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6 to 10. block 37, Andalusia, $1,000.
Rosalie Yaap to Williams & Bond,
Game Warden Hopes to Appre
hend Those Who Killed
Birds Out of Season.
part lot 6, block 2, Atkinson's eubdi-i
vision outlot 20, Moline, $2,600. j
Amanda Arnold to Nellie E. Swan
son, part assessors' lot 2, section 36- j
1S-1W. $400. j
' Henry C. First to M. R, Carlson, lot !
Death Comes Three Hoars After
Accident on New Wauwa
tosa Coarse.
6. block 5. Moline hights, $1.
Frank B. Walker to C. C. Jordan,
lets 7 to 12. block 7, Acme addition,
Moline, $1,800.
I Us
Tailor I
Seta New Record at Tire Bursts, Hurl
ing Machine and Occupants
Into a Field.
Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 2. David L.
Bruce-Brown, a wealthy young !ew
ork eportaman, was killed, and his
mechanician, Tony Scudalarl, was fa
tally Injured on the new Wauwatosa
f utomobile road course yesterday af
ternoon on the eve of the eighth run
ting of the Vanderbilt cup race.
Bruce-Brown was driing his high
powered Fiat car at 90 miles an hour
when a rear left tire blew out. The
men and machine were hurled diag
onally across the road into a field with
terrific force.
Bruce-Brown's skull was fractured,
hi left leg broken and he suffered in
ternal Injuries. Surgeons said death
Captain Spauldlng of Yale.
In Captain Spauldlng the Yale elev
en has one of the strongest backs in
football. Yale 1b also fortunate to
resulted directly from hemorrhage of!'laVe tDe veteran Camp m the back
the brain. The 'top of Scudalarts f'eld tn's ear. Both of these men
rkull was crushed, bis right arm brok
en and his body seriously torn.
Bruce-Brown died at Trinity hospi
tal three hours after the accident. Sur
geons had trephined bis skull on both
t-ides In an unavailing effort to save
his life.
Caleb Bragg. Bi uce-Brown's close
fiiend; Ralph De Palma, Teddy Tetz-
laff and other well known drivers
Hood weeping In the hospital corridor j Thomson of Michigan,
State Statutes Are Very Clear Regard
ing When Hunter May En
gage In Sport.
are heavy and fast and with the good
Lew material that is at hand, should
rrake a combination in the backfield
bard to beat.
This season will probably be known
ar a season of grea. .icks, for there
are also Captain Mercer of Pennsyl
vania, Captain Thorpe of Carlisle,
Captain Wendell of Harvard. Captain
Pendleton of Princeton and Captain
as Brure-Brown was wheeled from the
( peratlr.g room to a private ward.
Bruce-Brown, according to Caleb
Bragg, met his death in trying to keep
his swerving car on the comparatively
narrow roadway. He said Bruce
Brown could have saved himself un
der similar conditions on a wider road.
Exceptions to this statement were
taken bv officers of the Milwaukee
Automobile Dealers' association, u'l-j
dcr whose auspices the races here are
to ne neio I
Referee A. R. Pardington also de-1
dared the accident could not be bl:n- j
el on the course. !
"The accident was unavoidable," he
said, "and the track was In nowise to i
blame. It Is In excellent condition.
The casting of the tire would have
iiiifrt any niu mnt? iiavt-niiK m iiiilj
rtarred last year in the backfield.
The line proposition is entirely dif
ferent. In this department a major
ity of the big colleges are weak this
Brown's brother in New York and to
other relatl' ,
Messages were received here last
night stating that Mrs. Bruce-Brown,
accompanied by other relatives, had
startd for Milwaukee.
Bruce-Brown arrived in Milwaukee
from New York yesterday afternoon
! accompanied by his manager, V. W.
Klieirata, and Caleb Bragg. Yester
day was the firt t time he had gone
around the course since the early
trials more than a week ago.
He was greatly interested in pre-
i paring for Saturday's Grand Prix race.
the only event in which he was enter
ed. He hnd won the American Grand
Those who were shooting quail Sun
day near the Watch Tower have not
been apprehended as yet, but their
identity is expected to be established
! in the course of a day or so. A re
ward has been posted by the game
warden for their apprehension. For
the benefit of those who are not in
formed as to the statutes of the game
laws this season they are printed here
You may kill 12 quail per day from
Nov. 11 to Dec. 9, both inclusive, open
season 29 days. Sale prohibited.
You may kill three prairie chickens
per day from Nov. 12 to Nov. 17, both,
inclusive, open season six days. Sale
Wild turkeys and pheasants protect
ed until July, 1913.
Partridges and woodcocks protected
until July, 1915.
Nettlag, trapping or ensnaring quail,
prairie chickens, pheasants, wild 'tur
keys, grouse or partridges is prohib
ited. You may kill 15 mourning doves per
day from Aug. 2 to Nov. 29, both in
clusive. Open season 120 days.
You may kill 15 gray, red fox or
black squirrel per day from June 1
to Nov. 15, both inclusive. Open sea
son 16S days. Sale prohibited.
Rock Island District Society:
Contributes $1,163,47 to
v Ericson Fund.
Luther leagues of the Rock Island J
district has released its pledge to the !
Ericson fund of Augustana college.
Better than this, the league surpassed j
Its promise by $163.47. The league, at j
the annual convention held at Aledo j
In 1911, promised to contribute $1,000 j
to the fund, but yesterday the presi- (
dent of the district league turned over '
$1,163.47 to Treasurer Kempe of the
Several of the local leagues con
tributed more than they had prom
ised, the First church. Moline, being
notable in this respect. The Moline
society led all the rest with a dona
tion of $236.07. The general treasury
of the district organization added $200
to the total. The amounts contributed
by the various leagues follow:
Davenport $ 19.00
Walker Station 10.00
Andover 137.00
Swedona 65.00
Orion 104.60
Have Your Clothes.
Made to Measure
See the Season's Newest
Suitings and Overcoatings
Made for You as You
Want Them for
First, Rock Island
Zion, Rock Island .
Sew Windsor
W: I.. Pet.
New York 101 46 .687.
Pittsburgh 92 57 .617
Chicago 89 59 .601
Cincinnati 7 77 .490 j
Philadelphia 71 77 .480
St. Louis 63 88 .417 j
Brooklyn 57 91 .385 j
j Boston 48 100 .324 j
how excellent tho 1
Prix twice at Savannah, and he had Washington kq
hoped to win again this year. w hich j Philadelphia .: 89
speed, no matter
The wrock occurred while Hru.-e-! ma"e Per "?"fnl uo,u- Chicago 74
Brown was racing a few ,;,nis behind ipr of American Grand Prix cup. cPveIand 7,
Teddv Tetlaff He had just driven! Although only years old. Bruce-, 1Mroit fi9
the f,.iPM Imp of the dav's tuning l,r " "P , he .bw knon;St. Louis 52
up trials and had set a new record f i ohH.b.le race drivers m the coun..New YorR
minutes 53 8 10 seconds for the 1M"- ' ucfn racm ,n .i '
..i, . ii,. u. ,.n,io,vrin- tuning bis novice race at the Empire!
L. Pet.
46 .691 i
6n .597 I
CO .597 I
7C .493 i
77 .483 j
80 .403 j
M .347
100 .329
l;r this record and
wren the crash cam.
l IK. !:( I.MI'IH IN VIV
Tctzlaff raid he did not har the tire
explode, but lillrsed Bruce Km n be
hind him an be slo'vcd :own to take
tb-- "crave yard"' turn at the lower end
o the south Fond du I.ac road. He
at once reported "Brown's out" to the
patrol judges. Meanwhile George
t'lnrk, one of the Mercedes drivers,
discovered Bruce-Brown and Srudalarl
Teti-h.r t i,y ,ra,'k- In 190S ne ran awav frotn
pehool and acted as mechanician for ;
the late Emanuel Cedrino at Ormond j
Beach. Kla. There Bruce-Brown broke'
the one mile amateur straightaw a
r cord held by William K. Vanderbilt. j
Jr. the youngstcr'H tune being 33 3-5 !
The same year he won the Shingle'
Hill climb at New Haven, Conn., and.
In !!"'! lowered his amateur mark toy
3? flat at Ormond Beach, Kla., and also
Chicago, l; Pittsburgh. 4.
New York, 2; Philadelphia, 9.
St. Louis, 3; Cincinnati, 2.
Boston-Brooklyn, rain.
Philadelphia, i; New York, 3.
Washington, 8; Boston, 12.
and telephoned for an ami.ulance, after jwon thp sir Tnomai T),.war cup and
giving nrst aio askance .o ...e i"jblok thp worM-8 ten mile straight
injured men. laway record. He won the Giants De-
wnile tne surgeons were worKiiiK
over Bruce-Brown in the hospital, a
half dozen friends of the young driv
er mem making repeated efforts to
reach his mother by long distance tele-;
spair bill climb the same season.
In 1911 he was third in the 500 mile
race at Indianapolis. His two mobt
brilliant victories were the Grand Prtx
race at Savannah in 1010 and 1911.
Fred Soderstrom, last year's star
center of the Moline high football
team, will not be seen in the lineup
this year owing to a disagreement
with Coach Burroughs. Scrterstrom
hud not been out tor practice regular
I uu uix b.i.1 pci uaj io-uuckb, -ivjOphlem 43.00
i geese, 10 brandt, 15 coots, 15 rail orlledo ...............!!!..!.! 53 00
oiner water rowi irom sept. 2 to April ' Fjrst Mine ' ir o-
, , !. 1 , 1 ' 7 ' '"J '- i
uoul mciuaive. upen season z-a General treasury 200.00
It is unlawful for any corporation,
express or transportation company to
transport or receive for transportation
gam, the sale of which is prohibited.
You must, not kill wild geese, ducks,
brant, coots, rail, or other water fowl
after sundown or before sunrise of
each succeeding day.
The shooting, killing or destroying
or the attempt to shoot, kill or de
stroy geese, ducks, brant, coots, rail,
or other water fowl with a swivel gun
or rifle from any sail boat, gasoline
boat, electric launch, steamboat or
from any siak box or sneak boat or
artificial blind in open waters of this
state is absolutely prohibited.
The killing, catching, or having in
possession, living or dead, of any wild
bird or part of wild bird, other than
a game bird, is prohibited; with the
following exceptions: English spar
row, crow, black bird, hawk and blue
The destruction or removal from
their nests of the eggs of all game
and song birds is strictly prohibited. .
You must not use or attempt to use
the license of another person or in
any manner make any change in any
licenFO for the purpose of transferring
same under the penalty of prosecu
tion for perjury.
You must procure a license before
hunting rabbits, but th?y may be kill
ea ana sola in any number ana in
all seasons of the year, and they may
be also hunted with ferrets.
Owners of farm lafids, their children
Stine H. Lindquist, Mgr.
1812 Second Ave.
Total 11,163.47
The Rockford district Luther leagues
were also heard from yesterday, with
a contribution of jearly $1,100. Thia
was a'.so in excess of the amount
promised, the Rockford district having
also agreed to contribute $1,000. The
Galesburg district and other Luther
leagues in the synod are yet to be
heard from, but it is believed they
will redeem their pledges.
The college authorities are now con
fident that the $46,000 necessary to se
cure the Ericson bequest ' will be on
hand by next Sunday, the last day on
which contributions may be received.
The only thing that is now causing
anxiety on the part of the college
officials Is the possibility of some of
the pledges being unredeemed. Many
notes due Sept. 1 have not. yet been
paid, but hope is fe:t that the money
will be received before Oct. 6. De
linquent contributors aie being urged
oy letter ana telegraph to send in
their donations immediately.
The Monday club met Tuesday
evening at the honi of Miss Ruth
Ruge. Plans made to hold a
bazaar at t church the first Fri
day in Nzember. A Dutch supper
was also served. After the business
meeting a Joyable time was enjoyed.
Those who were present at. the meet-
. . . . t
pnone at ner cnumry pmi ai im.. 1 Thp forrnfT he won with a Benz car; irom the beginning of the season, and
I , ana at ner tow n rouse in ie . ..r . ond ,a6t wU n the Rame Klat
Messages also were sent Bruce-, . . .
In the French Grand Prix this year
when 'be was out he was indifferent.
ITxtrlo' i-Anlni Vi n. n-a a In11 (Via c- n rt A '
I lUa CC1111J 0.0 tUJU IIJC caiiiw i fill A , . ,
as other players, to be in a suit, and j . ' BB""7 "V""""1 Pouring a
' i racMAnt hunlnp'o MnAHnM L. . iL
ing were as follows: Miss Florence
(if residents of the state) may hunt ' "ull,. Miss Katherine White. Miss Ber-
and kill game on their own farms
during the open season when it is law-
Is Relieved in Three Days ! N
Bruce-Brown won the first leg of the; ready to play. He failed to show up
two days' event and finished third, I Saturday .anil as a result has been dis
bnt was disqualified for taking on gas-1 missed permanently from the squad,
oline outside a regular station. i Regular practice was resumed Monr
In 1910 he was obliged to turn pro-' day evening by the maroon and white
fesslonal in order to drive with fast j squad. By the time of next Saturday's
company. In spite of the fact that! game there will undoubtedly be many
Improvement Rapid Now
Works Full Time Ev
ery Day.
has made a great, deal of money
racing he drove principally for
I Fport.
j The football schedule of Davenport
! high school will open Saturday, when
the eleven will tackle West Liberty
as their first of eight opponents. This
panic will test the mettle of the Dav
ei.port players, as the Liberty boys
in ovrv n-ftv fir in mAr Pnnrh
Finally I was obliged to haxe an oper-, Und of .. and bhje..
The plays of the high school squad
Ellis Skinner, conductor for the TrI
City Railway company, residing at yi.5
lt Sixth street, Davenport. Iowa,
has thi to say of Plant Juice; "! suf
fered eight year with bladder trou- j
b'.e. I went to Hot Springs, Ark., and ;
was little benefited. I tried all kinds of,
medicine with no beneficial results.!
changes in the lineup. Coach Bur
roughs has already begun to shift the
tfam around with hopes of making a
ctronger lineup. Several new plays
will be handed out before the next
resident hunters license, but thev
must not hunt beyond the confines
of their own farms without said li
cense. Non-residents securing hunters' li
censes will be prosecuted for perjury.
You may kill 15 per day of all kinds
of plover and snipe from Sept. 2 to
April 30, both Inclusive. Open season
241 day6. Sale prohibited.
nice Hull, Miss Adah Martin, Miss
Pauline Bowman, Miss Irene Saul
paugh. Miss Maud Hull, and Mrs. F. I.
Stevens and daughter, Ruth.
Mrs. Howard Hodge of Detroit,
Mich., and sister. Miss Mable Boulton,
of Los Angeles, Cal., returned home
last week after a several days' visit
with their father, F. W. Boulton, of
Milan, and sister, Mrs. John Flack,
1 of Rock Island.
Lawrence Fltzpatrick of St. Louis,
who Is here visiting his mother, Mrs.
John Volk, of Rock Island, was a
Milan ca'.ler Monday.
Mrs. Fred Saulpaqgh of Black Hawk
spent Saturday at the borne of her j
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Mosher. '
Charles Harris of Kansas Citv.
Hart, Marshall & Smith to Marlon t Mo., is here at hie father's home, hav-!
Raithel, lot 20, block 5, Island View, ing been called by the illness of bis I
Realty Changes
son street, have moved their goods
into the Brown property on Grant
street. The Zahn property was re
cently purchased by Mr. Cressy of
The Monday club, a Girls' club, and
the White Tigers, a boys' , club, two
organizations of the Methodist Epis
copal church of Milan, surprised Rev.
and Mrs. F. I. Stevens last Thurs
day evening. They presented the cou
ple with a beautiful velvet rug. A
general good time was enjoyed by
all, after which a delicious luncheon
was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zwlcker and
family of Preemption visited Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James !
Walter of Milan.
Miss Maud Hull, who has beem
sick for the past week, suffering with ,
a severe attack of tonsilitis, is con
valescent. !
The Misses Margaret and Alice
Murphy of Moline were visiting Mon
day with friends and relatives in
Mrs. Swan Tropp and daughter,
Rena, of Moline, spent. Saturday at
the home of Miss Emma Kuehl.
Mrs. Owens of Milan left last week
for an extended visit with friends
and relatives in Chicago.
Miss Margaret Carnaghan Is in Chi
cago on business for the Rock Island
chapter of the Eastern Star.
Mrs. F. W Boulton entertained a
number of ladies at a dinner last Sat
urday at her home on Dickson street.
The afternoon was made a very social
one, after which a delicious dinner
was served. Those present were:
Madames Canty, Myres, McLaron.
White, Goldenzopf, Parnur, Martin,
Dickson and Miss A. Muse and Mrs.
Bedford of Rock Island.
C. H. Conger and daughter, Mrs.
Charles Hull, of Milan, are visiting
this week in Des Moines, Iowa, where
another daughter of Mr. Conger re
sides. From there he will journey on
tc Los Angeles, Cal., where he will
spend the winter with another daugh
ter. Mrs. Hull will return home from
Des Moines.
William Goben, who has been em
ployed at O. H. Dibber-.i and Son'si
hardware store for the past two years,
has resigned and will take a posi
tion with the Rock Island Southern
Mr. and Mrs. John Bain of Woci
stock, Ontario, Canada, were enter
tained last Friday eveninc at. the
home of Mrs. Bain's brother's family,
Mr. and Mrs. William Kale.
Miss Margaret Murphy and John
Hodao.i of Moline spent Sunday at
the home of Miss Emma Kuehl.
For Eerat
The Fine
Third Ave.
Inquire at the
Grosbeaks, sworn enemies of the Color
ado potato beetle, have been seen to
assimilate almost a hundred caterpil
lars or larvue an hour. Over 3,000
aphlds have perished by the bills of the
insect loving yellow throats Id the
same period of time. Suburban Life.
No Chetrfild.
"Muggins has made a ylle of money,
and uow he's trying to get Into society,
but the question of manners cornea op.
Has he got any?" queried Bolivar.
"Muggins? Manners? Well I should
sny not," retorted Kit them. "Why, that
man wouldn't give up his neat lu a
dentist's chair to a lady." narp'a.
Mion, which relieved me fur about!
three months. My condition then be
came nearly as bad as before. There
was scalding and burning senratioa
In the neck of the bladder and I could
not sleep on account of pain. I
told another operation would do no'
The bill for the last half of the week
at the Empire looks like a strong one,
embracing two acts that have been j
featured in many houses the present ;
season. These are Vlolinsky. wizard ;
of the violin and piano, and the Seven
heights addition. Rock Island, $500.
William Kale to McCarty & Fred-
ericks, part lots 1 and 2, block 1, Mi
i lan, $1,450.
Charles Walters, who is !
are lx-ing worked smoothly and with
the additional plays, the team should
ai.fc. i kv hn I the Sidonias, in "The Laugh Factory;" , felS
to nrnar. the line for thelJewe" sisrs, indrauer B-ngera,
American Bflfords. Other acts are J
sister, Mrs
very low.
Mrs. Lena Buryanek of Rock Island
spent Suaday with Milan friends and
Lorenze E. Cole to Hiram Routt, lots' relatives.
William Ka:e. Jr.. and wife of
! ri; . o i .. .v. ,
I .'luuuTT Byzm ujiua u i me iiome Ol I
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
The many friends of Rev. and Mrs. '
F. 1. Stevens of the First Methodist
When lea Covered Europe.
During the long tertiary epoch, when
opossums disportnl themsel ves ou the
site of Paris and mjistodoim tramped
nlong the valley at the Thames, the
earth vas In the throes of mountain
making. The Alps, the Himalayas,
the Allcghenies. the Andes, attest the
power of lior activity lu thnse days. At
their termination our continents stood
greatly higher than they do now. and
this aided tlu-ir glaciation. although it
does not fully account for it. But 83
they became loaded wl;h lee Europe
and America rydur.ll.v and we may
venture to pay contemporaneously
sank. This was inevitable. Owing to
the extreme heat and pressure prevail
Everett Stricken With Paralysla.
; St. Joseph. Mo., Oct. 2 Fred Ever-
I etf nilrtier for Kpwnnee ft ni Rtrlrkn
with paralysis yesterday. He was
taken to his home in Shenandoah,
Donahue Knocks Out Traversa.
Peoria, III., Oct. 2 Donahue kuock
ed out Traverse in the third round of
a 10-round fight last night.
All the
news all the time Th
aood. I had not been able to work for Av backfield men of the team from j Barry-Halvers and company, in "Meet j
West Liberty.
Me at the Fuuutain."
Tennis acMvities at Augustana col
lege are in full swing. Tennis is be-
Blactt List Threat for Papke,
New York, Oct. 2. Billy Papke re- !
fused to meet Frank Mantell of Provi
dence in a scheduled 10-round bout
i here last night because there was "not
and concluded to try It. I commenced
to feel a decided Improvement in
three days. I now sleep and rest
veil, appetite la good and I am work
ing every day. This Is ray reason for
recommending Plant Juice."
In kidney. Madder and liver trou
bles Plant Juice gives wonderfully
quick result. When the system is
run down to man or woman, wbena
there Is a lack of usual energy and
force and th blood is poor and slug
plsh and uncomfortable sensations in
the region of the stomach with exces
t!ve formation of gas, lack of appe
tite and nervousneas. Plant Juice is
nature's own remedy and beneficial
results ar noticeahle from first few
St set Demonstrations at the Ballard
Drug & Dental company. Davenport; j opening , of the basketball season. the healthy condition of the body and
New Harper House pharmacy. Rock : Games with outside organization may ! mind which they create, makes one
If land, and E. Jericho & Co.. drug also be arranged if the weather re-jfeel joyful. Sold by all druggists.
itore, Moline. (Advertisement.) j mains favorable for tennis. (Advertisement.)
coming more popular every year, and j enough money in the house," although
several new clubs are now in theja large crowd was present. Frank S. I
process ol rormation. coacn conraa O'Neit of the state athletic commls
! now arranging a fal". tournament si0n declared that that body would un
between the various organizations and j doubtediy blacklist Papke here. Papke
a spirited contest is anticipated, j is due to sail for France today tn meet
Among the clubs that will participate ; George Carpcntier, the French middle-
i . njL.. -ffmHiriBi ii turn
church of Milan are very much griev- j Ing In its interior the eurth is an em- t
are the Aztecs. Court Jesters. Juniors.
Pioneers and Vikings In view of the
fact that, no football ts played at
Augustana. the tennis tournament wMl
weight champion.
The pleasant purgative effect ex
perienced by all whi use Chamber-!
flH In Vhe time between now and the! Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and :
You'll have to order your teats
$1.50 Masical Comedy for
10, 20 and 30 cents.
j ed on their departure for TiskiJwa,
III. Rev. Stevens was well liked by
all, and his four years of faithful and
hard work shall a'.ways be remem
bered. Mrs. James D. Rlshell and son,
ixrlne, of Milan, were callers on Mo-!
line friends and relatives Monday.
John Sutton of Oklahoma is visit
ing here at the home of his uncle,
Sylvester W. Sutton, and other rela
tives. John V. Roberta was bitten severe
ly on the ankle by a rat three weeks
i ego. The rat was caught in a trap,
! and when Mr. Roberts went to get the
rat, it got him. He is confined to
,his home with a very sore foot.
j Frank Brasher, who has been in
Dakota for the past four months,
j was home a few days the past week
I with his fawily. He intends return
, ing to Dakota.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Weidger, who
for the past few moriths have been
jj living In the Zahn property on Dick-
inently elastic body. Its surface ac
tually bulges in or out with a very
slight Increase or decrease of the toad
upon It.
Feminine Deception.
"I'm goin' to nwesir off on pincbln
women's purse." Maid Gimlet I'ete disgustedly.
"What' the mutter?" asked Cork- .
screw liana.
"Aw. 1 foliow a nice, plnrnp pocket
book for a tui!e. It wn bulsln" out.
Au when 1 cop it wtiat do 1 get? A. j
handkerchief, a pr.lrof old yfocfclnpn an' j
a wcoudlinnd wnd of chewing gum." j
CluHnniiti Eiiipurer. '
Last Night to See and Meet
Mr. and Mrs. Moore
5 Orpheum Show
Special ladies' matinee Friday.
Birds Big Eaters. j
Baby robin have been observed to
eat hajf their own weight of beef ;
scrap. dlcet all this within threa
hours and then be ready for another j
pair of red eyed vlreou were noted J
by a naturalist to feed their offspring I
tiltxa hundred liwea.io feu. buu-rs.
Come early and get a seat
Last day to see the
Moving Pictures
Rock Islar-

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