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s!oiit this l tbat ItulkM-fc died In lt
A .( . .l .,. noni- aa
j uii imi i '
I could he ascertained at the very hour
. 'that Sir Walter heard the "spook"" at I
j Abltford In writing later to the j
Lord BrOUgham'S CliriOUS Experi-;aine .-r.rrciondetit he said: "Were!
U;.A(, you imt struck with the fantastical ct-
inciileiK-e of onr noftiiru.il disturbance j
at Al.U.tsford with the metancnoiy
There wns a certain Pisatuler whoa 'event that followed?' I protest to yon
name has been preserved In one of tii i thru the noise resembled half ado7.en
ence With a "Spoc!;.
proverbial sayings of. the Greets be
cause he lived !n continual four of see.
In? bis own ghost, .lust that tliinc hap
pened to tLe German poet Goethe. One
day. when he was out nding in
a;ot somewhat removed from I he usnm
h.'iur.ts of men. h'- wit a l;ots-njnfc
appro.-ictng him. nl as It d mil
h" ww tliut the rider was r.. leys a
person than himself- hi other ielf
th;igb dressed differently. Treaty
j-ffina after he found himself quite
without forMlioiight of 'lie matter lc
the same piae oti horseback and die-.";
ed ju.st as was tlie uppanliou of hlrz
s'f which be bad tuet there two dec
edes before.
Lord ilroitghntn pronounced Broom
tl:e Kncli -h statesman, orator and au
thor, uft'-r iv'.niiu the well kinwc
pf is of ve'ii. les was named, had u
remarkable experieuce with a "spool; "
n- tells the story In his Hutoblogi ::phy
published in 1S71.
"A most remarkable thin happened
to ine." he says, "so remarkable that I
D'Ti-t tell the story from the lieginninsr
After I left Hie hili school (in Kd.ti
hitrshi I went with .. my nml I u 11
ti.Hte friend, i'j attend the rlas-es in
the university. Ue f rcoicntl v in our
men hard at work polling "P board.
i and furniture, and nothing could he
! wore certain than Uiat nobody was on I
i the premises at the time." i !
I These are Instances of what may be
j termed successful ghost. The ghost
; that tinve failed are perbniw entitled
I to a brief notice. A "gbosr" once nn
dot-took to frlsbten the great nntnrai;
' 1st. Cuvier. This cbot appeared with
' an os'a bead. Cuvier awoke and found j
, the fearful thins glarmg and grinning
i at hi iiedslde.
j "What do you want?"
I "To devour von." prowled the irtvist
; "Ievoiir nie." quoth the great
I Frenchman, "hoofs, horns, irraminlv-
1 orous? You can't do It. Clear out!"
i And clear ont the dlscomtited gbost
! did.-Kansas City Star.
Made a Deep Impression on Little
Julia, and She Did Hr Best.
"Be not forgetful to entertain stran
i gers. for thereby some have entertaiu
! .! nngols unawares."
! The foregoing quotation Is from
ffr r
111 rj
IN I ! i
hi i? ill i it: w i m
in I I I dnffihi-a cm)
I UMmVIW tit Hf"1 m '
i (e)
chapter xlli. verse 2. book of Flebrewa.
walkx d.s.nsse, ,,d st-eculntl upon j nu ir u tatroducifd solely because It
man's pnve subjet. anions others
oji the liniiiortallty of the soul and a
future state. This uevtloii and the
possitiility. I will not say of jrhosts
walMtm. but of the dead atiearins
to the Ilvlus. were subiet ts c ' mireh
wpei-iiliiiion. titiil we a tuaPy eon. mittetl
the f illy of (ir.'iwiu;: up an iireemetit.
written with our bhiod. to the eiTect
that vliiihrer of us died first slioultf
appei.r to the other and thus solve
any doubt we hud entertained of the
"life fifter death '
"After we had finished classes at
colleire Ci went to lni'hi. having t'nt
h:i appoint i. lent there In the ivil sorv
li e. He seldom wrote me. and after a
Inpse of a few years I had almost for
jrften him. Moreover, his family hav-
constitutes a vital part of this story
I Julia Is ten years old. und she Roes to
; Sunday school. It appears that on a
j recent occasion the Sunday school
teacher had considerable to say about
this matter of "entertaining ancels nn.
'. awares." Anyway. It nia'de a deep im
pression with Julia.
A few days after the lesson Julia's
mother left her in charce of the house
' tor a few hours. When the mother re
; turned she went to n particular cup In
; the cupboard to extract therefrotu u
! half dollar lu this cup Is kept tbe
j family pin money, and Julia's mother
' knew that she had put .V cents there
; before tdie had none out. Itut the
j half dollar was pone. There was an
expression of anxiety on Julia's face.
It) little connection with Edinburgh, i find mother scented mischief.
I seldom saw or heard anythinj; of
then,, so that nil the old schoolboy 1n
tium'y hml died out and 1 had nearly
forgotten his existence. I had taken,
as have said, a warm bath, and while
In It and enioylng the comfort of the
hent after the late freezing I had un
derline I turned my head round to
ward the chair on hlch I had de
posited my clothes as 1 was about to
get out of the bath. On the chair sat
(5 calmly looking at me. How I got
out of the bath I know not. but on re-eov.-rlng
my se:ie.s I found myself
sprawling on the floor. The appari
tion or wlii lever it was that had taken
the likeness of (J. had disappeared.'
It was afterward ascertained . thnt ti
had died in India on the very day his
uppnritlon was seen by lord Brougham.
Very similar Is an Incident related
by Sir Walter Scott under ila'e of IMS
A certain Mr. Bullock had been era
ployed by Sir Walter to make tmprove-im-nts
at Abls.tsford Mr Bullock
was called to Ind"ti. and during his
alienee the !tn Ideiit narrated In the
following letter look place. Scott, writ
ing to a Mr. -Terry, says:
"The night U-fore Inst we were
awakened by a violent noise like the
drawing of new boards along the iw
pnrt of the house. I fancied son-tJ-tldng
had fallen and thought no mif
of It. T!ils was about 2 In the morn
ing Last night at the same witchlnij
hour the same noise ocurred Mrs. 8.. !
as you know, is rather tlmersome. so !
I got tip wit1! Beardy's broadsword ;
under my arm
"st bolt uprtrtt
And read to fght.
"But nothing was out of order. Nei
ther could I discover what occasioned
the disturbance." The stiamre thing
How Mrs. Reed of Peoria, III,
Escaped The Sur
geon's Knife.
"Ild you take that money?" asked
the mother, somewhat severely.
Julia broke Into tears. "I gave Itajto
a man thnt came to the brick door."
soblied the little girl.
"Gave It to a man! exclaimed the
mother. "What forV
"I thought he might be an imgel un
awares." replied Julia. Kansas City
"Stenography' Not th Only Nam by
Which It Is Known.
Shorthand writing la known by other
names than "stenography . "Tachygra
I'by" Is only one of them. Its second
part, of course, comes from the same
root as the latter end of "stenography"
that la. from the Greek ' "trap ho."
meaning to write. "Tachy" la derived
from tbe Greek "tachTS." meanlnr
rcoria. 111.-" I wish to let every ome swift: so onlr tha shorthand writer
know what LydiaK. F'inkr.am 'a Vegetable ) who haa tbe ability to take down rap
I i.omtiound haa done tPeech and transcribe It quickly haa
The Bey Firilly Recognized Him anc
Won a Compbment.
Oue afternoon the ley of Tunis while
visiting la Paris was conducted to the
gallery of baltle pictures They first
showed to him IHiilip Augustus at Bou
vincs "That's Napoleon I.. Isn't It?" said
the bey.
"No." rnld M. de Nolhac. "that is not
Nnjo!eon I., but, quite the same, a
great warrior."
They passed to St T.ouls. who. on the
bridge of Tail lei mors, w-ns battling like
the Archangel Michael bluielf
"Tint's Nntioleon I.T" queried the
bey with a wink of the eye.
"No." snld M. de Nolhac.
They arrived at Henri IV. trim wh
carrying bread to the besieged Parlai
"Napoleon I.?"
-No: that's Henry IV."
The Iwy was visibly disappointed
They klped I.onis XIV and XV. and
passed quickly to the wars of tbe em
pire They stopped before tie bnttle
of Ansterlltt.
"Napoleon I.T said the bey.
"Yes." said M. de Nolhac. "Hnw
your highness hs recognized It! now
admirable that Is! Ah. truly, your
highness knows the history of France
marVelously well." Crl de Paris.
Furniture Dept., Third Floor
EVERY BED IX OUR Dlbi uAY is representative of
the highest attainable standard in design, quality,
workmanship and finish. The utmost care was exercis
ed in the.seleetion of this stock and it is offered for your
inspection with a knowledge that only the Best is in
cluded. OUR DISPLAY OF BRASS "ART BEDS" is excep
tionally worthy of notice. Beside being the most beau
tiful. Brass "Art Beds'' are by far the strongest, most
durable, yet lightest, on the market. Not a single screw,
bolt or nut is used in their entire construction, and yet
when finished, every Brass "Art Bed" is as if made of
one solid piece of metal. When one recalls a few of the
troubles experienced with the old style constructed
beds, it is easy to understand the many advantages of
"Art Bed" construction. And then too, they cost no
more than the others.
BRASS "AHT HE I)" XO. S2!H Two inch
posts, 1 1 2 inch cress tubes, 1 -3 inch fillers,
head 53 inches high, foot "0 inches, ball
bearing carter-. This bed has a rich satin ! inches, casters ball bearing.
finish: usual price,
The Fair's price i.
BRSS "ART BED" 0. TiTRFour and a
half fett wide. 2 inch posts. 2 inch seam
less top rails, head T8 inches high, foot 37
V l t 1 . - . . .
coioniai trim-
nr.ngs, brig.it urass nnisn.
The Fair's price
4 Brass Beds that are
To Be Discontinued
BRASS "ART BED-' 0. 7223 Head 60
Inches high. 39 inch foot. 2 inch posts, li
inch top cross tubes, l's inch fillers, ball
bearing casters, finished in bright brass and
tne best obtainable at our
... $12.75
These are very desirable patterns and have
hern among our lc?t sellers. The factory
sends notice however, that th?y have disccn
tinire.1 the designs, therefore we ofler the 4
remaining numbers at greatly reduced
One Only $3.".nn Brass Beri Special at
One Only f32.ro liras lied Special at
Ono Or!y$21.7.- Prafs feel Special at .1!.9S
One Only S.O.O'i Hiass Ted Special ct S16.S5
Oak, Mahogany and Circassian Walnut Beds, $1S.G3 to
Two inch round posts, top rail x::
inches, 2 inch fillers in bright and
sat:u finish stripe. Our regular $40
tea, special for a short
time at
so white metal; a full line of only the
very latest designs, best qual'ty ob
tainable, find a wide rncge
of price; 52.4S to
BED SriUNGS-AU sizes ot
ringing from $!.f!3
. $8.:0
.BRASS "ART BED" NO. 7220 Handsom
satin finish, 2 inch pests. T inch fillers,
cross tubes and Pi inch, head 60 inches
high, foot 39 inches, ball trimmings, pat
ented inner-weld corners, 59Q ftfl
cutters ball bearing; price fJayiJ.U J
Baby Cribs
In connection with onr display
of Beds, we have included an
extensive line of cribs. The
'very latest is the "Safety Crib"
rlth sliding side, and is included
in our line. Cribs in white and
Vernis Martin; all atyles, pricea
$4.98 to $12.75
The Fair "Soecial
Felt Mattress
in all sizes;
made to our orcW: weipht ".0 lbs., and the equal of
and JlO.nO mattn-ss in the city;
ask to see it; tb.3 price s only .
A Felt Pfattress
plain eige. full 40 lb. wtvgot. You will
than $7 anywhere else for a mattress
equal to these at
covered with fan
cy art ticking:
i t-scft:
iO)Mft''V'1 Compound, and
ffi I IM rTf J t,xJa' 1 am w" n4
Ai I ''Js healthy woman. For
i,ri ' months I surf ered
forme. Fortwoyean
I suffered. The doc
tor sttid I had a tumor
and the snly remedy
was the surgeon's
knife. Mv mother
Iniupht me Lydia EL
from Innr.'.r.xtion, and your Sanative
Yf-h rciii'vcj nie. I am glaJ to tell
anyone !: it our meuioin.-s have done
fi r me. You can use my testimonial in
ir.y'way you wis-h, and I will be glad
to ar..w. r letter."-Mrs. Chrutina
l.kT.y, 1(0 Mound St., Peoria, III.
Mr. Lynch ANo Avoided
ITut ion.
Ji-sup. Pa. -" After the birth of try
herself or blmselr
(Th "cb" aonnd U
' ' ''- i 1 ' ' i
Unparalelled Values in
Curtains and Draperies
net less
Other Mattresses s,tvr'&
from every size, every material good quality and a
wide range of prices
$12.48 to
a variety aivl i.enuty of col
oring 'list will p'.easo the
moft fHsti.IiMis;- cl fift
prices ISc yard to ..'JLVJ
prices a pair range if A
frcm Sl.Ti to ....JTlW.iiJ
at $: a uair to ...i)lO3J
(Oil 11 COTEKS Oriental
and reman stripe eflc.ts; prices ranging
frcm 69c
dred's of yards of dainty new curtain materrals
in plain, striped and hor-lered effects, in white,
bcirie am! old ivory. Borders are in blue.
pink, yellow, gold and green; excellent as
sortment; prkres frcm 12c
a yard tn
hrrs The Fair displayed such a profusion of
pretty pat'erns as are being shown right
now. Prices 15c
n yard to
IES in both he pla;.n and
Uoiciored effects; cc:or;n.?s
to match any
rooni; 60c yard to
Good assortment, newest pat
terns; priced a $ j ) CO
pair. $.!.:.0 to $1.U
$2.!H a pair to
NOTICE the miniature win
dows in onr drapery de
partment next time you are
Second Floor Near Stamp Desk
aarr.-rfr.ta. v.m. iinrannal ini -trttniaYiifctianj
$4S, to be sold at $39.75; all 9x12 sizes. Bold us
ually at $?.0 are on C9fi 7C
sale at ench .0 to
BURTHOKTK WILTON RUGS Heavy worsted pile;
beautiful oriental patterns; a $10 99 I0
value, 9x12; this Kale 5-).49
ALL WOOL BLANKETS Plaid effects In tan. blue.
green and white, red nd black; size 66x80, and the
test $6 value in the rtaie;
special a pair ,
Buy Your Rug Here if
You Want To Save
dark colors ideal for dining and bed rooms;
regular $9.50 value; sizo 9x12; special at $7.48;
regular $8.50 values; size 9x9; ffi yC
special at J0.TJ
W ILTON VELVET RUGS O r I e n t a 1 and
floral designs in all the new coloring.
During this sale these can be bought for
less than you usually pay for tapestry
Brussels. See tho 9x12, $20 Wilton
Velvet on Bale
inches wide; patterns copied from
the best bedy Brussels. Our CQn
special price per yard OJC
heavy pile rugB In the newer oriental patterns;
cur regular $50 value, size 9x12; 9ft 7C
this sale 40J,lo
Ode, and the best value ever
shown; priced a yard . . .'
in tan, blue, grey and pink plaids. You never
bought as good a blanket for l.esr.
than $1.29 a pal. ; buy those at
Second Floor East ' of Elevator
,98 b
Necessities Ihit Are To Be Found
h Our Eou elarnishi'g Dtpinment
Stove Boards, 69c to
Stove Pipe, 10c to
Stove Elbows, 15c to
Oil Hfaters. each
Toilet Paper, 6 rolls
Galvanized Pails, 10 quart ..
Copper Bottom licilers . . .
Curtain Stretchers, adj. ...
Enatr.elet. Vi pints. 15c;
25c; full pints. 4ic; quarts
Climax Wall Pr.per Cleaner,
10c; 3 cans
.$19 j Family Scales, each .'c
. . .2."," Kitchen Klenzer, 6 cans
...25c Galvanic Soap, 8 bars .....
.fi.ft Dutlcss Ousters, each ....
. . .2.'c Tlur-tleea Mops, each
. ..l."r Galvanized Wash Tubs
. . .9c Slaw Cutters, each
. . .!) Liquid Veneer. 23c and
pints. Paint and Varnish Brushes
. .75r each and up to
I can I Inverted Gas Iamps globe,
. . .25c tie, burner
Balance ofWeeR
Pocket Knives
To our house furnishings we have
junt added as nice a line of pocket
knives as was to he found in the country at prices ranging from 25c
to $1.50 each. Pon't forget this because sometime you will have need
for a pocket knife and can save yourself money by purchasing it
at The Fair. ,
Second Fleor Near Stamp Desk
HAT Black or col
orsformerly priced
up to $G.49. on sale
tomorrow at
silk velvet, trimmod In wing
ornaments, mescaline and silk.
We show them In black, brown.
ren, nnie, green and grey
rearly to wear and
priced $2.49 and . .
HAT Any color or
6tyle that we have
shown up to $5, will
be on sale at
$2 98
II AT that was $:i.50
or lesa today yoa
can buy tomorrow
1 $1.98
FELTS All colors;
trimmed with rib
bpn, velvet, feath
ers and orraments;
choice this
dreds of them to elect from;
every color and size; evlery
imaginable shape and each the
best value It is possible to ob
tain at prices rang
Jng frcm $ to
made of brown and
blue velvet In the
"Pull Down" effect.
A $1.75 value, this
r. si.25
Jut Arrived:
Made with the hood
effect In red, brown
and blue. All our $1
tbe right to rail
like tbat of k.M)
"Stenography" come from "grapho"
combined with "atenoa," which means
"narrow" In Greek. So a 'teDot;rm
phcr" is either a narrow- writer or he
or be practices "narrow writing."
Not so many rears ago we heard a
good deal about "phonography" as a J "
name for shorthand writing, but the the devil's anar to tempt wanderers
term seems to hav goa out of use ' to death. In tbeir lljrht of magic sold
it cornea from tbat same useful root j ith u tint of emerald green the Jan
"trnpho," combined with "phono." unese ee stars of too;.', sorrows of
The latter word means "sound." ao j broken hearts, the everlasting xpirits
that pbonograpber Is one who write j of warriors, but. m.st of ail. the joys
down sound as be bears It Tbe pho- J 0f jOTe an( lovers.
uograph Is. of course, an Instrument ; Whenever they see the glimmering
for writing or recording sound. faint j-m nht of firvflits boveriui
MISS NELSON will rem1'! at The Fair all this week. If you wish hair
perfectly matched or are interested in the latest modes of Hair Dress
ing, it will be to your advantage to come and talk with Miss Nelson.
Boavors to sell at $3.49
We Trim Free.
f.tctnf Floor - 0:ifislt Elevator
(KA.VE THAT PICTURE How many homes are there In the trl-clHea
tl.r.r havent at least one picture laid away awaiting a frame? firt that
pic.-ure out tonight, and the next time you come Jown town bring it in
and let us put it In a frame.
Then there are "bracbygraphy" "ste-
ganograpby" and "tocography" as oth
er names for what we generally call
fourth cniul, I had severe orjranic infl&m- f tenojtraphy. In the order slven they
rr.un. I would have such terrible tiair.s ! ure derived from "grapho" combined
tl-Lt it iiid r.otsm a though I could i'witb "brachys." meaning "short;" "ste-s'.-ind
it. This k. pt up for three long; csinw." niennlns "covered;" "secret" (a
:r M.tSs, until two doctors decided thtt ' stenographer is one who writes in
f. 'H-ration was n-e!&J. , ory(tic or mysterious writing, not to b i
I.ytiia E. Pinkham's VegeUble Com- , mean.ti "kte. h "-New York Times. I Z.-
I-u?ij aiul afVr taking it for two months
o er the stream runnini; Into the dark
ness of night the J.i panose dream of
love and loving hearts. The l!i;ht of
fireflies Is the guide of lovers ST"i;i3
a Inn;; the narrow pritus to meet their
The Japanese fireflies are much lar
ger snd give brighter and more steady
llrrbt than those seen lu Huron or
i. In old d.ivi mapy ixr .lan-
I was well onmn." Vrs. Joseph A.
UM H, Jeup, Pa.
Women who sutler from female ilia
should try Lydi EL Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound, one of the most success,
f ul rtmeilies the world haa ever known,
-l-r: Lubmitting to a surzicid oDera-
anese students, nnahle to buy candles,
were wont to gather fireflies Id a hag
and -read their books by their light.
The Hotaru kago itirefly cagei. made
of fine laces, placed on the verandi
gives almost as bright n li?ht as tbe
large stone lantern, but much more
qiiaint nnd dreamy.
Fireflies nre plentiful everywhere In
.Tapan. They are not nt nil afraid of
human !n'!'i and will often alight
upon the dri- and even on the hair
oi n:iri. It i not seldom tbat fire
fi: fly Iiim one' p kets or slee?es.
Mock Jova in Stnuid.
Largs and Brilliant and Numerous and
Not Afraid of Man.
In Japan flreflle are more than mere
beetles, 'i'bey nre Cupid's light to ,
guUle lovers, souls of aacient soldiers,
Aycr's Pills
Cently Laxative. Sugar-coated.
Dose, one pill, only one
Sold for 60 years.
Your Doctor. 1'
G-ant Sharks.
While tbe whale is regarded as the
unrest of crentnren that haunt tbe sea.
her" re w.'iie sharks thnr can i
companxl In .ie with tbe former snl- !
hnnnt Is the Arctic ocean. Imt It I
also found near the great whale hark
These mounters, curiously enough, are
quite hnrmleni Tt.elr teeth nre verT
small, nnd they f ed on tiny matter
thnt flontw on the u-irface of the sea
This matter- f he ti:h truin tbroiigii
its enormous gill rakers
owl wreecties r Her weather will en
sue. Harper's.
If your spirit- are low do something,
and if yon h:ive lieen dnlna mnetlilnr
d "omef fling different - K K Hale
Sn innn N tnll thnt he need" never
stretch tinrt none n tn:ii: that be need
never Moop - Crom the laulh.
It I. well fiit one to know more tbxn
lie - riMuM-
If You Eat You Need Digestif
The New Relief for Indigestion
Animal Thermometers.
Crickets have a teiidi-iu to chin)
synchronously or in time with one nn- j
other It Is claimed t tint they chirp
more rapidly in warm than In cold
weather The Increase has even l-en
rated at Tour cnirp a minute tor eacu it nas been taien mat more thaniorrce are proof. You can try it for
degree the temperature increase eighty million people in the United ; J'furself without any rink if it faild
rAnin unimi. - A ... u. a '
" i" ' ! states are victims of some form of in-
digestion. The American people do:
to give you absolute satiafaction your
rometers. It W ;ild that while frogs . . money will, he returned. Browa'a Ii-
rem.-iln yellow nothing but fine weath ! uiTl,,J"' lue "w"Mn people ao:,,eBt)t , a tab,H eagy U) gwa,,)W ..,
er mnv be exfectefl. but that Hould I not tae tinje enough to eat. The re- absolutely harmless. It relieves in.
These giant sharks, however. tf)4.lr roau, hsin lo a-ume a l.rowoi'"- is stomach trouble, gas, belching , digestion almost instantly, stops faod
urdigestion and dyspepsia. 'fermentation, prevents distress after
D'gestit is the new relief it has j mating "'1 curea dyBpepeia. Vou neel
teen found a certain, gulck and pr-!lf even though ou are not alck it
tranent remedy. Thousands of peo- ntf5B digestion arid gives you all til l
nourtfcmeni. '
i are very rare nnd are known ncdir
the name of the great whole shark and
the Iniskins h.irk. The former, which
attains a li-u-jlli of fifty feet
hue bad weather Is tiptircm-hlng
A spider seen spinning lt. web In the
morning her.ild tine day. If een
;it le.-it the whole
follow tuu- iitornlnu
The tatter's most larorti j will be line, if U U raiaiui; ami the
. off the -ois! nf InitLi. IVru and fwer 1 - . ........ . ...
i ------ , , u,,,, ni,t, i i,,
i Califoruia.
pie have found relief from its use.
Their own sutme&t8 on file la our j The Harper House pharmacy.

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