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Standing of Clubs
j 1
! w L.
! Springfield 19 li
jQuincy C'i 15
Dubuque 20 15
I Danville is 15
I Davenport 17 16
j Decatur In 19
Admirable Course Laid Out for
the Big Regatta on River
Here in July.
Peoria 14 21
Blooraington 11 23
iaseet Anslen'd to Hare Control
nd Kwp Way Clear Rich.
Prize r Offered.
that the i
r cf the
ve used
r. b. a.
Rare, boat experts declare
course charter! by Major K'.l
army er.gtne'rg and ul.ii h
during the regatta of th' M. V
at Davenport July 4. 5 and r., ;a the
best ever mapped out on the Miss
issippi, Inasmuch as cor.testit.e boa's
will be In full sight of the judih barge
and from the grar.d. 'ar.d thrr'ii-hout
the entire race.
Owners of speed boats entered for
the regatta are extremely p'.easM w-uh
the facilities for unloading their craft
hlch bare been arranged for by the
local organization A lie traveling
crane trill lift the boa's from th" rirs
In which they are r:r;ed uml d-po?if
them In deop a'i-r. No o'hi-r ha ul-
l:-g " ill h v rt :t 1
ti.'-r popsib'lity f,f f;;i 'i.iiv. !r
r.n 1 the Tike "biis , n
The traveltr.g crr,e is row i:
i t y iplarid. an exccllet
II. e unloading cf t:.e !
HM7n' i I
Major Keller has a.
frit I'ngiri'-' r Basset t,
cl.arir.- of tie river
It land bridge to I,c
fotriplete ( hari'M of t'
for the Im? r- k i''d
:i s:
;in .1:1
p.!)' .
t point !or
ia ' s .
u: -
on '
the t
v I . .
W. L. Pet
New Tork S3 7 .S25
Cincinnati 26 19 .591
Chicago 23 IS .561
Pittsburgh 21 19 .525
St. Louis 21 26 .447
Philadelphia 17 21 .447
Brooklyn 13 26 .333
Boston 13 31 .295
W. L. Pet
Chicago 30 17 .63S
Foston 27 IS .600
Washington 25 21 .543
Detroit 25 22 .632
Philadelphia 21 19 .525
Cleveland 22 21 .512
New York 14 27 .341
St. Louis 13 32 .2S9
W. L. Pet
Toledo "4 16 .6S0
Minneapolis 34 17 .667
Columbus 34 19 .642
Kansas City 2S 26 .519
St. Paul 22 32 .47
Milwaukee 17 32 .347
Indianapolis 21 32 .396
Louisville 16 32 .333
will have lai' a iloz.
In pwitt motor l.oa's
order On the ro' ri-e
rareg Mr. Hasett w.'.l
- Hock
n haw
n a?-sistat''s
to pn-f'-r.!'
l'.ef(.-e the
have a tot;-
Jjmrj Lajai bk BnnMlm."
Larry Lejile, of the Cleveland American team, la ready to admit that
popularity muy have rtai financial vlue. Recently be completed hid
tt-bth year with Cleveland. Just to show him how much they thought of
him. the fans presented the veteran with a horseshoe made out of a
tl.oiiHand sliver dollars. Larry la the moet popular player In the American
iIiKue. He outrht to be most popular tn Cleveland, for his reat play
ling fcoa saved his team from many a defeat.
ference with river rap'ain-; no as
to obviate the possibility of frirtio"!
1 m rliitr the raws. No ir.t'rfer,-iift.
with the Hpeed cor.tests by river era?'
Will be tolerated. Soli)" of 1 1 e o" h'T
regattas of the M "V. i'. I'.. A. l.avi- !
iparred by nwr n'ea tn rs 1 toss'rrj
ti e 'iurte ai d l."t oi,!y -r: t -1 : rnn
!'h the rar.-s t ln-invi ! . t-s b :t ot
t'rurtinu. the ;a from tb, i-taii'l-F'aii'l.
NoMniii; of U,ib but 1 will he
1 1 rmitted.
The po erniiier.f atithorif'e? of the
Itork Nlatid arseii.il have proti.ised to
b an a 11' tnliT of bii; !,att:.s to t!ie
Davenport Boa,' eluli to be used as
li ooritu-H for the rar:t,: fruft aii.l for
'he fine li reworks displav.
IIMi -M l'll-..
In nddioti to more ti.:iti J''nn m
f;.hh prt7.es 1". fip-. valued at $!,;,mh;
a ill be ofl- red in t!,.. various ra:'es. !
The largest ia-b pri.e fii-s to the
w 1 11 tier of t,e 40 ..,)! fh'ii ;iions l'i;i
dacis. This is the 2" it'.iie rare, open ,
to nil speed boats t" 'out or under.
In addition to the Ji.imn t;rht pri7.- in
this rar there Is a s o:u) prl7 of
I.M'. a third pti.e f $r,'i and a fourth
of BCV With the $1. 1 cash prize
voos the $1,01111 Webb tropin, rind a
Jldii cup in "r'iv. ti vv :th t).. S.MllIld I
pne Of $jr,rt j
'1 he Jinn rash pi i..- and r 1 1 - - J'-'i'1 ''lip I
1 - to th v i:ii,iT in the Z'1 too' sp ed j
t hainpLonship. a 1 r-im ! free-for-all i
tine. Tlie M'i oinl prize is $100, the'
third $.'.0 ami tin- fo irth merchandise, i
In addition to these 'hie are two I
$2.'.t'rnsli pti.es, five rash prizes. '
tie 7.'. lo:;r $V. hi. $2... one $15, j
1 ne and five f,. In addition to the
Jl, ':'() Webb trophy there is one $25'i
nip to The winner in the 22-foot claa,
one rup in the handicap rare and
t.fveral $101) and J.jij cups as second
hih school tt i- ;
eul! esterday i
j The seniors of ;h'
'umpheii over tie fa
attertioon in a i;anie of baseball at
Island City park, the contest marking
the close of t !i atlik'tic vear at thf ;
, si hool. Coistrary to past results, th",
iliiftiity was easily defeated, the score;
I oein- to The prof's had b.it little ;
practice, 1,1, t ti.-veri bless n'ered info!
,the iray with a vim that, lor a time, I
! seemed as tamiLiii it would sweep th.',
seniors off their feet. It: 'he fifth 111
nitii; the f;tcit- went ha.looniii. audi
ibetote tl:ey wire saf.-lv authored the'
graduates had pushed l' runs across j
th' plate and cinched the tame. Mr.
CoMieal s'arti d on the tnonnd for the!
ins' ni tors, bi t was relieved in turn ;
bv Hill and Sitinett. For the seniors.!
Kmpke, I'ratt. Kittilsen ami Towtisau 1
! formed the battery. j
of Its Toice. Sportsmen, In fact, al
lude to Its apparent voleelessness.
Nor so far as the records go has It
ever been beard In captivity. Up to
the present it appears that no one
could say whether the cry of a giraffe
was a groan, a bellow, a bleat or a
neigh: hence the record of the recent
experience of a n.iturallst in east Afri
ca, who has actually Leard its voice.
Is of special interest.
Blaney Percival, the naturalist In
question, spent the day in concealment
over a waterho'e where the wild ani
mals came to drink. He had ut times
seen giraffe ami zebra drinking with
in thirty feet of him. While thus
watching he had the good fortuue to
hear the giraffe.
It was making a bleating noise, but
Mr. Percival says it is quite imiiossl
ble to describe the sound in writing.
"The nearest I can get to it," be says,
"Is 'war're' rather drawn out, not Just
a 'baa,' like a sheep, but more pro
longed, and the softening nt the end
more noticeable. London Field.
W. L.
St. Joseph 31
Des Moines 26
Sioux City 23
Omaha 25
Denver 24
Wichita 21
j Lincoln 19
ITopeka IS
Pet !
.646 '
.532 j
.490 i
42 !
W. L. Pet.
! Burlington 24 11 .6S6 !
, Monmouth 21 14 .100 !
! Kewanee 2o 15 .571
J Ottumwa 21 16 .56S ,
j Calesburg 17 20 .459 '
j Keokuk 16 22 .421
; Hannibal 14 21 .36S
Muscatine 13 24 .351
It Is
Peculiar Sound Something Like
a Sl-ep'a Bleat.
"It cured me,' or "It saved the life
of my child," are the expressions you
hear every day about Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
This is true the world over where
this valuable remedy has been intro
duced. No other medicine in use tor
diarrhoea or bowel complaints has re
reived such general approval. The se
cret of the success of Chamberlain's
Colic, i'holera and Diarrhoea Remedy :
Those who rend the accounts or the ! js that it cures. Sold by all druggists.
giraffe in the tex!(ooks and the de- j
h rlptions given by travelers may j All the news all tee time The
have noticed that no mentiou Is miuie Argus.
a tTt mm
"J C(lthICD "-H
The first step toward poor health is a weak stomach. From this arises all such
ills as Heartburn. Bloating. Vomiting, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Head
ache .Biliousness and Malarial Disorders. Therefore be wise in time and get a
bottle of Hcstetter's Stomach Bitters. A few doses at the first sign of stomach
weakness will save much suffering later on. Thousands know this to be true. We
jirge a trial today All druggists and dealers.
BEKU.T 1 i:Vl tlllDA Y.
Davenport. 4; Bloomington, 2.
Springfield, 4; Pecria, 2.
Dubuque, 7; Danville. 2.
Decatur, 3; Quincy, 7.
Chicago, 2: Washington, 4.
Detroit, 4; Hoston, 3.
St. Louis, 4 : Philadelphia, 9.
Cleveland, 0; New York, 7.
Brooklyn, 2; Chicago, 7.
New York, 7: Cincinnati. 6.
Boston, 0; Pittsburgh, 4.
Philadelphia, 3: St. Louis. 4.
Indianapolis, 15; Milwaukee, 7.
Columbus fi; Minneapolis 5.
IxmisvUle 4; Kansas City, 2.
Toledo, in; St. Paul, 7.
Canton. 19 ; South Bend, 2.
Zanesville, 4; Dayton, 3.
Wheeling, 6. Fort Wav ne, 2.
Terre Haute, 3; Erie, 2.
Akron 9: Springfield, 5.
Grand Rapids, 5; Youncstown, 3.
St. Joseph, 2; Topeka, 7.
Wichita, 7; Omaha. 4.
Lincoln, 1; Des Moines, 1 (10 in
nings, rain 1.
Denver, 5; Sioux City, 4.
Oshkosh, 5; Wausau, 4.
Apph ton, 9; Green Bay, 8.
Rockford, 9: Racine, 4.
Aurora, 1 ; Madison, 0.
Lincoln, 9; Streator, 5.
Kankakee, 5; Canton, fi.
Champaign, 1 ; Pekin, 5.
Kewanee, 2; Ottumwa, 4.
Hannibal, S; Monmouth, 4.
Keokuk, 13; Burlington, 4.
Galesburg, 1; Muscatine, S.
To Nature's
Pleasure Resort
T(Dwr LPsnrLk
40 attractions
Roller Skating Shoot the Shoots
Penny Arcade Figure Eight Boating
Merry-Go-Round Fishing
Shooting Gallery
Unexcelled accommodations for picnic parties.
Plan to have your picnic at the Watch Tower.
An excellent dining service that caters to the
best and gives the best.
Spend Sunday af the Watch Tower
Amateur Baseball
Happy Corners George Huhcr, man
ager. Phone west 8S7-L.
Mohawks Fred Schill, manager; 52S
Twenty-first street.
Fritz's Colts H. F. Meyer, mana
ger, 901 Thirty-fifth street.
R. 1. H. S. Juniors Manager W.
Whisler, 2526 Sixth avenue.
Booster ball club Arthur Ohlweil
er, manager.
C, R. I. & P. S. D. Fairman.
2929 Fifth avenue.
Rock Island Pirates Manager,
Dwight La Grange, 452 Forty-fifth
Lawndales W. Geiger, manager,
831 Fourth avenue. Phone west
1 CS6.
South Heights Frank Emig, mana
ger, 1730 Second avenue.
Moline Independents Emery May
field, manager; 822 Fifth avenue, Mo
line; phone east 555.
Grafton Tigers Vincent Volkmann,
manager, 2428 Elghteenth-and a-half
street. Moline.
Moline Tigers Charles Crippen,
manager, 1412 Twenty-sixth avenue,
Moline. Phone east 390-L.
Moline Independents Emery May
field, manager, 822 Fifth avenue, Mo
line. Phone east 555-L.
Moline West Ends J. Mordhurst,
manager, 519 Fourth avenue. Phone
east 555-L.
Manufacturers Thomas J. Price,
manager, 727 Twelfth street, Moline.
23O0's C. W. Bunch, manager, 2309
Fif'h avenue, Moline.
Central Athletic Club Manager at
1323 Seventh avenue, Moline, after 7
p. m.
The Rock Island Oakdales A. Ack
ley, manager, 847 Twenty-first street.
Phone West 1 279-X.
Davenport Cardinals Henry Weav
erling, manager. Phone North 17U1-J.
! 30,000 VOICES !
And .Many Are the Voices of Kork
i Island People.
I Thiriy thousand voices what a
1 graud chorus! And that's the num
ber of American men and women
; who ate publicly praising Doan's
i Kidney Pills for relief from back
ache, kidney and bladder ills. They
'say if to friends. They tell it in the
; home papers. Rock Island people
'are in this chorus. Here's a Rock
! Island case :
! Mrs. E. Weiss, S23 Fourth avenue,
j Rock Island, 111., says: "All I say in
jinaise of Doan's Kidney Pills sti
! holds good. I had been troubled by
; kidney disorders for some time.
'There was an acute pain across the
small of my back which made it hard
i for me to bend or do any lifting. I
I had headaches and dizzy spells. A
member of my family had been cur
ed of an attack of kidney complaint
by Doan's Kidney Pills so I decided
to try them. After the first few
doses 1 got relief and soon I was free
from the trouble."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
rents. Foster-M ilburn company,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and fake no other.
Move 01 Now! ' 11
says a policeman to a etreet crowd,
an d whacks heads if it doesn't. "Move
on now," says the big, harsh mineral
pills to bowel congestion and suffer
ing follows. Dr. King's New Life Pills
don't bulldoze the bowels. They gent
ly persuade them to right action, and
health follows. 25c. at all druggists.
P. R. Wlthtrgton.
I In the recent Intercollegiate cham
pionship meet at Philadelphia, P.
p.. Withir.gton of Harvard, made a
r.ew record m the two mile race. His
i'Ume was S. 24 2-5. . .
You are hereby notified that the
houses located at Nos. 1912, 1916, 191 H, '
1924 and 1925 Fifth avenue, and '
No. 500 Twentitth street, in the '
city of Rock Island, 111., being all the ,
houses located upon the ground bought
by the Young Men's Christian associa
tion for a building site (excepting No.
1S22), are for sale upon the following
Sealed bids in writing will be recrlv-'
ed by R. C. Smedley, secretary of the
Young Men's Christian association of
Rock Island, Illinois, at his office at
any time on or before the 10th day f
June, A. D. 1912 at 9 a. m., tontain
ing separate bids on each residence,
provided certified check for the full
amount thereof accompanies said bid,
and provided further that said R. C.
Smedley, secretary of said Young
Men's Christian association, reserves
the right to re ject any and all bids.
Dated at Rock Island. Illinois, this :
31st day of May A. D. 1912. 1
Secretary of the Young Men's Chris-1
tian association. 1
This Man Saved $700.
Read What He Says of the
Factory Demonstrating
Car Which He Purchased
"I thought you might be interested in a report of
the Demonstrator which Mr. T. and I drove home yes
terday. We drove the whole distance of more than
175 mile3 in nine hours' running time. Never had the
hood up and not one bit of trouble. The roads were in
frightful condition too. If there are any better cars
made for the money than Velie cars, I have yet to learn
their names."
We consider this car as good as new, if not better,
a3 it has run sufficiently to limber it up. It's sure a
peach. In buying this car, I relied upon the reputation
of the Velie company and to say I am pleased with the
car is putting it mildly. Yours Truly,
O. A. P.
Why not be as shrewd as this man? There are sev
eral car3 remaining. Don't forget they are guaranteed
by the
Moline, Illinois

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