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Dear Mrs. Thomson: I am deeply
In love with a yovng man. but he dos i
not stm to car-. for me as much as
I would like. He seems to be more
Inti rested in my girl friend and she
di.s not care for him. How can I
win him? Shnll I tll him she doesjmg cf your parents and your church.
not car" for him? He does not seem j
to r.(.tic- h r coolness. FI.O. Dear Mrs. Thompson: Which will
perhaps if you iort no so anxious j be wcrn the most this winter chin
to v. ::. liim. he would l.e more inter- j ' iUa or fur coats? Which is the more
stl In vou. lie as f oot to him as I stylish now?
yc ur fn ii. I i. CONSTANT READER.
Roth will be worn. Just now chin-
1; ar Mr. Thompson: Th'-re is a i rhllia is better,
ycing nipn. tnih yr.Mi! r than I. i "
Mvlr.f,- rear m-. He .:,ir to want to! lr Mrs. Thompson: What do you
be always wi:h ju: His folks are ' think of a lady who has been married
rom a'io:it :t ami wen to think Hi years and has three children, also
a m ntii-iriir him ( n. b,:t I pm not. I ! grandchildren, and corresponds with
tul him I !oii't wa;:t h!:n because ; men and her husband does not know
l:i !s too yom.g. b'.f he' says if I turn j it? Should h'jr child keep it from her
him d'..v:i h" will have to go away father, to keep peace in the family?
he w ill n .if stav around here. What i
Kh ill ! do? TESSIE.
Youian Mio'i get rid of him by rbli-
flllintr n k miTitiV t
All boys go 'huiii;li this stage of i
thinking they ar- in love with some
w :nan considerably old-r than them
Helves. Tiny uet ok r it. It is a re
! nsihllity for the woman, and you
con be a Kre.it influence for good in
his life, if you will try.
T .
of IV Am I too youiit' to have a steady
benu? Th' ri- U a young Tian I am
much In lv(. with, but my parents for
bid me his company because we are
of different religions. He refuses to
be put. off and wants me to elope with
him. What shall I do? BUTE EYES.
My dear, I never advise people of
different rtliplons to marry. Trouble
nearly always comes of it. Your par
ents are wise. Ypu are young enough
to wait for a young man of your own
religion to marry you. Don't elope
with anybody. Marry with the bless-
beauty was given last evening at Pa
ter Noster chapel at Mount Carmel,
Davenport. The numbers were givon
by Mrs. T. B. Reidy and Mrs. B. J.
I-achner of "this city and others and
especially lntejosUng was a group of
songs given by a young novice who is
here to enter the order or nuns. The
program as given last night will be
repeated this evening and the novice
will again sing, the last time that she
will ever appear in public. Her voice
is one of great beauty and sympathy
and she was compelled to give a
number of encores. The program
was given as follows:
Brilllante in G Major (Arthur Whlt.
ting) Miss Anna McGulrk.
"Teach Me to Pray" Mrs. Thomas
"The Chape'," Male quartet M. J.
Oaken. J. A. Llndley. J. A. Huot. Wil
liam Haumgarten.
"Worship of God In Nature" (Bee
thoven) Mrs. T. B. Reidy.
"Dear Heart of My Saviour" (Mer
cedes John Cerwe and Frank Tra
vors. "1'iepa Slgnora" (Stradella);
"Birth of Love" U'owen) Mrs. B. J.
"Holy City" (Adams) J. A. Huot.
"Ave Maria Cherubina." Arais from
rucdni and Gounod by special per
mission. Benedict iou of the most Holy Sac
remant. "O Salutaris" M. J. Oakea.
"Tantum Ergo" Male quartet.
"Holly God" Chorus.
th Mo ine Woman's club was held) mis cora CONOVERS MANY
Saturday aft -moon at the First Con-! fr,PRd8 will be greatly surprised t
Krvatioi::il church Moliu and the hear of her marriage to Mr. Arm
program a. one of special interest, strong which took place Monday
Mrs. I onore Lake of St. I-ouis ad-: Nov. 4. at South Bend. Ind. The cou
rircthid the club on th subject "The i pie w ill be at home after Dec. 1. at
Divine Rights of the Child " The two ,186 South Halsted street, Chicago!
lo!nts that Mrs. Lake especially em-; .
phnsizej as bclns the divine right of! ARBIOSON-CLARK.
the child is to b.' well born and well I THE MARRIAGE OF MISS LIL
rerred and made a strong plea for'lian P. Clark, daughter of Mr. and
the proper training and education of Mrs. Edward Clark of Rock Island,
the child Mrs. Lake has been a pub- and Raymcnd E. Arbidson of Galva!
lie lecturer for more than IS years i 111., was eolemnized Thursday even
und is considered one of the greatest ing at 5 o'c ock at the parsonage of
weman speakers of the day. She tells j the Fim Baptist church, the Rev. H.
-I' l4 Yr
J. C. Stevens, 1810 Third avenue, Eock Island.
Sales Agent for
The Euby Manuf adoring Co., Jsckson, Mich.
ni. )
I wit
If --
JlKa. I. t,. IS.
As long as no harm is done by the
correspondence, why tell? Surely a
woman of that age is beyond the dan-
gf r line
Dear Mrs. Thompson: I am 19 years
old utid very much in love with a fei-
! low I met labt year, but am keeping
j company with another fellow I do not
like so well though he seems to like
' ine very much. Shall I stop keeping
company with him, as I do not like
i year, but I ran never marry this fel
low as ho does not keep good com
pany and is turning out to drink.
A. Z.
It isn't wise to go with anybody who
doesn't keep good company, for, you
place yourself in the same class as
the company he keeps. Also, It means
sure porrow to allow yourself to like
anybody who doesn't know when to
stop drinking.
Show the world that you know a
good man when you see him, and don't
go with any other kind of a man.
In a plain way what she has to say,
is an excellent thinker and tells in a
simple manner wherein a pure social
and political life is needed. The music
al program was given by Mrs. B. J.
I.acbner, contralto, of this city who
sang "Piette Signora" (Stradella);
"Slave Song" (del Riego) "Happy
Song" (del Riego); "Elegie" (Mas
sanett) and "Visions" (d'Hardelot),
accompanied by Robert Macdonald of
Davenport. She also gave an encore
number. Mrs. Victor L. Frykmann
played A mayor sonata (Handel) and
Komanze second concerto (Wieniaw
skl) and an obligato for Mrs. Lach
ner. There was also a very good ex
hibit of handiwork from the Water
town hospital.
as Brookins were united In
the home evening at 7:30 o'clock at i
me nome of the bride's brother. Oscar
kers. who resides at 1120 Eleventh
avenue. Rev. Mr. Slater, riaatcr
Ithe Christian church of Mollne offi
ciating. The bride and groom were
attended by Miss Edith Kirkbv an.)
Ernest "ass and Ruthie Riess. grand-
niece or the bride, acted as flower
g'rl. The bride was beaiitifullv
dressed in white and the bridesmSTd
in pink. The house was decorated
in ferns and pink and white earns
Hons. After the ceremony a wedding
supper was served to 25 guests. The
iride is the daughter of Mr. and
.Mrs. Charles Akers of Onlnrv in
and the groom, who Is a harness mak
T at the arsenal, is the son of Mr
and Mrs. Isaac Brookins of Jackson,
Buys Itself In One Year
Gives a Lifetime of Wear
Kuby Portable Steel buildings
for every purpose are fireproof,
weather-tight, inexpensive, indes
tructible. The one be6t portable
building made all sizes for any
purpose. Trivate garages, cottages,
boat houses, storage houses, tool
Louses, workshops, engine houses,
contractors' buildings. railway
buildings, voting booths, etc.
Quick shipments save time. All
steel construction save money
your money. See rce about your
building requirements.
W. Reed officiating. The couple was
attended by the bride's mother, Mrs.
Mary Clark, and a sister. Miss Hazel
Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Arbidson will
make their home in Rock Island.
C. A. met at the Y yesterday after
noon and organized a bible class to
take the place of the B. G. M. club.
The class will meet every Sunday aft
ernoon and will take up a course of
study on the general subject of "Men
Who Dared." The ' officers chosen
President Frazier Vance.
Vice Resident Fred Milow.
Secretary Curtis Coulter.
Treasurer Lloyd Welch.
conduct a sale and coffee tomorrow
afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. Sim
on, 702 Twenty-first street. This Is
the sale that was postponed from
several weeks ago.
Strickland W.- Gillilan, one of the
greatest living humorists, will appear
at Rock Island high, school Friday
evening, inaugurating the winter's
high school entertainment course
which has been booked through the
well known Redpath Lyceum bureau.
Mr. Uilluan in addition to being a
humorist is a poet, mag.izine writer,
Journalist and philosopher and he is
well known to the people of America.
He is original and imparts distinct
iveness Into his work.
Four other entertainments of var
ious natures are booked for the win
Djuictng frock suitable for satin or
taffeta combined with lace and chiffon.
I.ace fichu on the waist. The puffed
skirt tunic is of chiffon trimmed with
Disease of Metals.
Metals suffer from contagions dis
eases analogous to those of living be
ings. Among these diseases one of the
most striking is that called "tin pest"
Sometimes a block, a plate or medal of
tin attacked by this disease crumbles
and falls Into dust, and sometimes
warty protuberances appear on the
surface of the metal. Various other
metals suffer from a disease that man
ifests itself by a spontaneous recrys
tallization. The most remarkable cases
occur with lead and bard drawn brass.
These diseases are not due. as has
been thought, simply to moisture.
Temperature plays a part In producing
them. The most extraordinary fact
perhaps is that the "tin pest" is capa
ble of spreading by contagion. Har
per's Weekly.
Maybe a Little Aftar.
The play was not by any means bril
liant, and obviously the man was bor
ed. Suddenly be leaped to his feet.
"I heard an alarm of Ore." be said
"I must go and see where it Is."
His wife, whose beating was less
acute, made way for him in silence,
and he disappeared.
"It wasn't a fire after all." be said
on bis return.
"Nor water, either." said bis wife
coldly, with a sniff. Exchange.
Scene Train stopping at small road
side station. Irritable Old Gentleman
What on enrtu do they stop at a sta
tion like this for? Objectionable Pas
senger (alighting) To allow me to get
ont. Irritable Old Gentleman Ah! 1
see It has Its advantages, then!
Shewed Her Age.
Grace They Ray that Mis Fortr
odde was named after her Annt Geor
gians. Gwendolyn She looks as It she
j was mimed before her Annt Georgian.
The art of being able to make pool
ne of moderate abilities often cotters
more reputation than real merit. -Rochefoucauld.
Dear Living.
Pontlng TVIft Ton ued to pall roe
tw light of your life. Hnb So I dkL
but I had no Idea the meter was suing
to register such a cost. Boston Tran
ript. ,
Sljr Wnk in
German Evangelical. This evening
the Young People's society will meet
for rehearsal at Turner hall in prepar
ation for the entertainment to be given
Thursday night.
Thursday afternoon the Ladies' Sew
ing circle meets with Mrs. Henry Faust,
1407 Twelfth street
Thursday evening the Young Peo
ple's society will give an entertain-'
ment at Turner hall.
The choir will meet for rehearsal
Friday evening with Miss TillieWanke,
606 Second street.
Parents of the Sunday school pupils
are asked to send their children to
Sunday school next Sunday, as the
program for Christmas exercises will
be arranged shortly.
Trinity Episcopal. Trinity Men's
club will meet this evening at the par
ish house. Supper will be served at
&30 o'clock.
The Episcopalian synod of this dio
cese will convene at Trinity church
Wednesday, and sessions will continue
through Thursday.
First Baptist. This evening at 7:30
the choir will meet in the church par
lors. There will be no prayer service this
week, the congregation Jolnlrg in the
union services at the First Methodist j
f Tiaay arternoon tne mommy conee ,
or tne laaies or tne cnurcn win De giv-
en at the home of Mrs. F. J. Downing,
915 Second avenue. The hostess win
be assisted by Mrs. S. J. Woodin, Mrs.
A. J. Tober, Mrs. J. C. Thompson and
Mrs. Walter Anderson.
First Methodist. The Daughters of
the Covenant will give their quarterly
tea this evening at 6:30 o'clock at the
residence of Mrs. J. F. Robinson, 613
Twentieth street.
A union meeting will be held In the
church Wednesday evening at 7:30
o'clock under the auspices of the lay
men's missionary movement. Rev. Dr.
King of Monmouth, who has Just re
turned from a trip around the world,
will be the speaker. On this account
there will be no prayer service this
The Daughters of the Covenant will
serve an old-fashioned supper at the
church Friday evening at 6:30 o'clock.
Broadway Presbyterian. This even
ing the board of trustees meets in the
office of the church and the session
will meet in the church study.
The Berean bible class will meet
with Mrs. W. S. Marquis, 726 Twenty
third street, this evening.
The Helen Mills circle will meet
with Miss Mary Carpenter cn Nine
teenth street Tuesday afternoon.
Wednesday afternoon Ruth's band
meets with Mrs. E. C. Hart, 1010
Twenty-first street.
Prayer services will be omitted Wed-
Instead cf rubbln;
the life out o
your clothes, soak
them in suds of
h leUtaefrt
Attend the
Ramser Jewelry Store
Wednesday, Nov, 13
From 1 to 8 p. m.
Diamond ring for someone at 7:30. Free tickets
to all who attend.
J. Ramser Sons
Opposite Harper House
ffiity ffiljurrlfrfl
nesday evening because of the union
meeting at the First Methodist church.
The Junior association will meet
Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the
Sunday school rooms.
Friday afternoon the Ladies' Aid so
ciety will meet with Mrs. J. W. Tre
mann, 741 Twenty-third street.
United Presbyterian The Mission
ary Social union will hold Its annual
meeting in the church tomorrow even
ing. Rev. E. B. Stewart, pastor of
the Third United Presbyterian church
of Chicago, will speak on "Christian
There will be no mid-week prayer
service this week, the congregation
Joining in the union service at the
First Methodist church in promotion
of the Laymen's Missionary move-1
The Ladies' Aid society will meet
Friday afternoon at the church.
Friday evening the monthly busi
ness meeting of the Young People's j
aocieiy win oe iiem at ine nome oi
Miss Bessie Bryan, 1525 Tenth ave
nue. 2lon Lutheran. The Men's society
u ill meet tomorrow evening at the
home of Andrew Olson, 4425 Seventh
Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 the
Ijjdips' RpwItie Rocintv wilt hft oritur-
tained at the home of Mr8 Peter BeQ.
nn 5QOO Fliohtl, ovom At thia
n.eetine the ladles will contribute in
Dloney what would cover the cost of
things donated to the Thanksgiving
rale held other years and which will
b: omitted this year.
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
the Confirmation league will meet at
the church. A good program has been
prepared and the members of the
league and friends are invited.
8pencer Memorial Methodist To
morrow evening the bible study class
Left to right. MIm
Laura Merriam,
An aviation school for society wo-nen, the first of Ms kind in the world.
Is to be opened in a suburb of VashLigton. Miss Laura Merriam, Miss
Marguerite Draper and Miss Gladys Hinckley are said to be among the first
pupils enrolled. Miss Hinckley is very popular in the diplomatic set and
has been declared by many the prettiest girl in Washington. She has al
ready had some experience at flying. Mis Draper Is one of Washington's
wealthiest young women. She Inherited $5,000,000 at the death of her fath
er. General William F. Draper, and has spent a great deal of time abroad.
Miss Merriam is the daughter of a former governor of Minnesota, and Is
one of the most popular young women in the national capital.
Jewelers f
v.ill meet at the church.
Prayer services will be held Wed
nesday evening at the church. Rev.
J. L. Vance of the United Presby
terian church will address the congre
gation on the Laymen's Missionary
Thursday afternoon the Woman's
Home Missionary society will meet
with Mrs. George W. Saville, 3432
Sixth avenue.
Grace Lutheran The Forward so
ciety will meet this evening with
Miss Carrie Olson, 540 Forty-sixth
The Fortgetmenot society meets to
morrow evening with Miss Clara
Claussen, 222 Railroad avenue, Mo
line. The confirmation class meets Wed
nesday evening at 7 o'clock in the
church and the choir will meet the
same eveninng at 8 o'clock at the par
The Luther league business and so
cial meeting will be held Thursday
evening with Miss Ellen Rosenkranz,
932 Forty-third street.
A bakery sale and coffee will be
glven in tne church lecture room Fri
dEy afternoon and evening under th
auspices of the Ladies' Aid society.
Central Presbyterian. This even
ing at 7:30 the officers, teachers and
workers of the Sunday school will
rteet In the ladies' parlor at the
church, in monthly session.
The Pastor's Aid Boclety will hold
Its final all day session at the church
Wednesday, convening at 10 o'clock.
Plana will be perfected for the bazar
to be given on Friday. Lunch will be
eerved at noon and a business meet
ing will be held at 3 o'clock.
Prayer services will be omitted
Wednesday evening, the congregation
joining in the union services at the
First Methodist church In promotion
of the Laymen's Missionary move
ment. The Pastor's Aid society will con
duct a bazar and supper at the
church Friday afternoon and evening.
Mi Giadya Hinckley and Mlaa Marguerite
The sale will bgin at 12 o'clock noon
and supper will be served at 6:30 to
First Swedish Lutheran, The dea
cons will meet tomorrow evening at 2
o'clock at the school house.
Wednesday evening prayer services
will be held at the home of Carl Oster
man, 103C Fourteenth street.
Thursday evening the Home Social
club will be entertained by the Misses
Anna Nelson and Pearl Grant at the
home of Mrs. Victor Swaneon, 1231
iGlenhurat court.
Memorial Christian. The Ladies'
Aid society will meet at the church.
Ihursday afternoon.
Aiken Street chapel. Mrs. Lledtkt
will entertain the Ladles' Sewing so
ciety at the chapel Wednesday after
noon. Worrying Happiness.
; The bishop of Manchester, speaktnt,
at a meeting at Church House, West
minster, said the secret of happiness
was to have a sufficient multitude of
The man who bad only on worry,
a blind that would not be palled op
straight by the servant or a coal Seat
tle the bottom of which 'was always
coming ont, fonnd bis way to the luna
tic asylum, but the man who bad no
time to dwell upon his worries because
he had to go from one to another and
back again and round and round like a
squirrel In a cage could be a perfectly
happy man. London Mall.
J "An one other thing I want yon to
remember when you build the bonse
Is to put one of the finest elastic steps
on It that money can build.'
"An elastic step, madam?"
"Yes; 1 was readln' how Miss Bin
bind bad a tine elastic step, an' I want
one Just Uke It or better." DoostOD
9" t. '-k
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