,
Virf President.
Vice President.
is told at ifirst glance. Letters hand-1 the president's room, the officers' room. . pk te dimensions are 12xlS, but it is easy and pleasant for them to transact
Hi'iueiy (arvwi in ine cornice on xwojine reception room ana me ladies par- divided into two separate com part
sides of the building bear the inserip- ' lor are cuver-d wj-h specially made I mpnis Oiie ide is the bank's monev
tuf.ed rugs in a soft brownish tone I vault. It is euuinned with a nest of
"Hock Island Savings Hank."
mi': ropolitan signs in letters of
their financial affair?
The building and lot represent an
investment of $00.oon, the bank hav-
with shaded borders. The windows in I jht safes, which are to be utilized I in& been designed by D. H. Burnham
brass carry the same attractive in- i the presid ut's loom and the reception : ii, mrinr -.f mono.- r,,i curitios I Sr Co. of Chicago, while George
sirirtion on the columns at front audjioom and the bronze grille in the i f ile other cimpartment will be used j Stiles & Co- cf Chicago were the con
sides of the building. i ladies room are furnished with hang- j ap a fafcty deposit vault and has aitrac,ors- Allen. Myers & Co. furnished
:i.n e tthk interior. jit'gs of raw (Jri nt,il fik. the color j capacit y of 1.5t' boxes. ' Both sides tne beating and plumbing plants, the
Heavy bronze doors admit to the main ' scheme of which blends harmoniously are electric lighted. The entire con- ' Rock Island Electrical Construction
entrance on Eighteenth street. Wit Inn with -lie odor settings and bronze j st ruction is absolutely burglar proof ; company the wiring and fixtures, and
there is a marble vestibule, cano- . f"xt tires which have been used through. ; anA 2g an extra Drecaution the vault i the office furnishings, rugs, etc., came
pied, and then the main banking room. , "m th? aiai'' room. j ig rot bui,t ag3nst tne rear wall, but j through L. S. McCabe & Co.
Kioh furnishings harmonizing in mar-' thk strom; boxes la passage way intervenes.
M.- and mahogany and in the wall' The vault space occupies the east I The steel safety deposit boxes are
i -.'ortiigs ail contribute to the simple tnd of the main banking room, but 1 conveniently arranged in the vault.
- -"' rv ? ' ,,;v,'v
1 i'vj'i.' ' . . ' -i-';'.-j.1H
V . '
V - j - f .
- - :. . . j . :. v . .. . .. :
- - . ,
!?.."- V .t v-i.m ... Vi--
tU L . -V -
if-fi- ...-i ... . .
- T" J ' - r i
' J. ' " ' J 'V
r j . - ... ' .-i l 5 -a
. - f j,"
" . i ..-iv". . . -t ' - . '.. .v :
''w ,v
: '
t v.
t 'I
The lot on which the building stands
was for years one cf the most neglect
ed pieces of property in the business
Eecticn of Rock Isiand. The bank paid
$18,000 for it and has space left to
the north cn Eighteenth street and to
the east on Third avenue for further
buildings, for one cf which it already
has plans to proceed with in the im
mediate future.
The Reck Island Savings bank, the
first one to be formed in the city, was
established July S, 1S50, those who
were ch'efiy instrumental in founding
It being Hon. E. Vv". Hurst and the
Iste J. M. Buford. The capital stock
wts placed at $100,000, at which figure
It remains today, although its capital,
surplus and undivided profits now ex
ceed $100,000, whiie in the 21 years
icf its existence the bank has paid to ita
depositors $1,332,534.46 Interest. Thi3 Is
itfce best argument that could be cf-
ifered for its stability and the wisdom I
of itB management. The first otacer3 i
were: E. P. Reynolds, president; F.
C. Denkmann. vke president, and J. j
M. Buford. cashier. In lf-92, on tba j
dee'.h cf Mr. Reynolds, P. L. Mitchell;
succeeded to the presidency, and in i
1595, upon Mr. Mitchell's demise, Mr.;
i Buford became president, John Cru-;
, Laugh, vice president, ana r. (jreena-;
! wait, cashier. Mr. Crubaugh died ln j
1&C4, whereupon H. P. Hull was elect- J
j ed vice president. Mr. Bufcrd died la i
jlSOC, and Phil Mitchell beca-re nres'-j
I Cent and served until 1S10, when K. !
I S. Cable became the executive cf the .
j btink. Last May Mr. Greenawalt re- j
je'gxed and became second vice presl-i
With r." men on the f.oor, the Y. M.
C. A. gymnasium last night was a busy
place while the senior class took th"!i
exercise. Many of the new members
tre getting into the clashes, while j
more and more of the old-timers are i
petting id, and the result is the most i
e-txusiuEiIc classes the old building '
hs ever housed. The class hour is j
always too short, and it frequently
happens, as it did last night, that the
men continue their work for perhaps
twice as long a period as is required,
and then quit, hungry for more.
A date has been closed for the new
basketball team for Thanksgiving day.
They will make a trip to Ottumwa nt
that time, to play on Thursday even
ing with the strong aggregation of
players at that association. Physical
Director Clevett was formerly connect
ed with the Y. M. C. A. at Ottumwa,
and he Is nat'-ral'y anxious to make a
good showing with his team from Rock
4 it- "" T
If.. I 'r ."-'-i w j '
f V 7
j - : 4
1 f i i
i t 4 I T 2
tr I
f 4
1 i
iiMni.tl-psn(nn)ns i II HWWiOHwl
hunting dogs, who contend that
muzzles cause the latter to fret and
result in the animals being of no use
when the muzzIeB are removed and
the chase begins. Although railroad
officials say that there have ben very
few cases of babgagemen being bit
ten by doga, the "boss cf tho bag
gage car" ia net rejoicing over the
possibility of a new pair cf trous
ers being torn by the teeth of some
insurance deposit law of the state of
City Mart for Springfield.
Springfield, 111., Nov. 21. Bullev
Ing It will reduce the high rout ol
living, the city comrnlwdon of Spring
field yesterday arranged for the es
tabllshment of a city market when
the people can buy direct from ih
"'t - . t . , , ,' ' - f
5s. i : rO . ' k '.',
; ii I',' L I ,1 , m r"
-NM si 1 1' , - .5 .r-2 --a. . . ' rr
I si l a a i r , , sk u. - i . . ' . - s i c r-mmx. , . -m m T 1
i Kli i ill ,1 . l-i h i , I
i ' ill 5- . . ma ia . m. t c. . .r 'i ; . ,1 i
1' 1 J
!''" "'-ft . f I f i ill '
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