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Daily United States Weather Map
I U. S. Department of Xgriculture.
oVYVmV y- Jet?- X.eSss
l?rrTjim. r dorM! Mm., ( throo.li point, of rol I rt U .- (C
afmuraiUOTlUManiia&team.trMKta,aP.a4Jui'. l?o ' "S.
0TMoia ladieaM stats at wsathan O lMr 3 nT F-i V. J
aloadyi O 4n m nm I
fl aith LhA win ft. rint lint IupW
mnn tor past 12 boon; neona. at-Door niniui, J u qaJ
in laeai Uilro, triad niosUf If If ml ' r T
7 ct-m.'
Dec Zjfil-
Fair tonight and Sunday, not much change in temperature. The lowest temperature
tonight will be slightly below the freezing point.
Low pressures, attended by rain or
uow, prevail In the eastern portion of
the lake region and on the north At
lantic coast. Pressures above the
normal and generally fair weathr are
reported from the remainder of the
observation field, with the highest bar
ometric reading at Yellowstone Park.
It la coldest In Minnesota and on the
Rocky mountain plateau, though no se
verely low temperatures are observed.
westward and southwestward, and the Kans;
presence of an area of relatively low New
pressure over the Canadian northwest, New
fair weather, without much change iir
temperature. Is indicated for this vi
cinity tonight and Sunday.
High Low Pr'cp.
yes- last 24brs.
t'ri'y. night, inch.
4C 38 .00
46 36 .00
40 34 .02
40 26 .00
,4G 28 .00
ZO 3S .00
52 36 .00
5S 42 .00
.42 32 .00
Chronology of Times Explosion Case
Norfolk 52 38 .00
Phoenix 76 40 .00
St. Louis 50 34 .00
SL Paul 34 12 .00
San Diego 76 56 .00
San Francisco C4 60 .00
Seattle 50 40 .00
Washington 43 34 .00
Winnipeg 30 6 .00
Yellowstone Park . . . 12 .00
Flcod Hgt. Change
hinge. 7 a.m. 24hrs.
Dubuque 18 2.8 0.7
Rock Island 15 2.0 0.5
J. M. SHERIER, Ix-cal Forecaster.
Today s Market Quotations
(Bv wire from K. W. Wagner & Co. i
merriDrrs of Chicago Board ot Trade.
Grain, provision, stocks and cotton. I
Local oflk-ca at Hck Island buuie. Kuck
Inland. Ill Chicago otti.-e. SS-K1I-100.
Board of Trade. Local telephone. No
went 230.
December. 94. 95, 94, 95 .
May. 994, 100. 89. 100.
July, 94. 95, 94 V4, 94T.
December, 64, 64Vi, 63, 63Vi
May, C4, 64. 64. 64.
July. 64. 64. 64. 64.
December, 47. 47. 47. 47.
Mly. 49. 49. 49, 49.
July, 4C, 46, 46, 46.
January. 16.00. 16.05. 16.00. 16.00.
May, 16.45. 16.50, 1642, 1G.42.
January. 9.20. 9.22, 9 17, 9.20.
May. 9.45, 9.47. 9.42, 9.42.
January. 8.32, 8.33, 8.32, 8 33.
May, 8.62, 8.67, 8.62, 8 65.
Chicago Cash Grain.
Corn No 2 old 69, No. 3 61 Ms 9 62.
No. 3 w 6162. No. 3 y old 71, No. 3
y 61 62, No. 4 584059, No. 4 w
&RV4R596, No. 4 y old 67. No. 4 y
rsfff CO. spin 53 Si 5C Ms. Ky 5657.
Oats No. 2 47 48. No. 2 w 49
r.0. No. 3 w 4Sfff48. No. 4 47
47. No. 4 w 474S, standard 49
Ti 49.
Wheat No. 2 r 9597. No. 3 r 93
?j96. No. 2 hw OS'S 100, No. 3 hw 95
No. 1 ns 107 109, No. 2 ns 105
108, No. 3 ns 101 103, No. 2 s 99106,
No. 3 s 96(5104, No. 4 6 89101, vc 90
103, durum 90103.
Liverpool Cables.
Wheat closed up.
Corn closed to up.
Chicago Receipts.
Today. Contract
Wheat 24 2
Corn 437
Oats 127
Northwest Cars,
day. Week. Year.
Minneapolis 304 374 2S6
Duluth 101 77 81
Winnipeg 720 608 424
Chicago Estimates Tomorrow.
Wheat 25
Corn 420
Oats 113
Primary Movement.
R-cvfpts. Shipments.
Last Last
Wheat today 661.000
Year ago 651,000
Corn today 1.012.000
Year ago 551,000
Nine O'clock Market.
Hogs Quality fair, strong, to shade
higher than Friday's average. Light
3.606.33, bulk 6.156.40, mixed 5.90
6.55, pigs 4.50!5.75, heavy 5.95
C60, good 6.20 6.60, rough 5.956.20,
Yorkers 6.25 6.35.
Cattle slow, steady. Beeves 4.50
.10, stackers 3.005.75, Texans 4.10
5.75, cows 1.905.90, westerns 4.00"
510, calves 5.508.25
Sheep steady. Native 2.504.00,
lambs native 4.006.10, westerns 2.75
4.00, western lambs 4. 006.10, year
lings 4.005.25.
Close of Market.
Hogs closed weak to shade lower
than early. Light 5.606.30, bulk 615
6.40, mixed 5.90 6.50, heavy 5.95
f.55, rough 5.956.20.
Cattle steady; top 9.10.
Sheep steady; top 4.00; lambs top
Western Live Stock.
Hogs. Cattle. Sheep.
Kansas City 4.000 100
Omaha 6,300 50
Estimated Chicago Tomorrow,
Hogs. Cattle. Sheep
Oct. 1 Los Angeles Times news
paper plant destroyed by explosion
and fire. Nineteen men killed. Bombs
found at home of General Harrison
Grey Otis, proprietor of the Times,
and Felix Zeehandelaax, secretary Mer
chants' and Manufacturers' association.
Oct 9 Experts appointed by Mayor
Alexander to investigate cause ot dis
aster, reported that high explosive,
such as nitroglycerin, had been used.
Oct 13 Job Harriman, attorney
representing labor union interests.
questioned witnesses' before coroner's
jury, eliciting statements that in their
opinion explosion was caused by gas.
Oct 25 Special grand Jury empan
eled by Judge Bordwell began sifting
alleged evidence that three men known
as J. B. Brice, Milton A. Schmidt and
David Caplan had blown up the Times
with "eighty per cent gelatin," pur
chased Sept 26 from Giant Powder
works at San Francisco. Five hundred
pounds of dynamite, later identified as
part of that purchased by trio, was
found cached in house at South San
Francisco Oct 16.
Dec. 25 Llewellyn Iron works par
tially wrecked by explosion.
Jan. 8 Grand Jury returned ,secret
indictments against Brice, Schmidt and
March 14 Coroner's Jury filed ver
dict declaring victims met death in
wreck and fire caused by dynamite
April 12 James B. McNamara- and
Ortie E. McManigal arrested in Detroit
and taken to place of hiding in
April 15 Secret indictments filed by
grand Jury against James B. Mc
Namara, Ortie E. McManigal and John
J. McNamara, charging them with de
struction of the Times.
April 22 John J. McNamara ar
rested in offices of International Asao-c-iaotion
of Bridge and Structural Iron
workers in Indianapolis. Extradited
immediately, and rushed across the
continent to Los Aneeles. beine loinerf
on way by James McNamara and Mc
Manigal. Joseph Ford, assistant dis
trict attorney of Los Angeles, who ob
tained extradition, arrested later on
charges of kidnaping. Detective Wil
liam J. Burns and Detective James
Hosick of Los Angeles subsequently
Indicted on same charge.
April 26 Prisoners arrived in Los
May 4 McManigal taken before
grand Jury, where he made sworn
statement accusing James M. McNa
mara of having blown up the Times,
and declaring himself responsible for
Llewellyn Iron works explosion.
May 5 Grand Jury returned indict
ments against McNamaras, Schmidt
Caplan, John Doe and Richard Roe, of
19 murders In connection with Times
explosion, and holding McManigal re
sponsible Jointly with John J. McNa
mara, for attempt to wreck Llewellyn
Iron works. McNamaras arraigned.
Ball asked. This denied May 9.
May 23 Clarence S. Darrow arrived
from Chicago to become chief counsel
for McNamaras. Time for entering
pleas deferred to July 6.
July 6 Instead of entering pleas, de
fense assailed Jurisdiction of Judge
Bordwell, denying his right to try the
case, and moved to quash Indictments.
July 12 Bordwell overruled both mo
tions. Defense filed exceptions. Mc
Namaras pleaded not guilty. Triel set
for Oct 11.
Oct 11 Trial of J. B. McNamara
for the alleged murder opened. Fifty
days spent in unsuccessful effort to
get Jury.
Dec. 1 James B. McNamara con
fessed dynamiting of Times building.
John J. McNamara confesses to de
stroying Llewellyn Iron works with
Oct 24, 1909. A new telephone ex
change, a aaw mill and a .garage at
Indianapolia were destroyed by dyna
mite explosions, ihe saw mill and
garage belonged to Albert Von Spreck
elsen, a contractor who was using
non-union labor in constructing the
telephone building.
March 23, 1910. Dynamite explo
sions did $15,000 damage to the court
house in course of erection at Omaha,
and the plant of Caldwell & Drake at
Columbu3, Ind. Caldwell & Drake
were contractors for the Omaha build
ing and had trouble with' union iron
Oct. 1, 1910. Los Angeles Times
building wrecked and 13 persons
killed. Bomb found at home of Gen
eral Harrison Gray Otis, the publisher.
Sept 4, 1910. Two explosions dim
aged the plant of Lucas & Sons' Iron
works at Peoria, 111., and wrecked a
bridge under construction.
Dec. 18, 1910. Dynamite explosion
damaged plant of the Llewellyn Iron
company, Los Angeles.
Feb. 21, 1911. Explosions at the
Iroquois Iron works in South Chicago.
March 23, 1911. Coal hoisting plant
at Milwaukee, being erected by th
Hyde & Patterson Construction com
pany at Pittsburgh. The damage
amounted to $200,000.
April 5, 1911. Blast wrecked tower
on municipal building at Springfleld,
Many Christmas
Selections Have
Been Made From
Our Store
The early arrival of our holiday
stock has afforded shoppers the op
portunity they desire to buy early
and save themselves time and worry.
The joy of Riving Li frequently mar.
red by the worry and bustle incident
u late shopping.
Goods Selected Now Will Be Laid Away
for Christmas Delivery.
We engrave all articles free of charge.
get it at BLEUER'S
1703 Second Avenne.
Island, III. VjI
Clover hay, $15.
Wheat, 80c to 83c.
Wild hay, U to $15,
Straw. $8.
New corn, 62c.
Coal Lump, per bushel, 15c:
Potatoes. 75c.
(Continued fro -i Pane One i
Moocher Is Jailed.
James Morrison, arrested by Officer
Herges, was sentenced to 40 days in
the county Jail. Mooching was the
crime for which be was committed.
Andrew Gorman was fined $1 and
costs this morning for drunkenness.
Native of PubMeatloa.
State of Illinois, Rock Island Coun-
Opening of Varket.
Hogs 14.000. Left over 4,764. Slow
at Friday's average. Light 5.5506.30.
mixed SJO'fj 6.50, heavy 5.95g6.55,
rough 5.95 01 5.
Cattle 500 ; steady.
Sheep 1,500; steady.
In the Circuit Court January Term.
A. I. 1912. In Chancery.
Cora Moore vs. Albert Moore.
Affidavit of non-residence of the de
fendant having; been filed in the clerk's
office of the circuit court of said coun
ty, notice Is therefore hereby Driven to
the said non-resident defendant that the
complainant filed tier bill of complaint
in uniri court n thA fhini.rv .H.
nicago .... .....47,000 28,000 36,000 thereof, on the 29th day of November,
Hogs for next week, 170,000.
Dec. 2. Following are the quota
tions on the local market today:
Gas 139
Union Pacific 174
U. S. Steel preferred 109
U. S. Steel preferred 109
U. S. Steel common 63
1911, and that thereupon a summons
issued out of said court, wherein said
suit is now pending-, returnable on the
first Monday In the month of January
next, aa is oy w required.
Now, unless you, the said non-real
dent defendant above named, Albert
Moore, shall personally be and appear
before said court, on the flrst day of
the next term thereof, to be holden at
Rock Island, In and for said county, on
the first Monday in January next, and
nlrad. answer or demur to tfte said com
piainanc s Din or complaint, tne same
and the matters and things therein
charged and stated will be taken at
The Workings uf Compound Interest
Some people think the "Savings Bank way" is too
slow; they want to accumulate a fortune quickly and
take long cliances.
Isn't it far better to acquire fortune with certainty
than to take a false step and have to begin all over?
The interest rate which this bank applies to sums,
large and small, and compounds twice a year, plays a
large part in net results.
Begin now the safe and certain way.
4 Interest on Savings
Second Avenue and Seventeenth Street.
Capital $200,000.00
!V!L MITCHELL. President.
K. T.
Surplus SI 00,000.00
L 8. WiriTK, Vice President.
ANDERSON. Cashier. C . CHAVNON. AskUtaot Casker.
Rock Island preferred 49
Rock Island common 26
Northwestern 143
c . 1. n I..
suumcru racmc ..... ......... ill 'g
New York Central 106
Missouri Pacific 40Vs
jCreat Northern 127 V4
i Northern Pacific 117
i Louisville & Nashville 155
Smelters 73
Canadian Pacific 241
Illinois Central 142
Pennsylvania 122
Erie 31
Lead 60
Chesapeake & Ohio 74
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 77
Baltimore & Ohio 102 Vi
Atchison 106
Locomotive 35
St Paul 110
j Copper , 63
Lehigh Valley ... ., 178
Bank Statement.
,.150 1 confessed, and a decree entered agralnBl
you according; to the prayer of said bilJ.
Rock IMand. 111.. Nov. 2, 1911.
Adair Pleasants, oomplalnant's aolic
Notice of Pnblicatloa. !
State of Illinois. Rock Island Coun
ty es:
In the Circuit Court. To the January
Term, 1912. In Chancery.
Tlllie VaJcourt vs. Valmore Valcourt.
Affidavit of non-residence of the de
fendant, Valmore Valcourt, having been
med in the clerk a office or the circuit
court of said county, notice la there-
lore hereby given to tne said non-resident
defendant that the complainant
filed her bill of complaint In said court,
on the chancery side thereof On the
first day of December 1911 and that
thereupon a summons Issued out of said
court, wherein said suit Is now pending-.
returnable on the first Monday in the
month of January next, as is by law
Now. unless you. the said non-resi
dent defendant above named, shall per
sonally be and appear before said cir
cuit court, on the first day of the next
term thereof, to be bolden at Rock is
land, in and for said county, on the first
Monday in January next, and plead,
answer or demur to the said complain
ant's bill of complaint, the same and
the matters and things tnerem cnargea
and stated will be taken as confessed.
New York, Dec. 2. Clearing honse and a decree entered against you ac-
Jarac W. Maucker complainant's so
licitor. GEORGE W. GAMBLE. Clerk.
members' average loans, decrease $15,-
649,000; specie, decrease $11,386,000;
legals. decrease $607,000; deposits, de
crease $25,341,000; reserve, decrease
$5,200,950; actual loans, decrease, $25,-
2S3.000; specie decrease $17,368,000;
legals, decrease $2,299,000; deposits.
decrease $49,512,000; resedves, de
crease $7,663,000.
New York. Dec. 2. Following are
quotations on the markt today:
Eggs, 25c.
Butter Dairy. SOc; creamery, 37a
Lard. lit
Feed and Fuel.
Corn, per bushel 72c
Oats, SOc.
Forage Timothy hay, f
Christmas Money
Special rates for this month.
$10.00 Pay back $ .40 per week
$20.00 Pay back $ .80 per week
$40.00 Par back $1.0 per week
$50.00 Par back $2.00 per week
Every transaction confidential.
You borrow here without security.
The same as your employer geta
Money at his bank.
A call will satisfy you.
Room 6. McKinnle blk phone East
, ll7. l&tb St. acd 4th Ave,, Hollos
ending his trial for the Times bomb
explosion, which killed 21 men.
Immediately afterward his brother.
John J. McNamara, secretary of the
International Association of Bridge &
Structural Iron Workers, entered
plea of guilty to having dynamited the
Llewellyn Iron works in Los Angeles
on Christmas day, 1910.
New York, Dec. 2 "The fight
only begun. This is only the first
chapter. What we want to find out
now Is who were the men behind the
McNamaras, and this we propose to do."
This was the statement today by Chief
Counsel Drew of the National Erec
tors' association, which employed De
tective Burns to investigate the Los
Angeles case.
Drew declared the whole affair Is a
national issue, and the sooner labor
frees - itself from the criminal
element the better it will be for
labor, and the "sooner the country re
alizes it as such an issue the better
p.nd sooner the problem will be put on
its proper footing." He considered the
investigation being conducted by the
federal authorities at Indianapolis of
the highest importance.
Chicago, Dec. 2. "I consider the
outcome a great personal vindication
for me," said William J. Burns, when
told of the sensational developments
in the McNamara case at Log Angeles.
Especially," he added, "after men
occupying such positions as Samuel
Gompers and others have repeatedly
charged me with 'planting the dyna
mite at Los Angeles. Following them,
every socialist and labor paper in the
country has so often printed stories
of frame-ups' in the case that some
good people were beginning to think
that the prosecution was not 'on the
"I had no personal feeling against
either defendant. I was employed by
the mayor of Los Angeles to lnvestl
gate the case. My sole purpose was to
make a thorough inquiry. The evi
dence has been just what I ald it
was, 'overwhelming.'"
After Mr. Burns had read reports
of the action in court, he said
"The effect this will be far
reaching. I think the outcome will
result in summary action by organ
ized labor, by which the radical ele
ment, the element which is allied with
the anarchists, will be suppressed. It
will result. I believe, in ending such
outrages as the one at Los Angeles.
"Such men as John Mitchell will
control the policies of organized labor
in the future. Nine-tenths of the total
membership of the body were out of
sympathy with the course pursued by
the McNamara brothers.
"No longer will the heads and dele
gates of labor unions, disregarding
the rank and file, use their power re
gardless of the best interests of the
unions snd the people at large to
further selfish, personal ends.
"But the plea of guilty entered by
the McNamara brothers yesterday
does not close the case, In my opinion.
There are others involved who maj
be arrested at any time."
Roanoke, Va., Dec. 2. John
Mitchell, former president of the
United Mine Workers of America,
when told of the confession of the Mc
Namara brothers said he was shocked.
"Having been a miner, I have some
knowledge of the use of dynajilte.
Knowing that dynamite always blows
down, I felt confident that It could not
have been used in this case."
Mr. Mitchell would not express
himself as to the possible effect of
the confession on the cause of organ
ized labor. .
New York, Dec. 2. Until they read
the papers this morning labor leaders
here almost universally were inclined
to discredit the news that the Mc
Namaras had confessed. Today when
they satisfied themselves the men
really had admitted their guilt, some
still declared either the whole thing
was a "frame-up" which they could
not explain, but which would all be
understood in due time. Others, how
ever, declared union labor did not
stand for such crimes as those con
fessed by the McNamaras.
Denver, Dec. 2. President McLen
nou of the State Federation of Labor
declared today the McNamaras should
be severely punished if really guilty.
He was inclined to think the confes
sions had some connection with a plot
to influence the election in Los An
geles next Tuesday.
Denver, Dec. 2. President Moyer of
the Western Federation of Miners,
who, with Haywood and Pettibone,
Vt'aa arrested in connection with the
murder of former Governor Stuenen
burg five years ago, declared today the
confession of the McNamaras furnish
ed capital with a club which it would
rot be slow to use against organized
labor. "For that reason, no matter
how guilty I might have been, I never
would have confessed," said Moyer,
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Offlc 17Xt TblrA avesua. Bates ra
All the news all the time.-
rsr ms
MarysiM aas
(3 UC'V,a
C J TsUee. Habit
afP&haB awl Nearaitkcaia.
vf'.t9' ih Ktti.tr
4 ON
This bank was established in 1890 and during the
21 years of its existence has grown steadily, ne
cessitating the new bank building corner Third
avenue and Eighteenth street, occupied exclus
ively by the savings and commercial departments
and the safe deposit vaults of this bank.
You are cordially invited to call and inspect the
.nSSMSl jfclU
l! 15
ACHANCE AND SArFTV nrnncir Ecinurf?
wwi uvjl 1

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