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Exclusive Wire
Trie Weather
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow for;
Rock Island, Davenport, Moline, j
and Vicinity. j
Unsettled and colder weather to-i
night, Saturday lair and colder.
Temperature at 7 a. m, 62. Highest'
yesterday, 72; lowest last night, 57. ;
Velocity of wind at 7 a. m, 8 miles
per hour.
Precipitation, none
Comiskey Team Rolls Up . atelml,e1humi1Uy at 7 p m 56, " Physicians Greatly En
couraged by Gains by
the Patient.
Eight Runs in One
(From noon today to noon tomorrow.
Sun seta 5:1ft. rises 6:16. Eveninjr
Stage of water, 3.8, a fall of .2
last 24 hours.
J. M. SHEKIER, Local Forecaster.
Chance Switches Hurlers, but
Change Fails to Stop the
Batting Bee.
Lord fanned. Mattick fanned. No
Cubs Bodte replaced Lord in left.
Kvers fouled to Schalk. At the end of
the fifth inning Manager Chance was
s. disgusted with the showing of his
j team he donned citizen's clothes and I
I with his pitchers who had been knock-
Remote Fear of Latent Infec
tion Colonel Is Anxious
to Go Home.
Chicago, Oct. 18 The White 1 d off tne "!ab left tne Par ani wnt
, ,!., j 4. home. Cotter walked. Toney forced
ccx won today s game ana tne . , . ...
J otter at second, Borton to eaver.
City championship title Of 1912. , Sheckard fouled to Schalk. No runs.
Sox Collins was hit by a pitched
ball. Rorton fanned. Zeider fanned
Sox . .
Cubs .
. 0
Rath. 2b.
Lord. If.
Maltlck. cf.
Collins, rf.
Bcrton, 1b.
Zeider, ?t
Weaver, as.
Schalk. c.
Walsh, p.
Sheckard, If.
Miller, cf.
Tinker, sa.
?immermin, 3b.
Schulte, rf.
Saler, 1b.
Evera, 2b.
and Collins Ftele second Weaver also
was hit by a pitched ball. Schalk was
out. Tinker to Saler. No runs.
FK.Hlll lM4..
Cubs - Miller was out, Weaver to
Chicago, Oct 18. Colonel Roose
velt awoke at. 7:25 this morning, full
of vim, vigor and vitality. In all he
slept about seven hours, which j
he declared with more than he was
accustomed to. His temperature was j
normal, his color good, eyes bright and
manner animated. The colonel told his
nurse he had a "'perfectly bully
An official bulletin issued at 9:30
Ik. rum. Tinker was out, Zeider to this morning stated Roosevelt's gen
Borton. Zimmerman was out. Weaver eral condition was so good he would
to Borton. No runs ; be allowed to sit up n hour today.
Sox- Walsh was out. Evers to Saier. Convalescence is progressing favor
Rath singled Bodie forced Rath at able and unless some latent infection
second. Tinker to Kvers. and was manifests itself his progress should be
Archer, e. ; doubled at first. Kvers to Saier.
Lavender, p. ' runs.
No rapid. His pulse was 70;
t.ure. S8.4: respiration. 18.
uns rnecnari was out. liorton to hps cmnteri fouled to Schalk.!
Walsh Mllier was out. Rath to Ti,,r. P;i't fli-d to Mattick. Kvers went out,
ton Tlnk.-r fanned No runs. Weaver to Norton. No runs.
Hot Ruth was out, Kvers to Saier.;
lxrd tripled. Mattick was out, Laven
'.r fri K.'t. who covered first. Iord
Vledill M'Cormick Calls
Hilles an Assassin of
went to third Collins singled too hot'
for KvrH. Lor d scoring. Borton sin-.
gled. Collins going to second. Zeider '
forced Collins at third, Zimmerman j
unassisted. One run. i
The patient suffers no pain because!
of pressure of the bullet against the j
fractured rib. The rib itself is now !
believed mending rapidly. All indi-.
cations are the wound is healing nor-'
mally. The bullet is gradually being !
isolated by a new growth of tissue.
When the colonel awoke at 7:25 hej
wondered whether the physicians I
would decide to remove the missile.
He said that in that case he would
was have it gilded and made into a pocket
al years ago. At the time of his he
roic act he owned a prosperous news
paper stand In Gary, Ind.
Milwaukee. Wis., Oct. IS. It
intimated today that the reason for t,tce
having John Schrank's bail increased "vm Pttnp nnvinns
Cubs Zimmerman was out, Zeider to $15,000 was to prevent mjvir,g oic- irm.0H,inn h,
to Morton. Schulte walked. Saier ; lur n"n to hve him released long velt's greeting to his physicians this FfimiPP Rock Island CND-
. v..i. av,..i. enough to obtain a Beries of picture ,-.,ir, ti t,i, i.a i 1 - v r
to get back
was Koose-!
run jj'w (irrj, , Bl;( "t"i m" third,'
Zeider to Rath to Weaver, Saler go-
hole situation at the hospital:- -His;
The district attorney says picture anxiety to Bet back into the oamnaian
will face contempt proceedings in ch.rronoH , v, n,1,,,-t ..
ing to second. Kvers wont out to Bor- they persist in carrying out their en- r.raKi t th. nh.,..'. hit.
ton. No ruus. JterprUe.
Sox Weaier tripled and scored on
u wild pilch. Schalk was out, Laveu
der to Kvers to Saler. Walsh was out
In Saier, i.nuhsisted Rain walked.
Miller dropped Lord's fly In center,
I,orJ tul.tng second, and Rath scoring.
Muttick was out. Tinker to Saier. Two
Cubs Archer fouled to Schalk. ;
i For the first time 6ince his incar
ceration. Soli rank asked how Roose-
and if the bullet had been
veil was
. "The bullet belongs to me," said the
'prisoner. "I have made a will and be
queathed it to the New York Histori
i ca: society w ith a request that it be
j placed on exhibition in the rotunda of
i he capf'.ol at Albany."
He said again he was nut sivrv ho
Good bnttd for Lavender and struck pjlf)t Roosevelt
out. Shwkard fanned. No runs. j '
So Smith is pitching for the Cubs. ' iirti r pnICT CflOlM ICTe
1'nlllnn ulntflwd and liorton trir.led. "wkl' wwn o ouinuiOIJ
scoring Collins. Zelde
Texas leoguer In right, soorl
Reuiuacn is now pucuing. weaver mtnts have been returned ty the
fanned Schalk singled and Zeider Multnomah cnuntv traud Inrv ;n.
the group of illeged tociaiis; admit-
Aware of this, the physicians were
not inclined to make a definite prom
ise, but the general tone of conversa
, tion appeared to center around
a likelihood of his leaving for Oyster
Bay Monday or Tuesday. Whi'.e dan
ger of sepsiB, it was agreed, would be
sufficiently gone tonight, there was
still the remainder of the eight-day
period in which lockjaw might appear.
. The physicians made It clear to the
' colonel they would like him to remain
until next Thursday. This the colonel
pie Expires in Hospital
at Gary.
Illinois Federation Chiefs Also
Fight Injunction Suits
Bought in Chicago.
Even Clapp, Roosevelt Support
er, Refuses to Tolerate His
r droP!.ed a: WHO LIBELED ROOSEVELT declared impo88ibIe un'ess gravl, cf
,..rHt, ,, , . , . the situation not yet forecast made it
loorlug Norton. Rortlaud. Ore., Oct. IS. Indict-
went to third on Miller's hit and the
throw to Tinker. Walsh singled, scor
ing Zeider. Schalk taking thlru. Rath '
singled, scoring Schalk. I-ord drop-'
pod a Texas leaguer In left field, fill
ing the bases. Mattick hit to Zlm- i
merman and Walsh was forced at the
plate. Zimmerman to Archer. Collins
singled, scoring Rath and Iord. Mat
tick taking third Lorton singled,
scirlng Mattick and Collins taking
third On the double steal Rorton
s'ole second and Collins stole home,
bolder filed to Sheckard Fight runs.
Cubs -Miller was ou', Walsh to Ror
I' ll Miller's drive was hot. Walsh
catching If on the side of tho face.
The game was stopped for some time,
but Walsh insisted on resuming. Tin
ker singled over second. Zimmerman
rlngled Schulte was out to Walsh.
ting responsibility for having writteii,
printed, and circulated a pamphlet at
tacking Theodore Roosevelt aud his
family while he was lu l'ortlnd re
cently on Ins western campaign.
All the men who signed the pam
phlet have been embraced in the in
dictment, and two others who did not
Joiu in this committee's work, but are
charged with complicity, are named
by the grand jury.
Arrests are being made on the war
rants issued upon the Indictments.
The sociaJlsts involved declare that
al. of those accused will come forth
aiid stand trial for criminal li L 1 ai.d
The indictments are expected to de
velop the sharpest tight ever wag d in
the stiUe of Oregon on the qutstion
ot free speech and free press.
Governor Johnson, who arrived to
day, dismissed 23 policemen assigned
to protect him, saying: "The vice pres-
Danville. 111.. Oct 18. The IlllnolB
State Federation of Labor yesterday
unanimously indorsed the workmen's
compensation law passed by the last
lfgislature and commended the work
I r.f Ihu . fT i 'i 1 o rf ,Viat riri'tniT9tinn flip
SAVES LIFE OF A GIRL during Us passage. It, also instruct
ed the ollicers to employ couusel to
tight the suits for an injunction
broucht bv four Chicago corporations.
'The action was directly opposite that!
frequently taken by the Chicago Fed
eration of Labor.
Seymour Stedman criticised a pam
phlet distributed among the delegates
attacking the law. He said that there
were no serious defects. Samuel O.
Harper, who drew the original draft of
the law, said that the old method un
dfr tmployers' liability had been sent
Known as Enemy of the
GambfersT Counsel
Tells Jury.
Gives Up Useless Leg for Her
Carried Off by Attack of
v. Pneumonia.
Gary, Ind., Oct. 18. "I guess I'm
some good, after all," were the last
words of Billy Rugh, the 41-year-old to the scrap heap by the compensa
cripple, whose withered leg was am- !in law, as injured employes now re-
putated to save the life of a girl by a
skin grafting operation. Rugh died to
Alleged Latter Is Put Avay by
Associates, Who Then In
volve Officer. .
New York, Oct. 18. John W. Hart,
counsel for the defense, addressed the
Becker jury today. He said the de
fendant was an innocent man and in
no way connected w ith the gunmen who
ceived five times what they had se-, committed the Rosenthal murdor. The
cured under the common law. ! "defendant." Hart continued, "will
1 Th Inn? fttrnirirle between TTifl . . v.
irtelif at r-anrtiilaro la tnn tmull tr. -a :.r- - " iod "lucuto nuuuttu ttgaiusi
.deut.al candidate ts too small to war- day of pneumonia, aue to irritation cf . pimbers and steam filters ended to- i i,Sm is absolutely false. He will prove
ra.it a ponce guard. tne i,ies hv ether given when his un far u iht tt ferferarinn i U.-i.i i-..n i -j .
Ciovernor Johnson visitert RPvelt I .... !. ! . . . ---------;'. m.uii, ivose, anu ocuepps
. -'-' - . it--k 1- L I III lilt
at Keep me ngnt going full j Jtugh contracted pneumonia late
blast. .Johnson. Don't let our boys 1 ;agt weck u-niiri he was lying near an
slack vp because I can't be with them I 0Uen w indow in the hospital. It was a
for a few days." was Roosevelt's part
iriK injunction to Johnson when he k ft
tho hospital.
After Johnson had gone, Roosevelt
sat in an easy chair an hour. It was
denii d today Roosevelt would leave for
bright, sunny day. He was surround
ed by flowers which Miss Smith, the
fire victim, and her parents had sent
to the man who faved the girl s life.
The young woman has recovered suf
ficiently to leave the hospital.
swii.es to tiii: last.
I concerned by refusal of the c-npven-; conspired to kill Rosenthal indeoen-
tion to seat the Chicago steamtittei s Gently of Bocker, each with his own
affiliated with the International asso-1 independent motive for so doing. He
ciation. William H, Davies spoke for j wln Bhow Becker knew for months the
the steamfitters and K. W. Leonard 1 gamblers had It in for him. He asked
of tbe United Association of Plumb- many times to be transferred from
ers. I he credentials committee report
ed that the Bteamfitters were not en
titled to seats.
Fifty printers from all parts of the
state formed a state typographical
1 his post at the head of the strong arm
: squad.
' "Among those who brought informa-
oyster uay .Monday or Tuesday, pro-! The patient's lungs were so congest- union last night. George Summers of
vidtd there was uninterrupted itn- j ed last, night that be found it difficult Rloomingjon was elected president!
provenunt. At noon his condition was j To breathe. He attempted to talk to and Waller Hush of Reoria. secretary.1
so unchanged his physicians did not ; his nurse, tut f;.ikd. The best he K.e utive board. Summers. Rush, li.
consider it necessary to issue a mid-! could do in the way of communicating L. Finney, Cairo; George Garver, Le-
Washlngton, Oct IS. Med ill Mc-
Coxmick of Chicago stirred up a sen
sation before the Clapp committee to
day when he read a prepared state
ment touching upon (he attempted as
sasination of Coionel Roosevelt, and
declaring it had been Incited by "false
hoods of character assasins and liars
like Charles II. Hilles.
"It is difficult for an ordinary raau
in the compass of ordinary language
to compete with testimony of charac
ter assassins and liars like Hilles,
men who, by faJsehoods, Incite wea
minded men to actual assassinations,"
was the passage that brought a
stormy protest from the committee in
which Clapp joined.
McOormick argued heatedly that his
statement was admissible evidence
while Oliver and Clapp declined to al
low McCormlck to read.it and denianr
ed that he withdraw hih words. The
statement finally was admitted to the
record without being read from th
prepared copy. The reference to the
attempt on Roosevelt's life was inci
dental to McCormick's general state
ment of the campaign expenaea of the
progressive party In Illinois.
"As far as I know," McCormlck said,
"the cost of the campaign in Illinois
was defrayed by Chauncey Pewey and
myself. I gave Dewey $16,000. In ad
dition I gave not to exceed 110,000
toward the maintenance of tne Chica
go general headquarters.
"During the campaign the Taft peo
ple assidlously circulated a lie that I
was connected with the harvester
trust. I never owned aud do not now
own a share of harvester stock. I do
not expect to own a share. McCombs
has testified that Cyrus McCormlck
has contributed to the Wilson fund.
Cyrus and Harold McCormick and tht
two Deerlug brothers represent over
whelmingly the largest stook Interest
In the Harvester company. Both these
McCormicks are for Wilson. Both the
Deerings are against Roosevelt and I
believe one of them la for Taft. Yef.
Hilles and his associates persistently
circulate a lie that the harvester trust
spent large sums for the Roosevelt
campaign. Beside the holdings of the
Deerings and McCormicks, Mr. Per
kins' are so small as to be negligible.
Counsel for the trust Is for Taft.
wants mm "TO It C AM. Kn.
"I demand that the directors of the
Harvester company be called to tes
tify as to what candidate they are sup
porting; that Hilles be recalled to ap
praise the money value of North Caro
line postmastershlps held up by Taft.
that Governor Wilson give evidence
as to the truth of the charge that the
steel corporation is back of Roosevelt,
and that the committee summon di
rectors of the steel corporation to in
quire what candidate they are sup
porting." ABked concerning the at-
titude of Cyrus McCormick, the wit-
day bulletin.
unassisted. Zimmerman moving up a .
base. Ruler was out. Rath to Borton. 1 Champaign, 111. J&mes Milliken uni
No runs. vcrsity, Decatur, was selected as the
Koi-Lel(V!d Is pitching for tho next meeting place of the Presbyterian
C-bs Tinker dropped Weaver's h!gh nod of Illinois which closed its an
fly Schalk tripled, scoring Weaver. ' nual meeting here last night. Dr. C.
Zimmerman tfrew out Walsh at f rst. Hiram Johnson of Chicago was elect
Fchalk scoring. Rath was out, Iifleld ed clerk of the synod for the ensuing
to Saler. Two runs. ! year. The cloning session was devoted
riKTM iN.MNti. j to foreign missions. Home missions
Cubs-Evers singled. Archer fan-' came in for attention during the day.
tii'il I.iffh! lnirled Kvers coin to when
London. Oct. 18. Notification that
Bulgaria. Servia and Greece had de
clared war against Turkey a mm
S. Axell, chairman of the to the British foreign office todav bv
teheckard walked, tiling the committee, lauded the work done the representatives of those countries.
bases. Miller fanned. Tinker was . r year, will lam B. McKlnley, who The only formality lacking is a d'-ciara-
tut. Rath to Borton. No runs. I mace possioie tae .vciviniey cnurcn, ii0n of war by Turkev against Greece
which the Ottoman government had
! with the nurse was to smile. Although
he realized he was in grave danger
Rugh found no ditlicjlty in smiling.
Within tis reach was a note from
Miss Smith and a bouquet, Rugh seem
ed to be well entertained in reading
the note and rearranging the fiowers.
He managed to whisper a few worls,
but was advis-d to make no effort at
"1 don't care as long as she gets
well," he whispered.
catur; T. M. Garver, Champaign; '
Charles A. Kmhick, Chicago; Leslie
Knight, Springfield; George Palmer,
G:.:e.sbur!;: George Dietrich, Aurora;
Thom.is K. Heath, rianviit; li. W.
Newton, Rock Island. Summers suc
ceeds Walter Barry, Chicago.
Illinois State Labor Press elected: I
R. K. Woodmansie, Springfield, Trades
man, presid'-nt; Walter Biish, Peoiia,
Labor Gazette, secretary-treasurer.
Executive beard, Styles, Bloominsioii
McCormlck denied the Steel compora
tlon was Biipportlris; Roosevelt.
Secretary Dover of tho national ro-
Sox- Cotter is catching for the Cubs. ! wnerf meeur.KB were neia. noticed
Mattick walked and stole second. The 1 tne lack of a pipe organ and Instructed
fourth ball to Collins was a wild pitch 1 rn Clark to buy one and charge it
rnd Maitick acored. while Colllna went 1 '3 cim-
to second Borton was out. iA-lCeld to
Saier. CoT'.it'.s going to tUird. In a
fr.'.ie, fi piny Collins scored and Zeid
er was thrown out at first. Ietfleld to
Siier. Weaker dropped a Texas
b anuer in left and went to second be
fcre the ball could be recovered.
Sct .-rv. sircied. scorT.g Weaver and :
wnt to t'.lrd on V-H.t's tad throw ( Chicago. Oct. 1?. Jack Johnson, saiied tonight under sealei orders for
f 'be pl.-.te Walsh was out, Fvers to champion pugilist, is charged with ab- an unknown destination.
Pa.er Thi.-o runs ' ducting Miss Lucile Cameron. 1?. in j
appeared reluctant to do. This little
detail, however, is not delaying move
ments of the various armies. There
were many rumors of heavy fighting , telephone was kept
Ion the Bulgarian and Servian frontiers, ".ong.
1 Servians. Bulgarians and Turks were
j alternately credited with victory. It
; was reported the Montenegrin army
; suffered a bad defeat at Podgoritza.
j Ail these lack confirmation.
1 Athens. Oct. IS The Grek fleet
Hugh's temperature at 8 o clock was Trad-e Tribune, Palmer. Galesnu:,
102 and his pulse 100. i.:.bor News, Stevens of Da:ivi.ie. Rec-
When the report spread through the A big fight has developed over tlis
town that the newsboy hero's condi- ela tion of ofT:.:trs. The nominations
tion was critical the hospital was be- were n.ade yesterday and the ej,-r-sieged
with visitors, anxiously inquir- tion will be held today. The candl
ing for his condition. The hospital dates for presiretit will b- Kdwin R.
busy all night 1 ight. the p- s.ent incumbent, and
,.lohn ii. Walker, st ite president iii the
tion to Becker was Rose. Tberj
were others, too. Rosenthal, himself, ness replied: "That branch of the fam
bad a reputation for being an inform-; ily Is singularly discreet concerning
er. He was the most thoroughly de-, its affairs. Cyrus refused ever ho Ion?
tested gambler In the city. We will to permit me to say he was for VVil
prove Rose lied in almost every par
ticular on the stand." Hart character
ized Scheppg as "that eminent gentle
man, opium smuggler and murderer,"
and added, "We will show that these '
conspirators had already gotten rid of pijl,iican committee of 1H04 placed in
Mosenmai. one or two men iney natea, f yider.ee what in said to be a list of
Lieutenant Becker, by false evidence, contributions to the committee that
conspiracy and perjured testimony." ;r.ari Kiv(ll, by th(. lato ,iliK8 It lfPm.
JKHOMK witnkss. iZed contributions by Harrlman, $100,-
William T. Jerome, former district 000 : "II. H. H .," IP'O.OnO: George .T.
atorney, was the first witness, but he Could, Jioo.ooi; Morgan & Co., $100,-
a.'iS not permitted to testify he heard ooo, and many others
Becker hold a telephone conversation iotii. is 2 mi,imo.
with any one or call Rose on the tee- j)ow.r s;lpi ),e made the Iii,t from a
phone. Commissioner Waldo was next hook !!:.; b t him sec. He said the
sworn. He said he d-rected Becker 1;. t undoubtedly contain d e.rrors. made
to raid Rosenthal's pl:i.- Waldo wa. ln , o;,vinjj. li- n v r o.-ni.ai ed it with
the ocmi ial. and believed the list, with-
not allowed to testify whether Becker
applied to him for tnui-iier from the
out verification, was of little value.
Cubs- Zimmerman was out. Zeider
t- Bo-ton S-hulte and Saier f ied to
"Mirk No rur.s
S" Ti v is 1 .) rit.-l lTrc 'or the
luis. Rath was out. Ticker to Saier.
a warrant sworn out by the giWs Cabinet Refuses to Quit,
mother today. Mexico City. Oct. IS. The chamber!
Johnson was arrested and lcocked of deputies last night voted down a'
up, bur later released The rhampicn resolution introduced by the epposi
rrp..arod furious b-cause of his ar- 'ion Wednesday r.lcbt. demir lirg the
ieU , resaation of the cabiaci.
It is now about three wepks since miners and a candidate for congress
Miss Smith, a Gary society girl, met on the socialist t'cket.
jwith the accident which wouid have. James F. Morris, a miner, fiag n-i
I caused her death but for Rugh's hero-j opposition for secrtary. Objection
i ism. She was riding on a motorcycle ; was raised to the nomination of Waik
with her fiance when the gasoline tank er on the g-ound that the oons'itutjon
exploded. Her btdy was burned so f :) federation forbids two rnr-rr.her&
badly that pbyeiciass sa.d the wouid f.f the ex'-:tive board o'ior.,-in to
, die unless extensive skin grafting was the 6;me craft or from the same town.
squad or be taken from the work of 'rhe lif-.t totaled $2,2Sfi,or.(i
iaidir,' gambling plac-s. Waldo was
i rcusi J without ( ros.vexamination.
William Rush was reared In Reck
IMand. and wr.s the sor of a former
r-errbpr cf the ioca! polirp df-pirt-meLi.
WiiiUm left Rock Island sfevtr-
President Wright ruled that the law
did not apply in the case.
Resolution in.1r,rpiEg
Py dtv3 t-.t la!-f t.ice
Keokuk, Iowa With the depositing
the last bucket of concrete yenter
ay the reat power dam was joined to
;he powerhouse on the Iowa side. It
ex'enos r.early a mile across the Miss-
i v.- i f.,t river from the Till r.,!s bluff.
Thi is one r.f the great engineering
achiever.-ients In the United States, in
cluding as it does a powei house thr-e progressives to have the same names
times as large as any ever built, de- cf candidates printed on two or more
compulcri"4 .eloping over 3o0.0'0 horsepower on tickets to be voted on In November,
n.onh crd the 30 turbine rhafts. and a lock of the The court upheld the Australian ba'.-
pringfif H, 111 . O.
prenie court ii nied c
. IS. -The su
petition of t Us
;. iTi-n:inur wage
erc adopted.
r.--n- width and of higher lift than at lot law, which limits candidates to one
Pa. nil r, tuckeL

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