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Four Months' Course at High
School for Benefit cf Citi
zens to Begin at Once.
The night school under the auspices
of the board of education will com-'
mence tomorrow evening at tU'1 r'?h
school building and any who wUff to
c-nro'.I are requested to be thfie at.
that tlm. Classes will meet twice a!
week Tuesday and Thursday and
and the course will cover a period of
four months. A nominal charge of $1 1
a month will be charged. High school!
teachers are to conduct the clashes
which will include Engl'fih, manual';
training, and a general course of .
study. j
It is expected that the majority of i
the 6tudfT,ts who will enrol in the!
right classes will be foreigners who
desire to learn the language and na
tive born people who were forced to
,uit school before they had completed
the course offered.
I-1 g . . ;. - ,
I v - r ;
7- si- ,A
: : f
, 1 . - i
X x, "... cv .iT
! Chicago, Nov. 11. Chicago and
I I'llnois employes of subsidiary com
; ponies of the American Telephone
and Telegraph company, numbering
more than 30,000, were officially noti
! f.ed yesterday of the Inauguration of
j a permanent pension and insurance
Extern affecting the Chicago Tele-!
: phone company and the Western ;
, Electric company.
The American Telephone and Tele-i
; graph company's subsidiaries provide:
j employment for about 175,000 people. I
I Of this number 130,000 are employes ;
! of the Bell Telephone system. The
total yearly pay for the whole group
A Comedy Scan In Which Grief Pixy
d a Leading Part.
'Stage fright Is not one of the emo
tions which get across the footlights."
writes Miss Alice Crawford. "Audi
ences are for the most part as serene
ly unconscious of It as they are of
other individual sentiments In the ac
tors having no relation to the Inci
dents cf the play.
"I shall never forget an instance of
this curious Insensibility of the crowd.
Once when I was touring one of the
most charming and jiopulnr girls of
the company died after only a few
days Illness. She wna one of those
sweet, tranquil natures and had en
deared herself to us all. Iler death
In lodgings In the small provincial
town had so element of real tragedy
In It
'The Dews that she was dead reach
ed the theater In the evening Jut as
two of the actors and I were about to
go on for a scene of broad comedy.
We went on the singe with tears lu
our eyes, aod I can still see the face
of one of those comedians with the
great tears gllsteulng on the point,
lie was dreadfully affected. Try as
he would, he could not control bis
voice, and the tears kept choking blm
as be rattled off bis lines.
"The audience were convulsed every
time bis voice broke, and It made me
cry more than ever to see the grief
baking blm as be grinned UDd chuffed
through bis ten ph. Yet tbut comedy
renw never went so well before. The
audience never guessed." Exchange.
j is about 5155,000,000, something over
j !;.( ,000,000 being paid out in wages'
j by the Hell Telephone system alone. ;
j A fund of $10,000,000 has been pro-;
! vided and will be made available Jan. '
j J, 1S13, for the pensions, sick Toene-j
j ft and life accident Insurance. This
't.ind, according to the announcement'
of President Thomas :i. Vail of the
Telephone and Telegraph company, ;
will be made good from year to year'
through appropriations by the various
associated companies, "employes will
not be called upon to contribute one
cent. !
I If any state statutes provide for1
i :i:ore liberal compensation than is pro- j
! vded under the benefit plan, the !
statutory provision will prevail.
Where the employes have legal rights, j
a? In some accident cases, they will
have the option of exercising such
rights or, accepting the company's
The pension plan, which with the ,
" -" ! h rurance and disability plans. Is the .
tne Mrd dived as the gun was dls- j came in all the companies, provides
charged, and the shot struck the wa- i for a pension per annum of 1 per cent;
ter where the bird bad been a mo- ! of the average annual pay during the
ment before. As the smoke cleared 1 ten years nest preceding retirement
away the nunter saw tne turn come 10 : iumupneu iuo uuuiuu
the surface, and he gave it the other
A. Mitcfell Palmer. .
Representative A. Mitchell Palmer cf
Pennsylvania Is regarded as a strong
cabinet possibility under the Wilscn
administration. He played a promi-
! nent part in the recent campaign and
! has long enjoyed the confidence of the
i New Jersey governor.
Mr. Palmer Is serving his second
term In the house of representatives.
He is a lawyer. Although he was
never a candidate for office before he
ran for congress four years ago he
ha? been an important fartor in Penn
sylvania state politics for many years.
Tailored or Dress Oats Take Your Choice Tuesday
at These Extraordinary Prices
Our 4 to 6 Hats - $2.98 Our 16 to $9 Eats -
Our $9 to 12 Hats - 85.98
All Shades, Shapes and colors Something to Suit Every
service. For instance, a man with 30
years of service behind him would re
ceive a pension equal to 30 per cent
of the average amount earned annual
lj by him during the ten years pre
ceding his application for the bene-
barrel. with the same result.
"His otmtlnacy was now arouBed,
and he determined to kill thnt.blrd be
fore he left the place. He shot away
everv round of ammunition he had.
but the bird dodged every one and fit-
.till floated in the same srrot. In great j Disability In the performance of
d1Wt mv friend sat down on th. be met "itn f" 11 tor 11
fc.ni, .nH nt hi. ntm. At the first Duff and half pay until able to earn
of smoke the bird dived again, and
this gave blm his Inspiration.
"To make a short story, he smoked
up ail his tobacco In an effort to drown
the mud ben, but wheu darkness fell
and he started for home the bird was
still floating In the same old spot"
Portland Oregoulan.
And the Man Who Tried to Shoot or
Drown the Bird.
"It Is a mighty bard thing to down
a mud hen." snid a Portland official.
"Every one knows this homely bird, so
clever that it can dod;e the tl.ir.U of u
gun. making it very hard to kill if
any one ever wnnted to kill. one.
"A friend of mine who was a great
hunter, but not acquainted with the
mud hen. was out bunting on the Co
lumbia slough some years ago when
lie saw what be thought whs some
kind of duck floating on the water,
lie aimed lita. shntcun and frwl
A Wedding Ring Superstition.
Although there was a lifelong
friendship to buck up their business
deals, the Jeweler was not surprised
when bis old customer who had mar
ried a second time bought the wedding
ring at auotber shop.
"If be should take a third wife be
would buv the ring at still another
store." the Jeweler said. "That Is one '
of the superstitions of the trade. A '
Dim tnny have the marrying habit
ever so leal and require several wed- !
ding rr.gs In bis time, yet he never '
buys any two of thetu from the same ;
place. Jewelers !o not expect It. They
don't want to sell two wedding tings j
to the same man. Had luck would j
surely light on all concerned, and
there Is enough trouble lu the world i
anyhow without deliberately Inviting
more of It by defying a good old wed- '
ding ling superstltution." New York
a livelihood, the time not to exceed
six years. Disability not In the per
formance of duty will be met with
graduated compensation, depending
on the length of service of the em
All employes having relatives de-
pendent on them will be entitled to :
Insurance aeainst death by accident'
occurring In and due to the perform
ance of work for the company In the
! sum of three years' wages r.ot fn ex
' cess of a total amount of $5,000, pay
irble to their dependent relatives.
I All employes having relatives de
i pendent on them, and who have been
ifve years in the service, will be en-
tilled to insurance against death In j
; a sum equal to six months wages
! v hen the term of employment has
' been from five to ten years, and to
one year s wages when the term of
1 employment has been ten' years or
! ucre, with a maximum of $2,000 In
i.-:her case. Such insurance to be
,:ud to the dependent relatives left
r-Two Years
by the employe. j
President Bernard E. Sunny of the
C hicago Telephone company, in com
'Minting on the plan, 6aid:
! "The five Hell Telephone com-,
'ranies with headquarters in Chicago
'-the Chicago Telephone company.
Central I'nion Telephone company,
itt.e Cleveland Telephone cuiuib.ij,
Her Recommendation. .Vichigan State Telephone company,
A woman prominent u a social work- 'and Wisconsin Telephone company
. . . j : 1 ; t ; i. 1 .-n
iu the city to engage a new t will adopt tne pension, unnuunj L"''
She vls'ted an em- -r,ta and insurance P'iin m utiidii ui
tut ir employes.
The approximate number of em
pU.ves in the five companies operat
irg in the five states of Illinois, Wis
consin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio is
Th telephone companies are
among the largest emploers of labor
isn't often you get such an opportunity as this so early in
the season. These Hats are patterned after the best that
Paris and New York can produce. Beautiful materials, fine
workmanship and authentic styles make them what they are
We put these watches on
sale for one day only, giv
ing you an opportunity to
secure one for your boy at
an unequaled saving. The
watches, 7-jeweled Ameri
can movement, gold plated
dials and cases are warranted
to give perfect satisfaction.
They make all the appear
ance of $5 watch, - (f Q A Q
for Tuesday $Z.TU
Fay Hosiery
We are pleased to announce
that we have added the fa
mous Fay brand of hosiery to
our other standard lines in
hose. We secured Fay hos
iery because we know it would
TION. We could sell other
hosiery which would yield us
great profit, but we prefer to
give our customers QUALITY
and thus sell the highest stand
ard in value.
Fay hosiery for women and
children are sure to please you.
Come and see them.
5 m
Rock Island, III.
was not his son, with whom he had
had trouble, who did the shooting.
ago a kid glove
th at cou Id be
guaranteed not
to rip was un
heard of.
Today vou can
srml hore as little as
a dollar and receive a
glove with a guaran
tee that provides for
a new pair for one
that rips.
In tan, pray and
black, from
$1 to $2.75
Simon & Landauer
Davenport, la. j
er was
girl the othr day
ployuient ngency which makes a spe
cialty f tirx":':: places for country
bo'.iseiunids nnd was mneu pleased
with one frutu the country.
Why did you leave your Inst place T"
S6kcd the woman
"I didn't Have no last place." an
swered the girl, "because I nln't had
no last place to leave, and I'm still
working at it. being for myself that
I've lieeu working, and I m sure I n
rood servant, and 1 can
myself to you. ma'am." Exchange.
One of the Terrifying and Mysterious
Forces of Space.
The most stupendous inanifestntiona
of force of which we have any knowl
edge are presented by the spiral nebu
lae, whose mysterious and terrifying
forms were Orst clearly revenled by
the Lick observatory photographs
made in lSDS-lt) by the late I'ro-
ar.-l the pay rolls are uuusuan iurc , ressor James t. Keeier. j ne neaven
tl . equivalent of 50 per cent of the j are fun 0f thein-tbey exist by tbou-
This is a larger ais-1 gands and as astronomical photogTa-
tu ss receipts
. .Y....;n. ... crrrtaa rpVfrnUe among 1 r. hw fa hrnnohf tn frrenlr nerfertlnn
recommena , irmuuou ui B - -
niwoa man nnv niuer luutizMij. i rneir Hfnnzins smiireH lenu wore auu
"The pension, disability and insur-1 more to upset all former Ideas cou
ance plan now put out by the tele-1 cerning the processes of creation and
' nbone companies is auoiucr
i of their
A dramatist was condemning two
... t ..4 t,ni ti-i.1 un nnmarlt-
- cnrvlflH OI
the ies- cultivated " " . .
I tuese empioes
C1 siK'cess siiieug
portion ot the public
-The first.' s.i d the dramatist In his ! or are no Jonger aWe t0 WOrk."
,lgrarau.atic Hy. "whs all blood and hg adinini8tration of the funds will
tlmnder. and the other
aud blunder.
wi.s ail tbud
Proof Poeitlve.
Mrs. De Pretty -Horrors! That wo
man who Jut pusseti Is a young man
In disguise Husti:ind-Well, well! How
do you know? Mrs De Pretty She
looked at my face Instead of my dress.
Washington Times
destructlou going on In the Interstellar
spaces. They afreet in an equal de
gree all theories about tbe origin and
ultimate fate of our own solar sys
tem. Who would Imagine on looking up
at the sturry heavens some -quiet
hands of an employes' bene-1 jght that the earth Is like a person
lost in the midst of the whirring
determination to retain tne
their employes who can
the best results and to look after
when they are ais
The a
ur in me - - .
,t committee of five, to be appointed ;
. a nnsVt no. i
bv the board or airectors oi w-" -
6ciated company.
Greenfield. Ind. Guy Stuart is in jail
chareed with shooting and killing his!
father. Dr. A. A. Stuart, aged CS, at
The Horse's Comment.
Tbe mule. !x?ing in a temper, kicked
few boards out of the side of the
"One of those fresh air cranks." com
mented the borse to itself. Buffalo
Old Salts.
Another couple was about to be
launched on ibe sea of matrimony.
"They den't seem a bit afraid." somt
one back lc the crowd observed
"And why should UieyT" asked the
gentleman next. "They've "both beeo
across several times." -St. Louis Post
Dt'patch. No Swearing.
"Jim Isn't drinking now."
'Honest? Did be swear offT"
"No; te really quit this time." Tol
Ao Blade.
t- ...nio nnr here. "IOU didn t do
ruimuu, -
the shooting, did you. Guy?' Snenff
Cox said he asked the prisoner, who
replied: "I wouldn't tell you if I did."
Dr. Stuart, before he died, declared it
wheels and spinning shafts of some
enormous mill or machine room, where
running bolts. whirling spindles,
champing pistons, grinding cogs, gy
rating governors, dizzying flywheels
i and leaping rods confuse tbe eye and
ManznnMo. It is one of the most effi
cient guards for the prisoners incar
cerated there. Not a man has ever been
known to escape from this dreaded
prison by swimming. No sooner does
a human body strike the water than a
school of these monsters nppeiir. fly in?
like giant buts through the sea. They
throw themselves ou the hap'ess swim
mer, crushing him to the bed of the
sea, aid there suck the flesh from his
bones with their powerful mouths.
The manta grows to mammoth di
mensions, though the one which 1 saw.
Bays a writer In the Wide World Mag
azine, wus comparatively small, not
Realty Changes J
George H. Chase to William C. Neff,
part lois 1 and 2, lot 4, Ijo Claire's Ue
st rve, $vsrni.
V. iliiam K. Hailey to Emily and Os
car IS. Soiomon. lot 23, section 1, 17,
2w, W. K. Iiailey's Woodlawn addition.
South Hock Island, $1.
Ellen I'. Osterman to Charles P.
Nkholls, lot S, William K. Iiailey's Cth
addition. Rook Island, $S2r.
Katherine Klizaiieth Westherg to S.
lot 4, block 2. William E.
lion. East Hock Island. $l,5Cf
r ika' addl-
weighing over two or three tons and i Czaplln.ski, lot 4, block 29, Moline, $900.
Please call at 1422 Third ave
nue at once for watches and
Jewelry repaired by M. Duffy.
the mind and paralyze the limbs with
the terror of impending annihilation?
We are not aware of this startling
situation because, while we see the
stars, we do not see what is among
the stars. Tbe spinning machinery of
the universe Is revealett onlv in Liho-
RELIEVE: tograpbs. and as far as our senses are
concerned It performs Its functions
with a silence which to tbe imagina
tion becomes a part of tbe horror of !
We are pleased to lnrorm tne real- grce
dents of Rock Island that we now have j These cosmic wheels spin with ln
in stock "Nurlto," a physician's pre- calculable velocity, but the span of
scrirtion, free from opiates and nar-' human life is bur. a second of time In
cotics and guarantee to relieve all suf-1 comparison with their periods. If we i
ferers from rheumatism, sciatica and could magnify time so that a secoud
neuritas, or refund your money. Inves-i would become as a century, then an
tigate this offer. Call to see us and let j hour would be equivalent to S00.000
us explain the merits of this remedy,; yers. and the true aspect of the
which we axe satlsfled will banish all ! spiral nebulae would burst upon oar
not being more than Cfteen feet
across. The fish is nearly square In
outline, the wings forming great right
angles, which stretch out from the
body, giving it a re er ngular appear
ance. The nsh swim hy flapping these
wings and are sometimes called "sea
bats" on this account.
Mantas swim with lucredlble rapid
ity for what is apparently so ungainly
a fish, and on-e they sight anything
In the water, unless It be the speediest
fish or shnrk, they overhaul it and
simply close It. wrapping the entire
blanket-like body around the unfortu
nate victim. Even with a sharp kcife
it Is almost Impossible to reach a vital
point in tbe manta's body. Kor this
reason they are the most dreaded by i -
divers of all the dwellers In the sea,
and the diver's life Is not without its
perils, take my word for that.
Kalnh Bordner to Samuel Yeagcr,
part lot 1G, Mock 2, west one-half,
northwest quarter, section 30, IS. lw,
Le Claire's Reserve, East Moline, $125.
Andrew Nilson to Fahian Lawson.
lot 3, block 1. Chiihty &. Grover's addi
tion, Moline, $3,100.
Charles H. and Addle I,. Cornwall to
James II. Ixmg, lot 21, block 3. Acme
addition. Moline, $1.
Myra Walker to Julius and Sarah
Newton, lot 11, block 1SS, East Moline,
Albert O. and Helen K. Cramer, lot
30, South Hock Island, $1. f
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Zion I
church of Hock Inland to Otto Adams, I
Corn and Water.
To those engaged In the hart. Injf ot
grain the natural shrinkage of celled
corn while In storage and in tri dt Is
u matter of prime importuueV aud
often a source of dispute because of
Bhortage reported at time of receipt
at warehouse aud a further loss al
date of final sale. In order to deter
mine the amount of shrinkage or losg
of weight occurring In corn the de
partment of ngrlculture has conducted
au experiment with fiou bushels of
shelled corn. At the time ot storage
the moisture content was 18.8 pet
cent and at close or the test 14.7 pef
cent, or a loss of 4.1 per cent. Tbe
weight per bushel tin .1 decreased from
64.7 pounds to f0 pound, and the to
tal loss of weight was 1.U70 pounds, ot
slightly more tbau 7 per cent.
Sir Ro;jer de Coverley.
Sir Roger de Coverley was thenamf
of a member of the imaginary clut
of twelve under whose direction Addi
son's Spectator was professedly pub
lished. He was an old school, bluff,
good hparted English gentleman. Th
dance nauied after hliu Is un English
dance corresponding somewhat to fbf
Virginia reel.
, "Isn't my new d-e becoming
neT' scked the delighted wife
"Yes." rentied the herd of the ran- i hP yu-
llshment. "rnd I sunnose the bill foi , be convinced.
rheumatic pains, no matter how long j
you may have been afflicted.
People so crippled with rheumatism
that they could not walk have been ab
solutely freed from pain and the swol
len Joints brought back to their normal
Don't be skeptical. We can and want
Get a $1 box of Nurlto
Harper House phar-
astonlsbed senses. Garrett
In New York American.
P. Servlss
It will soon be coming to me."
jmacy. (Adv.)
This Dreaded Sea Monster Wraps Its
Body Around Its Prey.
Tbe manta. or blanket fish, is com
mon to the warm pnrta of tbe Pacific.
Aroond tbe Mexican penal colony on
Tres Marias Islands, not very far from
The Young Idea.
In a certalD school a schoolboy of
tender years is said to have produced
the following essay on the camel: "The
cannlmal Is a sheep of the desert. It
is called a backteria because It has a
hump on its back. The cannlmal Is
very patient and will lie down and die
without a groan, but when It Is angry
it gets its back ap. whlcb is called tbe
bump. Tbe shepherds of cannlmals la
called Arabs. When tbey live In towns
they are called street Arabs. When tbe
cannlmal goes on a Journey It drinks
aa much as It can to last for many
days. Such animals are called acqul
ducks. Those that cannot carry enough
are called Inebriates."
MAtlK a
O a patkwt orfrce
Ail run down ? Ayer's Sarsaparilla
b a strong nerve tonic No alcohol.
Sold for 60 year.
Ask Your Doctor.
J C arerCo..
Don't Fall Behind the Times.
Leaders in the
Be One of the
Clean Bread Crusade

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