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Associated Press
Exclusive Wire
8,000 KILLED
White Cook County Pris
oners Object to Champ
as Associate.
fry -i i
13 i
j !
- 5 i.
Ottoman Troops Heaviest
Loser in a Battle With
Bulgars Pcunding Positions
About Tchatalja. Protect
ing Constantinople.
Newport, U I., Nov. 9. Three hun
d -ed petty oflicvrs and seanieu from
the. naval trairiltiK station have been
ordered i report tomorrow at Phila
delphia ;ih part of t tie complement
assigned to the cruisers Tennessee
(lid Montana, which have been order
ed to Tirkey.
Portsmouth, X. II., jv. 9. Thirty
n ;ir:ne fr lit Portsmouth navy yard
1 ft for Philadelphia today to do duty
on the ciuisers .tiotitaua and Tennes-
1'skup. Nov. The battle which
resulted in t he; capture of the Turkish
city of Prilip (or Perlepo) by Ser
vians wan one of the most severe
fought, on thin Bide of the Balkan pen
insula. The Servians lost li.&uO kill-
J and wounded. The Turks Buffered
G.iMio casualties. The battlefield is
Mi; covered with corpses.
o i n i ixori k ui:am:mm..
Vienna. Nov. 9. Hurgarians are
tiow attacking with all their strength
the remaining Turkish positions about.
Tchat;i!j:i. and the fall of these vital
Turkisli defenses in front of Constan
tinople is only a matter of hours, ac
cording to today's despatches from the
lii'lrli spout's correspondent.
Athens. Nov. !t - Capitulation of the
Turkish f' rtiets of Salonika as well
i For: Karaburum was signed laHt
Light, according to an official despatch
rtceived bv r.::.i; jrft. of Greece.
Twenty five thousand Turkish troop
Kl Hit M.AY 'If HI4TIA
Puris, r'ri'.in , Nov. 9. Serious dis
orders are reported to have broken
out, in Constant lnople, when- Kurd I
boldiers are said to be killing Chris- :
tiatis in the (ial.ita quarter. Some!
1 uildiimM were bet on tire. Hanks and
lure.gn embassies are guarded by
1 urkish troops.
Constantinople, Nor. 9. The Turk
ish garrison at Adrlanople claims to
lime Inflicted a severe h feat on the
Ilulgar-ntiH in a two days' battle at the
wst f i out of (tie fortress in the vicin
t of M.iras.
lleUradei, Nov. 9. Premier Pach-
l' h of Servia, In an interview today,'
! lared the allied Ha kin states de-(
imuided the complete dlsapeuran ,
of the sovereignty of the sultan from
Kuropean Turkey and a division of
territory among the victorious nations
of the Halkan l.iigue. The fate of;
Constiiirjnople :uid the Dardanelles,!
biilil the premier, would be left to the I
! i ibioii of the Kuropean powers. j
KM i.V VI Klt.
Ijondon, Not '-9. Thend of the
lihlkan war tit, reasonably near,
lifter a month of hard lighting. The
r-iirrendiT ' the great fortress at Sa
lonika with a garrison of 25,00" men
bates only tlinw centers, Si'Jari.
tenant Ir and Janina, lu western field
operations in the hands of the Turks,
" hile the eastern lone and two of the
fi rts guarding Adrlanople have fallen
into the hands of the Bulgarians, and
another Bulgarian army Is actually be
hind the eastern end of Tchatalja
i nes outside Constantinople. Ser
vian and Greeks at the same time
ire inarching victoriously
.Macedonia and Albania.
I Ml
Ortie r.VManigal Relates
Details of Hellish Work
in Court.
: Claims to Have Been Employed
by Herbert Hockin to
Blow Buildings.
Malvtna oe Pena and Senor
Alejandro Herqutnaao. .
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 9. For the
: f ret time in public since Ills arrest 19
mmtns ago, Ortle McManigal related
at thr trial of 45 accused "bomb plot
teis" today his experiences as a hired
dynamiter. The confessed accom
plice of the McNamara brothers, as
a government witness, began shortly
before noon telling how for more than
four years he caused explosions about
tbe country against employes of non
union labor. He directly accused Her
bert Hockin, now secretary of the In
ternational Association or Bridge and
Stiuctural Ironworkers, of Inducing
J L:m to do dynamiting under pay of the
At the outset McManigal asserted
he attempted to protect the lives of
people whenever setting off a bomb.
In his first job in Detroit in June,
1!'07, he told of puTi:ng a garbage
beirel against the rear door of a res
taurant so the people would not run
cut and be injured or killed at an ex
plosion across an alley.
i.ka.M 'I's iii)i:iti:n.
"I had been a member of the Iron-
union since 1903," said .Me-
Pugilist Locked Up When
Frameup Is Detected in Con
nection With Bond.
The Washington smart set wil'i wit
ness an unusual ceremony early next
month when an international mar
riage will take place at the capital.
Miss Malvina de Pena, daughter of the
minister from Vruguay, is to marry
Hon Alejandro Herquinago, the second
secretary of the Chillian legation ear
ly in December. Marriages of Ameri
can girls to foreign diplomats are of.vcrkers'
more or less common occurrence in Manigal, "and worked in Milwaukee,
j Washington, but an international mar-: Chicago and Joliet, when lu June,
:riage, between two persons each from . 17, Hockin came to me while
! Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Nov. 9.
i General Joseph E. Maria Valladares,
; a revolutionist who caused the gov
e. 'n meats of Honduras and Nicaragua
Final Pennsylvania, 27; Michl
grn, 21.
Final Harvard, 9; Vanderbilt, 3.
Philadelphia, Pa, Nov. 9. Michigan
won the toss, with the wind at its
lack. Pennsylvania kicked off to
Michigan's 45-yard . line. The wTbt-
Chicago, Nov. 9. The meeting of
the republican national committee,
scheduled for next Tuesday In Chi
cago, was called off yesterday by
much trouble in former years, was tlner3 failed to gain. In an exchange
a foreign country is quite unusual.
The Weather
was lulled by government troops In a skir-i
i working on the Ford building in De-j r.:ish near Ojojona, his native tow n, I
tioit. Hockin said the executive
b.iard of the union had decided to
clean out open shop concerns, and I
of punts, Michigan gained the ball
and with the assistance of a 15-yard
miles southwest p Tegucigalpa. j penaity and a half dozen plays scor
The last uprising of Valladares did ; a touchdown and kicked goal. A
Chicago, Nov. 9. White prisoners
In the Cook county Jail, 'when they
learned Jack Johnson had not been
locked up in Uie negro section of the
ce.ls, became so disorderly that the
turnkey decided tio remove the negro
champion to a segregated section of
the cells where other members of
his race are incarcerated.
Johnson was much annoyed by epi
taphs shouted at him by the other
prisoners and by the necessity of be
ing locked up in the section set aside "
for negroes.
Johnson was placed In Jail last
night follow ing tie dlcovery by Judge
Landis of irregularities In ball bonds
intended to hold him for trial on
charges of violating the "white slave"
Johnson was locked in a cell with
James Brown, a negro, charged with
In the course of his extended battle
yesterday for bond, Johnson shed
tears, pleaded, offered cash bond in
almost any amount and employed two
attorneys, David Buchrach and Ed-
ward Morris, In an effort to obtain his
release. Three prospective hondn-
Charles D. Hilles, chairman. David '
W. Mulvane, director of the western i men faid to oualifv. and n nf .hm
Taft campaign, received the lnforma-1 Albert C. Jones, was sent, to Jail after
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow for
Rock Island, Davenport. Mollne,
and Vicinity.
Fair and warmer tonight and Sun
day, the lowest temperature tonight
will be about 40 degrees.
Temperature at 7 a. m., 33. Highest
yesterday 56. lowest last night, 32.
Velocity of wind at 7 a. in., one
rniie per hour.
Precipitation, rone.
Kelative humidity at 7 p. in.. 38, at
7 a. in, 7S.
Htnge of water, 3.2. no change in
lubt 1'4 hours.
J. M. SHERIKK, Iocal Forecaster.
(From noon today to noon tomorrow.)
Bnn sets 4 47. rises ti:42. Evening
ST;ir: Mercury. Venus. Jupiter. Mora
ine stars: Saturn. Mars.
er Servia gets all It wants or not, but
because if they want Kussia"s help
when they are in trouble they must
s.tpport it in it day of trial.
IHplotnats of the six great powers
p.re keeping in close touch in the
l..pe of preventing the situation be
coming worse. Meantime about a mil
lion soldiers scattered across the ter-'
i:tory of Kuropean Turkey are eugag-!
-d in one of the most deadly wars of
modern days. Official dispatches de
Fcribe the battlefields strewn with
d-ad and wounded. Many severely
bounded, unable to move, wait in
vain for the arrival of ambulance
orps, which are notoriously unable to,
tope w ith the task.
j Complete silence reigns today as
to the situation at Scutari and noth-;
through ' jrt, na8 come through from Macedonia '
and Albania. !
Al.l IK AUK lllVIDKn.
A greater danger than the Balkan
vur. however, threatens Europe. The
1 ewers forming thi triple alliance
itJermany, Austria-Hungary and
I ' a i i and those composfi.g the triple
-tente (France. Great Britain and
are divided ra two distinct
.ii;ipts as to the policy to be followed p.my him.
v l.eii peace between Turkey and the Constantinople is qtifet.
i a. kalis is brought about. Absolute
U ignoring the threat of Austria-Hun-lary
that it will not tolerate Servian
i 'input un of Albania or of a port of
t!e Adriatic sea. the armies of King
Piter ronnnue to advance' through a
country which they have been prae
t.cally ordered to keep out of. They
iire also making their way to the Ad
r iit.c coast, which can have onTy one
i t'ject in view, the seizure of one or
i..ore port
Austria-Hungary is known to have
tin si:pptrt of Germany and Italy In
tie stand it tins taken. The attitude
o. the powers composing the triple
iT.d complete entente Is not set so
ile;r. kiissun popular feeling, how
ner, win force the government
It is said King Ferdinand of Bui- i
p.ria and probably other Balkan '
kings will lead the army which enters'
Constantinople. With the arrival of:
the conquering army the sultan must
recessaniy leave lor Asia minor, ana i Cl rrea at Buffalo July 1.'
bis government probably will accom-
was the man to do it. He said, 'You
use3 to work in a stone quarry and
jcu know how To use explosives.
You'll be paid by the union.'
"I protested, but he told me if I
did not do as the board said lit
vculd see I was boycotted against
t,etting a job. I finally consented."
Mc.Manigal testified that he went to
r.loomville, Ohio, June 22; and
brought back to Detroit in a suitcase
"j pounds of dynamite, some fuse and
l'l Hl F.l HI IMM KIN.
"Thinking the police were watch
ing me, as it was my first explosion,
1 decided to leave Detroit. I wanted
to work and for thorn to let me alone.
I'ut Hockin kept after me, saying
e've got the goods on you now, and
you have to keep at it, for we are KO-irfffeated
ipg to clean out tne National Krec
tors' association. I went o Chicago
snd worked there. The next February
j Hockin came to my house and said
h. had a job for me at Clinton, Iowa.
"I went to Clinton. It was a double
track railroad bridge across the Misa-is-f
ippi. I pulled off the job much the
' same as the other one, placing 30
sticks -of dynamite at various places,
tn.e lot of dynamite failed to go off
on account of being frozen.
i "When I saw Hockin agaiir he 1
; looked worried, explaining they had
found the frozen dynamite and had
et rested a map. He thought it was
n.e and was afraid I would tell, lie
paid my expenses and said he would
see I was paid for my work. Later
i was told to go to headquarters in :
Chicago. There Rictiara Houlihan, -financial
secretary of the local union, j
landed me an envelope containing;
$165, adding that a friend left it fori
me. Hockin said he was going to !
keep me pretty busy after that, and'
he was going to Buffalo to look over
a job, and when I got a telegram .
f :gned Ping or Clark T was to come.
A few dayB later I got a telegram
paying to meet him in Buffalo ar.d
(o make it heavy, meaning to make
the charge heavy. The explosion oc-
! not last a day. He started it in tne .yaxd
i ninnung ana immediately came into
i contact with' government troops. la
! a short, sharp fight' he was shot. His
j death ended the outbreak,
i Valladares hated foreigners, espe
cially Americans. In 1910, when Fen
; ton H. McCreery, new American min
' ister, reached Amapala, President Da
' ila telegraphed Valladares, com
mandant of that port, to receive Mr.
McCreery officially and accord him
prcper honors. Valladares replied '
that he would not receive "any of i
Taft's dogs with any honors." Da-1
ila was compelled to intrust the ac- j
cording of honors in his name to szv-;
e:al Germans. j
allailares later threatened the;
lives of foreigners and was ordered!
deposed. Afterward he f.ariff sev-
eral rebellions, but each time was l
In one revolt he found !
Juan Ramon Soto, a prominent lion-1
curan general, in in Deu anu assas
s'nated him.
run by Michigan, a fuiuble
pnd rapid recovery of the ball near
the goal aided in a second toutfViown
End goal. The period ended: Michi
gan, 14; Pennsylvania, 0.
In the second period Pennsylvania
jkst the ball on a fumble on Michi
j gan's five-yard line. Pennsylvania
made several more advances, but lost
I ti c ball each time. Michigan gave
the best exhibition of Hue bucking
a! of an Italian battleship and an Aus- AFTER H S OPERAT ON
rrnrt from St Anthonv's hnsnl-
The foreign embassies are well,,,. tnj,a to ,hat shr.
iff Bruner, who was operated upon I
txian cruiser today tad a soothing ef-
protected. Great Britain today dis
patched from Malta four more battle
fcLips and two cruisers.
yesterday, passed a
that his condition
r oeT fill nif hf nnrf '
shows improve-
, . !
it ,1 t
seen on Franklin field this year, ad
vancing the ball from her own 20-yard
lino for a touchdown and kicking
goal. A long forward pass and a line
plunge netted Pennsylvania a touch
ilown. Goal was kicked. The second
period ended: Michigan, 21; Pennsyl
vania, 7.
In the third period Craig of Michi
gan ran 50 yards and over the Penn-
svlvania coal line, but a touchdown
was not allowed because of holding by
Michigan. There was much play near
i midfield, the feature being a run of 30
i yards by Mercer through Michigan's
, line, carrying the ball to the Wolver
ine's 3S-yard line. Here a forward
j pass and a long end run put the ball
on Michigan's 15-yard line. Harring
ton bucked the line and Mercer shot
through for Pennsylvania's second
touchdown. Minds kicked goal. Score:
Michigan, 21; Pennsylvania, 11.
Chicago, 111, Nov. 9. One of
the largest crowds of the sea
son watched the gridiron struggle
today between Chicago atid Northwest
ern. Until a few days ago Chicago
was hopeful of running up a big score J
on Northwestern, but Coach Hammct's I
team has shown wonderful improve
ment the past week, while the midway
players did not seem to be going as
well as usual. Northwestern players
believe they have a chance to win. In
none of the games in the west today
are championship honors at stake.
For the first time, elevens repre
senting Indiana and Iowa universities
met on the gridiron at Indianapolis to
day. Indiana seems to be the favorite.
At the Lafayette game Purdue
tion that the meeting had teen called
off in a telegram from Mr. -Hilles.
A vice presidential nominee to take
the place' of the late Vice President
fcherman was to have been selected
at the meeting. Just what action will
! now be taken to nil tne vacancy on
the ticket was not known by Mr. Mul
vane. "The meeting has been called off
hut I do not know tne reason," said
Mr. Mulvane. "My message from
Mr Hilles simply said the meeting
would not be held. sir. Hilles gave
no details.
20,000 WOMEN IN
New York, Nov. 9. Advocates of
votes for women will tonight cele
brate the woman suffrage victory in
Kansas, Arizona, Michigan and Ore
gon. A torchlight parade of 20,000
women marching four abreast down
Fifth avenue to the music of DO brass
bauds Is the plan.
Wichita, Kan., Nov. 9. As a result
of the adoption of the equal suffrage
amendment in Kansas, women jurors
will bo drawn in the district court
here for the January term, court ofll
clala announced today.
Results of Election
Wilson 429
Roosevelt 77
Taft 8
Doubtful (Calif, and Idaho) 17
he had failed to obtain a bond of $10,
000 for his appearance in court next
Monday to answer-. harg.of coo-
tempt which was lodged against him
by the court when he attempted to
schedule property said to belong t.
his wife. Tony May, another prospec
tive bondsman was ordered out of
court because he gave answers to
questions which the court considered
"Give cash in any amount, but for
goodness sake keep me out of Jail,"
Johnson pleaded with his attorneys.
Both District Attorney Wilkerson
and Judge I-andis refused to consider
a cash bond.
ri.Ktns FOR TIME.
"An unparalleled at.tempt to swin
dle this court by offering unqualified
bondsmen has been made," said Judge
Landis. "T will not consider a7"cash
Mr. Wilkerson said he understood
that Johnson intended to leave this
country if he obtained his release.
The crime with ' which Johnson Is
charged is not extraditable.
After Johnson learned that only
surety by property owners would be
accepted he made a plaintive plea for
an extension of time. First, he asked
at the close of the day's session that
he be permitted to represent new
bondsmen at a night session which
the court was holding for tjie consid
eration of another case. Having failed
to obtain his release at the night ses
sion, his attorneys sought to have the
time extended until tomorrow noon.
' Johnson thought, he would be able to
obtain bond which his attorneys
might not secure, but the court was
not Inclined to extend its leniency
any further.
Coincident with the incarceration
of Johnson, Mrs. Catherine Dorsey,
with whom I.ur-ile Cameron is said
to have lived three weeks while In
Wilson 5,740,332
Roosevelt 3,856,708 'hli.i, nml ulwim f.-.lrnl uuthnri.
pects to use many new plays and de
feat Illinois. Illinois sent a large dti-
Taft 3,329,849
Debs 832,700
Chafin 301,570 !
ex- Wilson 39
4 '
Roosevelt , 5
egatlon of rooters and
confident of winning.
Wisconsin, favorites for conference
title, scheduled to meet Arkansas at
Madison, expected the southern eleven
was equally : Doubtful (Idaho and Calif.) 2
rrlnceton, N. J.. Nov. 9. "Very use
ful and important. Indeed," was the
comment of Governor Wilson today on
the array of editorial, statements and
to ! declarations from prominent persons
lake the part of the Slavic states aDdjb ing published .n newspapers ad vo
Steel Tonnage Recsrd.
New York. Nov. 9. Unfilled tonnaee
of the Steel corporation for the month
of October was 7.594.3S1 tons. This
breaks all monthly and quarterly rec
ords. Unfilled tonnage the same month
last year was 3.694.32 tons and for
September of the present year, 6,351,-507.
Eleanor Wilson.
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson spoke inti
mately of her girls In an interview
recently. "Eleanor." she said, "is our
artist. She is now studying at the
Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. I
Smallpox Closes Schools.
Sterling, 111, Nov. 9. Schools at
Cedar Point are closed and 16 women
to be the same a.' the one which won teachers quarantined there as the re
the southern championship for Arkan- j t nlt of a threatened smallpox epi-
l sas last year. demic.
Minnesota, the squad Wisconsin
must beat next Saturday for the cham
pionship, had no games arranged.
The outcome of the Michigan-Pennsylvania
game is of much interest in
the west. Belie Is prevailing the
westerners will be returned winners.
ties have sought as a witness against
Johnson, was arrested and placed In
To add further to the pugilist's
troubles, it itj reported today that thi
federal investigation of Johnson's al
b ged Immoral practices has only be
gun. S'-veral other charges against
him are to be investigated by the
grand Jury, it is said.
District Attorney Wilkerson said he
inti nded to put Johnson on trial as
soon as possible. The case probably
wl l be called for pi ;as next week.
Child Cremated in a Corncrib,
Decatur, 111, Nov.
She has ben there for two years, I Grady's o-year-old son
9. Andrew ; complete
George, was
Sullivan, Wis, Nov. 9. After lylns
two days l:i a coffin, a supposed
corpse, Michael Scoficld awoke in a
hearBe yesterday on the way to tb'J
j cemetery.
Moines, Nov. 9. According to j A tram irii.teueu tne norses an'i
returns from all eonntien of l r1' " """"
Socialist Ohio Mayor.
Voungstown, Ohio, Nov. 9. Jud;
I . ... . i . .... ... - . . . .I..... "It r -t r I ... ,1, ' . Cm . . 1 . . . . .
V ten KumOu go t SO it can Count on taiuig or oitpi'S'.iig .u cm a tfiuu 01 j naruuiu ui ui: tumuiuu jiiwo iuu.i ur- tuts iu ue nu uiueiiflwi. jidj ai iri. i j v uwfet a ici m lu-t
te Miniu.r' ot i -.'.'v Frinc and conirress to revise the tariff. 'The i cided Harry S. Schiilitg, socialist, is inherited ter father's voice but they ! while visiting at Hawearille. Ky, com- count Friday, but last night accurate
i c friend. Gnat Britain. Thi is not . new spa iters are certainly
bicauke they particularly care wfceUi-jw my lucU. policy."
me .elected mayor of Canton. Ohio. Sctill-, say that
Des Moines, Nov. 9.-
of the
nearse, uuerutKer jiuigau, waa
''bruised so badly that he Is unable to
leave his bed and the hearse needs
new glass sides.
nd Dunn! As the coffin was dumped into a
ditch and the cover broken off Sco
feld jumped out of it, caught the
N'eliie inherited my talent mitted suicide by taking carbolic acid. '. returns left little doubt of the eke- horses, pav hed up their driver, and
; and her Instructors eay she shows ; turned to death in a cornrrib fire a
t alii
feminine in touch, it is strong and!
verile. and we hope some days that
the state Clarke, republican, la govt-r-
i nor-elect of Iowa. These figures, sub-
t ji ct to only the slightest possible re-'
Evansvllle, Ind. John Lan ham, mon; ; vision, give Clarke 1S4,0')7;
Uj won by two Youas.
jfor paintiES."
He had said he wa too old to live.
r -
jtion of Clarke.
i agisted him back to this Tillage,

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