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County Charges Feasted. Thanks
giving day was cot unobserved by
Boott county, and yesterday over 100
wards of th various Institutions were
feasted at real Thanksgiving dinners.
At tbe county home the biggest feast
of the day featured. Instead of tur
key, which at the home is a rather
scarce article, chickens were served on
the fes'al board and enough were pro
Tided to supply the hearty appetites
of some 65 or 70 diners. At the coun
ty Jail arrangeniet.t8 had been made
for the feeding of 30 prisoners, and
there turkey was the piece de resist
ance. Fugitive Arrested. John A. Reed,
aged 45 years, who applied to tbe po
lice Wednesday night for lodging,
stepped Into the arms of ihe law and
before he was released yesterday be
had been arrested as a fugitive rrom
justice. Reed at first denied the charge
which was mail.', against him and in
sisted to Ueutenant Frank Lew that
he was not the man wanted at Gales
burs; for obtaining money from a bank
. In that city. Tbe evidence was clear
against him and be la'er admitted that
he was the man wanted. He said he
would be willing to go without requisi
tion papers.
Obituary Record. Word was receiv
ed Wednesday evening by Paul Anker
son of this city from Spokane, Wash.,
announcing the death of his mother,
Mrs. Helen Ankerson, who died sud
denly Wednesday morning at her home
In the latter city. Deceased was born
March 8, 1&44, in Hamburg, Germany,
coming to this country In 1&67, direct
to Scott county, where she resided un
til 104, leaving there for San Fran
cisco, Cal. Shortly after her arrival
In Scott county she was married to G.
P. Ankerson, who preceded her in
dea'h by two months. For 20 years
during her residence In this city she
was teacher of German at school No. 6.
The survivors are nine children, Alwln
Ankerson, Miss Hattle AnkerBon of
North Yakima, Wash.; Emll Ankerson
of Lacrosse, Wash.; Richard Anker
son f Newport, Wash.; Frank Anker
son, Miss Tlllie Ankerson, Mrs. Mar
tha Calrus of S;okane, Wash., Gustav
Ankerson of ML Vernon. X. Y.. and
1'aul Ankertiou of this city. The fu
neral services will be held from the
late both'', with in'ernient In the cem
etery In Sjukano.
Mrs. Temperance Carter, aged 75
jears, dl"d at 0:45 o'clock yesterday
morning at her home. 2712 Fair ave
nue, following a Bhort Illness. She was
born June 2. is:i7. In Waukon, Iowa,
where Fhe was tiiarrlfd, the husband
dylug 22 years ago. She had been a
renldetit of 'his city for the past 46
years, and is survived by four sons,
Henry, Prank, Joseph mid ,eroy Car
ter, null two daughters. Mil's Ida E.
Carter, at home, and Mli-s Hestie Car
ter of Sun Francisco, Cal. The fu
neral M rvioes were held at 2 o'clock
this afternoon from the lste home, wi h
luteriiieiit in Uakdale cetuiery.
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y'-'j3tsi" atV- :i
It -i .. ' i .. fi.,
Mr. and Mrs. Clauds Grshame-White.
"I have finished plans for a machine to fly across the Atlantic,'
contly declared Claude Grahame-White the English birdman.
"It will be a 1,000 horse power machine," he added, "with four engines
and six propellers. Each engine will be of 230 horsepower and they will
be so constructed as to reinforce eah other.
"If two break down, the other two will be there to complete the jour
ney. I believe we can make the trip from land to land in something be
tween 20 and 30 hours."
Mrs. Robert Thompson was called to
Pavenport Monday by the death of her,
frther, Benjamin Franklin Walker,
.ho died at his home at 11:30 Mon
day morning. Mr. Walker was a sol
der in the civil war, having enlisted
from here. His first wife was Miss
Eliott of Edgingion. To this union
tUree children were born, Frank Walk
er of Hettendorf, Mrs. Minnie Dunlan
Hit by Locomotive. Louis Babcock,
aged 21, is at Moline City hospital suf
fering of concussion of the brain caus
ed by being struck by a Rock Island
road engine Tuesday afternoon about
6 o'clock. The accident occurred at
Twelfth street and Railroad avenue.
While on the w ay to the hospital with
the injured man, the city ambulance
broke down and the L. S. McCabe de
livery truck of Rock Island was press'
ed into service to complete the jour
ney. An examination showed that no
bones were broken but that the injur
ed man had sustained a severe blow
over the right ear.
Held for Larceny. James Whitte
more, who came here 10 days ago with
J. Landis from Iowa and who roomed
with Landis in the Interurban hotel,
is held by Moline police on a larceny
count preferred by Landis. It is al
leged that Whittemore stole $15 from
Landis while he slept Tuesday after
noon. Whittemore denies the charge.
Two Men Injured. H. Vynek, aged
16 years and residing on Fourteenth
street, Moline, fell while climbing in
to the scrap bin in the Marseilles
plant, East Moline, at 11:30 yesterday
morning, breaking both bones of his
left forearm TJa w-aa
line and attended by Dr. A. H. Arp.
Mike Pappas. 25 years old, fell in
the Deere steel shed late Wednesday
afternoon and broke his left arm be
tween the shoulder and elbow.
Man Found Unconscious. Charles
Stevens was found lying on the right-of-way
of the Rock Island road in East
Moline Wednesday, unconscious from
an injury Inflicted when he fell in a
ditch. Stevens arrived Monday even
ing from Iowa City, en route t0 Wis-
He fell In a ditch, broke his
Thursday for LeRoy to visit at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Guy Waite. ! consin.
Misses Mable Friestat and Josephine left forearm, managed to climb out of
Slrohmeier of Rock Island 6pent Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Strohmeier.
Mrs. Charles Huntley entertained
la?t Tuesday at a party in honor of
the 15th birthday anniversary of her
daughter, MIrs Lola. Fourteen of her
schoolmates, who were present, spent
t:ie evening playirg games and at 11
o'clock Mrs. Huntley served a lunch.
Lola received a number of pretty and
useful presents as tokens of remem-
of California, and Mrs. Addle Thomp-; brance from her schoolmates and other
son of this place.
The ladies made $S2 at the fair and
supper held last Wednesday evening.
The money will be used for improve
ments at the cemetery.
Miss Annie Burkett was visiting rel
atives in Eliza from Saturday till Mon
day. Ed S pros torn and Charles Huntley
were in Rock Island Saturday.
Henry Hass, who has been quite
s'ck, is again able to be out.
Lou Cole of Halkirk, Alberta. Can..
came last week to spend the winter
Mrs. Charles Burgoyne left last
Eetter Than Castor Oil.
A real, pleasurable, tasteless physic,
tonic and purifler is Blackburn's Cas
ca iroyal I'jUs. Each 10c or 25c pack
ago is guaranteed to satisfy and
plense. All good drug stores sell
them. Try them tonight. (Advertise-;
the hole, and while walking along the
railroad tracks fell unconscious. He
laid there for seven hours and work
men found him
Obituary Record. Mrs. Alfred Gor
anson died at 1 o'clock Wednesday
morning in the family home, 2623
Sixth avenue, after an illness of 11
weeks of kidney trouble. She was
born in Sweden Nov. 24, 1859, and
came to America in 1881.. She resided
in Swedona for two years and then
came to Moline. Her home had been in
thip city since that time. Beside her
husband, Mrs. Goranson leaves a
daughter. Alma, and three sons, Reu
ben, Albin and Wallace.
"Beer acted upon by light soon takes up the very
disagreeable so-called "light taste," and also a
repulsive skunk-like odor. Beer so affected is
offensive to the palate of most consumers. Beer
should not be exposed to light, especially to direct
sunlight, as it will thereby be detrimentally affected,
the light having an influence upon the albuminoids
in beer, causes the beer to become hazy."
Extract from "The Berr Bottlers Handy Boot," by Philip Dreesbscn,
Bottling Expert and Instructor in the Wahl-Heniui Institute of Fer
mentology. The Brown Bottle is not a fad. Its use by Schlitz
Hs based on scientific principles.
The first Schlitz was brewed in a hut, over sixty
3Tears ago. Now our agencies dot the earth. Our
output exceeds a million barrels a year.
Why don't you make Schlitz your regular beer? It's pure beer.
Phone West 14
Carse & Ohlweiler Co,
425-431 Eleventh St.
Rock Island
See that crown tr tort
ii branded ' ' Schlitz. ' '
Lame back comes on suddenly and
s extrt-ruei.' painfui. it i caused by
rheumatism of the muscles. ' Quick re
'ief I? afforded by applying Chamber
lain's liniment Sold by all druggists.
Why Sniffer
11 )
1 1 p-1 1 1 'x. r r" 1 n mi 1
and feel good for nothing. Surely you are not willing to endure
the headache, the backache, the lassitude, the nervousness,
the general sense of misery from which women are so apt to
suffer at times. There is a far better thing to do.
Thousands and thousands of now stronger and happier
women remember Beecham's Pills
Q ll nTl n. anc the help they
have found in their
use, with gratitude. If
you wish to be health
ier try a
few doses
of this
You will be astonished
J:r 1:
1 1 r f i uic uiuciciiLc 111 juur iccmigg,
I ll your spirits and your looks.
Your digestive organs will be
strengthened, your liver stimulated,
your bowels regulated.
With these organs in good order, and with impurities
removed from your system, all your bodily functions will be
performed naturally, without suffering.
You will have purer, richer blood, brighter eyes, clearer
complexion. You will know what it is to be cheerful and
what this means to yourself and those about you after you have
secured the tonic effectjof the valuable and reliable Beecham's
Pills. You will know how genuine these true friends are which
Make Women Healthier
At all druggist, 10c, 25c
Directions of tptciai valui to women rt with ivory box "The Largest Sale of Any Medicine in the World"
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jackson of Dav
enport were callers in Watertown the
fore part of the week.
Marion Walker has purchased the
property of Frank Lovey on Fourth
avenue and First street, paying $2,900
for it.
II. E. Biggs left Monday for a
i:ionth's vacation among relatives in
Virginia and Ohio.
H. S. Rose nas returned home after
an absence of several months traveT
lrg through the northwestern states
and Canada.
State's Attorney F. E. Thompson
took dinner at the T. J. Schafer home
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dick e Geneseo
and Joseph Ellingsworth and son,
James, visited at the home ot Dr. El
lingsworth Thursday.
Mrs. William Wilson is entertaining
her sinter. Miss Jackson, from the
southern part of the state.
Mrs. Christ Pillat is visiting friends
in Clinton, Iowa.
George Allsbrou, who is HI, Is some
what improved, but is still unable to 1
attend to business mat'ers.
Mrs. W. I. Taze of Er.st Moline and
Mrs. Fair jointly entertained al 1
o'clock dinner, Friday. Mrs. William
Driggs and Mrs. S. P. Cosner of Water
town were guests there.
Mrs. Orville Alexander was hostess
Friday afternoon to the Clover Leaf
Cinch club.
Frank Sherbine is taking a week's
vacation from the hospital and is vis
iting among relatives at Colchester.
Otto Peterson and family were Sun
day visitors with the latter's parents
at Port Byron.
1X1 0T
That Made Mi
waukee R
Hi i
mm I
Ifiiillliif R
40 IM
of If ndon, accompanied by little Mil
dred Peterson, were visitors in D:ive:i
pi rt Tuesday with Mrs. I'red Willey.
Mrs. Thompsou and Martha Odell
veok with her son's family here.
Mr. and Mrs. Gill and daughters,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sovey and daugh
ter. Maud, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen
left Tuesday for Sioux City, Iowa, to ! Sovey spent Sunday in Moline with
tae family of Mr. and Mrs. Godcard.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Vogler entertained
at dinner Sunday the following friends
and relatives, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Ans
l.rook and daughter, Goethel, Mr. and
Iv'rs. Waltei C'oates and baby, Mrs.
Primmer and daughter, the latter two
of Moline, sister anil nteCo of Mrs.
soend Thanksgiving with Thomas
Thompson and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wake of Zuma
were visitors at Mrs. II. Allen's homo
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Booth entertained
lelatives from Chicago over Sunday.
Mrs. O. Arenschield was a visitor
with her daughter, Mrs. Abraham, in
Moline, the first of the week.
Mrs. William Bishop, Sr., of Port
Byron, spent two or three days this
All tbe
news ail tho time. Ths
frlako your cut glass
sparkle with
Soap leaves a greasy film
on glass, which is hard to re
move; the following method of
washing will, however, make
glass crystal clear :
Take a wooden tub, or pad
the metal sink with soiled
glass-linen fowls, or any soft
Dave Shafer and family of Osborne j piece 01 Cotton. Wash the
glass m warm suds, made by
dissolving a teaspoonful of
Gold Dust washing powder in
a pan of hot water: use a soft
spending a few days visiting brush to clean surface, then
spent Sunday with Mrs. Sehafer's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Allsbrow.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kitchen enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. D. Hobbs and son
of Moline Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed McFadden of Chi
cago are
tteir cousin, Mrs. D. V. Allsbrow and
Mrs. William Filbert, Sr.
Miss Rilla Filbert and Will Seams,
both of Zuma, spent Sunday at William
Filbert's home.
three children of Moline were visitors j use a Camel's hair brush to pol
with the family of II. Cosner Sunday.
Mrs. Louis Taylor and mother, Mrs.
Coder, and Mrs. A. Hostetler were
vititing old friends at Zuma the lat
ter part of the week.
EverettjCosner and father, II. Cos
ter, accompanied by F. Gustafson,
cide a trip to Hillsdale by auto Sun
day afternoon.
The bakery sale of last Saturday
at Pearsall's store netted the ladles
otr til.
Mrs. John Wise and Mrs. C Nelson
A Fin Sans of Fesling.
One of two darkies who run a boot
black "parlor" in partnership was brag
ging of bis -well developed sense of
touch, particularly in the matter of
money. He boasted that be could tell
the denomination of any United Stats
coin merely by feeling It. His partner
wearied of these boasts and came back
with this:
"Your sense o' feellu' ain't nothln' to
my friend Marcus. Him and oie used
to work on the Pullman down through
Kansas. Marcus had been on this route
for about ten years. One nlgbt when
we was both a-sleepin', long around
mldnlcht, I wakes up and I shakes Mar
cus and I says. 'Marcus, where are we?"
And Marcus Jest rolls over and sticks
bis hand out the window and he says,
We're goln' through Oswego. "Ev
Sorrows of ATutfiormhip.
"Paradise Lost" brought Milton only
a paltry 5 about f25 of our money.
Hawthorne for twenty years con
tinned to be, to use bis own words,
"the obscurest man of letter In
America." "There U not much market
for my wares," be said at another
Thorean Is an interesting example.
rinse in water of the same I a thousand copies of bis "a Week on
After the glass has been
the Concord and Merrtmac Uivers"
were printed, but very few of these
were sold, and a considerable number
carefully dried on glass linen, Mer 1ven wa' b the uthor- The
were stored In bis attic, ne grimly
olrserved. "I have now a library of
0CO volumes, the greater portion of
which I ruyself have written." New
fork PreM.
:a 1
"V ul TkeGcU Dui Twins
surface. rOetKrViWryBriiktx
Cold Dust is
old in 6C size
ndlarge pack
ages. Tbe Urge
package means
greater economy.
"Let the COLD DUST TWINS jwor Bork"
When a cold becomes settled In the
system, it will take several days' treat
ment to cure it, and the best remedy
to use la CI amberlain's Cough Rem
edy. It will cure quicker than any
other, and also leaves the system in a
natural and Le&Uhy condition. Sold by
druggists. (Advertisement).
concerning your
health, remfmher
you will lave
money and
appointment If
you Kt liio litit
treatment :iit.
With our l;iri;u
ex perlence w
practice no
work, but p u t
you right on l'it
bent treat nn tit to
effect the qulr-k-ettt
euro. Il
br, ciur c l:at K' -'
ftr a --lire arj
the lort. Kt of any
fXp' i t .crl;il',t.
If you ai- uiisiif' e-4Hfijlljr treated by
other dot t(rH. C't.-hu to us and get
tae right trt:i'mht at once!
Cooi for Hufiurr, arlcoa Fa.
InrKrinrsu, luottt-il iua, ftoreii,
1'Bluful nri!!un, Vfrluiia-
tte lluekut'lie, ll hrHu.tUoi,
lrrb, MointK h mill Hurl I raalilra,
Kldarr nuil HUiilil'T lllwuwa, Miln
aatl llluod lJl.-n-, I kIIIok Hair,
i'.riiptioua mu liiil, t.lu.
If you hii V! ah '.!il oae that has
been l.aiiK'iiK on fur werka or muiitiu
art'l whiih iai-i 1 I ji froi;i doctor
an'l drKi?i(.-! .111 t '-m to cure up
right. th--r,- 1 ao:rie rt;i.on. We have
a Kr lentifiij cure f'.r thtai oanei ami
will cure yu rlv.nt. quickly and
cheaply. Iin't lit clironlc dla:ae
iiraif you dov.ii arn u-akt;ii your vi
tality or wreck your manhood.
qulrkly restored. I'O you feel you
are not tae u.v.u you uunr.t to be, or
u-ftd to be? Are .u weak, la roe In
the Lark, worried, i-.-ist down? We
can cure you an wi.l make you a
man tt,al.i. Wc euro, secretly and
Cll I"-' a Si ret.
Open only on
Wclnesday af
tcrr.oou aiid tv-e..ti-.a;.
I to t;
Friday eve., 7 t j
. and H u inlay
rnorninK. ito 12.
On oti.tr day,
call at Iiivtn-port.
4tb and Ilrajy
M rreia,
l. tiM'OKT.
Hours Evry
day, J a. in. to
f p. m. Tii -day
and Ba'ur
diiy evenli;,
7 to 5. CloTd
on Wedijemiy
a!te:;.ooa a:.d

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