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at Dig I
New Temple on
Street .Dedicated
Conclave of Members
LUUN I T LUUbCb rntitN I
Alto Commar.dery and Three Lodges
from Davenport Ceremonies
Simple but Beautiful.
Alout son Masons from the tri-citis.
Cambridge, Aledo. Orion, Port Byron,
and other potnta, attended the corner
Ktotie laying of the new Masonic t-m-p'f
thin afternoon, at Eighteenth str e;
and Fifth avenue. M-mhrs of the
grand lodge of the Fla'e. heeded I.y
."rand Manter I). D. Darrah of Bloom
:r.gton. 111., were in f barge of the cer
emonies attending the netting in plate
of the. hfonf. Charl'-K E. Whtelan aet
d as grand orator and Kev T. E.
Newland acted ae grami chaplain
Tii" entrance door frame had b'n
Mt iti flare by th" workman and was
! rofimcly df-orated with autumnal
leaves. The ni'-inb'Tg of the grand
lodge, the local head officer, and those
n the program, occupied teats on the
Moor of th' new building, while the
hundreds of uniformed Masons, mem
Ikts of the White Shrine and Eastern
Sttir and other hpcctatorh were crowd
ed us near to the corner -'ot,e as they
o'i'.d gt. The cennirnies w re sim
ple hut IrnprenhiVf- and were according
to the Masonic ritual.
HM; l'lttlK IIKI.II.
-At 1 o'clock the Mason and rnem
lier of the ladies' ord'-rs ga'h'-re' at
he. j 1 1-fcent Macule quarters in the
jtol.innon Imilding ai-d there foimed a
'r.iiini iial parade whi;h marched
thioi.gh th.. plimipiil str'ets of the
city, udir.K up at tiie sit. of the new
temple. Following aie ihe organiza
tions inaki:.K up the parade in tiie or
1' r in wli:i thny march' d:
.laihal i U. Davi.-. platoon of po
lie, Sirayer hau l. Iiav nport com
niaiidi rv. Fraternal lodge No. 2-1. Trin-
ity iodide .Ni '.'ex and Davenport io'le
No. : 7. furee of Davenport; .New
Windsor lo'ige No. :;i;7, vioia lodge .No.
"77. Doric lodge No. Hi:, Moline; Aledo
!: No. 2 ".2. Eureka lodge Mo. t'.Ct of
Mila.i. Ciin,', ridge lodie No. i9. Rock
i-iiin.J li)d' No. f .".v. Tii'i lodge No. 57
-f Hod: 1.-:.. n:. Koi k lf.ii'.in maM.l-
ry, and lastly the memliers of the
-'lalji) ;( t.l the ytate.
on i i ns in 1 1 4 ii r. i
Following 8 the list of grand ofli-
. t w';o l.a'l charge of the ceremou
;cb oi .iy: g the cornerntone :
Grand .iaster Delmar I) Darrah.
Ii' i nty Grand Master - Milton T.
' "il li
Son. or Grand
.J'.tuor Grand
Warden George
at i-on
Grand Treasurer
Grand Secretary
Grand Chaplain
'. l 6joTOBii M its &3 Girls K-I
Today's 12.98 Suit Sale
Not Likely to Have a Counterpart
In the Tri-Cities.
This statement, to us, means as much as is
possible to express in words; and it should
mean as much to you if you realize how close
ly we uard the reputation of our apparel sec
tions. TT.e material are clievioti. mannuh mixtures, series,
bed ford cordis and diagonals, in one and two tone
effects decidedly splendid in quality and in the
season s newest shades.
TlOU may be a clothes expert know wool
A ens, making, etc., "from the ground up"
but the chances are you're not. And ou real
ly needn't be; you'll find only the kind of clothes
here that an expert would choose; we've elimi
nated "mistakes" so that you can't make them.
The proof is waiting for you now.
VOU are asked to compare these 12.9S suits
with the 16.50 suits of other stores com
pare them point for point, inside and out;
you'll rind ours to be superior in every way.
7"OU'RE interested in real value in clothes;
the fabrics and materials they're made of;
the way they're tailored; the correctness of
style; the exactness of fit. We are specialists
in these things; we know our part of it so well
that we assume all risks of your satisfaction.
We want you to be 100 percent satisfied; when
vou buy, and afterwards. We give "money
back" for our own sake and yours.
Alterations FREE at All Times
Trio Lodge No. 57, A. F. & A. M. .
hosier of omcers and members, li12. :
I'.y-laws of iodge. Photograph of Wit
Hani li. Pettit, secretary of lodge.
Rock Island Lodge No. 658, A. F. &
M- Hosier of omcera and members,
i:12. By-laws of lodge.
R k ,.iand chaDter. No. 18. R. A. M.
Hotter and by-laws, with list of ofii-
cers. 1!12. Chapter penny.
hOCK isiana council no. a. o.
Master Roster of members and ofn
cers, li12
Rock Island Commandery No. 18,
K. T. Roi-ter of members and offi-
cers, 1512. Badge Even's command-
ery, conclave at St. Louis. 1S86. Badge
Ifick Island oemmundery, conclave at
Kock Island. li-S. BaUije Rock Is-
lsnd commanderv. conclave at Chi-!
15l'i. Badge Rock Isiand com-
ir.andery, conclave at Peoria, 1S12.
Sou-fnir watch fob. Rock Island com-
marnlery, 1!'08. Program of Easter
services, K!2. Picture of commandery
parade, October. Vj'. at Rock Island.
History of Rotk it-land commandery,
from Oct. 25, ls&l, to June 1. 1'iO".
Rsck Island chapter No. 269, O. E. S.
Roster and by-laws.
Vashtl Shrir.e. No. 25, W. S. cf J.
Roster of members and omcers. 1!12.
Book of ceremonials, grand lodge A. ters for 1C10.
F. 4: A. M. of Illinois for 1112 Book of proceedings of grand corn
Book of constitution and by-laws of mandery of Knights Templars of II-
grand lodge A. F. & A. M. of Illinois linois, 1911 and 1512.
for 1!12. Photograph of Harry Hayes Cleve-
Miiiutes of first mass meeting for land, past grand commander of
selection of site for Masonic temple. Knights Templar of Illinois.
.At.g 27. 1107.
Minutes of organization of Masonic
lempie asportation.
Lift of contributors to th- building
Letter of March 2:!. 1912, from sec-
n.tary of Masonic Temple association
iri' itinK Brother 1!. E. f'asteel to sup
erintend the raising of building fund:-.
Report of Brother H. E. Casteel on
completion of campaign for funds
Letter extending thanks of the Ma
sonic Temple association to Brother
H. E. Casteel. j
Gn.nd Orator C. E. Whelan.
(Jraud Pursuivant 1). K. Marr.
Grand Marbhal M. B. lott.
Grand Standard Bearer J. W. Hou
der. (irand Sword Bearer G. F. Kramer.
Senior Grand Deacon J. (J. llun
teon. Junior Grand Deacon - R. F
Grand Steward
Morris Block.
Grand Steward E L. Willets.
Grand Steward John Pearton.
Grand Tyler -C. S. Gurney.
Master of Oldest Lodge William
Principal Architect -J. H. Schacht.
Licensed to Wed.
Luke .1. MrNaney Chicago
Miss Margaret J. Miller .... Kewame
Ocar R. Palmer V.'oc.dhull
Mi?s Mabel E. Johnson .... Wooilhull
Grant L. Halgren Vinton, iowa
Miss Mabel K. McCah h. .Vinton. Iowa
Ernest W. Moser Rock Island
Miss Elizabeth A. Wood . . Rock
Frank E ' Weigatid . .
Miss Emma M. De M'svink.
Rock Island
of new Masonic
Program of cornerstone laying. Oct.
17, 1912.
List of most worshipful lodge at cor-
rerstone laying.
List of members of Masonic board
of control.
Copy of address of president of Ma-
sonic Temple association, inviting the .
mobt un,u.piui feiauu lu ia,
1 Ul U71 ClUUC. I
Photograph of H. D. Mack, presi-1
d nt of the Masonic Temple associa-;
Copy of invitation to members for 1
laying cornerstone, issued by Trio
ledge No. 57. A. F. & A. M., and Rock
iFland loose No. 658. A. F. (c A. M.
Copy of postal card response to in-
vitation of cornerstone laying
Copy of the bond for a deed of the
property on which the Masonic tern
p!e is building.
Proceedings of the grand lodge A. F.
& A. M.. l&ll.
Souvenir badge of Rock Island
county masters' night, ll'll
Book of proceedings of general
erand chapter of Royal Arch Masons
of the I'nited States of America, 1909.
Book of proceedings R. &. S. mas-
Photograph of Harry Clay
t opies or Kock Island Daily L uion,
Oct. 15 and 16. 1312.
Copy of Reck Island ArgUS, Oct. 16,
Copy of Volks Zeitung, Oct. 15, 1912.
Copy of Davenport Times, Oct. 13,
Copy of Rock Island News.
Copy of Masonic News, September,
Copy of Illinois Free Masons, Sep
tember, 1912.
Dusky Dame Resents Neigh
bors' Laughter When Caller
Is Received.
Other Damsel Issues Forth Into Street
Armed With an Axe Case
Angered because two neighbor
women sat. at the window and openly
snickered when she invited a white
man into her house and remained for
several minutes, Nellie Welch, black
as the ace of suadeg. weieht 3(10
pounds, yesterday afternoon armed
herself with a revolver and started
after her deriders with a view to an
nihilating them. The parties with th
t ump of humor, both of whom are well
known in police circles, were Cora
Mack atid Kannnie Lane, the latter
alleged to he the woman who murder
ed a man in Moline some time ago.
They are colored.
Cera swore out a warrant against
Nt Hie, and then that corpulent indi
vidual came back strong and accused
the Mack woman of leading an im-nicr.-l
life. The case was oontinued
until tomorrow morning and both are
In ing held under bonds of $100.
h ii im.s hi in.
Cora Mack aid she was seated in
the window and watched Nellie go !n
') her house with the white man ami
l.miih'd. whereupon, after Ihe visitor
had departed, the hostess tot out a
tevoher and invited them to come
down and do battle, claiming that she
would !-'. t them. Then desiring to
telephone the jMjlice for protection,
Cora picked up a young axe and start
ed down the steps with the object
of her ridicule following her. Cora
says she was just going to return the
ax to a neighbor from whom she had
borrowed it that morning, and that
sii" had no intention of using it as
a p aything.
The VV leh woman made strong
charts against Cora, whom the police
have b.cn washing for some time but
h?.e been unable to catch with th-
goods. Witnesses will be on hand
I tomorrow and the matter thoroughly,
threshed out.
' The prtuni(y Is Here, Lacked by
liwk Island Testimony.
Lou t take our word for it.
Don't depend on a stranger's state-
Read Rock Island endorsement.
Read tt.e statements of Rock Island
And decide for yourself.
Here is one case of it:
' P. C. Heselin, 13 24 Fifth avenue.
Roi k Island. 111., bays: "I still rec
ommend Doan's Kidney Pills Just as
highly as I did in 1S0&. I have to
do heavy lifting in my work and this
uo doubt was the cause of my kidney
; trouble. The worst symptom was
Two prospectus
backache accompanied by pains in my was united in marriaae Dec. l&'iQ,
sides. The kidney secretions were to William Ohge. who survives, besides
'unnatural. Seeing Loan's Kidney her brothers ar.d sisters of Memphis,
Pills advertised I got a supply at the Tenn. Burial will take place at Mem-
I'arper House pharmacy. They en- phis.
tirely relieved my troubles." i
! For sale by all dealers. Price 50! tin fr iim:hu..
rents. Foeter-Milburn company. Buf- Funeral services for Alfred Wf-
falo. New York, sole agents for tbe;!iarr.) Tanner were conii'i'ted this
'.I'nited Ptatee. afernr.on at -:" o'clock at the Mem-
Remember the name Dosn's r-.iul ChrU'tiin church, bv Kev. B Slat-
jand take uo other. (Advertisemtct).
Thieves Ransack House Getting
Over $800 Worth of Jewplrv
and Valuables.
Effect an Entrance by pryinq 0ce
Window From Back Porch
Police on Case.
Between the hours of 3 and 8 p. m.
yesterday, burglars broke into the
residence of Hans Schroeder, ft
Twentieth street, making a successful
getaway with over $800 worth of sil
vprware, jewelry and valuables. They
left no clew as to their identity.
The robbery was first discovered by
the maid who had gone out at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon. She returned short
ly after 8 o'clock, and upon opening
the door a scene of the wildesi disor-
der greeted her eyes. The house had
been ransacked from cellar to garret.
drawers had been removed, the con-
tents dumped upon the floor and ev
erything pawed over. Nothing of val
ue was left with the exception of
clothing anicles. and the haul is one
of the biggest in years.
Mrs. Schroeder. accompanied bv her
daughter. Myrtle, left yesterday morn-Cleve-
ing for an automobile trip through
Iowa, and as Mr. Schroeder had been
invited to dine with relatives in Mo
ijne iast evening, he informed the
maid that shp need not stav Qlr.no in
" 1 ' "
the house. The thieves had evident-
ly been watching the house and knew
of the absence of the family, so they
were able to go about their work in a
thorough and systematic manner with
an the time in the world and practical
no fear of interruption.
FORI K 1.(11 K.
Mr. Schroeder did not return to his
home until 9:15 and immediately noti
fied the police
the case.
who are working on
An entrance was effected through a
window on the back porch, the
thieves, ripping off the screen and
forcing the window latch by prying the.
sa?h from underneath.
Although Mr. Schroeder was unable
to tell ihis morning just what was
missing, he furnished a partial list of
ui" valuables taiien: silverware val
ued at $500, two Elgin gold watches.
RPI, ladUv and " ntlenan's, valued at Slid.
'J'T I $15 in cash, an opera glass and sever
al valuable pieces of jew elry, brooches.
ttuds, etc.
City Market Master Louis Funken
stein has just completed a test of
the truck scales in Rock Island, and
this morning furnished to Commission-
er Archie Hart a list of those found
to be O. K. They are as follows:
Lamont Coal company.
Rock Island Sand & Gravel Co.
Carpenter Coal company.
Rockwell Ice & Fuel Co.
Port Byron Lime company.
Kmpire Coal company.
Frazer Coal co npany.
R. C. Renson.
Schillinger & Nold.
Weyerhauser & Denkmann.
K. H. McKown.
M. Greenblatt.
Centrai Illinois Fuel company.
Joseph Schaab.
Owctonna Flour & Feed Co.
M Voss.
Pock Island Fuel company.
Mueller Lumber company.
Rock Island Lumher company.
Sylvan Ice company.
The case of the city vs. lir. W. H.
Ludewig, which was scheduled for a
bearing this morning, was again con-
tinued. the delay this time being 10
days more. The reason for the con-
tinuunce, according to the statement
of Commissioner Archie Hart, is to
enable the fire chief to determine the
exact ext nt of the injuries to the
horses hurt in the collision which o.--
cured sometime ago between the ten-
ttal fire truck and the physician's
auto. .
MRS. 10I.A Kl( HOI. SON'.
Mrs. Viola Nicholson died this morn
ing at 5:3o o'clock at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Myrtle JaueUKe, fell
Sixth street, after a year s illness of
dropsy. She was born Feb. 12, lb73, in
Colfax, Iowa, coming to Rock Island
r.ve years ago. Surviving are her hus
band, Rert Nicholson, and a daughter,
. rs. Myrtle Janetzke. The funeral
w;ll be held tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock from the home with burial iu
Chippiannock cemetery.
MR. Wll.l.llX OIM.K.
News was received in this city Wed
nesday of the death Tuesday at Al
buquerque, N. M.. of the wife of Wil
liam Ohge, formerly of this city.
Death was due to complications She
. er, jailor of tie First CiiriotiAii cLurta
of Moline. Holders' union No. 230 at
tended in a body. A quartet consist
ing of Messrs. R. C. Smedley, Green.
E. O. Vaile. Jr.. and B. F. Stoaks
sang. The pallbearers were John
Hurton and Waiter Fowler of
the Molders union; Frank A.
Graves and J. A. Gustafson of the
Memorial Christian church, and H. S.
Srutznas and H. H. Robb. Burial took
place at Chippiannock cemetery.
Private services for Reuben H. Tay
!cr were held this afternoon at the
Moline theatre apartments. Rev. C.
A. Lincoln officiating. Those who
pt-ted as pallbearers were Frank Glues
inc. Fred Leavens. William Klinck, R.
Hamilton. John Wallace, and T. B.
Reidy. Interment will be made to
morrow morning in Galesburg ceme
Potato Vender Discovers Short
Road to Riches but Police
Interrupt Journey.
Gives Full Weight to Bushel but Slips
Up on the Number Or
dered. !
Joseph E. Gilbert, a vender of po
tatoes, has discovered an abrupt thor-
cughfare to affluence which makes the
n-tHW.. a ... . .
wutiitr, itti-.i' iii nit: .iiiiiii' i .li
lo palace of fortune resemble the low- ,
ly efforts of a shell game operator i
with a one horse carnival. His :
w ealth accumulating ventures wero .
brought to a hurried conclusion yes
terday, however, when a strong armed
minion of the law seized him by the
nape of the neck and escorted him to
the city luistile. This morning he was '
hold under $400 bonds and his case
continued. It is likely that a charge
of obtaining mon ? by false pretenses
will be preferred against hiin.
Gilbert is selling for Max Jeppey. '
who w;is unaware of the fact that his
employe was a direct descendant of
the famous Ali Bahha. Gilbert has
been in the habit of approaching a
house wife, takine the order fnr kmv
six bushels, and then carrying iu but
five, after which he would announce
that the l:tsi basket was No. 6. Owing I
to the fact, that the potatoes were
d'.imp'l in one pile, the lady of the 1
house has had no method of proving
her case, and has dismissed it with
the thought that she has made a mis
take. Gilbert tried the game on Mrs.
Oliver P. Ol.ion, M07 Forty-fourth
street, yesterday. Also the same stunt
was worked on Mrs. George Connel,
just across the street. A complaint
was registered with the police, and
,,0,h men hauled to the. station. Jep-
I,v was dismissed upon payment of
costs, but Gilbert will r.-ceive atttn-
lion later.
Finding that money came too slowly
by work. John McDonald of Milan,
yesterday stole the contents of a
child's little savings bank, amounting
to $10 and went out for a good time.
McDonald is M-iying at the home of
Fied Schaffer of Milan, and the Dank
belonged to one of the children. Mc
Donald was arrested this morning and
when arraign. -d before Justice J. H.
leland. pletid guilty to a charge of
larceny and was hound over to the
' grand jury under bonds of $5u0. When
arrested, the thief had spent aJl of the
Personal Points
About teachers of this city are
t'"':K to make the trip to Galeshuig
to teachers' convention which is
'" ,; ''f'If there this evening, tonior-
r,,v 3,1 lla' anr Saturday morning,
A number of those who are going to
z - -
pjip. ..
Vf PflY I Tl
llOLl 5! UlflAlHo
'Tape's Diapepsin' End3 Indi
gestion, Gas Sourness in
Five Minutes.
"Really does" put bad stomachs in
order "really does" overcome indi-f-estioti,
dyspepsia, gas. heartburn and
bourne's in rie minu'es tnat-Jus-t
that makes Cape's Diapepsin the
l.'tt-'et-t telling stomach regulator in
the world, if what you eat ferments
into stubborn lumps, you belch ga:
and eructate sour, undigested food
and acid, head is dizzy and aches:
breath foul: tontine coated' vr.nr in-
(sides filled with bile and indigestible
waste, remember the moment Diapefe
sin comes in contact with the stomach
all such distress vanishes. It's truly
; attontshitig almost marvelous, and:
1 the joy is its hamil'tseness.
A large 50 cc nt case of Rape's Dia-!
rffsm will give you a hundred dol-.
Ir-r s worth of sariiaet:on or your
riinearlFt hand.i yon jour money back.
It's worth its weight in gold to men
and women who can't ret their ttnra- j
1 acr.B regulated. It belongs In yourj
home should always be kept handy
. in case of a sick, sour, upset stomach j
during the day or et nitrht It's the!
quickest surest and most rrn!e?s
siorr.srn r.oc'cr In the world. (.Viver-
as m
wmm i g wmm
Hundreds of Iv omen ivVl tell you that if you Ivant
the best in style and quality and want it at the
lowest price, you mnst come to
The "Bee Hibe
Tor 'Example These Suits that
We Are Showing at from
$9.98 to $25
Vo are not doing the impossible. There is no
"something for nothing" here nor anywhere
else, but we do specialize on moderate priced
suits and our immense business on these gar
ments enables us to demand and get more style
and better tailoring and finer fabrics than the
makers usually put into suits at these prices
and to the woman who has been led to believe
that moderate price means commonplace style
or questionable quality these suits will be a rev
Unusual Variety
Value Here Now
All wool serges, whipcords, mixtures, and diag
onals. Any of these suits would be priced from
$3 to $5 more at most places. Styles arc the
very newest, variation enough to please any
taste, and satisfaction in every one of them.
Novelty pats pj 'Beauty and
Quality at $12.98, $14.98,
$16.98 and $19.98
Stylish luxurious looking coats, beautifully
fashioned, and full of warmth and comfort.
Made of the finest materials, heavy wool
boucles, handsome mixtures, zibelines, chinchil
las and serges. If you are not familiar with
IJee Hive coat values we urge you to inspect
these tomorrow.
Plentv of the popular three-quarter length
"Johnny" Coats at $11.98, $12.98 and $14.98.
Mackinaw Norfolk Coats in plain colors and
plaids at $6.98, $7.50 and $9.98.
Genuine Sealette
Plush Coats at $17.50,
$19.98, $22.50 and $25.
Dresses Dresses
Probably no part of our Fall display lias caused
so lniicli favorable comment as" our showing of
one-pieco dresses for
Serge dresses at $4.98,
$5.98, $6.98 and up to
Children 9s and Misses 9 Coat
There is hardly a need in juunile loats that ennnot lie amply
satisfied in this, section For i very age from 2 t 17 years we
have provided full assortnit uK from the best makes we know of.
Plushes and caraculs, mixtures, kerseys, ihinchiihm aid nov
elty weave in a variety too law to attempt description.
$2.50 to $20
Correct and Becoming Styles in Skirts at $2.93
j to $10
The Season's Newest
Handsome and Reliable
The 3ee Hive
make t!:e trip left this morning and
"ley wi" fip'"tl loday in vif,i,ini?
i tr.bwAn of the Maple City. The rest
of the pedagogues will leave tomorrow
Georgetown, Lei., Ot. 17. Wood
roow Wilson campaigned through
Ltlaware today deploring in all his ;
tpeoehes tb attack on lioosevelt. He :
co:.fine j hi.Tis-if to state issues. )- 1
was greeted l Urge crowds, lieftr-
Handsome Caracul
Cloth Coats at $8.98,
$9.98, $12.98 up to $25
women and misses.
Corduroy dresses at
$6.93, $8.S8, $9.93 and
up to $20.
Waist Styles at $1 to $7.50
Furs at Moderate Prices
Cor. 2nd Cr Vrady
Dabenp ? , luk.t
! ring to Taft e administration he s- i !,
"We have had no pilot the l.t:t f: i.'
yn.ra. Ihe Lip of state in . ts
1 wallowing :?.rou'h a f-'-a. U'e ti.-iel
to have a party t.f know- noihin.s. VV
mi have a r publican pai'y of uo
Phone 2089. Lady Attendant.
Open Day and Night
313 18th Street, Rock Island.

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