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Eock Island High School Team
Loses Thanksgiving Day
Contest 20 to 16.
Heavier Opponents Swept Off Their
Feet Toward Close of Congest
at Macomb.
Outweighed and on a, foreign Held,
"hut fax from being outplayed, the
Rock Island high school football team
aded I s 1912 Beacon at Macomb, IIL.
yesterday with the short end of a 20
to 1C score. The game was one full
of thrills and the playing of the Rock
Islanders was brilliant at all stages
of ths fame. The opponents, the West
ern Illinois State Normal school, three
4lm crossed the Rock Island team's
goal. 'rh time after a series of line
mashes and end runt In which the
weigLt aided materially in advancing
the bail. The Islanders secured two
touchdows, ie goal kick, and a field
grail, Glass making the latter and Klpp
and Tr'mann the touchdowns.
Wbls'.er. Tremann, Sexton and Klpp
were tin? sar Islanders, although the
' r-main'!-r of the team did a full share
cf the work. IeTt tackle Trego and
Fullback Garrison of the Macomb Nor-mallff-s
did the irteliar work for their
noiim w.rri:t m-h kiht.
Maco-n'i kicked ofT to Hock .Island
at the s'trt of thp fame. The visitors
soon ! pos.- sf ion of tfc bail and
.Macomb at cr.cc beg.-m a march to
goal tl.rrr-gh 'he Islanders' line. Har
rison l;t.u!:y piowiig over fcr the UrtJW
The hirb school players from Rock
Island came ru-ht back at their heavier
cpp'inei.ts ain! a succession (jf rapid
ly executed pluys trn.k -h- ball in'o
the Kha : a (,f ti,,. Macouib goal. Cap
tain TiMi.'U'ri wan railed upon by
Qia: 1 1 .fn lirjiiKii to carry the bi II
N-:4wl v Ur-Vv mv f
ft IN l vJl
!' ; ZZZ : 1 ;-
..... 1 IS
Vany Feopl- Die of Acute Indigestion I V1!'"t
fr.en MI ONA Would R-irl 'aetjer
over, and the captain made good.
Willet kicked goal and the score was
In the second period, Macomb once
more pierced the Rock Island line for
gains sufficient to make a touchdown.
Garrison again going over. Try at goal
failed. In the third quarter, the third
and the last of the Macomb touch
downs was made, the same line smash
ing tactics being pursued with success.
With the score 20 to 7 against them,
the IslanderB took a brace that more
than frightened their opponents. Glass
booted a goal from the field for three
points, making the score 10 to 20, and
In the fourth quarter, which was all
Rock Island's, Kipp made a touch
down, which brought the torsi tip to-16.
The fame end-d with Rock Island fight
jlnp luid to overcome 'ho lead secured
-"- j Ly th'!r opponents t-arlier in the game.
Following is the lineup and summary:
. le Wilson
. .!t Trego
. Ig.SimonsoncCapt.)
c Gill
. rg . Cravens. Moore
rt Wa son
. re W. Watson
. i Plack(Mgr.)
lhb Stevens
rhb . lirough
fb Garrison
Sumr::ary : Touchdowns Tremann,
KJpp. Garrison 2). Watson. Goals
frc in fiel'! fila.ss. Goal kicks Rrough
i2, Wiibt. Referee Bridge, Gales
l.'niLire Adams. Mollne. Head lines-
Davenport Wins Thanksgiving
Day Game at Browning Field
by Score of 13 to 6.
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I Tn mann (Capt.)
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lewans Outguess Coach Burroughs'
Men Who Pass Up Golden
Opportunities to Win.
Davenport high school 13, Moline
high school 6, is the way the score
read yesterday afternoon at the close
of the annual Turkey day clash be
tween the rival schools at Browning
field, Moline. Davenport won the vic
tory by outguessing Moline and tak
ing advantage of Moline's weakness.
At that the contest was a pretty even
one, though i- found Moline on the
defensive and in its own territory
much of the time. Moline scored first
fkhen Stowe, the sensational half back
c'rcled Davenport's left end foe a 25
yard run to the goal line, in the same
quarter, the first, Davenport niada its
first touchdown, Feeney, left guard,
picking up a blocked punt and carry
inc it across the line 2U-vards awnv
man ierman, uaiesnurg. lime or i Th r,h ! .. ,.
I-tr ;.;gh
G lea son, Kipp . .
'1'iartera 13 minutes.
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out them, for
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ing that acme
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h -art and
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very life
LETS with;
you al the! Dubu'jue, Iowa, Nov. 29. St. Am
ti:r.e. Don't broso eullege of Davenport and St.
Joseph of Dubuaue fought to a tie In
their first football clash here yester
day. The seore was 7 to 7. An inter
cepted forward pass in the first quar
ter gave St. Joi-eph their touchdown
while St. Ambrose scored a touchdown
i ir. the tecond on a nicely executed
j forward pats from a place kick forma
; tion. In the third quarter, St. Am
brose loit an opportunity to win when
an end of the Davenport team fumbled
, a forward pass which he had received
over th. goal line. He was tackled
hard and dropped the ball.
quarter when Right Half Hanson of
Davenport smashed through Moline's
line for another touchdown.
Coach Nixon of Davenport outguess'
ed Coach Burroughs of Moline. Thu !
Davenport team confined its attack ta I
Moline's line which has been thought I
weak all year. The gains were short !
but constant. Not a single end run ,
of consequence or an attempt at for- ;
I ward passing broke up the Davenport
program. It was smash, smash, smash.
Moline was unable to stop it.
Moline, as usual, put its faith in the
wide end runs of its justly famed
backfield, but. here is where Coach
Nixon outguessed the Moliners. He
pulled up his secondary defense, put
ting the two backs on the line of
scrimmage and except, for a few times,
effectually prevented long end runs. !
All the
news ail the time
George Brlckley
Boston, Mass... Nov. 29. The high
school football championship of the
I nited S ates is to be decided in Bos
ton tomorrow. The Everett high
m hool team of this city is regarded as
the best In the east; in the west the
Ouk Park high school football eleven
has not lost a game In three years and
is recognized as superior to any other
high school team in that amnion of the
country. The two elevens will meet
here in Boston.
r-A. .... v 7-4
New Title King Born When, in
Sixteenth Round, Nelson's
Conqueror Hits Low.
Californian Undergoes Terrific Beat
ing Rivera Gets Decision
Over Mandot.
The game should be a thriller, for the ' who plays in the backfield.
Moline persisted in this style of play teams are evenly matched and contain
although frequently thrown for losses.
Although the changing of the defen
sive plan, left the Davenport team In
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some of he best young players in
America. It is expected that at least
15.00') persons will witness the contest.
The mcs1 brilliant player on tne Bos-
brother of Charley Brlckley
He is a ; height and weighs 176 pounds.
of Har- l'robably the second best player on
vard, and by many is regarded as an the Boston eleven is Halfback "Puck
even more brilliant player than the
man whose playing was the most sc n
sational feature of the Harvarl' Ya!?
game last Saturday. Young Bi it kley
ton team is Captain George Brbkley, j Is 18 years of age, 5 feet 8 Inches in
Sweetland. His sensational worl- las
been a fea'ure of all the games in
which he has played this year. He Is
IS years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, and
weighs 1C5 pounds.
bad shape to prevent forward passes.
Moline did not resort to these until
the last few minutes of play and
when they Anally came to, they forced
the secondary defense back and rap
idly carried the ball down the Held.
Had they made use of the forward
pass earlier in the game, they might
have won as they had the faster team
beyond question. As it was. they play
ed blindly Into 'he hands of tire ene
my. Bin mown at fiei.i.
A crowd of fully 3,000 people gather
ed at Browning park to witness the
game and there was the usual excite
ment and rooting which marks a
Thanksgiving day game between rival
cities. A few squabbles occurred and
some of the hot headed partisans ex
changed blows at stated intervals, but
on the whole the game was orderly.
On the way In, however, a group of
Moliners in front of a cigar store on
Fifteen h street, hurled a brick at a
PASbir.g car in which Davenport roof
ers were supposed to be. One of the
passengers was smirk in the head and
injured whereupon those on the car
alighted and in a few minutes, eum
mary punishment had been dealt out
to the Moliners. It is presumed tha
a member of the Moline board of
education will now cause a severance
of athle"ic relations with Davenport,
there being about'the same provoca
tion as existed last year when Moline
Eevered with Rock Island.
! man-DeForrest and company appeared
in what seems to be the funniest act
really funny and do not tire the audi
ence with the customary slap-stick
in vaudeville, "A Jay Circus." To sit: t'umor. r.ven the pictures at the last
down and attempt, to describe the bur-; half week show are good. To miss the
lesque sketch is impossible. There is performance is inexcusable. See "The
so much to it and the angles are soiJy Circus" above all things,
numerous and varied that the beheldtr "
finds himself hanging onto his sides j AT THE MAJESTIC.
for fear they will collapse with the
nierrirnent that pervades him. Not
this season or in many seasons patt
has the audience in a local theatre
laughed so heartily and continuously.
It grew from a few snickers to a gen
eral laugh; from a laugh it proceeded
to a roar and from that to a regular
cyclone of mirth until it seemed as
j Roger's "Troublesome Kids," a
! school scene act, was the chief laugb-
maker for the tig a'udienct-s a', the Ma-
jestic yesterday. There are seven peo
, pie, thr 'e buys, three girls and the
;tfcaher. It's a nonsensical affair
j throughout, but it is amusing, and
amusement is what you go after when
though every bit of the great auditor-! u'' a11"'1' auuewi:e penormance.
Sum was filled with a shouting, laugh-! There are three other splendid acts
ing audience. The crowd was a rec- a strong sketch, a singer and a pair
ord one and the "Jay Circus" set an- I,la"'nK neatly on various musical in
other record for continuous laughter. ! f trtim'Jits rounding out one of the
They laughed as they left the theatre ! ni'"ti,t 1,1116 'el ",!t;n a th oz'
and many of them are still laughing I Kishteenth strc-t theatr. This pro
todav. Anv honest crit;c would aa-itran' remains through Sunday.
vise people to see this act if they
would enjoy a real laugh. You cannot
San Francisco, Nov. 29. Ad Wol
gast's substitute of a year ago won
the highest honor In the lightweight
division yesterday when he defeated
the champion In the 16th of a sched
uled 20-round battle. Willie Ritchie
of San Francisco is the world's best
133-pound pugilist.
Referee Jim Griffin awarded the
lightweight crown to Ritchie after
Wolgast, groggy from a terrific right
cross to the jaw, had fouled the pre
tender twice. The champion had
been sent to the floor by the impact of
the blow and waa tottering about tho
ring almost helpless, with Ritchie lit
tle the better from the beating, which
he had assimilated, attempting to put
over the finishing punch.
Never has a championship battle
been more bitterly contested. Never
has there been so much fighting in
jected into so iittle time. Never have
two men more evenly matched been
seen in such a battering, hammering
and flogging match.
From the tap of the first gong until
Referee Griffin held up Ritchie's hand
la the 16th round to proclaim him light
weight champion, there was fight,
with light quantities of blood spilt.
Ritchie presented a sorry appearance
as he smiled a thanks to the cheering
mob, who eagerly congratulated the
first native son to win the title. His
eye was closed and he was bleeding
from the mouth and nose, but bis
hurts bothered him none, for he was
the victor.
Wolgast did not show the batter
ing so much as Ritchie, but be had a
dejected bang-dog look and his mouth
twitched as if he were suffering pain.
The effects of that finishing right
cross was clearly presentable, and it
is doubtful If Wolgast could have con
tinued had Griffin not. stepped in when
the foul blows were delivered.
I'ntll the decision was awarded to
Ritchie Wolgast had a clear shade.
He had weathered the right hook and
ciosB of his opponent and was Infllct-
I ing considerable punishment with
short jabs. In the eighth and ninth
round Ritchie was almost out, so fierce
(Continued on Fage E.lKht.1
help it. To sit and watch this skii is
to enjoy the best 20 minutes you can !
possibly put in. The remainder of;
the bill Is not sacrificed either, for
Manager Dolly has such a standard
act as Johnny Small and the Snuil
Sisters who have a dainty danc ine
specialty that winds up in a strong bit
New York, Nov. Miss Blanche
I'j'on Bates, actress, and George Creel,
police commissioner of Denver, were
marriod yesterday at Miss Bates'
country home ia Newcastle, a suburb.
The ceremony was attended by a num
ber of authors and actors from all
parts of the country. Judge Ben B.
im i nil n ii i . . 11 " ii '' wmummmy
..... ."'."I"..'.."""' "' "" , j ."iL
j or cornea y. mere is mucn to recom-; Lmdsey of Denver was an usher. In
mend these three clean, capable per- j the evening there was a reception and
i formers and if the auditor enjoys i ta-ruiuet '
pretty dancing of the soft shoe I i
variety, this is the act. to watch. H len j Many scnool cnilcirtu suffer from j
Hardy in impersonations or famous constipation,, which is often tLe cause '
persons Is intensely in-erestine as shejCf seeming stupidity at lessons. Cham-;
depicts scenes from the lives of his-1 1 trlain's Stomach and Liber tablets I
re an Ideal medicine to give a child !
tc-ric personages. Bobby Robbies
is a good character comedian who
commands attention with his cleverly
j A perfect riot of laughter swept the executed impersona?-5ons. Gorinley
jtuiCtxa theatre last nisht when Sher-land Gormley axe acrobats who are
for they are mild and gentle in their
effect and will cure even chronic con
Etipation. Sold by all druggists.
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That Great Act
A Jay Circus
4 Other Orpheum Acts
.Arm' i iii

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