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$200,000 IS ASKED
ITeeds of Foreign Missions De
mand Immediate Raising
of Belief Fund.
Two Members of Council Start
Contributions With
$ 1,000 Each.
D?cver, Colo., Nov. 21. So urgent
are the calls from China, North. Af
rica and other mission fields that the
board of foreign missions of the Meth
od st Episcopal church has started on
a campaign for an immediate raising
of $200,000.
Telegrams were sent out to 130
wealthy Methodists to make & special
coi.'tribution to tie fund, which will
be applied to cancel the debt and thus
prevent any draft on the regular con
tributions lor the mission fields, nd
raise tn additional sum for the press
ing emergencies coming from the
countries where the need is greatest.
Two subscriptions of $1,000 acb
were received from two members of
tho board present at the session, and
confidence was expressed by the com
mittee having charge of the movement
that telegraphic responses amounting
to several thousand will be received
The schedule of the appeal is for 20
persons to contribute $1,000 each. 40
to contribute $500 each, SO to contrib
tiate $50 each, 200 to subscribe $100.
The rest of the appeal is to be made to
churches, the entire sum to be sub
pcribd and, if possible, to be paid
before Jan. 1.
Bishop Hamilton requested each
member cf the board to furnish him ;
with a list of 10 names, and It was
from this selected list that the tele- j
grams were sent out. !
Bishop J. C. Hartzell, in speaking of :
the need In North Africa for assist- j
ence to the missionaries In their con- '
filet against Mohammedanism, said in I
rt-gard to the general situation cf '.
Italy's relations with Turkey: !
"The conflict between Italy and Tur- j
key over the possession of Tripoli will j
resnlt in the complete partition of the ;
African continent among European na-
Barber Ted Hill j
Adds 4th Chair!
Dear Otto I am just back after a
Etay at Colfax, and my friends de
clare I am looking healthier and ,
handsomer than ever. If business
keeps up aa it has the past few years 1
I will be able to retire before I am !
a centertnarian, and live on my ac-'
cumulations the remainder of my'
days. j
You see, I can't refrain from talk-!
lng shop. Still I know that you as
a friend, will not tire of my telling
you that I am progressing. If busl-,
ness came any stronger I would eitb-j'
er have to move in larger quarters
or violate the regulation closing
Yes, I am still located up on Twen-'
tieth street, between Third and
Fourth avenues, on the ea.-U side of
the street. You remember It was free
ly predicted I would fail when I ven-'.
tured off Second avenue. I had no
ml&givings, however. You know we
are setting to be a city of such pro
portions that we can no longer con
fine our biiBiueds to a single thor
oughfare. Then, I had an idea that I
w;s confident would win with the
public. That was in running a bar
ber shop with cleanliness as the slo
gan. And. believe me, it has l)"en a win
ner from the day I opened. I am
tow running four chairs, and we are
nil busy, including the porter, whose
uril. is ;ire to scrub the place from .
"tiii" front to the b;u k door twice
d.iily. Tho place has been newly re-p:.i:-.ud
anil rcpapcred, and. rea'ly.
I h:ie cue of the coziest. cle;uicr:t
i aria-: barbering establishments
i:; tlu-t-t ia:ts Sanitary head rests
have 1 -n i hired in all of the i hairs,
U'ui no'.v he:i a man drops in for a
Fl.aif. his head reposes on a clean
I i i-e tf paper.
I have found, too. that in guaran
tor! na my patrons ataint disease
im i ulation. ihri ugh the application
of att i:fit ii-p in the work done at
t'-.a? sfic k.
My f,.r
Fr- i -'n
t i:n strike
!;.: ii";r i;
him "
;' 'ri-r
I have gain.-d
with me.
? Oh. yes. Romeml-er
.:. dn': ycii? He was fi r
in the f:st chair at the
r i:::.ce r
c o-
i.i l:is iif . i:i the sr
Fr..vK 01nn--rhey aii
,:; ,.f ')'. bos: harbors
:TiP? A'fred Dit Vin?in,
::.Ti't- olis. f.Tiother star
.c r and the shra-s, holds
in!, ani! your I'ncle Frl
1 est he can at the fourth
1 T different styles
Priced f;r:n
up to $4 5.00. 30 days' free trial
Terras $1.00 a week.
with tb, r:.
do- n t V; ;
:( r the
1 ! !' o r.ow that I have the most
e:T.r!r7Hiv- rr.mr.od and equipped shop
in Hock Island. The boys with me
rro ilea"), ct-.vr(vl workers, and they
xr. -ko a friend of every man they
f.T'.e. They nr? always cn the job,
n.'.d hr-.ve Jeixed with n:o in an effort
n :- ery n)f!02fr fT-1 tha he
is v el -:r.:e r.i.d assured of retting "
just e-.-ctlr whrt h orders. ; lions. Gnat Britain. Germany and
, -,' ,,t,,. k.-. t,,.-i . Prance now govern more than two
r .u. h. tut ! ks-w you would be glad : 'birds of the 1
i ::. .-. that I -f! doir.c so well, cf Africa.
xt !'!..- von are down mv wav drop, "trance
w 1 fe. . &A illy- jjm .-- 'T ,,,,rL
Nnnrnierhp tar M kmmm fte Mnitv or a Wi115
a hundred
times over. Anything that pleases the great masses of the people, as this plan has, is beyond the reach of criticism. Easy payment buying is te greX i
there is nothing like it in the world. Have you ever noticed the comfortable, cozy and happy homes of the majority of our tn-city wage earners? Did, it
the Summerfield'3 Credit Ssrvice is directly responsible for thousands of these ideal homes? Well, it is a positive fact!
limit to satisfv their most laudable desires
PROVES THE CONDITION OF THE VEAGE EARNER is a valuable asset to the city and Summerfield's CREDIT SERVICE KAS MADE MORE HEARTS happy than all the cash store
of Davenport, Rock Island and Moline combined
mi.. .t,;.M 'j i v,,. rv.v. ,xr lotto rot tvic! and pvprv tenant of these homes has had cause for self -congratulation
ilie lil-au die imtMjr B1)i1Ua1Cu iku iiam nJii v u-.v. v.v. u t;ol T,elitv Rtl
ever occur to you that
We carry the complete line. (J 00
This pattern J-J.UU
$1.00 cash : $ 1 . 0 0 a week.
r.- - . ...
ivjit.i3 six-nole cooking
Hit iange as shown, all sol-
id cast iron both inside
and outside, deep lirebox with Duplex grate
will burn anything.
Our price
S2 Cash, $ 1 a Week.
Guaranteed snd sold on 3 0 day's free trial.
I!iiii!iiliiSi Si
Gas m
With rich and elegant colored
glass shades; heavy braea
standards and highly ornate
bended frinpe. . Siccial $4.5H
il.OO Cash; 50c Weekly.
Hundreds of Dinner Sets,.
To choose from at the Summerfietld's etore: loo-piece 7 pr
orated dinner sets, se mi-t ransluceiit; worth (JH f2!Z
$15.00; special price .ipi'JJ
52-piece decorated dinner s"ts. ner.t shapew, prettyj
r.,inr!nB- .firtli JT .'iii: t tieH.il urie ' J
wortli $7.-",i; fpocial prie
!ji now; ",K- Weekly
j yi cT-
u -V
III lIOii!
THIS SOLID OAK BUFFET in either early
nli. h cr a i.cai:ti'ul golden oak, Q "J S t
it pri.-e o::!y OAvJ'GJ
Terirs ?1.'"") cash. .""'c a week.
Store Open
and Satur
day Nights
One Dollar flow 7-piece Dining Set Price $22.59
Six hauJg jiae pad seat chairs and 15 inch tou pedestal extension table. Will ac-
cc-mcdattf !- people.
flirty ttt-
rj.p- ti v?.;aTit?!fK
; i 1 ' Ilk
!f'3 ' --vsrr-i'
t . g Bays this
" J complete sc!
r' One Dollar
$1X0 Cash
tt- j1-0o a Week.
A beautiful Ktok
on handsome
pretty patterns
as low as
This one in hand
rubbed polish,
bent fdaiis and
extra !arg', only
Tf-rtn.s 9-5.00
cash; $l.UO a
mi up
rl'T-i-M III
h sH-rt
-n-J I. Ill
, 1 .
Bistmt; fif a boIjiI hrasis bed
rood mattress and
Term $I.OO
.10c a week.
11 . b. . (j i m am im i i r a va
V'-4Tri?t- eVlfi I II U II 11,1 I II
-.."..--"l Jpw
SI 1.30 v
.1,-) f00
:i:s. They are the finest what is.
Tours Truly.
of 2')0,C00 population. , longer be over a foot of African Koil, a j on Cj.; .supprr .sion of the opium traffic
"Turkish rule knows nothing of civil ; result deou:iy to be ish 1 f'.r. j h!ch is ret for !. 3.
or reilgioos liberty under Its Moslem Bishop V. S. Lewis of FOf;chow. ! Key. Dr. Horner C fituntz, Ne
leaders. Under the Roman empire Clsir.a, eiprf'tnl the belief that th" York, ai.d i. W. F. Rwar'zell of Wasii
that section of Africa was rich ia ajrrl-! Manclius would be fcrev-r driven from , it.fct.on. It. ('-., were apj-oin'ed as a coio-
y c uzht really to have had a pro- cultural products. If Italiaa rule b-: China. He alno said that poe;biy f.'.e ( ir,f: to personally i.resr.nt tlte reto-
comes settled that wealth will return ! capi'ai would he transferred from re-, lu; o:;s r j'resrieat 1 art.
iAiiii , f a .v- ..!,,.. c-.r, .,r. in nn oa m toriir i a th conntriea to the south wjll kine to Nankinz.
jjl r i i', vw 1 ii . ' ji i i i r i r a i i t tt i i - i nut . a i. - - o i ' v- ... - . - - - .
'c nthsr fi!r!:vr.t vaf.v in ' fr--,rc.:f har'xir nosslbil ties iuet ocen up ana i.-ftristutn civui'.atson w.ii jt'.soiurior.s wre ia?r.oi re'ju'-s'
rarse of the rule of the Mohammedan : nations intt resied gave certain rlghta
Turk. Great Britain has Egypt and , to the different ones. Italy was peace-
square miles , i"s hinterland, extending southward 3,-1 ably to invade Tripoli. France ha gone
'500 miles. iEcludicz British Eas: Af-i forward ex'endiug her empire in the
domi..a' s North Airlca ; nca. ncrt;
oct f Trirvn i. iii IS deVfekOtlER an i-itvc int. .msjifjirn i.i.r.i. nai
i r--iir on thP coRtinAnt as Iarse as the "in tue eastern tint tea bouaan tcere : tecrorate over iubis m oi njo,
' T"-'Tirt s-att-. iuriuJir.e A'aska. It
-,r: i ir- tvA n r-r.-r.'tc-ntc- ever M ritcrv is another Misj-:s?irrd valley In i rr.
Barber Shop, 3l'3 2C'th St.ilC cetturies has had the
extent. After the war between Russia i north cf the site of old Carthage, which j be made possible. With this acccm-; President Taf; to prv-iH th postpor.-
All the nt'AS all the Um. Th
1 rc; r . tcr i.iii s Ami ce. c . "-- ' " - " i n-...t. ' v- .v-ii. - T,.nu rHhd Moslem Turkish rule will no i ment of the conference at The Hague Argui
. .j ; , g iiiiu i ui ti.tr ur-.j ' i.ivu ujr a uu. & iv w uuive ..wm. a uu.. ' s r - - -

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