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Complimentary Luncheon at
Rock Island Club Last Night
Is Well Attended.
Many Are Heard Regarding Two Mat
ter up for Consideration
Harmony Prevail.
attend a meeting at the Commercial
club in Davenport this evening at
tich time plans will be formulated
for making the tri-clties a link In the
cross country highway.
The telephone problem was brought
up by Secretary O. H. Kingsbury, who
read the ordinance which is to be sub
mitted to the voters Dec 10 at a spe
cial election,
Hon. U S. McCabe, one of
the promoters of the Automatic
company, explained the Inten
tions and the purposes of the
new corporation. The new company,
he said, will give better service than
Is accorded now and thj competition
will result in better work on the part
of the Bell people so that the city in
the long run will get tile phone ser
vice that It is entitled to the best
there is.
Y. II. Carpenter in a brief talk con
tended that the Bell company will
"That the city of Rock Island needs ' raise its rates If the present phone
the Home Automatic Telephone com- ordinance granting a fruichise to the
pany, and should improve its roads to ',lw company is voted down and he ad-
the country," was the consensus of,
Opinion expressed last night when the
Rock Island business men enjoyed a
complimentary luncheon and a busi
ness session at the Rock Iblar.d club.
Arrangements had been made for a
hundred at the meeting and every tick-
vocated the two phone plan.
J. T. Shields, F. J. Hodges, Ralph
Lutt-n, F. A. RocTtwell and J. L. Ver
i.cn all spoke in favor of the automat
ic phor.e and advocated the granting
of a franchise.
M. H. Sexton in an emphatic talk
Council Not to Shift Responsi
bility to People in Water
works Problem.
Commissioners Rudgren and Reynolds
Remain Unmovable in Face of
Many Protects.
t apparently was used and the result disagreed with the otheis and opposed
a a fine gathering of representative j the grant on the grounds that it would
men, well qualified to discuss the city's mean the tearing up of much of the
nteda. The program, excepting some newly laid paving. He also discussed
entertainment by E. J. SraekhouHe, ! 'he apparent lack of harmony among
who read in his charming manner a ! l'le c'l' commissioners and made some
number of poems, consisted of brief omparisions between their actions
talks by members of the organization!"'1 lDe manner in which the Moline
who desired to be heard on the two commission is doing buiiiness.
ubjects before the meeting tele- OT Tw TO,(" I'AVIXG.
phones and good roada. j Major H. M. SchriveT followed Mr.
talk coon KotUH Sexton and was non-committal re-
H. A. Cleven.MnA nrt!Hn f K-rding the advisability of again hav-
association presided. He opened the
meeting with a report on the rapid
progress which the organization has
trade since its recent reorganization t
ine two telephones in the city, but
promised that in any case there will
be no tearing up of newly laid paving.
He took the Bell people to task for th
will be held In December.
tnd emDhaalzed th nrt fr fr,.nn I poor service affoided generally. W.
"get together meetings," at which the I H- Thorns and K. ii. Krelr. opposed the
City's best interests can be discussed granting of a new phone franchise on
and harmony promoted. The general ilLe founds that the improved service
discussion was then opened. j which such action would bring would
W. B. Mclntyre reviewed the move-j be more than offaet bv t;he added ex
ment for good roads and expressed ' I"-'nse and inconvenience of having two
a belief that the time is not for dis-j
tnt when Rock Island will boast of A feature of the evenlrg was a vlc-
tbe best thoroughfares in the country, trola concert. Another "get togethe
He also advised the promotion of har-! netting
mony in the conducting of city affairs.
H. S. Cable spoke at length on the
teed for better roads and said that in
his opinion there is no need for im
proving the city and having fine
things, big institutions and good stores
here, If no provision is made for al
lowing outnlders to cotne In to make
use of them. "Good roads," said Mr.
Cable, "Rre more important than the
average man realizes. Good roads In
crease the business and importance
Of a City because people go where
they can travel with the least troti
tle." lie also discussed the proposed
"ocean to ocean'' highway and deliver
ed an invitation to Hoc k Inlanders to
Noon Day Services at Y. M. C. A.
Tomorrow noon at. the Y. M. C. A.!
rooms. At 12:2o, there wit be a prayer 1
meeting conducted by E. B. McKown.
The topic will be "Thanksgiving." All
rr.cn are invited to drop in for the few
minuUs of prayer and discussion.
In a stormy session, punctuated by
heated flashes of repartee on the part
of the mayor, the commissioners and
representative citizens who had as
sembled to voice their sentiments in
regard to the waterworks question,
and during the course of which the lie
was passed between Commissioner M.
T. Rudgren and Captain W. A. Rosen
field, the commission of the city of
Rock Island yesterday afternoon vot
ed to rescind its previous action, re
ferring the question of creating the of
fice of "superintendent of waterworks
and filtration" to a vote of the people
at the special phone election of Dec.
10, and skirmish No. 1 was won by
the mayor. Commissioners Bear and
Hart and the Fifty Thousand club.
The fight began immediately after
the clerk had finished the reading of
the minutes when Mayor Schrlver an
nounced that a body of citizens was
present for the purpose of discussing
the waterworks question. B. D. Con
nelly, who had been appointed spokes
man for the Fifty Thousand club, to
gether with Hon. William Jackson,
Hon. William McEniry and E. H. Guy
er, arose to present a set of resolu
tions in behalf of the citizens, when
Commissioner Reynolds offered for
adoption a resolution, deferring the
discussion of the waterworks question
until next Tuesday evening, his con-
tntion being that all of the people
were anxious to engage in the discus
sion, and that the holding of the meet-
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out of order by the chair and Mr. Con
nelly was allowed to proceed.
"In behalf of the Fifty Thousand
club, which was organized for the pur
pose of furthering the welfare of the
city at large, I desire to present the
following set of resolutions, which ex
press the general sentiments reflected
at the meeting of a few nights ago,
when the waterworks question was
up for discussion," said Mr. Connelly.
Whereas, we learn that the water
works of the city is in need of an ex
pert for it management and that an
ordinance has been introduced before
the city council of the city of Rock Is
land providing for a superintendent
of waterworks at a salary of $200 per
month and that the qualifications for
such superintendent must be such that
he will understand the engineering and
mechanical operation of the plant and
to have such knowledge of chemistry
as to enable him to properly analyze
the water and that said ordinance has
been by resolution of said city council
referred to the electors of the city of
Rock Island to be voted upon at a spe
cial election to be held on the loth
day of December, 1912, and
Whereas, the laws of the state of
Illinois with reference to commission
form of government prov'des that the
council may submit a proposiiicn for
the repeal of any ordinance or for
amendment thereto to be voted on 2t
any succeeling general city cr ullage
election, and
.Whereas, tne elen'on which this
proposition is to be voted upon is a
special election and the submission
f this prop b'.-.ion to the tyetial elec
tion is in violation r,f tie law, and
Wheieas, we have a waterworks
plant that represents in value $1,090,
000 and is second to none in the Unit
ed States, be it
Resolved: That the action of the city
council of the city of Rock Island in
submitting the waterworks ordinance
to the electors of this city at the spe
cial election to be held on the 10th
day of December, 1912, is hereby con
demned, and believing that it Is to the
best interesTsjjf the city, that said ordi
nance be passed by the city council
and a competent man employed to as
sume charge of the waterworks plant,
we respectfully petition the city coun
cil of this city to pass said ordinance
and select some competent person to
assume the management of the water
Commissioners Rudgren and Rey-
itg in the afternoon prevented such
a course. The motion was seconded ! nclds held their ground firmly through-
by Commissioner Rudgren, and when ; out the entire affair, and refused to
remarks were called for Mr. Connelly j budge one inch, and it was only after
proceeded with the reading of the Commissioner Hart had gone over to
paper. He had read but a few para
graphs, when Commissioner Reynolds
again Interrupted saying: "Mr. May
or, there is a motion before the house
and should be acted upon before Mr.
the oth?r side that the motion to re
scind was carried by a vote of three
to two.
Commissioner Reynolds explained
his position in clean, manly and
should be called when it is desired
to purchase a horse or some Are hose
for the city, as to use it in this case.
It is a question of the city's reputa
M. H. Sexton said: "Before the
commission form of government was
introduced in Rock Island the people,
were not asked to vote when a new fil-'
ter was installed, nor when various
other improvements were made. Whyi
now? It appears to me that the com-
missioners are quarreling among1
themselves. It is time that you com-j
missioners understand this matter. If
tills quarreling does not stop, you
will kill the commission form of gov
ernment. In no other city is there so
much dissatisfaction with the. sys
tem as in Rock Island."
Hon. William Jackson said: "You
commissioners are responsible for
the health of the people. This is no 1
time for prejudice. You pledged your- j
selves to the people that you were
competent to perform your duties, and j
1 you were not competent, you should '
not have been candidates. You pledg
ed yourselves as being competent and
we expect you to keep your pledges.
The waterworks is most important. It
has suffered in the past because of the
lack of a competent man at its head.
You commissioners are brought Into
contact with it daily and are able to
judge what is needed, better than the
great mass of the people. There are
too many elections in the city. We are
stirred up all the time. It Is injurious.
It is time for the people to stop this
incessant struggle and get down to
business. Do not humiliate the people
you represent by confessing to your
incompetency in this matter, by sub
mitting It to a referendum."
William McEniry said: "It is time to
eliminate all this contention and re
store confidence in our public officials.
If the commissioners follow the law
they will do no wrong,: and the law
In this case forbids the submitting
of this matter at a special election."
City Attorney J. F. Witter was then
called upon and he agreed in a meas
ure witn the lawyers who had pre
viously spoken, as to the non-legality
of the proposed step. He stated that
although he could find nothing in the
law permitting such a referendum,
there was also nothing forbidding it.
He maintained that, it resolved itself
into a niestion of whether or not the
city had the right to spend the money
to print the ballots, and stated that
in his opinion, it had not.
Commissioner Rudgren then took
the floor in defense of his stand, 'and j
addressed the chair as follows:
Mr. Mayor: I feel that I am as deep
ly interested as any man in the city
in the success of all department in
the city government and in the wa-
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Connelly enters upon a general dis-i straightforward manner, and had the1
cussion of the ordinance." courage to follow his convictions, j rworks department as much as any
Commissioner Reynolds was ruled He acted the gentleman throughout. I other department except he street de
but the same cannot be said of Com-1 rartment ana tnis exception only be
mlssioner Rudgren, who went straight cause of my Interest in that of which
up in the air. and was eaucy, impudent j 1 have Personal charge,
and vindictive. He acted the part of1 1 have voted niv convictions on he
an overgrown school bov and was ai'l"0511'011 of creating the office of super-
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filtration and am prepared to take 'he
personal, consequences of my vote
whatever they may be.
We have had In charge of the flltra-
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: well recommended. Mr. Birdsall
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i munity who are competent to act as
! superintended of the waterworks. I
hive nothing against Mr. Sharp, who
seems to be a fine man, but we have
nu n here who are qualified to manage
the waterworks and as Mr. Rudgren
has pointed out, Mr. Sharp is not under
the law eligible to 'he office. I feel
that the real question before us now
is not the change in the ordinance
itself but the question shall the peo-
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great disappointment
In backing his stand. Commissioner
Rudgren accused The Argus of slan
dering bim and then turning his at
tack on Captain Walter A. Rosenfield
he said: "As to the alleged statement
of Walter Rosenfield, stating that I
am a candidate for mayor, I wish to
state thai is a lie. Furthermore, as
to E. H. Guyer's statement that if we
do not do as we are requested, that
n'A . n Kn .onntln1 T ... 1 1 1 n . a.
. u i . need 3d. I am and I know Mr. Rudgren
to go before the people at any time,1, . , . . , ,
. , t . . ' ... . is in favor of ob aining a pure water
bubject to a vote as to their prefer- . . ,
' , i supply and it is unjust to us to repre-
ence, along with the other commission- , v,, ', , .
. ,,, . A, sent us as holding otherwise,
ers, and I will venture to sav that my , . ,. . ,
. A, , I believe we have men in this com-
uauie wouiu uui ue ai me uouum 01
the list either."
After Commissioner Reynolds had
expressed his views, Mr. Rosenfield
took the floor and addressing Mr. Rud
gren said: "I have no fault to find with
Mr. Reynolds' statement, but 1 do ob
ject to the epithet liar, which Mr. Rud
gren has applied to me. No gentle
man would use such language. Pre
vious to this time I have always cher
ished the highest respect for Mr. Rud
gren, but I am free to confess that my
views have changed."
Immediately after the reading of
the resolutions by Mr. Connelly, var
ious citizens were heard from. Cap
tain W. A, Rosenfield was the first. He
claimed that the submitting of the
question to the people at the special
election was illegal and stated that if
there was to be a referendum on ev
ery public question, the commission
ers could be readily dispensed with.
Dr. Joseph De Silva dwelt upon the
importance of pure water to the city,
and claimed that whether or not the
matter was submitted to the people, j
to the people. He accused the com-j
missioners of attempting to shift the,
responsibility on the people, who were!
not as familiar with the proposition!
as the men at the head of the munici-l
the commission and felt sure the
people would stand back of such ac-J
tion. He made a plea for a continu-j
ance of the progress which has been!
made under L. I. Birdsall's regime and :
nlAallul that tho HipVl Btan.turH n-Vttfh !
had been attained should be main
EL H. Guyer said: "There Is no ques-j
tion but what the waterworks plant
needs a competent man at its head.
The commissioners were elected to
manage the city affairs in all details,
and the proposed referendum is a
thifting cf responsibility and a dodg
ing of the issue. I ask you to rescind
your action."
I. S. White said: 'The commission
Is competent to care for this proposi
tion but show a desire to shift re
sponsibility and not to perform the
duties for which you were elected. The
rich and poor man alike will benefit
by good water. It is just as reason
aide to expect that a referendum
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pie of this city be given the oppor
tunity to vote on the creation of this
new office. Not a part of the people
not 100 or 200 of the people, but the
whole people should have a chance
to be heard in the matter.
We have resolved to give them this
opportunity at a time when the sub
mission of the question will cost prac
tically nothing and less 'han 29 days
the people are not capable of deciding
what is for their own good? Is there
a body of men in this community who
are so wise, so powerful, and so far
seeing tha- they can determine for us
what the people shall be allowed to
vote upon and what they shall not be
allowed to vote upon. There are hun
dreds of men in the Rock Island Plow
shops and other large fac ories who,
by reason of their knowledge of me
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win ha nenrlerl tn cet thin vote I See
that Mr. McEniry does not like the' the ordinance In question as are you
referendum. That is a law that -he . ut
public has been asking for and It is rlM nave ou ' 8a that thes men
a part or tne commission law. air.
Jackson says that we are having too , 8aT they will be influenced by passion
many elections too much disorder and a,lu v'- " w
discontent. How many elec'ions have 'l " "
we had under the commission law? 'ney wl" 83 a"a "nprejuauci
We have had one on the liquor ques-j a any an here. Are not these men
t-on onH twn nn thn telenhonft matters.; whose labor has built Up this City and
No one can deny that i was proper
that thesa elections be held undur
the law as it now stands. Another
election has been made necessary by
whose labor maintains this city as fit
to vote on thls qu' s Ion as you or I?
I do not Ixlfeve the tii'i1 has come in
this or any other American community
a telephone company, a corporation w,"'n ,u,: "ory u)a- uie peopie at
which is seeking a franchise and by are unlit to vote will he tolera-
a majority vote of this council we have
As 'he attacks mndo upon us by Mr.
Rosenfield. .Mr. Guyer aixi others wh-
Recuse uk of playing petty politics ami
say that Mr. Kulgreu ami I are both
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decided to take advantage of the op
portunity to submit to the people a
question in the decision of which they
should have a voice. For this we have
been criticized by the members of the
organization present here today. It
has been said here that we are treating
the telephone company unfairly by
placing another question upon the bal
lot and hus obscuring the issue. The
telephone company is seeking a val
uable franchise from the people. If
their proposition is a good one for
Rock Island they have nothing to fear
from a large vote being brought out.
If, on the o her hand. It is bad, it
should be defeated and the fact that
they are to pay one-half of the expenses
of the election gives tuem no ngn. j Any abrasion of the s!.t:.. cut. boll,
to the exclusive use of the ballot. I blihtt-r. roli 01 or en tore not. is dau-
An attempt is being made by the . lft).
Fifty Thousand club o get ua to re- ; bhoulrl be treatc-.l pionaaiy vttii Vu-
lam, i he an i tic heailug rmedy.
1'oi.lanl readily Khows i tower to
kill germ life uy bIot'D'Uk ail itchinu
ana auinK trie trouble, to uiau;ear.
scind our action In submitting the wa
terworks ordinance to the people. I
am Informed through the press and
through other sources 'hat threats ; Poblani acts tn thia maimer iu any skia
have been made that those of us who "f. '!" ' ecvuia. acne.
: rait iiirum. i'jr u.m -,. fcj-: sveu-
year itch, barters' iv-h. aud e.'i.iiar dU-
are responsible for the action taken
will be recalled if we do not back
I consider that an at'empt to influ
ence the vote of a commissioner by
threat of a recall is as outrageous as
an attempt to influence his vo'e by a
bribe and is as dangerous to public
morals. What is the reason for this
menace, thia threat of a recall? Are
not "he people of this city fit to gov
ern themselves T Are yon- afraid that
earses. Minor anec-iion. such a tdm
pies raiihes, hives, etc.. are quickly
driven awav.
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