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TUESDAY. J AN UAH V .7. 1913.
George H. Hun- j
Wenger, Rock 1
Succeeds Mrs. W. C. Bennett,
President of Home for 10
i toon, Moline.
j Attorney, George C
; Island.
I The attendance was not what it
J would have been without the snow j
Ftorm, but more than a quorum of lad- j The annua, n Qf r char,es
iei and gentlemen were at band, and !
jthe showing made by every branch of ; Keller, corps of engineers, L. S. A.,
the work more thai! made up for any in charge of the rivers add harbors
' lack or numbers. For example: The j in the Rock "island district of the Mis
; house committee has above $500 in the , g.g8i , river ha(j made j
ibank; the Bethany Home Sewing bo- ;
ciety reports $107.11 on hand: the edu- ance from the government printing
catlonal committee has $05.77; the j office at Washington. It is in the form
Ftports From Various Phases of Work
Show Prosperous Condition of
The Irieods of Bethany home met
List night at the New Harper and lis
tened to the reports of the last month's
vork, and then took up reports of the
v rk for the whole past year; elect
ed directors and officers, and discuss
ed matters of general interest to the
The president, Mrs. W. C. Bennett
minded out a full lo years at the head
o the institution, its most prosperous
t. id useful years. It is due to her rare
Qualities of leadership that
tteasurer reported disbursements of
$5,474.06, and receipts of $8,089.93 for
the year 1912. In a certain sense, ho
eer, the financial success is the least
of it all; the fact that 5 homeless
children were taken in and given a
chance to live, to grow, to study, to
lay the foundation for future useful
ness under such auspices as Bethany
home affords, is really the thing which
makes every worker proud of the part
he or she has had in the work.
Ml Kl'KM OF Kin M"Y.
No figures can be given, but it would
be interesting to know how many dif
ferent persons of this county contrib
ute to this charity. The annual steam
boat excursion, the annual tag day,
the music-drama "Ahasuerus," the cof
fees and other functions of the stand-
Bethany 1 in committees, the Thanksgiving of-
v, ., ... .. tarings or me pumic bcuooi muuicu,
heme holds the place it does in the es-1 ' fi .. . . v , .. ,
(the contnbutivis of big-hrarted men
ligation of the general public. A year j of the Iraternal societies and te
auc she served notice that with the ! .unnph.thvpsr donations of food.
close of her tenth year she would with
draw from the office of the presidency.
Bi d so last night she gave a beautiful
rc;;ort of her work; warned the board
of a booklet which contains 48 pages
of information regarding the enor
mous amount of work done on various
improvements throughout the district.
Everything is told in detail so that
it covers everything done by Major
Keller's engineers, working crews and
boats during the entire year.
City Chat
clothing and other necessaries of in-
dhiduals all these together are the
bone and sinew of the life of the in
stitution and the taking away of any
of the danger of over confidence when i sniri m.nn that the board
All seems to be running successfully, . of dirPCtor8 WOuld of necessity have to
aiit requrswd that she be not again make up the deficiency from other
reflected, a request which was regret- j grc,,. a more detailed account of
fully observed by the board, for Mrs. :4ht, worjf wm De found in th year
H.'t.nett has continued to the last to book of the Institution where all re
be a leader, looking after every phase j rfg are Klven Terbatim.
o. tne work. Sstie continues however, a-., frii.ntinn nf relief eiven bv
' tb home Is shown by the following
i extract from the matrons annual re-
to be a member of the board and while
the weight of the responsibility will
b off her shoulders she will still lab
or faithfully wITh her devoted asso
ciates. officers CHOSE.
The following were elected to three
year terms as directors: Mesdames
A. Mosenfelder, M. L. Henderson, G.
A. Stephens, E. F. Bartholomew, M
K. Metgar, Fred Kann and Messrs. C.
E. White, Thomas Cumpbell, J ii. Hau
bng and L. O. Jahns. Mrs. K. T. And
erson was elected for two years to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of
Mrs. Mary I,. Sudlow and, Xrs L. M.
Copp was elected to a one year term
to fill the vacancy caused by the res
ignation of Mrs. W. H. Gest.
Afier the adjournment of the asso
ciation the board had a meeting and
'.cted officers as follows:
President, Mrs. M. R. Metzgar of
Moll iv.
First Vice President, Mrs. K. T. And
erson, Hock Island.
Second Vice President, George W.
Gamble, Moline.
Secretary, John M. Hauberg, Rock
port :
Children recTved from the follow
itg places: Moline, 24; Rock Island,)
20; Coal Valley. 4; Cordova, 2; Car-!
bon Cliff. 1, and Taylor Ridge, 2. j
Tenty-Bix were placed In homes dur-1
ing the year, 36 were returned to their
parents, 37 are at the home at present.
There were but three caseB of fcTck
r.ess last vear and these were lotted
after by T)rs. Bradford and Come'fts.
I Ostrom treated the eyes of several
of the children, while Dr. L. G. Al
b'ight did dental work which was very
much appreciated, all these profession
al men giving their services without
cost to anyone but themselves.
The busiest and mightiest little
f Advrt!emeni ) )
Fiebig sharpens Bkates.
Buy a home of Reldy Bros.
Fire insurance. Dolly Bros.
For express, call William Trefz.
Tri-City Towel Supply company.
Have your skates sharpened at Fie
big's, 1619 Third avenue.
Kerler Rug company for vacuum
cleaning and rug-making.
We repair all makes of grapho
phones, Charles Fiebig, 1619 Third ave
nue. Our B. B. serge at $33 Is the best
value ever offered. J. B. Zlmmer's
Flash lights and electrical novel
ties. Charles Fiebig, 1619 Third
Six per cent farm mortgages. Litten
Roberts, People's National bank
Remember that Ralph Stanton has
everything to make your friends, who
smoke, happy.
Don't forget the Regulars' big
dance at Industrial hall, Wednesday
night, Jan. 8.
Coal, coal, coal. The Rock Island
Fuel company will deliver to you all
the best grades of hard and soft coa.
Sewing machines repaired and war
ranted for one year. Supplies for all
machines Fiebig, locksmith, 1619 Third !
Ward & McMahoa will give you ;
estimates on your plumbing, steam i
and hot water heating that will bave
you money.
Dunsmore & O'Connell smoke house
and billiard parlors, corner of Twen
tieth street and Fourth avenue. Every
thing that ever was made is Chamber-1. j ,. j .
. . v.? w j i i., - brand of good cigars and all kindti of
lain s Stomach and Liver Tablets. !,,. ,f
They do the work whenever you re
quire their aid. These tablets change
weakness into strength, listlessness
in'o energy, gloominess into joyous
ness. Their action is so gentle one
don t realize they have taken a pur
gative. Sold by all druggists. (Adv.)
2nd Aye., Rock Island
The M. & K.
Reducing Pencil in
the Shoe Dept.
M. & K. shoes look right, feel right and wear
right; they're high quRlity footwear hundreds of
people found this out. Our shoes are worth every
penny we ask for them in regular season. They're
wonderful values now.
Your choice of 294 pairs of la
dies' shoes, $3, $3.50, $4 and
$4.50 values, choice
Mostly small sizes and nar
row widths. Many styles to
choose from.
Ladies' and misses'
regular 75c quality,
Our Regular Lines of Shoes
for Women and Men at these Price:
yS. $2 50 shoes are ,
$2 50 shoes are
now reduced to
13.00 shoes are
now reduced to
Mueller Lumber company will en
e.b'.e you to build a fine houue or barn
out of the choicest select lumber ana
you will be surprised and yet pleased
to learn the low prices they are mak
ing. Souders Laundering company at 501
503 Twelfth street. This laundry if
equipped with the very latest modern
machinery, turning out work that is
j not surpassed by any laundry in the
i state.
Kain & Reinhardt cigar store still
takes the lead. Most liberally patron
ized. Everything in tobacco, cigars
and smokers' supplies. Man is never
better satisfied than when smoking
theiv choice brands.
1. S. O'Hara, flour and feed store,
is having a big trade on stock and
poultry food. Dr. Hess' stock food
for horses, cattle, hogs, sheep anu
all kind sof poultry. It makes the
hens lay every day.
The Rock Island Lumber and Manu
facturing company, lumber and build
ing material for all purposes, houses,
barns, granaries. We will give you an
opportunity to save a big per cent. Let
us be of service to you.
Math's banery and confectlonery
siore, the finest in the iri-cities.
Bread, cakes, pies, cookies and not
rolls. They can't be beat. Most peo
ple say they are superior to any home
baking. Let them serve you.
We are the leauers tor up-to-date
laundry work. Each thirt finished
I by hand and put up in a carton, lnsur-
ing work. Delivered to you in good
I condition. We guarantee no cracked
i collars or cuffs. City Steam laundry.
Reid & Bollman, 417 seventeenth
E. E. Lamp, plumbing, steam and
hot water heating, gas fitting. His
efficient knowledge of the business
Justly entitle him to your patronage.
His shop has ail modern equipments
Everything in plumbing supplies.
M. R. Iglehart, marble and granite
works, save you the middleman's prof
its. From 15 to 25 per cent saved on
every monument and all kin Is of mon
umental work. Call at our shop on
Second avenue and see for yourself.
Improving sight, that's what our
glasses are doing. If you have reason
to believe that there is anything
wrong with your eyes at all, you
stculd have them examined by Fred
1 ff MIHMMtt,MMMillUldttllMMMH4tlii
Sj January
; s j v 'jsvy t;5
f Men's Suits and Overcoats I fffWvS. Wl J fY
I duic onus aim uvercoais, :jr A ' vr-- w t 'V-J ns JrT- V r 1
t1' Sold on easy payments, $1 a IfS? ""eScA itj S'W ' fXf
H 11-00 A WEEK & sp
i. j Pay as you get paid. lrtJ
1 Open Saturdays until 9 -.
J h
nventory sale
Clothing and Furniture
Free! Absolutely Free!
Come in and let us explain to you how we do it. We
have had many inquiries for these valuable little gold
coins of $2.50 denominations, but which have been with
drawn from general circulation and on account of which an
added value as a souvenir Is now placf-d upon them and
to give all an opportunity to possess one of these we
have taken up the matter with our local bank, who on
our behalf has secured for us a number of these valuable
little coin3, which e Intend to give away.
Absolutely Free!
to each customer vho purchases goods to the value of
$10 or more. Remember that this is to any customer
who purchases Ten Dollars worth or more
Cash or Credit
Ono coin to each customer only. If you do not care to
accept the coin as a souvenir you may have its equiva
lent deducted from the amount of your bill which is in
itself a big discount. Call and see us.
Our offer to you is GENUINE
pieces. Do not allow anyone
away from this sale.
GOLD $2.50
to keep you
Women's coats and suits $9.95 up to $27.50. Skirts and
dresses, hats and furs all prices. Plumes French and
willow greatly reduced prices.
iff I II
307309 20th St., Rock Island
13 EZ
It will be ladies' night, the drug
gists acting as hosts to their wives.
, Nine Die From Meningitis.
Cairo, 111., Jan. 7. Nine deaths from
cerebro spiual meningitis is the toll
at Gale and East Cape Girardeau, this
county, and others are hourly expect
ed. The epidemic broke out within
the last 48 hours.
A', a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the Rock Island County Re
tail Druggists association which was
held last evening at the New Harper,
arrangements were perfected for the
annual banquet and election of officers
wldch wi'.l be held Monday evening,
Jan. 20 at the New Harper.
All druggis s in Rock Island comi
ty will close that night at 8 o'clock
in order that the proprietors and
clerks may attend the meeting which from Valentine R. Cortlas
promises to be an interesting affair. mailed from California.
Harrisburg, Pa. Margaretta Jane
Brown's kindness four years ago in
helping an old peddler onto a trolley
car here has won her a reward of
$8,000. A check for this amount came
and was
At High School
The high school second team has- j ro!1(-'d
ket ball team wi'.l play a curtain
raiser a Davenport Friday night, pre
vious to the Hock Island-Davenport
varsity contest. The first game will
start at 7:30 and the big contest be
gins at 8:15. Nelson A. Kellog, di
rector of athle'ics at the University
of Iowa will referee the chief game.
About 16 basket ball players will go
from the local high school for the
Night school for foreigners will re
open tonight, after a two weeks' vaca
tion. The number of s'udents has
i gieatly increased since the first night.
There are now about 75 people en-
j Chai.iberlain's Cough Remedy Is not
j a common, every-day cough mixture.
I It is a meritorious remedy for all the
troublesome and dangerous complica
tions resulting from cold In the head,
throat, chest or lungs. Sold by all
dmxgiFts. (Adv.)
Manners must ndorn knowledge unfl
smooth its way through the world.
Day or
Night -
$3 50 shoes are
now reduced to 'X0L)
$4 00 shoes are
now reduced to .
$4.50 shoes are 4 Q Q d
now reduced to
$3.00 shoes are
now reduced to
Misses' and children's shoe
20 per cent Off.
Men's quality rub-
bera. now on
sale L U
, a.r.mr in mi ,iJ1 jtW,iarf'Mi&r''lirfgiYiM!itl pPj
Day or
iiieuer, expert optician. Second
nue near Seventeenth street.
Johnson s Wood Eye is not a mere
stain not simply a surface dressing.
It Is a real, deep-seatea eye, that goes
to the very heart of the wood ana
stays there fixing a rich and perma
nent color. Johnson's Wood 7)y..
made In 14 standard shades. For cal
by Lerch & Greve. 2002-2004 Fourth
ave-: K
"COR THE winter season we have just put into com
mission, in addition to the beautiful Abbott-Detroit
Limousine pictured above, a battery of closed cars,
which have just been repainted and overhauled in our
own shops, giving Rock Island and the Tri-Cities a taxi
and livery service of a metropolitan standard.
Careful Drivers
Metropolitan Service
How to Take Pills. j
Take Blackburn's CascaUcyal-Piils.
that never gripe nor sicken. One each .
night as a laxative. Two or three as a ;
cathartic. After a few weeds' use the
trouble is usually corrected. Try a 10-:
cent package just once and you'll want
ic other they are so propmt and
pleasant. (Advertisement.) '
Day or Night
Call West 191
Harper House Station or Garage
1709 Third Avenue
All he news all te tiss Tic!
7""? FT"
"..II I

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