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Exclusive Wire
Trie Weather
Forecast Till 7 P. M. Tomorrow for ;
Rock Island, Davenport, Moline, j
and Vicinity.
Showers tills afternoon and tonight, j
Saturday probably fair. Not much, '
change la temperature. j
Highest temperature yesterday, 79, j
lamest last night. 63, temperature at
Mestach, in Monoplane, Victor
in Speed Test by a Mile
a Minute.
Pawns Her Jeweb to Save Gen
eral From Being Sold Out by
the Sheriff.
New York Lawyer Volun
teers Story of Mysteri
ous Case.
Currtncy Legislation Be -
fore Association it a
"Closed Incident."
Land and Agricultural Credit Is,
Discussed by Charles A.
Iietrolt, Mich., Sept. S. The Ameri- !g one of tne faclB now a8 ve demon- j Syracuse, X. T., Sept. 13. The dem
ean Bankers" association today plung- ptrated as man's mastery of electricity; ' ocrats who had charge of the arrange
ed into a discussion of agricultural : but little has ever been done to put the . mpntg fQr the vigU tQ gyracuge yeBter-
and outward indications '
pcinted to the fact tnat C"J
lea station matter would be a closed
incident," so far as the present con-
' .
vention is concerned.
The advisability of forming a - co -
.I..,,,.., r,.v ,.f tf morteaee
1,'hu banks, united into a powerful ceu-
tral organism, for strengthening com-
merclal banking credit." was recom-
mri.d.., for consideration of the asso !
., . ,., . . . p...., ThB
nation by ( harles A. I onant. loe
.... m, i- uA.r,
--.n.I and Agricultural Credit." I
Mr Conant l.ceun bv referring to
the prepare of population upon food .
niI-Mv ard the necessity of Increasing I
tt... un a i,t rii'.iivnti d land bv inuirov
.., ...Jau , th '
f.ripn r lie oolnttfl out that t)itter ex-
...... I... nroWti for Ikh.i- ,
.ng monev upon land to be unsound,!
b it ,hat Europe had solved the prol,-
l,m tf ti,e h,.Iv transferability of
I,,,.,, c.i i,.. r... ..f in-
ten hi tn t d. lit.rrtiwcr by taking a l"af
foit; lb
bilif. .
, xi,er:- n. e of the limited lia-
ii'any lu ttie issue or tionas ;
, . , ;
ri. t l i:i uniM-
"In Kuropi ." b'- Kiilil
the man who
has n. one) to lend upon mortgage is i
no It.i.ter obliged to make personal ex-
amiiiatitin of the properly, nor to risk !
Ms capital upon a Plnple lnventment
in a non-transferable form, lie has
i.i.'y to buy a negotiable bond - coupon
registered, a' cording to bin prefer- !' "onfer nces of one Kiiul and another
. in. which he can i-"il as readily as may be arranged either ut the college
the l.ond of the government and with 1 or in various local centers. The occa
even less risk of flucumtton in iis price. ' ploual lecture would come under this
He has behind the bond not tin rely the ! head.
l.'iul. i he source of nil wealth, but he' "I'nder object lessen teaching may
bus the j.e.!j;e of a htock company that be groiif.ed the farm demonstration
they hate examined the properties j work, the secial train, the fair ex
tipon w hich loans have been made, that ; hiblt, the educational excursion, and
all sin h properties ate held tn the ag- : publications These should include the
renate as nsetp against the otrtstarnl-j press bulletins sent out weekly or
itig bonds, and that the company has ' monthly, the b-ufM or agricultural per
Im Hililition an adeimate capital to cover j iodlcal, series of jxipular bulletins, and
any uiiexp'cted shrinkage In the value ; traveling agricultural libraries,
of the property behind l's bonds. "The work must be carefully organ-
"The bonds issued by the credit fon- ized and efficiently manned w here ef-
ier of France under ths system are fectlve service Is contemplated. The
made attractive t0 the lwrrower by the j nien chosen for this line of work must
k) stein of amortisation by which they ;
are paid off and by the long termsover
which the amortiratlon extends. Iu the i
loan, made by th credit fonder of
K,.nr. mor- than fbren.mr.er. I
f,.r ..,t- f sn ..,.r. ... ,v.
thi amortization charge involves only
n siua!I addition to the annual Interest, j
Th need of extenslpn teaching in '
agriculture, what such instruction!
should Include, pluns for organ!ziig the
work Involved In a campaign of
extecslon teaching In agriculture? Sec-
o d. what shoirid extennion teaching
include? Third, auggesUons for the
organization of the work along efficient
ltr.es. Fourth, some data with refer
ence to the progress and results at
tainad by this method of Instruction.
"The ?rtnt condition of our agrl-
th iUIHininm of tho rinnnl Att
, . - - - .
ii i. ... ........
.i. iMu.tiru
The ra.e of interest charged upon loans j agronomy, horticulture, animal hus- he probably would not have accepted and 42 seconds c, Martin in a 1 in . ht i, m a , e T Pmds upon this government's future
during the lan few years by the credit Landry, agricultural chemistry, etc.. the invitation, as he wished to avoid Inacnine made himself was second ' ' Szabo i attitude on the Panama canal tools
fonclr of France has been 4.30 per ! w"l be delegated from the members of participation in the internal politics of i A m . ,&re the same persons. mwatinn was refuted todav when it
"" j,,ie "lialized staffs of these depart- any state. Lloyd Thompson in a Wrient was GO FOR A KOW- became known that the Loudon for-1
agricultural eaucat.on ana wnat has ; lego should, of course, undertake to eS- Tr flatea bepi. a, expressing regret ; oplane race were $275, $150 and $100 i Ritter at all .an..H -- --- i- - ,
been accomplished already, were dis-, tabllsh a satisfactory relatit.nhin with that the nominee could not remain in ' t ' , l T. ! P . a .v.
eu.-l today by Andrew M. Soule, all other agencies at worK ttn-in i' t evening to attend a din-' I1M OHM TA lirrT It ln ?! h ' I , ' ca8eB ' 8Uf en d w,llh
President of tU Georgia State College ' These agencL may include the ex ! which had been arranged by Ker-1 VV . II N Til M F F T n J "on the Take ' I M
of ArgJcultnn. Mr. Soules address, ! imrnt station, the state department of ' nan- because he had a prior engage-! H-UUH IU HILL I " , . (1AIN of ixiiikms.
In part, follows: j agriculture, farmers' Institute organiz- n,t,nt ln New York- ttnM fl II ITI mAA, .. ra1 , fJl LIT Wf PIit row'ng seT-; neElde the Szabo tragedy there has
"The subject matter considered nn- aliens, normal schools, district agri- mim UKHmmu. i RSYflN AT I IMPfll U other v Lit ,n cZ f hTl J"!i been a thain of curiou colnrit,ent8
cer this caption may be divided into cultural schools, and the fnlted States John A. Mason, secretary to Cover-1 "11 II I LlltUULll ou ha t 'fin e uita M ra Rittf ' " , a Uak"A "'th GibBn'8 f B"d,t"
... .v j I j . . ,. . i . . .. ! uur naming suus. Airs. Hitter wanted 0-,,k r- diunnuranr,, nf M flinia
culture is unsatisfactory. It la evident nature and extent nf th. nrv
i j . c'lgn . ecv. i. u". 1 1 n u Diauuaiu usurer iv, ana wnen I went tn v . t ? i v r. r i . , . . , t .
treat depledon la soil fertility has termined by a knowledge of the ex- today made public a Mter he had sent e democratic ticket will speak grasped her We went down l'.l hn bro" 8 r
taken pla-e In recent Tears: nor has'utina I cal condition. i ..., . . from th fifl,n r.i,f ,. : 6 p.. . e went d"wn f5-,'- arrest. A witness at the Kinnan in
1 ' u7 uio,b uu v uwvi i ri iu,i m . u j 3 aai ii iau tJ. i . v nH nrnr.Ar v iia. cAq.. .r Cr.r. i ? r...... li'.i no in mA ann rnrtn e,a r i i i 1 .
the malptactW In this direction been "While the public ha. not yet reallz-! ctic leader, who bad bitten him -uncement made by th goroJr I her XV!V 1?X . V' . "'"'J
arrested. The yields i.er acre of our ed t', all-important nature of xten. i nrein, nMitin to th- ,nn,.n...'T. That will be on Wilson s second !.,., , . .1 ' K . " . " u.u '"- arownea in a treen. ana ww.rge .
farm crop, have falien to, a alarming .ion teacLlcg. so far a. agricultural Mion of Governor Dix. Wilson wrote The only other date ou'qi,e sure that " dd nothne ntZ V I ! , T .'
degree, and thl. In .plte of ;he ,por- topic, are concerned, the work has al- that the letter Impressed him verv ,bis ,riP ,huB 'ar announced is Indi-, ,h8n brelk her hold I d m '11 K? ? . a ' V T ,
adlc effort, made here and there to ready mad. remarkable progres.. Six much and that he felt deeplv the ct- 30- the governor I her or h' he? In any "T ,':
maintain or lr.cre.se yield, on the part year, ago practically nothing had been "gravity of the New York state itua-.1" addn tbe national conservation'! am 8ure wh, , came toThl ?r T ? Jr0wnd, ln, l!i'4"''1 '
of the farmer by the use of v.riou. don. along thl. line save the organl,-1 tion and hope with all mv heart theiC6,8- SpnngnekL 111, Des Moines fae i thought I saw mTs Rit ,S ; "Ti. ' . 'n ? f'ZI X r.
soli amendments The stiuarlon Is. I ation of farmers' institutes. Now there ' forces working for a wise choice in I and MlIwaukee W b included. il wJn w . ,k . The.'::S- Jobn RU" ON""' a l'v"
. . . . . . . Black foot. Idaho. Sent. 13. a nvmn. . j. " ner na,n.ng cap. ifth s.ioi'ct, who had conferred vitn
' 7 a. m, 65.
Wind Telocity at 7 a. m, bIx miles
Precipitation In the last 24 hours,
( none.
Relative humidity at 7 p. m, 49, at
7 a. m., 60. j
Stage of water, 6 4, with a rise of .6 i
of a foot in the last 24 hours.
J. M. 6HERIEK. Local Forecaster.
(From noon today te coon tomorrow
Bon sets 8:12, rises D 40. Evening
stars: Mercury. Venus. Mars. Jupiter.
Moraine star; Saturn.
many directions, ana it is esscnuai
that it be brought to them as quickly
as possible and In the most acceptable
and easily understood manner. The
oft-repeated suggestion that an agricul
tural revolution may be brought about
Knowledge wmcn is to bring anout mis
Uthln the reach of those who must!
" i
P"-"e It if he end sought is to be at- ,
1 ta ned. Intel igent consideration calls
i . .
i a definition of what extension
i teaching may properly include, lien- I
- rally Peking. ,t may be regarded as
me,hod f disseminating information
all topic related to agriculture in
the broadest sense of the word.
"1 nder systematic instruction may
e 'ncluued what is known as the ex-
tension school, which undertakes, as i
ll 'lamp 10 carr on definite j
instructions along certain lines into a
BJVM1 community for a period of three ,
days to a month. This Is probably one
f the most efficient forms of exten
sion teabing which can be ina igura-(
tefl in at'-V StHte
I in any state.
'The experimental farm or definite
" ... " .. , I
"' tPKt area win follow next in im-,
l''f"- (.orrespotur-n courses
OM'l f'"""3 lieli.ful. The lecture
and reading course will also be found
I.. !... 1 I .... :.; ... .
conimunmes. in onitr
' - "
it in iam. uui nui least, turner ill l B ui-
t isitin wouiu ite raiiKea me worn oi i
1.1... 1
I1" """ '""
MHMF"S iMnin:i iiest.
"Under the head of informal teaching
probably the mott efficient agency 13
the farmers' institute. Then would
cotne the farmers' week, generally ar
ranged for at the agricultural college.
be experts In fact and realty. In tne
administration of the work it will be
we" to have an xecutive secretary or
a f.lrector of the extension service '
with a staff of men and H.rU r,
ihti eontrot Thi rnctitt,, ,1,
leus for the organization and direction
of the work. The experts needed In !
quest of the extension director.
Ar.KriE! snori.n joi
"fn organizing extension work with-
In tie confines of any state, the col-
.tive plan of work can generally be ar-
rived at which will be satisfactory and
j enable all to work together In, har-
. uui -
mony and with greater success than
if they endeavored to operate Inde-
pendently. The number of agencies to
consider and the relationship which
they stall bear to each other, and the
I th&fi li) Ktsta cmnlA.-!, , i
iiiu c
. .iv.,.6 BTitrijii uun -
I i . .
uiw uit-u b eDeciailPIS
I ' I 1 ' I r I I 111 I III I i'U Ill eunnnUB . . r . I . . vu.'uvu lo UritUOT 1 1 1 UK.I SI 111 V 1 " 1
" - "v ' wuuci- 1
New York Leaders Piqued
by Statement of
Efforts Made to Draw Nominee
Into Contest Over the
day of w
Voodrow Wilson took excep-
,l0n t0d8y 0 ,he nom,nee's reported
statement mat naa ne Known mo
demncrstic mate committee and conn-:
ty chairmen were to have met here on
the day he was to visit tne state fair,
Francis Kernan. at whose home Gov-
e,..u. ,,. , r.oC,l0iUCu un., U1S
tay h. re, made public a letter today,
from J. P. Tumulty, Wilsons eecre-
committee, declared today that there
had been no misunderstanding with
Wilson: that the committee thought it
advisable to have Wilson at their
nfeeticg. and that he wrote McAdoo
about it and he wrote that "Wilson
would be delighted to talk to the com-
tuv in u ui i.u. uiri iiiii si 11 iiii'
I t, ..
' yrean.
iior iix una becreuary oi tne si aie . . (
Chicago, Sept. 13. France, which so
ea8ily flew with the Gordon Bennett
new aviation honors from America
at Cicero field yesterday. In one of
the two big events of the day the 20
kilometer speeders contest for mono
planes foreign flying French ma
chines won all the prizes. Their su
periority was so generally conceded
that the owners of machines made in
this or other countries did not take
the trouble to enter against them.
The winner of the race was George
Mestach. He flew a high power Mor-ane-Borel
"beetle" around the 12 and
a fraction miles that made up the
course in 12 minutes and 18.55 sec-
jonds; Maurice Prevost,- in an old style
Deperdussln finished second In 13
minutes 27.95 seconds; and J. Ramon
Montero, a Peruvian, In a Bleriot, was
third tn 14 minutes 45.45 seconds.
The second big event of the day
was the 12 mile biplane speed race.
There were four entrants, but one of
them. Howard Gill, flying a Wright,
; was flagged down by mistake In his
, .'itu ,av, anu wnai snare Ot IJie
prlze nwney he may get has not been
Anthony Jannus in a Benoist got
tin drove the fa8te6t of the th
' tl rut nlnr Hie timo u.aa 19 -inntAc I mcv.it irnH loot nitrVt no V.n..ln v.
chines, but he was given a hunHWn'wn i m . .
which lust kent him nut nf fw ,,
ey. The prizes in this and in th mnn.
Democratic Candidate and Col -
onel to Speak From Same
. the water simultaneously. The boat
New York, Sept. 13. Governor Wll. , U.P hCn ' Came up 1 am
son will meet Colonel Brvan n ' Zl Bwimmr- Inde. I can
ccln Neb Oct fi wief h Lin':hfardlVswlm 81 M. Ritter waa
ccin Neb. Oct. a. when the present struggling to reach the beat apparent-
.CI LSlactlOOt
. -
Indians, wearing their I
Ktudiest garments welcomed Colonel
Both Thrown in the Lake, but
She Pulled Him Under in
Rescue Attempt.
MIddletown, N. T., Sept 13. The
trial of Burton W. Gibson, the New
York lawyer, on a charge of murdering
Mrs. Rosa Menschik Szabo, a client.
: was postponed until Sept. 27
Gibson today denied he said the
woman drowned was not Mrs. Szabo.
tail last night.
"The nm nf th
.., c..,.; !. 6'
.t, ' . ! ' '.'''British exhibits.
to change seats. She got up and start-
," lowar,ds.,me- nadn-t stood, but
"tt" "" ou' OI m Sfat 'h-n
the boat suddenly tipped and we both
went into the water. We went into
P a, d ' U fh pJ7ed me lp- There
' uuai n ueu j intuit? (;i
New York, Sept. 13. General Dan-1
iel E. Sickles' wife pawned her jewels
tl-.e JS.066 which her husband owed to
the Lincoln Trust company.' I
So the forced auction of the furni- j
ture and keepsakes and Civil war com- j
missions signed by Abraham Lincoln,
which was to have been held tomor- j
Mrs. Sickles and ner husband are!
not now on good terms. They sep- j
arated not long after their marriage in I
Mr.diid in 1S71, and have been est rang- j
that the general, who is 86 years of;
Kt7 o AUUUl lJ M V7 OUiU UUl UJ V LI ? !
sheriff, she resolved to help him.
In pawning her jewels and saving
to the general his possessions In the
home at 23 Fifth avenue she had no
other motive than quaking her hus-1
band happy, according td Ralph Wolf,
attorney tor t.enerai bickies. !
Since coming to this country in'
1908, after the death of her Spanish I
mother, Mrs. Sickles has lived at the j
Brevoort house, adjoining that of Gen-1
eral Sickles, and owned by him, and I
more recently In an apartment hotel !
... . . . ... . 1
on West Eighth street with her son.
ocurge Ma.ui.uii oickil's.
At noon today Mrs. Sickles set
forth on her mission to relieve the
embarrassed general. She and her
son went first to the Knickerbocker
Trust company. There Mrs. Sickles
opened her safe deposit box and drop
ped into her handbag 15 pieces of
Then mother and son walked to Mc
Aleen's pawnshop on Sixth avenue and
Thirty-fifth street. Henry McAleen
knew they were coming. The visit
was arranged three days ago. The
lawyers for General Sickles and the
Lincoln Trust company knew some
thing about It, too
Mrs. Sickles laid the contents ofjticaiiy any contingency ana it was
her satchel before Mr. McAleen. She ' made plain today any reasonable ac
seemed to think she would be able toltion by the commanders will be up-
redeem her pledges in good time. As
she handed the pawnbroker a diamond
and sapphire bracelet she observed ta
her son:
"That was a present from the gen
eral." JJUa. esxnrsioji ended
at the offices of the Lincoln Trust com
pany. There she paid $8,066 to Vice
President Webb and got a receipt ack
nowledging that the Judgment had
been satlsfed. Mr. Webb waived the
costs and accepted only the principal
and interest of the general's Indebt
edness. The news having been flashed to
Sheriff Harburger, that official quit for
the day ahead of time In order to
find the general and congratulate him.
Participation in Frisco Show
Not Dependent on Canal
Toll Attitude.
Washington, Sept. 13. The report
that Great Britain's "provisional" ac-
i cc.ptance to participate in the Panama
! Pacific exposition at San Francisco de-
"provisional to secure asBuranceu i
trom mo expoHimm "'"
i character of the accommodations for
or of persons connected with cases in
wni(h hP was interested. The first or
four such coincidences occurred when
Mrs Aiioe C. D. Kinnan, daughter of
, tt.r.,n:n uhnc ..rnrrtv e:,t
Bcn hanaiPd. was murdered at h'-r
home in the Bronx. The murder mys-
tf.rv waa never solved. Gibson was
arr',Ht,d pf.n(ling an ve8tiKlo. but
,,u.,a nn a hahea comua writ
bson concerning a rnortirage tran
,tlon after winning a $10,000 damage
gW ReVOlUttOn EndanqOrS
Foreign Interests, is
the Report.
Department, on Receipt
Qf Orders. BeqinS PreO"
Washington, Sept. 13. The United
.states is about to intervene in Santo
Domingo. Warehfpa will be dispatch-
. . . , .
e1 there at once- new revolution
threatens foreign interests.
The customs houses on the Island
controlled bv the United States by
. . . , . ,
treaty must bo protected against
. ' ... vr,h.r
than that, advices this morning con
veyed news of so serious a nature that
the state department began prepara
tions for Immediate activity.
Washington, Sept. 13. American
troops may take a hand In the fight
ing at Agua Prieta, if bombs fall in
Douglas, Ariz., or lives are menaced
on the American side. This was In
timated today at army headquarters
following receipt of advices that rebel
leaders would disregard warnings not
to fire in the direction of Douglas.
Troop commanders have blanket In
structions broad enough to cover prac-
; held by the department.
Fort Riley, Kan Sept. 13. The
entraiument of the Thirteenth United
States calvary, two pack trains and
a detachment from the hospital corps.
j bound for the Mexican border, began
i today
Douglas, Ariz., Sept. 13. Rebels
began an attack on El TIgre, an Amer
ican mining settlement south of the
border at this point.
El Paso. Sept. 13. After firing a
few shots into Agua Prieta rebels that
had been threatening to attack the
town disappeared southward today.
try to savi: m:iK.
Washington, Sept. 13. Senator
O'Gorman has asked the state depart
ment to Intercede for John Devine,
son of a New York contractor, cap
tured with Mexican rebels aad sen
tenced to be shot. Ambassador Wil
son at, Mexico City has been asked
for an immediate report.
Japanese Hero of Mujtden Kill3
Self After Funeral Cere
monies. Tokio, Sept. 13. General Nog!, su
preme military coirucllor, and his wife,
committed suicide tonight following
i c.eremonlpa in oonnw'tlon
with the
Nogi captured Port Arthur from the
Russians ln li04 and assured the suc
cess of his country in the battle of
Tklo, Sept. 13. Kmperor Vohhihito
today promulgated an amnesty edict,
the details of which are left to gov
ernment ofli'ialH. IMh niajeoty also
made a grant to charity of JfiOO.Oiiu.
one-fifth of which is given to Korean
inst it ut ior.H.
1 Car Driven by Imported Crew
Knocked Off Tracks and
G'as3 Broken.
liihih, Minn, Sept. 13. Violence
'growing out of thi street car strike
fc re ah res-umetl today w hen a strike
breaking lnotorman was bumped off
trie tracks by an ice wagon conta.n-
inK 6trike Bv'mpathi7ers In.n.edia'e-

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