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II T' ll
j 1 Interior view of Ehoe repair department of the
j known as the Modern Shoe Repair Works, two doors south of shoe store at No. 327 Sev-
i i' iifTiM i7iWi in a i ' nvmnm uti iti -iwfiiiari lirrii mii'sT
enteenth street. Near Fourth avenue.
Why Pay More
than $2.50
The Largest
Sample Shoe Store
in the Tri-Cities
Come and look over our line. Our Fall Styles are here.
We are stocked to satisfy the most critical buyer. 28
styles in Ladies; 23 styles in Men's all high grade shoes
made by nine of the best Shoe Manufacturers in the east.
We have your style and color. Quality guaranteed at
.1 Wast.
riitl tiiftlriini.tiri.liri i ii in
Ladies' Shoes,
Red Kid,
3 Dull Kid,
Gun Metal,
f J Patent,
i' Little Gents Shoes
uun xueicti or
Tan Calf,
Size 8i2 to 11, $1.45
Size lli2 to l, $1.65 i
hoe Co.
Out of the High Rent District
323 Seventeenth St. near Fourth Ave.
Men' Shoes
Gun Metal,
Tan Calf,
Viol Kid,
Misses' Shoee
Any style or leather.
Medium height, $1.30
Extra high cuts with
1 a silk tassle, $1.80.
The best equipped shoe repair shop in the Tri-Cities. Six expert shoe makers. Soles and
heels attached, sewed or nailed in 25 minutes. Shoes made to exact measuree. Shoes for de
formed feet a specialty. Fit gauranteed . Best service at the lowest prices.
Vh'iwrilM ,' !' ) mm uiJ "i.i'i"wn iW9Ji.jmmM t mjujmiiiih ik mjiimmim jwjmm l mmmi 'i!l'nui I . ' L"!P jw iu P ' MH ii M
We'll have extra help to wait on you Saturday, but
come early as our space is limited. ,
Prominent Women Battle
for Political Supremacy
uvoc whom the greatpst burden falls." J ing. f 1. Part lot 4, 5, blk. 2. W. E.
M'.98 Kershaw will conduct an ac- Ballej'i Llnco.n Court add.. Rock Is
tive campa'.Kn In Chicago for the next land.
I Robert S. Woodburn to Airrea jonn-
two wi'-ks and will assign speakers
from the New York headquarters to
the western territory.
(Fpf-tal r Bp';il n i.f Tli? Aricjs.) country
.Vw York. Sf-ut 10 F'ollowiiiK the
cnnounreinent tha' Jane AJ'aaan of
ChlchK.i would tiu.e t!,(- i-turup lu lf
h:i'f of Coioi.ei KocKCveU. Mis.-i VVil
1' re KiTni.a', th- founder t 'tie pfo
f' kp.!(iIihI Woiiu ti H V.''i..-uu ;iri i .Vur-1-liMl
lfiipuo. railed u li.niUiR f her
fellow worke.'K a' th" Tist n Inicut
armory lu New York last Sa'uruay af
t rnof'n. at hich -l re f'-riuuia
t d 'o C(irntei;i( t the uriitiients of tho
v uliM n ini 14'fnm-ii iu the west head-
d l.y Juhe AiI'IuIiik
It was decided that the most eDec
fvH niethud of oonihatinK the argu
I t.s of the "ni(iaert-H" would he to
.m; are Wiiudrn' Wilson's r rord of
1. 1 months in oU'.'-p with Roosevelt's
n-itn yoara.
MIh Kershaw will nr:t touch the
t:i rirf (juettlnn. a Mrs Harritiiaii. the
New York fc'.iclcty lendrr. ir. d .otini
ker activltletj exc!.ltiel.v to t'.lia !ssi;e.
luakiPK daily Kpee he in ti.e t&t and
literature throiitrheut the
Hefcre leu vile on her Me-
cal for Chicago last evening. MIeb
The following let-
Will be Surpriced to Sue
Quickly It Disappears.
No more dirty cuat from dandruff
head.t euio Btopu dandruff. Apply It
I'tiy time with the tips cf f.r.gera No
urell. r:o nmear. Zemo hiLkH into the
T' ten. maUen tl; Fculp healthy, makes
the hair fine and vIo.hrv.
Zemo I.- prepan (1 by K W. Roe.
Medicine ("o . St Ioul, Mo., and ia
reyulariy ho;d by all druKgiBta at $1
per bottle Hut to etub!o you to make
r. tt at.l prove what it w -.'.1 do for
jou. cet a r." cer.t t r if-1 bottle fully
I ;mr;(H'eil r.r onr money back at K.
I' ('. Salkr'H drug etore
Keiishuw av ol,t
"The cauipaUn conducted by the
lJrofedio!.al Women D W'ilwou and
.Mrtail league in the New Knglund
t.'B'ea during the pjst three weeks has
leLL buci.'esr.i; b')ond our widest
lrten.. I found :hiL. 1n the factories
'.ipb y.ug liii'.d ial.tir, there eite
;nnil iu..or'ti'je of the maniflceut child
labor UKiaiaiioii enacted hy Governor
V.'ilsou Id Ne Jersey.
"In the west our u(Iorl wiil be de
voteii prin ipully to th; child labor
ij:;-s ion, although e will trli of the
grm'. beuehta if the cl(Ternt factory
Us that hv been enncted iu New
Jersey daring Wilson's administration. '
uuch aa the laws relating to the em
ployment of women wage earners, the
cum pel luiK of udeT'Lte fro protection
In facto! :es and .s' hooly. and the hoiirs
in v.t.:ch rhl'.lieti should ".ork iu the
'various liidus'ris.
"We bhow the benefits of the
w orkiliKi-':. ". s compensation act. wi'ich
provides uetin.te s:ius for d-ilnite
,jurie; at:d for deaths involvint; varied
relations, .n ot ter woro. we wiil pjt
Wilboua record Bp'aiLL-t Roosevelt's
and let our audience jade for them-
"We are having moving pictures
made show'.ni; by f omparisoii the fnr
iner miserrthle conditions in the fac
toty homes in New Jersey and the
present conditions It s up to the work
ing n;hn to cast h'.s vcte for the man
who has done so much !n his own
s'ate to better ordi!ion!, and I be
iieve the way to reach this votP Is
i through the wife or mother or sif'er
Snn J'an Iel Sur. N'.raraatia. Sept.
2i. Revolutionists yesterday captured
San Jorjte, on Lake Nicaragua. While
rebel ;;ur.bcats bombarded San .lorpe
, another force of insurgents attacked
liivas. five miles away, forcins; the
Eoveruineiit troo; s to fall back on
Cuarie. When the rebel attac k slack- j s,;,,.,.
son, JoOO. Lot 10. blk. 2, R. S. Wood
Jjurn's adil., Molina.
Clark Corbin to Thomas Gainey,
$l,St0, part ne M. bw, sec. 4-17-1,
Frank Samuel Janksfskl to Maud ;
Carlson, $-,5t. I.ots 3, 4, blk. 8, town I
of CiMtl Valley. !
Hartz, Marshall & Smith to Mabel
K. and Caleb Forsell. f 1,200. 1-ot 5,1
b.k. 5, Island View Heights add., Rock j
Amelia Crouch to Nina Crouch
Chaiinon, SI. Part blk. lb, town of:
President James of Illinois Cites
Failures Due to Tobacco
and Alcohol.
I'rbana, 111., Sept. 20. President Ed
mund J. James of the University of
Illinois at the opening of the univer-
doing of things for which other places
offer better or at 'least aa good oppor
tunities. "You can learn to dance at home
as well as here, I believe. Indeed there
are belter dancing-masters In Chicago,
or even Blooinington or Decatur, or
Sprinj?Qeld, thaa in Urbana-Cham-paign.
If you wish to excell In this
art, therefore. It would be better to
select some other place of residence.
You can learn to drink and smoke at
any small town In the state of 1111-
ruoia, and the elements of poker may ' live minutes.
la Five Minutes Me-na Stomas!) Tab
lets End Qas Fermsntatlon, Sour
ness and Any Upset Condition.
And Only 60c and Money Back If Dis
satisfied. MU ua stomach tablets will relieve
a dlsLrossed, sour or gassy stomach lu
ened. the j;o criim, lit forces captured
a ra,iidlire ;un and r.seri it with such
deadly efit(t lh" rebels were obliged
'o retire. The fight lateil five hours,
lioth sides 3:f!eri .! iii;ty casiii;!i.t s.
Pearby to
blk. 3, Hyder &
Realty Changes
Charles W. Rell to I'.lf.i Cox. lot 1?.
bloik 7, Aciib.' addition. MoKue. flW.
Charles 1. Cox to V'ilron Parsons.
tract in northwest quarter, nmheast
quarter, section 4, 17. Iw. i?,ui.
Guyer. White 6 Pone t- Aiiia and
and Voiet.tine Van Kckiu ,;tt. lot i;;.
b'o'-k l.'-i. New Shops buaiiion. K.ist
Moline. $:-t'i".
Richmond & Robinson to John My
ron. Bond, lot 1;".. lirciKtl's addition,
ooi'th Rock Il,inrl, f'i.'.'K
I ars P. Nitlsen to H:! ia Frc.yd, lot
V block 1, Flick's addition, Moline,
Max Heeht to Hugo and Emma
Hecht. part !o"s and ?A. First addi
tion. IMpewood Park. P'o.-k Islend. $1.
Mcliiio Trust K Savings bank tc
ar: Oscar Nycii.st. $:.ft. I.ot 11,
Klmv.oed add, Mclln (Special.)
SKiui.cr & Cady to Margaret i'raiii.
Jtt0. Lot 1, blk. 1, N. Y. Cady's 1st
add., Moline.
William K. Paibn- to C.rarft C. Hol
ontr.b. J"1"1. Part lots 25. 2. We. K.
llailey'e Oak Grove add . Rock Inland.
William A. Schroether to Louis Reil-
WilliBm W
Kraser, ?7:J.0. lot 9
Read's add., Moliue.
t Mary A. Daly to Cora C. Fitztdni
i n.ohs, $1. rl'art lot 1?, all lot IK, blk.
; i. South l'urk add., Rock Island.
1 i Thomas J. Drennen to Alice 11. lia-
V r, $:i'.2.:U. Lots 2, 3, 4, 5. 8, lo, 11,
1.', blk. 15, town of Cordova.
C) in Alonzo Siipp to Mubel Anna
Ktipp, fl. Lots 1. 2, blk. 1, T. & R.
add., Carbon Cliff.
the freshman class in part as follows:
., , "Many failures iu the college work
be learned even at any cross roads. j In three days they will make the
"The one thing you can do better muat miserable or cranky dyspeptic
ty for the Iyi2-lftl3 term, epoke to i here than at home 18 to develop your j feel thai thjre Is pleuty ot suusUlne iu
i "Daw ling along over your books or J lu a week he will have an appetite
your problems or your laboratory ! for and will eat without any bad after
work and thinking chiefly of social j tffects food which now causes bis
c,!v Mr thin for college students ! or a,h,etlc matters will not bring to stomach to strenuously rebel.
in such matters is tate not, touch you !ne 6pinc advantages which unl-1 U couliuued for from two weeks to
not, handle not. Seniors and juniors j ve"L"-v oxht to bring. h mouth Ml-o-ua will thoroughly
minht build up a most, excellent col- ! very cl,lzen of ,ll,s staU' no t-! renovate and cleauae the stomach and
lege tradition it they would prohibit , put inn up wp anape.
freshmen ana sopliomores from smok
of the iirat two years can be directly
traced to alcohol and tobacco. The
inc; and drinking, on the ground that
they are btill infants, at least la the i r"V " - "J v
inuiicuu v ieL, iu inn BuppoiL 01
rent 10 me support or una university. if you have heartburn, sour food, up-
If he lies in a house at all, wears!vMUQi i.n,.in.vi in nm.h a,.
ness, biliousness, sick headache bad
Portable Shops on Wheels a Curious
Feature of Cuban Life.
Among the many iiiteres-tiii;: tilings
to attract the attention of the tourist
iu Cuhu are the traveling stores, con
sisting of all sorts of ijueer vehicles
vvdiich traverse the city and rural dis
academic sense.
A word of warning was also uttered
against the undue absorption of time
and energy by so-called "sfudeut ac
tivities," of which study is not com
monly considered an Important one.
"College students," naid the presi
drj:i, "should follow the tdinple, eco
nomic principle of doing at college Not a minute should be lost when a
the thing which is of most advantage ! c,lild ahows symptoms of croup. Cham
to them at that time and that place, I i,pr, , r.ra,.h Tp,11P(I ve.n , .nfin
this institution. The ; miner in his
gloomy pit, the weary washerwoman
over the steaming tub, the tired mech
ic at the plane, one and all are doing
their share to help prpvide you with
these opportunities and facilities,
placed so freely at your disposal."
having for other times and other as ,ne (.niil becomes noar8(.,
vest vBeKT7TirT-nwriigTriwr :?m-vr7XEex3E257iistfmriF FJXttiTzxs
1' " - v
have arrived at our store and we invite you;
Never before tave vie had the pleasure of showing
eo many tew and original styles.
Your choice of leathers In so many shapes we feel
we can satisfy you to your entire satisfaction.
Low heel "English'' models for men and women.
New Hi-toes in patent, dull calf and ldd, the very
newest in tans. If yen do not care to buy at present,
come and see our efforts to please you.
t oiuees the acomrinz of luihits and th , - i
These portable shops are constructed ' j aner me croupy cougn appears,
in an iugfuious manner so as to dis- i
play their wares to the best advantage.
Krery article used in a household aud
wearing apparel of all kinds are on
sale, and the owner of the wagon,
- wbih rcs-.-mblos a department store,
boasts that be can supply dry good
and notion of all kinds, from a paper
of needles to a ready made gown. The
sides of a shop on wheels are made
of glass and so arranged as to give
them t!, Hpp"H ranee of a sho; windnv
Perfumery i.-t one of the leading iir
tides Fold In this way. for. however
s poor the native may be, they alwaya
' have money enough to purchase eo
j lognes and generally the most expen
i give varieties.
1 During carnival season a plentiful
pnpidT of masks, caps and grotesTic
' suits Is added to the stock. Men w ii'.i
pushcarts ladeu with linens and laces
or cooking utensils (o about the streets
of Havana, offering their goods to lL
women who cautiously peer out from
behind barred wiadov.s. These carts
Lave tbe appearance of a street organ V
and are pushed among the splendid ! N
smooth avenues of the city with ease
Often men wiil carry their stock, displaying-
it on a poie to which cross-
rtu bHp'.-i hflra tiPpn fnsrncwt Ui.p
the old fashioned clotheshorse. Toys : Q
, also form a part of the stock of these a
; human delivery wagens. Leslie's i H
1 Weekly.
wU, samp.e
dreams or any kind of stomach trouble
put your faith In Ml-o-ua stomach tab
For men who eat, smoke or drink too
much two tablets before going to bed
will mean a clear houd and cheerful
disposition in the morning.
Fifty cents is all a large box of Ml-o-na
stomach tablets costs at the
Thomas Drug Co., and leading drug
gists everywhere. Write Booth's Ml-
o-na. Buffalo, N. Y. for free trial
This store will be closed SA1 URD A Y,
Sept. 21, until 5:30 p. m., on account of
Jewish Holiday (Day of Atonement).
Store will be open jrom 5:30 to 10:30
p. m. Saturday. Note this carefully.
Exclusive Footwear
1726 Second Ave. Rock Iiland
The Turbins.
The first steam turbine fitted vessel
was constructed by the Hon. C. A
Parsons at his works at Newcastie-on-Tyns.
Tbe Turhinla. a smnll Teasel, a
hundred feet In length, made her trial
trip Not. 4, lSIVi. The system rapidly
developed owing to Increused sp.erd of
the rtssels fitted with turbine engines
and tbe economy effected In coal. Im
provements were made in their con
struction, and today the turbine ship U
popular the world over.
! Ptprtulng.
"Were there laughter and cheer
dartaf your apeeeht" j
"Well," anevered the youthful slates- i
man. ''there wervn't many cheers, but ,
bow sad thea people la the audience j
: looked at ene aaether and laughed." ;
I Wi.btBrtea Star. !
Because tomorrow is a holiday which we observe by closing our store until 5:30 p.
m., we will make some exceptional bargain offerings to our customers for the hours
between 5:30 and 10 p. ra.
We want to accomplish as much in these four and a half hours Saturday, as we
would otherwise accomplish in a regular Saturday's business day. Read the bargains
given below and we believe you will come Saturday night and help us, because- these
are offerings you CANNCT AFFORD TO MISS.
100 Silk Petticoats
Taffetas. m'f-salines boautlful
changeable and Cowered designs, val
ues marked ?5 every- "I I (J
where, Saturday night vl"'
40 Dozei Percale Dressing
All are cw fall patterns, exceptional
ly well rr.&de and great values at the
regular price of 63 cents (sizes 34
to 44) oniy one to a cub- '2 0,.
tomer at
Undermuslin Dept.
6f dozen cornet covers, lae and em
broidery trimmed, varied colored rib
bons sold everywhere at 39 c?nts;
from 5:30 to 10 p. m. Saturday light
they will be priced at Q
only 4 yC
(One to a customer).
25 Silk Finish Beaver Hats
To go on sale Saturday night only
values you'll see with $6.50 tags oa
In other stores, here (JO Qq
only vJtfj
Alts Sharp.
"Visa Felly's rather la a man who j
! ia bluet" j
U be wasted ta knew the other !
! night if I were enmiug t tbe point.
I HalUffiur Aoaeneaa.
j ILL.

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