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Fot JaBnnnary (Q)B!lyIf9 Not CDbjit Kegaiiflair Teirinnis
This dollar does look big doesn't it? Well, so will the purchasing power of a dollar look big vufien you see what it will do for you at our big DOLLAR DOWN SALE A dollar spent here this month as a first pay
ment on a new purchase, will secure the same amount of goods that we would have expected $5 to $0 on as a down payment at any other time. It means that you may select any article of furniture or clothing in
our store, pay $1 down and receive goods at once, the balance you pay on our regular terms. The only requirements are an honorable record, permanent residence and ability to pay. Our object in holding a
sale of this kind is to effect a clearance of our winter stocks before taking inventory Feb. 1. . -
Oately furniture is used in hundreds of tri-city homes. We
have customer buy from us now that bought goods from us
ever since we opened for business in the tri-cities. They
have learned to know that Oately Goods are dependable and
that they are reasonable in price. Add to that the fact that
they can be purchased during January for one dollar down and
the reason for the popularity of our store is readily apparent.
Is all that is required as first payment on any furniture
or stove. You can't afford to waste fuel in that old
stove of yours, or use old furniture when you can get
new on such favorable terms. Our stock is large. All
lm 307309
People in all walks of life buy Gately goods. Your neigh
bor whose home may be furnished better than your own and
who dresses better than you do you wonder about his pros
perity. The chances are that he is a Gately customer that
he buys bis goods here and pays for them as he himself gets -paid.
If yon have never bought here, some now. If you
have once bought here yon will need no urging, we know you
will take advantage of the DOLLAR DOWN SALE.
20th St., Rock Island
Watermain System for South
east Portion of City Un
der Consideration.
Council Trauna Hon tine Biulness,
Itor-eiTM RrporU and Trans
fers $500.
Following: action by th board of
local improvement. Mayor H. M.
Scorlrcr presented an ordinance yes
terday afternoon (or the paying of a
oomprehenslTs system of water mains
In the southeast Muff district of Rock
Island. Including the district bounded
by Forty-third street, the eastern city
limits. Fourteenth avenue and the
southern city limits. The thorough
fares which are to be Improved in
clude all the streets east of Forty
third and Sixteenth, Seventeenth and
Eighteenth avenues. The water mains
vary In size from ,12 to four Inches,
according to the requirement of the
district. The estimated cost, $7,770.05,
supplied by City Engineer Wallace
Trwlchler, was approved by the coun
cil, after which the ordinance itself
was considered.
The document was laid over till
next week for . final consideration.
Commissioner Archie JIart raised the
Why need anyone suffer from any
throat or nose troubles when soothing
healing Hyomel Is guaranteed to ban
ish all misery or money back.
' The undersigned herewith recom
mends Hyomel to all who are afflicted
ith anhma, catarrh, or bronchitis.
Hyomel was used by my wife for
bronchitis and asthma and I used it
for bronchitis and sore throat.
"It has riven relief and permanent
results and I write these few lines for
the benefit of all who are afflicted with
the ailments named above." Theodore
Roehlan, traffic manager of the Con
cordia Publishing Houe, corner Jeffer
son avenue and Miami street. Concor
dia. Kan Jan. 2, Ull. The Harper
House pharmacy and druggists every
where sell Hyomel. X complete out
fit Including Inhaler costs fl. Extra
bottles if needed tO cents. Just
breathe It
Question concerning the four inch
mains and said that they might not
be desirable because of the fact that
the "volume of water might not be
large enough. That question will be
under Investigation this week.
For the cleaning of streets and al
leys. Commissioner 'Reynolds offered
a resolution for the transferral of
funds amounting to J 5 00 from the con
tingent appropriation to that of
streets and alleys. There was a ques
tion concerning the legality of the
transfer, but upon advire of City At
torney J. F. vitter the action was
The police report for the past
month shows:
Fees and fines collected by C. J.
Smith, 1335.50; fines and fees collect
ed by C. J. Schroedcr, 115.40; city
cases tried by C. J. Smith, 61, of
which 17 were dismissed. Thirty
eight state caoes were tried by C. J.
Smith. Nine city cases and six state
cases were tried by C. J. Schroeder.
The following charges were placed
against prisoners: Disorderly con
duct, C5; drunkenness, 22; assault and
battery, six; conducting disorderly
house, one; forgery, three; trespass,
three; larceny, eight; allowing minors
to lotter around pool halls and play
pool, one; inmate of house of ill fame,
two; keeper of house of ill fame, one;
obtaining food and lodging under falBe
pretenses, one; burglary and larceny,
one; total, 114; wagon calls. 50; ambu
lance calls, 30; sleepers, 183; CC street
lamps out a total of 694 hours.
The plumbing department report
Plans approved, 24; water tests.
24; final tests, 37; fixture inspections,
109; sewer connections, 17; certifi
cates issued to master plumbers, one;
inspection fees. $126. Deposited with
city treasurer, $136.
The report of the waterworks de
partment shows that 106,110,000 gal
lons of water were pumped, making a
daily average of 3,44 4,183 gallons.
The pump was run 652 hours and the
cost of fuel was $491.50.
The ordinance to govern the tap
ping of water mains was not brought
before the meeting and will-probably
rest until next week.
Secretary of Commerce and
Labor Sees Good in Oil and
Tobacco Rulings.
ext Step, He Kays, In Control Will
He Creation of Permanent
Federal Agency.
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Chamer-
Iains Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They do the work whenever you re
quire their aid. These tablets change
weakness Into strength, lietlessness
Into energy, gloominess Into Joyous
ness. Their action is so gentle one
don't realize they have taken a purga
tive. Sold by all druggist.
Washington, Jan. 3. "The mere
breaking up of a large combination
into a number of separate parts by
no means meets the whole trust
Question," says Secretary Nagel of
the department of commerce and
labor in his annual report transmit
ted today to President Taft.
Secretary Nagel declares that the
Sherman law has been proved to be
an effective statute beyond all doubt
and that a degree of combination of
capital is quite necessary, but he
adds that the supreme court deci
sions in the Standard Oil and To
bacco cases have demonstrated that
the next step in the control of great
industrial corporations will be the
creation of a permanent federal
How muuh control shall be exer
cised, whether by commission, fed
eral incorporation or other means,
which have been advocated recent
ly by Judge Elbert H. Gary, George
W. Perkins and other financiers be
fore the senate committee which
has been conducting hearings to de
termine what changes would be de
sirable in the anti-trust laws, Secre
tary Nagel does not definitely" say.
He favors, however, a development
of the powers and scope of the bu
reau of corporations.
"A certain degree of combination
of capital is admittedly essential to
the carrying on of our great busi
ness enterprises," says Secretary Na
gel. "To control properly- such
necessary combinations we must
have some administrative federal
office or commission which shall
make this work its business.
w e must nave a permanent
authority which shall by steady and
continuous supervision and publicity
safeguard the public interests and
at the same time allow full scope
for necessary and proper business
efficiency and development."
administrative: legislation.
- me decisions oi the supreme
court on the Standard Oil and
American Tobacco company cases
have brought forcibly to the public
attention a fact repeatedly present
ed in the reports of this department
the imperative need for the posi
tive administrative regulation of
great industrial corporations.
"The recent decisions and reor
ganizations which followed have
made it . clear that another Impera
tive step remains to be taken and
ttip.tt this is the establishment by
appropriate legislation, of a broad
system of supervision and publicity
for all those Industrial and commer
cial organizations engaged In inter
state and international business
TIME ripe for acton.
"Whether this shall be done by
means of federal incorporation or by
a federal office or commission exer
cising powers of regulation and sup
ervision may be a secondary ques
tion. The first consideration appears
to be the establishment of perma
nent administrative publicity, regu
lation and supervision. The time is
peculiarly ripe for such action. Pub
lic opinion and the views of many
corporation managers are as one."
Secretary Nagel recommends that
the bureau of corporations be de
veloped to take up the form of sup
ervision he suggests. It would be
but a logical expression of the bu
reau's operations and policy, which
he says, have relied solely on pub
licity for the last eight years and
have demonstrated beyond question
what a system of permanent super
vision can do.
Mr. Nagel'8 report in full deals
with the year's work in the many
bureaus and divisions over which he
POSITION towards immigrants.
In connection with the immigra
tion service the secretary recom
mends that any amendments to the
immigration laws tend to relieve Im
migrants of undue hardship without
letting down the bars against unde
sirables. Larger discretion should
be lodged with officials, he thinks,
to admit unfortunate members of
incoming families where it is shown
that eociety would be protected
against burden and danger. He
recommends also that examinations
of immigrants be made before they
embark for this country and that
the time for deporting confessed
criminals be extended.
Secretary Nagel refers in passing
to recent criticism of the immigra
tion service. He says the bureau
has endeavored to obey the general
mandate of the law and relieve the
individual of hardship wherever the
statute allows it.
"In the meantime, Lincoln's ad
vice finds renewed application,'
says the secretary quoting the words,
'If both factions, or neither, shall
abuse you, you will probably be
about right. Beware of being as
sailed by one and praised by the
other.' y
One of the greatest operations of
the year in Secretary Nagel'a de
partment was the completion of the
13th census.
A very important investigation on
the cost of living is now being car
ried on by the bureau of labor. "The
report promises to provide a basis
for intelligent discussion of this
much mooted question," says the
Albany, N. TT, Jan. S. In a mes
sage to the legislature today Gov
ernor Dlx declares the people are far
concerned with the partisan complex
ion of the legislature than with the
quality of laws enacted, and honest,
efficient and economical administra
tion of public business. The governor
makes a number of important recommendations.
The secret of being happy la doing
with what yon have, bnt the secret of
having what yon want Is getting out
and hustling for it
It rings and throbs from the heart and soul
of every healthy man and woman.
To The
Saves Two Lives.
"Neither my sister nor myself might
be living today if it had not been for
Dr. King's New Discovery," writes A.
D. McDonald of Fayetteville, N. C, 5.
F. D. No. 8, "for we both had frightful
coughs that no other remedy could
help. We were told my sister had con
sumption. She was very weak and
had night sweats, but your wonderful
medicine completely cured us both.
It's the best I ever used or heard of."
For sore lungs, coughs, colds, hemor
rhage, lagrippe, , asthma,, hay fever,
croup, whooping cough all bronchial
troubles it's supreme. Trial bottle
free. 50 cents and $1. Guaranteed by
all druggists.
a's Coul
Thousands of persons suffer need
lessly No longer need you fear the
surgeon's knife A cure la now
within the reach of all A revela
tion in the treatment of chronic dis
eases of men and women by the
great Vlro Current Offices located
at the southeast corner of Third ave
nue and Seventeenth street. Rock Is
land, 111.
Did you ever meet a man whose
whole-souled smile, ruddy beaming
face and warm, throbbing handgrasp
greeted you as he Joyously cried in
answer to your salutation: "I feel
first rate. I am glad I am alive?"
Did you ever greet a pale,. ner
vous, weak Individual and mark the
haggard eyes, the lined face, the
slow responding wan smile which
scarcely came ere it disappeared, the
cold clammy hand like a dead thing
In your hand while the frail, quiver
ing voice answers echoing the hol
low depths of melancholy in his slow
i am reeling snout tne same no
use to myself or anyone else?"
The first Is the personification of
good health,' perfect digestion and
sound sleep, aglow with buoyant
spirits and the keen zest of being
alive. The second is the incarnation
of ill-health, tired brain, weary
weak body and mind, with power,
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is not
a common, every-day'cpugh mixture.
It Is a meritorlus remedy for all the
troublesome and dangerous complica
tions resulting from cold in the head,
throat, chest or lungs. Sold by all
energy and ambition all gone.
Right here in Rock Island, every ;
day people who have suffered all
the torments of the tnoBt dishearten
ing diseases are being given a new
lease of life and a clean bill of
health. It is marvelous. Those who
have been coughing their lives away .
breath the pure ozone as from the
bracing air of the mountains; crip-'
pled rheumatics are internally bath
ed by the most penetrating, the most
rejuvenating of all restoratives;
paralytics feel the sense of returning
nerve and muscle freedom. They
stand on their feet and go away
cured. 1
Nervous wrecks Instantly are '
calmed and soothed by the magic of .
this most profound and wonderful "
treatment; the entire body throbs
with a vital, pulsating, enlivening in-
fluence. ' . .
That this new and wonderful
treatment is the most powerful
known Jto the science of medicine has '
been proved month after month dur
ing the past year right here witbin
your very reach and will continue to
prove its power month after mont' f
iu the new year, so if you are Hlr.y
come and be made well and be t'
of those to greet the next New T y
with a smile and be able to sr
am glad I am alive."
Southeast corner Third avenue and Seventeenth Sj
Rock l
Honrs, 0 to 5 daily, 7 to 8 evenings, Sunday 10
Consultation and Viroscopic examination free t f
f Xt)

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