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lofty principle of justice and liberty.
But the Civil war a a war for hu
man rights, for national honor and
life. For the first time in the7 history
of the world a nation waged war for
the emancipation of another race. Let
it be sad as a shameful and warning
fact, that the Huh century Baw an at
tempt to found a nation upon slavery
as a corner stone. There grew up in
The 'K;ti8' band of Bellville, Ont..
reputed to be one of the best concert
bands of the Dominion of Canada, is our country under the same flag two
attracting large crowds to the Watch j kind3 of civilization. The cornerstone
Tower park and with the musical num- i of one ' slavery; of the other, free
bers and the dances which intersperse ?om' ween the two there was an
i ii i t-ji tssiuit; runum. .as uucuia pux
them, the audience is Renin i's mon
ey's worth in the way of entertain
ment. It is estimated that V.'iw have
heard the band ihus far and with to
day's attendance, the number will soar
to gre.it heights. Scottish airs, quaint,
soft and beautiful, are the principal
fcuhjeots for interpolation by the
"Kilties," and all are played with a
great deal of expression. The
pipe playing and the dancing of the
highland flinc, Irish jig and a fe.v
other special features ma',.e each day's
"No nation can exist half slave and
half free." The slave power was with
out a conscience. The north deter
mined. It was impossible to avoid a
Let ns call your attention to the fact
t hat the results Involved the existence
of free institutions everywhere. For
the shots that ris;t rnvirt AtnoHran
l,a1 slave ships also destroyed those on the
Mediterranean, even if they were long
range shots. And who can tell the
I influences that came into Cuba, the
program a fine attraction. The band , ,hiUl,pinrg, and d over the ,
appears under the direction of T. P. ! as to 3 nerve(J ,tg 6od
' 1 1"-" am1 ' con Iu1" ita Bta' at , for a glorious conquest? The world
the Tower Sunday evening.
Cont!nu1 from rage Five)
barricade between their eoun'ry and
its foes. Their soldier lives were the
reveille of freedom to a race in chains,
and their death the tattoo of rebel
lious tyranny in arms."
I ior a glorious conquest
has been a freer world ever since those
j days.
j This day ousht to mean more than
; flower casting. It ought to furnish
lessons to us of our responsibility.
These men are our teachers.
1. They have taught us the value
of the flag.
. The hand of treason, like a mighty
octopus, was reaching out and grasp
ing out the stars of the union. The
i north said. "There shall be a star for
every state and a state for every
In such words of eloquence did one ! star" that the
who was himself the chief of the great "fnlon of lakes, the union of lands,
army of volunteer soldiers rail ntten- ; The union of states none can sever;
tion of the nation to M-morial day. j The union of hearts, the union of
We can measure the degree of a j hands,
nation's enlightenment by its appreci- j And the flag of our union forever."
atlon of heroism. A sad decline must j 2. They taught ua to properly value
smite a race before it can forget liberty.
where its benefactors sleep, and per-! A race of freemen was in slavery,
mlt their monuments to decay. The God called Abraham Lincoln to be a
ben nations of the earth today are Moses and the private soldier to be an
those who are intelligent and high-j Aaron. Today we are exulting In our
minded enough to appreciate the men j freedom, in our indissoluble union, in
who, by toll and Buffering, have left , our unprecedented prosperity, in our
the blessing of peace, truth and f re-' proud position among the world pow
dom to their fellow-men. Moreover, i rs, and in the bright prophecies of fu
the people who appreciate their ben-; ture national influence and usefulness,
efactors produce and reproduce them. 1 The war made liberty mean more to
And so, today, we hall the soldier vet-j every nation and democracy to all peo-
ran as the champion of our liberty, j pie on the earth.
the savior of our union, the herald of j 3. They have bequeathed to us a
a better age. the glory and Inspiration , land groa'er and more glorious than
of the republic. 'any the world ever saw.
This day comes under the shadow Money is no equivalent to the scr
of a great calamity. It Is a time of , vice they rendered and the sacrifices
chastened memories. It recalls the j they made. Palsied be the tongue that
vivid scenes uhen the thunders of j dares to wag against the fullest recog
years burst In nil their fury and the ( nitlon of the soldiers' claim. Yet a
horrors of civlh war were iiion us. For1 currency purer and richer than silver
four l'iig yenrs the armies surged to ! and gold Is required. Neither will corn
end fro; now in victory, now in do- j pl'ments or words of praise be a sufll
feat. The union became a byword on j i nt return. We can reward them
the highway of the world. Lending , only by beaming upon them the hon
Pri'lsh Journals said it was nn "insane ors vvhih they have so heroically won.
ambition." an "impossibility." Lord; 1. Perhaps among the greatest
Proi.gliton sneerinuly compared the j blessings which we have received as
government of Abraham Lincoln to an inheritance from tuem Is that they
Pontius Pilate overrun by a nob. ! have bequeathed to us great names.
Wendell Phillips and others advocated I There comes to us the music of
convention to s'tti" by agreement 1 cloiious nanus as we think of tboae
IkswtMiMSNSccaJL ii, swcsisu
that the north and south break for
ever, ("hers wisbd that Mason and
lixin's line might be a trench filled
wi'h gunpowder, and that the two sec
tions be blown as far apart as the
1 oles. You. soldier, can recall the thrill
of patriotism that swept over the na
tion when the (lag was insulted, and
men of every ra'ik of society hastened
away to pour their veins into the Ma
of blood. There have been wars in
spired by the lust of power, of hatred
and rev. ng. Wars of rivalry a?:d per
sonal ambition, but few Indeed of the
, days that tried men's souls. Names
that stand for principles, convictions,
revolutions, reformations and civiliza
tions. The Hebrews are represented
by a name Abraham, Moses and Da
vid The fJreesk interpret themselves
to the future through such a name as
;P'a.o. Homer or Solon. The Romans
ii.ll live in the immortality of Caesar,
Virgil or Marcus Aurelius. Whatever
! may become of Kncland, she will for
;ever be known by her Shakespeare,
' her Gladstone and her Victoria. We,
; too, have contributed glorious names
Insist on Having Your
Coffee Refined
Here is surely "something for nothing." We have installed a Hobart
Coffee Refiner in order that e may remove, by the vacuum process, the
chaff from coffee after it is ground, and insure to our patrons better cup
value than can possibly be had by putting into the pet this undesirable
chaffy substance or by buying coffee previously refined and put up in
cans, which has necessarily lost in a rength and quality.
Some Things Worth Knowing About Coffee
To ret the best results in the cup. coffee must be freshly ground.
Cofee must be granulated or ruKerlzed in a particular way to suit
the i articular kind of pot you are using.
The desirable elements in coffee are the aromatic oils which give it
favor and cafieine which gives the tonic effect. The undesirable sub
stance Is the tannic acid and the chaff contains a large percentage of tan
nic acid which should be remov-ed to pet ail of the good elements with
not enough of the bad to hurt.
We are equipped to give you coffee granulated or pulverized Just
right for any kind of pot you may be using. We give it to yoy freshly
ground, with no chance for loss in strength and e remove the chaff to
give you Ideal coffee quality and service. Ask us to have your next cof
fee refined and uotlce how much better.
Tea and Coffee Specialists. 225-227 Eighteenth St.
May Challenge Sale FLn s "Friday ft A Z A T"7 C
Take Advantage of the Scores of JJ XV VQ
wmm & imp otm
JJeo oeounvuroJK ciL ii rock iSLueaiu..
Wool chiffon finish
Sheer "Batistes 29c
86 inch all wool chiffon finish.
sheer batistes, a fine summer wool
material for house dresses and
street wear. These materials are
desirable in every way because of
their daintiness of color and their
serviceability. Friday this E9c
quality Batiste, 9Qa
85c value rL
The usual day of all over the store bargains, -with an unusually splendid list
01 lueni are me sma mat sea surprisingly iasi, so we aavise an eariy visit
morrow, the last day of our great May Challenge Sale.
Triday in the
Our neckwear section Is Inst bub
bling over with good thsis. Just
toppling over with such s weight
of extra quality, being counter
balanced by such a low price.
For Friday's special offering we
will soli plain lace collars, 50e,
and T.'.c values 39C
With th? above we can hardly re
sist mentioning the dainty lace and
embroidery trimmed jabots worth
up to 7.V, Friday
specially price, at' OuV
Kid Qloves
85c kind at 69c
16 button ladies' lisle gloves In tan
and brown only, a regular fiQl
85c value 07C
Ladies 9 50c Lisle
Globes 39c
2 clasp ladies' lisle gloves,
regular 50c value
Voile Waists, 49c
Fancy voile waists, stamped ready to
be eraboridered. With each waist to
be worked is a full set at directions.
Regular 75c AQfi
value v
$1 'Brassieres, 59c
$1.00 brassieres have to be classed
among the odds and ends. Coming in
every day are new things in this line,
but they don't last long with us.
Friday Specials
5c hooks and eyes, black P
and white, all sizes, 2 cards C
5c hairnets, 7 25C
Black and white darning cot- En
ton, 3 balls for t
White ivory brushes Gfij
worth $2.00 at VOX,
Any one dollar hair brush, including
both bristle and wire and 7Qp
air cushion brushes, at IoKj
White lawn bias tape, sold at Cn
10c. Friday, bolt dl
5c pearl buttons, J Aa
3 cards for XV 1
Children's supporters, black and
white, all sizes, Friday
pair 1HC
Suit 'Room Sales
Never before have stocks been so magnificent, so immense in
volume and assortment Never before have the better
economies at Young &. McComb's been so evident One is
impressed, especially in the suit rooms, with the complete
ness, the readiness to meet every demand for summer needs
and meet them at a price. It's a constant incoming and out
going of merchandise at Young & McComb's, a voluminous
flow of merchandise such as makes possible the many ad
vantages as offered below.
This store is the tri-cfties representative in the fashion cen
ters of the east Our buying organization in New York is
ever on the watch for a new development in style and Young
& McComb's suit room gives ample evidence of the success
of their endeavors. Daily arrivals in women's suits reflect
the charming and newest modes of fashion and add much
to the great variety and display. Just now our buyers are
picking up some wonderful bargains which they are hurrying
home for you. All our suits will sell as priced below tomorrow.
25 Suits worth up to AA
$25.00 at OJsUU
$20.00 to
$25.00 to
Wool t ex
$30.00 to
$40.00 to
$50.00 to
$25.00 Ladies' Tailored
Suits for
$30.00 Ladies' Tailored
Suits for
$40.00 Ladies' Tailored
Suits for
$50.00 Ladies' Tailored
Suits for
$60.00 Ladies' Tailored
Suits for
SI 9.50
Jj H
Dress Trimmings
20 'Discount '
Fancy beaded ornaments adapted for
evening and party gowns, large and
small, in jet. crystal, gold and a num
ber of colors.
First Floor, Trimming; Dept.
Hair 3oiv Ribbons
75c balues 25c
7 and R inches, all silk taffeta ribbon
in dresdens. stripes and moires, ar
values up to 75c, Friday uoj
'Embroidery H'dkf's
"Regular 25c values 13c
Save $1.20 a dozen on these dainty
Swiss Embroidery hemstitched handkerchiefs.
Triday in the 1
Toilet Goods
$1.50 Savoi Powder and Ronge QOa
combination fOC
25c Sanitol Face Cream,
25c Sanitol Peroxide Oreasless T
Cream IDC
50c Box Madam Isabel's Face 9
Powder Ot)C
43-inch Slviss 'Embroidery Tlouncing mack Silk Hose
Leather Goods
All 98c bags
79c metal frame bags of gold and
silver color, sold as high Qp
as 79p, Friday uJC
Indeed, the embroidery seetion should be filled yv
with eager buyers at an early hour, for these arefi i
just the embroideries that are in demand. Think xffli
of it, 45 ineh Swiss Embroidery flouncing in the fi'j
i i v iifWfM anu aiiiuL-iivt- pun fin;-, ui ut 1111 tu
$2.00 a yard, at
ie for Ivomen. 430
Fine gauge, gauzy weight fast black
silk houe, not only demanded and de
sired for its style, but its wearing
qualities as well. A 75c AZi
Pargaln, Friday lt
Jriday a Great Day in the Children 's Wear Department
Hen 's Haberdashery
For th ' K ght Dress ?r
Men's newest attire is always to be
found here. It Is a pleasure to buy
when you know you are buying right.
$1.00 pleated and plain bosom shirts,
specially priced Qf
Friday ''
50c Balbriggan underwear in ecru and
white, specially 7
50c suspenders in all weights,
specially priced for Friday ...
Quality in our children's wear has built up a reputation on this line
that is hard to equal any where. We have given marked attention
to the little folks and we belirve we have here a department that
will give you better than the host wear the children have had
from their clothes at prices that will surprise you for their lowness.
We just mention a few of the many bargains to he found in the juv
enile section Friday.
r;iildren's black ribbed hose In all sizes, 20c Cfin
value, 4 pairs for
Infant's lace hose In colors and black, 15c value,
3 pairs for
Children's parasols in colors, special
Good quality clothes
pins, 10 dozen for
Our special curtain stretchers
Boston Rubber Co. garden J f"A
he, 60 ft long ' v13U
Wear ever aluminum sauce
pans, 1 qt. size
Standard feather dusters. 9
35c value
10c water goblets,
Friday only
T T M V '"If jm m IS t-9 S-M 1 Is Sl TS !
gains that Characterize
"Bargain Triday
Wash SHln?s 36-inch linen finished suitings in Lavander, Tan, Pink, Old
Rose, etc.. just the thing for an outing. Bargain Friday, special -I Qp
priced at
Mercerlred Poplins, Cuptal cloths.
Peps, etc.. old rose, green with white
stripes, or tan suitings with black
stripes, worth up to 39c, Friday
Standard apron checks, gingham,
regular 7c value, per C
Calico in a large variety of color and
patterns a standard cloth 3tt
worth 6c yard. Friday U7"l
(Ten yard limit to the customer)
White Goods
Crinkled Crepe Deluxe, regular 15c
value, 1 f)p
Friday, per yard XVI
Striped Dimity, worth ISc yard. Fri
day special, lOf
per yard XVV
Beautiful Mercerized Foulards, white
grounds with navy and black rings
and dots, 39c value, 1Qf
Friday only Xi
Friday In the linens find a special of
fering of best quality bed sheets on
the market, 81-90 and a few &0-99,
worth up to $1.25 each, 7C
Friday 13
45-38 H Hemstitched pillov
cases, linen finish, each
Bleached Turkish Bath Towels, with
red. white and blue borders, 0-T
worth 35c, Friday each uo
Friday you may select from more than a
Hundred Trimmed nats
Valued up to $700 at $1.75 I
The styles and kinds are moot as var
ied as have txn shown in this fash
ionable millinery store during the sea
son. Milans, hemp and rough straws, flower
trimmed, ribbon trimmed, tailored and
dress hats.
Besides these we offer:
One lot of children's
straw sailors
One lot of children's
linen hats ,
New Muslin Gowns
To clear at 87c
This lot of gowns slightly soiled from
showing, will be placed on sale at a
great reduction. Slip over gowns and
gowns with dainty tuefced yokes tast
ily trimmed with linen lace and em
broidery. Your choice fiT
Friday at 01 C
Dinnerware Specials
... 29c
Glass Cream Pitchers,
Glass Spoon Holders,
Breakfast I'lates,
gold finish
Soup Bowls, gold
Open Vegetable Dishes,
gold polished
lecorated English
to the history of freedom and self-1
government, names which all the fu
ture will speak with praise and in the
spirit of emulation. A nation must
pay the price for an illustrious name.
This country has been repaid for all
its sorrow and suffering In the Revo
lution by being able to write in its
annals the illustrious name of Wash
ington. How much that single name
has been worth to the world. I do not
know but that the name, the character
and record, combined in the great and
good emancipator, president and mar
tyr Lincoln has repaid our nation for
all the treasure expended, if not for
all the blood shed !n the Civil war. Be
side this masterful, great man stood
another. You know him well, the iron
duke Ulysses S. Grant
"Greatest yet, with least pretense,
Great in counsel and great in war,
Foremost captain of his time.
Rich la saving, common sense.
And, as the greatest only are.
In his simplicity sublime."
It may be, sir, that you were with
him at Donnelson and Vicksburg. or
Sbilob and Corinth, or at Appomattox,
and you helped him fight it out on the
Some of you were with Logan, when
his hair was like the raven's wing, and
his eye was full of a glorious fire. And
he made you think it glorious to fight,
as you followed the gallant "Black
Eagle"' on to victory.
Or. perhaps, you were with the
brave-souled Thomas when he checked
ithe rebel tide as Gibraltar checks and
dashes back the rage of the stormy
Or, perhaps, some of you went with
Sherman "from Atlanta to the sea." In
the execution of one of the greatest
military movements in the history of
Thus we are rich in the inspiration
of great lives and sublime characters
which have passed Into the glorious
immortality of history. Hut every man
who suffered and fought with these
great leaders helped to bring them
fame, and are sharers in their renown.
Every soldier who fought at Ther
mopylae helped to make lon;das im
mortal. Yes, hcled to make courage
and patiiotisin immortal.
Every Ironside who fought at Mar
ston Moor helped to send the name of
Cromwell down a.s an inspiration to
Every Scot who fought at Bannock-
j bum helped to make the name of
j Bruce the eternal synonym of valor
and loyalty.
i Evtry union soldier who fought at
'Sh'.loh, Donnelson. Missionary Ridge,
Winchester or Gettysburg, or who
marchy-d from Atlanta to the sea, help
ed to fill our history with the names
which inspire a cation's pride asd Its
patriotism. All honor to the man who
shouldered his musket in thi days of
the Civil war, ar.d went forth to his
death without the hope of fame or the
I drearn of glory, but with his mother
i taught convictions of duty, and with
the purpose to defend the flag of his
country, and preserve the nation
union. Honor this day and forever to
the American private soldier to the
volunteer who came from the ranks of
the common people to preserve the
government of hlg people.
5. Nor would we withhold our trib
ute fiom the soldier of the south. This
day doen not bring thoughts of hate.
but thoughts cf Kve and peace. They
were brothers of your own race. They
were brave and gallant foemen, though
ithey fought In an evil cause. In 1,';C,
j Benjamin H. Hill said "There was a
' south of slavery and secession that
J south is dead." "There is a south of
union anl freedom that south, thank
God. Is living, breathing, growing e
ery hour." The south has learned tbaf
the free negro counts more than the
slave. That the school house on the
hilltop is valuable for black aud white
alike. That industry and commerce
are more potential than theories and
politics. They have smoothed the
;pa'h to the southward, have wiped out
j the Mason and Dixon line, and have
; hun out the latchstrlng to you and
yours. Truly we are Indeed brothers.
In sympathetic pathos the poet says:
No more shall the war-cry sever.
Or the winding river be red:
'They banibh our anger forever
j When they laurel the graves of our
! Fndr-r the god and the dw, -r
j Waiting the Judgment day
jlxve and tears for the Blue,
1 Tears and love for the Grav."
All the tews all tLe Uiao The Arsis.

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